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Aradia McNeal

"The more you numb yourself, the harder they hit. But at least you don't notice as much." WIP

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a character in “The Gift of Innocence”, as played by OurStars


"I tried to close myself off, but when finally I emerged, it was as a monster."

General Knowledge

ImageFull Name:
Aradia Lynea McNeal

Dia or Rae




Sexual Orientation:

Room #:

Prior Occupation:

Current Occupation:
Satisfaction Counselor

Gift of Innocence

Things You Want To Know

Hair Color:

Eye Color:



Aradia once had some in her eyes, but they were ripped out by her father, and she decided it safer to not have anymore piercings.

Aradia has enough scars for a person to play 'connect the scars' on her back if they chose to, as well as one on her forehead that she hides with hair, and a few on her arms and stomach. Her parents her fans of broken bottles.

Character Color:

The young woman stands at 5'9" with a willowy frame, having long limbs and no real curves to speak of- she boasts a nice pole figure. While she is relatively tall, the girl often hunches very slightly, making her seem a bit smaller than she is- the only time she doesn't do this is when it is brought to her attention, or when she is belittling [x], as though it makes her feel bigger. Otherwise, she appears as though she is carrying a defensive stance with her slightly hunched in shoulders. Her skin is very pale, and easily burned, though that was never a concern because she spent most of her time inside throughout her life. There are small purple bags beneath her eyes, for she has trouble sleeping soundly, and there are scars all over her body from abuse suffered from her parents. Her features are rather delicate, with gray-blue eyes reminiscent of a storm, and lips usually pulled into a neutral expression.

For Better Or For Worse


{Cynical, Reserved, Envious, Self-Loathing, Intelligent}
Aradia does not have the most optimistic of mindsets, and despite knowing that she shouldn't be as skeptical of people as she is, the young woman seems incapable of abandoning a perspective that has been beaten into her since she was a small child. It takes a good deal to earn her trust, and even then the young woman will often maintain reservations. Even towards [x], the first person to actually bond with her, she can be cruel and jealous, although she does feel a good amount of guilt about this nature that she seems incapable of controlling. She expects that people will have self-absorbed intentions, or that they are going to be willing to betray her, and as such does not allow herself to be completely vulnerable. People have it within themselves to be complete horrible animals, she knows this for a fact, and a monster can be unleashed the moment that you place a weapon into their hands. This, as far as she is concerned, is a fact of nature. She doesn't blame people for being monsters, not entirely, because she is so certain of the horror that everyone conceals that she doesn't think that they can help it.

This is likely how she justified the fact that her family used her as a vent for their own frustrations. She saw it as them simply releasing what everyone has, but most manage to contain within themselves. She believed their use of her to vent as a sacrifice that she was making in order to allow them to live happy lives, because they no longer stored in brutal anger or hatred- all of that could be funneled towards her. But, of course, a cynical nature has not left her defenseless. Aradia is incredibly calculating- this goes with caution, really. She wastes no movement and no energy, and makes a point of knowing the possible consequences of her actions. She is incredibly determined upon setting her mind to something, and might even be considered somewhat scheming. However, what she does, she does for the causes which she believes in. She plans and thinks, while others might recklessly jump into action. Unfortunately, this also means that she is prone to overthinking things, and her actions might end up being delayed. Besides this, she will think on what she has done in the past and dwell on it, becoming solemn and generally sulky as she falls into a pit of regret and loathing. This is the consequence of her intelligence and tendency to over reflect- though the latter fails to help her grow, anyway, making it all for naught.

Fueling the fire of Aradia's cynicism is the monster than she has come to recognize in herself- a monster green in color and nasty in temperament. She never believed that she could be like her parents, could be cruel and heartless towards someone who was smaller than her, and helpless to her actions. And yet, when she saw that her only friend, [x], was so loved by others, while she was beaten and neglected at home, she couldn't help but feel this terrible fury. This is when she came to understand the monster that she herself held- one of envy and resentment. She is jealous of those who have more than she, and of those who are happier than she is. Aradia has spent her entire life watching other children be held and loved by their parents, and form friendships with each other. Her entire life has been spent watching those whom she perceives as having better lives than her, and in many cases, her perception was not untrue. But she made them to be something that they weren't, making paper people of real human beings, so that she only saw what they had that she lacked. She is a jealous individual, certainly, because she has never had the opportunity to be content with what she had, constantly afraid and looking over her shoulder. She substituted this with watching what others have, both dreaming and feeding a ball of resentment.

Those who meet Aradia are unlikely to guess at the monster she conceals, for she comes across as a typically quiet and reserved young woman, probably because that is the best way to go when trying to go unnoticed and, therefore, unharmed. She is very good at clipping back her emotions, to the point of appearing heartless to the untrained eye, and that is perhaps why she has such a capacity for cruelty, able to not feel remorse until after it is too late to change what she has done. The young woman doesn't talk about herself much, always deflecting the conversation towards the other person, and has come to numb herself to an extent, as a coping method for the abuse at home and the terror she felt about having become a monster. There are times when she seems little more than a shell, to be honest, but that shell is around a sharp mind. She is actually very sarcastic, and can be harsh with her words, but in most situations will bite her tongue back, afraid of the consequences. Maybe that is why she could cut down [x] so thoroughly- there didn't seem any consequences, so her instinctive tongue biting didn't apply. Either way, her quiet nature hides a sharp tongue, cynical mind, and a good deal of loathing.

Building Forts
Playing the Cello

Bites Cheeks when Thinking
Taps fingers against thigh when nervous
Stutters when frightened

Aradia is allergic to

She walks with a slight limp in her left leg.

  • Cotton Candy
  • Forts
  • Companionship
  • Reading
  • The Cello
  • Cats
  • Feeling in Control
  • Shellfish
  • Dogs
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Helplessness
  • Herself
  • Feeling Inferior
  • Alcohol

Stuff You Shouldn't know...

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Playing the Cello
  • Architecture/Designing Forts
  • Lying
  • Hiding
  • Riddles
  • Reading People

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Envious
  • Can't Run Very Quickly (Limp)
  • Bad with Children
  • Self-Loathing
  • Expressing Herself
  • Over thinks Things
  • Capacity for great cruelty

-She murdered her mother in self defense and fled the scene.
-Aradia has attempted to commit suicide on multiple occasions, the first having been at the age of nine.
-The young woman believes she is going to hell.

-Drunken People

Remembering The Past


Place Of Origin:
Seattle, Washington

Birth Date:
January 9th, 1994

Aradia was not born into a happy story, something which should not be particularly surprising, given her current situation. She cannot rely much on memories from before everything hit the fan for her, because as far as she knows, there is no before- the girl cannot remember a time when her parents were sober or constant, but she does suppose that they must have been at one point, if she managed to live past infancy. Otherwise, she probably would have been killed by them at some point in a drunken rage over her crying for food or something like that. This isn't something that she supposes, but that she is completely certain of- mercy for an infant would mean nothing when her parents come home in a drunken stupor. Her first memories are of hearing shattering glass outside of the room into which she had locked herself. Aradia doesn't recall precisely when she learned to hide herself away, but she's been doing it all of her life. Had she ever made proper friends, Aradia likely would have been a genius with hide and seek, for she could make herself very, very small, and hide in all sorts of things- it was a survival skill necessary, after all. Still, she couldn't hide every time, and would often be caught before she got away- there was always something wrong with her, always something that needed to be punished. Perhaps she hadn't properly cleaned up after herself, or had left a window open. It didn't really matter how severe the transgression was- they just needed an excuse, a justification.

And, gradually, she started to justify this. She had grown up with the abuse, and never understood how terrible it was, leading her to still love her parents dearly, despite their critical downfalls. Each time they hit her, she made some excuse for why it was her fault- the scars were signs of her own incompetency, not just of their cruelty. She was desperate to please, desperate for their very rarely given approval, and thus would rush home every day to clean the house, to cook, to make everything ready for them. But, as is typical, works well done are ignored when they exist too frequently, and flaws stood out like stains on a perfect white rug to them. Their daughter was too slow, with that limp that they had given her as a child, too clumsy, with hands that seemed to constantly tremble. She was too expressive, too needy, too too. So she became not that. Aradia learned to numb herself, her only form of real expression being the cello, which she began staying late after school to play once she had begun learning it there. This made it difficult for her to cultivate meaningful relationships, for she seemed a shell of a person to many, the sort who watches others and envies and wishes, but never takes part. After all, she didn't properly know how to- she only knew to hide, to lie about her latest injury, to watch, and to play. These things were the bricks that formed her life and formed a wall ninety feet high, so grand and thoroughly constructed that even the tallest titan could not break it down.

Or so the young woman believed, until she met [x], a girl who, against the odds, she managed to connect with. Perhaps it was the fact that [x] had this incredible capacity to trust others, even people like Aradia, who always seemed to be hiding something, to be cutting off her ties without the world so that she didn't need to be afraid anymore. WIP

Family Tree
Father: Christopher McNeal
Mother: Lucretia McNeal

Happiest Memory:
Aradia's parents have been abusive for as long as she can remember, so there is no time before the hurt for her to recall, to be honest. However, there was a day when both of her parents were feeling more pleasant, and they took her out to a carnival. They bought her cotton candy and let her ride every ride she wanted to, though she was seven and not tall enough for many of them. It was almost magical, that day, but also a great downfall. If she didn't have that memory, perhaps she could completely hate her parents, and feel nothing. But she does, and so she can't.

Saddest Memory:
Her saddest memory is the sort of thing that others may not see as a big deal. It isn't of her being beaten, or of one of her suicide attempts- not even of killing her mother, in fact. Her saddest memory is of coming home one day to find the apartment completely empty. Her parents didn't come home for two weeks, and so she had to make do without them. At first, she was okay with it, thinking that perhaps she was free. However, as the days passed, Aradia began to wonder if she was so terrible that even her parents, who were monsters that she couldn't stop loving, didn't want her. She felt completely alone, then.

Theme Song

The Bird and The Worm | The Used
He wears his heart
safety pinned to his backpack
His backpack is all that he knows
Shot down by strangers
whose glances can cripple
the heart and devour the soul

All alone he turns to stone
while holding his breath half to death
Terrified of whats inside
to save his life he crawls
like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm from a bird

Out of his mind away
pushes him whispering
must have been out of his mind
mid-day delusions of pushing this out of his head
maybe out of his mind

All alone he turns to stone
while holding his breath half to death
Terrified of whats inside
to save his life he
crawls like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm from a bird

All he knows
If he can't relieve it it grows
and so it goes
he crawls like a worm
crawls like a worm from the bird

Out of his mind away
pushes him whispering
must have been out of his mind

All alone he turns to stone
while holding his breath half to death
Terrified of whats inside
to save his life he crawls
like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm from a bird

All alone
he's holding his breath half to death
Terrified to save his life
he crawls like a worm
Crawls like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm
crawls like a worm
crawls like a worm from a bird
Mary || PhemieC
look at all the many colors, so exquisitely embroidered,
delicately and precisely sewn into a line
organized in harmony, relationships so intricate
how'd I ever come across a tapestry so fine?

but what is this?
you're burning holes in my stitching
the colours bleeding into one big mess
did you guess, I'd let this fabric fray?

I'm meddling with murderers who still deserve to pay for their insanity
and though I'm one of them, I'm rarest of my kind, for many fell but only I arose
it's been so long, since I've seen the sun, who's to say if the colours have faded?
locked away so long, now jaded, left only to decay

I'm Mary. I feel like Mary in this dress. I'm Mary.

And virgin journeys lie before us, patient and inscrutable
There's clouds of visions, crowds of villains, mulling in withdrawal
And who would make the sacrifice, who but I is suitable?
who but the sharp dressed woman with a dull chainsaw?

I mean no insult, but I'm fed up
It's my fault, gave you the go ahead
I've lost my way, my hopeful days
are just as dead as I am

And failure on my part to intercede has now ironically
or cosmically, like poetry, come in between our destiny
and us but now there's nothing left and nobody to meddle with
to try and make it better, it's unsettling, to mother nothing

Mightn't I have seen this coming on the horizon?
storms of green and orange, this world of monsters taking form
but no, it is my fate to simply fade away like wind
like someone else that I could name that shouldn't have been born

Of Mary. I feel like Mary in this dress.
I'm Mary and I've nothing to confess
but hear me, cause no-one else is left

I'm Mary...



Wants to gain:
Aradia isn't really sure what she wants to gain, other than the ability to take control over her own life. Well, that's what she says, anyway, but she wants to escape this cycle that she's already found herself perpetuating- a cycle of abuse and terror. She wants to try and stop before she becomes the monster that she is beginning to view herself as, if it isn't already too late.

Anything else:
Not yet

Probably Supernatural, and I've been rping for around 4 years now.

How often can you get online?
Once or twice a day, usually. At the least, every other day. May be changes towards the end of July/Beginning of August, but I'm not sure yet.

How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
Probably every other day.

So begins...

Aradia McNeal's Story

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The soft feeling beneath Aradia's slowly awakening body is slightly foreign to the young woman, who has grown up sleeping in small, cramped areas where it would be more difficult to find her, or on a stiff bed that is far older than she is. The softest place that she has slept is the pile of clothing on the top shelf in the closet that is within the living room of her family's small, rather poor quality, apartment, and that isn't really luxurious. Not like what she is on right now, a large and soft bed with fluffy pillows and a down comforter keeping her warm. It is because of these foreign feelings that she knows something is wrong the moment that the young woman awakens. She is not the sort who lumbers around, disorientated, for a while after waking up- once she has become conscious once more, the young woman cannot go back to sleep for several hours, possessing a general feeling of uneasiness for the rest of the day. Perhaps the only thing that has been able to rid her of this feeling, to date, was her friend, Hailey, but even the comfort she received from that girl had been short-lived, as it was replaced by a cruel sort of jealousy.

The girl sits up immediately upon realizing that something is wrong, only to look around at a dimly lit room, everything about it unfamiliar. Her mind is screaming of danger because of this, because all she remembers at the moment is having left the house last night after accidentally killing her mother in an attempt to protect herself. The reality of that action hits her with greater force than the fact that she is in an unfamiliar room, and a sick feeling overwhelms her, prompting the girl to immediately curl over the bed and vomit into a trash bin that had been on that side. Her head is light, probably because she hasn't eaten for around two days, and despite the heavy comforter that is still over the bottom half of her form, she can't help but feel a great chill running up and down her body like a hyperactive child dragging a sharp icicle behind them as they dart around. Aradia clasps her own arms, hugging herself, to try and rid herself of the chill by rubbing her hands against her arms quickly. The room is of a comfortable temperature.

Aradia begins to stand up, but bumps her head against thin cloth just above her. The girl frowns, but makes herself small as she gets off of the bed, pushing past a thin cloth that is, most likely made of sheet material. I'm going to jail. Or I've been kidnapped, she thinks to herself, suddenly collapsing against a wall as the wave of dizziness returns, and her vision clouds over. As though the memories have ridden that wave back into her mind, she begins to vaguely recall the events of last night- those after she had run away from the house. There had been a man, talking about something. . .a second chance? Then, nothing. Oh, god. I've been kidnapped. Am I going to be sold as a slave? Killed? though these thoughts should be entirely negative, for a moment the last one sounds sweet- she has tried to take her own life before, after all. But the shiver returns, running down her spine, at the thought of someone else being the one to take her life. She might welcome death, but only on her own terms.

I have to get out, she thinks, her hand finally reaching a doorknob, which she turns and swings open, only to find a bathroom. Her mouth is already tasting sour from the vomit earlier, but it becomes even more bitter as the hope falls. Still, she quickly flicks on the light switch and rushes over to the sink, which she turns on and begins to drink greedily from, cupping water into her hands and taking long drinks from it. It helps to wash away the foul taste in her mouth, at least. There is no mirror in the bathroom, and so she remains oblivious to her unkempt appearance.

With the illumination from the bathroom, she is able to get a better look at the room, this allowing her to see that the cloth that had stood in her way in fact was sheet. The bed she had woken up on is draped over with sheets in a manner reminiscent of a better version of a child's sheet fort. Surprised by the sight of it, she reaches out down the wall and finds the light switch, flicking it on. The light illuminates a room out of her dreams, with a large bookshelf on the other side of the sheet-fort bed. Nothing of her own possession can be found among the furniture, as Aradia had never owned very many things. What captures her eye most of all is a beautiful cello, which leans elegantly against the bookshelf. She would run to the shelf immediately, if it weren't for her cynicism, which holds the young woman back.

At the moment, she is still wearing the clothing that she had been the day before- dark denim shorts with pain stains on them from the previous owner, and an over sized shirt advertising some band that she had never listened to in her life- none of these pieces had been purchased new, of course. Her feet are bear, but she sees that her shoes are next to the actual entrance to the fort bed, placed neatly side by side.

She goes to touch her face for signs of what had knocked her out, but realizes that she would simply mistake them for the bruises her parents had left yesterday. As expected, a touch to her eye makes her flinch, and she supposes that it is black. Her instinct is to find something to cover it up with, but being in an unfamiliar place, she instead pulls her hair out of its braid and parts it to completely cover the black eye. There are more bruises on her arms, but she finds that bandages have been placed over the cut on her face- one that is likely to scar, she supposes- Aradia hadn't been able to dart quickly enough. There is also a wrap around her left leg, which had been cut at as well, making it look like the limb of a mummy. She isn't accustomed to bandages that she hasn't done herself- it is somehow more unnerving than being in a strange place, this act of aid.

Aradia rushes over and slides her feet into the pair of shoes, before going over to the door and swinging it open. She never sees the letter on the bookshelf, or checks to find the closet containing clothing she had never been capable of owning before. The cello sticks in her brain, and on an impulse, she turns back and places it in the case beside it- there is no way she's going to sneak out of this place without such a treasure.

Cello slung over her back, Aradia begins to walk down the hallway, only to find several people gathered there already. Before she can say anything, there is the wave of dizziness again, but as she is about to slam into the wall, the girl twists so that her front hits it, protecting the cello but hurting herself further. She peers back towards the gathering once more, and her eyes widen suddenly at a familiar face.

"Hailey! What are you doing here?" she says, voice soft as she rushes over towards the familiar girl, looking around at the other people suspiciously. She has obviously missed a lot, and can only look about at those present in suspicious confusion. Looking at them, she is suddenly hyperaware of her black eye and the bandages and bruises that are easily exposed by her shorts and short-sleeved shirt. Aradia brushes her hair right over her eyes before addressing Hailey once more, "Do you know what's going on?"

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A lot was going on, more people were flooding out of their rooms and approaching the group. She took note of people's name and managed to keep a shaky smile on her face. When one girl ran of she pushed her hands over her ears, hating the fact that someone could be so upset at this place. This place wasn't that bad... right? "Chill out Hailey it's just some emotional girl." She heard Penelope's words in her ears even if they were covered. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes momentarily. "Hailey move your hands from your ears. You look like a freak when you do that." Penelope was being harsh to Hailey and it made Hailey tremble a little with anger. "Move your hands Hailey!" Penelope spat at her and Hailey let out a long breath. "Shut up, shut up, shut up." Hailey whispered to herself, closing her eyes even tighter than before. Hailey sighed softly, sliding her hands off her ears and glancing around at the group. She hadn't even noticed one male running off after the girl who was crying. What she did notice was that Makoto had left the group and was walking towards another male. She rose an eyebrow, wrapping her arms around her and dropping her gaze momentarily to the floor.

She didn't know what to do right now so when the Absent Minded part of her kicked in she hadn't realized why she was just staring at a wall. Lifting her head she looked over at Makoto once again, sighing softly as she turned away from him and looked at Fiona. She smile brightly at her, hoping she hadn't noticed the episode that she had there momentarily. "It's nice to meet you Fiona." She told the girl kindly then sighed softly. She looked around, suddenly wanting to take a walk. "I'm going to go looking around, so I'll see you later." She told Fiona, and started to walk away. She tightened her arms around herself as she walked away from Fiona, Makoto, and everyone else. She half debated whether or not she should just go back to her room so that she can relax just a little.
While walking she rubbed her arms, sniffling a little as she walked. Now it was completely setting in what was going on. Upon rounding the corner she shook her head of any bad thoughts. "You know you really should turn around and get to know some of these people." Penelope reappeared once again. Hailey groaned angrily and turned her head to look at the imaginary Penelope walking beside her. "You can't keep doing this Penelope. I want to seem normal okay? You've got to quit butting into my life. Aradia knows that I talk to you some times, but I don't want people to think I'm a freak when I talk to you then flip out." She whispered, and her response from Penelope was a roll of her eyes. "I'm just saying." Penelope grumbled in the girl's ears. "Well I'm just saying that you need to butt out. If I go talk to someone will you stay out of my business for even just a little while?" She asked in a hushed tone and smiled a little when Penelope nodded then vanished.

She inhaled deeply then turned around and hurried back to the group of people, hesitating as she neared them she noticed one girl who really popped out at her. Aradia! Hailey skidded to a stop and gasped before smiling happily. "Hailey! What are you doing here?" She faintly heard Aradia say to her. "Do you know what's going on?" Aradia addressed Hailey. At this moment Hailey was overwhelmed with happiness. She couldn't believe that her best friend was here with her. "Aradia! I'm so glad your here. I really have no idea what is going other than we were allowed a second chance or something." Hailey told her best friend honestly. She shrugged then thought for a moment, "Wait didn't you see the letter in your room? It should have been some where near your bed or something. I mean it was for me." She said then noticed that Aradia had her Cello with her. Cool! She had been glad that Aradia had her Cello with her because she knew Aradia was really good at playing it and Hailey loved listening to her play it.

Zeus sighed, standing there and kicking at the ground because honestly there was really nothing better to do. He had no reason to go see how the girl was that ran off and he had no reason to really talk to someone when it seemed that mostly just females were out and considering he isn't too much of a fan of females he knew it was just a good idea if he just stayed put where he was. He only glanced up momentarily when a male walked in from the stairwell and a male passed by him to greet the other male. Of course the male who appeared from the stairwell obviously had some kind of chip on his shoulder. He knew this because as soon as the male who actually had a smile on his face greet the other male he instantly responded to his hi with: "And I don't like you. Fuck off." Damn, that was actually pretty rude. He thought then shook his head. "Well wasn't that rude." He commented with a small sneer. "Obviously someone has a chip on their shoulder that they should lose." He mumbled to himself as he looked down at the ground once again. Never once did he take kindly to people being mean to other people. Especially if they didn't deserve it, for some reason his protective side of him ends up coming out for some weird reason. Finally he decided not to do or say anything more. It wasn't his place and he preferred just to stand here until they got further instructions on what they were going to do.

((OOC: Sorry my male is so short I just didn't know what to do with him right now.))

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#, as written by Jynxii

Harper was about to turn around and make her way to the stairs to go call The Madam when the guy from the ally came running down the hall. “Hey sorry Scar, I had to help a couple of your guys. They looked so confused. Hopefully they followed me…” She slowly arched a brow, glancing behind him to see if anyone had. "I'm Hailey," came a soft voice from behind her. She turned to see a petite, softspoken girl. "I'm Makoto, but you can all call me Mack or Maki. It's nice to meet you." The Asian boy that was placed in a room not far from her own. “Hello?” A confused looking guy from the other side of the hall. He would be dubbed 'the slow one', in Harper's book, for the complete look of utter confusion on his face.

As she was glancing him over, she noticed something red on his arm. She was going to shift for a better look when another voice caught her attention. “I'm Fiona.” Like Harper, the girl seemed to be sizing everyone else up, unable to resist being judgmental of the rag-tag bunch. "Hello everyone, I'm Rosalina." Dubbed, 'the princess', just because she looked like a Barbie. "I'm Grey." This was the girl that was freaking out when Harper originally came out of her room. Harper's eyes softened on the girl. She knew what it was like to wake up in an unfamiliar place, without something you really need or wanted.

“Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be with the ladies in a moment to escort them to the Benefactor and the men will go with our lovely Scarlet. However, it seems that I need to make sure the little fox doesn’t run scot free. I’ll see you all in a bit and sorry but there is no elevator! By the way, the Benefactor mentioned that there was a girl that would be needing some medication. I told him I would be honored to give this to you.” Nick, the many from the alley, handed Grey her medication- what she had been desperately in need of, and then took off after the dark headed girl who had taken off for the stairs moments before. It seemed as though all eyes had fallen back onto Scarlet, the ill tempered and agitated red head.
"I am not giving any explanations until everyone is here," the woman said stiffly, and then briskly made her way towards the stairs as well.

Harper's mind drifted back to the previous apology. No elevator-- did that mean they were not on the ground floor? Were they in some sort of hotel, or mansion or... Her mind trailed off, distracted by another sudden outburst. "Hailey! What are you doing here?" "Do you know what's going on?" "Aradia! I'm so glad you’re here--" Harper's mind clicked off- completely uninterested in what either of the girls had to say to each other, or anyone else. With a small eye roll, Harper started to walk back towards her room, a small ways away from everyone else but still on the hall. She pulled out her cell pone as it was vibrating angrily in her bag. "Yes? Yes, Madam. I know that. I know I said I would-- but something came up! It's not my fault! What? I don't know where I am and they won't tell me! Madam, please! No!" Tears swelled in her eyes, but not tears of sorrow- tears of rage. Her free fist clenched into a ball angrily as she listened to her employer slander and threaten her. After a pregnant pause from her, and a moment of cussing and yelling on the other end of her line, Harper hung up.

Nick needed to hurry up and get back, because The Madam was pissed and she couldn't lose her job. It was all she had in the world- her place to live, how she got food and money, her connections.. it was everything. The sad thing was, though, even if she did leave the building- she had no idea where she was. For all she knew, she was in a different state-- or worse, a different country! With a frustrated sigh she wiped the tears from her face and stood up straight again. She would stay and hear out The "Benefactor"- whoever that was, and then make her decision from there. Even still, worry clawed at her stomach. She was risking everything and it spelled doom for her life in Michigan if she didn't figure things out soon. Of course she didn't want to go back to that life- but what if what this crazy rich dude was asking for was something far worse? Like her first born child, or slavery? The note had seemed innocent and wonderful enough but... she couldn't be sure. She couldn't trust a note. Harper licked her lips and pulled her hair nervously to the side, looking down the hall at the small group of people. Could this really be a fairy tale come true for all of them?

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Aradia takes a brief moment to survey those who are within a relatively close proximity, and is surprised to find that many of them look as though they have recently showered and put on fresh clothing. Were she not still confused and afraid about where she is, the girl might feel more self conscious about her old, battered clothing and unkempt hair. Unlike others here, she had not calmly adjusted, taken a shower, dressed, and acted as though everything was absolutely fine- her reaction had been to escape, not to make herself look nice or to clean her skin. There is still a dull taste of vomit in her mouth, much diluted by the water in her sink, and the bruises on her body are sore, something she hadn't really realized until now, having been rushing around. Now, she is eerily still for a moment, looking around with quick eyes before turning her attention back towards Hailey, whose face has lit up with the sight of a familiar person. While this does ignite a bit of jealousy, seeing her so innocently and freely happy, it is dulled by the fact that she is the only familiar person here, and provides a sense of security to Aradia. Of course, not many people are really familiar to Aradia- they are just faces she's seen and names she's memorized- names that haven't the slightest clue as to who she is, other than the fact that her parents are the biggest drunks in town.

She shifts the cello on her back slightly, hoping no one will realize that she had stolen it out of her room- she had never owned her own instrument, after all. Hailey is trusting, and probably thinks that this is a rental from home, or that her parents had some uncharacteristic spout of kindness and scraped together the hefty sum in order to purchase one for their only daughter. "Oh. A second chance? What makes them think we need one of those?" she says defensively, but this does sound familiar- her memories from last night piecing themselves together. While she is quietly glad for the idea of a second chance, she doesn't want to make it clear to Hailey that she is discontent with her life, and finds it difficult to understand why anyone would want to give someone like her another chance. Hiding her hope behind cynicism, the young woman frowns, mind running a thousand miles per minute.

"Besides, why are you here, then? Everyone loves you," she says softly, unable to hide the bitterness in her voice. After all, she's only ever seen the love that Hailey receives from her foster family, and the way that she always seems to be so cheerful and trusting. Because of this image presented to her, she can't imagine that Hailey has any real problems besides the ones in her mind, and those haven't stopped her family from adoring the girl. This is likely what has really prompted the cruelty out of Aradia- Hailey's foster parents aren't even her real parents, and yet they can be so kind to a girl with such problems, while her parents, her blood, parents, refuse to accept their once completely normal child. The only other major problem she's ever heard about with Hailey was an attempt to hurt herself about a year before the two befriended each other. It was the incident that drew Aradia to the girl, who she thought as a kindred soul. After all, she'd attempted to hurt herself multiple times- and succeeded in a few, though the final act was never successful.

Aradia frowns at the mention of a letter, which she had never seen. Then again, she hadn't spent a good deal of time in that room, regardless of how dreamy it had been. "A letter? I guess I didn't see mine- or they didn't give me one," she muses, voice soft as though she is more speaking to herself than to Hailey. The girl looks up and sees others milling about or leaving, one woman in particular walking off and beginning to speak desperately into a cell phone.

The young woman tugs slightly at her hair nervously, wondering about what must be happening in her family's small apartment right now. She can practically see the yellow tape and detectives looking at the body. If she hadn't run, it could have been self defense- maybe it still could be? Of course, her father may very well testify against her, but everyone in this town and the next knows that he is rarely able to even remember his daughter's name. I'm going to hell, she thinks, religious only in this certainty.

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Hailey numbly moved her fingers over the bottom of her soft sweat shirt. Her eyes were completely torn from her best friend as her mind began to drift off for some reason. She never noticed Aradia shifting her cello on her back and she especially didn't notice that the cello wasn't even hers. She had guessed that she has had this entire time and that her parent's scraped up some money to finally buy her one. "Oh. A second chance? What makes them think we need one of those?" These defensive words were the ones that snapped her from her daze. Looking up at her best friend she shrugged, "I have no idea. I'm sure they will tell us why we are here and all that at some point and time." She responded gently. It was the truth though she really didn't have any idea why they were here or what their second chance was. It was completely out of her reach, and her along with everyone else would have to wait until someone finally decided to tell them why on earth they were here.

"Besides, why are you here, then? Everyone loves you," She had completely noticed the bitterness that came from her best friend. It hurt, it really did and you could tell by how her smile faltered for a few seconds. He face went from a small frown slowly to a neutral face as if she was attempting to have no expression on her face at all. "I'm here for a second chance just like everyone else." She answered softly. "Plus not everyone loves me. You should know that Aradia." She tried to point out to Aradia, but felt bad that she did try to point that out to her. She shook her head, sighing softly as she glanced down at the ground. "It's not just me who people love. People love you too Aradia." She told Aradia, her gaze slowly moving over to her best friend as she tried to make Aradia happy some how, though, she probably wasn't really going to get any where.

Biting her lip gently she glanced around to see the people who were still around her. There stood the tall Penelope, no one could see her but Hailey clearly knew that her friend was there even if no one saw her except for Hailey. She couldn't look at Penelope any more because she had such a serious face that if Hailey looked at her any longer someone would notice or she would end up accidentally trying to talk to Penelope. Snapping her complete attention to her taller, older friend as soon as she spoke she quirked an eyebrow at her as she spoke. "A letter? I guess I didn't see mine- or they didn't give me one," Her friend mused. "Oh, hm, that's odd. Well I'm sure you will find it later or maybe they made a mistake or something." She shrugged, unsure of why she didn't get a letter, though, maybe not everyone got a letter. It could be that only a few people actually got a letter while others didn't. Suddenly she was confused about what was going on and suddenly she couldn't really decide what to do or say to her friend any more. Her mind randomly decided to draw a blank and she no longer could quite get why she was able to stay so calm this long when she didn't even know where she was or why she woke up in an odd place.

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Scarlet moved her head to the side at the sight of all the people talking to each other. Sylvester had given them a report on every single one of them, as he always did with new recruits, so she wasn't surprised to see some of the interactions that were happening just a few feet away. She eyed everyone that seemed to be doing their own thing, it was then when she saw a much smaller and shorter figure roaming the the room trying to stay unnoticed, 'Kaylee...' Scar said in a low voice, her blonde hair could be seen behind Rosalina and Noah who seemed to be too deep into their conversation that they didn't notice when the twelve year old was eavesdropping on their conversation. kaylee then moved to Jasper, whom she saw being rude to someone else, she elbowed the young tall man purposely, "sorry about that" she tried saying in a sweet and endearing tone that yelled sarcasm all over, one that she had picked from Scar most likely. The young girl then stuck her tongue out to the young man and moved next to Zeus who the young girl thought seemed to be nice enough.

Scarlet couldn't help but to grin at the little girl's actions but her smile quickly vanished as soon as the soon to be teenager turned to look at her. Scarlet immediately changed her mood and looked at Kaylee scornfully as she always did when the young girl was trying to get in trouble. Kaylee, knowing she did not want to make Scar even madder, dropped her shoulders and started walking towards the red haired beauty who seemed far from happy with her arrival. She looked like a child about to be scolded by her mother, she had her eyes on the floor as she walked slowly towards her. Finally she was at hands reach from Scar, "I'm sorry" the young girl said. Scarlet moved her hand towards the little girl's head ruffling her long blonde hair, "Kaylee... you know that your Dad doesn't like it when you are playing around with the new recruits".

It was then when they were interrupted by an older woman, Rosemary. She rushed her way in though the stairs and was having an agitated respiration as she had probably ran to search for Kaylee as she did so often being her Nanny. Finally, she spotted the young girl who was next to Scarlet, "Miss Crom...well" she said trying to catch her breath, breathless almost. "Rosy..." said the young girl in return and now hiding behind Scar not wanting to continue with her piano lessons. Rosemary waited for a few minuted trying to regain composure, Scarlet did not say anything and waited until she spoke again, "Ms. Romanov" to which Scarlet replied immediately, "Just Scarlet, Rosemary" she said annoyed though not being disrespectful. Rosemary was about to speak again when Scarlet cut her off, "that will not be necessary, I was about to tell her to return to her lessons" she said dismissing Rosemary for the moment. "But..." Kaylee started, "No buts, I know you want to come but you know you can't. I'll come and fetch you up as soon as I can ok?". Kaylee without second thoughts knowing she would keep her word simply replied, "Okay..." and Scarlet smiled at the young girl before she headed back.

As soon as Kaylee was out of her sight, Scarlet counted the number of people in the room again. Finally she counted the number she needed for the guys with the new addition of the last guy she needed, who looked just as baffled and confused as most of them, and she found Nick finally coming back with the last girl. She was about to make a remark on his, again, delayed arrival but she saw him answering the phone, Sylvester at the end of the line most likely. Finally, after hanging up he spoke again, “Good, okay folks it’s time to go meet your new boss! Scar you can lead the boys first, I’ll stay behind the girls to make sure they’re protected.” With that he winked at the girls followed by a smile directed at her but Scarlet couldn't help but to role her eyes, "Like you had to tell me twice..."

Finally Scarlet moved in front only turning back once, "You wanted some answers and answers is what you'll get. she paused for a moment to look at everyone and then turned to Nick, "You heard mister Claus here" she said calling him by the nickname she had given him as soon as she heard his name was Nicholas, "the guys come with me first." And with that she moved in front of everyone being careful to see that all of them followed. "The elevator doesn't work" she said before anyone was clever enough to ask why they couldn't simply go on the elevator, what Nick had already explained a couple of times; besides it was something that some of them, like the new guy were unaware of. They had to go up the stairs up to the sixth floor, Scarlet did not say anything as they moved their way up. She knew that Sylvester would be waiting and was starting to get impatient as he had called for Nick for an update, besides she wanted to get the empowering done as soon as possible as it would make her job easier.

Scarlet could care less if anyone complained at the stairway, once they were in the sixth floor she turned around to see if all of them were behind and to see if Nick was following behind though she thought that he would probably stayed longer behind flirting all the way up. Scarlet moved slowly towards Sylvester's office, she barged in the room where the door was already opened, she didn't see the point in knocking had the door been closed, either way she made her way in his office. "Here they are" she said signaling everyone, "you really know how to pick em" she said before she did as always, she leaned against the wall letting Sylvester do all the talking.

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Nicholas was enjoying his view from the rear eyeing the pretty girls that he sees yet cautious to Scarlet’s eyes. He was a bit startled by Grey skipping over to him and hooking her right arm to his left, yet he smiled at her as she introduced herself as Grey holding her free hand in front of him. “ …and thank you for kidnapping me” she said while giggling at the end. Nick had a hunch that the girl was not being quite truthful with her laughter as her smile was bigger and her laugh sounded a bit forced, yet he decided to go along with it, thinking to himself, ”Okay, here we go girl number two! I’m on a roll today!” He shook Grey’s hand gently saying in a smooth voice, “Ah how rude of me I don’t believe I had introduced myself very well back there so sorry. I had some business to take care of but no matter. I am Nicholas Truman, though call me Nick or Nicky if you wish.” He smiled at her and looked into her eyes as they walked up saying, “Oh you’re very welcome. I’ve always been the expert at catching the best fish in the sea. Though I apologize for having you walk four flights of stairs. Like I said before there is no elevator.” Nick continued to flaunt and flirt with Grey and look at the other women until they reached the Benefactor’s office.

The Benefactor leaned back on his desk as the new recruits slowly gathered inside his office. First the men appeared and then the women. As the Benefactor studied them closely without staring, he couldn’t help but notice how disheveled, confused, and even angry they looked. One of them had even called out "So, you're the asshole that kidnapped me...who the hell do you think you are?" The Benefactor wasn’t fazed by the anger that snapped out of the young boy. In fact he had to admit he was very straightforward which would be useful to him.

”Poor things,” he thought. ”They must’ve gone through some pretty rough times only to be brought to another adventure of their lives. No matter. It is now that they will begin their possible transformation.”

The Benefactor then stood up proud and as tall as he could clearing his throat and then greeting his new recruits with a “Welcome.” “My name is Sylvester Cromwell but I am usually addressed as The Benefactor. Although some of you may know that from reading the letter. Before we begin, I should let you know that should you desire to return to your rooms, the room number is placed in the back of the letter. If you by chance did not read your letter in your room or did not bring it with you and don’t remember your room, I will give it to you before we give you a tour of the places you will be working in the town.” Sylvester could see that some people seemed to look up or raise their eyebrows as though he had guessed correctly that some people haven’t touched or known about the letter. No matter, there is always an incident such as this one.

The Benefactor motioned to the two recruiters who had accompanied them to move aside as they always have done. He then motioned for the new recruits to come closer and he put his hands towards them palms facing forward. He wore white gloves that matched his formal business attire of a black suit, pants, and shoes. The room seemed to stir a bit and a wind picked up that shook some objects such as a lamp by the corner and some books in Sylvester’s shelf but not so hard that it would knock things to the floor. A faint glow came from underneath Sylvester and the recruits. It was obscure because of the many recruits, but there was a light sea green spell circle with intricate and ancient symbols. The same glow surrounded the people who may or may not have been a bit frightened but the Benefactor reassured, “Don’t worry and don’t be afraid. He is right now observing you and trying to gather information of your pasts, of your fears, of your strengths, and of sorrows. He is the one that will bestow your powers which you will utilize in your work. These powers are your Gifts of Innocence. You must now open your hearts, minds, and souls, and accept the Gift of Innocence as parts of you now.”

The glow emanating from the spell circle grew warm and surrounded the individuals as the Benefactor closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel his strength diminishing bit by bit until the spell was complete. He doubled back and tripped but Nicholas ran to catch him in time.

“Thank you Nicholas. I’ll be fine don’t worry. Just be sure to fill in what I need you to fill in.”

“Sure sir. Hey wait, what do you need me to fill in?”

“You’ve already agreed Nicholas. You’ll see.”

The Benefactor then proceeded to walk towards each individual to inform them of their powers and their tasks. He first walked to Rosalina and said, “Rosalina, you’ve lost money and your life has gone in all sorts of directions, but now you can help others who were put in the same situation. You are the Loaner who has the power to produce blank checks to loan money to whoever needs it. The wielder of the blank check is able to create blank checks that can be at any dollar amount. They can be given to anyone poor or rich or somewhere in between as long as they meet the terms. It will be agreed upon by customers that there will be a set date for payment and a 1% interest is to be expected. The customer chooses the exact date and time for the payment but it cannot be altered no matter the situation. You will be working very closely with an old friend of yours.”

The Benefactor walked over to Noah and said, ”Noah, you’ve abused drugs and even conjured your own, sometimes bringing others with you to your downfall. Now you will be a potions maker which is like a drug dealer only your potions are made through your gift of magic medicine. You will brew potions that will solve problems that the customer will have. Materials and the guide book will be provided by the Benefactor. However, the medicines are still drugs, which mean they have to be taken at certain dosages and in a limited amount of time. Make sure you take some funds with Rosalina.”

After talking to Noah, the Benefactor moved on to Hailey, Aradia, and Grey. “All three of you will be counselors though you differ depending on your power and experiences. Hailey and Aradia you’ve been best friends but the friendship hasn’t been exactly comforting and supportive has it? Hailey you will be the Empowerment Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are weak and help them take charge into their lives. You were given power to “take charge” because you have been used by another and have felt helpless. You will tell people to recite a mantra to help them take charge into their lives. “I am powerful. My actions do have meaning. I will take charge and control my destiny.”This mantra when recited helps the user to feel empowerment. The user can take charge in his or her life to the point where he/she is intimidating enough to make other people do as told. The mantra only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again.

Aradia, you will be the Satisfaction Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are not satisfied with their life and are jealous of others. You will help them turn their jealousy around and replace it with feelings of wanting to know and understand the object of their jealousy more. You were given this power because you have felt jealous and have taken out your jealousy on another person. There is a mantra for this that you will teach. “I am satisfied. There is enough for me. I will turn jealousy into devotion and become a true friend instead.” This mantra when recited helps the user become more devoted to becoming a true friend rather than a jealous poisonous friend. Like the take charge mantra, it only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again.

Grey, you will be the Death/Suicide Counselor who will try to help and understand victims of depression due to death and suicides. In order to understand your patients you were given the gift of empathy which allows you to feel the pain of your patients emotionally, physically, and mentally. You have experienced the feeling of guilt due to obliviousness. Your empathy is not limited to her patients however. You can also feel the pain of others around you when listening intently, usually asking others “Tell me, I’ll listen and try to understand” in order to activate empathy.

You three will be working very closely as counselors so I hope you get along nicely. The Benefactor said giving a warm smile to the ladies.”

He moved on to Zeus and informed him about his role. “Zeus, you will be working with the counselors as well with your role being the Psychologist. You will help people recover from traumatic experiences by permanently erase the painful memories of your patients. You have been sexually assaulted by other women and are always haunted by it, so now you can help others ease their pain by erasing their memory. However, in exchange you must peer into the memories of his patients and erase a happy and equivalent memory. He may use this power outside of work, but the people must be willing to have at least the bad memory erased for it to work.

He turned to Fiona and Alton to tell them about their roles. “You both will be Animal Rescuers and Trainers as you both have witnessed and or experienced pain. Fiona, you will be a friend to the animals, able to befriend animals easily and having them listen to your commands, as though they understand you completely. Friend of the Animals is given to someone who has been tortured by the various cruel deeds done on animals. You will show them a better life through taking care of them and training them in the special Animal Training facilities provided by the Benefactor.

Alton, you will help Fiona rescue animals from their various dangerous situations. To aid you, you will have the ability to not feel any pain, for you have been abused too many times without reason. It should be noted that the effect of feeling no pain lasts both in and out of the job. Make sure however that you rest periodically."

The Benefactor decided that since he just told the animal Rescuers their roles, he should designate the rescuer of people. “Forgive me, is it Jang or Jang Hyun? I have never been the best with Asian names. Anyway, you will also be a rescuer but of people with the gift of resurrection. You have lost many people in your life that you have loved through cruel fate, so now you can help others get that second chance of living. Just note that the people you resurrect will have their lives changed in ways that you need to discover on your own.”

Next he went on to another Asian to get the awkward names over with. “Another one ahh…Ma—ko—to? Anyways, you have been running away from a past of killings, being in the Mafia, and other wrong doings and want to get another chance under a new identity. You will allow people that chance as well. Under the guise of a prison guard, you will have the ability of a reset button, the chance to improve their current lives by allowing them to go back and fix the point in their lives that they think ruined them. Look in your hands and you will see that you have a literal Reset Button that has knobs that change the date and time displayed on it. A person can change it to whatever time and date they want to go back to. After they are done fixing their problem they are transported back in the new present There are however limitations as you will figure out."

He turned to Harper and said, “You’ve been in a lot of raping and prostitution business haven’t you? You feel worthless thinking that being a whore is your only worth and you’ve even panicked about that job of yours haven’t you? Don’t answer the call. You have another home now. You can help others by being the Empowerer. You are similar to Hailey in that you will help others get up from their sulking, agony, and lack of confidence. You will guide those who were lost, thrown away, and shunned by society to a new direction in life. Your Gift of Innocence, "Listen Well," enables you to allow the person she is talking to listen and obey her advice and commands. There are however, limitations to this power as the person must be able to actually hear it. Unlike the others you will search out those in the town rather than have your clients directed to you. We must always remember there are those who do not wish to actively change their fates, as you should know from experience.”

He turned to Jasper, the man who had spoken up to the Benefactor, and said, “I am someone who knows that you were blamed of murder incorrectly due to misunderstanding. You accuse me of kidnapping but it is merely a misunderstanding as I am helping you as you were at your lowest point. So you want to find the truth of things and you shall as a detective with the gift of Psychometry. It allows you to touch an object or person to see the recent past or future. However, note that you will not be given any indication whether it had happened in the past or will happen in the future.”

The Benefactor made sure to be more open and comforting when approaching Novia knowing that she will be more distrusting than the others. “Novia do not fear. Although I know that you are not legal here, let it be assured that your secret is safe with us and that I am not here to deport you. In fact come see me some time and I have connection that might help you get citizenship if you so desire. But in regards to your job, I know you are a bright person, yet you have been held back by poverty. Therefore you will be the Negotiator, negotiating with various salesmen for needed goods. If any of the workers or I need something we will turn to you for your negotiation skills will be so amazing it will be as though they cannot refuse. You will persuade them with “Do we have an accord?” and the item is yours! I trust that you are smart enough to know the correct amount to negotiate for and will give her a budget to abide by.

Sylvester made sure to hurry since he can tell that people were getting impatient and from the corner of his eye he could tell Jasper was itching to get out of here. “Finally Daniel, the man who was supposed to have been a father. I’m so sorry about the miscarriage and your wife. Trust me, I know how it feels to lose your significant other.” The Benefactor looked off in space about after he said that, thinking about…Clarissa… He shook his head to get back to reality knowing he had to continue and said, “Er Sorry. Anyway, you will be a Fertility Specialist, being able to let others have children the way they want them to be and at any time they wish for the baby to develop. The clients will also be able to pick specific traits for their unborn child. It should be noted that you can only induce pregnancy on willing women. And I would advise you please, do not make any of my staff pregnant. It would be very troublesome to have many little children even though Kaylee would love to have siblings.”

The Benefactor then walked to the front of the room pausing a bit to catch his breath from all of the talking and then finally opening his mouth to speak. “Nick I believe it is time for you to fill them in on what I cannot fill in, your power and Scarlet would you like to do so or as always leave it to mystery? Of course Nick you cannot refuse,” the Benefactor ended with a smile.
Nick sighed but he knew he had no choice so he stood in front of the crowd and said, “As you all know, I am a recruiter but I have the power of persuasion. I…used to not be able to commit to anything. I have so many jobs it’s hard to count, I have had many girlfriends that I haven’t had the courage to commit to, and I…” Nick paused but the Benefactor urged him to go on. “I left my fiancé at the altar. I couldn’t do it. I…I ran because I was too afraid to commit to something I wasn’t sure of. However, the Benefactor found me and gave me this power. Now I’m able to make commitments with ease. If I agree to something someone asks me to I will actually be able to do it! Though it goes the same with others. Just be careful, if I ask you to do something and you agree, you can’t run away and you have to go through with it.” As Nick finished he sighed having said this story to many new recruits to rile them up.

The Benefactor then stood in front of Nick and asked, “Any more questions?”

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"Plus, not everyone loves me. You should know that Aradia," with those words, Aradia flinches slightly, feeling a cut through her just as painful as it ought to be. She can't help but feel it to be an attack on herself, and bites the inside of her cheek so sharply that it feels as though it will bleed, clearing her mind with the passing pain. She's about to make some defensive statement, twice as sharp against the girl who doesn't have armor nearly as strong as the one that Aradia has come to wear every day. Too bad the armor didn't protect her from the bandaged wounds littering her still sore body. The girl moves slightly, taking a step back with her left leg, but this causes her to wince, feeling the pain of the deep cut in that leg, which rubs a bit against the gauze and is therefore irritated. "People love you too Aradia," Hailey adds in a gentle tone, but it only injures the bitter girl further, watching this person as she, in Aradia's mind, lies straight to her face. The slight softening she might have felt from the earlier statement, the fleeting vulnerability founded from surprise, is immediately sealed up as tightly as Aradia can manage to seal it. She retreats back within the mental armor like a child under their blankets to hide from the morning light or from monsters they imagine- from imaginary enemies dancing in the shadows across the wall.

"What a pretty fantasy," Aradia shoots back finally, the response clearly delayed by thought but said with a malice that cuts as poorly as a dull knife, but can spread sickness like a rusty one. Hailey is naive, that much Aradia has known ever since she first met the pretty little fool, but she never thought her so oblivious as to think that anyone might love her- that anyone might love Aradia, that is. Not as they love Hailey, the gentle girl who is a bit sick in the head, but saccharine enough to draw close a family and, before Aradia, some semblance of a life. Hasn't Hailey already received a chance for a second life, with that ideal family she was placed with and unconditionally accepted by? It burns in Aradia's veins, the knowledge that Hailey, for all of the luck that Aradia perceives in her, should be given the same second chance as a girl who grew up to the sound of broken glasses and tearing skin.

Now brooding, Aradia ignores Hailey's reassurance that the letter may have been accidentally forgotten, or that Aradia might not have seen it. Rather, she looks straight ahead upon the mention of continuing onward by those who seem to know precisely what they are doing. A lack of elevator is no concern to Aradia- her own apartment building's elevator was in a perpetual state of disrepair, and even when the management claimed that it was functional, only the bravest, or newest, of tenants would dare step foot in the suspicious -at best- vehicle. More than one person had been injured when it malfunctioned, and the machine was known to suddenly break down, leaving people stranded for time spanning from five minutes to five hours.

Almost immediately upon entering the room, Aradia's attention is grabbed by a young man who accuses an older man- the benefactor- of kidnapping them. Of course, that is the only word that can be used to describe the situation, and the young woman silently shares the anger and curiosity- not that she has a better place to return to. Aradia looks away from the Benefactor when he makes a note for the benefit of those who might not have found their letter, embarrassed and certainly not going to ask after her room number- she had memorized it before leaving anyway, not so careless as to leave without knowing it, even if she had planned to leave for good.

Any thoughts that Aradia may have had in regards to this strange man who introduced himself as Sylvester and then, after that, the Benefactor, are immediately chased away by confusion and gripping fear when the room is used as a dance hall for mysterious winds and stage for a green light to illuminate, coming from beneath them and sending an inexplicable chill down the redhaired girl's spine. I need to get out of here, she thinks, shivering still. The Benefactor speaks cryptically, referring to some being, some Him, without giving any actual details- only causing Aradia to feel a growing amount of suspicion about all of this. She suddenly fears that this is some sort of human trafficking ring after all, and they've put on a strangely grand show in order to daze and drug those who are soon to be their victims. Her instinct is to cling to the familiar- but the girl is far too proud, despite her immense insecurities, to turn to Hailey- weak Hailey, whom she carefully continues to ignore.

When addressed, along with Hailey and a girl apparently named Grey, Aradia feels stiff, standing perfectly still and keeping her eyes just above the Benefactor's head- as though afraid to meet his eyes, and the warmth in them that is too alien in anyone but Hailey. Once more, she feels as though his words are an attack on her, and frowns slightly at the mention of the flaws in their friendship- as if she isn't acutely aware of them, far more so than Hailey, the victim in the situation.

When he addresses her, personally, the girl is overcome with a sudden heat. It is not the warmth of the magic, but a sudden angry wave crashing over her head and threatening to eclipse her, as he points out that her problem is not being satisfied with her life, and then being jealous of others. Others have been told of horrible things happening to them, and yet she is accused- that is how the girl views it, anyway. She grits her teeth in anger, clenching her fists. Fuck you. Not satisfied with my life? How would you know, living in suits and comfort? You want me to be satisfied? You want me to be okay? I've tried. I didn't want this. I didn't fucking ask for this. I've tried to escape- it isn't my fault that through some sick joke, I've never been able to. Fuck you. Trying to help me? You're just like everyone else, her thoughts are vehement, and yet her exterior is the image of placid. Not a single one of those words is let slip out of her mind, because she is nothing if not controlled. He gives her her ability, and she can feel a searing pain on her hand, but doesn't care- her fists are already curled so tightly that her fingernails dig little crescents into her palms.

Why? My second chance is to be a better friend? It's just for Hailey, isn't it? I'm not being saved from people who beat me and hate me. I'm not being saved from trying to kill myself. They're just saving Hailey. It's always Hailey.

For the rest of the little gathering, Aradia doesn't say a word. She simply stares at the ground, her face almost void of emotions and her eyes just hollow enough to hide the anger that would otherwise burn in them- the passion put out by tears long ago. Aradia doesn't want to work with other people, and she doesn't want to be part of this savior program- not part of this man's god-complex or his quest to become some sort of false martyr. She just wants to leave. She wishes that this had been some sort of plot to harvest her organs and leave her dead in some tub of ice somewhere, to be found by the police three weeks later. Why do they have me here any way. I'm just the fucking bad guy after all, aren't I? Just the bad guy, she thinks, wanting to run out of here as fast as possible.

She watches as one man leaves, storms out really, and wants to do the same. But Aradia doesn't move unless dismissed, standing their, limbs tightened and knots likely building in her back- as though there aren't too many of them there for a girl her age already. She wants to break things, or to do something violent- something to relieve her anger. Other people begin to excuse themselves as well, and she takes that as a sign that she can leave. The girl doesn't make a comment on her way out, just turning around and walking away silently. However, she only makes it down one flight of stairs before, certain that there is no one with her, she falls to her knees and begins to punch the wall violently, putting her strength and anger into it and hurting her knuckles rather badly, no doubt. "Fuck. It's always Hailey. I might as well go back home- at least they don't knows she exists there. Why couldn't I have just died in that stupid alley? Why didn't they ever just punch hard enough to kill?"
Losing the strength in her arm, she begins to use her head, hitting it against the wall over and over, as though that will help make the rage and the self-pitying go away.

"Everyone else is some sob story- I'm just the villain they're trying to reform."

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Hailey was having a mixture of confusion and sadness, she had thought that she had said something to kind to her friend whom of which only responded to her with bitterness. "What a pretty fantasy," Her best friend had responded to her with this. Hailey flinched, frowning deeply as she wanted to apologize to her friend for maybe even saying anything bad to her, but for some reason now the one person she adores is ignoring her. This was the time that people started to get ready and everyone began moving away into groups of boys and girls. Before she knew it they were standing before the one who would give them a second chance. What ever the second chance may be. The entire way Aradia had ignored her which only irritated the girl. She began to scratch at her arms, not on purpose but because she had nothing else to do.

Upon arriving to the Benefactor's room she stood before him, moving uncomfortably around in her spot. Her arms moving harshly up and down her arms as she constantly glanced over at each person that he was speaking to. She had even managed to ignore the comment from Jasper who seemed pretty angry about being here. She stared at the ground, only feeling sadness because of her friend ignoring her. One thing most people didn't notice was that Hailey was listening and taking in this information about most people in this group. It wasn't until he moved on to her, Aradia, and another girl named Grey did she actually look up at the Benefactor with very sad eyes. “All three of you will be counselors though you differ depending on your power and experiences. Hailey and Aradia you’ve been best friends but the friendship hasn’t been exactly comforting and supportive has it? Hailey you will be the Empowerment Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are weak and help them take charge into their lives. You were given power to “take charge” because you have been used by another and have felt helpless. You will tell people to recite a mantra to help them take charge into their lives. “I am powerful. My actions do have meaning. I will take charge and control my destiny.” This mantra when recited helps the user to feel empowerment. The user can take charge in his or her life to the point where he/she is intimidating enough to make other people do as told. The mantra only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again." He informed her what her power was and why she got the power she did. She did not understand it at all and she didn't understand why The Benefactor said that Aradia was being a jealous poisonous friend because to Hailey she was perfect. Of course she just nodded and listened as he moved on to the other few people who were left to be informed what their gift was going to be.

After everyone had their gift he soon asked if anyone had any questions and Hailey's head snapped up, hoping she could at least get one question in, but of course someone else did before her. A male's voice broke through, saying that he was done, and asking when he could get the hell out of this place. Obviously he had a chip on his shoulder that she had no interest in getting into, so she just left it be until Aradia had left with out her. Unusual for the pair to be so far apart when they both seemed to find some kind of comfort between each other. Her gaze stayed locked on Aradia as her feet seemed to be frozen to the ground, unable to move to follow close behind her. Maybe she just wanted space, maybe she wanted to be alone, or maybe she was angry with Hailey. It was unknown, and Hailey wasn't up to finding out

At once she looked at the Benefactor, tearing up just a bit. "I...I...Never mind. Excuse me, I need to... I gotta... I need to collect.. collect.. collect my thoughts." She breathed just before dragging herself out of the room. She whimpered softly to herself, leaving the crowd of people behind as she rushed down the hall and away from the people. She plopped down at the end of the hallway, just near the stairwell where she pulled her knees against her chest and trembled. "Penelope," She cried softly, reaching out for her imaginary friend and grabbing nothing. "Please Penelope," Placing her hands over her ears she pressed them over each ear in an attempt to block any kind of noise from people. Several emotions flooded her already very active mind which practically sent her into over drive. Confusion. Anger, and even sadness. She breathed heavily and even sniffled a few times as she tried to hold back the tears that were supposed to arrive this morning when she had woken up in a mysterious place. Now all of a sudden all the emotions were rising up, and she didn't know what to do.

Unlike others who may be worried about what their friends may think or what about their jobs she was thinking about her family whom of which must be worried sick. Right? Oh gosh, she didn't know what to do any more. She's so confused and you can tell by the way tears are slowly trickling out of her eyes. "Penelope!" She cried as she moved her hands from her ears and balled them up into fists which she used to smash against the ground after crying for her imaginary friend. Smashing her fists against the ground again she looked around, practically begging to see Penelope or even Aradia if she can. "Geez, love what is your problem?" She heard Penelope's voice which some what relaxed her. "I just need to talk to you. I think Aradia is mad at me." She answered Penelope. After that they had a small conversation which was basically a conversation with herself up until Penelope's voice just disappeared and Hailey was once again left to think about things. She wrapped her arms around her legs, and just cried softly as she tried to let all of her emotions go right about now.

Zeus was leaning on the wall, separating himself from everyone else up until the time that a girl had retrieved him to lead him to who was now known as The Benefactor, the one who had practically kidnapped him. He felt his hands tremble slightly as he bit the inside of his cheek and just stared at his feet as he followed quite a few feet behind her up until they got to where The Benefactor's room was. Not much later did they enter he room and pretty much make half of a circle around the older male who soon enough began talking. He explained why they were here first before moving on to talk to people specifically. Sylvester, also known as The Benefactor went through talking to everyone and giving them this thing called a gift which he still didn't fully understand. Basically he looked at everyone, listening to what The Benefactor had to say due to the fact that he needed to get to know everyone better then he actually knew them.

It wasn't until The Benefactor got to him when his eyes widened slightly. Oh no, please don't. He thought, knowing that chances were that the older male was going to tell pretty much everyone what happened to him. His breathing got only slightly heavy as the male began to explain not only his gift but why he had gotten that certain gift. [color=]“Zeus, you will be working with the counselors as well with your role being the Psychologist. You will help people recover from traumatic experiences by permanently erase the painful memories of your patients. You have been sexually assaulted by other women and are always haunted by it, so now you can help others ease their pain by erasing their memory. However, in exchange you must peer into the memories of his patients and erase a happy and equivalent memory. He may use this power outside of work, but the people must be willing to have at least the bad memory erased for it to work."[/color] All Zeus could really do is nod once. You could tell by the way that his eyes water up ever so lightly that it really not only embarrassed him but upset him to have people know a secret about him. "Okay, thank you." He whispered as memories of his sexual abuse came rushing back to him.

Now his secret was out and obviously it frustrated him. He tuned out the older male finally as he pressed the palms of his hands against his eyes, rubbing them hard. It hurt a little, but he could care less right now. He dug his nails gently into the palm of his hand as he slowly moved them away from his eyes. Blinking a couple of times he held back the angry groan that threatened to escape him. The memories still haunt him and he could hear the awful laughter of the women who rapped him along with the laughter of his mother as she inhaled her smoke deeply before puffing it into his teary eyed face. She didn't care, no one did. His sister never knew what had happened to him, and he hoped they would never have to go through what he did. The laughter echoed in his eyes as his eyes would say momentarily locked on the ground before he would look at the other people then once again down at the ground. It was all he could do right now because he wasn't just going to randomly leave.

Once The Benefactor asked if there was any questions a male busted out with some kind of remark that he couldn't quite catch. Quirking an eyebrow at the male who soon enough stormed out in an angry rush he finally looked at The Benefactor whom he assumed would do something. For once Zeus shook his head, suddenly angry with the male. Once people began to leave and excuse himself he did the same exact thing, fleeing from the area in an attempt to avoid the sympathy that people just might give him. He really did hate when people would do that poor little sympathy thing to him. Finally he hurried away from the group, fleeing to an area that wasn't already occupied by someone. Leaning against the wall he ran a hand through his hair, looking down at the ground as he kind of just stood there by himself. Right now he didn't want to interact with anyone all he wanted to do was to just be left alone for a little while so that maybe he could push away the horrid memories.

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The Benefactor didn’t have to wait long for others to respond to the mysterious happening of the office and himself. Grey had asked, "Why was I chosen?" and the Benefactor would have thought it was obvious at this point yet he opened his mouth to respond. Before he could, the Benefactor stopped as he heard laughter coming from another Harper who had only one question to ask, “Why does the elevator not work?” The Benefactor took a moment to smirk at the question, anticipating that it would come out sooner or later but not with the enthusiasm Harper had. Still he did have to explain and he would’ve if Jasper wasn’t so quick to answer Grey. “Apparently, you weren’t paying attention when this guy was giving an overview of everyone’s life story,” as he gestured to the Benefactor on cue. Obviously, simple bitch, you’re just as fucked up as the rest of the broken toys here.” Afterwards he turned to the Benefactor. “I have a real question, Mr. B,” sounding irritated. The Benefactor held back his smile to the nickname, hiding the fact that he kind of liked it because he knew now was not the time. “Can I just get the hell out of here?” Jasper asked before shaking his head ,waving his hand, and walking towards the door. ”You know, what? You don’t even have to answer that. I’m going to just go.” And with that Jasper walked out of the office, the first one to leave after the empowering. The Benefactor didn’t need to signal Scarlet as she walked out of the office after Jasper. After a while, she came back in without him, unsuccessful perhaps.

In a few moments, Daniel spoke up agreeing with Harper the “former hooker.” “I don’t know, it just seems like a lot of walking,” while Rosalina and Noah had a conversation amongst themselves. Makoto seemed to be the only one who enjoyed this at this point. The Benefactor wasn’t surprised when another one, Alton, also announced that he would get out of here. “Listen, I’m just going to go back to my flat, the atmosphere in there right now is pitiful and I don’t want to deal with it. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to try to come to terms with the fact that pain isn’t available to me anymore.” The Benefactor watched Alton leave and thought, ”My, I wonder if I should’ve really done that, or rather if he should’ve given him that ability considering his…special kinship towards it. But what’s done is done and he cannot take it back.”

If the Benefactor had thought that Makoto was the one who enjoyed this he couldn’t have been more wrong when Grey had started a whole conversation to him about thanking him for saving her schooling for psychology, offering her coffee skills, introducing herself, a “broken” closet, and a bottle of wine that didn’t make her drunk. The Benefactor had taken her hand and shook it gently giving her a warm reassuring smile while she spoke, but couldn’t help raise his eyebrow and give a concerned look when she mentioned the bottle of wine.

“Grey, it is a pleasure for you to offer coffee. I’d like to take up the offer sometime if it’s no trouble, and perhaps the others would like some too. I will ask the maids to gather a list from each of you about your clothing preferences. Though, about the wine…I’m sorry to say that I didn’t put that there…” The Benefactor grew jealous for the moment. ”Of all the things I don’t give them, why did it have to be wine!” he thought. The Benefactor could feel his taste buds craving for the drink that Grey had taken up and he couldn’t help but tighten his grip, forgetting that Grey was holding onto his hands. “Ahh sorry about that miss. But I can’t inform you much on the wine.”

He was about to suggest that Novia would help the maids gather deals on the clothing but then she excused herself, in a much intelligent and sarcastic tone, “Well, as much as I'd love to stay and join you all in being harassed and degraded by Nero of the 21st Century, I think I can manage to find something more stimulating to help me grasp onto what's going on. Thanks for the stuff, by the way. Love the kitchen design. But I really want my Audi back.”

More people walked out of the office after Novia, leaving Grey, Harper, Rosalina, Noah, Daniel, Makoto, and Jang to be in the room. Aradia and Zeus left the area without a word. Fiona said a goodbye to Harper saying, “As much as it is seeing people explode and hearing all this cursing, I think I'm going to go look around this place. But, it was very nice speaking to you, Harper. I hope to see you around.” With the leave of her best friend Aradia, Hailey excused herself, "I...I...Never mind. Excuse me, I need to... I gotta... I need to collect.. collect.. collect my thoughts."
The Benefactor observed all of this, and took note of who left and who still remained. It didn’t surprise him much that some people stayed behind while others had left. This happened many times over and after experience he knew that plans don’t always go as smoothly, so he had to think of an alternative. He smiled towards Grey who was still nearby him and then addressed the crowd of young adults.

“Now, I see that we won’t be able to go have a tour around the town, which is still fine. You’re free to go and look around this weekend as your jobs don’t start until Monday. However, I see that we need to get together as a group, so I’m going to plan a little something for us to do this evening. For now, I want you to get closer to each other, especially trying to find those who have just ran off. There are no more secrets in this place anymore since we have to get close to each other. It is important that a business runs as a unit that so happens to have many components.” The Benefactor smiled, remembering that logic from his father who he had looked up to all those years ago as a child. Now it was his turn to shine, his moment of leadership. “In fact, this may also be an excellent opportunity to try out your powers if you wish, as long as the other person is willing of course. Again Daniel, I warn you on not making anyone…endowed with another person inside of them…unless they wish it upon themselves.”

Before the new recruits headed out the Benefactor quickly said, “And the reason why the elevator doesn’t work is because my father was unfortunate enough to receive this building without one and as it expended the workers couldn’t install one. I apologize for this, but in a sense it is a good way to be healthy and exercise. You never know when emergency could strike and that extra training would help.” After the new recruits filed out, The Benefactor motioned to Nick and Scar to have a meeting to themselves.

“Nicholas, Scarlet, watch over these interactions. We need to make sure they do not get unnecessarily injured in any way,” the Benefactor whispered with a serious tone. Slowly his serious expression turned into a smile and he cheerfully smiled and he continued, “Especially since they’re supposed to have a good time!”

Nick nodded and politely said, “Yes, sir,” then grabbed Scarlet’s hand and escorted her out. Making sure that nobody was around, Nick asked, “So, Scar, how do you think of the new recruits? I’m definitely enjoying the chicks around here, though the guys ain’t so bad. They’re such lucky bastards though. The Benefactor’s throwing them a party again even though they act like such brats!” He gazed at Scarlet as she spoke, observing her beautifully defined body and the flaring sea of vermillion that flowed down with it. Her luscious lips seemed to move with the words she spoke and he didn’t care what she was saying so long as he could look intensely at his partner. Ignoring anything she was saying he then asked, “Hey, why don’t you tell me your power?” He eyed Scarlet suspiciously, circling around her as he spoke. “I mean, it’s been a long time since I joined and you’ve always just kept to yourself about it. We’re partners so shouldn’t we be looking out for each other?” Nick then put his arms around Scarlet and looked at her earnestly, this time showing genuine interest and concern for her. “C’mon, Scar. You know I worry about you sometimes. Why don’t you promise you’ll show me your power? It doesn’t have to be now since I know sometimes there has to be those opportune moments. But can you promise me you’ll show it to me?” Nick held on to Scarlet and stared into her eyes, awaiting an answer.