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Grey Amor Scott

"All the bad memories stay, you just have to choose to ignore them."

0 · 1,769 views · located in The Gift of Innocence Corporation

a character in “The Gift of Innocence”, as played by Onica-Louis


"Sometimes it's just better to forget if possible."

General Knowledge

Full Name:
Grey Amor Scott

She's fine with just going by Grey.


Twenty- One

She's half Cherokee and half Greek, and was raised in Greece.

Sexual Orientation:
She's very much heterosexual.

Room #:
She'll be staying in room 214.

Prior Occupation:
Grey had two prior jobs: Owning a coffee shop and working at a library. Both of course aren't full time and when the coffee shop first opened she worked there for most of the time, but after her boyfriends death she started going in less often to work in the library. Being the boss at the coffee shop she'd brew coffee and serve it to people. At the library she checks in and out books, arranges books, and helps people find what they're looking for. Grey is also a student at at a near by collage trying to get a degree in psychology and history.

Current Occupation:
Grey is the Death/Suicide Consular.

Things You Want To Know

Hair Color:
Grey had dark brown hair that in some lighting looks almost black and in others light brown. Like most people's hair it isn't just one solid color. The front half is the darkest park from receiving the most sun, a dark chocolate color. The crown and middle part of her hair is a few shades lighter, and the back is the lightest, like one shade darker than milk chocolate. Of course all her hair flows together in a nondramatic, but slightly noticeable difference of colors.

Eye Color:
Her eyes are dark brown; the right one is dark than the left.


115 pounds

She's afraid to get a tattoo, so no.

She has earlobe piercings, one on each ear, and a belly button piercing.

She has scars across her wrist from where she use to cut herself after the death of her boyfriend, and a white-pinkish colored scar around her neck where she tried to hang herself, but since it doesn't stick out from her skin she can cover it up with makeup like it never happened.

Character Color: Blue Zircon- #57FEFF

Grey isn't skinny nor fat, but a good in between. She's 5'6", weighs 115 pounds, and her measurements are 35-25-39. She use to exercises everyday and doesn't over eat, which gives her a fit look with flat abs. On her heart shaped face no one could ever find a blemish, scar, or scratch, but there is a mole next to her right eye, in the middle of her right cheek, and two small freckles on the apple of her left cheek. She happens to have pimples sometimes, but always keeps it covered with her makeup. Also when Grey Smiles, which rare now, has dimples within the creases next to her lips. Her lips are plump and a rosy pink, but are chapped with broken skin and sometimes dried blood from where she chews on them. Even though she doesn't care about her hygiene as much as she use to she still maintains white teeth and shiny chocolate hair.

Grey's eyes are a dull dark brown color, but light up and shine when she's happy; the right one's a little darker. Her nose is slender and the bridge long, it's defined, but not to much. She has scars on her body, on her wrist that stick up and are lumpy and then around her neck, but it's flat and remains a white/pinkish rope thick loop that's flat on her skin and can be covered up by makeup. She has a darker skin completion from her Cherokee blood, and just being in the sun for ten minutes can get her extremely dark, but she's a pale dark color from staying inside a lot. Grey still has her tan but it's a very washed out gray-brown color. Her hair is below her chest, normally in big loss waves, it's dark, medium, and medium light brown.

When it comes to dressing she's very put together when she leaves the house. Grey is classy, never anything to tight or short or reveling. No is she trashy, never wearing things to baggy, that smell bad, or dirty. She normally wears something with a collar, dresses an shirts, and commonly known for wearing a tank-top with a see through button-downed collared shirt. But when she's at home she wears over sized clothes that don't fit her well, usually just an old oversized shirt of her old boyfriend.

For Better Or For Worse


{Lost, Scared, Alone, Sad, Broken}
Grey use to be a very social girl, and in the public eye is still is. She laughs and smiles and cracks jokes, she can be the life of a party. She seems to be the caring friend someone can go to for their problems and talk about all of them and when they're through talking to her they feel better, but it's a show. Grey's practiced her smile and laugh in the mirror for years making it believable. She's so very cracked and when reassembled most of her pieces were still missing. She knows she's not whole and not completely there, so she does take therapy for it, she needs it dearly. Grey's just a fragment of what she use to be, now she feels like it's a curse to live.

Dying for her would be very peaceful and something she wants, she hates the break downs and the flash backs, but she has to keep moving forward in life. With her faking it's like she's still part of humanity like she should be. No one notices her pain, and that's how she wants it, to be unnoticed. She still feels emotions, usually depression, but she's still human. It makes her feel wanted when people come to her for help, she feels sorrow for those that need help, but greatly depression. Even though Grey's trying to stay intake with everything she still feels lost and alone even though people hold her near. Grey feels like even though she's trying in life it's not going to get any better than it is now.

She cries a lot, most of the time. Sadness is her biggest feel to a point of almost insanity. She has to take medication for her depression to keep her from being suicidal again. Grey's also not in the best states of mind. She suffers from paranoia and a case of schizophrenia, which she also takes medication for. When it comes to her mental disorder she usually sees her dead boyfriend and things along those lines. It also makes her bland herself even more for his death, for she sees things that tell her she is the killer and that blame her for the incident in her own mind. Along with all those feelings she is very afraid: of losing herself more and getting worse. Just because she still pretends to be happy doesn't mean she couldn't lose what she has now, it may be little but she has it. She had for her coffee shop after the death of her boyfriend, and if she lost that she would have been as depressed as she was the day she found him dead. Even though she still wasn't happy she had gotten a little better. It would have been good if she didn't cry so much or if she didn't always feel bad for herself or if she could just forget her boyfriend, but that wasn't life. Grey believes in three things: Black, White, and Grey. She believes the black to be the bad, the white the good, and the grey being the bad in the good. She knows she's in the grey momentarily.

The only time Grey is at her highest is when she's drunk. She took up drinking after her boyfriends death because for a short moment she can forget everything. She likes it because she doesn't have to put up with reality and when she sobers back up she's forgotten everything she's done. Also along with that pinch of happiness with her schizophrenia it caused her to see things that weren't there like her boyfriend. When she sees him she'll talk to him, giving her some peace on his death, even though she knows it's all in her mind she feels like she's seeing his ghost. And with Grey having paranoia she doesn't trust people well, thinking they're always out to get her.
|| Reading || Studying || Working ||

|| Chewing On Her Lips || Pulling Out Her Hair || Rubbing Her Hands Together When She's Nervous || Scratching Her Wrist ||

She Has Schizophrenia And Paranoia- Getting paranoid is common for her, and she only sees things when she's extremely frustrated, about to have a mental break down, or under lots of stress || She's also allergic to grapes and if she were to eat some she'd die.

  • Food
  • Studying
  • Reading
  • Working
  • Sleepingi
  • Drinking
  • Grapes
  • Living
  • Her Schizophrenia
  • Her Paranoia
  • That She Didn't Die Too

Stuff You Shouldn't know...


Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:What Is Your Character Good At Doing?
  • Good At Acting
  • Painting
  • Good At Trivia
  • Cooking
Character Flaws/Weaknesses:What Is Your Character Bad At Doing?
  • Not Trusting People
  • Bad At Caring
  • Doesn't Pay Attention Well
  • Self-Centered

-Her Boyfriends Death-
-Her Schizophrenia-
-Her Having Paranoia-

-Afraid Of Falling In Love-
-Someone Finding Out About Her Boyfriend-
-The Dark-
-Also Afraid Of Heights-

Remembering The Past



Place Of Origin:

Birth Date:
January 1st, 1993

Grey was raised by two parents, a nurse of a mother and a historian for a father. Every since she was young she was taught about medical things, how to stop a wound from bleeding so much, how to stitch herself up if she must, and other things from her mother and with her father he taught her other things to like: past wars, famous people, our founding fathers and other things. Grey had also been put into karate, boxing, and self defenses classes at the age of five. He use to give her little scenarios for her to figure out. Her fondest memory of one was when her father had returned home from an eight hour shift when she was ten. He has sat down on the couch and she'd ran over to him and sat in his lap. He chucked and began speaking. "Find the flaw," he had told her, "April 15th, 1865 at 9:50 P.M. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated." Grey gave a small giggle, "That's simple. He was killed at 10:15 P.M.!" She was so excited about how she was right. Her father had told her how smart she was and how she was so intelligent. "Correct!" He how'd shouted for for.

With her fathers inspiration when she turned ten she started going with her fathers to conventions where he'd be told information of the advances and histories of cultures around the world. Everything she'd learned stuck with her. With her parents being what they were they had some money to travel America a little, taking Grey to see some historical landmarks of the world the just lived in. Her favorite was the White House, she loved all the old paintings, the statues, and the new information she gathered from the holographic informers, at the time she was ten as well. And this was the best thing she's seen so far in her life, and for a while the last.

A few years after the Washington trip when Grey was fifteen she went to work with her mother. They were in her office as she filled out some paper work about the birth she'd just delivered, a pretty, young, rich girl. "Was the baby alright?" She had asked her mother and she nodded. Grey had smiled back. "I'm going to go use the restroom." She told her mother and left the room. Walking into the hall full of people it wasn't to busy, just a few people here and there. She was distant into her thoughts when she bumped into something and fell. "I'm so sorry!" A boy with a stained shirt had told her as he helped her up. "No, no it was all my fault, sorry about your coffee." "I think I'm more worried about my shirt," he replied with a laugh holding out his hand, "George." "Grey she responded shaking it back."

George had just moved to town that week because his mom had gotten transferred to the hospital that Grey's mother worked at. From the point of his arrival they were glued together having all the same classes and hanging after school at local coffee shops. It wasn't soon that they were dating, and love followed right behind the two. With George being about a year old her had asked Grey for her hand when she was still seventeen, and with her mothers consent they were married. Life for the two was full of happiness. Grey worked in a library, while George a coffee shop.

"Will should build our own." George had said out of the blue on day. "What?" Grey questioned. "My Dearest Sweet, we should have our own coffee shop built!" "You're crazy!" She replied laughing at him as she had put a book down. "Find, we won't have it built, we'll buy one." Grey had rolled her eyes at his proposal, "With no money?" "I've been saving." "Really now?" With them both sitting on the couch he pulled out a slip of paper. "It's a lease for
International Coffee!" He exclaimed. With them both jumping up they hugged each other excitedly.

At first everything went great, they were busy and the money was pouring in. They always payed their bills on time, life couldn't get better, but it did get worse. Across the street a bigger and better coffee shop had opened and money became tight. While Grey was at school George would work long hours to bring in as much money as he could. The two of them began to fight a lot and at first it was off, but soon became normal.

After a long day of school Grey had come home to a silent house. "Hello?" She had called with no reply. Checking room from room she checked for George she could not find him, but when going down to the basement she did. He was hanging by a rope tied around a pipe. "George!" She screamed as she rushed off to him. Unable to untie him she found a old baseball bat and hit the pipe with it until it broke. Holding him in her arms she weeped and sticking out of his pocket was a piece of paper. Pulling out the paper she read: 'My Dearest Sweet, if you're reading this then it means I have passed and I'm sorry. I'm depressed and I don't know what to do anymore, Hun. We're swamped in debt and barely have time for each other; I feel useless to you anymore. With the passing I hope it helps you, I'm sorry.
Love, George.'
Unable to bare with his death she buried him in the back yard with the hopes no one would ever find out.

After the incident Grey had grown cold and reserved mentally and began taking lots of therapy. The therapy helped some, but she didn't grow out of her depression, so she started drinking. Getting drunk became normal for her, but never once did she let it show in public, she didn't want to lose her jobs or her kicked out if school. Getting schizophrenia from it she began seeing her dead boyfriend at times, causing her both pain in joy. As the time passed she could no longer handle it and tried hanger herself as well, but the rope had been weak and broke from her weight. When the rope had broken it had left rope burn and a white scar that went all around her neck.
Family Tree
Father Name- Mark Greg Conner Age- Fifty-Five
Mother Name- Missy An Conner Age- Fifty-One
Husband Name- George Cooper Scott Age- Deceased

Happiest Memory:
Her happiest and best memory is the day she married George.

Saddest Memory:
The worst memory she has is when she found George dead.

Theme Song

How To Save A Life | The Fray
Step one – you say, "We need to talk."
He walks, you say, "Sit down. It's just a talk."
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
'Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
Pray to God, he hears you
And I pray to God, he hears you

And where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

How to save a life

How to save a life

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life

How to save a life



Wants to gain:
Grey hopes to be happy again like she use to, and she hopes this job gives her so.

How often can you get online?
I get online everyday.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
I usually post everyday, but sometimes I get so swamped with other roleplays I only have time to post once a day or once every two days.

So begins...

Grey Amor Scott's Story

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Image"Urg!" Waking up with a large gasp she had looked at her surroundings, What? I was in an alley, wasn't I? The back of her head was throbbing and she felt the urge to throw up. "Where am I?" The room she was in was certainly not her room. She was confused with the last thing she remembered being some stranger that had come up to her in an alley. Getting off from work late that night she was just going through as a short cut when she had been approached by someone offering her help. If help meant getting kidnapped then the stranger hit the ball out if the park. "At least my nappers are high maintenance." Smirk she touched the back of her head, "Ow!" The idea of holding the spot fading due to the fact her barely touching it caused her pain.

"I have to get out of here." Rambling to herself she slide her hand into her pocket pulling out her cellphone and a crumbled piece of paper, What's this? Laying her phone down she gave her full attention to the unknown as she opened it. "My name is Sylvester Cromwell, but I am most commonly referred to as The Benefactor. I am the proud owner of The Gift of Innocence Corporation..." Reading it allowed she wasn't sure if she should remain upset or be pleased. The new information caused Grey to wonder if she should stay or go: "Be possibly helped by my kidnapper or leave with out the possibility... She was already crazy, but the thought of her buying into this would make her even more crazy, and stupid, but what if this Gift of Innocence would help her. She had never heard of such a thing, was it a knew type of science and wouldn't this gift come from mental changes? The answers weren't just laying in her lap like she wanted, and so far this whole things just seemed like another one of her psychotic breaks. "George?" Placing the paper down on the bed she got no reply, Maybe he'll show up later. Reassuring herself she pulled her legs into a pretzel form and let out a sigh. Most people would have called to get out if this situation so why haven't I? Subconsciously she had two reasons why she wasn't calling it attempting her escape: if the Benefactor was a killer (in a way she hoped he was) she would be killed and the other was if he could really make her happy again... that would be something. She had been in her saddened state for so long now that being happy sounded extremely far fetched that it was impossible, unless the man could actually fix this. This is the stupidest thing I've ever thought was possible! If therapy doesn't help then how could this? Yeah, that's right. If this were real every hurt person in the world would have this opportunity.

Running her fingers through her hair she brought her knees to her chest. "This is so impossible!" Picking up her cell she tried to type in the numbers, but with trembling fingers she kept dropping it. "Come on stupid phone!" Yelling she finally managed to hold it long enough to call a girl from work.

"You're late for your own business, girly!" The high pitched voice of Kerli annoyed Grey greatly, but she needed her help right now. " Where are-"

"I don't have time for this,"screaming as tears rolled down her cheeks, "I have no clue where I am and I really need my medicine!"

"It's going to be ok, I promise. I'm pretty sure your company puts a tracking device in your phone, as long as you keep your phone on they can track it." Kerli's voice was calm as she tried to make Grey feel better. "Just take some deep breaths."

"Ok,"[/color{ starting to breathe through her mouth she made each breath drawn out, "the sooner the-" click [color=#57FFFF]"Hello?"

Pulling the phone away from her ear she stared at the black screen. "Please come back on, please!" Frantically clicking the buttons on her phone nothing seemed to work. "Stupid phone!" Screaming at the top of her lungs, she pulled her arm back then threw the phone towards the wall as hard as she could. It had died on her. "I need my medicine." With a shaking voice she used her hands to wipe the tears from her face. I need to get out. Getting out of the bed she kicked off her shoes, regulated her breathing, then opened the door of the room she was in.

"Hello?" Calling out into the hallway as she shut the door behind herself. She wasn't to sure of the idea of walking the halls like this, but she needed to get her medicine before she had any problems with herself. The thought of breaking down in a strangers home scared her greatly, but as in the hall she stood up start with her shoulders back making herself appear to be calm, cool, collected, and confidant. The last thing she needed was for someone to think they could take advantage of her, that would be horribly awful for her.

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Scarlet woke up early, as always, she was not used to staying longer than needed to, besides she found peace in jogging around the Corporation in the mornings. Today was different though, they had brought in the new recruits, she would have to do as always and she had to make sure that they would all meet up with Sylvester, or benefactor as he is often called. Speaking of, Scar would never really call him The Benefactor... it sounded strange in her lips so she refrained herself from saying it.

Even more of a reason to wake up early, Scarlet hurried and got ready, she eyed the small clock at the side table and noticed it was barely 6'o clock in the morning. She did as every other morning and when she was finally ready she remembered she would now spend her nights on her other assigned room, 'number #200' she remembered without struggle. She had her own room in the Corporation, of course, but whenever they had new recruits they had to make sure they were doing well so both her and Nicholas stayed nearby. She then remembered how every now and then, she and Nick would exchange dorms just for the fun of it, and now it was her turn to take on the girls.

Knowing that it was still to early for... anything really, Scarlet headed to the kitchen where she saw the staff preparing everything for breakfast. All the dishes were accommodated accordingly and especially for every single recruit, to make them feel at home as Sylvester mentioned before. Scarlet mocked the gesture, if it were up to her she wouldn't go after such a hassle even if her life depended on it. She starred at everyone expressionless seeing through that they were doing their job accordingly. Some of the staff looked nervously seeing the redheaded beauty enter the kitchen, one of the youngest dropped a bowl spilling the Italian salad that she had just prepared as Scarlet starred directly at her. The girl bowed down and apologized but Scarlet did nothing, she shook her head in annoyance and headed outside the kitchen, an older woman did the scolding for her as she exited.

Scarlet pulled her cell phone out knowing that she would soon get a call from Sylvester. As soon as she headed outside, her phone rang, she eyed the name on the screen, 'The Elusive Man", a private inside joke of hers. She answered the phone and heard Sylvester's voice calm and collected as always,“Hello Scarlet, it’s time for the new recruits to arrive. Please lead the men upstairs and tell them I apologize for the lack of an elevator.”. Scarlet didn't say anything as she did so often, she simply hanged up the phone as soon as he had finished his part, she didn't need to be reminded of what to do when she had done the job countless times.

She headed towards the stairs now, moving slowly almost making no noise whatsoever, not intentionally though, without having to try hard Scarlet was as stealthily as a cat. She wondered if other recruits had already woken up and if they had already read the letter that was assigned to each, inevitably a small smile formed upon her lips as she walked up the stairs. Finally upon reaching the second floor she leaned against the wall with her arms crossed waiting for anything to happen. Waiting for Nick to join her and to explain the situation of what had happened to the clueless new batch of recruits. Of course, she considered the possibility that some of them would remember their prior meeting before the letter and before they passed out so she simply waited to see if some of them would try to leave hastily.

She waited some time laying still which made her angry, she was not one to lay still for far too long and she grew impatient far too easily. It was then when she noticed someone coming out of one of the rooms, a girl. Scarlet didn't even flinch seeing the girl, she then heard her speak, "Hello?" the girl asked. Scarlet was still at the end of the hallway motionless and laying still, she disliked being the one who did the talking and she hoped that Nick would be the one to do so as he was always so fond of. So instead of answering the girl she remained quiet and observing. It took a while for her to finally speak, "took you long enough..." she finally said sharply.

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Image"took you long enough..." Behind Grey she heard the voice of what seemed to be an unpleased woman. The voice had been sharper then what Grey was hoping, probably hostile too if provoked, but she held on to her confident appearance and turned around to face the voice. She knew eventually someone would come across her, most likely word like she had experienced, but she was hoping for otherwise. People weren't Grey's favorite thing, whenever they were around she felt like she had to act normal: happy, friendly, and bubbly. So the act begins. Before saying anything she had to remind herself of how she had to act fake, she had to pretend to be happy and normal with every word she said, every gesture she made, even down to every simple fake laugh or giggle. "It's lovely to meet you, I'm Grey." Acting with a smile of warmth she made her way over to the red head. The girl seemed to be the same height as her, fit, and dangerously beautiful. She kidnapped me so why is she upset... Wait! It was a man I recall, so who is she! "I'm assuming you're a friend to the... lovely man I met last night. I'm hoping you wouldn't mind telling me what I'm doing here. I read the note so I know I'm here for some gift of some sort, but I don't really understand how I got tangled in this big mess up of some sort, bad things happen to everyone, I'm no different and definitely not special." Giving off a giggle she flipped her hair with her hand, "Besides, nothing bad had taken my innocence per-say." Lie one. If Grey had lost her innocence in order to be here then she had. She knew what it was, when it happened, and how it happened, but it wasn't like she was going to share. Years ago she had come across her husband George dead, but she never told anyone, no one knew he was dead, but her. It was hard for her to hide the fact though, like when his friends or family would ask where he was she couldn't just simply say at home. So, she came up with a story that he had run away, it was hard to believe because he had always seemed so happy in front of others, but she couldn't coop with telling others he had passed because of her. She could remember hiding him downstairs hanging by his neck, the sight was horrible, but had taken place. "Also, I really need to get home, there's something I really need... to do." The last part was an add on, she didn't want to give any hints away that she really needed something, but she did. She needed her medicine badly, she was assuming it was way passed the time to take it and without it she'd grow ill mental and possibly physically, too.

Grey could feel her nice charade wanting to slip away, she didn't know how much longer she could take the company of the rude kidnapper. Times ticking and I need to leave! Even though she was tired of the act she refused to let it fall and kept her sweet upbeat smile. Grey was appearing to be calm, but on the inside she was screaming. Every second she was here the more annoyed she got, she barely liked people and she defiantly didn't like being in strange places with even stranger people.

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#, as written by Jynxii

Harper awoke to a familiar throbbing in her head, so familiar in fact it was almost calming. The pain was like a nip to the lips, a feeling which left a numb, tingling feeling in her lips. As she lazily rolled over, she let out a gentle groan, arching her back as if she were of a feline bloodline. When she finally hoisted herself into a seat on the bed, she took a slow look around the room. "Nice place," she muttered allowed, should her client still be within ear shot. She doubted it. Men in suits always had important places to be. Even still; was this his room? A little girly, she thought to herself as she slid out of the bed. The marble floor was oddly warm. "Heated floors? Very nice..." she purred. As she glanced around the grand bedroom, she noticed three doors. Two that were double doors. She bit her lip playfully and walked to the middle of the room, toying with a lock of her chocolate locks. "Let's see-- what's behind... door number... Two!" She strode over and gently pushed the door open, revealing the master bath. A grin spread across her lips as she surveyed the stand alone, four claw, tub and the live green garden that sprawled over the walls and around the far side of the room.

She had just finished running the bath water and was just about to dip her toe in when her phone started violently vibrating on the night stand. With a look of annoyance, Harper pranced back into the bedroom and scooped up the device as she quickly made her way back, and into, the bubble bath. The Madam could clearly be read across the screen. "Hey, sunshine! Goodness, look, whoever this man is feel free to book me with him anytime. Who is he, by the way? Excuse me? What do you mean I'm not on call? What? Never came back? The bar? What? No. Of course not. Alright. Yeah, I'll call you when I'm on my way. Yes, ma'am. I know. Yes. But I--" The line was dead before she could finish her sentence. A sigh swelled and escaped her chest as she let the phone slide to the floor. So. She was in some random rich man's house. In his tub. Naked. The perks of being a prostitute, right?

Surely she should have been more worried, but honestly what could this man do to her that hadn't been done already? He didn't even appear to be in. With that in mind, Harper took her time enjoying her bubble bath and when she was through she helped herself to one of the soft white robes hanging on the wall. She was in the middle of crossing the room when a piece of paper laying on the bedside table caught her attention. I knew it, she thought to herself with a smile, hoping that her payment and a 'see you again soon' would be attached to the paper. Opening the folds, she began to read;

"To Whom It May Concern:

Do not be alarmed by the change of setting. You have been brought to the corporation and have been taken care of by my staff after you had a sudden fainting spell.

My name is Sylvester Cromwell, but I am most commonly referred to as The Benefactor. I am the proud owner of The Gift of Innocence Corporation, and I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to become a part of my Special Working Staff. As part of my special staff, you are given your own room and other basic living needs; however this only extends to you and no other family members. The room you are in now is the room you will reside in, and the number is in the bottom right corner of your envelope in case you forget. You will also be receiving “The Gift of Innocence” which is unique to each person that receives it.

You may be wondering what this “Gift of Innocence” is and why you have been selected. My company is not for the privileged but for the disadvantaged. I give second chances to those who have been through hard times, whatever the situation, and I give them a “Gift of Innocence” that will help them move on. It is a special ability that gives you what you have lost along with your innocence and your tool in your job. Although I can give you your innocence back, it is still your choice whether you choose to move on or not.

When you are ready, you may head out of your room and meet with either of my Recruiters Scarlet or Nicholas. I will be meeting with you and your co-workers individually in my office in room 656 on the 6th floor to discuss with you any questions you may have as well as give you your Gift of Innocence. While you wait, do get to know each other and engage in some friendly chatter, as you will be working closely with them for awhile. I look forward to working with you.


The Benefactor of Innocence"

So it wasn't a dream. The man in the alleyway, and his proposal. She gently flipped the paper over to find her room number. Room Number 250. So, all of this was hers. A grin slowly spread onto her face. Hers. Not The Madam's-- but hers. She placed the letter back onto the bedside table and turned to the other two mystery doors. With a small bubble of growing excitement, Harper jogged over in her robe to the first set of double doors. Unable to control her curiosity any longer, she pushed them open and froze. Her heart nearly stopped in her chest. Before her, was a dream come true for any girl. Not only did she find all of her clothes, but a plethora of new articles had joined them. Straight ahead into the closet she walked, in a daze. She looked to her right, to the other wall and nearly fainted. Harper's bottom lip trembled slightly as she reached out in disbelief to touch a pair of black Prada heels. The room was breathtaking, and left her completely speechless.

There were so many beautiful clothes to choose from, Harper eventually settled with a simple and comfortable outfit. She paired a simple white tank top with a grey scarf and camisole, and finished the outfit with a pair of leggings and simple black flats. Once she was finished getting dressed, she let her hair down from the bun she had previously had it in, for bathing, and helped herself to the many hair and makeup supplies in her new vanity. After straightening her hair, and applying some very minimal amounts of makeup, she was ready to go explore the rest of her room. Back through the double doors of her walk in closet, she made her way to the final set of double doors. Upon opening them, she found herself in an elegant living room. Again, she was without words. Maybe the man... what was his name? Nick! Maybe he had murdered her in that ally, and this was what Heaven looked like?

Harper bust out laughing at the thought. Her. Get into heaven. It was laughable. Still smiling, she turned to the door across the room. "So many doors," she said with a smile. Grinning, she walked over to the knob and went to push it open- but the door did not move. After a few seconds of panicked jerking at the door, she finally pulled backwards and felt the door quickly give way, sending her stumbling. She had to laugh at herself then, for the wave of panic quickly subsided into feeling foolish. This place was perfect, there was no way that it could ever get better! With that thought in mind, she peeked outside of her door, and looked down what appeared to be a hallway. And just like that-- this perfect place lost it's glimmering shine. For as she was leaving her room, a person just seven doors down from her had come out as well, followed shortly by the person right beside her room. They were both male.

Instantly her mood was flattened. You have got to be kidding me... "Took you long enough..." A feminine voice caught her attention, sending her head turning in the opposite direction to notice two females standing at the other end of the hall. The one female appeared extremely bored and agitated, at least from her posture as Harper couldn't really see the details of her face from so far away. The second female appeared to be having some sort of mental break down, but Harper couldn't be bothered with listening to anything she was whining about. Her voice was almost obnoxious, even from where she was, but she instantly scolded herself. That was not a good way to make friends. This was not her workplace. The beautiful women down there were not her competitors, and the men to her other side were not clients. Biting her lip, Harper dipped back into the room, looking for a key or something for the door. Sure enough, she found one. After a quick dart back into her closet, she grabbed a black clutch to throw her key and cellphone in, and then returned to the hallway. "Also, I really need to get home, there's something I really need... to do." the second girl was saying as Harper closed her door.

Then she just stood there, awkwardly, unsure if she should join the two females; having never seen either of them. With a nervous tug at her clothes, Harper glanced to the two boys and flashed them a smile. "You get abducted too," she asked, her tone playful and light, though there was a bit of nervous laughter at the end. Why did she feel so exposed and vulnerable? The majority of her body was screaming to retreat into her closet and never come out, but the tiny side of her that was reason forced her to stay. "I'm Harper," she added, nervously pulling her hair to the left side of her neck. "What's your name?" Without waiting for an answer, she waved for them to follow her, if they wanted, and headed to meet the two females at the end of the hall. When she came to a stop, she glanced from one to the other and then flashed another smile. Smiling always made her feel better, even if she was faking it. "I'm Harper," she announced, giving a shy wave to the two females. "Did you get a letter, too?"

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Hailey grumbled, tossing and turning violently before abruptly sitting up and rubbing her eyes hard. She was tired and this much she knew, she groaned loudly then glanced around this bedroom that she was in and which seemed much more... feminine than her actual room which was weird. Did her adoptive parent's come in and re-do her room while she was asleep? She had slept through a lot of noise before, but surely she would know if her room had been changed or not. She suddenly realized that her head was throbbing as well as realizing her new surroundings. Odd, that much was true. "You don't even know where you are do you?" The unreal voice of Penelope was clear in Hailey's ear, only her ears, and no one else's. "No, but I am sure I will know soon." She told Penelope, though, she hadn't realized that she was pretty much just talking to herself. Hailey sighed softly, looking over at a night table where a clock was. Checking the time she noticed that she woke up earlier than she usually did. "Stupid time, who needs it anyways?" she grumbled a little angrily only to be responded with complete silence. "Oh I see you’re going to give me the silent treatment now? Fine, be that way then." She mumbled then slowly slid out of her bed. This room was amazing, and warm at that which was good in her book. Could she be at a friend's house? Maybe a mental institute? Probably not because she didn't have many friends and well mental institutes weren't ever this nice.

After finally getting herself out of bed she went over to a pair of doors which after being pushed open she noticed that it led to a bathroom. An amazed looked came to her face, finally a bathroom where she had actually had room to move around in. She went over to the bath tub where she began to run the water, pushing her hand under the cold water she smiled softly. Stopping the water she hesitated before leaving the bathroom and going back to her bed. She noticed a letter sitting there on the opposite night stand where her clock had been placed. Curiosity got the better of her and she hurried over to the letter, lifting it to her eyes and reading its contents. Slowly her body shifted so that while she read the letter she could sit down on her bed while taking in all of this information. So that's why her head was throbbing and why she woke up in a mysterious place. "See now you know why your here. That's a good thing right?" She heard Penelope's voice in her ears again which Hailey proceeded to scratch. "Yeah I guess you could say that, and I suppose it is a good thing. Hey wait I thought you were ignoring me!" Of course and once again she was left with no answer from Penelope whom of which had randomly disappeared into nothingness.

Hailey glared in the spot where Penelope had once been standing before standing, set down the letter, and walking back to the bathroom where she quickly took a nice warm bath. Once she was finished with her bath she threw on a pair of clothes and messed with her hair which was into a mess of tangles. She made a soft hissing noise as she ran her fingers through her hair to comb out a few of the knots before she tossed it into a messy bun. "Always a messy bun, you never really take the time to make yourself look nice." Penelope commented which started to make Hailey frustrated with the imagination that her mind was making. "Are you serious Penelope?! If you’re just going to ignore me after I talk to you then just stay away for a while, okay?!" She snapped a little bitterly at the corner of the room, and once again Penelope was gone which left Hailey feeling upset that she had may have hurt her friend's feeling. Friend... she began to wonder if she would see her best friend again. Maybe her best friend was here with her or maybe not but she really hoped she was.

Finally she grabbed the piece of paper with her room number then stuffed it into her pocket. Her hesitation was obvious as she grabbed the door handle and turned to so that she could exit the room. Peeking outside the door she glanced down both hallways were she saw a few people standing. Her feet felt like bricks that she was dragging across the floor, and she wasn't sure why she was so hesitant on meeting these people. Usually she was always trying to talk to people, but she guessed that because she woke up in a mysterious place that she had a pretty good reason why she was nervous. Upon approaching the other females she stopped a few feet away from them. This was just in time to hear one girl introduce herself and give the rest a little wave which made Hailey raise her hand and wave back at her. Harper she had heard her introduce her name. Her name was better than hers by a long shot due to the fact that most names were more creative than Hailey. Oh well, "I'm Hailey," She told Harper and the rest of them softly.

Zeus kept his eyes shut tightly, wrapping his arms tightly around his body and pulling the unbelievably soft sheets over his body more. He wondered why the sheets were so soft and why he felt oddly safe. This wasn't home, it couldn't be because he never felt safe at home where his mother was. His body trembled slightly as he slowly opened a single eye, clutching his head gently with his hands as he noticed his head aching. He shook his head, mumbling softly under his breath about something. He glanced around the room noticing that he wasn't in his usual bedroom which was much smaller than this one and that he was somewhere else, though, the question was where else could he be? He hasn't ever recalled being somewhere this nice without his mother and her older friends. He bit his lip, looking more around the room. He noticed two different double doors and a single door that he assumed led to the outside into something that he didn't know about. Sluggishly he moved in just enough time to get a glimpse of some kind of paper on the night stand on the opposite side of the night stand with a clock and his phone on it. Raising an eyebrow he reached over and grabbed the letter which he opened. He hesitated on reading it because he started to stretch both his legs and arms before bringing the letter close to his face so he could start to read the letter that was on the night stand.

Almost everything had been explained in the letter which made his life a whole lot easier, though, he did have a few questions that he wanted to know about and that he would ask later about if he remembered to ask someone about the questions floating around in his head. He let out a long breath as he slowly slid from his bed, placing the paper with his room number down next to his clock before he began to investigate his room a little more thoroughly so that he knew his surroundings a little better. Stopping just before he went outside of his room due to the fact that he hadn't taken a shower and he was in his Pj's still. He didn't know what to do any more, and when he started to look through his drawers to see clothing in it he became confused about how long he may have been asleep. He wasn't just opening random drawers to see if he actually had clothes, but he was also looking to see if he could find any more letters about what to do and why he was here. He wasn't that messed up... right? Little did he actually know that deeply he felt completely lost and unsure of what his purpose was in life.

After searching his room for quite a while he finally slipped into the tub where he took a quick bath... Ha a quick bath. He never really took quick baths any more after what his mother would constantly do to him. Taking a long bath he quickly slipped into his clothes and adjusted his hair so that it suited him and he made sure it was perfect. Of course he was a little perfectionist when it came to his hair and appearance due to the fact that his hair and appearance was the one thing that he actually didn't want people to think badly of. Double checking himself he set down a comb on his sink, leaning on it with his hands placed on the sides of the sink before sighing softly. He felt a wave of relief rush over him as he inwardly thanked who ever this Benefactor was since he had saved him from wanting to do something terrible to himself because of his mom. He rubbed his arms, staring at the reflection of himself in the mirror above the sink for a while until he finally decided that he couldn't just stand there forever. He was sure he had to get out and look around. He needed to see where he might be standing for a little while, or for a long time. He wasn't quite sure how long this was supposed to last so he couldn't just assume anything just yet.

Finally he hurried from his restroom, snagging the piece of paper- which had his room number on it- and his phone which was resting next to the piece of paper and the clock on the night stand. This was going to be of massive use to him just in case he forgot which room he was in. He didn't want to seem like that single person who had no idea which room he was in. Shoving the piece of paper into his pocket he went towards the door where he slowly pushed it open and dragged his feet numbly against the ground while walking from his room. Part of him wish he would have slept in longer and would have spent more time getting ready since it seemed that a few people were discussing to each other about stuff that he wasn't sure about. Noticing the females made him nervous and he just shook his head in an attempt to not act like a complete freak. Closing the door behind him he walked away from his door and up and down the hallway before stopping and leaning against the wall directly in front of his room while he wait for some kind of instruction on what he was supposed to do right about now.

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Makoto was wide awake and he was extremely giddy. Despite the strangeness of waking up in an unfamiliar setting, Mack found himself lounging about and happily getting to know his surroundings. He walked around the small apartment as music blasted in his ears from his headphones. He danced around his new bedroom, mentally thanking The Benefactor for giving him this luxury. He was beginning to feel free already. He had already read the letter, had his freak out, and now he was indulging in the perks. He hummed along with the music as he moon-walked into the living room, spinning in place and shaking his head to the rhythm. It felt so good to know that he didn't have to be afraid anymore, no more commands, not more begs for mercy. He stopped his dancing as flashes of the terrible night rushed through his mind.

"Skin him or I'll skin you, boy," his father spat at him as he held the gun against Mack's head. Makoto's tears mingled with the sweat the dribbled from his forehead. His eyes locked with the frightened brown ones of his victim. "Do it!" Jun pressed the barrel against Makoto's temple, his patience warring thin. "Please...don't make me, dad...I can't." Mack closed his eyes, choking on his cries. The blood on his fingers were making him want to gag, but he held back the bile that threatened to break free. His father said nothing as he clicked the chamber. His tone was even and clear as he slowly counted back from ten.

Makoto flashed back to the present just as the song ended. He pulled the earbuds from his ears and placed his iPod into his pocket. He shivered before tearing his thoughts off of his father. Technically, he was dead, so he no longer needed to worry...he was free least that's what he told himself. Absentmindedly, Makoto roamed the room, enjoying the fact that he had something that actually belonged to him. Mack took a deep breath, clearing his mind of all things negative. He should be happy, not dwelling on the past. He made his way to the exit. Opening the door, he looked to his left, spotting a woman coming out at the exact time he was. She looked like a model and he had to remind himself that it was rude to stare. He offered the girl a friendly smile and a small wave as more people entered the hallway. It seemed that she wasn't too pleased with his attention, so he said nothing to her and kept his head down. He didn't want conflict. Shyly, he approached the growing group of people and watched them interact.

First step to rebuilding his life was to make friends...Here goes nothing... he thought before opening his mouth to speak. He was reassured when a small girl introduced herself as Hailey. He placed a grin on his face, "I'm Makoto, but you can all call me Mack or Maki. It's nice to meet you." He released the breath that he been holding and mentally patted himself on the back. Good job, Maki. Smooth.

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Alton opened his eyes to a white ceiling. He felt groggy, and there was a slowness to his perception as he attempted to decipher a pattern in the blankness. Tiny black specs danced across his vision and he squeezed his eyes shut in annoyance. There was a lump on the back of his head, a big one, but it was suspiciously absent of any pain and he didn’t have a headache.

The boy sighed, his arms stretched perpendicular from his body on the bed. He was surrounded by silk sheets, and he could feel the cool texture pool around his weight. It led him to another question as he slowly opened his eyes: Why was the pain missing? Had he been drugged, something that effected his nervous system? But Alton had never heard of anything sort of substance that was capable of completely voiding one sense. He rolled over onto his side and looked at the nightstand, a piece of paper. It was folded neatly and the dark haired boy briefly considered not even touching it, in an act of meaningless rebellion. Alton wasn’t going to lie, he was a bit peeved that whoever that woman was had nulled his pain receptors. He didn’t get agitated often, but his relationship with pain was on thin ice.

He pushed himself up so he was sitting on the bed. The room was a bit small, his bed enclosed on three sides with small circular lights secured to the ledges above him. Empty book shelves lined the edges of the bed and he judged that he could probably fit a small portion of his collection of books. He rolled over and saw the handles below him. He tugged at it and watched as a giant drawer opened from under the bed. That would fit the rest of his collection easily. He looked up to see stacks of cardboard boxes. On each box his name had been hastily scrawled with a black pen. He squinted at the boxes, they were all stacked rather neatly, but one was sticking out at an angle. He curled and flexed his toes before moving to get off the bed. He tapped the sheets once with the tip of his middle finger before moving to the stacks. He looked over the box carefully before tapping the box and pushing it back into place. He tapped it once more once he had finished.

Alton walked around the room, noticing that he was still in his work clothes. His dark blue jeans coupled with an equally dark blue button up shirt. He was wearing a gray muscle shirt underneath and on his left breast a black name tag was sewn into the button up and in a generic white cursive was written Alton. On the bed’s headboard his cap was sitting precariously and after a tapping it with his finger he secured the hat on his head. He looked at his exposed forearms. In the whiteness of the room the bruising that never went away seemed even more prominent. The bruises coloring ranged from a sickly yellow-green to the more common blues and purples. The other scars, the less noticeable, where the circular burn marks and the laceration scars. He liked to think of his body as a war zone. Decorated and marked to document past brutality.

He finally got over himself, at that point, and Alton’s eyes travelled to the letter. He tapped it with his middle finger before picking it up, his eyes skimming over the content quickly. He sighed, it wasn’t too unbelievable. “Oh bloody Hell.” He muttered.

He looked towards his door, there were probably more people out there. And he debated with himself whether it would be better to just sit in his white room, or to figure out what was happening. He closed his eyes, remembering the lump on his head that he still couldn’t feel. It would be better to find some that would tell him how long this ‘No Pain’ effect of whatever they had drugged him with would last. He reached for the door, tapping the knob before pushing it open. In the hallway were a few people. Two woman, and a man, from what he could see. The two woman were talking while the male just lingered.

“Hello?” He asked loudly enough for them to hear. The red headed woman seemed to be more knowing, maybe she could answer some of his questions.

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Fiona let out a small groan as she felt the pounding in her head. Since when had she had a pounding in her head? Her insomnia was never this awful. It was always just a constant tick, tick, ticking and as much as it drove the Brit insane it was never this painful. She put her hand through her golden locks before opening her eyes to see that she wasn't in her room anymore, she wasn't even in her house anymore. If she was, she would have be in her bed with her eyes wide open from a night of maybe thirty minutes of sleep. Hearing the tip toeing of her older siblings as they try not make too much of a ruckus that their parents wake up to see their children sneaking out to do only God knows what. As she tried to process her thoughts and rethink about what had happen last night, she looked up at the lights above her as if she was trying to count how many times they seemed to sparkle. “What did I do last night?” It wasn't a possibility that she had gotten drunk. She was only nineteen after all and she didn't drink like others her age. After a moment, she decided that she could at least look around the room for some sort of clues about where she was at least. She pushed herself out of the plush bed and slipped her feet out of the covers, letting the cool air brush they in an instance. When picked herself up, she felt a sting of pain in her stomach remembering to newly healing scar she had left on her stomach a few nights prior. She pushed the pain away and looked around the room. When she looked at the vanity there was a letter unopened, as if it was for her. Even if it wasn't she was curious and decided to open it. As she read over it she scoffed more and more at the idea that the dream she thought she had last night wasn't a dream. She sat down from becoming overwhelmed. The one part she kept reading was:

I give them a “Gift of Innocence” that will help them move on. It is a special ability that gives you what you have lost along with your innocence and your tool in your job. Although I can give you your innocence back, it is still your choice whether you choose to move on or not.

She shook her head and let out another scoff before putting the letter down. She wasn't sure if it was true or if this was some guy's idea of kidnapping. But, if it said she could somehow earn her innocence back then she was all for it. How that was possible... She wasn't sure. But, she was determined to find out. But, first things first. She wasn't about to go out "exploring" in her nightgown. That was out of the question but it didn't seem as if she would find any clothes that would be hers. But looking in the walk in closet wouldn't hurt any, now would it? Opening the door to the walk in closet, she smiled looking at all the different colors and patterns. Not to mention how large it was, it made her one at home seem like a simple sliding closet. After moments of looking over the options she decided on a dress with tan colored flats paired with her glasses of course. She walked out of the closet and walked to the door next to it that she assumed was a bathroom which it was. She grabbed the ponytail holder from her wrist and put her curly mane up in a bun to keep it from getting wet. Not long after she was relaxing in the bath for a good five minutes before getting out and putting on her clothes.

Looking at herself in the full length mirror, she tilted herself a bit unimpressed at the reflection but didn't waste much time exiting the room, she didn't spend time to look in her living room only because she wanted to find out what was going on. Closing the door behind her, she looked at all the doors of the different rooms. “At least I know I'm not alone.” She said softly to herself as she walked towards the soft voices she heard. Before she knew it there were more people than she thought. One who had just introduced himself as Makoto as she walked up to the group. She cleared her throat and looked towards the people before speaking. “I'm Fiona.” She told them as she looked them over, trying to see if any of them were either wearing leather or anything else obviously made of animals. But stopped as soon as realized it looked like she was judging them.

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ImageYawning Rosalina slowly opened her eyes to a chandelier and cotton candy pink walls above her head. She wasn't at all shocked to see something different, she was use to waking up in the bed of strangers after a long night of partying. "Gosh!" Exclaiming as she picked up a pillow and slammed it to protect her eyes from the light; she was experiencing a horrible hangover headache. Sitting up she pulled the satin sheets closer to her chest as she examined the bedroom"Oh my god." She said to herself quietly, the room looked almost exactly like her old home when she had still lived with her parents. Everything was so expensive here, nice, and the perfect temperature, it certainly wasn't anything the crowd of people she had been with last night could afford. She had been doing drugs and drinking at a party like her new normal. It wasn't uncommon for her to leave with a man, but never had she come to a place so beautiful in the past few years. It was normally a ran down trailer or a mediocre home.

"How drunk was I last night?" Getting up out of the bed she let the heat of the floor sink up through her feet and into the rest of her body, "How rich are you?" Questioning the man she assumed was near by. When up she looked at the numerous different doors around the room: one in front of the bed, one beside the bed, and the other on the right wall. "So you're hiding?" Smirking she first went to the door on the right and once opening it spotted a living room. "You've got to be kidding! This man is loaded!" She began to recall the man from last night, but he was blurry from her drunken haze. He had offered her something, Sex... no. Drugs... I don't think so. Wasn't it something about a second chance? Questioning herself within her mind she walked over to the pinked floral coach and rubbed the soft fabric with her hand. Giggling she took off her shoes and began jumping up and down on it, it might not have been the right thing to do in someone else's house, but she wanted to. "Come out and play with me! Calling out she didn't get the reply she was looking for so when she was in the air she put her legs out and let the coach catch her in a cradle. Who ever that man is is being no fun!

Huffing she stood up and walked back into the room, Now on to the next door! This time she choose the door that had been next to the bed. Opening it up it lead to a bathroom that was pink and frilly like that other rooms she had been in. This man must have looked into my wildest dreams to make this house according to me. In owe she she shut the door behind her. Catching the glimpses of the full body mirror she to face it and looked at herself in the mirror: long blonde hair, makeup-less but glowing, pants-less with pink ruffled underwear, and her white tank top with a left bust pocket braless. I guess I did have sex... but not with the man from the alley, but what's that?. The realization made her feel dirty inside, but she noticed something sticking from the pocket, opening up she began reading in her head. My name is Sylvester Cromwell, but I am most commonly referred to as The Benefactor. I am the proud owner of The Gift of Innocence Corporation, and I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to become a part of my Special Working Staff. As part of my special staff, you are given your own room and other basic living needs; however this only extends to you and no other family members. The room you are in now is the room you will reside in, and the number is in the bottom right corner of your envelope in case you forget. You will also be receiving “The Gift of Innocence” which is unique to each person that receives it... I still got fucked, but at least this explains why I couldn't find the man. It defiantly hasn't been the man in the alley, meaning he found her this way probably thinking she was raped, thinking she had lost her innocences, but that was something she had lost long ago to Noah, which had been a mistake. Reflecting in the mirror was another door, Why so many doors? Turning to face it she walked over to it and pulled it open, So that's where the tubs at. The wash room was large with marble walls the same pink as everything else, two wooden doors, fake sliding doors that seemed to open up to a wall painting, a shower, and a jacuzzi for a tub. It's bath time! Stripping down to nothing she rushed over to the tub that had already been full of warm bubbling and popping water. "It's going to be a blast working here." Cooing as she slid deeper into the water she moaned slightly from the comfort of warmth she was receiving. Shutting her eyes as she soaked she feel asleep.

Waking up the headache she had had was gone along with all her bath water. "I guess this means it's time to get out." Saying so laughing she got out of the tub. Looking around for a source of towels she spotted a compartment under the tub. Opening it up she found the towels she was looking for. Taking two out she wrapped one around her hair and the other she used to dry off her body and wrap up in. "Now to the other doors." With random selection of the side by side doors she pulled back the right one to a kitchen. Not being hungry she voted not to explore the room, but she nodded with acceptance to the very lovely style of it. Closing the door to the kitchen she turned the knob of the left door that reviled a walk in closet. "Oh my Gucci I'm in heaven!" Being an expiring fashion designer of course this would have to be her favorite room. With every wooden row there was outfits already pared for her to wear, it was everything and more she could imagine. When entering the room she noticed a small device labeled Outfit Maker. Clicking on it it showed sections titled by what style if clothing it was. Touching Sexy Night Out. It listed off pictures of shirts, dresses, pants, jewelry, and other clothes items. Scrolling through she finally picked everything she wanted and pressed Assemble clothes and waited to see what happened. "Woe!" Was all she could say as the rows of clothes began to move, stopping on the outfit she had selected she walked over to it. With a huge grin of excitement she pulled the blue tank over her head and on to her bare skin, one leg after the other into the black shinny leggings, and lastly put both of her feet into the black heel spiked shoes. Take another looks at the jacket she decided she rather leave it where it was. "Now all I need is a blowdryer." Saying so to herself she heard a noise from behind making her jumping. Spinning around to look she noticed a drawer had opened that contained a hair drier. This place is so magically. Bending over to pick it up she turned to face another body mirror that had been in her closet and watched herself blow dry her hair.

With naturally perfect curls she out the drier where she had found it and left all the rooms she had been in before and returned to the bedroom, "One door left." Taking in a deep breath she reached for the knob, opened the door, and walked out into a large hallway full of people. This just be the other workers. Walking over to a groups of people she gave a warm welcoming smile, "Hello everyone, I'm Rosalina." Telling who ever was listening.

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As always, Nick groaned annoyed by his alarm going off with his ringtone of a mash up of Relient K’s hits. He first looked at the time on his cell phone showing a bright 9 o’clock and nearly pressed the ignore button, but then his eyes peered down at the Caller ID and saw that it was the Benefactor. Knowing he better not mess with his boss, Nick cleared his throat and answered the call. It seemed the Benefactor had figured it was time for the new recruits to get ready and he wanted him to meet with the females.

“Sure thing, sir!” Nick replied. He was always ready to meet the ladies. It was his favorite part of his job. The Benefactor knew that he was better suited for sweet talking them and so his assignment was set in stone. The Benefactor added that he had to apologize for the lack of an elevator and Nick had carelessly agreed before hanging up.

”Crud…Now I’m going to be mentioning that dang lack of an elevator business. I better find some way to smooth talk over that,” Nick thought.

Nick looked at himself dressed in some Nike blue short pants and a white tee shirt. ”Hmm I don’t think the ladies will like this…” Nick thought. He looked into his chestnut brown cabinet to see what kind of clothes he’s going to wear today. Taking out a white dress shirt, a black suit and its matching pants, Nick decided he was going to go formal today and be the gentleman. After changing his clothes and combing his hair just right for the role, he realized he forgot one more thing and took out his pair of shades from his night stand and put them inside his pocket.

He was about to shout and say, ”Hellooo ladiesss!!!” when he saw the boys coming out of their doors and realized, “Oh yeah… I’m in the guys section right now.” At first Nick was annoyed by the fact that he had to travel in a “U” shape to get to the girls but then he figured, “Oh well I might as well meet the guys as well.”

“Hello?” A guy in dark blue jeans and dark blue button shirt asked loudly as Nick opened the door. Nick went towards the guy and said, “Hey there man, I’m Nicholas Truman but you can call me Nick. I’m sorry, I really want to make introductions but you gotta get to Scar and I gotta get to the girls so we can meet the Benefactor. I’m heading that way and you can follow me or not but I gotta jet. See you soon!” Nick tried to walk but his feet were firmly planted on the floor. He then realized he forgot to say, "Oh yeah and um I'm sorry we don't have an elevator." Finding his feet can move continued his walk and saw two guy pass him without paying any attention, focusing on the staircase at the end of the hall near his room. He was about to call after him when he heard the sound of footsteps growing fainter and moving downwards in a fast motion. “I better tell Scar before the run off…” Nick thought.

Walking even further into the hallway, Nick saw another man leaning against the wall in front of his room who seems to be waiting for some kind of direction from someone. Nick wondered how Scarlet never got to the guys seeing as she’s usually the “early to rise” type of girl. He decided to end the guy’s misery and help him for awhile saying, “Hey there, I’m Nicholas Truman, but you can call me Nick! It seems you’re confused and not sure what to do. I have to go get the girls but you can follow me and I’ll lead you to Scarlet. She’s the one you’re supposed to be meeting. Oh and sorry about there being no elevator!” Nick regrettably left without checking to see if any of the guys were even following him. He had to make sure that he got to the girls for he didn’t want to make the Benefactor wait.

When Nick finally reached the girl’s section he was greeted by Scarlet who told him, “took you long enough.”

“Hey sorry Scar, I had to help a couple of your guys. They looked so confused. Hopefully they followed me…”Nick trailed off. He was about to greet the girls when he caught a glimpse of a short black haired girl running in the opposite direction down the stairs.

”Crud, I hope she doesn’t think of running away!”Nick thought. He knew he had to follow her to make sure but there was the matter of the other girls who were probably just as confused as she was. Regrettably he told them, “Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be with the ladies in a moment to escort them to the Benefactor and the men will go with our lovely Scarlet. However, it seems that I need to make sure the little fox doesn’t run scot free. I’ll see you all in a bit and sorry but there is no elevator!” Before he moved, on he remembered putting something else in his pocket ahead of time that was meant for one of the girls. He took out the medication and gave it to Grey saying, “By the way, the Benefactor mentioned that there was a girl that would be needing some medication. I told him I would be honored to give this to you.”

Without waiting for any response, Nick ran down the staircase behind Scarlet and the others to follow the girl. When he got downstairs he saw the girl on the ground, knees to her chest and crying. He was about to approach her when another guy blowing his smoke shouted some nonsense about sucking it up. Nick can’t stand it when guys are rude, so he called him out saying, “Hey back off man! Let her cry if she wants to! She’s just confused and probably scared out of her mind. You don’t know what she’s been through. And we don't have an elevator so just be patient!”

Nick then knelt down in front of her and took out his handkerchief handing it over to her. “Hey there, don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you,“Nick said with a reassuring smile. “I’m Nick, what’s your name? Sorry we don't have an elevator...” Nick then laughed silently and nervously thinking "Great...I should've been more careful with agreeing to tell the others about the elevator."

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Image“Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be with the ladies in a moment to escort them to the Benefactor and the men will go with our lovely Scarlet. However, it seems that I need to make sure the little fox doesn’t run scot free. I’ll see you all in a bit and sorry but there is no elevator!” Grey gave her full attention to the new man that arrived in very hoping for answers. As listened she felt a lump in her stomach from not completely getting the response from him she wanted, but at least she would get the chance to meet the Benefactor “By the way, the Benefactor mentioned that there was a girl that would be needing some medication. I told him I would be honored to give this to you.” Grey stayed at him blankly for a few seconds, but reminded herself so act cheerfully and took the bottle. "Thank you, I don't think I-" before she finished he was off down the hall chasing after some girl, "caught your name." The finishing of her statement had been pointless, but she did it anyways. Thank God for my medicine though. Going off into her own little world she unscrewed the bottle and poured two pills into her hand. Staring at the little blue orbs she gave a relaxed sigh and popped them into her mouth with a swallow falling behind it. With a slow reaction she realized the Benefactor knew more information about her then expected, he had to know about her aliment to be able to give her her correct medicine. Has then man been stalking me? The thought was unsettling, a man knowing her mental problems meant he knew her weaknesses and probably more information as well. No one knew about her problems besides her psychologist, so what had the man done? Stolen files on her or gotten the information from the only person that Grey out the most amount of trust in? The bigger question though was could she trust the Benefactor if she chose to work for him? The letter he had left in her pocket was strange, but he said he was trying to help her and the other people here, If he was bad he wouldn't have given me my medicine, but if he were normal he wouldn't have known I'd needed it... Without knowing the man Grey could not officially yet say she didn't like and of trust him, all she knew about him was from a letter and her medicine through another man, At least my kidnapper cares. She joked with herself. If I'm guessing correctly the man with the medicine and Scarlet are working for the Benefactor... Scarlet doesn't seem like a very big people person to want to help anyone though...

"Hello everyone, I'm Rosalina." Being pulled away from her thoughts Grey looked at the source of the voice apparently named Rosalina. "I'm Grey." Telling the girl as she got closer. Giving her a quick look over Grey assumed she was a high maintenance dumb blonde, that might have been a rude generalization, but with Grey studying psychology she could get a sense of a person from how they dressed, held themselves, talked, and a few other minor details. "Are you apart of the new staff or on going?" Caring less she started toying with her hair and zoned off as the girl spoke to her. "New, and you are too, right?" Grey automatically nodded yes to whatever had been said. She was off in space by herself like her usual self. Being alone and away from others was much more comfortable for her, talking to strangers was never a pleasant thing for her, but she knew she had to at times. Grey had always found it annoying to talk to people at work that she had known for years, these strangers were strange and the only one she seemed to take little interest that she met so far was the man with the medicine. "Me too, this place is amazing. I mean the heated floors, walk in closets, kitchens-" "Where was all of this?" Grey had become intrigued with what she had heard, another curiosity that her attention was actually brought back to the blonde Barbie. "In the rooms, well my room I know for a fact, but I was assuming everyone's had it's own touch." Giving a phony laugh she didn't want to seem ignorant to the fact she knew nothing about her living area, she didn't even check out any of the other rooms, she just went to the door that had been right in front of her hoping it was an exit or lead her to someone, and in terms it had been both. "Yeah, it is pretty cool." "You said your name was Gay, right?" The question made her want to roll her eyes, she had only told the girl her name a very seconds ago And if that were my name don't you think I would have went by something else? Her wanted response was to smart off to the girl, be in result she giggled. "No, sweetie, Grey. Grey, with a R." Rosalina's hand quickly flew up to her mouth showing she was sorry for her mistake. "I am so sorry, Grey!" An apologetic tone was in her voice as her giggle corresponded with Grey's fake one.

With a swift hand she raked all her hair to the left side around her neck and continued the twirling around the finger. Again the girl began to ramble on about something, clothes maybe? All Grey had her mind on was meeting the Benefactor. She had to see the man that was calling the shoots so all her questions could meet their answers, she wanted answers more than needed. She didn't have to leave, if she had a job here for the man it would be fine, but she didn't like how she had come to be here or how he knew things. What if he knows about George? "Are you listening?" Snapping back to attention to a girl with a raised eyebrow she gave a rapid nod, "Of course I was, silly!" "Good!" What a brat.


ImageWhen just entering the room she looked around at the unfamiliar faces, but out of one she thought it was recognizable. “Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be with the ladies in a moment to escort them to the Benefactor and the men will go with our lovely Scarlet. However, it seems that I need to make sure the little fox doesn’t run scot free. I’ll see you all in a bit and sorry but there is no elevator!” Listening with open ears she knew exactly who it was, It's Nick from the alley! The man who had offered her help had kidnapped her and was soon taking her along with others to meet the Benefactor, her soon to be new boss. She was happy that she'd get to meet him, but soon the thought if embarrassment flooded her. Her face didn't glow red and she didn't show it, but she did feel it. One of the people she was going to be working with had seen her at a vulnerable drunken state, she had only been half dressed on the meeting which couldn't have been a good first impression. His impression was of course good, he had been lending a helping hand to someone in need, even though it had involved kidnapping, it was still a helping hand. The night was still a haze, but she was starting to recall things. Like how she had slipped and fell to the floor when a man had helped her up and lead her to the bathroom to get cleaned up, but after that everything faded to black until it reemerged when she had been in the alley. She could barely stand or walk when a man came out if the shadows, and now she knew it was Nick.

Seeing a brown headed girl that Nick had spoken to she walked over to her and introduced herself. "I'm Grey." What a boring color. The name was odd to Rosalina's ears, for most people she knew weren't named after colors, especially one as plain as grey. Looking the girl over from head to toe she decided she was attractive, but the least put together from the others she had seen. So far this had been the first person she'd talk to, meaning maybe this could be the first person she starts to get closer to, but with closeness Rosalina has her limits. Having a true friend would be fun for her, but with her having major trust issues that would be unlikely. She had started having problems with giving people the benefit of the doubt after Noah left, her heart had been shattered and she could never get it to go back together properly. Over the years she had wanted someone to get close to though, someone that she knew would always be there, but everyone she had met would come and go and she had been no different. She never hung out with the sand people to long from fear of getting to attached, she just couldn't allow that.

"Are you apart of the new staff or on going?" Being asked that question let her know without asking herself had received a letter like her most likely and had been brought here for some sort of help "New, and you are too, right?" Grey had nodded her head to Rosalina, "In a way I was afraid that I'd be the only one that didn't know anybody." As she spoke Grey kept nodding her head and staring off into space. Rosalina didn't like the feeling of being ignored, but it wasn't like she could just tell at the girl, that'd be crazy. "Me too, this place is amazing. I mean the heated floors, walk in closets, kitchens-" "Where was all of this?" Suddenly she had gotten all of Grey's attention once more, which she liked since she hated lack of attention. She wondered why she was being asked this question Why wouldn't she know what was in her own room? Rosalina wanted to question her, but decided against it and just replied. "In the rooms, well my room I know for a fact, but I was assuming everyone's had it's own touch." Getting a smile from Grey she smiled back, Well, that was kind of strange. She didn't know what to make of Grey, she couldn't say she was strange nor bad and neither was she quite yet good. She had appeared to be ignoring Rosalina at one point, but the good thing was she was trying to hold a conversation with her. "Yeah, it is pretty cool." "You said your name was Gay, right?" Rosalina knew that wasn't her name, but she was just making sure to try to keep the attention on her, At least that name is more interesting. Grey's reaction of a small laugh, putting Rosalina at ease from a thousand different ways that could have went. "No, sweetie, Grey. Grey, with a R." Rosalina's hand quickly flew up to her mouth showing she was sorry for her mistake. "I am so sorry, Grey!" When responding she tried her best to hold back her laugh, but she found it to difficult and let it slip out to join Grey's.

Watching Grey move all her hair to one side she was afraid she was losing her attention ounces again.
"I work as a fashion designers assistant," she began thinking about how much she wanted to design clothes one day. Ever since she had been little she wanted to, she wanted to make the people of the world dress the best they could. Fashion had called to her when she was younger, she had always had a good taste in clothes and would never let anyone pick her outfits for her; they could have always picked something wrong. "I hope to be a designer when I'm older though. I've always been good at picking the right fabrics and matching them with things." Looking closely at Grey it looked more like she was being stared through then looked at. "Are you listening?" Rosalina arched an eyebrow at Grey's mind wondering away again, not only was it rude but it was also annoying. "Of course I was, silly!" "Good!" Rosalina knew otherwise, but she didn't feel like arguing with the person that had been listening to her this whole time.

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Scarlet didn't say anything when Gray spoke, instead she kept leaning against the wall with her legs and arms crossed. "It's lovely to meet you, I'm Grey." she said with a smile that was meant to be warming, Scarlet on the other hand kept starring at her sharply, expressionless except from her eyes that said, 'I'm not buying the act... so drop it'. She then asked her about Nick looking for some sort of explanation, almost at towards the end she said something about not being different or special and she had made the mistake to lie . Scarlet shook her head almost showing her disapproval at the remark, almost feeling offended by it. After all Scar took pride in her job and the corporation, "Does it look to you like just anybody that damn pleases can work here?" she asked feeling highly irritated not only at her comment but at her lie, Scarlet was extremely skilled at spotting a liar and this time was no exception. "Don't bullshit a bullshitter" she thought with a smirk.

"Also, I really need to get home, there's something I really need... to do." she said to which Scar simply replied immediately with a bored tone sounding as if she had already said it countless times before, she had said it to other recruits often times so maybe that's why she sounded apathetic, "everything that you need..." she paused for a moment noticing that others had just gotten out of the room, "is in the room you woke up" she finally said eyeing the others, "But I am sure that most of you noticed that by now" she said knowing how Sylvester liked making feel everyone as comfortable as possible and giving them their own perfect little apartment, Scarlet shook her head in disagreement in Sylvester's arduous attempts to please them.

Scarlet stopped herself from giving any explanations waiting for more recruits to join, after all she hated repeating herself and she thought it useless if they were still missing some people, besides, she was to take on the guys and most of the people she could see so far were women and a few guys. Harper introduced herself followed by a shy wave and asking if they had gotten a letter too, which Scarlet completely ignored, soon after, a girl named Hailey joined too to which Makoto responded with a friendly introduction. Scarlet eyed the whole place again, searching for more recruits to join and to finally lead them to Sylvester, and she noticed Zeus waiting outside his room leaning against his door, waiting for her instructions. One by one, Scar was counting to see exactly how many of them were missing and so far everything seemed to be going well, they had more than half girls with Fiona's arrival but they were still lacking many of the guys and she had just noticed one of them leaving the scene walking away in the opposite direction, 'well that's just... perfect' she thought in annoyance.

It wasn't until she heard a male voice ask a bit confused, "Hello?" that Scarlet had finally had enough. "All right... that's it." she paused a bit irritated, "I am not giving any explanations until everyone is here." she said looking at everyone. Scar finally saw nick joining her, she gave him a look saying, 'you're late, again...' but she didn't say anything as he moved to her side, “Hey sorry Scar, I had to help a couple of your guys. They looked so confused. Hopefully they followed me…” he said. Scarlet didn't say anything as he explained the group that guys needed to follow her while the girls were on him, he obviously explained obediently about warning them of the out-of-service-elevator and soon after followed after the girl that had also exited the scene post haste, Scarlet hoped he would also bring the other guy that had left as soon as he walked out his door.

After Nick left quickly running after the girl, she was left alone with the group once again. Annoyed at the whole dramatics, the chatter and growing more and more impatient at everyone that wasn't there she finally unfolded her arms and moved towards the rooms. One by one on the missing guys she knocked on their rooms, loud enough to give anyone a headache, it wasn't until she got the the room #276 that she noticed an open door. She entered the room quickly and as soon as she realized that there was nobody in the room she rolled her eyes, 'there always has to be that one guy doesn't it...' she started wondering. She pulled out her phone texting the idiot that had decided to play smart on her.

"Not on my watch. Don't even think about it... Get. Back. Here. Now."

Scarlet walked out of the door closing it shut quickly making yet another loud noise. She looked around to the ones that were still talking with each other. She wouldn't have said anything if it were up to her but she thought that more would try to leave so at the end she finally decided to speak up, "something came up... stay here, Nick will be back soon and so will I" she said accentuating the stay, almost making it a command for everyone to follow. "You will soon meet Sylvester... " she paused for a moment knowing it would sound awkward on her lips, "I mean... The Benefactor. You may want to get to know each other seeing that you'll be living together from now on" and with further delay she headed down the stairs. She felt her phone vibrate on her black denim jeans,

"I'm on my way. Walter's bringing me. Who is this anyway?"

"I'll meet you by the door"

It didn't take long for Scar to reach the door. She posed against the open door arch with her arms crossed as she had done in the morning. She was already on a bad mood so instead of looking relaxed as she had on the morning she looked a bit tense. It didn't take as long before she saw him walking towards her, "Hello mystery lady. Please tell me you're the one who's been texting me" he said as soon as he was close enough. Scarlet rolled her eyes in annoyance at his remark, "careful there, don't flatter yourself hotshot" she said moving past the door encouraging him to follow her.

As they walked their way on the direction where the others were waiting, "So how'd you get my number?" he asked but Scarlet kept walking ahead. "It probably helps that I put it on my contacts under 'My Number'. huh?" a small mischievous smile drew on her lips as she continued walking. "Well looking back on it now, it's pretty helpful, right? So why'd you text me?" he continued. Scarlet stopped walking remembering how troublesome he had been and she turned to face him now, "Because you were the only one dumb enough to leave." she said sharply before she gave him her back again and started walking at a faster pace now. It was a lie of course, some of them had indeed walked away, but that didn't mean that she would have to tell him that.

Scar finally reached the stairs but she didn't turn around to see if he was still following but she hoped that he was, after all she didn't want any more hassle than needed. She finally headed upstairs where she had told everyone to stay put, when she finally reached the place she eyed some of them that seemed to be already talking to each other, she turned around to see if Nick was already back from his little trip but he was nowhere to be seen. Before she did anything else, she turned around to see Daniel again, "I hope you don't give me any more trouble..." she finally said before she leaned against the wall again observing everyone a bit impatiently again, counting how many there were and hoping that they had more than the last time she had counted.

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A man suddenly opened a door near him and Alton turned his head. He obviously knew what was happening, very confident and forward. He didn’t miss beat as he approached Alton and said, “Hey there man, I’m Nicholas Truman but you can call me Nick. I’m sorry, I really want to make introductions but you gotta get to Scar and I gotta get to the girls so we can meet the Benefactor. I’m heading that way and you can follow me or not but I gotta jet. See you soon!” There was an awkward pause between them as, despite Nick saying he had places to be, he didn’t move leaving Alton to stare at him, waiting for something else to happen.

“Um-” The man started, but was cut off as Nick started speaking again. The man seemed finished for real this time as he began to quickly walk towards the direction the women were in. Alton found he didn’t need a response to the last statement and he began to follow Nick, it wasn’t long before they reached the small group that was forming. Two girls were talking to each other, a peppy blond, and a unsettling brunette. They seemed tolerable… enough. Alton, however, was much more interested in the red head Nick had a brief exchange with. The dark haired boy realized he missed his chance to ask Nick about what they had drugged him with, and she may have had the answers.

"I am not giving any explanations until everyone is here." He suppressed a groan of disapproval. The lack of pain he was feeling was starting to make him panicky, and he moved his right down to start scratching at his forearm. Usually the feeling of itching left him feeling satisfied, at least for a short while, but instead all he could feel was the pressure of his fingers. He tried scratching harder, attempting to feel anything, but he pulled away his fingers to a sticky mess. He had scratched his arm open, again, but it hadn’t even been worth it this time because he didn’t get to feel it.

He bent his elbow back to look at it, he had done a decent number on his arm, but the lack of feeling anything other than the pressure was concerning. He looked towards the direction where Scarlet had disappeared, he wondered if she would be irritated. Judging by her less then friendly first impression he guessed she would, not that he even cared. Right now he’d be happy with a few Hello Kitty Band-Aids if nothing else.

He looked at his scratch wound, then his red fingers and sighed. “Well it’s not that serious.” He muttered before looking around, some of these people might have been put off by him appearance, so he shoved down his rolled sleeve and wiped his fingers on the back of his jeans. It left him to go find something to lean against. No need to go anemic in front of a bunch of strangers and pass out.

He wandered towards an empty space that none of the small groups that had formed were currently occupying, and he tapped the wall with his finger before leaning against it. He glanced over the growing group of people. They seemed like a diverse bunch, and he eyed several profiles that would be interesting to sketch, he found himself wishing he had a sketch book on him now. But, he didn’t dwell on it as he closed his eyes and dipped his head back to rest against the wall. Surely he would get his explanation soon enough.

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ImageAs Rosalina continued her chatter the voice of Scarlet once again starting to speak, Now you want to join our conversation. "Does it look to you like just anybody that damn pleases can work here?" The attitude in her voice seemed to most likely come irritation. "So far yes." Scarlet wasn't the nicest person Grey had met so far, but at least she was honest. She didn't seem to put up a fake persona like Grey knew the others probably were. "I mean, what am I suppose to think? I know no one here but myself, and I don't do much." With one of her few honest statements so far she tried to remain calm at the sharp way she was being spoken to. Glancing over at Rosalina she seemed to agree the behavior was odd.

"everything that you need..." Her tone radiated boredom as well as her bodily language. With the pause she looked away from Grey causing her to look over her shoulder. More people to the party. When watching the people leave the room and made her wonder how many people had been in this large area. From them all looking like they all contained some confusion she decided they were probably brought her too "is in the room you woke up." It sounded like Scarlet had said this many times before and had no feeling to want to say it again. Grey had been in her room, but she hasn't explored like everyone else, that had been the least of her worries when she wake up. "Thank you." Was her quiet replied from her questions not being answer in the detail she had been hoping for, but the reply explained enough she guessed. "But I'm sure most of you have noticed that by now." Gazing back at the others she noticed how fresh most of them looked while she still looked like a wreck in her mind. She was wearing a purple tank top and black skinny jeans from work that she had had that night. She didn't look completely and utterly a mess, but she could have looked better. She could have taken a bath and done her hair before going to meet the Benefactor. Grey didn't care how she looked overall, but she still wanted her new employer to think she was a good new addition if she decided to stay. Hopefully I don't stick out as the one who hasn't bathed. Maybe I'll have time to go before meeting him, I hope so.

"All right... that's it." Delivering her attention back to the annoyed Scarlet Grey smirked And I thought people annoyed me. People normally very annoying to Grey, they talked when no one cared, the were self-centered, and so many different negative things. A majority of people were fake though like Grey was herself. She acted like a completely different person when she was around others, she didn't do it to be sinister or anything, she just didn't want to appear different. The new character she had created was modeled after her old self after she had died mental, so in a way she wasn't Grey anymore, but someone else. "I am not giving any explanations until everyone is here." And with that Scarlet left the man that had been talking. As she left she gave her a small wave that wasn't acknowledged.

"That was odd." Rosalina began to speak after the departure, so in return she got some of Grey's attention. "Yes, I would say so myself." Flipping her hair back over her shoulders she began walking back to her room backwards, "I'm going back to my room until they return, when they come back would you come get me?" Rosalina returned a helpful smile.

Turning around she walked into her room shutting the door behind her. "Now it's my turn to explore..." There were three other doors besides the one she entered: one to the left wall and one on each side of the bed. Picking the closet one to her, the left one. The door was metal but warm to the touch Odd. With the twist of the handle and gentle pull back hidden behind the door was a master kitchen. The side she had entered had cabinets and the sink, in the very middle of the room was a glass square case that reached the ceiling with silver dusted plants within it and a floral design on the outside. To the right of the room was the kitchen table that was illuminated with blue glowing lights. Walking over to another metal door she assumed was the fridge she opened it to find food, drinks, Alcohol!Image She was oblivious to what was in the bottle, but she couldn't careless. Pulling whatever it was out she popped the lid off and stuck it into her mouth. This is the best alcohol I've ever had! She couldn't help but keep a consistent flow of drinking. It was sweet, but the right amount of bitter as it flowed across her tastebuds. If anything she would stay around just to keep getting whatever this was. Dancing around some she realized she had drank the whole thing. Oh well. Placing the empty bottle on to the table she excused herself from the room and went to the door that had been to the left of the bed on the wall.

The bathroom. The bathroom had a very futuristic touch to it like the kitchen had, but she simply could not complain. Everything in the bathroom was so open and flowed together so well. Eyeballing the shower she got undressed, turned it on warm, and then got in.

Her shower had been quick, but needed. Grabbing a towel that had been hanging on a rod she wrapped it around her as she left the room. So the last must be the closet. Going to the only door she had left she was disappointed to see that it wasn't a walk in, but an empty closet with just one outfit and a body mirror on the back wall. At least I won't get overran with stress trying to pick an outfit to meet the Benefactor. Trying to think on the bright side she dropped the towel and put on the clothes waiting for her. First she put on a black plain push up bra and matching black panties followed by the slick tight fitting black dress. Looking in the mirror she noticed how much it showed off her curves Not to bad. Picking up the dark grey jacket she examined it and felt the softness the put both of her arms through the sleeves, buttoning the single silver button she through black flats onto the floor then slipped her feet in. "Wow." She said looking at herself, she hasn't seen herself look so pretty in years, "The Benefactor sure knows how to pick out clothes."

Returning to the bathroom she began to blow dry her hair that naturally fell into big curls. When done with that she looked at herself, took in a deep breath, then walked back out into the hallway over to Rosalina who was lingering kind of close to a boy (Alton) With the both of them seeming pretty silent she plastic a smile on her face and walked over. "I'm Grey." She told the boy holding her hand out.

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Fiona watched as the group continued to grow and one more girl introduced herself as Rosalinda. Taking note to remember her name, she gave her a small smile before returning her stare to the environment around her. Not long after that a man walked up and addressed the group of young adults; “Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be with the ladies in a moment to escort them to the Benefactor and the men will go with our lovely Scarlet. However, it seems that I need to make sure the little fox doesn’t run scot free. I’ll see you all in a bit and sorry but there is no elevator!” She raised an eyebrow as he said there was no elevator. Not that she would take it, she had a small fear of them and it never killed anyone to take the stairs. And again came the awkward silence on her end with the look that seemed judgmental. After that Scarlet told the group to stay put and she would be back soon, Something came up... stay here, Nick will be back soon and so will I. You will soon meet Sylvester... I mean... The Benefactor. You may want to get to know each other seeing that you'll be living together from now on When she walked away, Fiona looked again at the group seeing if there was anyone who interested her enough to go up to them and say something. After which, she smiled outwardly knowing she wasn't about to go up to anyone.

So, she just listened into a conversation between Rosalinda and another girl, who Fiona gathered was named Gray. And by the looks of it Gray seemed a bit annoyed with the other blonde of the group. And frankly, Fiona would to, knowing full well that if she went up to Rosalinda she would hear the thick British accent and say something on the lines of “Oh my gosh, you're British. Say something else.” or something like that like most people heard her speak for the first time. But that of course, was an assumption. And assumption was maybe why people thought that Brit were so goddamn self-absorbed and conceded. Something she wasn't going to let people believe she was. Not here where she was suppose to be able to 'start over and regain her innocence' She watched as a few more men joined the mostly female group. But one, seemed to a little pissed off from the others. “What bite him in the arse?” [ass] She asked herself before watching the boy Makoto go up to the man and try to, what seemed like introducing himself. Not that it went well seeing that the man said; “And I don't like you. Fuck off.”

She left out a small scoff before turning back around, rolling her eyes. “Someone is obviously in a smashing mood.” She said softly before fixing her hair and looking on her phone seeing if she had any messages from her family. Knowing full well that her roommate at her university probably called one of her brothers saying she didn't come home from her protest after taking the "shortcut' through an alleyway that wasn't far from her dorm room. Looking she saw three calls from her brothers, one from each and two text from her young sister. Asking where she was, was she okay, what the Hell had gotten into her for disappearing off their side of the world. She quickly knew that she had to tell one of them that she was fine. But she wasn't about to talk to any of them around people she didn't even know or even seem like she was going to like for that matter. So she had to settle on sending her sister a text saying that she was fine and not to worry. And she'd be home soon. Once sending it she sighed, not knowing if that was the truth or not. She just needed to ease their worry... Hopefully it worked... Probably not.

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Image"You look so pretty, Grey! I didn't know you knew how to dress!" Rosalina was shocked to see Grey the way she dressed, she actually looked like one of the most put together people now, a business woman to be more exact. "Well, I didn't actually put this together, I was the only outfit in my closet." Rosalina squinted her eyes, puckered out his lips, and then tapped her right cheek. "Maybe you can't dress so they're trying to help you!" As she spoke she over exaggerated her Hispanic accent over her British, "Oh, and I'm Rosalina." Telling the boy that Grey had introduced herself to. "Welcome strangers.""Another person!" Her voice was cheery to the voice that had entered behind her, Sounds familiar. Shrugging her shoulders at the thought all her hair flipped to the left as she looked over her shoulder to see who is was. Noah! Rosalina quickly reached out and grabbed Grey's arm squeezing it tightly. With huge eyes she looked up at a wide mouth Grey who was about to speak. "That's my ex." Telling her before Grey had the chance to speak.

Rosalina had no clue what to do, she hasn't seen him since he left What the hell could he have lost? She could understand she receiving something for a lost, but not him! He always did whatever he wanted without a care in the world, but because of him she had lost so much: her home, her money, her family, and so much more. Once in her life she had loved him with every amount of her being, she would have done anything for him, which she did. She started doing drugs and drinking and even ran away from home, something she had thought was the best thing for her, but now she knew better. In her mind they were going to be together forever, that he loved her as much as she loved him; she was wrong. He was self absorbed like all other guys in bands, all his fame went immediately to his big fat head. Noah had become all about himself and what he wanted, she just became his second best.

She had wished she had left sooner and had been the one who broke it off, but she had loved him and had hoped that their love would help work out all their problems; it hadn't. Never really getting an answer why he was leaving she assumed he wanted better or something new, but all she did know was it left her heart broken and broke and alone.

"Sorry." Letting go of Grey she noticed a red spot she had left, "Sorry." Repeating so she glanced between Grey and Noah. "I'll be right back." Her voice sounded elsewhere as she turned away from the two with a deep breath of unsureness. You'll be living with him... again, so be peaceful Rosalina. Walking over to him she arched her back and tried her best to give a smile. He looked rough and edgy like the last time she saw him He's still sexy... "So you got brought her too I see." See looked over his whole body as he rested against the wall, he seemed so laid back like he had got kidnapped before. She didn't know what to say to him, well she did, but this wasn't the time or place and she wanted to be civil. "It seems like you have changed to much." It was both a statement with a pinch of her joking causing her to give a small awkward laugh. When he left she was hoping for better, but he still looked like the band member with dark hair that he was to lazy to fix. After he left her she was on the bottom, a girl that was always drunk and would do anything for drugs, but in the past few years she changed her ways and started building her way back up for herself. "I'm now working as a fashion assistant at a big fashion industry, if I'm lucky I'll be designing soon." He might not of cared, but she wanted him to know how she's made it after he left, how much better she was without him now and how he still seemed like shit. "I hope everything's good for you too."

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#, as written by Jynxii

Harper was about to turn around and make her way to the stairs to go call The Madam when the guy from the ally came running down the hall. “Hey sorry Scar, I had to help a couple of your guys. They looked so confused. Hopefully they followed me…” She slowly arched a brow, glancing behind him to see if anyone had. "I'm Hailey," came a soft voice from behind her. She turned to see a petite, softspoken girl. "I'm Makoto, but you can all call me Mack or Maki. It's nice to meet you." The Asian boy that was placed in a room not far from her own. “Hello?” A confused looking guy from the other side of the hall. He would be dubbed 'the slow one', in Harper's book, for the complete look of utter confusion on his face.

As she was glancing him over, she noticed something red on his arm. She was going to shift for a better look when another voice caught her attention. “I'm Fiona.” Like Harper, the girl seemed to be sizing everyone else up, unable to resist being judgmental of the rag-tag bunch. "Hello everyone, I'm Rosalina." Dubbed, 'the princess', just because she looked like a Barbie. "I'm Grey." This was the girl that was freaking out when Harper originally came out of her room. Harper's eyes softened on the girl. She knew what it was like to wake up in an unfamiliar place, without something you really need or wanted.

“Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be with the ladies in a moment to escort them to the Benefactor and the men will go with our lovely Scarlet. However, it seems that I need to make sure the little fox doesn’t run scot free. I’ll see you all in a bit and sorry but there is no elevator! By the way, the Benefactor mentioned that there was a girl that would be needing some medication. I told him I would be honored to give this to you.” Nick, the many from the alley, handed Grey her medication- what she had been desperately in need of, and then took off after the dark headed girl who had taken off for the stairs moments before. It seemed as though all eyes had fallen back onto Scarlet, the ill tempered and agitated red head.
"I am not giving any explanations until everyone is here," the woman said stiffly, and then briskly made her way towards the stairs as well.

Harper's mind drifted back to the previous apology. No elevator-- did that mean they were not on the ground floor? Were they in some sort of hotel, or mansion or... Her mind trailed off, distracted by another sudden outburst. "Hailey! What are you doing here?" "Do you know what's going on?" "Aradia! I'm so glad you’re here--" Harper's mind clicked off- completely uninterested in what either of the girls had to say to each other, or anyone else. With a small eye roll, Harper started to walk back towards her room, a small ways away from everyone else but still on the hall. She pulled out her cell pone as it was vibrating angrily in her bag. "Yes? Yes, Madam. I know that. I know I said I would-- but something came up! It's not my fault! What? I don't know where I am and they won't tell me! Madam, please! No!" Tears swelled in her eyes, but not tears of sorrow- tears of rage. Her free fist clenched into a ball angrily as she listened to her employer slander and threaten her. After a pregnant pause from her, and a moment of cussing and yelling on the other end of her line, Harper hung up.

Nick needed to hurry up and get back, because The Madam was pissed and she couldn't lose her job. It was all she had in the world- her place to live, how she got food and money, her connections.. it was everything. The sad thing was, though, even if she did leave the building- she had no idea where she was. For all she knew, she was in a different state-- or worse, a different country! With a frustrated sigh she wiped the tears from her face and stood up straight again. She would stay and hear out The "Benefactor"- whoever that was, and then make her decision from there. Even still, worry clawed at her stomach. She was risking everything and it spelled doom for her life in Michigan if she didn't figure things out soon. Of course she didn't want to go back to that life- but what if what this crazy rich dude was asking for was something far worse? Like her first born child, or slavery? The note had seemed innocent and wonderful enough but... she couldn't be sure. She couldn't trust a note. Harper licked her lips and pulled her hair nervously to the side, looking down the hall at the small group of people. Could this really be a fairy tale come true for all of them?

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Scarlet moved her head to the side at the sight of all the people talking to each other. Sylvester had given them a report on every single one of them, as he always did with new recruits, so she wasn't surprised to see some of the interactions that were happening just a few feet away. She eyed everyone that seemed to be doing their own thing, it was then when she saw a much smaller and shorter figure roaming the the room trying to stay unnoticed, 'Kaylee...' Scar said in a low voice, her blonde hair could be seen behind Rosalina and Noah who seemed to be too deep into their conversation that they didn't notice when the twelve year old was eavesdropping on their conversation. kaylee then moved to Jasper, whom she saw being rude to someone else, she elbowed the young tall man purposely, "sorry about that" she tried saying in a sweet and endearing tone that yelled sarcasm all over, one that she had picked from Scar most likely. The young girl then stuck her tongue out to the young man and moved next to Zeus who the young girl thought seemed to be nice enough.

Scarlet couldn't help but to grin at the little girl's actions but her smile quickly vanished as soon as the soon to be teenager turned to look at her. Scarlet immediately changed her mood and looked at Kaylee scornfully as she always did when the young girl was trying to get in trouble. Kaylee, knowing she did not want to make Scar even madder, dropped her shoulders and started walking towards the red haired beauty who seemed far from happy with her arrival. She looked like a child about to be scolded by her mother, she had her eyes on the floor as she walked slowly towards her. Finally she was at hands reach from Scar, "I'm sorry" the young girl said. Scarlet moved her hand towards the little girl's head ruffling her long blonde hair, "Kaylee... you know that your Dad doesn't like it when you are playing around with the new recruits".

It was then when they were interrupted by an older woman, Rosemary. She rushed her way in though the stairs and was having an agitated respiration as she had probably ran to search for Kaylee as she did so often being her Nanny. Finally, she spotted the young girl who was next to Scarlet, "Miss Crom...well" she said trying to catch her breath, breathless almost. "Rosy..." said the young girl in return and now hiding behind Scar not wanting to continue with her piano lessons. Rosemary waited for a few minuted trying to regain composure, Scarlet did not say anything and waited until she spoke again, "Ms. Romanov" to which Scarlet replied immediately, "Just Scarlet, Rosemary" she said annoyed though not being disrespectful. Rosemary was about to speak again when Scarlet cut her off, "that will not be necessary, I was about to tell her to return to her lessons" she said dismissing Rosemary for the moment. "But..." Kaylee started, "No buts, I know you want to come but you know you can't. I'll come and fetch you up as soon as I can ok?". Kaylee without second thoughts knowing she would keep her word simply replied, "Okay..." and Scarlet smiled at the young girl before she headed back.

As soon as Kaylee was out of her sight, Scarlet counted the number of people in the room again. Finally she counted the number she needed for the guys with the new addition of the last guy she needed, who looked just as baffled and confused as most of them, and she found Nick finally coming back with the last girl. She was about to make a remark on his, again, delayed arrival but she saw him answering the phone, Sylvester at the end of the line most likely. Finally, after hanging up he spoke again, “Good, okay folks it’s time to go meet your new boss! Scar you can lead the boys first, I’ll stay behind the girls to make sure they’re protected.” With that he winked at the girls followed by a smile directed at her but Scarlet couldn't help but to role her eyes, "Like you had to tell me twice..."

Finally Scarlet moved in front only turning back once, "You wanted some answers and answers is what you'll get. she paused for a moment to look at everyone and then turned to Nick, "You heard mister Claus here" she said calling him by the nickname she had given him as soon as she heard his name was Nicholas, "the guys come with me first." And with that she moved in front of everyone being careful to see that all of them followed. "The elevator doesn't work" she said before anyone was clever enough to ask why they couldn't simply go on the elevator, what Nick had already explained a couple of times; besides it was something that some of them, like the new guy were unaware of. They had to go up the stairs up to the sixth floor, Scarlet did not say anything as they moved their way up. She knew that Sylvester would be waiting and was starting to get impatient as he had called for Nick for an update, besides she wanted to get the empowering done as soon as possible as it would make her job easier.

Scarlet could care less if anyone complained at the stairway, once they were in the sixth floor she turned around to see if all of them were behind and to see if Nick was following behind though she thought that he would probably stayed longer behind flirting all the way up. Scarlet moved slowly towards Sylvester's office, she barged in the room where the door was already opened, she didn't see the point in knocking had the door been closed, either way she made her way in his office. "Here they are" she said signaling everyone, "you really know how to pick em" she said before she did as always, she leaned against the wall letting Sylvester do all the talking.

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ImageGrey had been leaning against a wall watching the rest of the group silently. She was in no mood to speak to anyone really, she had tried to at least which was good she guessed. It was peaceful not having to try to keep a conversation going, it was to complex to say the right words, to keep the flow going, keep the interest of the other person, and so on and forth. In all reality she tried her best to stay reserved anyways, so it didn't bother her that no one was speaking to her in the slightest. She noticed all the little clicks that had formed though, Not very many people to create so much noise though. It was louder than she wanted the room to be, but was she suppose to do, yell at everyone and order them to remain silent? What a sight that would be. Little oh me trying to order people around. Smirking at herself she sighed, This is boring. She felt the urge to go back into the room she had been given and lock the door casting everyone out so she didn't have to be bothered with their presences. It's not like she hated people, they just normally annoyed her greatly for whatever reasons and with her only talking to two people so far she wasn't to fond of anyone. The first girl, Scarlet, seemed to be a bitch in her opinion or stuck up from what she had seen so far, she didn't like her cockiness or rude exterior. Rosalina on the other hand seemed nice though, she was like a bubbly Barbie Doll. In fact, where is she?

Before Rosalina had left her side she seemed frantic and shaken up from some guy that had entered the room not to long ago. As her eyes searched the hall it didn't take long to find her with the young looking man. His hair was dark, messy, and he didn't look very sharp, That's her ex? Based off his appearance he didn't really look good enough for the little rich girl in Grey's opinion. I guess love is blind. Rolling her eyes she lost interest in the ex couple until she saw Rosalina burst into tears and fall to the ground. Should I help? Grey debated if she would leave the solitude of the wall to help the crying girl or not. Honestly she didn't want to. Grey had no emotional connection to anyone here, so why should she care? It would help with you facade, people usually care for others in need... There was one pro, one pro out of an infinity number, but now she needed her con, You don't care about her... Now the balance scale was equal figuratively, but in sense she knew the helping others was out weighing anything else she could think of. I really don't want to do this. Pulling on her hair from annoyance she leaned off the wall using the hand that had once been on her head. Looking at the ground she noticed a few strains of her hair now decorated it, I should stop pulling so hard... The pulling was a bad habit of hers, she did it so often her scalp would bleed and she wouldn't even notice from the lack of pain it causes. But that's besides the point right now. She was about to walk over when one voice over took the room.

Image“Good, okay folks it’s time to go meet your new boss! Scar you can lead the boys first, I’ll stay behind the girls to make sure they’re protected.” What fun. With a slight frown she glanced back over to Rosalina who was now smiling, How fake. The girl was now laughing and snuggling up to the person that Grey thought made her cry, Why are girls so strange? She no longer knew what to do, "Rosalina, as she spoke she faced her, but walked towards Nick, "when you get done... meet me in line." Shutting her a smile she received a head nod. That's over now. Seeing the group that formed in front of Nick it appeared to be that her and Barbie weren't apart of it. With Nick being in the back of the line she gently skipped over to her then hooked her right arm to his left and turned her skip to his pace of walking but kept a little pep to her step. Looking over to him she beamed. "You may know my name, but I never got to introduce myself," she held her free hand in front of him, "nice to meet you I'm Grey, and thank you for kidnapping me." Faking a giggle at the end of her joke it had some truth in it. She was some pleased that she no longer had to stay in her depressing old home with all the bad memories of her past. It was time to start a little more fresh, and this new job would be perfect. She wasn't a big toucher, but in the long run she hoped getting closer to the ones that brought her here would be good. When she ran her coffee shop the runs she had once befriend got more benefits, like coming in late without pay cut, free coffee, and a few more things. She was just trying to strategies, and also she needed to seem more friendly, if she could she'd be acting like Scarlet due to this whole situation, but how friendly was that?

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Nicholas was enjoying his view from the rear eyeing the pretty girls that he sees yet cautious to Scarlet’s eyes. He was a bit startled by Grey skipping over to him and hooking her right arm to his left, yet he smiled at her as she introduced herself as Grey holding her free hand in front of him. “ …and thank you for kidnapping me” she said while giggling at the end. Nick had a hunch that the girl was not being quite truthful with her laughter as her smile was bigger and her laugh sounded a bit forced, yet he decided to go along with it, thinking to himself, ”Okay, here we go girl number two! I’m on a roll today!” He shook Grey’s hand gently saying in a smooth voice, “Ah how rude of me I don’t believe I had introduced myself very well back there so sorry. I had some business to take care of but no matter. I am Nicholas Truman, though call me Nick or Nicky if you wish.” He smiled at her and looked into her eyes as they walked up saying, “Oh you’re very welcome. I’ve always been the expert at catching the best fish in the sea. Though I apologize for having you walk four flights of stairs. Like I said before there is no elevator.” Nick continued to flaunt and flirt with Grey and look at the other women until they reached the Benefactor’s office.

The Benefactor leaned back on his desk as the new recruits slowly gathered inside his office. First the men appeared and then the women. As the Benefactor studied them closely without staring, he couldn’t help but notice how disheveled, confused, and even angry they looked. One of them had even called out "So, you're the asshole that kidnapped me...who the hell do you think you are?" The Benefactor wasn’t fazed by the anger that snapped out of the young boy. In fact he had to admit he was very straightforward which would be useful to him.

”Poor things,” he thought. ”They must’ve gone through some pretty rough times only to be brought to another adventure of their lives. No matter. It is now that they will begin their possible transformation.”

The Benefactor then stood up proud and as tall as he could clearing his throat and then greeting his new recruits with a “Welcome.” “My name is Sylvester Cromwell but I am usually addressed as The Benefactor. Although some of you may know that from reading the letter. Before we begin, I should let you know that should you desire to return to your rooms, the room number is placed in the back of the letter. If you by chance did not read your letter in your room or did not bring it with you and don’t remember your room, I will give it to you before we give you a tour of the places you will be working in the town.” Sylvester could see that some people seemed to look up or raise their eyebrows as though he had guessed correctly that some people haven’t touched or known about the letter. No matter, there is always an incident such as this one.

The Benefactor motioned to the two recruiters who had accompanied them to move aside as they always have done. He then motioned for the new recruits to come closer and he put his hands towards them palms facing forward. He wore white gloves that matched his formal business attire of a black suit, pants, and shoes. The room seemed to stir a bit and a wind picked up that shook some objects such as a lamp by the corner and some books in Sylvester’s shelf but not so hard that it would knock things to the floor. A faint glow came from underneath Sylvester and the recruits. It was obscure because of the many recruits, but there was a light sea green spell circle with intricate and ancient symbols. The same glow surrounded the people who may or may not have been a bit frightened but the Benefactor reassured, “Don’t worry and don’t be afraid. He is right now observing you and trying to gather information of your pasts, of your fears, of your strengths, and of sorrows. He is the one that will bestow your powers which you will utilize in your work. These powers are your Gifts of Innocence. You must now open your hearts, minds, and souls, and accept the Gift of Innocence as parts of you now.”

The glow emanating from the spell circle grew warm and surrounded the individuals as the Benefactor closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel his strength diminishing bit by bit until the spell was complete. He doubled back and tripped but Nicholas ran to catch him in time.

“Thank you Nicholas. I’ll be fine don’t worry. Just be sure to fill in what I need you to fill in.”

“Sure sir. Hey wait, what do you need me to fill in?”

“You’ve already agreed Nicholas. You’ll see.”

The Benefactor then proceeded to walk towards each individual to inform them of their powers and their tasks. He first walked to Rosalina and said, “Rosalina, you’ve lost money and your life has gone in all sorts of directions, but now you can help others who were put in the same situation. You are the Loaner who has the power to produce blank checks to loan money to whoever needs it. The wielder of the blank check is able to create blank checks that can be at any dollar amount. They can be given to anyone poor or rich or somewhere in between as long as they meet the terms. It will be agreed upon by customers that there will be a set date for payment and a 1% interest is to be expected. The customer chooses the exact date and time for the payment but it cannot be altered no matter the situation. You will be working very closely with an old friend of yours.”

The Benefactor walked over to Noah and said, ”Noah, you’ve abused drugs and even conjured your own, sometimes bringing others with you to your downfall. Now you will be a potions maker which is like a drug dealer only your potions are made through your gift of magic medicine. You will brew potions that will solve problems that the customer will have. Materials and the guide book will be provided by the Benefactor. However, the medicines are still drugs, which mean they have to be taken at certain dosages and in a limited amount of time. Make sure you take some funds with Rosalina.”

After talking to Noah, the Benefactor moved on to Hailey, Aradia, and Grey. “All three of you will be counselors though you differ depending on your power and experiences. Hailey and Aradia you’ve been best friends but the friendship hasn’t been exactly comforting and supportive has it? Hailey you will be the Empowerment Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are weak and help them take charge into their lives. You were given power to “take charge” because you have been used by another and have felt helpless. You will tell people to recite a mantra to help them take charge into their lives. “I am powerful. My actions do have meaning. I will take charge and control my destiny.”This mantra when recited helps the user to feel empowerment. The user can take charge in his or her life to the point where he/she is intimidating enough to make other people do as told. The mantra only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again.

Aradia, you will be the Satisfaction Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are not satisfied with their life and are jealous of others. You will help them turn their jealousy around and replace it with feelings of wanting to know and understand the object of their jealousy more. You were given this power because you have felt jealous and have taken out your jealousy on another person. There is a mantra for this that you will teach. “I am satisfied. There is enough for me. I will turn jealousy into devotion and become a true friend instead.” This mantra when recited helps the user become more devoted to becoming a true friend rather than a jealous poisonous friend. Like the take charge mantra, it only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again.

Grey, you will be the Death/Suicide Counselor who will try to help and understand victims of depression due to death and suicides. In order to understand your patients you were given the gift of empathy which allows you to feel the pain of your patients emotionally, physically, and mentally. You have experienced the feeling of guilt due to obliviousness. Your empathy is not limited to her patients however. You can also feel the pain of others around you when listening intently, usually asking others “Tell me, I’ll listen and try to understand” in order to activate empathy.

You three will be working very closely as counselors so I hope you get along nicely. The Benefactor said giving a warm smile to the ladies.”

He moved on to Zeus and informed him about his role. “Zeus, you will be working with the counselors as well with your role being the Psychologist. You will help people recover from traumatic experiences by permanently erase the painful memories of your patients. You have been sexually assaulted by other women and are always haunted by it, so now you can help others ease their pain by erasing their memory. However, in exchange you must peer into the memories of his patients and erase a happy and equivalent memory. He may use this power outside of work, but the people must be willing to have at least the bad memory erased for it to work.

He turned to Fiona and Alton to tell them about their roles. “You both will be Animal Rescuers and Trainers as you both have witnessed and or experienced pain. Fiona, you will be a friend to the animals, able to befriend animals easily and having them listen to your commands, as though they understand you completely. Friend of the Animals is given to someone who has been tortured by the various cruel deeds done on animals. You will show them a better life through taking care of them and training them in the special Animal Training facilities provided by the Benefactor.

Alton, you will help Fiona rescue animals from their various dangerous situations. To aid you, you will have the ability to not feel any pain, for you have been abused too many times without reason. It should be noted that the effect of feeling no pain lasts both in and out of the job. Make sure however that you rest periodically."

The Benefactor decided that since he just told the animal Rescuers their roles, he should designate the rescuer of people. “Forgive me, is it Jang or Jang Hyun? I have never been the best with Asian names. Anyway, you will also be a rescuer but of people with the gift of resurrection. You have lost many people in your life that you have loved through cruel fate, so now you can help others get that second chance of living. Just note that the people you resurrect will have their lives changed in ways that you need to discover on your own.”

Next he went on to another Asian to get the awkward names over with. “Another one ahh…Ma—ko—to? Anyways, you have been running away from a past of killings, being in the Mafia, and other wrong doings and want to get another chance under a new identity. You will allow people that chance as well. Under the guise of a prison guard, you will have the ability of a reset button, the chance to improve their current lives by allowing them to go back and fix the point in their lives that they think ruined them. Look in your hands and you will see that you have a literal Reset Button that has knobs that change the date and time displayed on it. A person can change it to whatever time and date they want to go back to. After they are done fixing their problem they are transported back in the new present There are however limitations as you will figure out."

He turned to Harper and said, “You’ve been in a lot of raping and prostitution business haven’t you? You feel worthless thinking that being a whore is your only worth and you’ve even panicked about that job of yours haven’t you? Don’t answer the call. You have another home now. You can help others by being the Empowerer. You are similar to Hailey in that you will help others get up from their sulking, agony, and lack of confidence. You will guide those who were lost, thrown away, and shunned by society to a new direction in life. Your Gift of Innocence, "Listen Well," enables you to allow the person she is talking to listen and obey her advice and commands. There are however, limitations to this power as the person must be able to actually hear it. Unlike the others you will search out those in the town rather than have your clients directed to you. We must always remember there are those who do not wish to actively change their fates, as you should know from experience.”

He turned to Jasper, the man who had spoken up to the Benefactor, and said, “I am someone who knows that you were blamed of murder incorrectly due to misunderstanding. You accuse me of kidnapping but it is merely a misunderstanding as I am helping you as you were at your lowest point. So you want to find the truth of things and you shall as a detective with the gift of Psychometry. It allows you to touch an object or person to see the recent past or future. However, note that you will not be given any indication whether it had happened in the past or will happen in the future.”

The Benefactor made sure to be more open and comforting when approaching Novia knowing that she will be more distrusting than the others. “Novia do not fear. Although I know that you are not legal here, let it be assured that your secret is safe with us and that I am not here to deport you. In fact come see me some time and I have connection that might help you get citizenship if you so desire. But in regards to your job, I know you are a bright person, yet you have been held back by poverty. Therefore you will be the Negotiator, negotiating with various salesmen for needed goods. If any of the workers or I need something we will turn to you for your negotiation skills will be so amazing it will be as though they cannot refuse. You will persuade them with “Do we have an accord?” and the item is yours! I trust that you are smart enough to know the correct amount to negotiate for and will give her a budget to abide by.

Sylvester made sure to hurry since he can tell that people were getting impatient and from the corner of his eye he could tell Jasper was itching to get out of here. “Finally Daniel, the man who was supposed to have been a father. I’m so sorry about the miscarriage and your wife. Trust me, I know how it feels to lose your significant other.” The Benefactor looked off in space about after he said that, thinking about…Clarissa… He shook his head to get back to reality knowing he had to continue and said, “Er Sorry. Anyway, you will be a Fertility Specialist, being able to let others have children the way they want them to be and at any time they wish for the baby to develop. The clients will also be able to pick specific traits for their unborn child. It should be noted that you can only induce pregnancy on willing women. And I would advise you please, do not make any of my staff pregnant. It would be very troublesome to have many little children even though Kaylee would love to have siblings.”

The Benefactor then walked to the front of the room pausing a bit to catch his breath from all of the talking and then finally opening his mouth to speak. “Nick I believe it is time for you to fill them in on what I cannot fill in, your power and Scarlet would you like to do so or as always leave it to mystery? Of course Nick you cannot refuse,” the Benefactor ended with a smile.
Nick sighed but he knew he had no choice so he stood in front of the crowd and said, “As you all know, I am a recruiter but I have the power of persuasion. I…used to not be able to commit to anything. I have so many jobs it’s hard to count, I have had many girlfriends that I haven’t had the courage to commit to, and I…” Nick paused but the Benefactor urged him to go on. “I left my fiancé at the altar. I couldn’t do it. I…I ran because I was too afraid to commit to something I wasn’t sure of. However, the Benefactor found me and gave me this power. Now I’m able to make commitments with ease. If I agree to something someone asks me to I will actually be able to do it! Though it goes the same with others. Just be careful, if I ask you to do something and you agree, you can’t run away and you have to go through with it.” As Nick finished he sighed having said this story to many new recruits to rile them up.

The Benefactor then stood in front of Nick and asked, “Any more questions?”