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Jang Hyun Woo

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a character in “The Gift of Innocence”, as played by paokikipao


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So begins...

Jang Hyun Woo's Story

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Scarlet moved her head to the side at the sight of all the people talking to each other. Sylvester had given them a report on every single one of them, as he always did with new recruits, so she wasn't surprised to see some of the interactions that were happening just a few feet away. She eyed everyone that seemed to be doing their own thing, it was then when she saw a much smaller and shorter figure roaming the the room trying to stay unnoticed, 'Kaylee...' Scar said in a low voice, her blonde hair could be seen behind Rosalina and Noah who seemed to be too deep into their conversation that they didn't notice when the twelve year old was eavesdropping on their conversation. kaylee then moved to Jasper, whom she saw being rude to someone else, she elbowed the young tall man purposely, "sorry about that" she tried saying in a sweet and endearing tone that yelled sarcasm all over, one that she had picked from Scar most likely. The young girl then stuck her tongue out to the young man and moved next to Zeus who the young girl thought seemed to be nice enough.

Scarlet couldn't help but to grin at the little girl's actions but her smile quickly vanished as soon as the soon to be teenager turned to look at her. Scarlet immediately changed her mood and looked at Kaylee scornfully as she always did when the young girl was trying to get in trouble. Kaylee, knowing she did not want to make Scar even madder, dropped her shoulders and started walking towards the red haired beauty who seemed far from happy with her arrival. She looked like a child about to be scolded by her mother, she had her eyes on the floor as she walked slowly towards her. Finally she was at hands reach from Scar, "I'm sorry" the young girl said. Scarlet moved her hand towards the little girl's head ruffling her long blonde hair, "Kaylee... you know that your Dad doesn't like it when you are playing around with the new recruits".

It was then when they were interrupted by an older woman, Rosemary. She rushed her way in though the stairs and was having an agitated respiration as she had probably ran to search for Kaylee as she did so often being her Nanny. Finally, she spotted the young girl who was next to Scarlet, "Miss Crom...well" she said trying to catch her breath, breathless almost. "Rosy..." said the young girl in return and now hiding behind Scar not wanting to continue with her piano lessons. Rosemary waited for a few minuted trying to regain composure, Scarlet did not say anything and waited until she spoke again, "Ms. Romanov" to which Scarlet replied immediately, "Just Scarlet, Rosemary" she said annoyed though not being disrespectful. Rosemary was about to speak again when Scarlet cut her off, "that will not be necessary, I was about to tell her to return to her lessons" she said dismissing Rosemary for the moment. "But..." Kaylee started, "No buts, I know you want to come but you know you can't. I'll come and fetch you up as soon as I can ok?". Kaylee without second thoughts knowing she would keep her word simply replied, "Okay..." and Scarlet smiled at the young girl before she headed back.

As soon as Kaylee was out of her sight, Scarlet counted the number of people in the room again. Finally she counted the number she needed for the guys with the new addition of the last guy she needed, who looked just as baffled and confused as most of them, and she found Nick finally coming back with the last girl. She was about to make a remark on his, again, delayed arrival but she saw him answering the phone, Sylvester at the end of the line most likely. Finally, after hanging up he spoke again, “Good, okay folks it’s time to go meet your new boss! Scar you can lead the boys first, I’ll stay behind the girls to make sure they’re protected.” With that he winked at the girls followed by a smile directed at her but Scarlet couldn't help but to role her eyes, "Like you had to tell me twice..."

Finally Scarlet moved in front only turning back once, "You wanted some answers and answers is what you'll get. she paused for a moment to look at everyone and then turned to Nick, "You heard mister Claus here" she said calling him by the nickname she had given him as soon as she heard his name was Nicholas, "the guys come with me first." And with that she moved in front of everyone being careful to see that all of them followed. "The elevator doesn't work" she said before anyone was clever enough to ask why they couldn't simply go on the elevator, what Nick had already explained a couple of times; besides it was something that some of them, like the new guy were unaware of. They had to go up the stairs up to the sixth floor, Scarlet did not say anything as they moved their way up. She knew that Sylvester would be waiting and was starting to get impatient as he had called for Nick for an update, besides she wanted to get the empowering done as soon as possible as it would make her job easier.

Scarlet could care less if anyone complained at the stairway, once they were in the sixth floor she turned around to see if all of them were behind and to see if Nick was following behind though she thought that he would probably stayed longer behind flirting all the way up. Scarlet moved slowly towards Sylvester's office, she barged in the room where the door was already opened, she didn't see the point in knocking had the door been closed, either way she made her way in his office. "Here they are" she said signaling everyone, "you really know how to pick em" she said before she did as always, she leaned against the wall letting Sylvester do all the talking.

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Nicholas was enjoying his view from the rear eyeing the pretty girls that he sees yet cautious to Scarlet’s eyes. He was a bit startled by Grey skipping over to him and hooking her right arm to his left, yet he smiled at her as she introduced herself as Grey holding her free hand in front of him. “ …and thank you for kidnapping me” she said while giggling at the end. Nick had a hunch that the girl was not being quite truthful with her laughter as her smile was bigger and her laugh sounded a bit forced, yet he decided to go along with it, thinking to himself, ”Okay, here we go girl number two! I’m on a roll today!” He shook Grey’s hand gently saying in a smooth voice, “Ah how rude of me I don’t believe I had introduced myself very well back there so sorry. I had some business to take care of but no matter. I am Nicholas Truman, though call me Nick or Nicky if you wish.” He smiled at her and looked into her eyes as they walked up saying, “Oh you’re very welcome. I’ve always been the expert at catching the best fish in the sea. Though I apologize for having you walk four flights of stairs. Like I said before there is no elevator.” Nick continued to flaunt and flirt with Grey and look at the other women until they reached the Benefactor’s office.

The Benefactor leaned back on his desk as the new recruits slowly gathered inside his office. First the men appeared and then the women. As the Benefactor studied them closely without staring, he couldn’t help but notice how disheveled, confused, and even angry they looked. One of them had even called out "So, you're the asshole that kidnapped me...who the hell do you think you are?" The Benefactor wasn’t fazed by the anger that snapped out of the young boy. In fact he had to admit he was very straightforward which would be useful to him.

”Poor things,” he thought. ”They must’ve gone through some pretty rough times only to be brought to another adventure of their lives. No matter. It is now that they will begin their possible transformation.”

The Benefactor then stood up proud and as tall as he could clearing his throat and then greeting his new recruits with a “Welcome.” “My name is Sylvester Cromwell but I am usually addressed as The Benefactor. Although some of you may know that from reading the letter. Before we begin, I should let you know that should you desire to return to your rooms, the room number is placed in the back of the letter. If you by chance did not read your letter in your room or did not bring it with you and don’t remember your room, I will give it to you before we give you a tour of the places you will be working in the town.” Sylvester could see that some people seemed to look up or raise their eyebrows as though he had guessed correctly that some people haven’t touched or known about the letter. No matter, there is always an incident such as this one.

The Benefactor motioned to the two recruiters who had accompanied them to move aside as they always have done. He then motioned for the new recruits to come closer and he put his hands towards them palms facing forward. He wore white gloves that matched his formal business attire of a black suit, pants, and shoes. The room seemed to stir a bit and a wind picked up that shook some objects such as a lamp by the corner and some books in Sylvester’s shelf but not so hard that it would knock things to the floor. A faint glow came from underneath Sylvester and the recruits. It was obscure because of the many recruits, but there was a light sea green spell circle with intricate and ancient symbols. The same glow surrounded the people who may or may not have been a bit frightened but the Benefactor reassured, “Don’t worry and don’t be afraid. He is right now observing you and trying to gather information of your pasts, of your fears, of your strengths, and of sorrows. He is the one that will bestow your powers which you will utilize in your work. These powers are your Gifts of Innocence. You must now open your hearts, minds, and souls, and accept the Gift of Innocence as parts of you now.”

The glow emanating from the spell circle grew warm and surrounded the individuals as the Benefactor closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel his strength diminishing bit by bit until the spell was complete. He doubled back and tripped but Nicholas ran to catch him in time.

“Thank you Nicholas. I’ll be fine don’t worry. Just be sure to fill in what I need you to fill in.”

“Sure sir. Hey wait, what do you need me to fill in?”

“You’ve already agreed Nicholas. You’ll see.”

The Benefactor then proceeded to walk towards each individual to inform them of their powers and their tasks. He first walked to Rosalina and said, “Rosalina, you’ve lost money and your life has gone in all sorts of directions, but now you can help others who were put in the same situation. You are the Loaner who has the power to produce blank checks to loan money to whoever needs it. The wielder of the blank check is able to create blank checks that can be at any dollar amount. They can be given to anyone poor or rich or somewhere in between as long as they meet the terms. It will be agreed upon by customers that there will be a set date for payment and a 1% interest is to be expected. The customer chooses the exact date and time for the payment but it cannot be altered no matter the situation. You will be working very closely with an old friend of yours.”

The Benefactor walked over to Noah and said, ”Noah, you’ve abused drugs and even conjured your own, sometimes bringing others with you to your downfall. Now you will be a potions maker which is like a drug dealer only your potions are made through your gift of magic medicine. You will brew potions that will solve problems that the customer will have. Materials and the guide book will be provided by the Benefactor. However, the medicines are still drugs, which mean they have to be taken at certain dosages and in a limited amount of time. Make sure you take some funds with Rosalina.”

After talking to Noah, the Benefactor moved on to Hailey, Aradia, and Grey. “All three of you will be counselors though you differ depending on your power and experiences. Hailey and Aradia you’ve been best friends but the friendship hasn’t been exactly comforting and supportive has it? Hailey you will be the Empowerment Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are weak and help them take charge into their lives. You were given power to “take charge” because you have been used by another and have felt helpless. You will tell people to recite a mantra to help them take charge into their lives. “I am powerful. My actions do have meaning. I will take charge and control my destiny.”This mantra when recited helps the user to feel empowerment. The user can take charge in his or her life to the point where he/she is intimidating enough to make other people do as told. The mantra only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again.

Aradia, you will be the Satisfaction Counselor, taking those who feel as though they are not satisfied with their life and are jealous of others. You will help them turn their jealousy around and replace it with feelings of wanting to know and understand the object of their jealousy more. You were given this power because you have felt jealous and have taken out your jealousy on another person. There is a mantra for this that you will teach. “I am satisfied. There is enough for me. I will turn jealousy into devotion and become a true friend instead.” This mantra when recited helps the user become more devoted to becoming a true friend rather than a jealous poisonous friend. Like the take charge mantra, it only lasts for twenty-four hours, but it can be said over and over again.

Grey, you will be the Death/Suicide Counselor who will try to help and understand victims of depression due to death and suicides. In order to understand your patients you were given the gift of empathy which allows you to feel the pain of your patients emotionally, physically, and mentally. You have experienced the feeling of guilt due to obliviousness. Your empathy is not limited to her patients however. You can also feel the pain of others around you when listening intently, usually asking others “Tell me, I’ll listen and try to understand” in order to activate empathy.

You three will be working very closely as counselors so I hope you get along nicely. The Benefactor said giving a warm smile to the ladies.”

He moved on to Zeus and informed him about his role. “Zeus, you will be working with the counselors as well with your role being the Psychologist. You will help people recover from traumatic experiences by permanently erase the painful memories of your patients. You have been sexually assaulted by other women and are always haunted by it, so now you can help others ease their pain by erasing their memory. However, in exchange you must peer into the memories of his patients and erase a happy and equivalent memory. He may use this power outside of work, but the people must be willing to have at least the bad memory erased for it to work.

He turned to Fiona and Alton to tell them about their roles. “You both will be Animal Rescuers and Trainers as you both have witnessed and or experienced pain. Fiona, you will be a friend to the animals, able to befriend animals easily and having them listen to your commands, as though they understand you completely. Friend of the Animals is given to someone who has been tortured by the various cruel deeds done on animals. You will show them a better life through taking care of them and training them in the special Animal Training facilities provided by the Benefactor.

Alton, you will help Fiona rescue animals from their various dangerous situations. To aid you, you will have the ability to not feel any pain, for you have been abused too many times without reason. It should be noted that the effect of feeling no pain lasts both in and out of the job. Make sure however that you rest periodically."

The Benefactor decided that since he just told the animal Rescuers their roles, he should designate the rescuer of people. “Forgive me, is it Jang or Jang Hyun? I have never been the best with Asian names. Anyway, you will also be a rescuer but of people with the gift of resurrection. You have lost many people in your life that you have loved through cruel fate, so now you can help others get that second chance of living. Just note that the people you resurrect will have their lives changed in ways that you need to discover on your own.”

Next he went on to another Asian to get the awkward names over with. “Another one ahh…Ma—ko—to? Anyways, you have been running away from a past of killings, being in the Mafia, and other wrong doings and want to get another chance under a new identity. You will allow people that chance as well. Under the guise of a prison guard, you will have the ability of a reset button, the chance to improve their current lives by allowing them to go back and fix the point in their lives that they think ruined them. Look in your hands and you will see that you have a literal Reset Button that has knobs that change the date and time displayed on it. A person can change it to whatever time and date they want to go back to. After they are done fixing their problem they are transported back in the new present There are however limitations as you will figure out."

He turned to Harper and said, “You’ve been in a lot of raping and prostitution business haven’t you? You feel worthless thinking that being a whore is your only worth and you’ve even panicked about that job of yours haven’t you? Don’t answer the call. You have another home now. You can help others by being the Empowerer. You are similar to Hailey in that you will help others get up from their sulking, agony, and lack of confidence. You will guide those who were lost, thrown away, and shunned by society to a new direction in life. Your Gift of Innocence, "Listen Well," enables you to allow the person she is talking to listen and obey her advice and commands. There are however, limitations to this power as the person must be able to actually hear it. Unlike the others you will search out those in the town rather than have your clients directed to you. We must always remember there are those who do not wish to actively change their fates, as you should know from experience.”

He turned to Jasper, the man who had spoken up to the Benefactor, and said, “I am someone who knows that you were blamed of murder incorrectly due to misunderstanding. You accuse me of kidnapping but it is merely a misunderstanding as I am helping you as you were at your lowest point. So you want to find the truth of things and you shall as a detective with the gift of Psychometry. It allows you to touch an object or person to see the recent past or future. However, note that you will not be given any indication whether it had happened in the past or will happen in the future.”

The Benefactor made sure to be more open and comforting when approaching Novia knowing that she will be more distrusting than the others. “Novia do not fear. Although I know that you are not legal here, let it be assured that your secret is safe with us and that I am not here to deport you. In fact come see me some time and I have connection that might help you get citizenship if you so desire. But in regards to your job, I know you are a bright person, yet you have been held back by poverty. Therefore you will be the Negotiator, negotiating with various salesmen for needed goods. If any of the workers or I need something we will turn to you for your negotiation skills will be so amazing it will be as though they cannot refuse. You will persuade them with “Do we have an accord?” and the item is yours! I trust that you are smart enough to know the correct amount to negotiate for and will give her a budget to abide by.

Sylvester made sure to hurry since he can tell that people were getting impatient and from the corner of his eye he could tell Jasper was itching to get out of here. “Finally Daniel, the man who was supposed to have been a father. I’m so sorry about the miscarriage and your wife. Trust me, I know how it feels to lose your significant other.” The Benefactor looked off in space about after he said that, thinking about…Clarissa… He shook his head to get back to reality knowing he had to continue and said, “Er Sorry. Anyway, you will be a Fertility Specialist, being able to let others have children the way they want them to be and at any time they wish for the baby to develop. The clients will also be able to pick specific traits for their unborn child. It should be noted that you can only induce pregnancy on willing women. And I would advise you please, do not make any of my staff pregnant. It would be very troublesome to have many little children even though Kaylee would love to have siblings.”

The Benefactor then walked to the front of the room pausing a bit to catch his breath from all of the talking and then finally opening his mouth to speak. “Nick I believe it is time for you to fill them in on what I cannot fill in, your power and Scarlet would you like to do so or as always leave it to mystery? Of course Nick you cannot refuse,” the Benefactor ended with a smile.
Nick sighed but he knew he had no choice so he stood in front of the crowd and said, “As you all know, I am a recruiter but I have the power of persuasion. I…used to not be able to commit to anything. I have so many jobs it’s hard to count, I have had many girlfriends that I haven’t had the courage to commit to, and I…” Nick paused but the Benefactor urged him to go on. “I left my fiancé at the altar. I couldn’t do it. I…I ran because I was too afraid to commit to something I wasn’t sure of. However, the Benefactor found me and gave me this power. Now I’m able to make commitments with ease. If I agree to something someone asks me to I will actually be able to do it! Though it goes the same with others. Just be careful, if I ask you to do something and you agree, you can’t run away and you have to go through with it.” As Nick finished he sighed having said this story to many new recruits to rile them up.

The Benefactor then stood in front of Nick and asked, “Any more questions?”

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The Benefactor didn’t have to wait long for others to respond to the mysterious happening of the office and himself. Grey had asked, "Why was I chosen?" and the Benefactor would have thought it was obvious at this point yet he opened his mouth to respond. Before he could, the Benefactor stopped as he heard laughter coming from another Harper who had only one question to ask, “Why does the elevator not work?” The Benefactor took a moment to smirk at the question, anticipating that it would come out sooner or later but not with the enthusiasm Harper had. Still he did have to explain and he would’ve if Jasper wasn’t so quick to answer Grey. “Apparently, you weren’t paying attention when this guy was giving an overview of everyone’s life story,” as he gestured to the Benefactor on cue. Obviously, simple bitch, you’re just as fucked up as the rest of the broken toys here.” Afterwards he turned to the Benefactor. “I have a real question, Mr. B,” sounding irritated. The Benefactor held back his smile to the nickname, hiding the fact that he kind of liked it because he knew now was not the time. “Can I just get the hell out of here?” Jasper asked before shaking his head ,waving his hand, and walking towards the door. ”You know, what? You don’t even have to answer that. I’m going to just go.” And with that Jasper walked out of the office, the first one to leave after the empowering. The Benefactor didn’t need to signal Scarlet as she walked out of the office after Jasper. After a while, she came back in without him, unsuccessful perhaps.

In a few moments, Daniel spoke up agreeing with Harper the “former hooker.” “I don’t know, it just seems like a lot of walking,” while Rosalina and Noah had a conversation amongst themselves. Makoto seemed to be the only one who enjoyed this at this point. The Benefactor wasn’t surprised when another one, Alton, also announced that he would get out of here. “Listen, I’m just going to go back to my flat, the atmosphere in there right now is pitiful and I don’t want to deal with it. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to try to come to terms with the fact that pain isn’t available to me anymore.” The Benefactor watched Alton leave and thought, ”My, I wonder if I should’ve really done that, or rather if he should’ve given him that ability considering his…special kinship towards it. But what’s done is done and he cannot take it back.”

If the Benefactor had thought that Makoto was the one who enjoyed this he couldn’t have been more wrong when Grey had started a whole conversation to him about thanking him for saving her schooling for psychology, offering her coffee skills, introducing herself, a “broken” closet, and a bottle of wine that didn’t make her drunk. The Benefactor had taken her hand and shook it gently giving her a warm reassuring smile while she spoke, but couldn’t help raise his eyebrow and give a concerned look when she mentioned the bottle of wine.

“Grey, it is a pleasure for you to offer coffee. I’d like to take up the offer sometime if it’s no trouble, and perhaps the others would like some too. I will ask the maids to gather a list from each of you about your clothing preferences. Though, about the wine…I’m sorry to say that I didn’t put that there…” The Benefactor grew jealous for the moment. ”Of all the things I don’t give them, why did it have to be wine!” he thought. The Benefactor could feel his taste buds craving for the drink that Grey had taken up and he couldn’t help but tighten his grip, forgetting that Grey was holding onto his hands. “Ahh sorry about that miss. But I can’t inform you much on the wine.”

He was about to suggest that Novia would help the maids gather deals on the clothing but then she excused herself, in a much intelligent and sarcastic tone, “Well, as much as I'd love to stay and join you all in being harassed and degraded by Nero of the 21st Century, I think I can manage to find something more stimulating to help me grasp onto what's going on. Thanks for the stuff, by the way. Love the kitchen design. But I really want my Audi back.”

More people walked out of the office after Novia, leaving Grey, Harper, Rosalina, Noah, Daniel, Makoto, and Jang to be in the room. Aradia and Zeus left the area without a word. Fiona said a goodbye to Harper saying, “As much as it is seeing people explode and hearing all this cursing, I think I'm going to go look around this place. But, it was very nice speaking to you, Harper. I hope to see you around.” With the leave of her best friend Aradia, Hailey excused herself, "I...I...Never mind. Excuse me, I need to... I gotta... I need to collect.. collect.. collect my thoughts."
The Benefactor observed all of this, and took note of who left and who still remained. It didn’t surprise him much that some people stayed behind while others had left. This happened many times over and after experience he knew that plans don’t always go as smoothly, so he had to think of an alternative. He smiled towards Grey who was still nearby him and then addressed the crowd of young adults.

“Now, I see that we won’t be able to go have a tour around the town, which is still fine. You’re free to go and look around this weekend as your jobs don’t start until Monday. However, I see that we need to get together as a group, so I’m going to plan a little something for us to do this evening. For now, I want you to get closer to each other, especially trying to find those who have just ran off. There are no more secrets in this place anymore since we have to get close to each other. It is important that a business runs as a unit that so happens to have many components.” The Benefactor smiled, remembering that logic from his father who he had looked up to all those years ago as a child. Now it was his turn to shine, his moment of leadership. “In fact, this may also be an excellent opportunity to try out your powers if you wish, as long as the other person is willing of course. Again Daniel, I warn you on not making anyone…endowed with another person inside of them…unless they wish it upon themselves.”

Before the new recruits headed out the Benefactor quickly said, “And the reason why the elevator doesn’t work is because my father was unfortunate enough to receive this building without one and as it expended the workers couldn’t install one. I apologize for this, but in a sense it is a good way to be healthy and exercise. You never know when emergency could strike and that extra training would help.” After the new recruits filed out, The Benefactor motioned to Nick and Scar to have a meeting to themselves.

“Nicholas, Scarlet, watch over these interactions. We need to make sure they do not get unnecessarily injured in any way,” the Benefactor whispered with a serious tone. Slowly his serious expression turned into a smile and he cheerfully smiled and he continued, “Especially since they’re supposed to have a good time!”

Nick nodded and politely said, “Yes, sir,” then grabbed Scarlet’s hand and escorted her out. Making sure that nobody was around, Nick asked, “So, Scar, how do you think of the new recruits? I’m definitely enjoying the chicks around here, though the guys ain’t so bad. They’re such lucky bastards though. The Benefactor’s throwing them a party again even though they act like such brats!” He gazed at Scarlet as she spoke, observing her beautifully defined body and the flaring sea of vermillion that flowed down with it. Her luscious lips seemed to move with the words she spoke and he didn’t care what she was saying so long as he could look intensely at his partner. Ignoring anything she was saying he then asked, “Hey, why don’t you tell me your power?” He eyed Scarlet suspiciously, circling around her as he spoke. “I mean, it’s been a long time since I joined and you’ve always just kept to yourself about it. We’re partners so shouldn’t we be looking out for each other?” Nick then put his arms around Scarlet and looked at her earnestly, this time showing genuine interest and concern for her. “C’mon, Scar. You know I worry about you sometimes. Why don’t you promise you’ll show me your power? It doesn’t have to be now since I know sometimes there has to be those opportune moments. But can you promise me you’ll show it to me?” Nick held on to Scarlet and stared into her eyes, awaiting an answer.