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Kaylee Cromwell

"But Daddy I want to have friends too!"

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a character in “The Gift of Innocence”, as played by paokikipao



A cheerful little girl who likes to run around the corporation playing with everything and everyone that she can. She is home schooled by her own father Sylvester, which sometimes make her lonely, however new recruits keep her entertained and makes her feel better. She loved her father more than anything in the world.

Kaylee is home-schooled which is why she doesn't have many friends other than the staff of the corporation, Nick, Scar and her father obviously. She likes meeting the new recruits and may even play some pranks of them, "nothing deadly, I promise". She is usually mischievous just like any other children though she does not mean any harm of any kind. She also wishes wholeheartedly to have spent more time with her mother who passed away.


So begins...

Kaylee Cromwell's Story

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Sylvester Cromwell, or the Benefactor as he’s called, looked at the grandfather clock that stood near the entrance to his office. It was already 9 o’clock and he wondered whether his new recruits were already up and ready for their new day. He made sure not to exert himself too much for the empowering can take a toll on him when he needs to give it to several people at once. There on his modern black office desk were the files of each of his new recruits that he made sure to read to get to know them. He had read everything from their past to their allergies and phobias to make sure he would be able to understand how to accommodate everyone. He sent a huge list to the chefs so that they would know who to serve what. Of all the rude things to do, Sylvester certainly did not want to ignore the allergies of his staff.

After waiting for five minutes, the Benefactor decided it would be time to meet the new recruits. He first called Nicholas on his cell phone saying, “Hello Nick, it’s time to gather the new recruits to my office. Meet with the females, answer any questions they might have, and bring them up to my office.”

“Sure thing, sir!” Nick replied.

The Benefactor then added, “Oh, and please apologize for my sake about the lack of an elevator. Unfortunately this was how the building was structured and I wouldn’t want to trouble the already exhausted construction workers and architects who are trying to build other important buildings.”

“Yes sir, I will make sure to mention that.”

Nicholas hung up on the line and the Benefactor had to move on next to Scarlet. He was about to start the call when his daughter Kaylee bursted into the room.

“Good morning Daddy!” Kaylee greeted her father with a huge grin on her face.

“Hey, good morning sweetie!” the Benefactor greeted back. He immediately stood up and ran towards the young twelve year old who was holding her arms up in preparation from a giant incoming bear hug from her father. Sylvester swooped into Kaylee’s arms and grabbed her to be hoisted high in the air. When she was younger he would fly her around like a little airplane but with age they both told each other that just being lifted would be enough for them to handle. After suspending Kaylee in the air for a while, the Benefactor brought her close to him to land a couple of kisses on her cheeks before putting her down again.

“I heard there’s going to be some new people here, Daddy!” Kaylee said gleefully. “I wanna go meet them! Can I? Pleeaaassseee???” Kaylee asked using a puppy dog face.

“Well not now honey,” Sylvester said. ”Daddy has to talk about something very important right now to them. After they’re done up here maybe you’ll see them around, okay?”
“Yay!” Kaylee cheered.

Kaylee’s baby sitter Rosemary came in and told the Benefactor that it was time for Kaylee to take her bath and that she will meet with him for Breakfast soon. Sylvester nodded and Kaylee waved her father goodbye before leaving. Sylvester saw that the phone had reset itself so he dialed Scarlet’s number and gave her a call saying, “Hello Scarlet, it’s time for the new recruits to arrive. Please lead the men upstairs and tell them I apologize for the lack of an elevator.”
With that, Sylvester eagerly waited for the new Special Staff.

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The Benefactor after waiting about thirty minutes wondered how long it would take Nick and Scar to come and get the new recruits. He was getting a bit impatient but he tried to remain control of his emotions. All of his recruits were probably confused, scared, worried, and who knows what else. He figured he could give them time to bond a bit about their new situation. Besides, he needed some breakfast.

After Kaylee got herself washed and ready, Rosemary brought her down to have some breakfast with the Benefactor. The dining hall had a fall theme going on with the long chestnut brown table covered in a golden table cloth with fake colorful leaves sprinkled on top of it. The flowers in the vase centered were reds and oranges and the brown twigs that separated bunches of flowers were accentuated with darker patterns to make it seem like they were real twigs. The chairs were a darker brown than the twigs and had duller golden cushions for the back and for the seat. All around the room were fall decorations from colorful leaves to nicely arranged baskets of harvest. These were reminders for both the Benefactor and Kaylee that her private school teacher would attend very soon to teach Kaylee for fifth grade. He was proud that she was growing fast but it also worried him that she would soon become a teenager.

Kaylee sat next to the Benefactor eating away at her favorite cereal, Fruit Loops, and gulping down a glass of milk after several spoonful’s of colorful sugary loops. The Benefactor sat down as the servants came in and brought his plate of food: dark brown pancakes with syrup, sausage links, and a glass of almond milk. While eating the Benefactor talked to Kaylee asking her about how she thinks school will be.

“It’ll be fine daddy don’t worry. Though I want to meet other kids my age. Why can’t I go to a regular school?”
“Well Kaylee, you’re my daughter, and I just want to make sure you receive the best education possible in the safest manner.”

“But what’s so dangerous about the other schools daddy?”
“Well there are people fighting, unfair teachers, children who will pretend to be your friends, it’s just not safe out there for you.”

“Oh, okay daddy,” Kaylee said putting her head down while eating her last spoonful of Fruit Loops. The Benefactor looked concerned at Kaylee feeling sorry that she has to stay inside the company. He wanted her to meet other children but that wasn’t an option with the way things are.

“How about this. After your birthday if it’s possible we can try to put you in a regular school. But you have to promise that you’ll be able to catch up fast with the material that your homeschool teacher gives you.”
Kaylee then lifted up her face and her eyes shone with excitement. “Really daddy? You mean it??”
The Benefactor nodded and Kaylee jumped out of her chair and hugged her father tightly saying, “Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

“You’re welcome Kaylee. After all you’ll be a teenager by then and then an adult. You’ll have to learn how to handle yourself from then on.”

“I promise I will do my best for you daddy!” Kaylee cheerfully smiled before skipping to her room. Rosemary followed after her while Kaylee complained that she could go by herself and didn’t need any assistance.

After finishing his breakfast the Benefactor went back to his office again. Noting that it was already about time they should come, he gave Nick a call again.


Nick had followed Novia up the stairs to go with the others. He was about to strike a conversation with some more ladies when his phone rang again.

“Nick, I believe you should be heading up soon. Have the others not awakened yet?”

Nick looked at the crowd quickly then answered, “There is one guy that still needs to be here but I think he should be heading to the group shortly. Scar can take care of that. All the girls are here now.”

“Alright good, once he comes I want you and Scar to both bring the new recruits over. They have a lot of business to attend to.”

“No problem sir.”

Nick ended the call just as the other man got over to the group.

“Good, okay folks it’s time to go meet your new boss! Scar you can lead the boys first, I’ll stay behind the girls to make sure they’re protected.”

Nick winked at the girls, smiled at Scarlet, then retreated to the back of the girls waiting for Scar to go lead the boys. He didn’t mind if Scarlet made a face at his request. He simply enjoyed teasing her as always. Besides he was going to protect the girls and maybe even get to flirt with some of them using his charm.

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Scarlet moved her head to the side at the sight of all the people talking to each other. Sylvester had given them a report on every single one of them, as he always did with new recruits, so she wasn't surprised to see some of the interactions that were happening just a few feet away. She eyed everyone that seemed to be doing their own thing, it was then when she saw a much smaller and shorter figure roaming the the room trying to stay unnoticed, 'Kaylee...' Scar said in a low voice, her blonde hair could be seen behind Rosalina and Noah who seemed to be too deep into their conversation that they didn't notice when the twelve year old was eavesdropping on their conversation. kaylee then moved to Jasper, whom she saw being rude to someone else, she elbowed the young tall man purposely, "sorry about that" she tried saying in a sweet and endearing tone that yelled sarcasm all over, one that she had picked from Scar most likely. The young girl then stuck her tongue out to the young man and moved next to Zeus who the young girl thought seemed to be nice enough.

Scarlet couldn't help but to grin at the little girl's actions but her smile quickly vanished as soon as the soon to be teenager turned to look at her. Scarlet immediately changed her mood and looked at Kaylee scornfully as she always did when the young girl was trying to get in trouble. Kaylee, knowing she did not want to make Scar even madder, dropped her shoulders and started walking towards the red haired beauty who seemed far from happy with her arrival. She looked like a child about to be scolded by her mother, she had her eyes on the floor as she walked slowly towards her. Finally she was at hands reach from Scar, "I'm sorry" the young girl said. Scarlet moved her hand towards the little girl's head ruffling her long blonde hair, "Kaylee... you know that your Dad doesn't like it when you are playing around with the new recruits".

It was then when they were interrupted by an older woman, Rosemary. She rushed her way in though the stairs and was having an agitated respiration as she had probably ran to search for Kaylee as she did so often being her Nanny. Finally, she spotted the young girl who was next to Scarlet, "Miss Crom...well" she said trying to catch her breath, breathless almost. "Rosy..." said the young girl in return and now hiding behind Scar not wanting to continue with her piano lessons. Rosemary waited for a few minuted trying to regain composure, Scarlet did not say anything and waited until she spoke again, "Ms. Romanov" to which Scarlet replied immediately, "Just Scarlet, Rosemary" she said annoyed though not being disrespectful. Rosemary was about to speak again when Scarlet cut her off, "that will not be necessary, I was about to tell her to return to her lessons" she said dismissing Rosemary for the moment. "But..." Kaylee started, "No buts, I know you want to come but you know you can't. I'll come and fetch you up as soon as I can ok?". Kaylee without second thoughts knowing she would keep her word simply replied, "Okay..." and Scarlet smiled at the young girl before she headed back.

As soon as Kaylee was out of her sight, Scarlet counted the number of people in the room again. Finally she counted the number she needed for the guys with the new addition of the last guy she needed, who looked just as baffled and confused as most of them, and she found Nick finally coming back with the last girl. She was about to make a remark on his, again, delayed arrival but she saw him answering the phone, Sylvester at the end of the line most likely. Finally, after hanging up he spoke again, “Good, okay folks it’s time to go meet your new boss! Scar you can lead the boys first, I’ll stay behind the girls to make sure they’re protected.” With that he winked at the girls followed by a smile directed at her but Scarlet couldn't help but to role her eyes, "Like you had to tell me twice..."

Finally Scarlet moved in front only turning back once, "You wanted some answers and answers is what you'll get. she paused for a moment to look at everyone and then turned to Nick, "You heard mister Claus here" she said calling him by the nickname she had given him as soon as she heard his name was Nicholas, "the guys come with me first." And with that she moved in front of everyone being careful to see that all of them followed. "The elevator doesn't work" she said before anyone was clever enough to ask why they couldn't simply go on the elevator, what Nick had already explained a couple of times; besides it was something that some of them, like the new guy were unaware of. They had to go up the stairs up to the sixth floor, Scarlet did not say anything as they moved their way up. She knew that Sylvester would be waiting and was starting to get impatient as he had called for Nick for an update, besides she wanted to get the empowering done as soon as possible as it would make her job easier.

Scarlet could care less if anyone complained at the stairway, once they were in the sixth floor she turned around to see if all of them were behind and to see if Nick was following behind though she thought that he would probably stayed longer behind flirting all the way up. Scarlet moved slowly towards Sylvester's office, she barged in the room where the door was already opened, she didn't see the point in knocking had the door been closed, either way she made her way in his office. "Here they are" she said signaling everyone, "you really know how to pick em" she said before she did as always, she leaned against the wall letting Sylvester do all the talking.

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"Thank you, for helping me back there...It was really nice of you."

Daniel smiled, pocketing his hand as he leaned against the wall. “What can I say?” He shrugged facetiously, "I'm a philanthropist. It runs in my family.” He made himself comfortable against the wall, shoving his hands into his pockets to refrain from gesticulating much. Daniel hated that he felt the need to move his hands whenever he talked, but it was hereditary. If he constricted his hands, his head would move, and that was just aggravating. “If we're going to be friends then I'll have to apologize in advance for my stereotypical remarks and/or name-calling. I don't mean to offend you, it's not my intention, it's just my sense of humor.” That sounded rehearsed. Daniel mused, Damn. I have to explain myself way too often. “I'm not going to guess what you're personal line of decency is, I cross my own from time to time, it's how I know I still have one.” He paused, giving the socially awkward young man time to adjust before going on another spiel, “I'm allergic to cinnamon. Deathly allergic. Just sniffing the stuff will get me to start wheezing and hacking. Uhh...what else? Oh! Sometimes I like to play piano at three in the morning in the event that I can't sleep. I tend to stay in constant motion. I get bored relatively easy. And I'm not accustomed to staying by myself for too long so I'll probably on you like white on rice for the better part of our friendship. And...uhh-....” Daniel took a moment to pause, looking up to rack his brain for anything else, letting out a long monotone drone until he snapped his attention back to Maki, “Would that bother you? Future best friends really should know the worst about each other.” Daniel beamed at his own reference, finding it a plus if the timid young man understood it.

"Uh...okay?" Maki scratched the back of his head, standing awkwardly in front of him. "I'm afraid of blood...I don't use profanity...I'm a virgin...and I'm kind of bad at math?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa-....” Daniel laughed, "Whoa. What do you mean you're kind of bad at math? You're Asian.”

Maki frowned as he shrugged his shoulders, weakly. "Not all stereotypes are true, apparently. I mean, if I judged you by your appearance, I'd determine that you're Jewish because of your nose and hair, but I could be wrong. I probably am.”

Daniel chuckled, "Jokes on you, Maki. As it happens I am of Jewish descent." He shrugged, "I just don't practice organize religion. But you-...." He wagged a finger, "You're the one not living up to your expectations, my friend. I mean being a virgin? That's fine. I figure with all the studying they do, Asians don't get laid much anyway. Profanity? I'm fine with you not using any as long as you don't fault me for using it a lot. But not being good at math? Being afraid of blood? That's like two of your job opportunities down the drain!" Daniel clasped his hand on his friend's shoulder, comforting him. "That's alright, buddy. Tell you what: I'll tutor you. I'm a bit of a mathematician myself. I can make you better at it, if you want."

"Uh, sure, I guess." Maki sighed, defeated. The one time he tries to make a point, it gets smacked down. "I'll teach you know, if you want me to."

Daniel looked at Maki, mouth agape and arms spread, shocked that he could think Daniel would possibly pass that up. "Hell yeah I would! Are you kidding?" He laughed. He paused, catching a glimpse of golden hair as a small girl past by him to converse with the fiery red head to his right. "Huh. A kid. Weird," He thought aloud, shaking his head before turning back to Maki with a smile, "Do you have a cellphone? I'm totally giving you my number so you can text me."

"Yeah," he said, reaching into his jeans to pull out his iPhone. Unlocking it, he handed it over to Daniel as his eyes followed the little girl. "Just type your number in." Daniel took the phone from Maki, vaguely aware of his new friend's attention as he filled out almost every slot of information on the contact list. He even took a picture of himself, holding the phone out as he grinned into the front facing camera, snapping a pic to attach to the contact. That was another guilty pleasure of his he should've added to the list of 'worst things'. He enjoyed talking selfies far too much for it to be healthy. Satisfied with his work, he returned the locked phone to Maki, interrupted by the voice of his mystery lady.

"You wanted some answers and answers is what you'll get." She said before gesturing towards the pretty boy that intermingled with the girls. Daniel cast a glance at him briefly before turning his attention back on the red head. Clearly they knew each other. That guy must work here or something. "You heard mister Claus here, the guys come with me first."

Daniel perked up, turning back to Maki as he pocketed his phone. "What d'ya say? Want to be my orientation buddy?"

"Sure," Maki smiled, his mood perking up. Daniel beamed, his own mood heightening considerable with the knowledge that he'd made someone's day better. "Sounds good."

As his mystery lady relayed the condition of the elevator, Daniel walked beside Maki to follow behind her. He was quiet during their ascent, taking comfort from his new friend's presence. He wasn't lying when he said he wasn't accustomed to being alone. He hated it. It frightened him more than death itself. So Maki being there, willingly accepting his company, meant more to him than his new friend probably knew. The fiery redhead lead the group of boys into the office and Daniel stood close to Maki's side, maybe more for the younger man's benefit than his own, but for his own nonetheless. He could sense the little guy's curiosity masked by a tinge of anxiety, and it brought a smirk to his lips. He was braver than most. Being led to some random guy's office after being kidnapped was one thing, being more curious than nervous was another. Daniel stole a glance at the redhead as she leaned against the wall before he cast his attention to the man behind the mystery, his skin prickling with anticipation.

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Jasper rolled his eyes as the Asian was 'rescued' by the same idiot that felt the need to sing to him earlier. He's barely been in this place for an hour and he already wanted to wring three people's necks. He glared at the floor, his sour mood only heightening when a little brat tried to show her ass and bump into him on purpose. "Damn kids," Jasper muttered, bitterly. He wanted to trip the little beast, but she got away before his foot could clip her.

A red head began spewing commands and Jasper shrugged his shoulders, forgetting the little girl completely as he trekked forward, following wordlessly. He was too curious at the moment to relatively give a damn about the fact that this lady felt like she was big and bad. Under normal circumstances, Jasper would have engaged her in a penis swinging competition. However, his mind was reeling with the multitude of possibilities. Was this like some secret agent type shit? Were they smugglers or something? He didn't know, but he was definitely intrigued. As he moved up the steps, Jasper played and pulled at his bottom lip while staring at his sneakers, out of habit, his ADD kicking in. His fingers fiddled with his shirt and worried his bottom lip until they reached their destination.

Jasper pulled his hands away from his lips and clothes, stuffing the restless digits into his pocket. That was when he looked up from his Chuck Taylors, eyes landing on an older man. "So, you're the asshole that kidnapped me...who the hell do you think you are?" He narrowed his icy eyes at the man, holding back nothing. Everyone was probably thinking it. He was just brave enough to say it.