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Dukald Garfarthen

A fierce dwarven bear rider, turned into a hardened Battlemaster.

0 · 416 views · located in Norr

a character in “The Gift”, as played by Vio-Lance


Faction: Civil
Name: Dukald Uran Garfarthen
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Age: 152

Height: 4'4
Weight: 185
Appearance: A typical dwarf, Dukald is of short, but stout stature. He has orange hair, that washes down his head to his shoulders, usually kept free. The firey hair also coats his face, his beard coating his chest. He wears a suircoat of Dwarven Mithril Mail, covering him completely from the neck down, and a light cloth overcoat. His weapons are not far behind either. He has ink tattoos running across his arms, and another across his pecks reading "Garfarthen". He has one scar tracing over his right eye. His arms are heavy red, wounds from deep burns that have healed slowly, but with the aid of magic.

Class: Ex-Sergeant Battlemaster

Dwarven Battlesmasher- A warhammer made for one handed use. It's weight can smash armor, and it's pick head can puncture lighter armors. It's made from steel and iron.

Towering Aegis - A large battleshield, gained from Dukald's brother, whom was a paladin. The shield is made out of mithril, and was painted with white to show regality. It is hefty, but not bulky or imovable. When standing, it covers Dukald from the thighs up, and Dukald can fit his form behind the shield. ... $fullsize$

Dwarven Battleaxe- A finely crafted weapon, made of dwarven steel. It has enough weight behind it to cleave armor, but not enough to be unweildy in a dwarf's hands. It is usually strapped to Dukald's back as a secondary weapon.

Bayoneted Crossbow - Crossbow with a sharp steel spike fastened to the bottom. The spike easily makes puncturing light armor seem like a joke, and medium armor isn't far behind. The crossbow itself is made from oak, and can stand up to blades as well. However, it is unweildy, and unsuitable for real sword to bayonet combat.

Bear Rider's Armor- The Armor shown above. It has mithril chainmail underneath at thick cloth and leather trenchcoat. The armor offers high protection against slashing weapons, and the trenchcoat itself is fire resistant, and will absorb blunt truma meakly. The armor is lightweight and barely hampers Dukald's movement. During battle, Dukald, if there is a danger of fire, will stuff his beard down into the coat.

Faceguarding Helm- A new helm that Dukald has aquired. It too is made from dwarven mithril, scavenged from the ashen valley where they faught. It offers a little more protection than Dukald's old helm.

Weapon of Choice: Axe and Shield Combo!

Background Info:
Why he fights: Dukald really fights for no reason of his own. He honestly fights because the dwarven race feels obligated to aid their allies. However, he can say he solidly hates Goblins for being in their mines, Minataurs for being in their mountains, and Nightmarian Spiders...because they freak him out....

History: Dukald was the son of a rough and tumble mercenary and a stablehand. Thus, in his upbringing, he learned to love both weapons and fighting, as well as animals. Time passed quickly for Dukald, as his life was uneventful, mostly his father passing down his fighting skills, and his mother caring for his blackened eyes and busted noses. After some years in the mine, he joined the Dwarven Army. They whipped him into shape, and put him in their newest division: Bear Calvalry. This group wasn't as fast as horses, but they didn't need to be. The bear's natural toughness and inhumane stamina made them perfect steamrolling units. Dukald rose in the ranks, becoming a Seargent after only a few years in the Bear Riders. Now, as the war with the Savage wages, the Bear Riders have chose their favorite prey; the Goblin Spider Riders....not to mention the Nightmarians.

After losing Grimhide, the dwarf retired to the shelter city Gia. He would promise himself not to let such mass murder come to his allies again, and continued to train. Two years, he learned beyond what would be normal. He learned to be a marksman with bows, crossbows, and even throwing axes, as well as how to handle a war hammer. His pent up rage had no vent, however, and he became very violent. Rage continued to burn in his heart, and no water could quell the flames. He looks forward to battle again...

So begins...

Dukald Garfarthen's Story