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A male Harpy with many years under his belt. He is in charge of a small "murder" of other harpy males that follow his command. It is said no female can bring him down and he has an almost unriveled shot with the bow.

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a character in “The Gift”, as played by Hunter_Killer



Faction: Savage
Name: Visar "Talon" Do'lethgra
Nickname/Alias:(After the Day of Ashes) Owl
Gender: Male
Race: Harpy
Age: 130

Height: 6'6" (When standing as tall as possible), 5'6" (When standing normally)
Weight: 158 lbs

Eye Color: Deep Indigo
Hair color length and style: Silver with mixture of black, on closer inspection they are smaller, angular feathers not hair. They are pointed on the edges and almost resemble the "horns" of an owl.
Type of body: A strong upper body with arms that hang down to just above his waist with powerful shoulders and legs. He is in peak fighting condition and ready for even the most extreme flights.
Skin tone and type: Darkly tanned skin, and doesn't seem to burn
Shape of face: Angular face with almost a pointed chin, a narrow and sharp nose and ears that hug close to the head.
Distinguishing marks: His left eye is missing and is covered with a dark black patch. His face, body and arms are covered in numerous white scars, which are said to be inflicted by other Harpies.
Predominant feature: He is missing his right leg completely.

Picture: (Not totally necessary, but you get a cookie if you use one :3)

Class: Archer

Short sword - Almost like a long dagger, this sword is almost never used unless another combatant draws too close to him.

Longbow - A strong, yet flexible bow that is common among harpies. Its size is as tall as he is normally and the pull of the bow string shouldn't be taken lightly. Before certain battles a bardic enchantment must be placed on the bow and string to protect it from the humidity and moisture in the air from being fired so high up. The bow's design is to be used with their arms, although the similarly designed short bows can also be fired with their feet, provided they have both of them. The weapon has no name and the material is not known by anyone other than Harpies.

Quiver and Arrows - There are actually three quivers used when in flight for aerial battle. Two are at waist level and tend to hold lighter, shorter tipper arrows, used for speed and picking off various mage targets. The quiver across the back has a rucksack design with two straps that slide on, with the quiver resting along the middle of the back, so no to interfere with the wings. The arrows carried in this quiver and longer and sturdier though the heads vary to two distinct forms. An angular and thick arrow designed to eliminate the animals and mounts for Calvary and a barbed and grooved arrow used for taking out high commanding officials or piercing thick armor or shields.

Leather armor - Light armor that is hardly molded or needed for little more than covering their body and protecting them from wind and weather conditions in the sky. Occasionally the armor is padded or stitched to increase protection from other archers.

Signature Move(s):

Piercing Shot - A move that involves firing two barbed arrows at half-draw of his bow in near identical places, usually pushing the first arrow in deeper with the impact of the second. Usually used to kill or subdue a dangerous foe or officer.

Driving Shot - A move that is used when a single barbed arrow is drawn back to full draw on his bow. Such shots are only kill shot and are aimed at either the head or the heart.

Weapon of Choice: Harpy Longbow

Background Info: Visar, since the nest, has always been a viscous and competitive Harpy. When he hatched before his other nest-mates he removed any potential threats and competition by pushing and removing the eggs while his mother were away. From the beginning he was trained to fight and hunt, though the real eye his mother had for him was as another potential mate when he was of age to nest. During this time his cunning ways did not diminish and, when that day finally came, he outsmarted his mother by flying into a narrow pass and crushed her with large stones when she became unable to escape.

From that point on, his life was solitary as he avoided other females and continued to train. At age 25 he took up the bow and began to practice almost continuously until his aim was unmatched, even training so that he could draw a short bow with his feet. Such fame only drew more females into trying to turn him into a potential mate. And each one he had to fight off without remorse, slowly accumulating the many scars he has to this day. The two most noticeable being twin harpy sisters. The first, who took his left eye when she tried to forcefully pin him to mate (he ended her life with an arrow through the heart). And her sister, who chased him into a narrow pass and crushed his right leg with a heavy rock from above, trying to pin him instead (He removed his own leg with his sword and ran her through when she dared get too close).

After the final two fights he became known as one of the few males to have escaped the clutches of a female and many others flew to join him. All know how to use a bow though many can use sword, and bard-like magic as well. Taking a fond name of a group of crows his band of male Harpies soon became known as "Murder" and many females have finally given up on the prospect of getting close to them. With Visar as their leader, he takes them to the front lines, in order to offer his cunning and services to whatever Savage forces request them.


A skilled Harpy Archer who once lead a murder of other male Harpies. After the Day of Ashes struck this gang was reduced to four others: Raven, Hawk, Finch and Falcon. It was said they barely escaped the fires in the sky far above and were seen trailing smoke as they fell from the sky to land far outside the pass. Their present location is unknown and many suspect the Harpies died on impact from their fall.

So begins...

Visar's Story