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Kailey Mitchel

'' I play the guitar like it's my life. Don't hate me just because I hide in my room and play guitar.''

0 · 139 views · located in Pasado,New Mexico

a character in “The Gifted abducted”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kailey Mitchel

Name: Kailey Mitchel

Gender: Female

Age: 18 years old

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Kailey is known for being a very beautiful young woman and it's not hard to see why. She has piercing icy blue eyes beneath expressive and full eyebrows. Her smooth pale skin is almost ivory and is extremely soft to the touch. She has a slim build that has been toned from private martial arts training with her best friend Sam, and natural curves. Some of the dumber folks - those who are not aware of the wrath this 5'5 girl has - her weight is 123 lbs. She has soft, plump lips that are of a rosy shade. Long, dark hair cascades down her shoulders and backs in natural, soft waves and is almost always seen down. It is quite rare that you would see Kailey without long-sleeve tops and jeans. Due to her depression, she had been a self harmer for three months, but she has stopped and has tried to redeem herself. And it has been three months since the last time, and she has sworn to never harm herself ever again.

Personality: To most, Kailey seems to be this quiet girl that stays in the background, hardly ever talking or bringing attention to herself. When she first moved to town , most dubbed her as a loner and some still see her as this. However, the people that have gotten close to her and has seen her grown up since her arrival will tell you that that's only a shell of who Kailey is. Her gift are more of a psychological nature, giving her a reclusive nature not because she always prefers isolation, but because it helps with self assurance. But, despite that drawback, that's only one layer of who Kailey is.

She is actually quite sociable and kind. She has a deeply compassionate heart and a genuine care for others. It's another reason why she prefers being alone. Jay Robinson, one of her best friends, would be one of the few people that knew that she actually hates herself because of her depression. However, Kailey is selfless and has never out-rightly shown that self-hatred. She would never want anyone to worry about her emotional or mental state and would rather focus on yours. She puts her friends first and has shown an even deeper level of protectiveness over younger kids. Kailey is also not one who is easily impressed with childish games or pranks and is seen as serious although she does like to laugh and play around from time to time. She has a quick temper, one should note, a trait she inherited from her uncle. She does not take foolishness well and will put you in your place quicker than you can apologize. Kailey is quite independent and hates when everyone feels as though they need to come to her rescue.

Gift: playing the acoustic or electric guitar like a pro.

Bio: She was born in a very good home in New York City. She was the older child out of her and her little brother Seth. The two of them got along very well. They did a lot together and Kailey always took care of Seth whenever their parents were not home. She then got her drivers license when she turned sixteen. She got her brother, who was nine at the time, from school. They were driving back home when out of no where a driver came speeding down the road and hit the back of the car extremely hard. Kailey hit her head on the steering wheel so hard that she blacked out.

She then woke up about two hours later in a hospital. She had a broken arm, and a concushion. She asked her parents how was Seth? They looked at her and started to cry, the doctor came in and told her that her brother died on impact. About two months after the wreck the family moved to Pasado, New Mexico, and Kailey had to learn to make friends.

She felt so guilty about killing her brother, that she became a self harmer. She had been harming herself until the point that she almost dies, but her best friend Sam, came and found her. Sam saved her and took care of her, Kailey asked why she saved her and didn't let her die. She never got an answer, she didn't really need one. Kailey was smart and figured it out. Since she was so guilty about the suicidal thoughts and attempts she turned to music and fell in love with it. She learned how to play the guitar and has been playing it for abut two years now. Since she doesn't like to play guitar in front of people all the time, she can usually be found in her room, playing her guitar. She usually hides in her room and zones out on her guitar.

Theme song: ( If you think or know of a better one. Tell me, and I'll be happy to change it).

So begins...

Kailey Mitchel's Story