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Campbell Ryanne

Catch me if you can!

0 · 294 views · located in California Nuclear Plant (research facility)

a character in “The Gifted Ones”, as played by **Ava**


Campbell Ryanne


Nicknames: Cam or Bell
Age: 18
Role: The outgoing one



Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: chocolate brown
Height: 5'5
Other features: A scar on her left calf when someone tried to kick her in order to beat her in a race.
Clothing: Often wears head bands, skirts and anything causal, does her best to look nice
Equipment: N/A (only her speed)


Outgoing, she loves to get involved in conversations, is very kind and thoughtful. Will help anyone in a bad situation. When around her friends she is loud and crazy

Favorite Color: Cyan

Hobbies: running, competing, photography, eavesdropping, helping/volunteering, shopping

Weakness: strong muscles, what she had in speed she lacks in upper body strength

Fears: injuring her ankles (twisting, spraining, breaking) loosing a race, her privacy being invaded

History: She was born into a small family, being an only child she got what she pleased. Her running ability and fast reflex was discovered at her first track meet in 5th grade. She competed into middle school and began to win by more and more until 8th grade, that's when Campbell didn't feel like the other runners. So instead of beating them by so much she slowed down her pace. By high school she was the fastest one at the school and her teachers and coaches encouraged her to go on to the Olympics. When Cam graduated high school she went into hiding. instead of taking her scholarship to Illinois State University. Since then she has lived a simple life, feeling solitary from the world around her.

So begins...

Campbell Ryanne's Story

#, as written by **Ava**
Campbell Ryanne

Today was like any regular, normal, boring day. Campbell woke up alone in her home. Although it was morning the sun barely reached through trees that surrounded the house. Her clock how ever confirmed in was a little before lunch and time to get going. So grabbing her wallet which contained a mere 50 dollars, her drivers license (which she no longer used) and a picture of her older siblings in one of the see through plastic slots Campbell made her way out of the small cottage like house. Any normal person would have loved to take a morning walk in the wood, it was very scenic. But all this stuff Cam had seem many times, over and over, every day. So checking to make sure no curious hikers were around Cam sped off. Now this felt a good. A quick run to reach the park and go down the road to Beans Coffee and Tea shop. The streets where crowded with people and she was after all wearing casual clothes not sports attire so Campbell slowed her pace to a walk.

In Campbell's eyes sometimes it sucked to have such power, that she had to hide herself. She could never make new friends around town and the friends she use to have had all gone to college. The athletic girl herself had turned down a scholarship in order to keep herself safe. But something else that troubled her was how on earth any one could ever capture her. After all she was the fastest human being on the earth and could out run small planes. So what kind of moron would ever try to catch her? Campbell had yet to find out.

She had reached the coffee shop and swung the door open quickly. Inside there was one other girl, who seemed to be leaving a very large tip... Campbell shrugged it off, ordered her iced coffee that included a shot of vanilla and sat down. The smell of Beans woke her up, kept her sane, and gave her something to look forward to everyday. "Hey, you got any samples today?" She asked the lady working, trying to make conversation. Some times Campbell worried if she didn't speak long enough, her voice all together would just disappear.

(That's so weird I was already planning on starting her out in a coffee shop before I saw your post lol)

Andrei Beatus Claus

'It's a nice morning' The young man thought as he hummed a cheerful tone. Today was his lucky day, Andrei (or An, as he preferred to call himself) just knew it. He didn't even bother ducking the various cameras on the street. He's a proud person and he wouldn't cower like a coward. Indeed Andrei Beautus Claus was a proud person. In fact, he was so prideful and confident in his ability that people could call him 'arrogant'. That was fine, really... All was good. An didn't care much about it. Truth to be told, he didn't care about people's opinions for him at all. 'The truth hurts' was a lesson he had long learnt. However, people's opinions hurt even more. He had abandoned all hope of gaining everyone's approval after the very few last times he assassinated someone. No one can like an assassin and trying to please them would hurt An in the end.

An yawned and stretched his ached limbs tiredly. He had just completed his latest missions and couldn't wait to come back to the headquarter to report his success. Not that it was surprising or anything. Andrei was just that good. Another loud yawn escaped Andrei's lips and the young man decided enough was enough. He would get a strong coffee and then maybe after he got enough caffeine, he could do things a little more... productive. Not that walking around aimlessly was anything productive, really but well, it wasn't like Andrei would just get a mission out of his ass or something.

The young assassin brushed a stray hair out of his forehead and observed his surrounding. Years and years of training himself had honed Andrei's instincts to the point where he could feel a threat nearby. Looking around the dark alleyway, An spotted a figure. 'Oh, it's just a girl... she doesn't look dangerous...' An thought to himself. The girl... or woman had brown hair... or was it dark red? Andrei had never been really good at identifying colors. She looked harmless... so why would his instincts tell him to avoid her? Unless...

A soft mew caught An off guard and the assassin found himself pale rapidly, the blood drained from his face so fast people may think a vampire was sucking him. Sitting on a trash can, looking deviously innocent, was the thing that had haunted Andrei's dreams for years on end. It was evil in its purest form. It was a demon from the darkest pit of hell. It made everything An did for a living seem like child-play. It was... a stray cat.

Let out an involuntary whimper, Andrei took a step backward slowly. It wouldn't do any good if that thing saw him. 'Oh no, too late' He thought with an uncharacteristic girly shriek when the Devil turned its head to look at him. An did the only thing any sane people would when they saw Satan. He ran. He ran like Hell Hounds were chasing him. Or like a herd of rapid cats chased him for the last piece of fish. He almost ran passed a coffee shop. Beans Coffee and Tea shop. A silly name but it meant so much for An right now. It meant safety and warmth, away from the evil thing.

Without a second thought, An pushed opened the door and walked into the shop. It seemed warm and homey. 'Does this place have any... evil things?' An wondered, his eyes darted back and forth wildly. Oh, it didn't seem so but Andrei couldn't be so sure. He took a hesitate step and plopped down on a nearby chair.

"May I have the strongest coffee available, please?" He asked the nearby waitress, who didn't seem that much younger than he was with blonde hair and a kind smile. 'Anything is better than being outside right now' An thought with a relived sigh.

#, as written by **Ava**
Campbell Ryanne

No samples today. The lady, wearing a morose look on her face began wiping down the counter in front of her, purely out of habit. The Coffee and Tea shop had just opened, how dirty could it get in the last few hours?

Campbell went back to looking at her coffee, the ice was melting, turning her rich drink into a watery mixture. She turned the straw and watched the ice twirl around the plastic cup. Maybe before leaving she'd buy a to-go mug... been meaning to pick one up one of these days...

The athlete turned her head towards the window in order to people watch for a little bit. But instead of watching the shoppers, business people and kids stroll by Campbell surveyed a man run down the street past the glass window she was sitting behind and towards the door leading inside the Coffee and Tea shop.

The bell clanged as he pushed the door open, out of breath. Haven't seen him around, Campbell noted. Though she didn't know everyone in town she knew people here never dressed as he did. A white tee shirt, average. A black jacket, like a biker. blue jeans, well. And dark as ever shades, classy. Campbell didn't bother being sneaky or cautious about watching him. She even threw out a confused look, looked straight in his eyes, and searched his face for an answer. Then she glanced down the path he had come, waiting to see the police or anything at all following behind him.

How old is he? Older then me?

"May I have the strongest coffee available, please?" The guy asked, giving a sweet smile. With a sigh Cam turned back to face her own coffee, as she did her elbow bumped the cup. The coffee gave a small skidding noise before tumbling off the table towards the ground. Unable to spend another 4 bucks on coffee and not wanting to leave a sticky mess, she flicked her eyes in it's direction threw her hand out and caught it before it could flip over and spill.

There was no panic or "oops!" involved, she just calmly sat the coffee down on the table and took a sip.

Andrei Beatus Claus

Andrei sighed in relief when the waitress delivered him a cup of coffee, black and smelled really good at that. An didn't remember the last time he had drunk a cup of coffee. He usually just drank wine... still, this was still morning and he had just escaped an evil thing. An thought a cup of coffee was perfect for a time like this. Sipping his drink slowly, Andrei stiffened a chuckle. An infamous assassin was afraid of cats? It seemed ridiculous at first, at least, for the outsiders. However, An had his own reasons and he thought they were very justified for the terror he felt from the felines. If people knew about his past, he believed they would understand his reasons, too.


"Stand up, son... we'll try another training method today..." Little Andrei panted heavily but lifted his head to lock eyes with a middle-aged man - the man he called Father. He wiped the sweats on his forehead, and limped to the man. Training had been brutal today. It seemed the Organization was anxious as to why he hadn't developed the ability to dull people's senses as fast as his ability to turn invisible. It had been nearly a year since he started all and all he could do was dulling people's hearing a little bit. It wasn't for the lack of trying in Andrei's part, everyone knew it. Still, it seemed the higher up's patience had run low. Andrei swallowed nervously. He was exhausted. He hoped he didn't have to kill anything else...again. It always left An queasy till today. The seven-year-old boy was determined to do well, however. He didn't want to disappoint his Father.

"You disappoint me, Andrei" The man said gravely and little An flinched as if he had been slapped. "I'm s-sorry, Dad... I swear I'm trying my best...I don't know why-" His Father's glare intensified and An shrank into his jacket. "Silence, boy! Your best isn't enough! Come with me!" The man snapped and gripped An's arm tightly, earning a wince from the boy. "The Organization wants you to master at least one sense by the end of this training. It's an all or nothing training. You have half an hour to shower and get dressed. Come down here the instant you finish. Understand?"

Andrei nodded meekly and dashed out of his Father's grip to run to his bathroom where he showered and combed his hair. 'I miss Mom... Where's she? Dad's so scary when he's like this...' Little An sniffed but wiped his face when he spotted the tears. He would not cry. He was trained to be strong. He would not break down like some weaklings. He was strong and he would survive.Hardened his resolve, An dressed up and walked to his Father boldly.

The man had been waiting for him, An noted absently. He looked deep in Andrei's eyes as if searching for something. Seemingly having found whatever he was looking for, An's Father nodded and said curtly. "If you don't master your power, you'll die. Try not to do that though... you're useful and I'd hate to lose you" An nodded. It was the closet thing to a 'I love you' his Father would be willing to give. That was fine though... An understood the hidden meaning. "What am I supposed to do, Father?"

"Survive... until we pull you out of there" Andrei felt a shiver ran down his spine. 'Survive? Survive from what? And for how long?' What was he supposed to do? He had had survival training before and it wasn't that hard but from his Father's tone, An got the feeling this was not the usual thing. "...Wha-" Andrei couldn't even finish his sentence when he fell down a big dark hole.

"Dad! Dad, what happened?! Dad! I can't see!" The little boy panicked and slammed his fist against the metal wall in hope his Father would save him or at least explain what was happening. He had no such luck. "Meow..." A soft sound broke Andrei out of his mild panic attack and he turned his head to face a small black cat. "H-hello, kitty..." Andrei said nervously and raised his hand, attempted to pet the animal's head. Unfortunately or fortunately for Andrei, he had never gotten the chance to get closed. The kitty's face twisted into an angry snarl and he opened his mouth to bite off Andrei's hand who had, out of sheer reflex over the training, taken his hand back in time lest it was bitten off.

'It's... It's a rapid cat!' Realization drawn on Andrei's face and he took a step backward. He had to survive with a rapid cat for who knew how long. 'I'll be fine, it's just a cat... I'll be fine... I'll be fine' Little Andrei chanted repeatedly in his head. "I will be fine. It's only a cat. I will be fine..." Oh, poor poor Andrei, you had no idea. In the dark, another pair of yellow eyes observed him. "T-two? Two cats?" Andrei stuttered but then more and more meows joined in and before he knew it, he was surrounded by a horde hungry, rapid cats that would gladly eat him alive if he was not careful. "Dad! Save me! Dad! Dad! I will do anything! Please let out me out! Dad, dad!" Andrei slammed his fists repeatedly into the metal wall, trying to get his Father's attention. Tears ran down his cheeks once he realized no one would save him. He only had himself.

With a loud wail, all the cats attacked at once with Andrei's fearful cry followed after. On the upper floor, Andrei's Father turned his head and walked away. He would get his son in one week time. He only hoped it would not be a corpse he would see. Well, whatever, he had a mission to complete. And the target looked to be well-guarded this time...

End Flashback

Andrei suppressed an involuntary shiver from the memory. When he was pulled out of that hell hole, his sanity was only barely hold by a thought of not wanting to disappoint his father. It had taken over a month for Andrei to stop being jumpy to everyone within hearing range and a year later for him to come near anything that had fur. Unfortunately for Andrei, the terror of being left alone with the cats as a training method had forever marked his psyche since that day. He had got better since then. This reaction was nothing compared to the one when he was eight years old. He would slaughter the cat or have a full-blown panic attack. Luckily, the Organization seemed to realize the training method had the desired result but the cost of trying to turn him back to normal was too high so they had tried other different methods.

'Someone's watching' An's instincts screamed and the young man glanced up. There was a girl at a nearby table. She was observing him. 'Is she a threat? No, she doesn't have any killing intent. What does she want? Is she... checking me out?' was the trail of thoughts Andrei had when their eyes met. The girl elbowed her coffee cup and it fell... or not. Years of training had taught Andrei that this wasn't a normal person's reaction. 'She has to have some kind of training in order to get to that speed' Andrei sipped his drink with a thoughtful frown. This girl seemed more and more suspicious as time passed. She caught that cup too fast and didn't even show signs that she was surprised.

'She isn't normal' Andrei's mind quickly concluded and he called out lazily. "Nice reflex, missy... If I didn't know, I would say that you have some kind of... training" He took another sip of coffee and let out an easy chuckle. He would test for her reactions first. 'Let's see what makes of this girl...' Andrei smiled charmingly and raised his cup. The door slid opened and An allowed his attention to shift from the strange girl to the new comer. Oh, it was the girl he saw in the alleyway. What was she doing here?

The girl sent him a look and then asked the shop owner something which the woman replied by pulling out a bag. 'What a coincidence...' An thought and looked out at the glass door only to stop when his eyes landed on an object... or animal... the nightmare of his life. That cat. What was it doing here? It couldn't possibly know where Andrei was going. He had even subconsciously used his power to dull its sense. What was it doing? Waiting for him? No, no, no... there was no other escape in the small shop. One way in and out. He had no where to go without drawing attention to himself.

Andrei's grip on the cup tightened so much he was afraid it would crack as the blood drained from his face once again. 'Should I kill everyone else and escape? It'll be definitely worth it... But the Organization wants me to have a low profile... No, no, no, no, what should I do? Can I ask someone to tell it to go away? No, I can't make anyone do it. I'm not that heartless. What to do? What to do? What to do?' Andrei closed his eyes to calm his breathing down. 'Don't panic, don't panic. It can sense your panic... don't, don't, don't'

Avory now had his plan. He brought up the cameras in his school, and then froze one of the videos on the face of his tracker. "So, your my enemy I have to beat, huh? Did you really think I would be that stupid, to stay in school when there is someone after me? Oh well, I guess its time to get rid of you...".

He began searching through the Government's databases he hacked into, and ran facial recognition against everyone. Now, he suspected her file might not be on there, but his was, so there was a good chance if they kept a file on him, they would have a file on his tracker. Even then, it might just come up with a fake ID. But, a fake ID is better then nothing. He already took the data she gave from the file she had to submit to his school, but he suspected that was mostly lies, if not all lies. Though, perhaps the name was the truth. No matter, fake or not, he would give it to the man he was going to meet. He had all the data printed and on paper, and he found his way towards someone he was looking for: An assassin by the name of Andrei. His plan was simple: Hire the assassin to kill his tracker.

He then pulled out a satellite phone. Completely untraceable. He called a number. "Oh, hey little bro. Yeah, yeah I am fine. Are you guys good? Good, remember not to lose that satellite phone. Yeah, everything is fine, that is why I am calling. Uh huh. I see. Just, plug the red cable into the blue slot, and it should work fine when you get the motherboard in. Yes, just like that. Yeah, I love you too, say hi to our parents for me, bye!"

He knew the government would be coming, so he put his family in a very safe place, and took pains to make sure no one would ever find them. They could not even be traced by phone call because he made sure they both had satellite phones, which can not be traced. He then ensured that they were financially set, so he made some "business deals". Avory had the potential, and could easily become, one of the greatest criminal masterminds.

He checked his custom built tablet for the location data of the assassin. Know thy allies, know thy enemies. He walked towards, and then into, a small shop of some kind, and looked for him. He saw an assortment of people, but it was one specific person he was looking for. After spotting him, he walked towards him, with a briefcase in hand. "Are you who I am looking for? I am looking for someone to get rid of a problem I have, and I heard I could find someone to eliminate that problem..."

He did not want to actually say the words, he was not that stupid. But the way he said it should be obvious. Of course, if he was wrong, and this was not the assassin, at least then he didn't ask an innocent man about hiring someone to kill someone else. But he was fairly sure it was, he was analyzing him psychologically. He was calculating a way out of here, but to also keep it low profile. A non obvious way to escape. Like the door to the ally in the room behind the employee's only door. Not once since he came in did he see any of them take out the trash, and there was no trash out front, which meant they put it in the ally. Also, it was unlikely they would lug garbage through the middle of their restaurant, so statistically, they would have an ally exit behind the employee's only door.

"So, is it true you are who I am looking for?"

#, as written by Haas33
The assassin was afraid of cats. The whole idea was amusing to Allison, and the minute she excited the shop, she burst out laughing. She was tempted to stand there with the cat, but not only was that cruel, but he had thought something about killing everyone if the cat didn't leave. Focusing intently on his thoughts, she concurred that his name is Andrei.It was strange having so much in-sight on a person without even meeting them.

The main question was what an assassin was doing here of all places. Taking another look inside, Allison noticed another person. Busy today? Even as she noticed, another person walked it. Allison started to get a headache. These people weren't ordinary. All three of them were different. She couldn't put her finger on what, but something was off. First off, the guy that just walked in (Avory, she guessed by the thoughts) had an incredibly intelligent mind. She guess if she tried to dig into his memories or try to manipulate his thoughts, not only would she fail, but she would also get a massive headache. Plus he was thinking something about hiring an assassin to kill his tracker? what did that mean. Puzzled, allison looked over to the other girl.

The girl was especially unique. Thoughts and feelings were racing about her mind in a tornado of activity. Her brain was fast, her reflexes sharp. Allison could barely pick up a thought with all the hurried activity going on in her brain. Something was definitely off about these people. They were different. They were very different. Like her. Because of that, Allison almost trusted them. Almost.

Realizing she probably looked like an idiot just randomly standing here with a cat, she looked back into the store, the man staring at the cat. Snapping back into reality, Allison decided to make a strange decision. For whatever reason, she trusted this assassin (A fairly poor choice considering he was an assassin... but whatever). Speaking telepathically in his mind, eyes locked with his, she said "It's just a cat. Please don't start killing people because of it. I can make it go away. Please don't freak out. There is something different about you."

Allison instantly regretted it. he didn't speak to people telepathically very much, if at all. Allison then forced the cat to run away, convincing it's little animal mind that it had found another mouse.

#, as written by **Ava**
To Campbell there seemed to be a long thoughtful pauses after she caught her drink from it's fall. She took a sip and began twirling the straw again.

"Nice reflex, missy... If I didn't know, I would say that you have some kind of... training" He asked her seemingly interested. But not in the way most people became interested. As he immediately skipped to a conclusion that she actually practiced her reflexes.
Campbell turned in her chair to face the guy, holding her iced latte in her hand this time. He was lifting up his black coffee, about shoulder length preparing to drop it. His face showed a look as if thinking "I'm so clever,I'll get her." And he let off an almost too witty grin. Cam returned with a raised eyebrow and she rolled her eyes as well.

If he thinks I'm going to run to him just to catch his black coffee...Boys sure are stupid some times... Cam smirked. She definitely had no intention of flaunting her talent to some stranger, things like that were dangerous. His coffee, his money, his problem. Lucky for the waitress she wouldn't be having to clean up his spilled mess, the guys attention turned to the door.
Hey it's the giant tip leaver The girl came in quietly asked for her purse she had forgot earlier this morning.

Mean while genius was standing to the side panicking as a black cat sat outside the shop door. It didn't seem he would be dropping his coffee anytime soon, instead he might smash the cup, allowing black scalding coffee to possibly cover the shop. Campbell watched the girl leave, the cat must have been hers. Black cats are bad luck though, Campbell turned her attention back to the guy, who appeared to be shaking in fear.

"Hey,do you mind loosening your grip on that thing?" Maybe she could snap him back to the reality that he was a 20 some year old man, afraid of a cat. Could Cam possibly make friends with him? He was new, didn't know her story, couldn't judge her. She glanced over to the open seat across from her. to soon, stop that Cam

Lucky for her another boy came threw the door, the same clinging bell announced his entrance. He went straight to the other guy, (who Campbell still didn't know the name of) and asked something of him. Though she couldn't hear the conversation so, Campbell turned back to face the table and empty chair again.

Meanwhile the girl with her purse had left the shop and was watching them all, with her cat. I need to get friends...

Andrei Beatus Claus

'I really wish I had stayed in bed this morning...' Andrei absently thought. Instead he just had to get bored and went out, resulting in this mess. His grip on the cup still hadn't loosened and sooner or later, the cup was going to crack. Not that An cared though... He was more interested in the people in the shop right now than a cracked cup. The girl in the alley left the shop but didn't leave like Andrei expected her to. Instead, she was standing there... with the Devil! Was the Devil hers then? What was he supposed to do? Snapped everyone's neck? No, it would create a not-so-good image of himself. What to do? Wha-

"Hey,do you mind loosening your grip on that thing?" The girl with the fast reflex asked, snapping Andrei to reality rudely. "Do you honestly think I care about smashing a cup more than I care about how to get away from that thing?" An asked pointedly, shooting a glare at the Devil spawn sitting innocently outside the shop. His fear was quickly replaced by anger. If Andrei was pushed to his limit, instead of terror, he would feel angry... It was a normal reaction as far as he concerned. 'It's just a cat. Please don't start killing people because of it. I can make it go away. Please don't freak out. There is something different about you.' Andrei locked eyes with the girl in the alleyway and a weird voice spoke in his mind. Was he going crazy or what because the last time he checked, An was pretty sure he had a male voice in his head... not a female one.

True to the voice's words though... the cat left and An felt himself relaxed tremendously. 'What a morning!' He breathed. 'You know, missy in the alleyway... I don't have proof to prove this but if you can read my mind... show some signs that I'm not crazy. Insane people aren't allowed to be assassins in the Organization, you know...' Andrei thought but then shook his head. What was he doing? Thinking that a woman could read minds? Was he crazy or what? 'Silly me'. The door slid opened again... How many times had it opened in the past five minutes? Four? Five? 'Meh...whatever' Andrei immediately lost interest when he saw a snot-nosed brat walked through. The briefcase seemed interesting but he had seen tons of things more interesting than a kid playing adult already.

However, instead of sitting down at a table like An expected the kid to be, the brat walked right to Andrei! The brat got the nerve to do so?! Andrei held back a chuckle and leaned back against his chair, waiting for the boy to make the first move. If it weren't because Andrei needed a low profile, the brat would have to deal with a broken arm long ago. "Are you who I am looking for?" He asked tersely. 'Hmm? who's the brat looking for? He couldn't possibly mean that...' Like a switch had been pushed, An's eyes hardened though his body language betrayed nothing of what he was thinking. "I am looking for someone to get rid of a problem I have, and I heard I could find someone to eliminate that problem..."

'It's true then... this is no normal brat' An closed his eyes. 'Suitcase, huh? A bomber perhaps? One so young... he has got to have some talents or guts...or both... or maybe he's a hacker... that's always a possibility.' The young assassin mused and smirked. He was bored lately and it would be good to play a game sometime. And besides, he was running low on cash lately. A supply of money would be great right now. 'I can wait until they give me a new mission... but that will just take too long' Andrei calculated in his head. Oh well, it wasn't as if he had anything better to do. "So, is it true you are who I am looking for?", the brat asked. Andrei chuckled. Let's see what the kid wanted first. "It depends..." Andrei said lazily, his hand supported his head. "Am I what you're looking for?" He batted an eyelash at the brat and his smirk widened for a fraction of a second. "...Please take a seat then... I'm dying to hear what you have to say."

An snapped his fingers loudly to activate his power. An unnecessary gesture, as far as the Organization concerned, one that Andrei could do without. However, if there was one single thing that the young assassin loved, it was dramas. He shot a glance at the shop owner. She was busy with some trivial things and wouldn't pay attention to them, especially if he hadn't dulled her senses to the point that she couldn't hear anything. She would just be unable to hear their conversations. "Alright, enough is enough...No one in one kilometer radius can hear our conversation now. I'm a straight forward person and I prefer to get straight to the point. What do you want?" He glanced around him, locked eyes with the girl in the alleyway and the girl with the fast reflex. "...And what exactly are the two of you?"

Avory was glad to get straight to the point after checking all the people around them to see if they were being watched. "Simple, I want you to kill someone, and I will be paying you for it. Very well, too". He put the large briefcase on the table and opened it, giving the Assassin a file on everything Avory could get on his tracker. He also put down her last known location, which was his old school. However, that was not the only thing in the suitcase. It was filled with non-sequential 20 dollar bills, in these little clips to make sure it doesn't get messy. "All of these bills add up to 40 thousand dollars. I was not entirely sure about your price, so I made sure to also wire 60 thousand dollars into your savings account. When I hear that she is dead, I will wire another 100 thousand dollars as well".

He was not joking around. First off, the non-sequential bills alone would be useful, because it would allow him to make cash payments without worrying the money would link back to him or the assassin. And while occasionally banks checked transfers between banking accounts and off shore accounts and what not, it was rare for anyone to pay attention to a savings account. Not to mention the fact he would be able to wire it anyways without it being traced. He was confident because he was right. Besides, he has a history of being right. Especially when he went business...


"Yes, they will, very soon" Avory said over the phone, looking at some news reports and data. "I am telling you, that country is going to go into rebellion very soon, and if we want to make a profit before the other arms dealers, we should move in now. As an additional service, we should offer safe passage out of the country to further increase profits. Yes, they will. I have seen the news, tensions are increasing, and now is a perfect time to start selling, before we have to deal with competition..." That is when Avory looked at a TV screen with a "Special News Update". The country in question's leader just started randomly searching and jailing people earlier that day. "You check the news? People have been getting randomly searched and jailed starting earlier today. Rebellion is in the air, I want that profit. Yes, I know I am right, its not that shocking. Now move your ass and make me some money..."

Avory had taken to many hobbies, without even needing to be there. Though the internet and his computer, he had already set up his own little "business", supplying rebel groups against oppressive governments with arms. Morally, it was good, because he was helping liberate people, but it also made good business. He had gotten this business by getting the former owner arrested and then threatening to get all of them arrested if they did not give him money and listen to what he said. Using this money, he turned his attention to the stock market, and carefully selects which stocks he buys and sells to make even more money. This is how he got all those non-sequential bills, and how he could get so much money. His income was so good right now, he was disappointed it was rather hard to use since the government was trying to kidnap or kill him. But, he had contacts, so it wasn't THAT difficult.

---Flashback over ): ---

"So, what do you say?" Avory asked the Assassin.

#, as written by Haas33
Allison was surprised Andrei didn't freak out. Often times, when she spoke to people in their head, they would completely freak out, running around like a maniac shouting that they have voices in their head. However, this guy simply pushed it off as him being crazy, but kept looking to her to see if she would prove that he wasn't.

'You know, missy in the alleyway... I don't have proof to prove this but if you can read my mind... show some signs that I'm not crazy. Insane people aren't allowed to be assassins in the Organization, you know...

Wow, not many people were actually smart enough to talk to her in return... but he quickly lost focus as the other guy came in and sat at his table. Taking that as her cue, she continued to speak to him in her mind. "You aren't crazy. And that kid isn't a brat. He's actually very intelligent. And you're right, something is off about that girl with the reflexes. By the way, the lady who gave you your coffee is going to come over here soon and ask if you would like anything else, and then ask Avory, the kid you are talking to, if he would like anything"

Sure enough, the lady came over and asked if they would like anything, but Andrei started talking to Avory, and based on their thoughts, Avory was hiring Andrei as an assassin, and was offering a hefty profit in return. But instead of Andrei responding, he simply snapped his fingers and then said something. "Alright, enough is enough...No one in one kilometer radius can hear our conversation now. I'm a straight forward person and I prefer to get straight to the point. What do you want?" He glanced around him, locked eyes with the girl in the alleyway and the girl with the fast reflex. "...And what exactly are the two of you?"

Allison sighed and entered the shop for the third time today, which probably confused the heck out of the girl with too fast thoughts, as she had probably seen her each time she had entered and exited. Allison silently pulled over a chair to the table the two were sitting at. Allison looked directly into Andrei's eyes and raised an eyebrow. "How hypocritical of you Andrei. What am I? Who are you, and what do you mean by 'dulling people's senses'? As for the other girl, I don't know. I can't read her thoughts very well. I think I finally figured out her name though. Cam? Campbell I think. My name is Allison. Or just call me Allie. Whatever you prefer. But before we talk you should probably settle your business with Avory" She thought to him, motioning her head towards the kid who was sitting there.

You are such an idiot, trusting an assassin. He could kill you so easily right now. You are dumber than I thought. Allison's fingers curled around the edge of the table, and in anger she squeezed it until her knuckles turned white. "Shut up!" she shouted without thinking. Realizing she had said that aloud, she blushed and looked away. "Sorry... not you..."

#, as written by **Ava**
The guy pointed and glared at the black cat sitting calmly outside after snapping back "Do you honestly think I care about smashing a cup more than I care about how to get away from that thing?" At this point Campbell was completely confused. "It's just a cat" She murmured then added, being the first of all four of them to introduce herself "I'm Campbell by the way" She grinned at him calmly as the younger boy sat down with him at a table near by.

It was impossible to here what they where saying, as they sat farther away. But being a little bit noisy and completely curious Cam got up, threw away her drink and then after glancing towards the waitress who had disappeared into the back room Campbell took one large step. After this step she had gained enough momentum to sprint, or rather just flash herself to the table next to the two boys. It happened faster then a blink of an eye, plus there was no noise involved. Aside from the small whoosh sound of her quick movement.

"Wow, that's a lot of money!" She said in partially fake amazement. Campbell put her elbows on the table and looked back at the girl standing outside. /Hey she should come back in, it's a party up in here. Campbell stretched her neck so she could see out the window at the girl and her cat. The girl was heading back in, it made Cam happy, for some reason. She wasn't quite sure why but, all 4 of them seemed odd...and unique.
The guy was looking at her, "...And what exactly are the two of you?" Cam was offended, how rude of him to call her a what. "Excuse me, I think you mean /who?" After her response she went quite, patiently waiting for the two guys to finish up there business. She tapped her fingers on the table impatiently though, they went at a rapid speed, sounding as 1 tap instead of 4 separate nails hitting the surface.

Andrei Beatus Claus

Andrei looked around as he felt these people stared. They were completely focused on him. An shifted uncomfortably, unsure what they wanted. Yes, he loved attention and often did something to make everyone pay attention to him but not like this. Not this scrutiny, it made An feel like he was just a little brat again, wanting to please his father by killing a target. He didn't like this attention one bit.

"Simple, I want you to kill someone, and I will be paying you for it. Very well, too". The brat playing adult spoke first, and opened the suitcase to show Andrei a lot of money. Andrei felt his brain frozen. What was he supposed to do? Usually, he could only get a tenth of this money, the rest belonged to the Organization itself. If they found out he took outside mission, it would equal treason... which meant death... or worse... forgotten. "All of these bills add up to 40 thousand dollars. I was not entirely sure about your price, so I made sure to also wire 60 thousand dollars into your savings account. When I hear that she is dead, I will wire another 100 thousand dollars as well." Andrei's mind began to reach a conclusion. There was only one solution to this. He would have to... improvise. Mind running with endless possibilities, An nearly missed the brat's question.

"So, what do you say?" The kid looked at him expectantly and An chewed his bottom lip thoughtfully. However, before he could do anything, a female voice crept into his mind. 'You aren't crazy. And that kid isn't a brat. He's actually very intelligent. And you're right, something is off about that girl with the reflexes. By the way, the lady who gave you your coffee is going to come over here soon and ask if you would like anything else, and then ask Avory, the kid you are talking to, if he would like anything.' The female's voice was true and moments later, after Andrei had reassured himself several times that he wasn't crazy and even if he was awesome, he could never predict the future like this.

'How hypocritical of you Andrei. What am I? Who are you, and what do you mean by 'dulling people's senses'? As for the other girl, I don't know. I can't read her thoughts very well. I think I finally figured out her name though. Cam? Campbell I think. My name is Allison. Or just call me Allie. Whatever you prefer. But before we talk you should probably settle your business with Avory' was the girl - Allison, Allie...'s answer to his rude question. It didn't mean anything though... He focused on the bra-kid in front of him and let a small smirk slip through his mask, a genuine interested glint in his eyes.

"Tell you what, kid... Since you are young, I'm going to give you a discount...10 is all I need" Andrei said before mentally rolling his eyes 'Plus, the Organization will kill me if they know I'm taking outside missions...but I'm broke... Whatever' He thought before shaking his head like a dog trying to shake off the water on its fur. Before he could open his mouth to speak, the girl with the fast reflexes - Campbell something flashed to their seat at an alarming speed, actually succeeded in making An's survival instinct take over. Andrei's hands slipped to his pant pockets and he gripped the knives he had so hard his knuckles turned white.

"Wow, that's a lot of money!" The girl exclaimed, eyeing the money in the suitcase before frowning at his question. She said disapprovingly "Excuse me, I think you mean /who?". Oh, it's about that again. Why were they so concerned about these kinds of etiquette? This was so troublesome. "Sorry, I'm not taught to be polite" An apologized though his tone was dismissive and he waved his hand as if he didn't even care if she was offended or not. It was true though... He had never been taught manners other than to use them to deceive others. Therefore, An actually preferred his rudeness. It meant he was more real... He wasn't a killer in cold blood.

"The name's Andrei... You probably realize... I'm the most awesome assassin in this entire planet" Andrei introduced himself, trying to ease the tension. He wasn't very good at it.

#, as written by Haas33
Allison rolled her eyes. "I don't think being an assassin is awesome... killing people for money and all that." Leaning back in her chair she gave An a glare, folding her arms without thinking. Just then another man walked into the coffee shop. Allison couldn't help but wonder if this coffee shop had done more advertising. Normally it was just her in here, with an elderly gentleman in the far corner who kept to himself reading the newspaper. But today... it was like everybody decided "Beans Coffee and Tea Shop' was the place to be.

Allison took a glance back at the man. Sugar cookies and mint tea The lady went back behind the counter, methodically repeating her thoughts over and over again, so she wouldn't get it wrong. But she was slipping, her mind wandering elsewhere, especially to this peculiar group of people.

Allison, pay attention.

Suddenly, Allison's eyes widened and she stood up abruptly. Whispering to Campbell with as much urgency as she could, she said "You need to get out of here right now. Run. And when I mean run, I mean run." She looked into Campbell's eyes meaningfully, implying what she knew. "The guy in the corner wants to kill you. He was hired to kill you. Question: Can you outrun bullets?" She asked, taking a glance at the man and then back to her. His name was Preston. "His name is Preston by the way. Run, now. I think we all need to get out of here,"

Turning back to the table, she got an idea. "An, unless you can kill that man over there without anyone noticing, we all need to get out of here right now. " she turned to Avory. "Avory, what are trackers. Please, this is urgent. What do trackers do? Who are they hunting? Do I have a Trakcer? Would she?" She whispered each question with haste. Gathering her things, she stood up. Bending down to whispering one last thing to the group, she said "So... I can read minds. I'll keep in touch."

Then she hurriedly walked out of the shop, not bothering to look back.

#, as written by Ivisbo

Sam entered the coffee shop, the soft jingling of bells above him signaling his entrance. He cast a glance across the room while opening the door, noting the man by the cash register, a group of people in a booth not to far away, and a few other customers scattered in other seats. Surprisingly packed for a small town coffee shop, but Sam didn't think much of it. Just as he moved across the threshold, a dark haired girl hurried pass him out the door, jarring his shoulder on the door in the process.

Sam held back a cry of pain, grasping at his muscle as he moved to the side and let the door swing shut. He gritted his teeth and tried to force deep breaths through his nose. In, out, In....God, it burned below his skin, making him want to rip his wings out and let them heal in the Californian sun. But with those FBI agents so close, and is lack of ability to escape, it was better to keep his massive extra-appendages hidden, even if it was causing him horrible, mind melting, atrocious pain.

Quickly, Sam moved out of the front entrance and ducked into a booth. His shoulder continued to throb in pain, but now seated and some what hidden, he could let himself adjust to it without fear of prying eyes. After a moment, he was able to look up and see that the woman behind the cash register was busy helping someone with there meal, but he expected she would come help him soon enough. He leaned back in the plastic covered seat, letting his head rest against the padding while let out a whistle of air. Great start to a day, really. But as soon as his damned wing hit, he would be off to Asia, Alaska...Africa. Somewhere with an A. The FBI were closing in to fast, he needed to disappear for a bit.

#, as written by **Ava**
As Cam came sipping over to the assassin his hand reached for his pocket. Her eyes got wide for a second but relaxed to see him not pull anything out. He continued talking to the kid and to the other girl. The money sat casually between to the guys. But the assassin didn't want it, well not all of it, how could anyone not want that much money. Campbell wanted it. But she really wasn't into thievery.

Then the assassin introduced himself, she counted that he was the second person to introduce himself out of this strange group. "The name's Andrei... You probably realize... I'm the most awesome assassin in this entire planet" Campbell wasn't much impressed, though she felt a natural pang of fear as anyone might. Folding her arms she leaned back in her chair. "It's nice that you think so highly of yourself, and to go around telling people your an assassin."

Wow. This guy sure was a moron, bluntly bragging about his a killer. Smart move. Campbell longed for another coffee, she'd been in the shop much longer then she intended. Maybe I'll just get a quick sandwich to go...

She got up from the table with out a word and walking over to the counter. There was a small fridge next to the register with pre wrapped sandwiches on display. Campbell pursed her lips trying to decide which to choose. When she finally settled on a regular turkey club another man was already at the register she waited behind him patiently. Then she saw the man smile in her direction but shrugged it off, payed for her food and went back to the group that had formed.

"You need to get out of here right now. Run. And when I mean run, I mean run." Ummm What exactly is this strange girl talking about? How does she know who he is? who gave this girl the authority to tell me what to do?

"The guy in the corner wants to kill you." A girl, Allison. Had came up behind Campbell unknowingly.For all I know she could be setting a trap for me to fall into right outside the coffee shop! She could be the one not the trust. She could be the killer. The thoughts raced through her mind as she raised her eyebrow at the girl. "Excuse me?"

"He was hired to kill you. Question: Can you outrun bullets?" Her face turned red as she looked into Allison's eyes. "Bullets travel an average of 682 miles per hour" She whispered, her voice sounded monotone. "But, I can only run at 250..." She mumbled the last part to herself.
Campbell stood up from her seat abruptly "Well sorry guys, this is the to go part of my to go sandwich!" Glancing at the one Allison called her tracker she pushed open the glass door, the stupid bell clanged again, saying see ya Campbell.

"Excellent. This is all the information anyone else anyone couldn't even hire wish they could get, and then some". He opened the assassin a file on the target, which was Avory's own tracker. It even included last known location. However, he suspected it still might not be everything. He was also pleased with the price. As a businessman, he knew the value of money. As someone on the run, he knew the value of money even more.

However, Allison asked her something he did not expect. He began evaluating everything she ever said, how she reacted, and her hand movements. He came up with two conclusions. One was that she was a mind reader. The second is that she was able to discern entire thoughts from face and body language. He did the odds of probability, which ruled in favor of Mind Reader. "A tracker? Well, its a term that has been thrown around of late to describe people who go after people with 'certain abilities', such as being able to read minds...". He threw that last part in to scare her about. He also started thinking in Chinese. He mastered that language at age 8.

"Why would you want to know about something like that?" At the same time, he noticed everyone else came in, and began to wonder if they had powers too. IF they did, this could be some sort of convergence event then, where factors with a common denominator all somehow meet up strangely and unpredictably. If this was a convergence event, then that theory just might be right after all.

However, this warning spooked Avory as well. "You have everything you need. We will keep in touch. I hacked into your phone and added my phone number, and added yours to mine, while we were talking. Like I said, when the kill is done, let me know". He took his phone out of his pocket and left right behind the mind reader. As they both walked, he added "You know, if your tracker is smart, he won't be thinking in a language you will know...he will have been picked specifically to counter your abilities".

(Sorry its shorter then usually, just all over the place at the moment)

#, as written by Haas33
Chinese? This Avory kid really was smart... Not many people who learned languages were fluent enough to think in them. But although he was smart, he didn't know enough about the way she reads minds to come to the conclusion that thinking in a different language would not allow her to read his thoughts. In fact, a year ago allison had conducted her own little study and went to France to see if she could read minds who thought in a different language.

First you must know that most people don't think in full complete sentences, unless the person is thinking to themselves, sort of like talking to themselves, they just don't say what they are thinking. Most of the time it's random phrases, emotions, images, snippets of conversation. Allison's mind takes all that and mashes it into more understandable thoughts that she reads. So, if someone were to start thinking in a different language, she would still be able to read their mind, it would just be more vague and less coherent. Plus, most people who don't think in their native language tend to slip occasionally, but Avory seemed to be doing a pretty good job of not slipping.

As for her research in france, not only had she learned French quickly, but she had learned over time that she could figure out what they were saying, even if she didn't fully understand the language. After being around french-thinking people for a week, she understood most of what they were thinking, even though if someone asked her to speak french, she wouldn't know how.

You should start paying more attention to your surroundings. As important as it is to know your own powers, you should also be careful to know what's going on.

Snapping back to reality, she turned to Avory who had walked out behind her thinking something about trackers. She wasn't sure what, because he still insisted on thinking in Chinese. "You know, if your tracker is smart, he won't be thinking in a language you will know...he will have been picked specifically to counter your abilities".

Just for the heck of it (and hoping to freak him out) she spoke to him telepathically. "Avory, the government doesn't know enough about my abilities and isn't as smart as you to even figure that out. But just like the government, you are a little naïve to how I read minds. As clever as you are for thinking in Chinese, I can still read most of your thoughts." And in about a week she would understand his thoughts completely. But he could probably just as easily switch to another language if he wanted to.

Don't antagonize him. He's smarter than you. Of course he wouldn't know about your powers. He isn't a mind reader.

"You are very intelligent. How did you even know about Trackers? Does that mean I have one too? Back in the coffee shop is a guy who wants to kill Campbell. Am I to assume that is her Tracker?"

#, as written by Haas33
((I hope you don't mind, Mr, Baneling Squishy, if I continue (even though you are on vacation). I'm going to make an effort to leave my post open enough so that you can still easily reply to my first response))

Allison turned her attention away from Avory. Allie tended to get sidetracked easily, what with keeping track of everyone's thoughts. She was always observant of people's thoughts, sometimes more so than her surroundings. She figured if something major was happening everyone would be thinking it. So her thoughts turned back to the man she had run into in the way out who had been, she assumed, in pain. His screaming thoughts hadn't caught her attention at the time because she was busy trying to decode Avory's thoughts. But now her attention was on him, and she couldn't help but peek back into the coffee shop, where he had sat down at a booth. His thoughts rested mainly on a pain in his shoulder. Curious, she said "excuse me," to Avory, before slowly walking back towards the shop. There was something off about this guy too. His thoughts were almost like that of an animal, except much more intelligent. As if he was part animal or something.

He might be like the other. He might be like you. Different.

Just as Allison was about to re-enter the shop yet again, a girl pushed the door open in front of her, quickly entering and sitting directly across from the man, who, based on his thoughts, was called Samuel. Allison grinned. What girl couldn't help talking to someone like tho guy. He was very attractive. Maybe she was his girlfriend or....

As soon as he stands up and leaves this shop there is going to be a explosion and then I would have completed another target already.

Allison pushed open the door, thinking fast. Nope, definitely not his girlfriend. How smart was this girl, Lily? She might be able to alter her thoughts just enough to get him out without Lily blowing him to pieces. Maybe Allie could convince her that he wasn't who she was looking for. Based on Samuel's thoughts, he was seriously hurt, and wouldn't be Out of here. And how could she not help someone as attractive as him? Smirking, she briskly walked up to their booth, sat down right next to Sam and wrapped an arm around him. She quickly sent him a thought: "Don't question it. Your life is at stake. Go with it"

"Hi Michael, I was hoping we go out to eat somewhere nice for our second date? what do you think?" Allie said with a smile, turning towards Lily, and locking eyes. "Who is this?" Allie immediately delved into her mind, trying to grab hold of it, sending false thoughts.
This isn't the right man. My target's name is different. He looks different. My target doesn't have brown hair, but this one does.
Allison pushed these thoughts at Lily, making them her own, making Lily think this is what she thought. Allie altered Lily's perception of Samuel. Leave, this isn't your target. My target has no files about having a girlfriend. This isn't the right man. I should just take my bomb and leave Allie pushed harder, trying to make Lily believe this, hoping, just hoping, that she would leave. Leave. Allison forced this last command with as much force and energy as she could, Allie knew that this at least, would make Lily get up.