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The Gifted Wars

The Gifted Wars


The hiding years have been disturbed and now a second and more dangerous war will bloom.

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The Gifted Wars

The Gifted. A race of beings with extraordinary powers. At one point they lived hand in hand with the humans. Protecting them and helping them. But soon The Cursed arose, they were once gifted's. But they turned there back on the humans. Seeing them as inferior. The evenly matched enhanced being butt heads for years, but had never once attacked eachother. But soon the Cursed decided it was time to knock the human race down a notch. An all out war ensued. Commonly known as The Gifted-Cursed War abbreviated GCW. The humans were helpless against the onslaught the cursed brung. Despite a strong effort from the Gifted they were just barely able to defeat the Cursed. But the humans were angry seeing the many human deaths as the Gifted's fault, believing they failed to protect them liked they promised. They soon drove the Gifted's to near extinction leaving them to an all-time low in population. They soon went underground and created the illusion that they has become extinct. The Cursed did the same. This time is referred to as The Hiding Years. It has been over 2,000 years and normal people do not even know of there existence. But now the Cursed have regrouped and have created a small group of strong young people too break the hiding years and take over the world. Soon the Gifted did the same. Still set on protecting the Human race.

The Gifted
The good guys in this situation. They strive to keep the humans safe and feel like the hiding years should not have been disturbed, they have no real leader but still have the labels.
Co-Leader: Jacob Maldonado

Name|Age|Earth Manipulation|The power to control, shape and generate earth, including sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, glass, metal, and other minerals|FC: Tristan Wilds|Status: Open

Name|Age|Telepathy|Power to mentally receive and/or transmit information|FC: Lily Collins|Status: Open

Name|Age|Teleportation|The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between|FC: Andrew Garfield|Status: Open

Name|Age|360-degree vision|The power to see in all directions at once|FC: Zoella Sugg|Status: Open

Name|Age|Super Intelligence|The power of extremely heightened and enhanced intelligence|FC: Adam G. Sevani|Status: Open

Name|Age|Poison Generation|The power to create/generate variety of poisons|FC: Christina Grimmes|Status: Open

Name|Age|Time Travel|The ability to move through time at will|FC: Rupert Grint|Status: Open

Jennifer Sarazone|18|Invisibility|The power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye|FC: Amber Heard|Status: Taken by Kura Ravengade

Name|Age|Disintegration|The power to collapse objects into dust|FC: Ash Stymest|Status: Open

Name|Age|Precognition|The power to perceive future events before they happen| FC: Emma Watson|Status: Open

Jacob Maldonado|17|Telekinesis|The power to manipulate objects with the mind|FC: Robert B. Hall II| Status: Taken by JustQuit

Castiel Wallace|16|Diamond Mimicry|The power to transform physically into diamond|FC: Ariana Grande|Status: Taken by bandgeek

The Cursed
They carry a deep hatred of humans an give gifted people a bad rap everywhere. They wish to pure the world of all humans and want to end the hiding years forever and take per the world. There leaders are ruthless and their authority can never be questioned.
Leader: Dakota Fuentes
Co-Leader: Jezabel Vanton

Name|Age|Force Field Generation|The ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy|FC: Dave Franco|Status: Open

Name|Age|Water Manipulation|The power to control, generate and/or absorb water and moisture|FC: Clémence Poésy|Status: Open

Name|Age|Fire Manipulation|The power to generate, manipulate and/or absorb fire|FC: Jamie Bell|Status: Open

Name|Age|Reality Warping|The ability to manipulate reality|FC: Vanessa Hudgens|Status: Open

Name|Age|Power Transferal|The power to exchange powers between two people|FC: Avan Jogia|Status: Open

Jezabel Vanton|19|Persuason|The power to control people with your voice|FC: Nina Dobrev|Status: Taken by Kura Ravengade

Name|Age|Electricity Manipulation|The ability to control, generate, and/or absorb electricity|FC: Garret Hedlund|Status: Open

Name|Age|Shape Shifting|The power to transform and reshape form of one's body|FC: Emma Roberts|Status: Open

Dakota Fuentes|19|Necromancy|The power to revive the dead|FC: Travis Mills |Status: Taken by bandgeek

Name|Age|Feral Rage|The ability to tap into a state if primal rage|FC: Zoë Kravitz|Status: Open

Name|Age|Power Mimicry|The power to copy the powers of others|FC: Cam Gigandet|Status: Open

Character Sheet
Code: Select all
[right][img]a gif of your character here please[/img]
[img]and another gif[/img]
[img]and a third[/img][/right]
[b]Full Name:[/b] Your characters full name, with middle please.
[b]Nicknames:[/b] If any.
[b]Age:[/b] Between 15-19 please
        [i]Hair Color:[/i]
        [i]Eye Color:[/i]   
        [i]Height: [/i]   
        [i]Piercings:[/i] if any
        [i]Tattoos:[/i] if any
        [i]Scars:[/i] if any[/center]
[b]Gifted or Cursed:[/b] With color please?
[b]Power:[/b] Expand on your power - how far can you take it? What are you limitations?
[b]Likes:[/b] Five minimum please
[b]Dislikes:[/b] Five minimum please
[b]Fears:[/b] Everyone is frightened of something.
[b]Personality:[/b] A paragraph or so on your characters personality please - bad points as well as good.
[b]History:[/b] I don't want too much detail, but we need information on your childhood, how you first found out about your power, how you decided whether to be good or bad. So, three good sized paragraphs, I think?
[b]Anything else?[/b] Just anything else that doesn't fit into the categories.

1. Doubling up is fine, if you can handle it
2. Fighting in the RP is ok, but there will be no OOC fights on my watch
3. Being as I am the one and only GM of this roleplay at this time please contact me with any questions or ideas you do not decide to bring to the OOC
4. Please PM me if you wish to change any FC’s I will be more than happy to change them for you
5. Mistakes are allowed but please keep the grammar and literacy at a high level
6. Please follow the character sheet, everything doesn’t have to be perfect but don’t submit anything sloppy
7. If this RP is to die I will revive it until the war is over
8. You cannot be invincible, give yourself limits
9. We must have at least 6 people on both groups, 3 boys/3 girls
10. Reserves last 24 hours and will only be extended if emergencies arise
11. This takes place in Los Angeles, but as the RP progress things will happen all over the world.
12. Last But Not Least have fun guys, this is for you and me so let’s make this RP worthwhile

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May I reserve the leader of the gifted?

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Can FC: Nina Dobrev be the Co-Leader of the Cursed Ones? ^^

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may I reserve FC Nina Dobrev and FC Amber Heard? I would like Dobrev more so though, just in case I can't.

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Could I reserve FC: Ariana Grande and FC: Zayn Malik? Though, would it be alright if I changed the Zayn FC to T Mills. [ Sort of can't stand anything 1D :P ] I'd also love for FC: Zayn to be the leader.

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