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Name: Nadiya Darzi
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Human

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 147 lbs

Nadiya's complexion is quite tanned- not only because of being outside frequently, but also because she is naturally darker. Her hair is a dark red- bordering on almost a brown. Her eyes are actually hazel, but in the right light can appear more greenish. She has no significant markings, save for a small mole on her back- and perhaps a scar or two from an errant injury during her youth, not that she has noticed any. Nadiya is of average build- with decent muscle tone and slightly calloused hands from working around the house and meager 'farm' her family possessed.


Nadiya is a generally mild-mannered soul, and a hard working one to boot. Even when upset, she is good at holding her tongue and refraining from letting someone know her scorn or displeasure. She is always ready with a smile, a listening ear, or anything else she can offer. Growing up the oldest of six children, she is used to looking after others without much concern of her own needs and whims. Not to say she doesn't have them, but she has always put others first- both out of habit and a genuine desire to help others. Nadiya has always been a caretaker, patching up cuts and scrapes, wiping away tears, and otherwise looking after not only her family but the few farm animals they could afford to keep. Were she to have the luxury of pursuing her own studies and interests, she'd eagerly seek tutelage in the art of music or or medicine. Both fascinate her, and while Nadiya has no real gift for music, she is at least comfortable dealing with sick or injured individuals. Nadiya is helpful and eager to learn should she ever gain such opportunity.
Nadiya is a bit of a daydreamer, and secretly a romantic. She sometimes likes to imagine what it would be like in various different lifestyles or what it would be like to venture to far off lands. In addition, she is curious about the world around her, sometimes overly so.

Above all else though, she cares for her family, and will do anything to support them.

Animals- they feel emotions but do not judge or follow the biases of humans. Plus, there are a lot of cute animals. Also fun to watch
A warm meal- like anyone, she hates being hungry, and a fresh meal is the best thing after a day of work
Helping others-seeing people happy and having a better day because of her feels quite rewarding. She also generally wishes others well
Music- soothing and pleasant to her ears, and a skill she wishes she had
A gentle breeze- the perfect thing to accompany a sunny day
Water- good to drink, pretty to look at, and lovely to swim or bathe in
Medicine - a fascinating subject and something that helps others

Seeing someone in pain- she likes to help and see people happy. Besides, who likes pain?
Oily foods- if she can visibly see or feel oil dripping from it, it's too much
Cold weather- she hates being cold
Spiders- creepy looking, and they can hurt
Small enclosed spaces- she's claustrophobic
Merciless people
The sea- she fears bodies of water she doesn't know the depth and reach of

Her family suffering
Small enclosed spaces
Causing someone pain
The sea- Nadiya loves water, but seeing the ocean's vast expanse scares her. The thought of not knowing it's reach or it's depth is a frightening one, and she sees it as limitless.

Skills and virtues:
Caring for farm animals and children (or people in general)
Fast learner
Knowledge of useful and medicinal plants
Always willing and eager to help
Curious (will devote rapt attention if she is to be taught or if something catches her interest)

Flaws and vices:
Very strong phobias- they induce extreme anxiety and will halt her in her tracks
Can come across as shy or incompetent due to not projecting confidence
Has a bad tendency to automatically judge people when they do something she perceives as cruel, unnecessarily harsh/ aggressive, or morally wrong (even if it is only one time)
Curious (sometimes, she gets caught up by a desire to know something and quell the questions/ musings in her mind.)

Ribbon color:
Green (possible White)

Nadiya is the oldest of six children, and as such is used to being a caretaker in the family. Her father works as a blacksmith, and her mother is known for being good with plants- medicinal herbs in particular. Nadiya's fascination with medicine stemmed from her mother's love and use of medicinal plants. Her family obviously had to work hard to support six children, so Nadiya would try to take on as many chores as she could. She wished to hire herself off as a maid, but it wouldn't secure her family well enough to warrant it, nor would she be able to help out around the home.
Despite the slave trade being all but abolished, Nadiya was aware of some lingering remnants of the practice. Upon learning the Raven Home is among the last places untouched by the change of time, she has finally made a choice to try and take care of her family. Now that most of her siblings are old enough to work around the house and learn their father's trade, she will go and offer to sell herself for the highest price she can obtain- she will willingly live the life of a slave if someone will buy her and send the sale money to her family

So begins...

Nadiya Darzi's Story


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Their need would be taken care of later? Well that meant he didn't need to associate with the guards or the other new 'slaves' that arrived with him. He glanced over the strangers in a similar boat as him and his eyes settled on the woman with the black ribbon. He was still very curious about her and why she sported the same color ribbon. He hadn't see anyone else that they passed with a ribbon like theirs. And she was hungry to. He wanted to investigate but if his own hunger was any indication, this other black ribbon bearer was also famished. He didn't want to tangle with another creature equally as distraught by food. Maybe another time he would investigate his curiosity. For now, he had his own needs to take care of.

Azai slid into his designated room and shut the door behind him. He scanned the room again, trying to decide where he wanted his bed to go. When he finally settled on the right corner, Azai walked over to it and climbed up the wall. He perched easily as he looked down at his wrists to ensure nothing else was blocking the flow of his silk before his practiced fingers rapidly pulled the fine silk. He began to weave his web then. Normally he would have taken his time and secured each little design, but today, he was tired. He just wanted to lay down in comfort. He was just about done when he heard his door. He tensed, eyes narrowed on the movement.

The spider could tell that some of the servants that had entered were terrified of him. He couldn't help the grin and bared his fangs for added affect. He watched as they set down the box before scurrying away. He eyed the box warily then. What was in that? Was this some kind of trap? He hadn't promised to follow the rules of this house so maybe Kenner was doing something to try and force him into submission. The guard then lifted the box top to reveal a rather large rabbit. He head never seen a rabbit that size before. Apparently, said rabbit was to be his dinner. His mouth instantly watered at the prospect of sating his hunger. He hardly listened to the guard as he spoke, so enraptured by the need to eat.

The guard was retreating as Azai eyed the box. The rabbit wasn't going to fall into his web. It hopped about on the ground if he set it free and his web was too high. He'd never... carried anything to his web before. This was strange. Maybe those tarantulas had a good idea of putting webs down on the ground. He shrugged the idea away as he moved off of his web and walked over to the box that contained his meal and lifted the top. The rabbit sniffed the air and just looked up at him. It didn't realize what its fate was to be. Azai picked up the heavy rabbit and walked back to his web before quickly wrapped up the creature in thread to lock it in place. The rabbit tried to resist too late so its efforts were useless. Azai crawled back into the center of his web and bit down on the rabbit, injecting his venom and devouring his meal. When he was done, he simply dropped the dry husk still wrapped neatly in the webbing to the floor. He fixed his web before he finally lay back and was almost instantly asleep. The trying voyage had worn Azai out. He hadn't quite realized just how exhausted he was.


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After only a few minutes of taking care of her new charge, Chlorra had Babble up off the pier and with her. Walking him into the lift in the back and taking it several floor up, almost passing the main entrance level. During the ride, she paid little attention towards him however. Fussing with the mask that donned her face and tightening the laces in the back, under the tie of her ponytail. Kenner however did not ride with them, moving off on his own for some reason. Leaving her with the directive to take him to the atrium and as the door of the lift opened, he could tell they were there.

The hall stretched out before them and ended in what seemed to be a blinding light that forced him to squint as she lightly pulled him along. The sounds ahead were that of the ocean and the waves pounding against the reef of the rocks below, light was bathing the entire entrance of the hall and as they both cleared, he saw with full glory of the space before him.

The atrium lived up to its name and then some, with vast streatches of grass and flowers pouring out from the edge of the halls entrance. It was a vast circular opening with several hundred yards of lush greenery, pushing back into planted fields and trees of varied size and color. The far end was open and exposed to the air of the ocean, letting in the sound of nature and allowing the ripe full smells to circulate from the rush of flowing air. Several animals could be seen wandering about, rabbits and the such. Those small enough to not be noticed, but be seen if they were to be looked for. The fields broke into small sectioned plots of vegetation that were being tended by several other members of the house. Though they did nothing to show their attentions to those around and continued with their duties.

The ceiling of the atrium was a wonder all its own, though the who of it seemed to be a massive dome that sheltered those contained within from the elements. It was made to look as though it were transparent and the vision of the sky and sun could be gleamed as one looked up.

Chlorra brought Babble with her over to a small circular grotto, set within the edge of the atrium. Letting him take a seat on one of the stone benches nearby as she walked around a small pond within its center. Babble could tell that something was off, the sounds of this place were different all around. Some misplace and some disheveled from one another, like their were all thrown together and the harmony was off somewhat, but at least it was quieter then the place before.

He could see that she to was bare foot like the man before as she walked around on the grass, holding the edge of her dress so it would not get dirty. The grass seemed to lean away from her touch and the fish in the pond would scurry away towards the opposite side, in an attempt to put distance between her and them. She quickly joins him after making one small rotation and sits almost a foot from his side. She turned and began to speak, at that sound of a whisper and rattled on "The master will be with us soon, with several others as well." Babble could not easily tell, but the sound of her voice stung his ears, almost with a painful shirk. Were her voice louder, the thought that the sound of her voice could actually cause physical harm to him came to mind. However she kept it as low and as soft as she possibly could before leaning in and rubbing his cheek. The same feeling from before overtaking his senses. "I hope you get to stay, its been so long since I've met one as hurt as you.. think of the stories you have to share." She brushed his hair to one side slightly as she kept looking him over and it was at this moment Babble realized the sound of even her breath was absent.

"We can tell that your senses will prove to be a problem though, so I think its for the best that Kenner.. make some minor adjustments. We can't have you eavesdropping on some of the other members of the house now can we.." She leans her head over as she peers back at him, the emotionless face making such an interaction somewhat uncomfortable. "Now however, how do you feel?.. and questions rolling around in that head of yours?"

Upstairs, the time had crept by slowly as everyone ate and the guards conversed with one another outside the doors they passed. The smell of food still wafting through the halls of Raven Home and several sounds could be heard that were both familiar and quick to return. Each door a knock was placed and several moment of silence before a maid entered and gathered the trey once more before bowing and leaving. Though strangely, not a soul entered Azai's room to retake his box or the grizzly meal that he left behind in turn.

Not long after however, a guard peered into two of the doors. Looking in on both Luna and Azai both, only to ask they exit and come out into the hall. With little choice in the matter, they were both lead out and the there the vision of Kenner was there to greet them. He himself had poked into Safiya's room and given her a quick notice of his arrival. "I am going to be a little while my dear, why don't you make yourself comfortable, or walk along this floor for a while. It could not hurt to meet some of your new housemates.." He smiled at her before pulling his head out of the door and walking on, with the guards issuing the same direction. They walked in the direction of the large elevator at the end of the hall, the only destination at the end of the floor. Kenner had himself and the two new additions prompted in with him, with the guards leaving them with nary a worry in their words. The ride down was short, but it did give them a short moment to converse.

"I hope the meal was satisfactory, I usually like to have beef on the menu instead of pork.. it sits in the stomach better." He gives a sly smile towards Luna as he says this, as if projecting it at her. "You on the other hand were somewhat of a problem for Kadesh.. she doesn't like to not cook for a member of the house and I believe someone that eats live meals kind of threw her off." The smile was shifted towards Azai then and he even laughed slightly as Kenner turned his head.

Nadiya Darzi

The hours in Raven Home were growing closer to the darkest hours, the lights within also began to mirror this as several of the windows began to dim and lamps did so as well. Though in the hour of things, it appeared to be more for the mood of the dim hours then darkening the actual lights. A new guest was entering Raven Home for the first time with aspirations and hope rifling through her mind. The dimming hours had brought with it a dew that lay softly on the nape of her neck as she walked through the archway of the foyer. Two forms standing near the fountain as she walked in and shook a slight chill from her bones.

The first was a man of advanced years, he was dressed in soft greens and other earthen colors. He knelt before a familiar girl with long, straight, blue hair and the same glow as before. He looked over her left arm, which he was rubbing a salve over as he spoke to her. "Well Misha, I see no real change and I do believe that the concoction should let you go outside without incident. Once again I must apologize for not getting the mixture right sooner." The girl smiled back and hummed a happy reply as she leaned in and kissed his cheek before she skipped off as if she were off to school.

The man gave a wry grin before standing, using the edge of the fountain for leverage and that is when he noticed Nadiya. Dusting his knee and walking towards her, he gave her a small greeting. "Hello young miss.. might I ask what your reason for being here is. You don't have the look of a trader or someone willing to purchase.. so I hazard a guess that your here to offer instead?" He looks at her deeply, she can see a trace of remorse in his eyes. The years look to have weighed heavily on his face as the skin is darkly tanned from hours outside, with a large scar running across his left cheek.

This look marked him to be over forty years in age and the air around him sung of herbs and lacquer.


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Hazel eyes glanced cautiously around at her surroundings as the young woman all but tip-toed into the foyer of one Raven Home. Wonder and nervousness surfaced in equal measure upon gazing at her surroundings, each sensation battling for emotional dominance within her subconscious. Nadiya was finally here, and though she thought herself ready- she found herself almost overwhelmed upon the reality of her plan possibly working. This grand home was where she sought to sell herself.

This was her intention though. It was her plan entirely, yet Nadiya felt a growing sense of anxiety. Now that she was actually here, uncertainty and doubt plagued her mind. What if she couldn't get enough? What if they didn't buy slaves anymore? What if her family never received any money? What if they turned her away- deemed her not worth buying? Nadiya hugged herself to ward off a slight chill, gathering what willpower she had to look forward and at least make an attempt to carry out her idea.

Walking forward, she paused only a few steps in when a pair of figures near a fountain caught her eyes. A pretty girl with blue hair, and an notably older man kneeling before her and tending to the young girl in some fashion. Nadiya watched in silence, a small involuntary smile beginning to form as she witnessed the girl skip off merrily after gracing the gentleman's cheek with a kiss- bringing to mind a child and parent. How cute. It made her think of her own family- her sisters and brothers back home. That's right, she had to take care of them, just as her parents took care of her.

Her resolve beginning to return, the young woman was interrupted by the older male's voice, the tanned figure approaching her and his eyes looking almost sorrowful or shamed, though Nadiya dismissed it as her own misinterpretation. Being questioned as to her intentions brought some of the anxiety back to the surface, the woman trying not to sway as she wrung her hands behind her back- a habit of hers when nervousness set in. The man was gentle enough, and his words weren't threatening in the slightest.

"Oh? Y-yes sir. I...I was hoping to speak to the master of the house. I have an...an offer you see. How would I go about seeking an audience with the master of Raven Home?" Nadiya replied, cringing at how uncertain and pathetic she sounded just then. Where did her conviction go?! About to wallow in self-criticism of her poor excuse for an introduction, she was caught by the scent the older man carried. It was a comforting and welcome smell- one that was somehow similar to the one her mother had.

Smiling and with a growing look of eager expectation, Nadiya met the eyes of the gentleman, excited at the possibility he could be what she dreamed of becoming for many years. "Forgive me for prying, but are you by chance a medicine man? A...a physician?" For a moment, she stumbled on the terminology, but was pleased she remembered it before she made a fool of herself.


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Kenner looks on at Luna for a moment as she speaks and he can read the expression crossing her face as if the words were scrolled through in fine ink. He grinned non the less as she chimed on about asking his name, though he knew he had already introduced himself as the master. The though that she may be digging for something began overtaking a corner of his mind. He just allowed her to amble on until the lift stopped on the same level as the atrium. Its doors opening and he looked at her before beckoning the two of them to follow. "I am the master of the house and nothing more. That is how you shall keep me in mind and you shall inquire to me as such in the future. As you will see, there are very few within these walls that even dare call me by my name alone and I hope you remember to stay as focused."

The doors slid all the way from their path and Kenner lead the two of them out into the atrium, letting Luna and Azai see the full splendor of its form before them. Several small animals running as they walked out into the grass and began to make their way towards Chlorra, who was still entertaining Babbles company.

As they approached however, Babble and Luna could both tell that something was off from before. The effects of being around Kenner were somehow lessened and in no way as rapturous as before. Luna could bare to look at him directly now and her body did not react with the same sense of revulsion that it did before. Despite his close proximity to her as they stood by one another in the lift before now. Babble as well could discern the world more clearly despite the effects of being within Kenner range. Though it was still noticeable, though weather or not this lessening in his effects was with effort, or due to being used to it by now was still unseen. Chlorra leaned in beside Babble, the side of her mask caressing the edge of his cheek as she whispered into his ear. An effect that she was all too certain that only he could hear. "The only thing you need to know, is that within these walls. Kenner is the lord and master of all things." She pulled away slowly, running a singular finger through his matted hair as she did.

Kenner finally stopped with his two guest in tow and looked at the three of them with very little pause. "I wanted to speak with you three before making a decision, your very natures are what put your lives in a state of unbalance here. Because I do not like to have those that are dangerous near my more productive family members. Such as a half demon with very little control over her baser nature. Or an arachnid from the deep forest of the far corner of the world and an anchored elemental of all things. The three of you pose a problem, but instead of throwing you into the pits and letting the arena have the lot of you. I intend wish to make the best of the situation."

Nadiya gets a nice glance over the man before he answers her first question. [color-green]"I'm sorry to say young miss, but Master Kenner isn't able to talk at this minute. If I remember correctly, he just got in a few new introduction to the house earlier today."[/color] He answers as he wipes the remaining salve from before on the side of his pants. It remained lightly on the fabric of his clothing, glinting slightly in the light, almost like a very thin form of amber.

He laughs lightly as she ask him of his profession and with a lean to his head and a sly smile he responds. "Yes, I am somewhat a doctor of sorts and I have been known to treat the ills of others. Though my true calling in this world is alchemy and I do have my own place within Raven Home. Oh dear me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Aemon Davros, at your service." He finished wiping his hand of the strange liquid before giving Nadiya a small bow of his own.

Safiya had not been resting for more then a few minutes, before an uneasy feeling began to come over her. It was not a feeling of illness, but more a feeling that something was going wrong or about to go wrong. As if by instinct she opened her eyes and was greeted with the sight of a young face staring back at her. It was the face of the young pale girl from before and she was kneeling on the foot of the bed, looming over Safiya as if like a statue, perched on the upper edge of a church wall. "Your a strange one, the first I've seen that was on the upper floors to sleep out of their own bed.." The child giggled for a moment as she looked down on Safiya and grinned. Revealing to the young woman that the little girls mouth was home to some rather sharp and monstrous teeth. To add emphasis to the unease of the moment, her lower lip possessed a rather dark, turgid, red stain. A color that was unanimous with only one other thing that Safiya could bring to mind right now.


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A crestfallen look met the older man's reply, Nadiya now worried that her trip may have been for naught. While he didn't say she was unwelcome or that the master of the house was against such things, the possibility nagged at her. The young woman mentally chastised herself for not having a proper back up plan- she hadn't even thought about the possibility of failure. "Oh, I see. Would there perhaps be a better time to come back? Or...is the master of the house not keen on having an audience at all?" Nadiya ventured to ask, hands wringing behind her back. Would he not see her at all?

His words ran through her mind even as she watched in somehow suppressed surprise at the sudden smear of salve on the gentleman's pants. How strange, she thought healers were more tidy and prone to keeping clean. Perhaps her guess was incorrect? Ready to apologize for assuming his trade, the soft laugh stopped her short- followed by a confirmation that he did practice the healing arts. So he was a doctor! Though his explanation was more detailed than anticipated. A physician who's primary skill was in something else entirely- alchemy. Nadiya had of course heard of such arts, but she had never witnessed such herself, nor was she in any way familiar with the field of study. A spark of interest showed in her features even as she once more wondered about his casually use of his clothing as a rag.

Returning the bow with a slight curtsy, Nadiya committed the name to memory, a momentary pause before giving her name in return lest she inadvertently cut the older man off mid-sentence. "Pardon me sir. I should have announced myself properly. I'm Nadiya Darzi. It is a pleasure to meet you."


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Kenner stared on at the two as Luna voiced her disregard for what he said about her and he smirked back. She was only half blooded and most likely didn't know the problems that would come with her maturity, or she did and didn't care. He did return her concern non the less "I would believe that you already know what I mean.. Having those quiet and rather horrible thoughts running around your head most of the day and those.. cravings can be a rather bothersome thing." He smiled on as Chlorra chuckled under her breath, the very sound kicking up ripples in the small pond that now housed Babbles head. He heard them come through only slightly distorted and could swear, more then one voice was housed within.

He circled the two as they stood there and allowed Chlorra to retrieve the her new friend from his watery confines, lightly lifting him from the pond with her hands and setting him back to his seated position. He could tell, with the ease that she handled his frame that breaking him, would be an equally easy measure for her. Azai was quick to spit his tongue at Kenner and disregard his own surroundings. It was simple enough to understand why he was so angry with Kenner and the tone of his voice was simply a punctuation. Though the snide remark of Kenner bowing did provoke an ire from the pale man, so much so that the air stood still for a moment as if waiting to breath on the head of a pin, as he stared off past the barrier and into the ocean.

Kenner ran a hand through his hair as he looked back at Azai, his eyes settled and the same lite smile that he held before as he walked down that stair in their presence for the very first time. He gave Azai a simple remark that would answer his question "Had you the strength to protest this, you wouldn't have been sold into my care in the first place." It was at this moment that Azai could distinctly tell something was amiss. The warmth of the setting sun was being replaced by something and in only a moment, he discovered that the ribbon clasped around his arm was slowly becoming hotter.

"However, if you want to be that disobedient towards my rules, despite giving you food, a warm place to sleep and offering the care of my household. I could send you down below with the more disagreeable of my charges and see how you enjoy their company." He walked up towards Azai, flatly laying out this ultimatum for the young arachnid to ponder. Reaching out to take Azai's arm in his hand, the young man found his ability to withdraw the limb retarded for some reason. As if something were holding his resistance in place and to his surprise, the touch only served to heighten the heat felt from the ribbon on his arm. "This mark, places you as one of my family that is more dangerous towards the others of the house. No doubt a design of your heritage and of the possible harm you represent towards the others. You may even of seen the same measure of fear in the others before now, as simple symptom of you wearing this. He releases Azai and just like that the heat, which was nearly unbearable just stopped, ceasing all notion of even being noticeable.

Kenner looks the three of them over as he wrings his hands together slightly, as if pondering a solution to his current problem. "My predicament stands at threefold, with the duties I must amuse myself. A half demon child, barely old enough to grow her own horns. A young arachnid from the far eastern fringe, with all the pomp and circumstance that follows his station and not to mention my newest acquisition. An elemental of some damaged trappings, already contained in his own physical shell." He passes his way over towards Babble, as if to show him to the others and handles the misused elemental's arms for a moment. A touch that brings extreme bouts of physical sensations into Babbles arms, almost as though he could feel his hands on the other side once again.

"I wish to know your skills and what it is that you all will aspire to while here, so that I may better place you within my house. Because if not.. then its down below with the lot of you."

The young child like figure sat further out on the edge of the bed, using a thumb to wipe away the red stain on her lips. She looked on at Safiya, with a clam and loving smile on her freshly cleaned face. "There is no need to treat yourself like that here, because everyone wants a better life and here they can have it." She slipped herself off the side of the bed and approached the kneeling girl as she eyed her over for a quick moment. Only to suddenly reach out and latch her small hand only the bottom of Safiya's jaw, holding her head in place and inspecting her like a recent purchase.

"Parents can be so strange these days can't they?
When I was locked into a box, it was because my parents were just cruel and monstrous. However yours just thought they were doing you a favor."
Safiya could tell the little girl was spotting all the small marks and tell tale signs of her upbringing as easily as one would read a map. Only for the girl to release her just as quickly as she was grabbed. "My name is Misha Balaur'bâr." She gave Safiya a small flourish of her dress to emphasis her greeting.

Aemon looked at the young woman before him and could tell that the fact she missed Kenner was concerning her, almost alarmingly so. He gave her an apologetic look as he waved his hands slightly at her to get her attention focused. "Not a problem little miss, at this time the Master is usually up with any of the new additions of the house. His attention will not be kept for the whole time and I am sure he will be back here to greet you.. in fact." Aemon motions for one of the guards standing post and as the armored man looks back, a quick physical message is transacted between the two. In fact, it was just a normal hand signal that anyone could use or know, but the subtlety was rather quaint.

"There, now while the guardsmen sends word for Kenner to return. Why don't you tell me your reason for being here, not like a young woman like yourself to just send herself into a place like this. Especially with how the rest of of the kingdom is set to view us at the moment." Aemon slightly showed his age at the moment, remembering his own time when the kingdom actually had a king to speak of.


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As the light of the sun slowly began to set on this day, a trickle of rain began to fall upon the surrounding land. Amesha was beginning to grow dim, albeit slowly, but surly and the lights of the protesting mob at the entrance dispersed in time. However one light still remained and it was steadily coming its way up the long drive from the front gate

This was a singular carriage, pulled by two and lead by one. As the driver gave his horses a quick nudge to hurry them along and into the veranda outside the main entrance. His cargo, watched over by two pairs of dutiful eyes that kept their own time with the treasure inside. Ensuring chains and manicals remained attached, to secure their prize away.

Aemon was first to realize, seeing as the little miss in front of him was not eyeing the door. His gaze sat upon the carriage as it spun into place, to let the men off its back and allowed them to unload their cargo in quick measure. He lightly reached out for her arm and beckoned her closer towards the center fountain before the men could brake the threshold of this great house.

He looked down at Nadiya before speaking "I suggest you keep clear and watch Nadiya, because your about to see what this house most entails for many visitors." As if in timed concert, the three moved the cage into the main foyer. Only for several of the attending guards to assist in their handling of their charge. Something that was sectioned within this rattling covered cage and obviously something of human size. Something that the guards were quick to snatch from the confines of the cage, showing a vastly practiced routine of pulling the subject out and latching their chains through the ties in the floor.

Aemon was quick to walk forward and inspect what he could see was a young woman in the bindings. However it seemed as though she was put through a rather strenuous brawl before coming into their care. He produced a clean cloth from the side of his satchel and began to dry off the young woman's features, as her eyes were still trying to adjust to the sharper lights within the building. "Damn barbarians, they could at least have taken it easier on you in the long run." One of the men that brought her began to laugh, with a deep below to his voice, like its tone was lost in a keg spirits. "Not us old man." added the largest of the group. "Caught her in the middle of a scrap.. right nice catch on that one. I would keep the chains on however, best to keep her like that then to deal with the beast." Aeom was not entirely listening to the man as he began to clean away some of the filth that had gathered on the young girl during her trip. Only to see the man holding out his hand as if expecting payment from him.

He looks back up and motions for a guard "Take him upstairs to get paid, I don't have the patience for one like you at the moment. He replies as he returns to his work.

Misha looks at Safiya for a few moments, letting a glimmer of time pass between the two of them before speaking again. "So I see the master has you slated to be one of those boring talkative types that deals with those dignitaries. I do love the color blue, but all that talking and ass kissing can be such a bother." She adds the last part with a very vibrant smile as if to make Safiya more uncomfortable with how the young girls form was. Each smile was slightly exaggerated and served to show off more of the girls teeth, despite how unsettling the visage might be.

As Kenner looks on at Azai and listens to his words, a small pang of realization swoops over his face and he gets slightly closer to the young arachnid. "So you have experience with actual noble life and not just the concept of blue bloods in general. That is actually something that I can work with." He rubs a hand over his chin for a moment only for the trudging on boots off in the distance began to sound nearby and within moments of everyone noticing, a guard ran into view. Only stopping for himself to be allowed to approach the group, at Kenner's behest.

The guard approached and leaned upwards into Kenner's ear, having to stretch slightly with how much taller the Master was then himself. After a quick word, the guard gave a quick nod and return from the direction he came in, with a more quizzical look rummaging around on Kenner's face. He turns to face Chlorra for a moment after making his decision "Go and see what Aemon wants in the foyer. He is waiting with a young woman who has business with the house.

Chlorra gives a nod and begins off on her own, the very drape of her dress covering up all site of her feet as she moved off. All sound of her steps nonexistent as she traversed the floors of that vast house. Leaving Kenner with his chance to look back at Azai and speak. "How would you feel about being a part of those familiar circles again? My house could always use another individual to indulge those dignitaries away on political missions. Your foreknowledge could be a great boon in this indeed.


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Despite her unease, Nadiya felt almost guilty for making the older gentleman apologize to her, her own hands mimicking his apologetic gesture. "Oh, no, it's ok. I mean, it is nothing you need to apologize to me for..." she began, quieting upon seeing Aemon look back at the guards behind him. She didn't hear any words, but obviously the two men understood each other enough without the need for conversation. She vaguely wondered what the guard went off to do.

Aemon answered her inner inquiry before she could wonder about it more. He had been sent to get the Master of the house. Bowing her head in gratitude, Nadiya felt a bubble of relief start to accompany her nerves. "Thank you sir. I hope I haven't inconvenienced you." she said, only to bite her lip at his prying. Of course she had a reason to come here, but to admit it aloud suddenly seemed more than just a tad embarrassing. "Why? Well...you see.."

Nadiya didn't get the chance to answer, a sudden commotion interrupting her reply. A carriage pulled up just as she was gently nudged aside, Aemon's words earning a slight shiver and a bubble of doubt. What was she getting herself into?

Upon getting a glimpse of what was in the cage, Nadiya gasped, the condition of the female inside earning a look of horrified disbelief. It wasn't bad enough to put her in a cage, they had to hurt her as well? Tentatively taking a few steps closer to get a glimpse of the captive from behind Aemon, the would-be servant's eyes widened as the man's cloth revealed pearly skin beneath. Such a beautiful color...what kind of creature was she?

The sudden snarling made her jump, the eyes looking out from the cage clearly angry and intent on self-preservation. Well, not like you could blame her. Nadiya lifted a hand to her lips upon hearing the female speak, stepping towards the cage without realizing it. The girl wanted the chains off. Surely they could at least get her out of the cage? The rattling of the chains sent a chill down her spine. Was this commonplace here? Nadiya swallowed hard, feeling bad for the angry prisoner.

"D-does she really need to be in the cage as well as being chained? It seems overly cruel..." she asked Aemon softly.


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Kenner nods his head several times as he gets Azai and Babbles reply, though in the case of Babble he was somewhat apprehensive about just letting him go about his business around raven home without some kind of oversight. Though with all things in an effort to understand and a need to achieve. He could find some way to make things work in the end, just as he always has.

He clasped his hands together in a slight sign of happiness, the excitement shown in the fact that Azai was even interested in what he had to say. "It really means nothing, just being a point of words on my part. So how you could take it, could be either way, moot for all I care. The teachers here would help you understand everything from political etiquette, to regional dialects and histories." Kenner raises his hand and snaps his fingers, with a calm resplendent smile on his face. Only for Azai to feel the band on his arm begin to act up again. As he looked, its color began to shift and replace its original slowly. Becoming more blue in shade and leaving only a small section at its binding, completely black.

"I'll take your questions as at least, an interest in what my house has to offer." He walks up to Azai and places a hand on his shoulder, missing all of the problems that his touch brought before. "All you must do is follow the rules of our home and you shall find a new life here. I am not asking you to kneel to me or anyone else, that you would not chose to do so yourself." He removes his hand as he backs away from Azai, giving his head a slight turn towards Babbles own person. "Now you on the other hand, if you are going to be a part of this house. I must do something to stabilize your presence here. An elemental is a thing of nature and can barely abide by such a static construct, in the least." He reaches down and takes Babble up in his arms once more, helping him to stand.

"I can tell your body is still whole, just not all in one place. Now when my house purchased you, it was the intention of having all of you and not just part of what you are. I wish to rectify this and balance your perspective of the world around you."

"Would you wish for this?"

Aemon looks over as the young dragon hurls snarls and spits in his direction, a clear protest of what he was doing. He looks back down at her as she protest about her confined position and the lengths that the men went through the keep her contained. He gave her a slight lean to he head as he replied, both to her request and the question that Nadiya posed for him as well. "I cannot unfortunately, the problem being of what you are and how you might react to your newfound freedom.. if you can call it that. Besides the guards may not look it, but they have the ability to harm you should they need to and when it comes to it. They would most likely put you back in the chains, or in a worse position." He kneels before her again and lays a hand on her shoulder, at least showing her some compassion. "I understand that your uncomfortable, but I have seen it all before and in time this tension will pass. You will come to be at ease here, all it takes is time."

At that moment, Akhira's senses lit like a fire, as if her body was warning her of some imminent danger. As if she were caught in a burning building, or trapped in the bowels of a sinking ship. Her sight was drawn to a figure sitting quietly behind Aemon and Nadiya, perched patiently on the side of the small fountain. It was Chlorra and how long she had been sitting there was unsure, even the fact that both Aemon and Nadiya had not noticed her arrival. Though the guards themselves did not seem bothered by her sudden appearance and as Aemon followed theline of sight that Akhira's eyes were focused on. Only for his reaction to be noted as he looked, with a strange scowl forming on his brow. As he turned his face back towards the young dragon, who could feel Aemon's grip tighten slightly at his own discomfort.

"I had sent for master Kenner, though I did not expect you miss Chlorra."
She stood and waltzed slowly towards the small gathering, with a slow glide in her movements. Akhira's dragonic senses able to see where the extreme sense of dread was coming from, as it flowed off of the dark woman. Like heavy smoke off the edges of a burning hut and gliding across the floor.

What came next was a low whisper, but with it was a burning sensation to the ear. "No need to be so cross my dear doctor, he is merely occupied for the moment." She drew closer and placed a hand on the underside of Akhira's chin, taking hold and pulling, placing a small strain on the chains holding her. "I am glad to see that you brought me a present. She leans closer with Akhira seeing the very energies seeping from behind the mask she wore and spoke words all too clear to Akhira.
"(Tell me little one, is your pride hurt?)

"(To be captured and prodded by those insufferable stains of life..)"

Akhira could see that the sides of Chlorra's face were widening in what only could be discerned as a smile.


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Nadiya looked dismayed at Aemon's words, even though he was focused on and trying to calm the caged girl. Her hazel eyes went to the prisoner, feeling bad for the female and wishing she could offer some form of assistance. It didn't sit well with her to see her chained and caged like some beast. Her jaws were clenched, trying in vain to come up with some logical reason to convince them to release the poor girl. She knew she had no power here, and how likely would people chaining a young woman be to listen to her opinions or any argument she might be able to make?

Startled by Aemon's change in tone, Nadiya glanced over at the alchemist, instinctively about to ask what was wrong when the sight of a strange woman caught her eye, silencing all thought. Something was almost eerie about the stranger, and the mask only added to the mystery. A slight chill went down her spine, the voice that accompanied the figure more than just a tad unnerving. If only she could see an expression, maybe the person wouldn't be so intimidating.

Upon hearing the woman refer to the chained female as a 'present' made Nadiya stiffen, a slight frown crossing her features. Surely they couldn't think such a girl was no more than a pretty toy? She had to bite her lip to keep from voicing her thoughts, trying to rationalize that she didn't know for sure that was what was going on- that she shouldn't judge without the facts...

The cry from the caged girl was met with a gasp, Nadiya stepping forward without even realizing it. She was in pain! "Please don't hurt her!" Nadiya implored, her thoughts interrupted by the loud shattering of...glass? No, the girl had changed.

Upon seeing the girl shift into a dragon, Nadiya looked on with her mouth agape. She was as beautiful as she was large and fierce, and Nadiya took a step forward, looking on in apparent awe. "A dragon..." she mused mostly to herself, the roar echoing in her ears. She could feel the rumble from such a powerful voice, and while it was undoubtedly a sound that was to be met with caution, the would- be healer was more facinated than scared (though she was most definately more than a little shaky in her knees by now.)

Slowly, Nadiya reached a hand out, palm up in a peaceful gesture. "A-are you hurt? Will you let me see?"


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Kenner smiled at Luna for a moment as he caught the look on her face as he awaited Babbles reply. The idea that she could be concerned or interested in some way, was a good plus for him and would mean guiding her attentions was in fact possible. "I see that you are not so quiet anymore, that is good to say the least. Because now we can help each other with that expenditure. All of this, is to see the best place for you among my house..." The air goes still for a moment as a tension could be felt stirring and then a deep echoing sound came bursting through the open air of the building. The singular hall leading to the atrium was more then enough to amplify this sound, allowing them to hear the roar that fallowed. Only for a stringent sigh to come out from Kenners lips as he realized that sending Chlorra, may not have been the best of choices.

He raises a hand for a moment, palming his own face in the process. This gave way to the guards posted nearby to approach, only to subsequently be held to stop by the out stretched hand of Kenner. "I will deal with this, just take our new friends back to their rooms and have this one assigned to one as well." He stepped back from the small group and looked back at them for a moment with a somber expression in tow. "You may want to cover your eyes." Not a moment before he said this, did his flesh and hair begin to glow a quick, exaggerating white light.

Luna, Babble and Azai all were in no position to argue his suggestion, as the sight quickly began too much to bare. As if they were all staring directly into the sun and as if the sun had been situated only several feet away from their faces. Luna was the only one to have an adverse reaction to this however, as her skin began to feel like it was being flayed from her arms as she covered her face. It was almost as if she were rushing headlong into a wall of flame and just like that the sensation was gone. A gust of air pressing against them was the last sign of Kenner's presence, before their eyes could adjust enough to notice his absence.

As Akhira makes her debut transformation for the whole of the foyer to see, only a few things can be heard after she manages to do some minor structural damaged with her emergent thrashing. For the most part, the sound of the water from the fountain was unobstructed and clear as the breaking stone began to settle and after that, it was the sound of clapping. Chlorra was standing there staunchly were she was before, keeping her attention focused entirely on the young dragon.

It was then from this position that Akhira could see something else was off about the strange woman. Looking down on her from the height, she could see that Chlorra's shadow split into three direction, instead of brushing from the angle of a light source. "Such a precious little treasure aren't we?" Weather she was still referring to Akhira's age or her size was a slight forethought at that point. She merely turned her head to look on at Nadiya as she began to approach Akhira, letting the young woman lock her gaze onto herself before Chlorra began to shake her head. As if to emphasis that Nadiya should take this moment to step back.


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Akhira roared yet again, this time it was directed at Nadiya. Her fierce roar was louder this time, filled with anger that made it resonate more through the hallways and rooms of the building. Wretched human! Baring saliva coated teeth at the two-legger, she rolled her shoulders and side stepped - no small feat since she was in this small room. Flexing muscles that had before been dormant, she flicked her tail and snapped it in Nadiya's direction.

"Such a precious little treasure aren't we?"

Not caring if she had hit the woman with her tail or not, Akhira quickly turned to face the witch that had threatened her whilst in her human form. She raised her this time, as high as it could go in this small room, as she unfurled her wings somewhat, showing her immense size. It was nearly odd that such a small room could still contain her whole size, but somehow... I should leave instead... No point in bothering with this Necromancer.... but...

Akhira snarled and with a sudden fervor she lunged at witch. If she hit the Necromancer, she'd be killed by her claws and teeth, but if not, she herself would go flying through the wall right behind the witch.


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The young girl looked on at Safiya as she moved closer off the edge of the bed and smiled. "Oh you would be just fine for such a task, so pretty and well spoken.. albeit softly and somewhat timid." She steps past Safiya for a moment as she straightens the hem of her dress and looks at the light pouring in from the artificial window. Swaying in place as she hums along with her hands, dancing on the dresses edge. "Besides, he has only a few at a time that he.. deems, worthy of being dignitaries and they usually spend their time here at social functions. Or they are sent abroad to speak with those influential enough to help Raven Home succeed in this day and age. Procuring resources that the current regime attempt to keep from us and continue failing at in kind." She looks back at the kneeling woman and smiles while holding out her small, supple hand.

"Would you like to see my section of the house? It would be nice to have a fresh set of eyes there after so long, seeing as I don't have any new students. The company would be well appreciated."

As Luna stood in the elevator with Azai, the figure of a guard came waltzing down the hallway with Babble in tow under a light arm. A slow and ponderous step as atoned to the size of the guard in question as they breached the opening of the lift, joining the two as Luna looked to fumble with the strange controls. "I would suggest learning by example, before just pressing buttons little miss." A surprisingly feminine voice echoed from behind the armored face plate as it became more obvious, thanks to the form of the armor. That this was in deed a woman before them, despite standing nearly two heads taller then the two of them.

Thanks to the plume jutting from the rear of her headgear, it was easy to tell that she held some position within the guard. However without any real insight, the two could not really discern what position that was. However in time that may as well change as all things.

She held out a silvery gloved hand and pointed towards several of the rows of buttons as she explained. "The two left rows are for the upper house and the two left rows are for the lower levels." As indicated by the numbers on face of each button, along with a strange symbol that sat at the bass of each as well. "Your rooms are on the first floor, along with the foyer and main access. Just press the needed floor and then pull the lever." As she did this the lift shunted to life slightly as it began to descend down the spine of the house.

It didn't take long for Azai and Luna to realize that unlike the ride before with Kenner, the lift was taking longer and they both could not recall him pressing any of the buttons in question. The guard on the other hand was still and silent with Babble in hand, keeping one hand under his arm and the other set on her hip. As the gentle sway of the lift caused the metal of her scabbard to jingle against the guard of her thigh. "You should feel honored.." The guard added strangely "The master usually doesn't take such a personal interest in recent arrivals." She stops for a moment as something seems to catch her attention, like a dog listening for a far away noise and she slowly returns her attention to Luna."I see, we have a dragon in the house. Oh well, it was only a matter of time before we got another. Maybe this one will have a better temperament from the start."

The moment moved in nearly a paused time as Akhira arched her posture to come down on Chlorra. Her dragonic eyes could see the same expression of a smile on the edges of the face that looked up on her through masked eyes.

Aemon was quick to reach forward and wrap his arm around Nadiya's waist "I believe this is between them my dear." He sharply pulls her back as a section of the ceiling begins to crumble away under the young dragons movements and tucks her back towards the other side of the fountain.

Akhira comes down with intent as the masked woman stands her ground, neglecting to even show a response to being charged. However when the young dragon claws her way within several feet of Chlorra, a hand is brought up to stop her. One hand is all it takes and Akhira can feel something change heavily in the air, her body hitting something solid and forming. Like being submerged in a frozen lake and as she looked on, she could see the form of the masked woman giving off a thick layer of black smoke. With an outstretched hand pointed firmly at Akhira's snout, as if to issue a deep command.

Chlorra looks on at the Dragon as she withdraws the hand, shaking her head slowly. "Come now, you honestly didn't think it would be that easy. Maybe if you were a few centuries older, this might actually require effort." It was a vastly alien feeling for Akhira, held in place and constricted more so then she had ever been before. Even now, she could feel the edges of whatever was holding her tightening and pulling her scales tight. Even her muscles were beginning to creek and groan under the forced presented unto her.

The masked woman slowly tips closer into Akhira's space as she runs a hand along the dragons scales "You are such a beautiful specimen of your kind, such a pretty shade of blue." The guards remain lax as they sidle back, obviously aware of just how Chlorra might handle things. The fact that they remained as still till this point, only to avoid being crushed is a testament to what they may know. Chlorra looks on at Akhira for a moment as she brushes a hand across her chin in contemplation. "Your biology isn't that much different from the others I know.. how best to teach you a lesson?" As she runs her hand over the front of Akhira's neck, the young dragon feels something pierce her scales and slowly begin to dig in. A squirming, serpentine feeling, as if a large snake were carving its way through her flesh.

The feeling begins to slow however as Chlorra's head leans over and she sighs out with a low tone "Aww.. too bad, it seems our fun must come to a stop now." Before the young dragon can question what her meaning was, the room begins to shake and a deep glowing hue starts to shine through every inch of brick and mortar within the room. Chlorra quickly withdrew her hand from Akhira's neck and with it the digging sensation ceased.

As if by unison, all of the guards covered their faces with a spread palm and even Aemon was quick to shield the eyes of himself and his young charge. The room erupted with a vastly, overpowering light and even with her own powers of sight. It was hard for Akhira to stare directly into what was happening, as if the sun had been placed firmly on her nose. All she could make out was the outline of a man, standing on the edge of the fountain. Water all but frozen in the air as he looked upon the sight before himself. "I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised with how things progressed."

"Should I Chlorra?"
To which the masked woman only shrugs her shoulders.

Kenner steps off the edge of the fountain as the light quickly fades from the room and like that, Akhira is dropped from her hold. Letting her weight fall slack onto the floor. Kenner approaches slowly as he looks the young dragon over, drawing a hand back to brush hair away from his face. "Damn second rate bindings.." He curses under his voice as he looks into the eyes of the dragon before him. "Still young and yet so driven, you should realize when its not advantageous to have such an outburst."

"I am Kenner and I am the master of this house."
As Akhira rights herself, she can already see something is vastly off about the man before. Her senses are screaming at her, telling her to tread carefully. Not like the revulsion she experienced when Chlorra touched her, but this feeling tells her that Kenner is something incredibly primal. Even when compared to one of her own kind.


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Akhira's scales had changed from her normal soft blue to a pale and sickly white after the Witch commented on her color. Needless, to say, Akhira was beginning to hate this Necromancer more than she hated the humans. Rage rolled off her in waves, the temperature of the room beginning to rise as Akhira's rage slowly loosened her hold on her inner fire.

Akhira dropped onto her feet and recoiled away from the two beings, of course knowing that the odds weren't in her favor. "Damn second rate bindings.." Hatred ran through her blood undiluted as she could feel the loss of her freedom now that there were two of them. "Still young and yet so driven, you should realize when its not advantageous to have such an outburst." Odds were, she'd never be free to dance the skies again. She hissed at Primordial One (Kenner), the feel of his ancient power keeping her from reacting as she did toward the Witch.

"I am Kenner and I am the master of this house."
Her hearts were beating fast quick, like a rabbit that had been sprung to be coursed by hounds. How she despised the feeling.
She was young, yet not so naive of the world as most her age would be and so, she stayed in her dragon form and offered no words to them. Snapping her teeth at him, she lowered her head and backed enough away from them as she could, wondering if the walls had runes to keep her in.

The dried dragon's blood on her wings and claws contrasted with her white scales so dangerously beautiful. It was serve as a reminder to those present that she was beautiful in her defensive posture, and all the more dangerous since she figured she was corner and would fight all the more harder for her survival. Yet, the wounds she had sustained in her previous battle against another dragon, still showed. Bitemarks were evident on her in various places, some were shallow and had already become scabs whereas others were deep and had begun to ooze blood again. Clawmarks were also noticeable, but these were not as bad as the bite marks and if you looked closely, you'd see that Akhira was missing a claw on her left hind foot. She did after all get into a fight with a brute dragon nearly twice her size to land herself here.


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The dragon's roar made her stop, the beautiful blue creature clearly agitated. Nadiya could feel the roar reverberating thoughout her entire body, accompanied by an almost overbearing heat. She could hardly believe she was face to face with a dragon currently directing its roar towards her. The body language was enough to tell that the beautiful girl-turned-dragon was fully prepared to retaliate in self-defense. Everything was a threat, and it showed.

Nadiya barely managed to evade the powerful tail intent on ferociously whipping her aside, only for her to let out a startled yelp as Aemon grabbed her with ease- pulling her back from the struggle. Glancing at the alchemist as he released her, Nadiya bit her lip, feeling conflicted about the whole affair. She was wary and certainly anxious now that the dragon was so upset- but she didn't blame the girl for fighting.

Nodding mutely, the young woman returned her attention to the masked woman and the angry dragon, willing to mind her own business until the strange woman touched the dragon's neck. She looked back at Aemon, a slight frown in her face as she felt tempted to run out into the fray once more. "She's not hurting her is she? What is she going to do with her?" Nadiya asked, troubled by the way the masked woman was acting. She couldn't stand to see people in pain or distress, and the dragon only seemed to be growing more upset.

A blinding light caused Nadiya to squeeze her eyes shut even as Aemon held up his arm in a protective motion. It took several seconds for her to open her eyes once more, a new stranger suddenly in their midst. Where had he come from? Was the light from some magic?

Nadiya parted her lips, ready to start asking her current company when the man introduced himself to the dragon-girl. In spite of herself- Nadiya felt her draw drop in stunned surprise as she took in the sight of the master of the house. This was the one she was going to offer to sell herself to. Kenner, the master of Raven home. Though she had come looking for him and been initially disappointed at the thought of not getting an audience with him, now that the man was so close, she felt her anxiety return with a vengeance.

What was she to say? How would she go about talking to the ruler of this estate? Her confidence began to waver, feeling dreadfully small and powerless now that reality was sinking in. She was no less intent on making herself useful, nor did she wish to give up in her efforts to provide for her family. However, the task before her was daunting, and she wondered if he'd dismiss her upon seeing how unused to his world she was. How plain of a background she had. No one to speak on her behalf, no reputation to speak of. She was a country girl, and what if he thought she wasn't worth the money? "That is the master of Raven Home?" she asked softly, eyes riveted to him and the dragon he was addressing.


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Kenner looked on at the young dragon as she snarled and kept a lip curled from anticipation, easily able to see the agitation that Chlorra's presence was causing her. Though he did not send his old companion away and even when he began to look over the room at the damage caused by his new acquisition. He knew the cause the reason behind both problems, as such a cause was no small matter.

A small glance over his shoulder at his old friend and he asked "I hope you have a good reason to explain hurting her like you did, when there was no reason." Chlorra was quick to shrug her shoulders, with a low toned laugh escaping her mask as she replied "She was being so aggressive, I merely was trying to put her in her place..." She met the shrug with a palmed gesture as she relaxed her stance. Obviously not bothered by how the situation looked at all, only for Kenner to sigh as he looked back at Akhira. "Leave us, this will be dealt with later."

Chlorra's stance solidified for a moment as her head took a short lean and she just as quickly dissuaded the moment with another gesture. "As you wish... Master.." The next few moments revealed how she was able to appear so quietly behind the group before, as her body began to sink into the floor. With what appeared to be an effect of her own shadow swallowing up her form, before long all that remained was a small pool of pitch and soon that to shank. Vanishing into nothingness before the eyes of all those in accountancy.

Aemon looked on as Nadiya asked her question, whether towards herself, or out into the world. He could only guess as to what kind of actual reaction she could have from such a site. He leaned into her side to get her attention "Yes, but do not worry. Master Kenner is as fine and just a being as any could hope to be." He spoke from experience in all honesty. Kenner had shown him much kindness in the past, but to say that the man did not possess a darkness about himself would be idiotic and a deadly prospect, in more true ways than expected.
He walked past Nadiya for a moment and approached Kenner with a quick pace in his step "Kenner, I would like to point out that she was rather hurt before she arrived. If at all possible, I would like to get her upstairs and treated before any problems persist." Kenner turned his head towards Aemon and smiled lightly, as if words were being said without speaking a single syllable. Though he did nod with a look of contemplation on his face, Kenner returned his eyes to the dragon at hand and gave Aemon his own response. "No, I believe she still needs to be put in her place. Though violence in this instance, is unnecessary."

Aemon took his cue to step back when Kenner's flesh began to issue forth a warm glow, nowhere near as bright as before. However his body was emanating a warmth that could be felt from several feet away. He looked up into Akhira's eyes and gave her a sombre stare as he spoke "This will not hurt, but I cannot say it will feel entirely pleasant as well." At that moment Akhira's own reaction was to pull back and prepare for whatever was going to happen. However she was unprepared for when Kenner surged forward. Flat footed and with little chance to react, he moved as a blur the ten or so feet that was between then and placed the flat of his hand on the bridge of her snout. Within that moment, she could feel a wave of intense heat begin to flow through her. The feeling itself was holding her in place, though she could still feel the motion of her body moving and writhing. It was shortly after this that she recognized she wasn't in fact moving, but it was her own body turning back into that of a human and despite her own efforts, this change was not going to be halted. She could feel her dragon form being peeled away from her own being, like a snake would removed its last layer of skin.

When the feeling had finally passed and she could feel the change subside, Akhira was hit with a sudden feeling of exhaustion. Like she had been through lost year of combat, without a moment to rest. "There, all better now." As he spoke these words, it dawned on Akhira that even though she was tired. The soreness of combat had left her and indeed the woulds she had been carrying for the last few days were now healed, with even an arguable trace nowhere to be seen.

Kenner brushed some of his hair back as he looked over the exausted girl and spoke "Please refrain from any more outburst." He ran a hand under her chin as he spoke and even now, she could feel how warm his touch still was. Only for him to fully stand and turn on his heel towards Aemon. "So.. who's your little lady friend? Come now my dear, no need to be shy. Though I am sorry you had to witness that, today just seems to be one of those days." He adds, with a wide disarming smile.

A pair of heavy boots come from the front door of the foyer and Kenner turns his gaze to meet the site of a guard from outside. Approaching and stepping out of his own way slightly as he walks around a section of the ceiling that collapsed with Akhira's recent outburst. He looks on at Kenner after stopping and informs him "We have several men here, asking for an audience. They have a rather, unusual breed for sale it seems." Kenner cocks an eyebrow as he hears this and looks back at Aemong, before returning his attention to the guard. Giving him a nod as a sign to go ahead and allow the men in with their merchandise.

Kenner looks back at Aemon again and sighs. "I guess its going to be a busy day today with all the new additions."


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The color black. Everything- His nightmare was thankfully, although painfully, interrupted and Seth was brought back to the current nightmare at hand. While passed out, he had been transported inside and his cage opened. The men who had captured him hit him with their weapons to rouse him, shouting words that were too fuzzy for him to discern yet. When he was hit again after waking, he attempted to snarl at them but found that he did not have the breath to do so. In fact, anything related to breathing in or out was difficult. Maybe his lung had been punctured by a broken rib or he just had a flailed chest. Or perhaps fluid could be building up from bruising or he might even have caught pneumonia; he had, after all, been beaten half to death, starved, and given no warmth during the cold nights. His immune system may have started to fail. But regardless of the cause, his snarl came out as a simple labored exhale. He tried to sit up but was unable to.

After noticing Seth was awake and unwilling to move, two guards grabbed his arms and threw him out of the cage and onto the ground. One of them, seemingly the leader of the rag tag group, stood a foot on Seth's left shoulder triumphantly.

"Pretty rare, wouldn't you say? Eh, kenner? Bloody thing killed over half of my men when we tried t-" he was cut short as he let out a blood curdling scream. Having put his foot on Seth's shoulder and pissing him off even more, Seth found that he could at least turn his neck to bite his ankle. He found joy in the man's pain, as well as the relief of pressure on his chest, making it slightly less difficult to breath again. The hobbling man turned his attention to Seth and was about to impale his head with his weapon when he stopped.

"It's just a bite.... The sucker will get what's coming to him here. Can't damage the merchandise anyway...." Seth hadn't moved a muscle even though he knew what was about to happen. He thought that maybe it might be much less painful than suffocating or succumbing to his injuries. He almost felt bad when the man didn't follow through before he remembered the promise again. He mustn't die, no matter what. Instead of dwelling on sweet release, he shifted his mind to what the man said. Merchandise. Get what's coming to him here. What was this place? Looking for more clues he studied his surroundings.

The room looked like it was in shambles, as if either it hadn't been taken care of very well or something had taken place within. He decided it was the latter noticing how recent the damage was since dust was still settling. What about the people here? There were the guards, a man and woman nearby, and then there were two odd beings that both seemed different. His instincts kicked in and he immediately knew the female of the two odd ones was very intriguing. She gave off an air that he felt could only mean she was in similar standing. Maybe she was more like him than he knew. She seemed to have an animalistic air to her as well.

The man was a whole other story. He gave off so many different scents, emotions, imposed so many different thoughts onto ones psyche. He was a complete mystery to Seth; one that he would likely never solve. The other female and the male both gave off similar auras that Seth thought he recognized. It was his own. He thought they seemed like they were capable of healing and likely to want to. But the female seemed even more like Seth. He couldn't tell what was more similar between the two at first before thinking deeply about it. Was it maybe fear? Were they both scared at the moment? Then he noticed the animalistic female also seemed scared. Seth was ashamed that he never even noticed his own fear. He had pushed it aside and forgotten about it which was a mistake; fear is what drives more people to survive than anything else and he had to survive under any circumstances.

He redirected his gaze at the baffling one, who seemed the center of attention besides himself and tried to speak.

"Ken...ner?" He managed to gasp out through gritted teeth. He wanted to growl and bear his teeth again out of fear, the emotion that had surfaced again since he no longer suppressed it, but he could barely hold onto consciousness. Instead, he laid his head on the ground and did his best to continue breathing, closing his eyes.

"Wake up you! I need you to look good if I'm to get any good money out of you and you owe it for taking the lives of my men!" The hurt man yelled at him and pulled his uninjured leg back as he prepared to kick Seth....


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"There, all better now."

Akhira was exhausted from having been forced back into her human form, but it would at least keep from her from challenging Kenner's... assertiveness for awhile longer, at least until she regained her strength. So tired... She struggled to stay on her feet, trying hard not to let herself be seen as weak by falling in front of these Humans. "Please refrain from any more outburst." His aura was so warm, that she felt herself being drawn to it and didn't struggle when Kenner placed his hand under her chin. She let out a low rebellious growl, signifying that she wasn't entirely under his command. Then his warmth was gone, and she opened her eyes to find she was barely able to keep from falling over.

Akhira was too exhausted now to really observe her new environment or even care to listen in on the conversation. Words were slow, and barely registered through her hazy exhaustion. But the Primordial One's voice she could hear clearly, albeit more like hot honey dripping from a spoon, smooth and warm. She felt herself being detached from her physical body, finding that the world was beginning to move slowly, more more slowly then it should.

Vaguely, she could sense instinct telling her that there was a new threat in the room. A boy. Pointed ears. She barely had time to notice those physical characteristics before her body could not take anymore. Exhaustion demanded she sleep, whereas fear and caution demanded she stay away and on her feet. Such haywire instincts confusing her, that she barely realized that she was falling. Am I... falling? She didn't have time to brace herself for hitting the hard floor as the only thing she could clearly think at that moment before she drifted into unconsciousness was: I can't believe I'm fainting and How am I going to find Blackfire now?


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Nadiya felt her worries increase, wondering if she would be seen as useless when she had no knowledge of alchemy or of magic. Her fretting was cut short as Aemon assured her of Kenner's virtue. That was comforting to know- and the alchemist sounded sincere. Even so, the master of the house definitely had a certain something to him, it showed in his demeanor and how he presented himself.

The young woman was secretly glad he was scolding the mysterious (and in her mind- more than just a tad creepy) masked woman who had earned the dragon-girl's anger. She was pleased she wasn't the only one who thought the treatment bestowed upon the dragon was harsh and unnecessary. Nadiya found herself glad to see the woman gone, even if her method of departure was unorthodox and eerie to watch. She stood frozen in place for a moment after Aemon approached Kenner, listening to them converse even as she looked on at how they were going to handle the dragon-girl now that she was released.

Stepping forward as she watched, Nadiya bit her lip at hearing whatever he was about to do wouldn't be pleasant, though she was glad it wasn't something to hurt the poor thing. She didn't attempt to intervene this time, simply marveling at seeing magic being used- so much in such a short period of time and by so many different people! Was magic something more commonplace here?

Nadiya had little time to ponder it, Kenner's attention directed at her now. His words earned an embarrassed and nervous flush of her cheeks, her reply momentarily stuck in her throat as she searched for the right words. She didn't want to screw this up. The smile was wide and pleasant enough, prompting her to smile softly. "W-well, I have a bit of a request. An offer, actually. I know this might be unorthodox, but I've come to sell myself for the highest price I can get..." she began before being interrupted with a guards approach. Unusual breed? What on earth was going on now?

A soft gasp escaped her lips as a young man was dragged from a cage and placed before Kenner, one of the men showing the person off like an exotic prize. Which was exactly what they thought of him- going so far as to call the battered figure merchandise. Nadiya felt her fists clench. Monsters!

Her eyes scanned the bloody prisoner in question, eyes widening slightly at the realization that he had a tail and what looked like wolves ears. What manner of person was this? His injuries looked extensive, his breathing was harsh. Piece by piece, Nadiya appraised his condition, and found herself more worried and appalled at each passing second.

It was the shout that cut her visual exam short, the seller yelling for his captive to wake up even as he lifted his uninjured leg to deliver a kick to the already badly beaten male.

Before she could even think about any consequences or care what anyone else might think, she rushed over and shoved the man as hard as she could, making him fall before standing in front of the wolf- tailed stranger so as to shield him. "You monster! He's so badly beaten he can barely stand, and you're going to kick him when he's down?! You have no manners at all! And he's not a thing! What kind of a person doesn't care at all about seeing the pain of another? Y-you ought to be ashamed of yourself! People like you are scum!" she snapped, shaking with anger and nerves.


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Seth had visibly tensed up before the hit, bracing for what he anticipated to be a very painful blow. Instead, however, he received a different kind of blow; the female risked herself by pushing the man and standing between him and Seth. It was his ego that received an attack. He could tell she was still scared, but she acted regardless of it and had saved him from any further suffering. He thought it was very kind of her and wanted to thank her sincerely. He owed her and would have to return the favor at some point. But he couldn't let her stand up for him any longer. He had to be strong and survive by his own actions. He couldn't rely on someone else who was a stranger to him.

He placed both hands on the ground, starting to put pressure on them but stopped immediately when one arm seemed to be broken; it was the only way he could explain the extreme pain and the way it almost gave away. He let out what sounded like a whimper but pressed on. He got himself onto the other arm that had not been as seriously injured before getting to his knees. He brought one leg up, followed by the other and began slowly rising. His legs somehow found the strength to lift him, even though they shook heavily. Finally he stood at full height but only shortly; the shaking in his legs got worse and he stumbled towards the female, falling onto her and putting weight on one of her shoulders.

From this point he could see her face in more detail. The color of her eyes, the shape of her face, all the details he couldn't tell from before. He realized that he had begun to stare and tried to stand on his own again, looking away with a blush. He tried to speak again, this time being slightly more successful.

"S-sorry.... Thank you.... what's your name?"

He was interrupted by the leader of his captors who had gotten back to his feet after watching Seth's attempt. He was just as surprised as any to see that Seth had been able to stand, even after his treatment. The man had made sure to take measures that would normally incapacitate any normal man and make him unable to move, yet this boy was able to stand, albeit weakly.

"Look, Kenner. I'm not here to deal with this mess. I just brought you another pet since I know you like to collect them and I want payment for it." He decided to ignore them instead since he wasn't interested in a fight with a woman and a half dead boy. "Will you take him and give me something for my trouble? He's very resilient as you can see. He shouldn't be able to move at all yet there he stands! Surely he's worth a bit to you."

Seth was sickened by the man's words and tried to growl again, this time with a little success, but at the cost of coughing blood up with it. He tried to wipe it away and pretend he wasn't in such a weakened state. But it was no use, he was still a sad sight to behold. The pain throughout was severe and it showed in the way he moved. Every muscle twitch, every shift in weight, even every breath made him wince. He hadn't much choice but to wait and see what the mysterious man might do.


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kenner looked on as the men brought in their prize, which from the beginning he could tell was a vastly spiritual entity. Though anchored here in the material and confined into a physical body, a glow being slightly apparent from the boy. Something that only Kenner could see for the moment, since he was more aware of such things.

The acts of the young woman Nadiya was somewhat intriguing to him, as someone willing to be so forward and protective of someone she could not possibly know. Or something that a human would normally find intimidating, or frightening and distance themselves from. A small smile did grace his face for a few moments as she did this, though when the captor began to speak again. Kenner could find the petulant whining wearing on his patience. He looked at the man and motioned with a finger for him to go upstairs "Up and then the door on your left, the young lady inside will be the one to pay you. However I would like if the rest of your men waited outside, the place is going to get crowded pretty soon."

The man gave a nod and told his few men to head outside for the time being, while he quickly made his way up the wide staircase. It was obvious that the thought of money was spurring him on, more so then most other thoughts. As the man disappeared and his other companions vanished out the door, Kenner had two of the guards close the main entrance behind them after they left. This left only a smaller door, framed within the large set as an exit and the guards finally locked the main entrance as the two heavy slabs collided.

Kenner walked towards Nadiya and the young boy as he down on the two "Well miss Nadiya, I must say you are a surprising find and it is good to see you mean well. Not many come here of their own volition, unless its to help their families or themselves. So.. It would be my pleasure to add one such as yourself to my household." He knelt and gently laid his hand on Seth's shoulder, looking him over and slowly discovering the damage the hunters had done. Only to look back at Aemon and call him over with a simple gesture, to which the man acquiesced. "Aemon, this one has been roughed up pretty good and since this young lady is going to be joining us. I suggest you take the two of them with you, treat the boy and see if she can be of any help to you." Aemon looked down and began to inspect Seth with a few glances, before nodding and reaching down to pick the young boy up. His small frame was light enough and his weight was rather inconsequential at this point "Its alright now, we'll have you fixed up in no time..."

Kenner looks at Nadiya as he begins to help her up off the floor, his touch surprisingly warm and soft. For a moment she can feel his eyes looking over her as if she were being appraised and he smiled when she caught him doing so. To which he slightly laughs "My apologies, its a force of habit at this point I'm afraid. Go ahead and follow mister Aemon, his quarters are not far at all."

As the three leave, the man from before comes down the stairs with a tied pouch hefted in one hand. With a look of glee on his face as he pads the small bag back and forth in his hands. "Good doing business with you Kenner" He says as he lands on the ground floor and begins to make his way for the exit, to which a guard opens the door for him. Kenner on the other hand pays the man no mind, as he has already made his way back to Akhira's side and has knelt down next to her, with a hand on her shoulder. The man leaves with the guard closing and securing the door, the last of the days sunlight pouring through before it closes and the rain has started to come down once more. Like it has been for the last few weeks.

Kenner rubs her shoulder slightly, letting his hand drop down slightly and then a warm emanation begins to cover her arm. Rolling her head to the side, she feels a the warmth grow to cover and encircle her arm. Before it stops and takes the form of singular black ribbon on her upper arm and Kenner speaks to her "There now, you are a member of my house and so you shall be marked as one." He starts to run his fingers through her hair as he looks down on her, only to take his hand and firmly grasp the back of her head tightly and her eyes shot open as she could feel the heat return. This time however it was flowing straight into her and not through. Her soreness began to disappear and the lax feeling of her body was starting to soften with each passing moment. It was now, he was giving her back enough stamina to facilitate moving and as he began to lift her up with his free hand. Kenner released his grip on her head and helped to steady her as he stood her up and sat her on the edge of the fountain.

He looked her over to ensure all of her wounds were healed stood before her "I must apologize for Chlorra, she has always had an unhealthy interest in those with dragons blood in their veins. You were no exception, though you did make a nice mess of my foyer."

Babble had been placed in his own room after a short walk, so close and confined with the others in the area. His ears could still make out the different sounds that pulsed through the entire building, though he could tell that their were areas guarded against his own senses. Several places nearby and there was even an entire section of the hose itself that was nothing but a blank section for him. No movement, no noise, no nothing, just a vast empty opening that seemed to nearly extend all the way into the sky above him.

Though there were other sections of the house he could hear music and singing, either from a group of children or adults, or a mix of the two. He could even hear the tapping of feet several floors above him and there was even the sound of someone working nearby, that seemed to sound like they were carving wood. Then came stranger noises, as if something were crawling inside the very walls and he could hear the things that crawled even talking to one another. Though it was safe to say that the words were unfamiliar to him in nearly every conceivable way.

His attention on the house almost did now allow him to hear the sound of his own door, being pushed open and small feet begin to peddle in. As he looked it was a person with covered features and a trey with a bowl. This was one of the maids from Raven Home, like from before. Though it was possible that Babble had possibly never seen one such as these, given that every feature was concealed and hidden away. Though, from the look of this person, the small stature and the lithe form. It was sure to be a female of some kind, however Babble was sure that he could hear a cluster of distinct ticking noises follow her around the room.

She laid the trey on the nightstand and produced a spoon from a pocket, wrapped in a clean silken cloth. She gathered a spoonful for Babble and presented it for him to eat. It was obvious this woman was sent to care for him as she leaned in and waited patiently. It was a rich and hearty smelling meal indeed, possibly prepared because of the condition he arrived in. Something that would be easier on his stomach, though it was uncertain if he had any actual meals in the last few weeks of his trip. Still the girl stood there before him, outstretched hand with the other held under the spoon to prevent a mess. It was strange this woman, not a piece of skin could be seen and the only sound that could be heard was the light repeated ticking.

Luna had been sitting with this book under her nose for several minutes now and she had begun to realize it was an incredibly dry read. This book was written as if it was from a first hand account, though it was not of anything important. There were accounts of how the building hand been changed in the beginning to suit larger needs and then there were accounts of how the lower and upper levels became a necessity. However the book did not contain how the building came to be, or how it was being constructed in the first place. Not even architects were being named and she was hard pressed to find any mention of any notable figures at all, save for one mention of Kenner in the beginning of the book and that as well was a footnote.

"To think I was just passing through.." Luna's head shot up, nearly with a pained jolt as she saw Chlorra standing on the other side of the table and in the dim light of the library it was more eerie than frightening. "and it was you that I would find here. I don't recall the master giving any new slave access to this place on their first day, now I wonder what that means for you." She looks down at the book Luna had set on the table and reaches a long thin finger down to flip it closed, its cover sitting on top."Ahhh.. looking for something I suppose, or just hungering for a little knowledge?" It was this time that Luna realized Chlorra's voice didn't cut like it did before, though it was still an uncomfortable thing to sit through.

A few moments passed, that began to grow increasingly uncomfortable as Luna could just feel Chlorra's eyes on her. Though it was hard to tell if she even had those hidden behind such a creepy visage as that mask and she noticed the dark woman's head keen over slightly as if to ask a mental question. Before long though, she did "Tell me little horn.. when you first met the master, did it burn? This was a serious question she asked, as followed by her tone. "Many of your kind, save for the most powerful usually have an extreme reaction to his presence. Being a half blood, was probably a saving grace for you." She commented.

Chlorra proceeded to laugh under her breath, which to an outside ear was a rather jaunting experience. Several voices laid upon one another echoed her, becoming a sick cacophony of humor.


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To her astonishment, the unusual young man was attempting to stand back up. His arm faltered under him, and prompted even her to wince slightly as it was clearly broken. The soft whimper made her angrier at the group that had brought the poor thing, and she glared in their direction with accusatory eyes.

As Nadiya considered telling them off again, the sudden weight of the young man pressed on her shoulders and back, earning a slight squeak in surprise. His stare was met with one of her own, wondering in her mind if she had something offensive or off-putting to make his gaze linger? Or maybe he was just startled? The stranger stood on shaky legs and managed to keep himself upright this time, though it looked like it took considerable effort.

Nadiya's eyes widened in surprise at the apology, wondering what on earth he thought would warrant it. It would be absurd to be upset at him for stumbling and falling on her when he was so badly beaten. If anything, it made her want to help him more, and further pushed the captors into a negative light. Such people were trash!

"Nadiya, and...it's ok." she managed to say, keeping near the wolf-eared male lest he stumble again.

Looking over with a sharp glare at the leader of the captors, Nadiya felt her face grow hot with anger, the words disgusting her to the core. Treating him like a thing! Were she the fighting type- she would have readily slugged the leader in the face, and she almost wanted to.

The master of the house did indeed seem to be as the rumors said- a collector of servants and still following old traditions, though he didn't seem cruel. He sent the hunters away after they got their money, and Nadiya was glad to see them gone. As Kenner spoke to her, she flushed slightly at his silent appraisal, his touch warm and oddly soothing. Allowing him to pull her up, she made no effort to oppose going with Aemon, worried as well about helping the poor wolf-boy. Once more she was being apologized to, and while having his gaze linger was an unusual experience for her, he wasn't threatening. "Oh, it's ok sir..." she didn't get a chance to continue to talk with him in detail about serving his household or payment- prompted to follow Aemon and tend to the young man. She would have to bring it up and answer Kenner later she supposed.

With a slight bow of her head, she scurried off after Aemon, making a mental list of things they would need to treat him. Bandages, cloth to clean him off with and see his injuries, water, splints, some medicine for the wounds...

It was only then that she remembered the dragon-girl, and Nadiya found herself glancing back for a moment, hoping the fierce young woman was alright.


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Seth felt a wave of relief pass over himself when his captors finally left for what he hoped would be forever. As much as he wanted to kill the rest of them for what they did, one thought came across his mind that seemed oddly unrelated. The master of the house seemed very kind and he would gladly stay with this company than the other. It almost seemed like a family here he thought. Then he thought maybe the group that brought him here were horrible people but maybe they only did it to provide for their families. It was a cruel world after all. Some people didn't have that family to work for or to recieve help from...

He was shaken from his thought when a man began to pick him up, inducing wincing and even eliciting another whimper. As much as he didn't want to admit it to anyone, he was hurt bad and this was going to be a rough trip on the road to recovery. But he was glad the man was kind enough to try to avoid his injuries when he raised him and that he was going to help treat him. He also felt.... relieved maybe? Relieved that the kind woman was also coming to help. He couldn't understand why but he was especially interested in her now. He couldn't understand how such a kind and beautiful woman would have to sell herself but then he remembered that word: family. His earlier wave of relief was replaced by deep thought and even mild depression as he tried to remember his past to no avail.

He shook the thought from his mind and decided to speak instead. It was hoarse and weak but audible.

"Thank you Nadiya... You're a very kind woman. And thank you sir, I believe they called you Aemon? I'm grateful for what you two are doing for me. I'd take care of myself if I could but I'm afraid I can't at this point.... They did some very serious damage, although with good reason. They were afraid of what they didn't understand, and most people are... But maybe they had a good reason to do what they did.... I can't judge other people, it isn't my place...." His ears drooped as he was saddened by thought of his encounter. He was about to return one of Nadiya's many favors when he realized he did not know his own name to give to her and his ears drooped lower. The only clue he had for now was his collar....


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Kenner slightly laughs lightly as he slowly withdraws his hand from Akhira, she being in the state was rather detrimental. Though he could not fault her on that, seeing that more than enough problems had been presented to her in the last few moments of the day then she was normally willing to deal with. He looked back over her shoulder to appraise the unfortunate condition of his house before bringing his eyes back down to meet hers. "Alright, seeing as your not too willing to speak with the likes of me just yet. How about I introduce to the resident dragon of the house and then afterwords, judging by your condition.. something to eat?" His face changes to a more plaintive expression, as if waiting for her to answer.

As Aemon and Nadiya moved with Seth through the house, Aemon was quick to respond to his words. "Its quite alright, I would have done this non the less. Even if the master had not asked me to do so in the first place, as taking care of others was always a claim of mine." He begins to slow their pace as a pair of guards open a set of double doors, letting then up a floor from the rotunda. He points lightly, making sure not to let Seth's weight fall from him as he did. "We are here, my quarters are just beyond this door." The guard situated outside the door gave Aemon a small nod before pulling the door open for the three of them. What came next was a burst to the senses however, as the door swung open a torrent of smells came pouring out. Many being heavy and earthy on the nose, while others were sharp and sweet. All of which mixed together in a strange cavalcade of aromas.

The room itself was rather huge and spacious compared to a few of the others, with the first section being dominated with a seating arrangement and a rather large oak desk. Aemon was quick to set his young charge on an one of the lightly padded chairs as he looked at Nadiya. "Could you please head into the back of the room? There is a large sink with several bowls under it, just bring us some warm water and a few cloth towels from the nearby shelves. Oh and be careful, the water can come out very hot if your a bit zealous with the valves." He looks on at Seth as he points for Nadiya towards the right direction.

The room was a massive display of alchemy and medical collectives, being so open and compact at the same time. Only a few of the names on these jars and books were familiar to Nadiya in the strictest sense. The center of the room was dominated by large island counters, that contained everything a person would need to refine, grind and solidify nearly any substance needed to create a certain concoction.

Aemon on the other hand, stayed with Seth and looked him over. Paying attention to the injuries that the young man had acquired in his days with the hunters that brought him in. "Well young man, it seems you've had quite a hard time of it as of late. Don't worry, we can get you cleaned and healed up in no time, despite your injuries." He stands and undoes the strap holding the satchel slung against his side, placing it on the corner of the large desk and returning to Seth.

The woman was quick in her service of Babble, calm and practiced. It was obvious that she was trained well to handle slaves and others that had hard times handling themselves in most cases. However as with all of the other maids, the way they covered their bodies was unnerving as not an inch of skin could be seen in most cases and the thick white veil was more than enough to obscure the face. However; when Babble gripped the spoon in his teeth and tried to resonate a sound within the woman, a peculiar response ensued. He could hear the sound resonate not with just the spoon, but with her hand as well and the sound continued to travel. Moving down her arm and into her body, revealing a solid, lithe, metallic frame, in the form of a young woman. The chest, abdomen and even head, were full of softly wiring gears. Each moving in complete unison, along with tightly coiled springs that moved so silently. One could argue if her body actually made any sound at all, especially in the presence of someone that wasn't of Babble's own nature.

This did however cause a reaction as the maid withdrew the spoon and swiftly thumped the young elemental in the center of his forehead. Adjusting the spoon in her hand, she then pointed and point an accusation with her finger at the end of his nose. As if to claim against what he had just done. She proceeded to word something with her other hand as if to say something, but as of now that mode of communication was not possible with Babble and would possibly never be.

It was at this moment he could see the tips of her gloved fingers and each one had a small found opening for the tip of each digit. Allowing him to see a shining, burnished brass shimmer in the light that shone from the artificial window. This only took a moment before she dipped the spoon once more and held it back in front of his face with an irritated lean to her head. Whoever this being was, sure as snow now that she possessed an attitude as much as she did exist and that she valued her own kind of privacy.


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Seth eyed the satchel, wondering what could be in it. He seemed to hold it closely. His injuries had already began to dry and coagulate, which bothered him. He truly didn't prefer the smell or feel of dried blood. It just wasn't comfortable for him. Laying on his back had helped somewhat with his breathing difficulty although it hadn't solved it entirely.

"Do you believe you can so soon? These injuries are some you might see men take months to recover from fully... if they ever really do." Seth took a breath and payed back. "Thank you again. I sound redundant but it's rare that you find someone as kind and willing to help. I wish there were more like you or Nadiya. My healing skills are minimal at best and may stop someone in immediate danger of dying from doing so but I don't get to use my knowledge much...."

His focus averts to the various things within the room as he inspects his surroundings again. The room was very spacious and he felt it would be even more so without all the clutter about. But he also knew how hard it was to keep this many things in order, especially if it was all constantly being used. He wasn't familiar with a lot of the items within and wondered how aemon's healing might differ from what he already knew how to do. His mind went back to thoughts of the female who had gone to get things. What kind of healing did she know? Was her style more like his? He couldn't know until he asked the two of them later when he felt like speaking more openly. But he was still in an unknown area with strange people, no matter how kind they may be.

Perhaps he was paranoid now thanks to the men who brought him here. Or maybe he was more defensive because of his injuries. He couldn't tell, not that he was even aware how defensive he was becoming. But he did know he couldn't keep his mind from darting from one thing to the next, with Nadiya oddly being a common thing he kept coming back to. Did he not feel comfortable around her maybe? He didn't even notice if he was or not. Perhaps he would be able to when she returned.