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Amias Vennum

Veritas Nunquam Perit

0 · 498 views · located in The Republic

a character in “The Gilded”, as played by Torrentwolf



"Veritas Nunquam Perit"
~ Latin Proverb



Amias Vennum


Date of Birth: February 14


Owner of Vennum Holdings
House Representative


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual





Amias appears to be in his late fifties but is actually younger than he appears. Amias is a rather tall man, standing at a towering 6’2 and weighing about one hundred and eighty pounds. Amias has a muscular build for a man of his age which is something he has maintained since his days in the military. Amias does have a limp from his prior afflictions and does use a can when walking, but he is capable of moving quite vigorously without it for short durations.

Amias hair is a salt and pepper color which is a badge of his accelerated age. His hair is well groomed and sometimes is slicked back for formal events. His beard also shares the same coloring and is well groomed and trimmed.

Amias is fond of classical suits for work, formal or business. Though in most of his down time he typically wears button up shirts and trousers with loafers.


Once an arrogant and self centered man, Amias went from sitting on a high chair of superiority or a humble kind man. Amias is a kind and easy to approach man who will kindly engage in conversation with anyone of any class without a second thought. But though he is a well mannered gentleman don’t think he isn’t capable of coming down to a braggards level. If one were to threaten Amias himself he will take note of it before moving on. But threaten his household or even worst his daughter and it might be the last threat you ever make.

Being in politics Amias is a cautious man and tends to slowly approach most situations with a patients and logical mind. Being a very intelligent man he thinks before he acts and very rarely gives in to impromptu moments. As such Amias will typically sit back and formulate a plan like a military strategist before moving into action. His love for philosophy allows him to think and question things and over the years have made him a wise man.

Since Amias left the military he continues to take many habits from them such as discipline, structure and following the rules mentality. However years of experience and self study has made him a person of a grey morality. Amias follows the rules and will not break them, but if need be he will bend them to fit the needs of the situation if he can.

As a gentleman Amias was taught to respect women, though in his younger years he often used to for self gratification. Since his second chance Amias has cerved his promiscuity in favor of more deeper relationships. Sure he does continue to have relationships that go beyond emotional but he is much more respectful of his partners and such affairs are rarely just a night of passion.

Amias did not have a good relationship with his parents growing up and even now he doesn’t have a good relationship. However Amias did not wish his daughter to go through the same thing he went through and has been a loving and caring father. Above all else he puts his daughter first and has fought to give her everything she has needed. Even though she is not his biological daughter he loves her unconditionally a

His Daughter: Amias loves his daughter with all his heart. She is the best thing to ever happen to him and is his greatest treasure.

Guns: Stemming from his military days, Amias has a fondness for firearms and has quite a collection from modern to antique guns. He very much enjoys shooting practice and competition.

Ice Cream: Amias has quite a fondness for Ice Cream, be it chocolate, vanilla, or some new flavor.

Women: Despite having changed his life Amias continues to enjoy the company of the female gender. Though he may not be as promiscuous as he used to be he still enjoys flirting with women for fun.

Gilded: Amias has a fondness for Gilided and enjoys the many lifestyles and backgrounds he comes across when interacting with them.


Boys hitting on his daughter: Lets face it, Amias may trust his daughter and her judgement but he’s a bit overprotective of his daughter. Very few boys have ever met his approval and the rest typically are driven away by a very intimidating father.

The Gilded system: Amias doesn’t dislike Gilded themselves, but the system they are regulated to. Amias believes Gilded have rights and they should be recognized, even if they volunteer to be one.

Being treated as a cripple: Amias may appear old and has a slight disability, but he refuses to be treated as a special needs person. He may accept his daughter and household servants doting and looking after him but outside of this close knit group Amias

Golf: Amias absolutely loathes golf and finds it mind numbingly boring and stupid.. When one starts contemplating suicide during a game it tends to be counterproductive to one's health.

Corruption: Amias has worked hard to better improve The Republic for all people. So when someone in the political circle tries to manipulate the system for their own gain, this gets Amias ready to do everything short of bodily harm to destroy them.

☠ Harm coming to his daughter: Amias is a father in every respect and fears danger befalling her.

☠ His past: Amias has worked very hard to reform himself but at times some of his old habits appear every once in awhile. Though they don’t happen often Amias fears once again becoming the man he once was.

☠ PTSD: Amias has not fully recovered from the effects of Quadhexilon and suffers some mild PTSD from the event.




Amias life is one you would typically find in most Patricians. Born to a banker and an actress, Amias’ parents lived the high life most rich snobs did and having a child was but another thing to flaunt in the face of their “friends” and associate. This often left Amias in the care of their servants whom he had a better relationship with than his parents. It also meant Amias lead relatively the same lifestyle most spoiled rich kids did. From a young age if the child wanted anything all he had to do was snap his fingers or throw a fit and it was his. But this didn’t mean he fell into a life of pampered ease. Unlike other spoiled rich kids Amias was aware of his intelligence and used it to get what he wanted. Buit made things so trivial to him that he found very little to challenge his mind and often left him bored. Often he was challenging his mind and body in an effort to find a challenge, essentially becoming addicted to finding one.

By sixteen years of age Amias was a boy whom his parents were more proud to show off than any Gilded. But though sophisticated and intelligent Amias was very much like every other snob his age, abrasive, arrogant and self centered. Though he had exceptions Amias really cared only for his own endeavors be it for money, women or a challenge. Amias didn’t lack for two of the three, easily able to acquire money when he needed it from his parents and handsome enough to attract many girls to himself like bees to honey. But he was unable to quench his thirst for a good challenge, be it intellectual or physical. But then he found a solution in one unexpected place, the Republic Military Police. Though the Republic didn’t have any foreign threats to worry about there were plenty incidents and incursions within it’s borders to warrant a large military like force.

This was Amias’ opportunity to find the challenge he so craved and enlisted into military school of his own free will, shocking many of his friends and family. During his studies Amias found the curriculum wasn’t very challenging but teased him of things to come. In two years Amias managed graduated as a sergeant class one, about a year ahead of his classmen. At first Amias believed his efforts to have been a waste as his first assignment was simple patrol work within Arcadia. But Amias was eventually assigned to several active duty roles from hunting down pirates to fighting terrorists. For Amias he welcomed the challenge and this helped his rise through the ranks. Over the nine years of his enlistment Amias earned a reputation for himself as an effective and loyal officer which earned him the rank of captain and control of one of the Republics infamous companies, 501st.

However Amias personality was amplified during his tenure, becoming more arrogant and abrasive. Amias may have commanded the respect and loyalty of his men but his enemies and civilians looked upon him with revulsion. Amias had a reputation for not caring for those who fought against and treated them and civilians as if they were nothing more than things to be used for his own goals of self satisfaction.

But one day during a raid against suspected terrorist Amias and his troops came under fire from a much larger force than expected. Amias and his troops were capable of handling the situation but someone idiot in high command authorized development of a new experimental chemical weapon, Quadhexilon. The effects were numerous and quick, from death to immediate disfigurement the chemical worked quickly. The lucky ones died quickly, but the few like Amias suffered before they lost consciousness. To Amias he was unsure how long he was out, but it felt like an eternity. During which he fell into a series of twisted delusions of the people he killed, those he scorned, his hypocritical life. The only lucid thing he remembered was seeing her, brown hair, alabaster skin, toned body with flowing robes and steel grey eyes. Her chastising tone, her words of wisdom, her guidance and her stern words telling him to not die.

Eventually Amias returned to the living to be greet by his family servants and military comrades. Like a long lost family member they all welcomed him back and were thankful he had lived. But his life had come a price, the chemical weapons had caused long term damage to his body. Biologically he was a young man in his late twenties but his physical appearance had aged, making him look much older than he was. His right leg had also been affected, leaving him with a limp. The doctors told him the effects were only temporary and would reverse in time but Amias wondered how long it would be. Not surprising Amias’ parents weren’t there when he first awoke and hardly spent much time with him in the hospital. For some reason it didn’t bother Amias so much who began taking stock of his life. After looking back upon how he acted and lived his life and he didn’t like what he saw. Amias thought back to the woman in his dreams who had criticized him for the life he lived and drove him to live.

He wasn’t sure if she was another of his delusions or actually real but Amias knew he didn’t want to live that old life anymore. He saw this as a second chance to build a better life for himself and decided to seize it. It took several months of treatment during which Amias was told while his limp didn’t prevent him from performing physically he could only do so for short periods before the pain spiked. Following his recovery Amias decided to leave the military, though was decorated with honors by the military and championed a hero he saw it as a hindrance to his new life. This surprised many including his parents who always believed him to be a military man until the day he died.

Amais decided to return to his studies and for a year set about reeducating himself, studying business, politics and philosophy. He improved himself not just intellectually but also personally, becoming a kinder more considerate gentleman. When he concluded his studies Amias began sinking the money he saved from his enlistment into various investments. These holdings consisted of various investments and patients in promising technologies. Amias used this to build his own personal wealth and a new name for himself. Amias used his wealth for more than personal gain and also used it for philanthropic activities. Amias also used this to fund a personal political campaign to improve his image among the people, not just those in Arcadia. This new image coupled with his old one eventually leading to him running for and becoming one of the house representatives.

Amias became a man who represented all people, not just the wealthy. He championed good and freedom and condemned selfishness and hate. Though he had his share of allies and enemies in the house there was one thing he commanded, respect. Amias also did not lack for female company but now he was more picky of his partners and pursued them for the long term not just for a night's indiscretion. But try as he might Amias couldn’t find the right woman to become a devoted husband and father of her children with. One day on a spur of the moment Amias went into an orphanage looking for something. That day Amias enjoyed the company of many children of all ages and to his delight found much joy in children. He also found a young child recently given to the orphanage, a new born without parents to love it. Amias felt compelled and adopted the girl as his own, a father at the age of thirty.

For fourteen years Amias was the best father he could be. Giving his daughter all that he could without leading her down the same path he misguidedly followed. He balanced his doting and firm raising with her, raising a child whom was ambitious as he was but kind and loving.

Though Amias has succeeded in doing many things since being given a second chance, he does not feel he can put his demons to rest. Amias desires to find a good mother for his daughter and make life better for everyone, upper class, lower class and Gilded alike.

And for those haunting grey eyes to forgive him.


Important Relationships:
Antoinette Vennum (Daughter) - Alive
Marea Vennum (Mother), - Alive
Reginald Vennum (Father) - Alive


So begins...

Amias Vennum's Story


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Wearing an outfit that was both modest and sexy, Magnolia stood off to the side, playing with the satin of her dresses skirt. She had found the perfect spot to watch while her Patrician went and rubbed elbows, or instigate a fight by speaking his mind sense he was rather more open minded then most. Sense no one was really paying her any attention she was watching the going ons around her. Her jewel toned eyes focusing on the Silas Buchanan, the host of tonights extravagant party. Attractive, tall, dark, but totally out of her league even if she hadn't signed away her freedom to become a Gilded and potentially have a better life once she was released.

Not that Magnolia was complaining, her Patrician was kind and didn't really want her to do more then be herself, be his daughters friend, and of course better herself by using the resources he has kindly offered her. He, for the most part, left her alone and to her own devices unless he wanted to accompany him to parties and such. Now, though, standing on the outskirts of a beautiful party filled with beautiful people admired but ignored she couldn't help but feel a bit lonely. Deciding that standing in one spot was making her depressed she decided to move about, walking the outskirts. Smiling and nodding to people she knew and avoiding the reporters, all of them a hungry look to them that told her that they were searching to get a Gilded's point of view on the protests.


"Priscilla, have fun dear. You know who you can talk to and who is off limits. Please avoid the reporters, Actually, im not asking. Avoid the reporters. By the way, have I told you that you look lovely? Because you do." Edmund said with a smile, he adjusted his tie as he handed his coat over to the attendant and smoothed a hand over his hair, smiling to a few of the men and women he knew he peeked at Priscilla from the corner of his eye, "Before you wander off, let us say hello to the host of tonights event my dear." he stated in his charming manner as he offered his arm to his Gilded. She did look lovely as he had stated but he only really kept a Gilded because it was expected of him. The last of the Gray line and all, he was rarely home and he truly felt awful that he basically kept this beautiful dove locked in a cage but it was the way of life.

Walking with purpose filled strides he made his way over to Silas, a wide smile on his lips, "Hello Silas, it appears that you have out done yourself once again." Edmund greeted, probably in a far to personal way. He never was one for propriety and often shrugged it off, much to the chagrin of his peers. His eyes only briefly flickered down to Silas's Gilded, Canan he believed she was called before he focused back on to his host, "Chilly tonight, isn't it?" once again interrupting one of the less prominent men that had been trying to speak to Silas. Tapping Priscilla's hand twice as if to let her know she could wander off he kept his focus and his smile directed toward Silas.

Edmund really wasn't one for fancy parties or get togethers sense it interrupted his few free moments that he wasnt working but this was one of the biggest of the year and they were a great way to get some extra business, that being said though he had always enjoyed the few talks he had, had with Silas in the past and in such he was hoping to pass most of the night having another.


Quartz enjoyed having attention upon her, especially when she knows she looks good. Which of course she did, a tight fitted black silk dress clung to her tiny frame, accenting her milky skin and fiery hair just like the gems that had been implanted upon her flesh. Looking up at her Patrician, her friend, and her occasional lover she smiled "Shall we enjoy ourselves?" she asked, her voice soft and musical as her eyes roamed the room. Though she has been to many parties like this one in the past three years she has been with Rosemary, they never stop exciting her.

She wasn't as naive or as childlike as some of the Gildeds she has meet in the past, she was often referred to a mature and she had even heard a few call her undesirable because of it but she was wanted by Rosemary and that was all that mattered to her. She was perfect for her Mistress, or at least she was under the impression that she was, and together they were happy. Keeping on hand on Rosemary she followed beside her as they moved through the crowds that parted for elegant pair.


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Amias Vennum

Amias Vennum was used to going to parties for political or financial gain, but very rarely was he allowed to simply relax. New Year Parties were a time he would put the world’s problems away and if for one night just enjoy himself. However this party however was much more enjoyable for Amias as he listened to the bustling chatter and gossip about the recent protests against owning Gilded. Amias could only smile as he sipped a glass of Chardonnay and savored the vanilla like flavor. Amias had his fair share of reporters approach him earlier today inquiring on his opinion about the situation. Being known as a Gilded Civil Rights representative he told them he welcomed the opinions of others and would remain supportive of the protests so long as they remained civil demonstrations.

Though considered a wise representative Amias had his share of naysayers and was sure this would cause some gossip to circulate among the other Anti Gilded Rights Patricians. No doubt there would be some plots to undermine him, politically or financially, But let them come, Amias had faced much worse than backroom politics and he could deal with whatever they threw at him. For now he was content to just enjoy things and let the world be for tonight. Amias looked around the mansion which belonged to his host Silas. The antique design of the mansion did indeed stand out among the others in this district, but so did Amias whose design was more reminiscent of classical Greek architecture. As he admired the house he took in the guests whom had attended the party. Normally his daughter Antoinette would have attended with him, but this year she had wished to celebrate the new year at a friends party.

So tonight he had taken Magnolia with him as company. Normally he wouldn’t have considered owning a Gilded, but without a mother figure in her life Amias had wanted Antoinette to have some constant female company other than the maids. Not to mention Amias would like to have some female company just to laugh, talk and admire with. So he had entered into an agreement with Magnolia, companionship in exchange for a comfortable living. From a business perspective it was a deal most people would kill to have. Amias had given her a lavish accommodations, delectable food, even free education when he later found out her ambitions. All of this he gave her for next to nothing, just as long as she made herself at home as a companion.

Despite her multifaceted personality she fit in just perfectly with their little family. Antoinette had taken to her with enthusiasm and enjoyed spending time with her. She was like a sister and sometimes mother to Antoinette, someone whom she could talk with, spend time with and though he didn’t like it, confide in things she didn’t want to with Amias. Amias also enjoyed her quirky personality and found her quite beautiful to look at. He especially liked it when her temperamental side came out as she was so amusing to watch in this state. He also found her very attractive in appearance and if he had met her some twenty years ago he would have attempted to seduce her. But he was much wiser now and though it was not impossible for him to pursue her she was better off enjoying the romantic attention of someone more her age and Amias someone of his own age.

Amias sighed and pushed such thoughts aside as he continued to look around. He spotted Silas with his Gilded along with others. One he recognized as Edmund Grey, a well known artist and owner of one of the prestigious art galleries. The woman he didn’t recognize but she was quite the eye catcher. Deciding to intrude upon this congregation Amias began making his way over to the group, his wood cane announcing his presence with it’s clicking tempo. “Quite the party you have arranged Silas.” he said. “I suspect this will be a celebration to be remembered for quite some time.”

He looked to Edmund and nodded, “Mr. Grey, good to see you were able to attend the festivities.” Amias turned to the beautiful blond woman, “I do not believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you miss?” He asked.


Alanus McCloud

The atmosphere was filled with giddy laughter, high spirits and everything short of drunken revelry. Here were people who lived the high life without a care for what others thought or even for the concern of others. It was revolting and sickened him to no end to see these pompous, arrogant creatures whom were the leaders of humanity’s last bastion of civilization. Alanus’ lips twisted in a disgust as he slowly roamed the courtyard outskirts, doing as much as he could to avoid drawing attention to himself. Alanus wanted to be among these people as much as he wanted to gouge out his own eyes. But thanks to his new Patrician he found himself now among the wolves. Unlike his previous “Master” as he was so fond of being called, Xena Dawn was more lenient and considerate. But Alanus didn’t let his guard down with her, he learned long ago Patricians were never to be trusted.

Alanus looked paused to look over the guests of the party, Patricians along with their Gilded were in large attendance tonight with some reporters. He turned his attention to the Gilded who walked among them, many of them enjoying the festivities, others just keeping to themselves. One girl whom he saw with what appeared to be an important man handed him a crown of flowers of which he put on her head. He basked in the affection this girl showered upon him like some giddy school girl as the circulated around. How could she be so at ease? How could she act like she was some girl with her boyhood crush and not like some slave? It was something Alanus could never understand, how one could willingly become part of a society that treated them as nothing but possessions. Alanus had been forced into his position and resented every moment.

His last owner had forced him into indentured service, forced him to be something he didn’t wish, branded him, humiliated him, practically tortured him. It was a time of Alanus’ life where he almost wished to die but his stubborn nature had forced him to live through it until his Patrician died. Ironic how he had died by the position of one of the creatures Alanus had trained for him. Though he had warned him many times a Black Manba was very dangerous but the man had dismissed his warnings and paid the price. There were still some who thought Alanus had somehow arranged for the man to be bitten or even poisoned him personally. But no evidence was found and as Alanus said, as much as wanted to he didn’t kill the man.

Though this didn’t stop such dark thoughts from entering his mind, such as wondered how many of the Patricians in this room a little of the snake's venom could kill. It would be as simple as spiking the punch and then just watch the results, but such thoughts were best left unexplored. A sound of footsteps caught his attention and Alanus turned to see one of the reporters approaching him, “Excuse me good sir, I’d like to hear your take on GAAHHH!” The reporter jumped back as a growling next to Alanus caused the reporter to turn pail, “Leave.” Alanus said. The woman didn’t think twice as she turned tail and ran away. He turned back to the creature to his left, “Good boy.” He said as he pet the creature. Himeji was a wolf pup Alanus had raised during his last tenure and it had become his most loyal companion. He brought him to the party mostly for companionship but also gave the excuse to Xena it would help boost her prestivue to be seen with a tamed beast like a wolf. And indeed it did draw attention, not just to Xena but to himself.

Himeji mostly kept him company but he also scared off the party goers who ventured close to ask him questions or interact with him. Of the few who managed to last more than ten seconds had assumed he was a Patrician. Now Alanus was dressed in a tailor made suit with a black tailcoat jacket, white starched shirt with waistcoat, black trousers and dress shoes. But it covered his Gilding marks and his gloves insured they remained hidden. This explained how he was mistaken for a Patrician but even so it didn’t make him any less annoyed when he was compared to those monsters. Alanus sighed, he was getting angry and it was best not to let that anger grow, maybe a drink was in order. Hopefully the non alcoholic drinks weren’t spiked yet as he didn’t like alcohol. As Alanus moved to leave the outskirts Himeji suddenly perked up, looked around and walked off in a random direction, “Himeji.” Alanus said firmly, trying to get the wolf’s attention. But it was no use as Himeji continued his search for whatever he was looking for. Alanus followed the wolf as he walked along the outskirts before coming up behind a woman in a green laced gown with a black skirt.

Himeji pushed his snout into the small of woman's back as he sniffed her intently, taking in her natural scent over her perfume, which Alanus could smell had a flowery scent to it, “Himeji, heel!” Alanus said before he came behind the wolf and pinched the wolf’s neck. Immediately the wolf stopped what he was doing and sat down on the spot. Alanus made sure Himeji wasn’t going to do anything before looking towards the woman, “My apologies, my companion must have been very curious to seek you out.” He said with a calm look. Alanus noted the gold gilding on the woman’s arms and thighs, indicating she was a Gilded.


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Startling at the touch of something prodding into the base of her back Magnolia spun quickly, eyes wide in shock but jeweled toned eyes flashing with fire. Coming face to face, well chest, with a herculean man at least a foot taller then her and a huge wolf. Cocking her head to the side as she studied him, her lips slightly pinched and furrow had appeared between her finely arched eyebrows. “My apologies, my companion must have been very curious to seek you out.”, a small airy laugh escaped her lips as she shrugged elegantly with a small quirk of her lips.

"Well I feel I should apologize for distracting such a fine and noble creature. So please forgive me." Magnolia giggled lightly, her eyes filled with mirth. "Walk with me? Though I am treated well by my Patrician and I enjoy being his daughters companion, there are far to many Patricians here tonight who see me as nothing but a trophy to look at and in some cases...touch." she ended with a growl. Though the party was loud a distinctive clicking sound from across the room caused her head to snap in the direction as her eyes darted around before landing on Amias. It appeared he wasnt looking for her so Magnolia turned back to her unknown companion.

Raising her hand to her hair she fiddled with the flower clip before noticing the nervous gesture and jerking her hand down, "Im Magnolia Krane by the way." she told him as an after thought, the cool air fluttered through the room and made her shiver slightly. One would think that with the amount of people milling about that it really would be warmer but apparently not.


Tilting he's head in understanding Edmund matched Silas's steps, "Maybe its our age, maybe we simply feel it more as we continue to age." he chuckled deeply. "Xena, dear, you look lovely and I am truly offended that all I get is a smile and nod. No kiss? Or at least a hug?" he oozed charm while wiggling his eyebrows with a laugh.

"You are quite right though Silas, what a time to live. Gildeds, the Elite, Riots... I haven't been able to catch the news only heard the murmurs. Do you think there will be more or that they will get worse?" Edmund asked with a sigh, his normally cheerful exasperation dull with worry before shaking his head. "If you had told me ten years ago that I would be sitting here, with you, with a Gilded in my care, running a Gallery, frustrated by Riots for Gilded rights. I would have called you a liar. Sitting here is unbelievable and though I had dreamed of it I never thought I would achieve it but I had never realized how tired I would be once I made it here. Sorry, guess im getting sentimental." he ended with a laugh before the sound of clicking filled his ears and looked up in time to see Amias Vennum approach. Nodding his greeting Edmund waved to a waiter for a glass of whatever drink they were carrying through.


Quartz had flinched away from the man, it was one thing to be touched by Rosemary but it was a whole nother to be touched by someone else. Luckily her Mistress stepped in and didnt allow that to happen. "Thank you for not allowing him to touch me." she whispered in a slightly shaky breath. It was probably the one thing Quartz hated about being a gilded and being considered beautiful, it made people want to touch her, "He was right though, I do look exquisite. Though, you look more divine than I" Rosemary stated and it made Quartz relax and release an almost childlike laugh before turning to the table filled with food.

"We both know that, that is untrue Mistress. We are both divine just in...Different ways. You tall and graceful, with a wisdom that shines in your eyes." She said in a breathy voice for Rosemary's ears only, "I on the other hand, am considered tiny and delicate, childlike really." she finished with a shrug and smile.

Taking her Mistresses advice on the chocolate she dropped a piece in her mouth and released a small moan of pleasure. "That is just sinful, we should get tomorrow so we can enjoy it at home." she said in a slightly questioning tone as she peeked up and her Patrician through her thick dark lashes, playing coy in the hopes that Rosemary would say yes. Chocolate was a secret obsession of the flame haired girls, so it was no surprise when she gabbed a dainty napkin and placed a few more pieces in it as she popped another on her tongue.


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"I won't tell a soul," Xena said in response to Silas while wearing a playful smile. She mimed zipping her mouth up and tossing the key aside, always a fan of being a little theatrical in her interactions. Her long legs moved in stride with the men. Like an elegant sailboat, it was almost as if she was floating across the courtyard. There were times and places for her broad and powerful walk, but tonight she was going enjoy filling her movements with grace and feminity.

Her tight red bun bobbed as she nodded her head at Silas' humble compliment. "Yes, I'm afraid you wouldn't have lasted very long in the medical field," she said. "One does need a heart and a brain to be a physician," Xena retorted with a spirited light in her eye. She chuckled softly at her own joke before being drawn to Edmund, who was fussing about her greeting toward him.

Edmund was charming enough that his comments didn't bother Xena. "Please," she oozed, ready to fire something back. "If you deserved a kiss and hug you would have gotten them," Xena said before grabbing a new drink from a wandering waiter. Normally, those sort of comments would rile out a couple of sharp words from Xena, but tonight she was determined to play nice with the boys. After all, she spent most of her days arguing with half of the men at this party. It was time to give her big mouth a rest for once.

Xena looked at Edmund with enough attention that most would be fooled into thinking she was actually listening to him. Instead she caught a glimpse of Alanus. The clumsy wolf of his was disturbing a Gilded. Xena instantly regretting letting Alanus bring the mutt. Regardless of how she felt about Gilded, he and his pet were still a direct reflection of her status. Xena watched the exchange, glad that the Gilded wasn't some spoiled brat and seemed to find humor in the exchange.

Drawing her attention back, an older man approached the group. He walked with importance, but Xena couldn't quite place his name. She knew that he was someone that she should know, but failed at grasp anything useful before he spoke. "A pleasure," Xena said to the man before reaching her hand out to be received by him. "Xena Dawn, CEO of Arcadia General Hospital," she stated almost mechanically. Her name and title seemed interchangeable at times, but she never failed to address both when introducing herself to someone new.


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He held an arm about Canan as she curled into his side. She was virtually dwarfed by a combination of her thick furs and Silas's presence in the circle. He moved his hand against her arm, brushing the furs into her delicate skin as if hoping to generate more warmth for the fragile girl. A finger caught in a strand of her hair, and he curled it about his index finger before letting it fall against her back.

"Age could most certainly be a factor," he remarked, smiling to himself. He would be thirty-five in less than two weeks, and the thought seemed to haunt him throughout the past however many days. In relation to his peers, he certainly was young, and he couldn't argue with that, but thirty-five seemed like a much larger number, like he should have done something by now and he hadn't. Or, at least, he hadn't done anything that he had planned on accomplishing. But now wasn't the time for some sort of midlife crisis.

He drained whatever remained in the glass, and his head swam once more as he looked up and met Edmund's gaze. "The murmurs are enough, I imagine," he replied, crossing one leg over the other. "I couldn't say how they will progress...I could hardly imagine they are...far from over." Edmund's own worry was reflected in his tone, but he quickly remediated that, aware that he was revealing too many of his thoughts at once. He couldn't create some sort of panic over this - not until he had some sort of plan.

" a good way to put it." And it was, truly, for if he had been told the same thing, he would have scoffed. A farm boy, hardly capable of affording a primary education, had no place in politics. And yet here he was.

But Xena's comment saved him from dwelling on the riots of his childhood, and he quickly turned his attention to her, grateful for the chance to speak of something less overwhelming. He laughed at her sharp retort, returning her smile with one of his own.

”And which would you say I do possess, Dr. Dawn? Or is it neither? I'd say that seems to be the case for most of my peers.”

He regretted saying that as quickly as it had left his lips, for Amias joined the group, accompanied by a gentle tapping from his walking stick. It was not Amias he had referred, but he felt like a deer in headlights nevertheless, caught in a faux pas. Perhaps he hadn’t heard, and Silas certainly decided to play it off as such.

”You flatter me, Amias,” he replied. Giving Canan a gentle pat on the thigh, he stood, hoping the gesture had come off as a warning for her to sit up for a moment as he stood and extended his hand to the man. As Amias likely took his hand, Silas pulled himself closer to the man and wrapped his left arm, still holding the empty glass, around the older man's shoulders. "It certainly already seems to be one for the books. What a day we've had already." Silas pulled back from Amias as he spoke and gestured to a seat nearby him as he began to sit back next to Canan.

He kept to himself as Xena greeted Amias. The brief reply gave him a moment to press a kiss into Canan's hair, a gesture that could be interpreted platonic to those around him but held more significance for the Patrician and the Gilded. It was over as quickly as he had engaged, and he turned his attention back to Amias and Xena.

"This is Amias Vennum, Xena," he interjected, feeling as though his responsibilities as host were being shirked. "Representative for the Republic, among other things. A fine man, I would say." Though he was still trying to make up for his flub earlier - which Amias, perhaps, hadn't even caught on to - what he said now was the truth. He did admire the man - a war hero, a upstanding example of challenging the status quo. It was quite easy to lose oneself in Arcadia, but Amias hadn't.

Satisfied with his introducing of the two, he settled back slightly into his seat. Quite swiftly, he was regretting his choice of beverage.