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Aris Lincoln

"Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes successful in show business."

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a character in “The Gilded”, as played by Scarlet Loup




"Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes successful in show business."
~ Francis Ford Coppola



Aristotle Proximo Lincoln

Aris - His most common nickname, which is what most refer to him as
Ari - Less common, reserved for closer companions

November 12


Director / Broadcaster ; former Actor






Aris has quite an average build for a man of his inflated personality. He stands at about five feet, eleven inches and weighs one hundred, fifty pounds. Over his life, he has retained an athletic build, but he would be a fool to think it hasn't deteriorated slightly since his acting days ended. His hair has always been a mousy shade of brown, but it has begun to gray with age, leaving him with a slightly grayish-brown shade. Naturally, it sort of sticks up on end, but he often works product through it to tame it and make it presentable. His facial hair he leaves scruffy in a perpetual five o'clock shadow style.

His eyes are a brilliant, deep shade of blue that seem far more expressive than most. In general, he's an extremely expressive person, which is a side effect of being an actor virtually his entire life. His sense of fashion is often at the forefront of Arcadia's male fashion - he keeps up with trends as quickly as they appear and disappear. His wealth allows him to go above and beyond just being flashy, making his sense of style ostentatious and braggadocious.

Aris is the epitome of privilege and the repercussions of a childhood that was doused in it. From birth, he had just about anything he could want for. Or, rather, anything material, for he still had to work for attention and respect. His parents did a shoddy job raising him, and for this reason, he is quite emotionally stunted. If it bothered him, however, he would have sought some sort of counseling or therapy. Likely, he feeds off of the gossip abut him and his personality as much as he does any other attention.

He craves attention of any sort, positive or not, for he is aware that publicity is publicity. It was a lesson he quickly caught on to as a boy, and it has helped him move above and beyond his peers. Aris is flashy and showy, saving absolutely no expense or shred of humility. He enjoys the finer things in life to whatever extent he wishes to. Aris has little modesty, thus, and further, never holds back in social situations. Though he is aware of the precarious position his reputation is in as a celebrity, he lives in the moment and does what he wants when he wants. Thus, he exudes an arrogant aura that makes him the subject of most people's animosity. On the other hand, he is still well-spoken and quite capable of spinning situations in his favor. He's very openly flirty with others, and he uses it to his personal advantage often.

Despite all of his awful traits, Aris still does have some morals. He cares greatly for his family and is surprisingly present in their lives despite having a very active career and social life. He is not explicitly malicious if he does not have to be - but he certainly is not above lashing out if he feels that he or his children are threatened. All he does, he does for them and to ensure that they can have the childhood he never did.

Attention - As a child who was raised in the movie industry, he has always thrived on attention, and his entire career has been built around it. Essentially, he feeds off of it and each move he makes is a way to ensure he remains the center of Arcadia's attention.
His Children - Aris's children mean the world to him, and he would do whatever necessary to ensure their safety and success in life. It is quite obvious that he does not hold as much regard for anyone as he does for his children.
Alcohol & Cigarettes - He most certainly abuses alcohol, and it is extremely uncommon to find Aris without a cigarette on hand. They are only remnants of other drug habits he has had over the years, but they are also the most chronic.
Social Gatherings - An extrovert through and through, Aris thrives off of contact with others and often makes appearances at most social functions to get his "fix" of sorts. It tends to stretch him quite thin, but in the end, he feels rewarded.
Old Literature - A favorite hobby of his, when he isn't out and about, is to sit in his apartment with a book, preferably something pre-twenty first century, as he thinks it makes him appear more well-read. Further, he finds the story-telling ability of a people so far gone to be charming.

Commitment - The idea of committing to anyone, even though it really is not expected of him, worries him nonetheless. His parents were never committed to him nor each other, and so he finds it difficult to make those bonds with anyone.
Competition - Though he loves being at the top of his game, he hates any challenge to his position or job and shies away from any sort of conflict. Often, if he must compete, he seizes up from the pressure.
Waking Early - If he had his way, he'd function only at night. Mornings are often accompanied by hangovers and an overall feeling of exhaustion.
Warm Weather - Aris is quite quick to overheat in the summer, and so he prefers the cold. It also allows him to indulge in sweaters, a weak spot for him.
Shouting - He may love the constant murmur of conversation, but Aris despises loud noises as they quickly become overwhelming. They likely also remind him of his parents arguing, or of him arguing with his son's mother.

☠ Losing His Children - As his children mean the world to him, to lose them whether through death or custody battle, he would be distraught. And so, he makes them his priority, hoping to secure their presence in his life.
☠ Loss of Fame - Second only to losing his children, Aris fears the day that he is no longer socially relevant.
☠ Dogs - He once had a pretty awful experience with a dog on set, and since then, he's been terrified of them all. Dogs of any size are the subject of his fear, and he avoids them at any cost.



Aristotle Proximo Lincoln, as his overly pretentious name would likely suggest, was born into a great deal of his wealth. His mother, Callista Lincoln, was a director, and his father was an actor, Proximo Hoult. The two met at a party, as couples in Arcadia often do, and they established a close friendship that blossomed into a passion for each other. Both parties agreed it was never love - but love had always been a very monogamous concept, and perhaps their affection was a form of love, but they would never truly acknowledge it.

Love or not, their union bore them a son, whom they named Aristotle - a large name for a small child that was quickly shortened. His childhood was a glamorous one, given his parents' occupations. Both remained in his life, as parents often do, but it was his mother who truly cared for him, and so she placed her name on his birth certificate, despite a brief legal battle between her and Proximo who, eventually, was deemed incapable of raising the child.

Even as a child, Aris was thrust into the lime-light. He quickly became a bit of a star, for his parents often pulled him into their projects. By the time he was in his teens, he was known across Arcadia. The problem with so much fame at such a young age is that it has the tendency to stunt one's esteem and emotional development. Essentially, Aris was raised by a nanny, but his closer companions included his fellow child stars and his parents' Gildeds. His days were spent cramming school lessons between takes, and his nights were spent dabbling in substances he shouldn't have even known about.

The Republic's darling became something of an insufferable brat, and the tabloids captured it all, especially a particularly grand breakdown following his father's death by overdose - which was never determined to be accidental or intentional. Whether Proximo's passing truly shook him or he and his mother saw it as the perfect time to turn himself around, Aris did change his behavior and quickly filled in where his father's presence had once loomed.

And so, Aristotle's fame grew, surpassing that of his mother with ease though she guided his every action. He quickly found that this set-up grew tiresome, and by the time he was twenty, he shrugged her off and never looked back. He was entitled in that sense - his mother and father had made him a culmination of their efforts, and he had overshadowed them both without acknowledgement. Or perhaps he was due that after losing his childhood to the monster that is fame.

For years, Aris topped the charts as Arcadia's best paid actor. His wages far exceeded those of his peers and, rumor had it, were scandalously higher than the wages of government officials - taboo in the post-America world given the plethora of responsibilities that were placed on the shoulders of the Doyens. He acquired his first Gilded when he was about thirty. His love for her was unlike his love for any other, despite this, his first child, Orion, was mothered by a costar named Colette.

The following custody battle was a long, arduous one, but Aris was eventually deemed the more capable of providing Orion with more resources than Colette could. She would, though, still have a place in his life, albeit a smaller one.

Between the birth of his son and his first daughter, Aris began to take a step back from the spotlight. Life was catching up to him quickly, even though he was only in his early thirties. He could feel his life becoming more hectic, and it was harder to spend the time he wanted to with his young son. Instead of acting, he began producing movies, and when they failed to live up to his expectations, he began directing them. In the end, it probably took more time from him, but it invigorated his career and gave him the personal control he desired.

It frightened Aris to have been so close to losing his son as a part of his life, and so he decided the only way to ensure he would not have to fight for a right to his children was to have their mother be someone who couldn't possibly sue him for parental rights - his Gilded. Emilia was her name, and she bore his daughter Helena quietly and secretly. Even the maids and butler were unsure who her mother was, though they had their suspicions. Helena's birth was illegal, but Emilia knew that if she were to report Aris, she'd lose her lifestyle. Further, she had not a clue what would happen to her daughter.

And so life carried on for Aris, but his Gilded began to spiral into a slow, unnoticeable depression. She watched from afar as her daughter aged, and then, when Aris decided he wanted another child, she watched as Cecilia was also ripped from her. It consumed her, pushing her over the edge and driving her to take her life. The scandal consumed Aris's life for quite some time, and he fell out of the public eye for quite some time as he recuperated.

He acquired his current Gilded, Luisa, quite shortly after his reappearance into high society. Though still directing, he also took up television appearances, hosting talk shows here and there and dipping his toes into the world of reporting news every once and a while. Aris lives comfortably, without much repercussion for his deeds - but everything is certainly culminating, waiting for the day where it all just falls apart before him.

Father - Proximo Hoult - deceased
Mother - Callista Lincoln - deceased
Son - Orion Julius Lincoln -12
Daughter - Helena Claudia Lincoln - 8
Daughter - Cecilia Olivia Lincoln - 6

So begins...

Aris Lincoln's Story


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The problem with having the wealth and power that he did meant that it often fell on Silas to host his peers and their over-the-top demands when it came time for holidays or any other celebration. One such holiday had always been welcoming in the new year in the dead of winter. Temperatures in Arcadia never reached above forty degrees in the winter, and a thin sheet of snow coated everything.

A unforgiving wind whipped through the streets that day, driving most Patricians into the cover of their automobiles to reach whatever party they would be attending. Silas's was only for the cream of the crop, of course. A man in his position could not afford to invite those who didn't belong there. Despite that, his home seemed packed to the brim. The manor stood on the edge of Arcadia, in the same place his mentor had begun its construction so many years ago. And now, here it was - a looming, multi-story thing of near-palatial quality.

It was Harvey who had requested the layout that, frankly, had no place among the most modern pieces of architecture. It seemed to glow in the moonlight, the white of the building reflecting the light like a beacon. A courtyard in the center stretched the length of the mansion, but it had been covered for the comfort of the party-goers.

It was in the courtyard that Silas stood now, engaged in a conversation with far too many people at once. Like most of the conversations that night, it involved talk about the recent protests that had sprung up in smaller, less significant cities across The Republic earlier that day. That was the problem with mass media, he found - news spread far too quickly. He hadn't even had time to be briefed before the concerned phone calls came into his secretary and the more influential Patricians appeared at his doorstep.

"It's outrageous, I say," blubbered a woman to his right. She was a journalist, he recalled, one of the first who had appeared on his doorstep that morning. "The gall of some...frankly, I don't see what they plan to accomplish." She turned quickly, facing Silas with a hungry look in her eyes. "What do you make of it?"

Societal change slips under our noses, suddenly integrates itself into life.

He had been watching Canan from a slight distance, having let her wander off among the flowers in the garden. Once upon a time, that could have - would have - been him. He had been so young then, but here he stood, a changed man. He could hardly imagine a life without the Gilded.

It was ironic that despite all of his schooling, he had seemed to forget one of the earliest lessons he had learned as a child, that there was an ugly side to the Gilded that the media, the endless commercials and promotions didn't show. He could hardly remember a time without the looming presence of the Gilded.

"We...owe it to the people of The Republic to let them speak for themselves," he began, his hand tightening for a moment on his tumbler of some drink he had long forgotten about. "But we will ensure their civil liberties do not infringe upon those of other citizens." He gestured about the circle, his hand almost hesitating as he gestured past a few of the Gilded that stood by their respective Patricians.

He looked to the journalist now, and she gave a slow nod, already pounding his words into her sleek cellular device with her thumb. They would be across the nation in just minutes. An urge struck him, and he downed the rest of his drink before excusing himself and walking towards the bar, seeking something else to calm newly frazzled nerves.


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Though he often timed his entrances to be fashionable, Aris was simply lucky to walk in before anything monumental had occurred at Silas's New Year's Eve party. Certainly, he would have already known if he had missed something, for the press notoriously infiltrated his parties and were quick to update those of Arcadia who were not fortunate enough to receive an invite to the most awaited party of the evening.

Aris's own evening had begun around eleven in the morning with a cocktail party for some premiere at the theatre. His children had accompanied him, and he attempted to keep them with him through the majority of the day, but by about five in the afternoon, the parties were becoming far too rowdy for the children, and he had sent them home for the evening.

And so his evening had continued, and without the presence of his children, he moved swiftly across the border from tipsy to hammered. Aris had ridden out this state, refueling with a martini or a shot here or there. Finally, the evening had brought him and Luisa to Silas's manor.

He had been there for not long at all when he was drawn into a conversation with one of his producers, an ancient woman, and a younger male actor. It was an awkward set-up between the three of them, for Aris recalled after some time that he had been briefly engaged in a prolonged tryst with the man across from him. The actor, at least ten years Aris's junior, shot glances at the director through heavy-lidded eyes, as if daring him to leave the party behind and join him somewhere slightly more private.

But Aris must have figured wrong, for the actor took off in a moment after a passing artist or playwright or something of the sort. Aris had long since stopped caring who was who, for if they were of any importance, he already knew them.

And yet, halfway across the courtyard, he caught a glimpse of Luisa conversing with two guests he hadn't met or even seen before, for that matter. Excusing himself, he made his way towards them, deftly maneuvering around the press even though he nearly lost his balance and pitched into a hedge at least twice. But he made it to her side eventually, snagging a glass of some brilliantly red wine from a passing waitress.

"Now, Miss Ngugen I know very well," he began, approaching the blonde from behind as he gave the wine a gentle swirl. "On the other hand, I can't say I've ever seen you before - one of Silas's parties or elsewhere." He didn't bother to introduce himself, turning to face her now so that she might see him and recognize him and gush over his presence. That was the beauty in newcomers - he could have cared less as to where she had come from, what she did. He wanted to see her reaction, hear her ooh and aah as she looked Aristotle Lincoln in the eye. "But I imagine there's a reason your here. You have the allure of a model - an up and coming actress, perhaps?"


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Laurence was relatively late and he knew it. The new year had begun with a bang for him as he had just about sold almost all of the cars within his lot that afternoon. He took his team of employees out for a celebratory evening and now, he was getting out his limo and fixing the middle button of his blazer to snap it close as he looked at Silas' home. With a breath, Laurence closed the door behind him and proceeded to walk closer and closer towards the building where the party resided. The door opened for him and he stood there, smirking as his eyes danced around the place, from person to person, until he spotted the host of the evening, Silas. He was unfortunately surrounded by a horde of people so Laurence grabbed himself a drink from the bar and went over to where a blonde, who he heard many muttered about and her name being Meredith. The other person beside her was no other than Aristotle, or Aris, as he liked to be called someone who has made quite the name for himself.

Upon his entrance towards the duo, his eyes scanned over them both then went over towards Aris as he placed his hand upon his shoulder. "Oh, Aristotle, still using those same pick up lines?" Laurence mused in his presence as his gaze bounced over towards Meredith with a smile. "I am sure this young lady did not buy one word of that." His voice muttered softly as his gaze went over towards Silas now as he leaned against the bar gently. Laurence continued to eye Silas until he would look his way so that Laurence could raise his glass up towards him and give him a thumbs up, a signal for a great party. Even though Laurence had just arrived but that was something he was going to keep to himself.

A charming smile came over his facial features as he eyed Aristotle again. "So, are you even enjoying the party, Aris? Or just getting on everyone's nerves again?" Laurence took a sip from his drink after a small chuckle as he waited for a reply from Aris.