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Laurence Perry

"Something dies inside of me whenever I see a friend succeed."

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a character in “The Gilded”, as played by Sunflower



"Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies."
~ Gore Vidal



Laurence Noah Perry.

Laurence likes to be called Rence by the people that he knows but if he doesn't know someone, he prefers them to call him Mr. Perry.

March 22, 2361.


Car Salesmen.


Bisexual - Have a preference for men more than women.



Laurence is a tall, muscular man that takes such pride in the way he looks. He keeps himself well groomed, trimmed and nothing on him is really out of place. Laurence stands about six foot two inches tall and weighs about one-hundred and seventy-one pounds of muscle. He likes to workout every chance that he gets to keep his wonderful stature. He has raven colored hair, which is parted on the left side of his head. His hair is slicked back and he keeps it trimmed to perfection and a single strand is not plucked out of place. Laurence has an olive tint to his skin complexion. Outside, his skin looks like it is a little bit sunkissed and evenly toned all over along with his emerald green eyes. He usually likes to dress up in suits and look very presentable every single day. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, Laurence is well put together.

Fancy Cars
Laurence has always had a passion for cars that are really extravagant.

Laurence hates to break the little hearts within many women but he likes men much more than the opposite sex.

Cigarettes & Alcohol
It may be a horrid habit and something even more horrid to actually do but Laurence doesn't really care, he likes him a good cigarette with a nice drink, every now and then.

Making A Good Sale
Nothing makes him smile more than someone who buys a car off of his lot at a perfect price.

Warm Weather
Laurence doesn't really like it when the weather is too hot or too cold. He likes for it to be the perfect mixture of warm weather with a nice breeze here and there.

Clingy People
People that attach themselves to him are not his cup of tea. He feels weird around them.

Not Making A Sale
Laurence doesn't really have anger issues or a temper but if he doesn't make a decent sale for the day, he'll absolutely lose it.

Being Told What To Do
From people telling him that he needs to quit smoking, drinking and among other things, Laurence cannot stand being told what to do.

The smell of coffee in the air makes him sick to his stomach and he cannot stand the stench of it.

Laurence is really married to his job and really doesn't feel like being with anyone for now, anyways. Though, a little fun never hurt anyone.

Laurence fears that some people will stab him in the back whenever they get the chance.


More than anything, Laurence values honesty within himself and looks for it within others. He likes it when someone is openly honest with him and he'll definitely return the favor. But even if someone lies to him, Laurence will always tell the truth and not even think twice about the consequences or what might happen to him. He has a very strict code for honesty. Laurence is very protective of those close to him and those that he works with. He is much more of a father figure type of protector towards people though than anything else. Along with his protective nature, anyone that is loyal to him, he is loyal back towards them.

When Laurence gets a little bit more than his liquid courage within his system, he gets very aggressive and rude towards others. He will get very violent with anybody in sight but once his returns back to his normal state, he'll regret anything that has happened between him and whomever he had to get violent with. Laurence is a very opinionated person, as well. He will always say what is on his mind and will never, ever hold his words back from anyone. Overall, Laurence is the type of guy that you would want on your side of things. He doesn't see people for their race, gender or sexuality but for what they can bring to the table and if their as loyal to him as he is to others.

During his early life, not many people even knew that the child named Laurence Perry even existed. Once his mother found out that she was pregnant, she quit her job and became a stay at home mother while his father worked for a guy named Leon Legend, who owned the car shop in town. The secrecy of his birth was kept until he was at the blossoming age of three and that's when he was really revealed to the world. Not to say that his parents were ashamed of him, no but they had a child out of wedlock and it was sort of embarrassing to them at that moment and time. As life went by for Laurence, tragically his mother passed away from a sickness. Of course, this torn his apart since he was really close to his mother much more than his father.

His father began drinking heavily and even went as far as physically and emotionally abusing him. Laurence understood where his father was coming from though and just took whatever his father threw at him, whether it be fists or words. While coming up on his teenage years, Laurence became very rebellious. He would sneak out of the house and be gone for more than two days and come home as if he hasn't been gone. He even picked up the habit of smoking and drinking during his teenage years but broke the habit as he felt like it starting to control his life. During these years, Laurence dropped out of school and started to work at Legend's Car Shop with his father as an assistant for the company.

While he was working and getting his somewhat life together, Laurence was also finding himself. Even though, women practically threw themselves at him, he had no real emotion towards them. Though, he has slept with at least one or two women within his day, men were his main and only attraction. With the occasional female here and there. He has always kept quiet about his sexuality as he didn't really want to reveal it to the world just yet, let alone his father. Laurence continued to work at the car shop as an assistant and even made two sales one day. Once Leon saw this, Laurence was promoted to a car salesman, something that he is still doing till this day.

His father was extremely proud of him and even went out a celebrated with him and few more of their coworkers. Laurence picked up the habits of drinking and smoking once again and hasn't stopped yet this time around. Laurence was once a light drinker and smoker but that was until his father died from causes unknown to him and everyone else. He then became the spitting image of his father whenever his mother died, drinking heavily and having at least five cigarettes a day. He didn't return to the shop until three months later and was granted the position of head car salesman, his father's previous title, which he definitely accepted.

A few years have past now and Laurence is still head car salesman at Legend's Car Shop and loves working there still. He misses his parents dearly and would do anything to have them back in his life right about now. Laurence knows that he has to remain strong, not only for himself but for his parents as that's what they would've wanted more than anything from him. So, he has the occasional cigarette now and is only a socially drinker now. He is slowly trying to get his life together again and know that his parents would be really proud of him.

So begins...

Laurence Perry's Story


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The problem with having the wealth and power that he did meant that it often fell on Silas to host his peers and their over-the-top demands when it came time for holidays or any other celebration. One such holiday had always been welcoming in the new year in the dead of winter. Temperatures in Arcadia never reached above forty degrees in the winter, and a thin sheet of snow coated everything.

A unforgiving wind whipped through the streets that day, driving most Patricians into the cover of their automobiles to reach whatever party they would be attending. Silas's was only for the cream of the crop, of course. A man in his position could not afford to invite those who didn't belong there. Despite that, his home seemed packed to the brim. The manor stood on the edge of Arcadia, in the same place his mentor had begun its construction so many years ago. And now, here it was - a looming, multi-story thing of near-palatial quality.

It was Harvey who had requested the layout that, frankly, had no place among the most modern pieces of architecture. It seemed to glow in the moonlight, the white of the building reflecting the light like a beacon. A courtyard in the center stretched the length of the mansion, but it had been covered for the comfort of the party-goers.

It was in the courtyard that Silas stood now, engaged in a conversation with far too many people at once. Like most of the conversations that night, it involved talk about the recent protests that had sprung up in smaller, less significant cities across The Republic earlier that day. That was the problem with mass media, he found - news spread far too quickly. He hadn't even had time to be briefed before the concerned phone calls came into his secretary and the more influential Patricians appeared at his doorstep.

"It's outrageous, I say," blubbered a woman to his right. She was a journalist, he recalled, one of the first who had appeared on his doorstep that morning. "The gall of some...frankly, I don't see what they plan to accomplish." She turned quickly, facing Silas with a hungry look in her eyes. "What do you make of it?"

Societal change slips under our noses, suddenly integrates itself into life.

He had been watching Canan from a slight distance, having let her wander off among the flowers in the garden. Once upon a time, that could have - would have - been him. He had been so young then, but here he stood, a changed man. He could hardly imagine a life without the Gilded.

It was ironic that despite all of his schooling, he had seemed to forget one of the earliest lessons he had learned as a child, that there was an ugly side to the Gilded that the media, the endless commercials and promotions didn't show. He could hardly remember a time without the looming presence of the Gilded.

"We...owe it to the people of The Republic to let them speak for themselves," he began, his hand tightening for a moment on his tumbler of some drink he had long forgotten about. "But we will ensure their civil liberties do not infringe upon those of other citizens." He gestured about the circle, his hand almost hesitating as he gestured past a few of the Gilded that stood by their respective Patricians.

He looked to the journalist now, and she gave a slow nod, already pounding his words into her sleek cellular device with her thumb. They would be across the nation in just minutes. An urge struck him, and he downed the rest of his drink before excusing himself and walking towards the bar, seeking something else to calm newly frazzled nerves.


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#, as written by sappho




It was a bit cold for a party, but nonetheless Meredith had rarely been invited to drink in the presence of the higher Patricians in Arcadia. It had been a mere chance that an invitation to Silas's New Years Eve party had landed itself in her hands. One of her most recent clients that she had designed for asked if she would attended the party. A favor for the intricate, beautiful dress Meredith had spent countless hours stitching together. She nearly would've starved if it hadn't been for Ren kindly leaving plates of food at her work table while she stitched. 

Tonight however, Meredith planned to stick out. She had to, if she wanted to stick her nose out into the higher classes of Arcadia. It was her chance to spread her name and hopefully acquire a multitude of new clients. She had spent a week fashioning a silver, silk dress that had tiny crystals incased in each fashioned stitch. Every time she walked, a small little shimmer followed in her wake. She was proud of it, and tonight was her chance to showcase her talent. 

The ride to Silas's Estate was rather quiet, she had taken Ren along with her. A little part of her wanted his company, she was practically one of the youngest higher class members in this section of Arcadia, he was the only person she was comfortable with. Guiltily however, he showed her level of class, having a Gilded meant you had authority or wealth in this world. As the thought crossed her head her eyes strayed over to his spot next to her, she had fashioned a sleek golden suit that matched the intricate swirls of gold peeking out from his sleeve, and curling up his neck. Her eyes fell back down to her hands in her lap, which where etched with faint lines from where she had constantly been working and stitching. "There are going to be a lot of important people there." The sentence that came out had many meanings. She was nervous, he could probably tell, to her it was more of reassurance. Stating her trouble, and hoping that the words would make her feel better. It didn't. 

Ren took one of her hands in his own, rubbing his thumb along the imprints. "You'll be one of them," he replied simply. "You're more than ready for this." If he was honest with himself, he was more worried about how he would deal with that level of scrutiny than how she would. Being Gilded meant coming from the lower classes, and Ren was no exception. Parties in his hometown were less tailored suits and stunning gowns and more dirty jeans and faded shirtdresses. Living in Arcadia, with Meredith especially, had offered an enormous departure from any life he'd known before. Just the gold suit he was wearing now was probably worth more than his family's entire home had been. Out the window were sprawling estates that rivaled anything Ren had ever seen.

Each mansion was bigger than the last, and the one the car pulled into was the biggest of them all. The white walls glittered in the light of the moon in the same way every one of Meredith's steps did. It seemed that most of the guests had already arrived, and they were among the final few stragglers to show up. Maybe Ren was a biased, but he didn't see a single outfit that was better than the ones Meredith had designed, or even half as good. He had watched her slave away over each stitch, every inch of fabric until the constructions were absolutely perfect, and in his eyes it had more than paid off.

The mansion took Meredith's breath away. Compared to her flat, this place was a castle. There were big names everywhere, it would be a lie to herself if she wasn't a tiny bit intimidated. The quiet, hushed conversations could be heard all around her, about the various protests in the Republic. She wasn't surprised, there had always been various forms of protests against the Republic, but it had slowly been getting worse. She turned her head slightly to address Ren as they made their way into the courtyard. "Feel free to walk around if you like, just don't stray too far," she said quietly. She had noticed the other Gildeds walking around the courtyard, some right next to their Patricians and others roaming around. 

Ren stopped himself before he could furrow his brow at the crowd. Pasting a pleasant smile on his face, he offered, "Do you want me to get you a drink?" Waiters passed every few feet with trays of either hors d'oeuvres or champagne. A table against the wall held a punch bowl and a water pitcher. The other guests seemed to prefer the champagne. "I'd really rather not leave you alone," he admitted, "or try to introduce myself alone." Socializing had never been his strong suit, and he had never really seen himself fitting in well with other Gildeds. He'd only met a few, but they'd had very different views than he did on being a Gilded. It made him sick to his stomach. Reminded him of his 'training.'

Meredith gave him a soft smile and a slight nod, "I would love a drink." Something to loosen her up, and take away her anxiety sounded like a wonderful idea. As she watched Ren slip away to grab a drink her eyes strayed across the crowd, beautiful men and women surrounded her everywhere, she didn't even know where to start. She noticed Silas, one of the most influential men in the Republic, and quite intimidating. Then there was Rosemary, Laurence, she could go on. If it hadn't been for her parents encouraging lesson on some of the highest class in Arcadia she would've been lost. She was so lost in her own thoughts she didn't even notice a woman that approached her. 

"That is one of the most lovely dresses I have ever laid eyes on, you must tell me where you purchased it!" The women's voice was obnoxiously nasally, but Meredith didn't let it phase her. 

"Well, uhm, I actually made it myself." Her voice came out a bit unconfident, but she flashed the woman a bright smile, and hoped that it would save her failing confidence. 

After grabbing a glass of champagne and an Hors d'oeuvres, he made a beeline for the drink table, hopefully for something without alcohol. He took a sip of the punch he'd gotten for himself and nearly choked on the booze in it. Either someone had spiked it, or this was never really 'punch.' It reminded him of the jungle juice he'd accidentally had too much of at a party when he was 14. The appetizer, on the other hand, was a beef tenderloin on a fancy cracker with what seemed to be a garlic and merlot jam spread decoratively on top. He wondered to himself if he could recreate it at home and turned to see if Meredith thought he could. When he saw the woman talking to her, Ren decided to hang back at the drink table and watch, grinning to himself as the potential conversation played out in his head.


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Laurence was relatively late and he knew it. The new year had begun with a bang for him as he had just about sold almost all of the cars within his lot that afternoon. He took his team of employees out for a celebratory evening and now, he was getting out his limo and fixing the middle button of his blazer to snap it close as he looked at Silas' home. With a breath, Laurence closed the door behind him and proceeded to walk closer and closer towards the building where the party resided. The door opened for him and he stood there, smirking as his eyes danced around the place, from person to person, until he spotted the host of the evening, Silas. He was unfortunately surrounded by a horde of people so Laurence grabbed himself a drink from the bar and went over to where a blonde, who he heard many muttered about and her name being Meredith. The other person beside her was no other than Aristotle, or Aris, as he liked to be called someone who has made quite the name for himself.

Upon his entrance towards the duo, his eyes scanned over them both then went over towards Aris as he placed his hand upon his shoulder. "Oh, Aristotle, still using those same pick up lines?" Laurence mused in his presence as his gaze bounced over towards Meredith with a smile. "I am sure this young lady did not buy one word of that." His voice muttered softly as his gaze went over towards Silas now as he leaned against the bar gently. Laurence continued to eye Silas until he would look his way so that Laurence could raise his glass up towards him and give him a thumbs up, a signal for a great party. Even though Laurence had just arrived but that was something he was going to keep to himself.

A charming smile came over his facial features as he eyed Aristotle again. "So, are you even enjoying the party, Aris? Or just getting on everyone's nerves again?" Laurence took a sip from his drink after a small chuckle as he waited for a reply from Aris.