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Magnolia T. Krane

"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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a character in “The Gilded”, as played by BenjimynFrankielyyn



"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams"
~ Eleanor Roosevelt



Magnolia Thyme Krane

Magi: Common and over used, doesnt particularly enjoy it.
Lia: Again rarely used, hates it.
TicToc: A play on her middle name being Thyme, might through a fit when this one is used but secretly likes it.
Birdy: Her favorite.

June 30th




Sense she hates explaining what demisexaul means she will just say straight or heterosexual when asked by someone she doesn't know well.

Dialogue: #541010 || Thought: #a33e3e



Magnolia is a delicate young woman, standing at barley 5'2Ft and weighing a total of 120LBs when soaking wet. She is often misjudged because of her slight build for being weak and is also often thought to be far younger then her twenty-two years. Often referred to as pixie like, sapling (because she appears to be willowy in body shape but is short.), and doll like due to her dainty body and the fact that she is a natural relaxed beauty.

She has a mass of silky dirty blonde waves, jewel colored doe eyes rimmed by her naturally thick and long lashes, full lips and high cheek bones. Magnolia is known for her normally relaxed makeup and clothing style. She can make a simple pair of jeans and a loose T shirt look good, though she does prefer to dress up and wear clothing that actually fits her body. Magnolia is also really into heels, finding any excuse to wear them.

On a typical day, Magnolia can be found wearing a nice pair of jeans, either converse or low heels, a tunic top, some cute jewelry and one of her many over the shoulder purses. Her makeup is kept simple, normally a dark shade of lipstick, a slight smokey eyes, and mascara is all her wears and her hair is either in a braid or thrown into a sloppy/messy bun.

Her skin has been etched with swirling golden vines, mostly on her arms, back, and thighs. For the most part Magnolia is not as designed as some but its still blatantly obvious that she is a Gilded.

Magnolia's Style

Optimistic Temperamental Observant Distant Intelligent Quirky Competitive Motivated Loyal

Magnolia is chalk full of endearing contradictions: Optimistic,Motivated, Competitive, and loyal yet at the same time she is Distant and temperamental. She is the sweet neighbor girl who would pick fights to protect her friends, would make up games that would include everyone, who would always look for the bright side of things but at the same time she was the girl who came off as snotty because instead of actively trying to make friends on the play ground should pull away from the group and sit and watch.

As she has aged, Magnolia has gained a handful of friends who adore her because not only is she fun to be around now that she knows them but also because she knows when something is wrong simply by their body language. Her friends are her motivation in all things, they keep her balanced. She wasn't ever close to her family so the few friends she has keep her balanced and motivate her to make a better life for herself and them. They are what keep her calm, her friends are the few people to ever see her in what she calls her 'house wear'which is just in reality her lazy wear or what she wears when she doesn't wish to get dressed, they are the few people who have ever seen her so frustrated that she broke down and cried. Where she hasn't spoken to her family sense she became an adult, she hasn't stopped talking to them sense the day they became her friends.

Though contradicting to her complex personality, Magnolia's wants in life are rather simple. She just wants to own her own home and business and to be able to live peacefully. Honestly, her inspiration for her dream is old history books, how land was traveled and settled, how if you earned enough you could walk over to the bank and purchase the land for your business. Then slowly build it up, the idea of it is so marvelously simple and appeals to her though she understands on a logical and rational level that in the modern times that nothing is that simple but ever sense she heard about it she has wanted to do just that.

Her dreams also frighten her because just as quickly as she gets her business up and going it could fall apart do to the constant change in the 'Ins', being a Gilded also scares her because what if she is thrown out like a common household item after just a few days? Though frightened by these things, her most dominant trait being optimistic just doesn't allow her to worry for to long because its just in her nature to look for the good things or the bright side and the pros out weigh the cons.

Warm Tea or coffee: Sitting outside in the early morning light before the city starts to sir with a warm cup of coffee and sitting outside as the lights dim and the world goes to sleep with a warm cup of tea is the best way to wake up and go to sleep.
Large comfy sweaters: There is just something soothing and comforting about being cuddled in a sweater that is twice the size of her body.
Training/Exercising: Not only does it keep her body in shape but it helps her keep her anger in check by giving her a release.
Loud Music: The louder it is the better because she likes the feeling of almost being at a concert, except this way she doesn't have to deal with annoying people or crowds of any sort.
Reading in bed: Its relaxing and peaceful, add some banana pudding or pomegranate smoothie and it becomes even better.

Soda: She just doesn't see the appeal and she doesn't like the feeling of the carbonation. A glass of iced sweet tea or warm coffee/tea is much better in her opinion.
Being judged: Due to her distant behavior she has been judged as being snotty and it really bothers her.
Being asked her age: She gets it, she looks young but if she is in a bar and being served then obviously shes at least twenty-one. So, please dont ask if shes still in High School and how she got in.
Being looked down on: Who likes being looked down on? Its really that simple.
Romance: Shes believes that romance, true love, or any other 'romantic' notion is a lie. It doesn't exist.

☠Spiders: They have eight legs, hundreds of eyes, and sharp pinchers. Why wouldn't you be afraid of spiders?
☠Being forgotten: She grew up in a modest home that was filled to the brim with her numerous siblings and half siblings. Being somewhere near the center she was often forgotten and over looked because she was rather quite. Its now a deep rooted fear that when shes gone no one will remember her.
☠Failing: No one likes the idea of failing but this fear is connected to the one previous, she believes that if she fails at her dreams that no one will remember her when she is gone so she cant fail.



Born on a oddly stormy summer night, Magnolia was the fourth child born to Elizabeth Krane, two of which came from a previous marriage, and the third child to be sired by Thomas Krane. The youngest of seven children she was doted on for awhile but like all things this quickly came to an end when her mother announced her was expecting once again, as her mother grew bigger she could do less around the house and it was expected of her at only four to help her older sisters with the chores. After Malcolm was born things went back to normal for the most part until Elizabeth got sick and passed away.

Thomas remarried and together had four more kids, totaling the house hold up to two adults and twelve kids all under the age of eighteen. Margaret and Margo were the oldest at fourteen, then there was Micheal at twelve, Magnolia was next at eleven, and baby Malcolm was seven at this point. With his new wife Cynthia, Thomas had twins Thomas junior and Tabatha, Tristan, and Teddy. It was a loud house with all the children running about and more then once a child or two was forgotten, it was mostly Magnolia because of her quite demeanor.

It got so bad that Magnolia stayed at one of her few friends during childhoods house for a few weeks and upon her return the only one who noticed that she had been gone at all was two year old Tristan who mentioned that he had missed her. When Magnolia was fifteen life got a little easier to bare because the Twins both left on the eighteenth birthday. This was also the year she was asked for the first time if she would like to be a Gilded, at the time she said no because she wanted to finish school and her parents supported her decision.

At seventeen Thomas and Thomas Jr. were in an accident, upon their deaths the house became much quieter because Cynthia spent all of her time holed up in her room and the younger children just couldn't understand that their father and older brother were never coming home. Yet, through all of this Magnolia still some how managed to get forgotten. At the church the funeral was held at, at the Lawyers office after the will was read, even at the old bakery where her father had spent years working at after they picked up his last paycheck. It was at this time that she realized that though they loved her, her family just didnt notice that she existed so a year later on her eighteenth birthday she accepted the offer to become a Gilded.

Nicola Peltz

FATHER: Thomas Krane{D}
MOTHER: Elizabeth Krane{D}
STEP MOTHER: Cynthia Krane~40
SIBLINGS:[Maternal Half]Margret and Margo Black~25
[Full] Micheal Krane~23
[Full] Malcolm Krane~18
[Paternal Half] Thomas Krane Jr.{D} and Tabatha Krane~16
[Paternal Half] Tristan Krane~13
[Paternal Half] Teddy Krane~10

Two Pitbull mixes, a female blue nose named Ariand a male red named Mozy

So begins...

Magnolia T. Krane's Story


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The problem with having the wealth and power that he did meant that it often fell on Silas to host his peers and their over-the-top demands when it came time for holidays or any other celebration. One such holiday had always been welcoming in the new year in the dead of winter. Temperatures in Arcadia never reached above forty degrees in the winter, and a thin sheet of snow coated everything.

A unforgiving wind whipped through the streets that day, driving most Patricians into the cover of their automobiles to reach whatever party they would be attending. Silas's was only for the cream of the crop, of course. A man in his position could not afford to invite those who didn't belong there. Despite that, his home seemed packed to the brim. The manor stood on the edge of Arcadia, in the same place his mentor had begun its construction so many years ago. And now, here it was - a looming, multi-story thing of near-palatial quality.

It was Harvey who had requested the layout that, frankly, had no place among the most modern pieces of architecture. It seemed to glow in the moonlight, the white of the building reflecting the light like a beacon. A courtyard in the center stretched the length of the mansion, but it had been covered for the comfort of the party-goers.

It was in the courtyard that Silas stood now, engaged in a conversation with far too many people at once. Like most of the conversations that night, it involved talk about the recent protests that had sprung up in smaller, less significant cities across The Republic earlier that day. That was the problem with mass media, he found - news spread far too quickly. He hadn't even had time to be briefed before the concerned phone calls came into his secretary and the more influential Patricians appeared at his doorstep.

"It's outrageous, I say," blubbered a woman to his right. She was a journalist, he recalled, one of the first who had appeared on his doorstep that morning. "The gall of some...frankly, I don't see what they plan to accomplish." She turned quickly, facing Silas with a hungry look in her eyes. "What do you make of it?"

Societal change slips under our noses, suddenly integrates itself into life.

He had been watching Canan from a slight distance, having let her wander off among the flowers in the garden. Once upon a time, that could have - would have - been him. He had been so young then, but here he stood, a changed man. He could hardly imagine a life without the Gilded.

It was ironic that despite all of his schooling, he had seemed to forget one of the earliest lessons he had learned as a child, that there was an ugly side to the Gilded that the media, the endless commercials and promotions didn't show. He could hardly remember a time without the looming presence of the Gilded.

"We...owe it to the people of The Republic to let them speak for themselves," he began, his hand tightening for a moment on his tumbler of some drink he had long forgotten about. "But we will ensure their civil liberties do not infringe upon those of other citizens." He gestured about the circle, his hand almost hesitating as he gestured past a few of the Gilded that stood by their respective Patricians.

He looked to the journalist now, and she gave a slow nod, already pounding his words into her sleek cellular device with her thumb. They would be across the nation in just minutes. An urge struck him, and he downed the rest of his drink before excusing himself and walking towards the bar, seeking something else to calm newly frazzled nerves.


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Wearing an outfit that was both modest and sexy, Magnolia stood off to the side, playing with the satin of her dresses skirt. She had found the perfect spot to watch while her Patrician went and rubbed elbows, or instigate a fight by speaking his mind sense he was rather more open minded then most. Sense no one was really paying her any attention she was watching the going ons around her. Her jewel toned eyes focusing on the Silas Buchanan, the host of tonights extravagant party. Attractive, tall, dark, but totally out of her league even if she hadn't signed away her freedom to become a Gilded and potentially have a better life once she was released.

Not that Magnolia was complaining, her Patrician was kind and didn't really want her to do more then be herself, be his daughters friend, and of course better herself by using the resources he has kindly offered her. He, for the most part, left her alone and to her own devices unless he wanted to accompany him to parties and such. Now, though, standing on the outskirts of a beautiful party filled with beautiful people admired but ignored she couldn't help but feel a bit lonely. Deciding that standing in one spot was making her depressed she decided to move about, walking the outskirts. Smiling and nodding to people she knew and avoiding the reporters, all of them a hungry look to them that told her that they were searching to get a Gilded's point of view on the protests.


"Priscilla, have fun dear. You know who you can talk to and who is off limits. Please avoid the reporters, Actually, im not asking. Avoid the reporters. By the way, have I told you that you look lovely? Because you do." Edmund said with a smile, he adjusted his tie as he handed his coat over to the attendant and smoothed a hand over his hair, smiling to a few of the men and women he knew he peeked at Priscilla from the corner of his eye, "Before you wander off, let us say hello to the host of tonights event my dear." he stated in his charming manner as he offered his arm to his Gilded. She did look lovely as he had stated but he only really kept a Gilded because it was expected of him. The last of the Gray line and all, he was rarely home and he truly felt awful that he basically kept this beautiful dove locked in a cage but it was the way of life.

Walking with purpose filled strides he made his way over to Silas, a wide smile on his lips, "Hello Silas, it appears that you have out done yourself once again." Edmund greeted, probably in a far to personal way. He never was one for propriety and often shrugged it off, much to the chagrin of his peers. His eyes only briefly flickered down to Silas's Gilded, Canan he believed she was called before he focused back on to his host, "Chilly tonight, isn't it?" once again interrupting one of the less prominent men that had been trying to speak to Silas. Tapping Priscilla's hand twice as if to let her know she could wander off he kept his focus and his smile directed toward Silas.

Edmund really wasn't one for fancy parties or get togethers sense it interrupted his few free moments that he wasnt working but this was one of the biggest of the year and they were a great way to get some extra business, that being said though he had always enjoyed the few talks he had, had with Silas in the past and in such he was hoping to pass most of the night having another.


Quartz enjoyed having attention upon her, especially when she knows she looks good. Which of course she did, a tight fitted black silk dress clung to her tiny frame, accenting her milky skin and fiery hair just like the gems that had been implanted upon her flesh. Looking up at her Patrician, her friend, and her occasional lover she smiled "Shall we enjoy ourselves?" she asked, her voice soft and musical as her eyes roamed the room. Though she has been to many parties like this one in the past three years she has been with Rosemary, they never stop exciting her.

She wasn't as naive or as childlike as some of the Gildeds she has meet in the past, she was often referred to a mature and she had even heard a few call her undesirable because of it but she was wanted by Rosemary and that was all that mattered to her. She was perfect for her Mistress, or at least she was under the impression that she was, and together they were happy. Keeping on hand on Rosemary she followed beside her as they moved through the crowds that parted for elegant pair.


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Amias Vennum

Amias Vennum was used to going to parties for political or financial gain, but very rarely was he allowed to simply relax. New Year Parties were a time he would put the world’s problems away and if for one night just enjoy himself. However this party however was much more enjoyable for Amias as he listened to the bustling chatter and gossip about the recent protests against owning Gilded. Amias could only smile as he sipped a glass of Chardonnay and savored the vanilla like flavor. Amias had his fair share of reporters approach him earlier today inquiring on his opinion about the situation. Being known as a Gilded Civil Rights representative he told them he welcomed the opinions of others and would remain supportive of the protests so long as they remained civil demonstrations.

Though considered a wise representative Amias had his share of naysayers and was sure this would cause some gossip to circulate among the other Anti Gilded Rights Patricians. No doubt there would be some plots to undermine him, politically or financially, But let them come, Amias had faced much worse than backroom politics and he could deal with whatever they threw at him. For now he was content to just enjoy things and let the world be for tonight. Amias looked around the mansion which belonged to his host Silas. The antique design of the mansion did indeed stand out among the others in this district, but so did Amias whose design was more reminiscent of classical Greek architecture. As he admired the house he took in the guests whom had attended the party. Normally his daughter Antoinette would have attended with him, but this year she had wished to celebrate the new year at a friends party.

So tonight he had taken Magnolia with him as company. Normally he wouldn’t have considered owning a Gilded, but without a mother figure in her life Amias had wanted Antoinette to have some constant female company other than the maids. Not to mention Amias would like to have some female company just to laugh, talk and admire with. So he had entered into an agreement with Magnolia, companionship in exchange for a comfortable living. From a business perspective it was a deal most people would kill to have. Amias had given her a lavish accommodations, delectable food, even free education when he later found out her ambitions. All of this he gave her for next to nothing, just as long as she made herself at home as a companion.

Despite her multifaceted personality she fit in just perfectly with their little family. Antoinette had taken to her with enthusiasm and enjoyed spending time with her. She was like a sister and sometimes mother to Antoinette, someone whom she could talk with, spend time with and though he didn’t like it, confide in things she didn’t want to with Amias. Amias also enjoyed her quirky personality and found her quite beautiful to look at. He especially liked it when her temperamental side came out as she was so amusing to watch in this state. He also found her very attractive in appearance and if he had met her some twenty years ago he would have attempted to seduce her. But he was much wiser now and though it was not impossible for him to pursue her she was better off enjoying the romantic attention of someone more her age and Amias someone of his own age.

Amias sighed and pushed such thoughts aside as he continued to look around. He spotted Silas with his Gilded along with others. One he recognized as Edmund Grey, a well known artist and owner of one of the prestigious art galleries. The woman he didn’t recognize but she was quite the eye catcher. Deciding to intrude upon this congregation Amias began making his way over to the group, his wood cane announcing his presence with it’s clicking tempo. “Quite the party you have arranged Silas.” he said. “I suspect this will be a celebration to be remembered for quite some time.”

He looked to Edmund and nodded, “Mr. Grey, good to see you were able to attend the festivities.” Amias turned to the beautiful blond woman, “I do not believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you miss?” He asked.


Alanus McCloud

The atmosphere was filled with giddy laughter, high spirits and everything short of drunken revelry. Here were people who lived the high life without a care for what others thought or even for the concern of others. It was revolting and sickened him to no end to see these pompous, arrogant creatures whom were the leaders of humanity’s last bastion of civilization. Alanus’ lips twisted in a disgust as he slowly roamed the courtyard outskirts, doing as much as he could to avoid drawing attention to himself. Alanus wanted to be among these people as much as he wanted to gouge out his own eyes. But thanks to his new Patrician he found himself now among the wolves. Unlike his previous “Master” as he was so fond of being called, Xena Dawn was more lenient and considerate. But Alanus didn’t let his guard down with her, he learned long ago Patricians were never to be trusted.

Alanus looked paused to look over the guests of the party, Patricians along with their Gilded were in large attendance tonight with some reporters. He turned his attention to the Gilded who walked among them, many of them enjoying the festivities, others just keeping to themselves. One girl whom he saw with what appeared to be an important man handed him a crown of flowers of which he put on her head. He basked in the affection this girl showered upon him like some giddy school girl as the circulated around. How could she be so at ease? How could she act like she was some girl with her boyhood crush and not like some slave? It was something Alanus could never understand, how one could willingly become part of a society that treated them as nothing but possessions. Alanus had been forced into his position and resented every moment.

His last owner had forced him into indentured service, forced him to be something he didn’t wish, branded him, humiliated him, practically tortured him. It was a time of Alanus’ life where he almost wished to die but his stubborn nature had forced him to live through it until his Patrician died. Ironic how he had died by the position of one of the creatures Alanus had trained for him. Though he had warned him many times a Black Manba was very dangerous but the man had dismissed his warnings and paid the price. There were still some who thought Alanus had somehow arranged for the man to be bitten or even poisoned him personally. But no evidence was found and as Alanus said, as much as wanted to he didn’t kill the man.

Though this didn’t stop such dark thoughts from entering his mind, such as wondered how many of the Patricians in this room a little of the snake's venom could kill. It would be as simple as spiking the punch and then just watch the results, but such thoughts were best left unexplored. A sound of footsteps caught his attention and Alanus turned to see one of the reporters approaching him, “Excuse me good sir, I’d like to hear your take on GAAHHH!” The reporter jumped back as a growling next to Alanus caused the reporter to turn pail, “Leave.” Alanus said. The woman didn’t think twice as she turned tail and ran away. He turned back to the creature to his left, “Good boy.” He said as he pet the creature. Himeji was a wolf pup Alanus had raised during his last tenure and it had become his most loyal companion. He brought him to the party mostly for companionship but also gave the excuse to Xena it would help boost her prestivue to be seen with a tamed beast like a wolf. And indeed it did draw attention, not just to Xena but to himself.

Himeji mostly kept him company but he also scared off the party goers who ventured close to ask him questions or interact with him. Of the few who managed to last more than ten seconds had assumed he was a Patrician. Now Alanus was dressed in a tailor made suit with a black tailcoat jacket, white starched shirt with waistcoat, black trousers and dress shoes. But it covered his Gilding marks and his gloves insured they remained hidden. This explained how he was mistaken for a Patrician but even so it didn’t make him any less annoyed when he was compared to those monsters. Alanus sighed, he was getting angry and it was best not to let that anger grow, maybe a drink was in order. Hopefully the non alcoholic drinks weren’t spiked yet as he didn’t like alcohol. As Alanus moved to leave the outskirts Himeji suddenly perked up, looked around and walked off in a random direction, “Himeji.” Alanus said firmly, trying to get the wolf’s attention. But it was no use as Himeji continued his search for whatever he was looking for. Alanus followed the wolf as he walked along the outskirts before coming up behind a woman in a green laced gown with a black skirt.

Himeji pushed his snout into the small of woman's back as he sniffed her intently, taking in her natural scent over her perfume, which Alanus could smell had a flowery scent to it, “Himeji, heel!” Alanus said before he came behind the wolf and pinched the wolf’s neck. Immediately the wolf stopped what he was doing and sat down on the spot. Alanus made sure Himeji wasn’t going to do anything before looking towards the woman, “My apologies, my companion must have been very curious to seek you out.” He said with a calm look. Alanus noted the gold gilding on the woman’s arms and thighs, indicating she was a Gilded.


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Startling at the touch of something prodding into the base of her back Magnolia spun quickly, eyes wide in shock but jeweled toned eyes flashing with fire. Coming face to face, well chest, with a herculean man at least a foot taller then her and a huge wolf. Cocking her head to the side as she studied him, her lips slightly pinched and furrow had appeared between her finely arched eyebrows. “My apologies, my companion must have been very curious to seek you out.”, a small airy laugh escaped her lips as she shrugged elegantly with a small quirk of her lips.

"Well I feel I should apologize for distracting such a fine and noble creature. So please forgive me." Magnolia giggled lightly, her eyes filled with mirth. "Walk with me? Though I am treated well by my Patrician and I enjoy being his daughters companion, there are far to many Patricians here tonight who see me as nothing but a trophy to look at and in some cases...touch." she ended with a growl. Though the party was loud a distinctive clicking sound from across the room caused her head to snap in the direction as her eyes darted around before landing on Amias. It appeared he wasnt looking for her so Magnolia turned back to her unknown companion.

Raising her hand to her hair she fiddled with the flower clip before noticing the nervous gesture and jerking her hand down, "Im Magnolia Krane by the way." she told him as an after thought, the cool air fluttered through the room and made her shiver slightly. One would think that with the amount of people milling about that it really would be warmer but apparently not.


Tilting he's head in understanding Edmund matched Silas's steps, "Maybe its our age, maybe we simply feel it more as we continue to age." he chuckled deeply. "Xena, dear, you look lovely and I am truly offended that all I get is a smile and nod. No kiss? Or at least a hug?" he oozed charm while wiggling his eyebrows with a laugh.

"You are quite right though Silas, what a time to live. Gildeds, the Elite, Riots... I haven't been able to catch the news only heard the murmurs. Do you think there will be more or that they will get worse?" Edmund asked with a sigh, his normally cheerful exasperation dull with worry before shaking his head. "If you had told me ten years ago that I would be sitting here, with you, with a Gilded in my care, running a Gallery, frustrated by Riots for Gilded rights. I would have called you a liar. Sitting here is unbelievable and though I had dreamed of it I never thought I would achieve it but I had never realized how tired I would be once I made it here. Sorry, guess im getting sentimental." he ended with a laugh before the sound of clicking filled his ears and looked up in time to see Amias Vennum approach. Nodding his greeting Edmund waved to a waiter for a glass of whatever drink they were carrying through.


Quartz had flinched away from the man, it was one thing to be touched by Rosemary but it was a whole nother to be touched by someone else. Luckily her Mistress stepped in and didnt allow that to happen. "Thank you for not allowing him to touch me." she whispered in a slightly shaky breath. It was probably the one thing Quartz hated about being a gilded and being considered beautiful, it made people want to touch her, "He was right though, I do look exquisite. Though, you look more divine than I" Rosemary stated and it made Quartz relax and release an almost childlike laugh before turning to the table filled with food.

"We both know that, that is untrue Mistress. We are both divine just in...Different ways. You tall and graceful, with a wisdom that shines in your eyes." She said in a breathy voice for Rosemary's ears only, "I on the other hand, am considered tiny and delicate, childlike really." she finished with a shrug and smile.

Taking her Mistresses advice on the chocolate she dropped a piece in her mouth and released a small moan of pleasure. "That is just sinful, we should get tomorrow so we can enjoy it at home." she said in a slightly questioning tone as she peeked up and her Patrician through her thick dark lashes, playing coy in the hopes that Rosemary would say yes. Chocolate was a secret obsession of the flame haired girls, so it was no surprise when she gabbed a dainty napkin and placed a few more pieces in it as she popped another on her tongue.