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Priscilla Johnson

"Enjoy life and don't wish any days away while you are waiting for better ones ahead."

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a character in “The Gilded”, as played by Sunflower



"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead."
~ Unknown


Priscilla Denise Johnson.

Priscilla likes to be referred by her name. She doesn't like nicknames of any nature thrown her way.

June 16.








With blonde locks of hair falling upon her shoulders and going well past the middle of her back, Priscilla is one fair beauty with looks to die for. She stands about five foot seven with a weight of one-hundred and nineteen pounds. She has a petite frame with a few curves here and there and toned muscles. Her emerald green eyes sparkle and shine with a nice tint gleaming off of them. Her eyes are really the first thing most people know about her as they are sometimes just that bright. Priscilla has a fairly toned and even skin complexion as she is not too pale. Of course, her wardrobe is filled with different accessorized dresses and gowns most are adorned with the colors that compliments her skin tone very well. With her looks, she usually uses them to advantage especially whenever she bat her eyelashes.

Even though she may want any of her own, Priscilla adores children. She'll go as far as to hug and pinch a child's cheek.

Priscilla has books scattered all over the place and that's mainly due to the fact that she loves to read. Whenever she gets the chance, she'll read a whole entire book within a day.

At night sometimes, Priscilla will go outside and just gaze up at the night sky. She has read at least two books based on the subject and already thinks she knows every single thing about it.

Priscilla values honesty from just about everyone she meets. If she deems someone that is not honest with her, she'll distant herself away from that person.

Raising Her Voice
Priscilla isn't one that likes to argue with anyone or yell at them. She hates raising her delicate voice.

Judgemental People
She doesn't like it when people judge her or others. She would never judge a book by it's cover and therefore think that people should follow suit.

Meaningless Conversations
If someone comes up to Priscilla and engage in a conversation with her, they better have something very meaningful to talk about. She doesn't like it when people come up to her and ramble about God only knows what.

Heavy Scents
Huge whiffs of perfume or cologne, even something that smells horrible irritates Priscilla. She feels that people should lightly coat themselves with perfume and cologne.

Being too high up in the air, in any way, shape or form, scares her to the fullest.

These little creepy crawlers make her skin crawl just by the simple thought of them.


Priscilla is sometimes quiet and to herself. She tries not to bother anyone else but if they bother her, there will be some extreme consequences. She is very reserved and will sometimes not say much unless someone comes up to her and starts the conversation. Being so quiet and reserved use to get her picked on a lot but she countered back by coming up with a few choice words of her own and embarrassing anyone that picked on her. She often laughed afterwards then just looked at enemies with glares ever since.

Even though Priscilla is a little bit reserved, she is also quite intelligent and thinks that she has advanced intelligence over anybody else. She is quite clever when it comes to thinking and making quick decisions. Her words will make someone raise a brow up at her then she'll leave them thinking about what had just said. Priscilla can come off as being blunt, at times. If you ask her for her brutally honest opinion, she will be the person that will give you exactly what you asked for. Because of her bluntness, many people have called her rude and childish but Priscilla just waves her hand at those people.

Priscilla is a little flirtatious, as well. Even when she doesn't mean to flirt, she'll end up flashing a charming smile or twirling the end strands of her hair. She hates that and tries her best not to flirt with other people but always end up doing it anyway.

Priscilla is the third child birthed to the parents, Johnathan and Maria Johnson, both of which really wanted a boy since they already had two girls but figured that one more couldn't hurt them. Even though, they were okay with having one more girl, she was the Cinderella of the household while her sisters were the evil stepsisters. They made her do every single thing that they think of, especially their chores. If Priscilla even tried to mouth off towards them, her sisters weren't hesitate to tell just about anything on her and Priscilla knew that her parents would believe them over her.

As time went on, she finally took a stand for herself and used the word that no one ever though would come from her mouth, 'no'. Her sisters, even parents were surprised as they were stunned by Priscilla's display to take up for herself. Her parents were extremely proud of her but her sister were infuriated that the tables had indeed turned.

The more and more Priscilla was coming of age, she realized that it's best to be a little bit quieter and observant of her surroundings and people. She didn't really want to be around her sisters anymore so she decided to move out and venture on her own. Though, still being the younger sibling, she often checked in with her parents. Priscilla really enjoys being out on her own and being her own person. She liked the walk of adulthood that she was in right about now and wouldn't really change this feeling for anything in the world.

Priscilla knows that something is going to happen soon. She can feel in within her bones and have been very observant of other people's actions. She enjoys being a Gilded and loves being on her own, sort of but she really wouldn't go back to her family life for nothing in the world.

So begins...

Priscilla Johnson's Story


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The problem with having the wealth and power that he did meant that it often fell on Silas to host his peers and their over-the-top demands when it came time for holidays or any other celebration. One such holiday had always been welcoming in the new year in the dead of winter. Temperatures in Arcadia never reached above forty degrees in the winter, and a thin sheet of snow coated everything.

A unforgiving wind whipped through the streets that day, driving most Patricians into the cover of their automobiles to reach whatever party they would be attending. Silas's was only for the cream of the crop, of course. A man in his position could not afford to invite those who didn't belong there. Despite that, his home seemed packed to the brim. The manor stood on the edge of Arcadia, in the same place his mentor had begun its construction so many years ago. And now, here it was - a looming, multi-story thing of near-palatial quality.

It was Harvey who had requested the layout that, frankly, had no place among the most modern pieces of architecture. It seemed to glow in the moonlight, the white of the building reflecting the light like a beacon. A courtyard in the center stretched the length of the mansion, but it had been covered for the comfort of the party-goers.

It was in the courtyard that Silas stood now, engaged in a conversation with far too many people at once. Like most of the conversations that night, it involved talk about the recent protests that had sprung up in smaller, less significant cities across The Republic earlier that day. That was the problem with mass media, he found - news spread far too quickly. He hadn't even had time to be briefed before the concerned phone calls came into his secretary and the more influential Patricians appeared at his doorstep.

"It's outrageous, I say," blubbered a woman to his right. She was a journalist, he recalled, one of the first who had appeared on his doorstep that morning. "The gall of some...frankly, I don't see what they plan to accomplish." She turned quickly, facing Silas with a hungry look in her eyes. "What do you make of it?"

Societal change slips under our noses, suddenly integrates itself into life.

He had been watching Canan from a slight distance, having let her wander off among the flowers in the garden. Once upon a time, that could have - would have - been him. He had been so young then, but here he stood, a changed man. He could hardly imagine a life without the Gilded.

It was ironic that despite all of his schooling, he had seemed to forget one of the earliest lessons he had learned as a child, that there was an ugly side to the Gilded that the media, the endless commercials and promotions didn't show. He could hardly remember a time without the looming presence of the Gilded.

"We...owe it to the people of The Republic to let them speak for themselves," he began, his hand tightening for a moment on his tumbler of some drink he had long forgotten about. "But we will ensure their civil liberties do not infringe upon those of other citizens." He gestured about the circle, his hand almost hesitating as he gestured past a few of the Gilded that stood by their respective Patricians.

He looked to the journalist now, and she gave a slow nod, already pounding his words into her sleek cellular device with her thumb. They would be across the nation in just minutes. An urge struck him, and he downed the rest of his drink before excusing himself and walking towards the bar, seeking something else to calm newly frazzled nerves.


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Wearing an outfit that was both modest and sexy, Magnolia stood off to the side, playing with the satin of her dresses skirt. She had found the perfect spot to watch while her Patrician went and rubbed elbows, or instigate a fight by speaking his mind sense he was rather more open minded then most. Sense no one was really paying her any attention she was watching the going ons around her. Her jewel toned eyes focusing on the Silas Buchanan, the host of tonights extravagant party. Attractive, tall, dark, but totally out of her league even if she hadn't signed away her freedom to become a Gilded and potentially have a better life once she was released.

Not that Magnolia was complaining, her Patrician was kind and didn't really want her to do more then be herself, be his daughters friend, and of course better herself by using the resources he has kindly offered her. He, for the most part, left her alone and to her own devices unless he wanted to accompany him to parties and such. Now, though, standing on the outskirts of a beautiful party filled with beautiful people admired but ignored she couldn't help but feel a bit lonely. Deciding that standing in one spot was making her depressed she decided to move about, walking the outskirts. Smiling and nodding to people she knew and avoiding the reporters, all of them a hungry look to them that told her that they were searching to get a Gilded's point of view on the protests.


"Priscilla, have fun dear. You know who you can talk to and who is off limits. Please avoid the reporters, Actually, im not asking. Avoid the reporters. By the way, have I told you that you look lovely? Because you do." Edmund said with a smile, he adjusted his tie as he handed his coat over to the attendant and smoothed a hand over his hair, smiling to a few of the men and women he knew he peeked at Priscilla from the corner of his eye, "Before you wander off, let us say hello to the host of tonights event my dear." he stated in his charming manner as he offered his arm to his Gilded. She did look lovely as he had stated but he only really kept a Gilded because it was expected of him. The last of the Gray line and all, he was rarely home and he truly felt awful that he basically kept this beautiful dove locked in a cage but it was the way of life.

Walking with purpose filled strides he made his way over to Silas, a wide smile on his lips, "Hello Silas, it appears that you have out done yourself once again." Edmund greeted, probably in a far to personal way. He never was one for propriety and often shrugged it off, much to the chagrin of his peers. His eyes only briefly flickered down to Silas's Gilded, Canan he believed she was called before he focused back on to his host, "Chilly tonight, isn't it?" once again interrupting one of the less prominent men that had been trying to speak to Silas. Tapping Priscilla's hand twice as if to let her know she could wander off he kept his focus and his smile directed toward Silas.

Edmund really wasn't one for fancy parties or get togethers sense it interrupted his few free moments that he wasnt working but this was one of the biggest of the year and they were a great way to get some extra business, that being said though he had always enjoyed the few talks he had, had with Silas in the past and in such he was hoping to pass most of the night having another.


Quartz enjoyed having attention upon her, especially when she knows she looks good. Which of course she did, a tight fitted black silk dress clung to her tiny frame, accenting her milky skin and fiery hair just like the gems that had been implanted upon her flesh. Looking up at her Patrician, her friend, and her occasional lover she smiled "Shall we enjoy ourselves?" she asked, her voice soft and musical as her eyes roamed the room. Though she has been to many parties like this one in the past three years she has been with Rosemary, they never stop exciting her.

She wasn't as naive or as childlike as some of the Gildeds she has meet in the past, she was often referred to a mature and she had even heard a few call her undesirable because of it but she was wanted by Rosemary and that was all that mattered to her. She was perfect for her Mistress, or at least she was under the impression that she was, and together they were happy. Keeping on hand on Rosemary she followed beside her as they moved through the crowds that parted for elegant pair.


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Priscilla always loved it whenever the new year rolled around. It was a chance to start again, whether on life or just to start over in general. She also loved the festivities that followed, big or small and loved being within the presence of other people. Of course, she was a little bit on the quieter side of things but embracing her adulthood life have made her come to terms with being around other people and opening up to them, as well. Priscilla eyed the pathways that herself and Edmund traveled to get to Silas' place. She smiled at just about everything then looked over towards Edmund, still a smile plastered upon her face.

When they arrived to the little get together, she stayed close by her Patrician and linked her arm with his. As Edmund started to speak towards her, her eyes fluttered over to meet his and she let out a breath. Hearing his words and command, she couldn't help but nod her head while she responded to him. "Yes, Edmund. I will definitely avoid the reporters." She said in a delicate tone then couldn't help but blush whenever he mentioned how lovely she looked. "Thanks, Edmund. And you look adorable yourself. But of course you would because I picked off your suit." Priscilla couldn't help but chuckle after she said that and slapped his arm playfully before she linked hers back properly to his.

Before she trailed off away from Edmund, he wanted her to go over to meet and greet with the host, Silas. She had let Edmund speak first then she parted her mouth to speak, as well. "This is very extravagant." Priscilla offered the compliment towards Silas and ended with a smile as she felt Edmund tap her twice to let her know that she was now free to wander off. Before she wander off, she eyed Silas' gilded, Canan then she offered one more smile towards Silas and her Patrician, Edmund before she walked away from them.

With a slight sigh, she stood in the middle of the room for a moment, thinking about what could she do or where could she go. The house was really gorgeous she knew her place and not to really trail off too far from Edmund. But as soon as she turned around, a reporter was staring dead at her and coming her way. "I have nothing to say. Excuse me." Priscilla said before the reporter even got the question out good enough and ran in the opposite direction, standing upon a wall to catch her breath. She didn't want to seem like she was disobeying her Patrician because she really wasn't. But she just hoped that Edmund didn't see the reporter or get the wrong impression from that display.


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Silas pressed the glass into the bar's top, sliding it across the surface with a force he hadn't intended to use.

"Something strong," was all he requested as he lifted his hand and watched the bartender lift his glass from the counter. For a while, he watched as she began the makings of some sort of mixed drink, but Silas lost his focus quickly thereafter and looked upward, through the glass ceiling. Night had already fallen over Arcadia, but the courtyard was well-lit, made to look like it was perpetually just moments before sunset. It gave the garden more intimacy, but it prevented full anonymity. He enjoyed that - being able to see who addressed him throughout the night. It made it easier to keep track of his guests.

Silas looked over the courtyard now, his eyes scanning the tops of hedges for Canan. He turned just moments after she had tugged on his sleeve, calling his attention back to her. His eyes lingered on her as he took in her appearance which, truly, had never ceased to amaze him. How delicate she was, her two legs like spindles beneath a thin torso. It worried him sometimes, when he laid with her, that he would harm her. She was over a foot shorter than him, and the juxtaposition between the two was nearly comical.

He might have reached out and traced the swirls of gold that twisted about her body like an endless maze, but his reach was interrupted by the flower crown she presented, which brushed against his fingertips electrifyingly.

"It's beautiful," he breathed, taking in gently in his hands as though afraid of crushing it. Gingerly, he turned it in his hands before lifting it and placing it on her strawberry blonde tresses. As he let his hands fall away, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and leaned forward. "You look lovely, pet." Bending to her height had a tendency to be an ordeal, but he did so anyway and placed a kiss against her forehead. One hand brushed against the small of her back as he did so, but only to stabilize her.

A voice to his side brought him back into the moment, and he pulled away as he turned to face Edmund. His hand fell from her back slowly, hesitatingly. "Good evening, Edmund," he returned, picking up his drink from the bar. "Thank you - always a pleasure to share this night with such...lovely company." His eyes skirted back towards the reporter who had just harangued him, hoping Edmund would pick up on the gesture without him having to be blunt. He heard the approach of another man whose name he couldn't recall, but his presence was quickly shut down as Edmund continued to speak.

"Certainly," he continued, the force of his words convincing the man to look elsewhere for a conversation. "It seems colder each year, I swear." He enjoyed the presence of the younger man - he was talented and seemed to exude potential in a way that Silas could relate to specifically. It had certainly been part of the reason he owned a few of Edmund's pieces.

His eyes flitted to Priscilla, and he accepted her compliment with a smile as he raised the drink to his lips. The bartender certainly understood what he meant, and, for sure, the beverage burned sharply as it trailed down his throat. For a moment, his head swam as he gathered his words.

"Thank you, my dear," he returned, inclining his head in acknowledgement. He followed her for a moment before reaching out to Edmund. "Let's walk." He brushed the other man's elbow, guiding him after him in a friendly manner. He switched his drink to his other hand and reached down with one hand to take up Canan's hand as he led the two of them through the hedges.

It was as they walked that Xena intercepted the small group. "Do I?" He asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow dramatically to make it quite clear that he had caught on to her sarcasm but did not take offense. Even if he had, he wouldn't have conveyed it - there were certain things that he had learned to not fight. "'Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown', right? Proverbial crown, of course. And yet, still a very real weight." He gave a soft laugh at his own comment.

"However, you didn't hear that from me," he said, taking a seat on a circular bench, perfect for the group to converse without Silas having to worry as much about the invigorated reporters. The drink was certainly helping as well. "As far as anyone is concerned, it's all under control." He looked over at Canan for a moment, pursing his lips before taking another long sip.

"But you look well," he offered to Xena, looking back at her now. "Wonder if I would have done better in medicine - probably wouldn't have. Politicians aren't good for much more than talking circles." He paused, pressing his lips together for a moment.

"What a time we live in."