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In a world where wealth is based on the ability to possess beauty, revolution begins to brew, and no one is who they say they are.

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Character Portrait: Amias Vennum

Veritas Nunquam Perit

Character Portrait: Quartz M. Jones

"Poetry Is An Orphan Of Silence. The Words Never Quite Equal The Experience Behind Them." ~ Charles Simic

Character Portrait: Aris Lincoln

"Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes successful in show business."

Character Portrait: Xena Dawn

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion with one's courage."

Character Portrait: Canan


Character Portrait: Alanus McCloud

If you do not control the enemy, the enemy will control you.

Character Portrait: Priscilla Johnson

"Enjoy life and don't wish any days away while you are waiting for better ones ahead."

Character Portrait: Rosemary Eleanor Darcy

"Welcome to Eden, and I hope you enjoy your stay."

Character Portrait: Edmund P. Gray

"The True Work Of Art Is But A Shadow Of The Divine Perfection."~ Michelangelo

Character Portrait: Magnolia T. Krane

"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Character Portrait: Laurence Perry

"Something dies inside of me whenever I see a friend succeed."

Character Portrait: Luisa Dubois

"I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough."

Character Portrait: Ren Truscott

"Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary."

Character Portrait: Silas Buchanan

"Against all odds, a seed rises from darkness."