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The Girl and the Grove

The Girl and the Grove


There's rumors of a mysterious girl in a forest in the California wilderness. There is also talk of sudden disappearances. And there are about to be quite a few more.

912 readers have visited The Girl and the Grove since fallout539 created it.




The Fae's Grove. A forest located in the wilderness of California. It's marked as one of the most gorgeous places to visit, with beautiful canopies and ancient trees rising from the earth like towers. It also has quite a bit of rumors surrounding it. The older folks will say it's inhabited by fairies. Others will tell you that many people disappear there, and re-emerge months later completely changed, usually for the better, but they can't explain why. A lot of people will go as far as saying that serial killers dump bodies there. But every legend has one thing in common: A little girl, dressed in a white gown, beckoning those who arrive at dusk, when the purples and oranges of the sky fill the swamp with an ethereal glow.

What the people don't know is that they are right. In all regards. The grove is home to beings of another realm, and while some are murderous and hateful, others wish to help their visitors. And people do go missing...lead into the realm of the Fae. By who, you may ask? Why, the Girl of the Grove, of course.

Those that step into the realm are faced with an ultimatum: Face their worst fears and traumas, or be destroyed by them. The troubled and lost find themselves drawn to the Grove, thinking they need to reflect in nature, when really the Fae are calling them. Calling them to reflect upon themselves. They will face the hardest struggle of their lives, facing the things that they wanted to bury so very much. Why, again you ask? Well, that is for each traveler to discover for themselves.

What torments you, weary one? Face it, and let it in The Fae's Grove.


Note that each character's trauma is up to you, but please keep their personalities and said trauma relevant in some way to the position.

The Police Officer: TAKEN by TheBouquineuse

The Teacher: TAKEN by me

The Doctor: TAKEN by Neverland

The Musician: TAKEN by Mashotu

The Teen: Taken by ApocalypticGirl

The Priest: TAKEN by Black Joker

Character Skeleton:
Code: Select all
[font=Book Antiqua] (Change if you wish)
[size=200][center][font=???][color=#???]Character name here[/color][/font][/center][/size]
[left][img]Insert character image here[/img][/left]
Name here
Age here
[u][size=150][b]G[/b][/size]ender & [size=150][b]O[/b][/size]rientation:[/u]
Gender and orientation here
Appearance here. Since the pictures are included, you can just cover clothes and build and such.
[right][img]Another character image here[/img][/right]
Personality here. You don't have to give a big spiel, unless you want to.
[u][size=150][b]T[/b][/size]raumas and [size=150][b]F[/b][/size]ears:[/u]
Traumas and fears here. At least one of each.
Bio here
[center][url=link goes here]Theme song goes here[/url][/center]

This roleplay, you may have noticed, lacks in some detail. This is due to the fact that it will be largely written by the players. Each one will get a story, in the order above. So if you don't want to be put in the spotlight right away, I'd recommend one of the later roles*. Each story will affect the environment of the forest, making it darker, lighter, etc. and the Fae will challenge that character specifically, but the others. They will be cruel. They will be kind. And they will break you.

*If you feel that this format isn't the way to go, and would like to make a suggestion, do so in the OOC. I'd love to hear of ways to handle this so everyone is involved!

Well, that's the gist! I hope you'll enjoy the RP!

Toggle Rules

1. The basics- No godmodding or metagaming. You guys know this, of course.

2. Realistic pictures only- No anime please.

3. Mary Sues and Gary Stus are a no-no, but everyone will have their moments where the story does somewhat pivot on them. But outside of those moments, no one is the center of creation.

4. If you will be gone for a while, or are having trouble coming up with a post, please just say so. I have my moments, as do we all, but please have the common courtesy to tell us so we can move along and keep your character with us. If you are unable to leave a notice after being gone longer than two days, your character will be taken by the Fae. I make exceptions for emergency occurrences. (Note: Speaking of which, I will be gone for a week on vacation on the 25th of July to August 2nd. I will post when I can during that time, but it will be spotty.)

5. Minimum post length is 300 words. This is a literate RP, and as such, this minimum will be strictly upheld. Acceptable grammar and spelling is required as well, but I understand the occasional mistake. We are human, after all.

6. Please do not bicker or argue in the OOC. Take it to a PM if you feel the need.

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Character Portrait: Leah Wright
0 sightings Leah Wright played by ApocalypticGirl
"Things will be better."

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Character Portrait: Tania O'Riley
Character Portrait: Annie Hawkins


Character Portrait: Annie Hawkins
Annie Hawkins

"No matter how bad things get, I'll always do my best to make it okay."

Character Portrait: Tania O'Riley
Tania O'Riley

The children are my life. I will raise them as my own.


Character Portrait: Annie Hawkins
Annie Hawkins

"No matter how bad things get, I'll always do my best to make it okay."

Character Portrait: Tania O'Riley
Tania O'Riley

The children are my life. I will raise them as my own.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Annie Hawkins
Annie Hawkins

"No matter how bad things get, I'll always do my best to make it okay."

Character Portrait: Tania O'Riley
Tania O'Riley

The children are my life. I will raise them as my own.

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Re: The Girl and the Grove

No problem, Levesque. Hope you have a nice trip!

Re: The Girl and the Grove

I'm sorry, I won't be able to get in my character. I have so many roleplays that I'm in right now, and I'm going on a long camping trip soon. My apologies!

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Thank you, I will make sure to create a character as soon as possible :3

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Yep, all yours! Thank you!

Re: The Girl and the Grove

May I reserve the priest please? Thank you :3

Re: The Girl and the Grove

AHA! Now I remember. Couldn't tell because of her hair color. And thank ya :)

I'm pumped to see Shelt when she's done as well :D

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Thanks! I really love your character too! I used Carrie Mulligan. She played Daisy in The Great Gatsby and Sally Sparrow in Doctor Who. I actually didn't know about that second one until today though ^_^

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Absolutely lovely, Bouquineuse! You really gave a lot of material to use for Annie's part of the story. Could I ask, who is the woman you used for her appearance? She seems so familiar...

Re: The Girl and the Grove

OH! And if you guys could put the following in the bottom half of the app, I'd be very grateful.

Code: Select all

Your character's role goes here

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Real pictures, please. I don't remember if I put that anywhere, it was 1 AM after all. Nah, theme songs aren't required, I just think it gives mood music for certain moments :). But you don't have to have one.

Re: The Girl and the Grove

And thanks! Another question, do we have to use a theme song? If so, I'm okay with it, but I have a real problem finding them and it usually drives me insane.

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Oh, and what image type do you want us using? Anime or real people?

Re: The Girl and the Grove

The fuzz is yours! And thanks, I love me some 12th Doctor lol.

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Could I reserve the police officer? Also, fallout, I love your icon!

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Both reserved! Can't wait for your apps! ^-^

Re: The Girl and the Grove

What an interesting role-play! Could I please reserve the doctor?

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Can I please reserve the teen?

Re: The Girl and the Grove

You sure can. They're all yours.

Re: The Girl and the Grove

Can I reserve the musician?

The Girl and the Grove

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