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Tania O'Riley

The children are my life. I will raise them as my own.

0 · 231 views · located in Fae's Grove, California

a character in “The Girl and the Grove”, as played by fallout539


Tania O'Riley

Tania Margret O'Riley
Gender & Orientation:
Female/Heterosexual & married
Tania is 5' 6", 140 lbs., and has nicely tanned skin, thanks to a few vacations to the Bahamas. Her work outfits usually consist of long frilly skirts and light, colorful blouses, so she can appear as kind and friendly to he students. Her outfit that she is in now is a brown business skirt and brown silk button up shirt, with dark brown heels and a gold chain necklace.

The Teacher
Tania is a very kind woman. Maybe you could say motherly. She's very protective of those she loves and the children entrusted to her care. Her job is her life, and she honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Tania is slow to anger, and quick to love. Loyal to the end, she is confident and ready to take on any challenges life throws her way.
Traumas and Fears:
Very recently, Tania was told by her doctor that she is unable to have children. This has upset her, and has interfered with her job, but she tries to push on.

Tania is afraid that the 10th graders she teaches will grow up to be cruel or unlawful, even though they are the sweetest kids they can be. She is really just concerned about their future, as a mother would be.

Her husband is also in the hospital for a mass that has appeared in one of his bones. They are unsure if it is benign or malignant, and Tania is afraid for the worst.
Tania was a nurturing girl growing up. She loved her pets, and would hold them closer than anyone. People thought that she would become a veterinarian, but were surprised when she revealed her intentions to be a teacher in her teenage years. Throughout high school, she was very supportive of her friends, and very attentive in class. A great scholar.

When she graduated, it was off to college. Tania wasn't a party type, but a friend of hers, Sandy, dragged her to one so she could socialize a bit. It was there she met the man of her dreams, Derrick. The two fell for each other instantly, and stuck together for the rest of college. He studied to be an entrepreneur, so once he was picked up by a pharmaceutical company, he wasn't around their house in Sacramento as much. But Tania knew it was for the best, and quickly got a job as a Philosophy teacher at a local high school.

After working with kids so much, Tania desperately wanted one of her own to raise and nurture. Derrick did as well, but after a routine trip to the doctor, Tania discovered that she was sterile. Devastated, they both drowned themselves in work. Sadly, Derrick began having pains in his arm, and it was discovered that a mass had formed in his bones. The doctors were unsure what it could be. Overwhelmed, Tania drove to the Fae's Grove, to find solace in nature...

So begins...

Tania O'Riley's Story