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Elidor Corvus

One of Quasacrown's young Champions. His past is shrouded in mystery, but his loyalties have never been questioned.

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a character in “The God-slayer”, as played by RurouniBishi


Side: Champions, Quasacrown's.
Name: Elidor Corvus
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Delta
Class: Warrior
Rank: Captain

Height: 6 feet
Weight: 119lbs
Elidor has long brown hair that he usually keeps tied up in a neat pony tail and bangs that frame his face. His eyes are amber in color and can look anywhere from gold to brown depending on the lighting. As a Delta he is tall, but incredibly thin weighing a little under 120lbs. He skin is pale and his features are slightly girlish, giving him the appearance of being younger than he really is. His body is covered in scars. There are scars that are obviously from battle, arrow marks and sword slashes. But there are others that nobody knows what they are from, small burns and whip marks that make it obvious that he was tortured at some point in his life. But he refuses to tell anyone what he went through.
Armor: As shown in the picture above, Elidor doesn't wear much armor, as it slows down his movement. He wears a sleeveless chest plate and waist armor, both of which are brown in color. The rest of what he wears is loose, light, cloth, to allow for better movement. On lower half he wears loose fitting brown pants and tall, brown, sturdy leather boots.

Equipment: To the battle for Relisio, Elidor has brought nothing but his weapons, armor, and ring, which he wears on a chain around his neck. For they were caught off guard and he didn't have time to collect anything else.
Fighting Style: Dual
Weapon: Two long but thin blades that are reminiscent of the Delta themselves. They are made from a light but strong metal.
Ring/s: Terra

Personality: Elidor is mature and level headed. A natural leader and a loyal Champion. He is very stubborn and will not go down without a fight. He hates having to retreat or fall back and would much rather stand his ground. He is noble and has a strong sense of justice. He isn't afraid to speak his mind, even to the emperor if he believes his voice needs to be heard. He is brave almost to the point of fearlessness and would give his life to protect anyone. He has wisdom beyond his few years and is always eager to learn something new. Though his ways are set, he is open minded and will at least hear anyone out. In battle he is aggressive and fights dirty, but will always show mercy when he has the chance to. He would not hesitate to take an arrow or blade for his emperor, but if the man started becoming corrupt and was a risk to Erupa, he wouldn't hesitate to strike him down, or at the very least try to. His loyalty to the country and its people far outweighs his loyalty to the crown.

History: Elidor wasn't always from Erupa and doesn't like speak of his past to anyone. Giving him a flair of mystery. But everyone can tell from the scars on his body, and his refusal to speak of his past, that his was not a pleasant one. He will tell his story in time, when he is full and ready to do so.

So begins...

Elidor Corvus's Story

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Elidor marched along with the other Champions. As they crossed the bridge connecting Whiteblade and Relisio, the Champions of the man attacking came into sight. The Delta frowned, he fought with speed and movement, there wasn't much room to move on a bridge. It would be difficult for him to fight his fullest if they fought here. As the golem of the group stepped forward to speak to the other Champions, Elidor stayed back. Though he was a captain and could have done something, the golem seemed to have it covered. Instead he dropped into a battle ready stance, as did the others. His feet were spread apart, his left one was forward and his right one back, his knees were bent and he was up on the balls of his feet. He had one of his thin, light, blades in each hand and his arms were perfectly matched with his feet.

As soon as the golem struck, the Champions began their assult. Elidor knew he had to conserve his strength, as these were certainly not the only Champions that Remis had to offer. Remis was Elidor's goal, if he, or anybody, could kill him, it would make things much easier. Elidor moved into action, he was nothing but a brown blur on the bridge. He vaulted off the bridge's railing and beheaded one of the Orlus before it could strike down another. He danced around the battlefield as best as he could, but it was difficult for him to fight effectively in the situation. He let out a pained grunt as he mistimed a step and took a Gennor fist right to the chest. The force of the blow sent him into the railing of the bridge. Thankfully it held and Elidor didn't end up in the water, but he was stunned for a moment and the oxygen returned to his lungs. Before he could react the same Gennor swung down with his hammer, trying to crush Elidor. The Delta nimbly rolled, catching one of the Gennor's legs with both of his. One leg was on the back of his knee, and the other was on the front of his ankle.

Half the roll caused the Gennor to go down to his knees, the second half forced him flat on his stomach. Keeping his momentum going, Elidor unhooked his right leg and drove it directly into the Gennor's spine. There was an audible snap and the Gennor's spine broke, and he let out a gurgling cry of pain. Elidor got to his feet in a single movement, and ended the Gennor before the pain could become to great. Judging from his own pain, the Delta was simply bruised and not broken from the Gennor's fist. Thanks to his armor of course. Since he was certain he could still fight, he threw himself back into the fray and continued on with his deadly dance.

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Eltum ran to the last two Gennor and swung his bejeweled hammer around, hitting the two Gennor coming at him from two sides. He followed one of them that backed down near the edge of the bridge and kicked it off. The Gennor fell to the water, but its armor was heavy, causing it to drown. The other one knelt down, holding its face. As it removed them, the mask pieces were falling off. He smacked its left side of the jaw, then the right. Its jaw was dislocated. But this Gennor put up a fight. It had a ring, as well. A ring forged to fit its size. It was a Pyrokinesis. It lifted its palm and pointed at Eltum, and shot a huge fireball. It slightly damaged the golem, and small shards of uranium fell into the water. That wasn't good, not good at all. The radioactive uranium would probably kill the ones that drink, swim and eat fish from this lake. "Dammit," Eltum thought to himself. Luckily, they were living in times where leaders can easily clean up nuclear radiation anywhere. He should have worn his leather coverings to avoid this kind of accident, though.

Eltum recovered and sat up. He watched the captain dance around with his long blades, killing the rest of the Orlus. The golem went to a defensive stance, blocking all the attacks the Gennor had to offer. After the ring recharged, he shot electricity again, hitting the Gennor's strong armor, yet it was made of a metal that could easily conduct electricity. It didn't kill the hard-boiled Gennor, but it did stun him, giving him a chance to hit the giant's spine. It shattered as soon as the hammer made contact with it. It completely paralyzed the Gennor, and Eltum kicked it off the bridge.

When the other Champions killed off the remaining Orlus, they entered the village of Relisio. One of the spear men threw its white-tipped spear at a Gennor which didn't wear a helmet before it could kill a warrior.

The setting changes from new-pangea-3627-slumber to Relisio


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Lord Remis

Several Champions from Quasarcrown's castle came, prepared. They've surpassed his Orlus and his Gennor. Without his Gennor, they wouldn't survive the Uranium Golem's hammer. Also, his Champions on the bridge were the best he had, and this band of Champions had defeated them. The mindless Champions of Lord Remis still held their line, fearless. The Champions of Quasarcrown didn't charge at Lord Remis'. Instead, Quasarcrown's voice sounded. "Lord Ryus, yield now or suffer death," he said. "No!" Remis said. "This village will be mine!" Suddenly, a blue flash of light appeared above Lord Remis' champions. "Lord Remis, you have killed the villagers of Relisio. The price for mass murder is death." The blue light took the form of arrows suspended in the air. One of the Champions of. Quasarcrown snapped his fingers and the blue arrows became actual arrows, and fell from the sky, killing almost half of Remis' Champions.

Remis knew what the blue light was. It was the light of an activating Omega ring. He dodged before the arrows became active, leaving half of his men to die for him. He ran off, and the Champions charged.


Champions were everywhere, clashing against each other. Aerius regained his strength and recovered. It was only a few ribs that cracked. He stood up, holding his chest. He found Remis running off. He didn't want to assassinate him. There would have no honor in that. He blocked his way, his shield up. He tapped his sabre on his steel shield. A challenge was given, and it was accepted. Remis unsheathed his sword. Aerius didn't care about his broken ribs, so he slowly approached Remis, his blade at his side. Remis struck Aerius' right side diagonally. He dodged. He tried to stab him, but he just blocked the attack. When he tried to cut him from the top, Aerius did his best to parry the attack upwards, giving him a small opening. He bashed his shield against Lord Remis, stunning him. With all his strength, Aerius removed Remis' shield from his grasp.

Again, Remis struck from the top, and Aerius blocked it, giving him a big opening. Aerius stabbed his stomach, making him drop his sword to the ground. Aerius pushed him to the nearest pit, but grabbed his sword before the Lord of Ryus fell to his death in the mineshaft. Then, he joined the fight against the Champions of Remis.