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The Gods' Lament

The Gods' Lament


A secret birth, a violent murder, the thirst for revenge. What happens when five villages experience the wrath of the Gods and who will stop it?

662 readers have visited The Gods' Lament since TrickyNicky created it.


Note to everyone! Read everything! I will explain things that you don't understand but I don't want to have to explain things to you simply because you neglected to read it. Thank you.

The Roleplay

This roleplay is loosely driven on the center plot but is allowed to venture into other sub-plots. Roleplayers are welcome to push the plot along with their storytelling or simply immerse themselves as characters in this world and their own side plots.

The Land

The land is a land we from this time, from this world, are unacquainted with. For your convenience, I will say that the land and culture somewhat resemble a rural, feudal Japan. The land is a large, single continent surrounded by water. To the north of the continent are chilly mountains. Below those mountains are the forest and plains. Next to those plains is the Great Lake. Further south and to the east of the Great Lake, the drought lands are located. Next to the drought lands is the thorny forest of the south.

The Gods

(Liko as a man.)
These are the four Gods of the earth, worshiped by the people of the land. They are immortal, always watching over the villages and challenging the lives of those who live there. There are also the Gods that do not reside on the earth, but rather wander it occasionally in human or animal forms.

Ulsan: The God of the northern forests. He lives on earth and takes on three forms, that of a giant wolf, that of a peasant working boy, and that of a common dog, with one green eye and one yellow eye, that roams around the villages at night. Ulsan is regarded as a God that brings a bountiful harvest by the villagers. Ulsan is considered to be male.

Dreke: The God of the day skies. He lives on earth and takes on three forms, that of a serpent-like dragon, that of a warrior, and that of a green viper. Dreke is regarded as a dangerous God that brings floods, storms, and tornados by the villagers. Dreke is considered to be male.

Eina: The God of the southern forests. She lives on earth and takes on three forms, that of a mist, that resides in a large oak in the middle of the forests, that of an attractive, seducing woman, and that of an old hag. She is considered the God of destruction when angry and the God of healing when pleased by the villagers. Eina is considered to be female.

Vala: The God of the rivers and lakes. She lives on earth and takes on three forms, that of a giant koi, that of a lively, traveling troubadour, and that of a tiny orphan girl. Vala is rumored to be a God that brings good luck, blessings, and protection to those who see it by the villagers. She's considered the God of music. Vala is considered to be female

Liko: The God of deceit and lies, the God of rotted flesh. He/she is not considered a God of the land, but rather a God of darkness. His/her first and main form has no substance and is simply the omnipresent emotion of malice. He/she takes on two solid forms when he/she is on earth, that of a merchant/gambler and that of a yellow cat. He/she feeds off of lies and violence. It's said that Liko has the power to make people go insane and commit horrendous acts. He/she brings darkness and rain wherever he/she goes. Liko is considered to be male by some villages and as a female in others. Orlo and Liko don't normally associate with the Gods of the land.

Orlo: The God of the constellations and fate. He is not considered a God of the land, but rather a God of the heavens. His first and main form has no substance and is simply the omnipresent existence of fate. He takes on two forms when he is on earth, that of a golden haired man and that of a large male elk. He's a God of guidance to the villagers. He is considered to be male. Orlo and Liko don't normally associate with the Gods of the land.

((Note: Gods can only be killed by other Gods, and only when they are in their most vulnerable forms. That is Ulsan as the dog, Dreke the viper, Eina the old hag, Vala the child, Liko the cat, and Orlo (the hardest to kill) the man. Something terrible always happens when a God dies.))

The Spirits

The spirits are the souls of those who died. They live with one of the four Gods of the land, depending on the circumstances of their death. They appear human to each other and the Gods and as animals to the living. If a spirit is killed they just reappear at the place which their spirit body was birthed, be it the mountain, the great oak, etc. Spirits are not born in a technical sense, but rather when their soul first manifests into its spirit form is known as their birth. They are immortal and forever stay the age they died.

The Boars: Boars are the spirits of those who died due to self-inflicted wounds. They live with Ulsan in the forests of the north. Boars are usually sorrowful spirits that choose to forget about their past lives. They are skittish of humans. It’s said that befriending a boar will fill your life with blessings.

The Sheep: The sheep and rams are the spirits of those who died due to illness or old age. They live with Dreke in the mountains in the north. Sheep are usually happy and energetic, finding happiness in their new, healthy bodies. They are happy on their own and rarely see humans as far up as they live, but they are mainly indifferent to them. It’s said that befriending a sheep will insure good health.

The Foxes: The foxes are the spirits of those who died due to violence, such as murder or war. They live in burrows underneath the great oak, in the southern forests, that Eina calls home. Foxes are usually angry and aggressive because of the violent and premature ways most of them died. They don’t like humans in their forest and will pull various tricks to scare them off, making them think the woods are haunted. It’s said that befriending a fox will make you more powerful.

The Birds: The birds are the spirits of those who died due to accidental injuries, like from drowning or fires. They follow Vala as she travels the rivers and lakes of the land. Birds are whimsical and helpful. They form strong attachments to humans and watch over them. It’s said that befriending a bird will protect you from harm.

((Note: These spirits are not technically animals but only appear that way to humans. Their existence doesn't mean there aren't regular boars, sheep, foxes, and birds, but living humans can't distinguish the difference. Spirits can also only be (permanently) killed by Gods.))

The Villages

There are five major villages in the land, each one pays tribute to a different God.

The Mountain Village: The mountain village is located in the frosty and chilly mountains of the north. They raise elk and gather fur to make clothing. They pay tribute to Dreke by making an offering of the best crops they receive to his sheep, which live on the mountain top.

The Northern Village: The northern village is located next to the forests of the north, down below the mountains. They are farmers. They pay tribute to Ulsan by slaughtering a cow at the beginning of the year and leaving it out as a sacrifice for him to eat. They also don’t eat boar.

The Fishing Village: The fishing village is located near the land’s Great Lake. They are fishermen and hunters. They payed tribute to Vala by building a shrine out on the water. At the beginning of each month, the village elder goes out to the shrine to pray. Villagers also leave coins in the shrine. They also believe that birds are sacred and that the presence of birds will bring a good catch.

The Desert Village: Those in the desert village live in the dry land next to the forests of the south and next to a river. They worship Orlo, the God of the constellations and fate. They pay tribute to Orlo by studying and naming his stars.

The Southern Village: The southern village is deep in the forests of the south. They make spices and novelties. They pay tribute to Eina by making a voluntary human sacrifice every five years and pouring the blood around the base of the great oak for nourishment. Children of more noble families are sometimes given fox cubs as pets, though these are just regular fox cubs. The spirits of the sacrificed go to live with Ulsan.

(From left to right: Ulsan, Dreke, Eina, and Vala in their human forms.)
The Legend of the Gods’ Lament

To Ulsan, Eina was beautiful, that was for sure. She was also terrifying, manipulative. She was the God of the southern forest, a forest that had been plagued by death ever since she began accepting human sacrifices from the villagers. Her great oak tree, her home, was withering away. Her children, the foxes, were being forced out of their burrows as the roots and supports gave way. Befriending Eina would surely help Ulsan bring prosperity to the southern forest, he thought.

To Eina, Ulsan was a fool, but messing with his feelings was also fun. She liked her withered forest; she liked for the villagers near her home to be scared stiff. It insured her protection; it insured that she had them in the palm of her hand. The blood from the sacrifices made her grow even more beautiful. So she went along with Ulsan, playing the woe is me card. The humans just didn’t understand, is what she had told him, that their violence was killing her forest. And so she had him as well. Like putty she played him. He thought he was her lover. She knew he was just a toy. And like that she left him. He was never able to step foot into her forest, never allowed to heal its roots.

Little did he know that Eina was with his child, a child she didn’t want. She took the seed from her body and instead planted it in a human from the village in the desert. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Ezra, she was named. Eina quietly watched over Ezra. Ezra was a gifted child, blessed by the God Orlo her fellow villagers would say. She was intelligent and lively. Eina fell in love with this little child she had given up, but knew she couldn’t have her back. That was until Ezra turned fifteen. At such a young age she was engaged to be married to the grandson of the village elder. But something went wrong a week before her wedding night. Ezra was murdered, though she had no knowledge of the one who killed her.

Eina didn’t know of the wrong done to her daughter until a new fox found its way to her oak; a young girl, a young girl who looked just like Ezra in her human form. Eina was infuriated. She shook the land with earthquakes and plagued the land with drought. The humans, usually fearful of him, sent their prayers up to Dreke, asking the sky God to make it rain. He was met with Eina’s resistance. Finding her destruction and rage so powerful, he couldn’t go against her. Knowing they had once been lovers, he sought out Ulsan to ask him to talk some sense into her.

Ulsan was shocked to learn the news that he had a daughter. He confronted Eina, but Eina sobbed in front of him, pulling at his heartstrings. This woman had stabbed him in the back, she had kept such a secret from him, but there was still something inside him that loved her. And he felt her grief, her thirst for revenge as well. He had a daughter and she had been murdered. He became angry with the humans too. He spread disease through out the villagers' crops. The humans’ harvests diminished until they were on the brink of starvation.

There were no longer any good crops for the mountain villagers to offer Dreke’s sheep. The water in the Great Lake began to dry out due to the drought and the fish began to die, affecting the village that Vala loved so dearly. The land was in a downfall. The Gods’ lament had to be stopped.

Ezra’s murderer had to be found, and killed.

Dreke found Vala in the form of a young child, sitting by her shrine on a hot summer night. Vala had mixed feelings about the sky God. Yes he filled her streams and lakes with new water, but his storms also polluted it with debris and death. Yet, the two shared the common thought that Ulsan and Eina had to be stopped, before their world fell to ruin. As Ulsan and Eina were hell-bent on destroying the lives of the mortals, Dreke and Vala began searching the lands for Ezra’s killer. They granted four of their spirits, two sheep and two birds, with the ability to appear human in front of mortals and also sent them out to search the villages. If one of the spirits was killed, he/she would lose this ability. But their search wouldn't be so easy. Ezra would not speak to Dreke and Vala, for it was against Eina's will, and Liko, the God of carrion, was basking in all of the hatred and death and was determined to aid Ezra's killer in his/her escape. It has been two years since Ezra's death. Will the God of fate, Orlo, bless those who want to save their world? Or will the prayers of the desert people go unanswered due to their unforgivable sin?

The Characters

Can make three characters, but only one can be a major character if you take one.

The Gods

Ulsan: Available
Dreke: Available
Eina: Available
Vala: Taken by Me
Liko: Available
Orlo: Available (Smaller part depending on how it is played.)

Special Spirits

Ezra: Reserved for TheSilverProject
Sheep Spirit: Available
Sheep Spirit: Available
Bird Spirit: Taken by ThePsycoWarlock
Bird Spirit: Taken by Hitomi-san


Ezra’s Killer: Available (Remember that the killer needs to have a motive and violence is following him/her because of Liko. Whoever is interested, please PM me first.)

Other Spirits and Humans

There are an infinite number of other spirits and humans.

Character Sheets

Code: Select all
[center][img]Anime picture here please.[/img]

[b]Name:[/b] (Gods have a name for each form.)
[b]Age:[/b] (Gods are immortal and spirits are forever frozen at the age they died.)
[b]Role: [/b]
[b]Power:[/b] (Only Gods should have a power and it should be associated with what they are the God of.)
[b]History:[/b] (Please don’t include a history for Gods.)[/center]

((Note: For the Gods, feel free to change the appearance of a God to something different than what's here on this page. This would simply be how the humans depict them... plus I thought that picture with all four of the land Gods looked pretty XD.))

Toggle Rules

  • Post in third person/past tense.
  • Use parenthesis if you're posting OOC in IC.
  • Try to post once a day.
  • If you're not going to be dedicated, don't reserve or make a character.
  • Try to keep sentences with decent length and detail. Use proper grammar. Semi-Advanced to advanced posts please.
  • Have fun.

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Character Portrait: Vala

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