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Genno and Isrr'ar

The Twin Gods of Mystery, Curiosity, Neutrality, and The Eclipse.

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a character in “The Gods: New Genesis”, as played by JGamer502



God Name: Genno and Isrr'ar
Title: The Twin Gods of Change, Curiosity, Mystery, and The Eclipse
Gender: Both are male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
God Appearance: Image
Personality: They are both kind to each other but can make enemies with others. Genno is more kind and such, while Isrr'ar can be a bit cruel and dark at times. Isrr'ar is more rebellious and tends to defy things as they are. While Genno is very curious and likes to examine things as they already are. Genno is very respectful to others, while Isrr'ar can be a bit rude at times to others and mean.
Opinion of mortals: "They are wonderful! it was so nice to watch as they grow!...until war came" - Genno.
"Meh, I wanted them to be different, and I knew that they will eventually kill each other" - Isrr'ar
God’s Domain: The Twin's realm is very odd. It is a forest and has no cycle of day or night, but stays as something in between. The sky is constantly green in a way, a pretty green. An aurora light show is also constantly being shown in the sky. The light is dim and many odd creatures of nature live here. Most of the creatures are a mix of animals such as Chimeras of sorts or any other mixture of animals. In the center of this realm is a large tree that has the auroras beaming out of the leaves. The tree is very tall, the leaves change color, and the wood twists and turns slowly with a white glowing pattern.

Avatar Name: Doslozl
Avatar Appearance: Image
Personality: He is very wise and only talks telepathically. He is also very strict and polite at the same time. He trusts his people MOST of the time, though he is also very over protective of them. He is also very calm and does not like to take in wars as much unless it is for defense of allies or self.
Magic Abilities: He can talk telepathically and can fly.

Hero(es): WIP

Terrain Preference: Forests of sorts that have many mysteries.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Fahnen'tra Villages
Capital: Kdol - Kdol is a large village in the middle of the Eclipse Forest. It is the richest and has the most magic shamans in the entire empire. Many wise men and women come here to meditate. The Avatar lives here and is the wisest and mysterious of all the civilians here.
Major Cities:

Fum'e - Fum'e is the village with many dark magic users. They are not evil though. They have a temple for the twin Isrr'ar, who is known to them as 'the dark one'. They have a cult that makes up The Eclipse known as The Dark Center. It is also known to have a few necromancers that do not raise the dead, but speak with it.

Joslod - Joslod is the village with the more holy magic users. They have more priests of such for healing travelers. They have a temple for the twin Genno. He is known as 'the light one' around here. They also have another cult for The Eclipse known as The Light Circle.

The villages are peaceful most of the time, but try their best not to argue for the sake of their gods. They obey the ones who are the most wise, such as the Avatar. It has many races of such living here, most are lost travelers. Although the Avatar is the one who is the unknown race, which no one knows about. This makes the Avatar very mysterious and causes many to be curious.

Other: Nothing

So begins...

Genno and Isrr'ar's Story

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Tschinef then looks at Ulmo angrily. "And what should I do? I don't see what else we need, unless you want twisted creatures running around the world, something for HEROES to challenge?" suggests Tschinef. Two gods then stand from their thrones. Their thrones where close to each other. One was a sunny golden while the other was a dark silver. These where the twin gods Genno and Isrr'ar. "And what about us? we do not know what to do for this world, other then giving the gift of mystery to it" says the two in unison. They then walk up to the view of the world together holding hands and look down at the world.