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God of Orcs and Ogres

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a character in “The Gods: New Genesis”, as played by Saxious



God Name: Urgael
Title: God of Orcs and Ogres.
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
God Appearance:

Personality: Since the first Plague of Orcs swept across the world, Urgael has existed and pestered the world. He and his orcs threaten to overthrow the world and claim it all for themselves, though so far their lack of tactics and internal fighting has cost them precious victories.
Urgael is close to being a God of War however, his martial skills would be laughable when compared to the Goddess of War, and that is a fact that bothers him enough to send warband after warband in to test her soldiers' skills.

Opinion of mortals: "The orcs are the dominant race! We will wipe out everyone "
God’s Domain: Urgael's domain is one large fortress. Red banners and skulls decorates the walls while it requires at least three dozen ogres to open the gates.

Avatar Name: Mortorn
Avatar Appearance:
Personality: Unlike the inbred and radiated mutaants that he’s surrounded by, Mortorn is a large, powerfully build and shows unusual signs of being cunning.
Like his God, Mortorn is known and rightfully feared for his short temper. He has declared war over the simplest issue, and wouldn’t mind throwing another thousand orcs at an enemy’s walls before considering changing the tactic.

Amongst a race that respects size and strength, Mortorn knows how important it is for him to show it and still maintain face. He would rarely face another avatar without knowing he’d have a few advantage, for if any orc saw him defeated, he’d face internal fighting and his position as leader would be challenged.

Magic Abilities: Mortorn possess great strength and an unseen stubbornness when it comes to survival. While an arrow to the chest would easily kill a normal orc, Mortorn would require three before showing signs of staggering.

Hero(es): Urag
Rank/Reason: Shaman.
Personality: Claiming spiritual connection to the ancestors of the orcs… Though whether it is the magical connection or the strong mushrooms that he uses, he seems to stir up the orcs in a frenzy, and is often serves Mortorn as a close advisor.

Terrain Preference: Barren lands and deserts.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Orc land!
Capital: Gôrgosm
Major Cities:
-Mt. Eden (Orcs says, “Mt. Eat-‘em”) (Breeding lands of Ogres) (Eastern Borders)
-Cross Road (Trade City) (Northern Borders)
-Golden Plains (Nomad Lands) (Central)
-Sunii (Pronounced Sūn-ee) (Mining City) (Western Borders)

The life amongst the orcs is simple. If you’re a woman your biggest job is to provide at least eleven children, after that is the skinning of the animals and making the leather. The male on the other hand has to tend to their job, and ensure their hut is in a good state. The children grow fast and within 18 months they are the same size as a 4 year old human, and by 6 they are full grown, is the explains the reason as for why orcs always comes in hordes when they launch wars.

Orcs doesn’t need to cook meat, as they can easily eat it raw, even the meat of their fellow orcs. The weak are killed and eaten while the strong are placed on pyres and burned in respect, all the while the average orc fights to prove his status within his clan.
Every orc, man or woman, is considerably strong by human standards. Both sexes fight from the moment they are born and are toughened up, so if their lands were ever to be invaded, both male and female orcs would be able to rise up and fight against the invaders, but for now it is the men who goes to war.

The orc society is tribal. The nation has its Overlord/Warchief/King/Emperor/Whatever title the leader takes for himself. The title is put out for the taking once every ten years (if not the leader has died before) and then the Clan Chieftain can step forward and battle for the title. This battle takes place within the Arena of Fate, where every chieftain enters and only one may leave, the winner gains leadership of every Clan whose chief has been killed.
Not every chief participates in this cruel battle, some prefers to retain some of their independence and thus their Chief doesn’t join the battle.


The economy of the orcs is very unstable, they use coins, diamonds and even shiny stones as currency (basically anything that shines and looks pretty). For that, the prices of anything can go up and down.
There are a few northern Clans who’re interested in exchanging their raw materials and leather for timber. These orcs are known to have a dangerous temper and if they feel cheated, they will send warbands to travel the distance and make sure they get the ‘full’ payment.


The orc lands are located to the southern part of the Island surrounded by mountains, rich with minerals but they block away rain which causes their lands to be barren and almost lifeless.
It is populated by Morses, a mixture between camels and cows, which is the main source of meat and leather. The Cycloptic Ogres lives there as well, roaming the small groups and eating Morses and other similar sized animals.

The leader of an ogre pact can speak the common language, though limited, and ogres are, by nature rather peaceful, however the orcs have turned many of them into living war machines against their enemies. Some kingdoms have learned that ogres are more afraid of large fires and small animals (mice and butterflies size) than they are of the orc whips and spears.


The orcs are hated by virtually every kingdom and nation. Their constant wars and raiding has given them a much hated status in the political world, and though they couldn’t give much of a care for the opinion of others, it has caused them to be much more backwatered than other kingdoms.

Orcs were created due to the radiation and mutation of the nuclear explosions, their simple mindedness led them to start inbreeding and that itself led to further deformation until the first orc was created. Urgael was followed soon afterward, and he in turn caused Mortorn to be born and unite the orcs.

The radiation and mutation has caused orcs to age quicker than a normal human, thus by the time they are 10, they are at the size of a normal human, and stop growing, and thus the orcs are known for reproducing in large numbers, and live very short lives.
In turn, the orcs are no stronger than the average human, and they are very gullible; their currency revolves around how ‘shiny’ an object it, and therefore, prices are very unstable.

The Ogres are (despite stereotypes) peace-loving, though the Orcs knows how to control and use them for their destructive means. The few that has escaped the orcs have always fled for the forest.

There is no such thing as “Orc Cavalry”. A few brave orcs will mount the ogres, but no orc will ever sit on a horse.

So begins...

Urgael's Story


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#, as written by Saxious
New Times Ahead


Mask sat on a wooden throne, decorated with various thieving goods, listening as Ulmo talked and then thought back to the times when the criminal world started to dominate the world, and the network of the black market had spread to every corner of the world. Even though they didn’t worship Mask directly, their actins mot certain had continued to feed his existence.

He spared Nuri a glance as she spoke and found himself agreeing with her points. Now that he had seen how technology could improve the way of the criminal world, he could create a whole new network of criminal strings.

Mask then stood up, “I, for one… Agree with you, Ulmo. Although I’d have loved to see you fade into oblivion, preferably screaming and grasping for your fellow Gods for help, yet none of us would have the power or, in my case, the will to help you.
“Fortunately for you, I’d end up going down the same road, so I’d rather put aside a grudge and get a second chance than dying in a fashion I won’t be able to comprehend. Lets selete a new Avatar to lead the world, as for not risking another fallout, and lets try to be a bit more… Indirectly active with what they do. Use our Avatars to bring forth our word and such, agreed?”


Sitting on a skull-decorated throne, Urgael growled as the other Gods spoke. He was never in a glad mood, and the current situation seemed to have made him more hostile than the usual.
“A second chance?” Urgael snarled and reached for his war axe. “Where was the second chance when my orcs were butchered by your humans? Where was my second chance when I watched their kingdoms fall and my creations were undone?”

Urgael’s eyes were lit red with fury, as they often were when his inner anger began to boil. “You may do as you will,” he hissed, pointing at the other Gods, “but know this. When the dark tide of my orcs come to claim whatever world you populate your pathetic pink skinned pigs with, when the time comes when your worshippers have to hide beneath rocks and pray every day not to be found by my orcs, and when the day comes when you realize that silently mocking my creations was your mistake. You will have my permission for a quick death.”

With that said, Urgael turned and spat as he left the room. Urgael had never been known for his patience nor participance of any of the Gods' meeting, though taking his general attitude, he seemed to have agreed with what had been spoken.


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A sinister looking god then sits on a throne made of shining obsidian. Although it had an odd glow of green tinted on it, a glow that can make others feel uncomfortable. This was Tschinef, the god of mischief,lies,envy,and fear. He then looked at the gods around him and rubbed his nails together with a bored expression. "Blegh, the mortal humans where stupid enough to blow each other up! all though, as much as I love the sight of mortals fear, it is still plain stupid..." says the god of mischief. He had a sinister voice, and it sounded kind of silly at times and giddy. "Though, it will be boring with no one to scare, I guess a second chance is OK..." he says with a little grunt at the ending and a kick to the air. He then looks at Mask after his description of Ulmo falling into oblivion and smiles.

The setting changes from New Earth to The Realm of the Gods

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All throughout her friends, for she had yet to find conflict with a single one of her peers, argument, the woman, clad in soft, whispers of white cloth that formed robes, which fell upon her body intricately, sat upon her throne, decorated in many hieroglyphics that read off plans of mass chaos and destruction, each plan used somehow in one of the many, many wars that man-kind had participated in. She listened, she watched, and she thought.

After allowing them to simmer and fume with and against each other a bit longer, Kallistrate, ever the voice of reason, rose.

"My fellow Gods and Goddesses, I see not why we must argue. Does that not make us just as bad, if not worse, then the mortals? We sit and we spew, we fight and we argue, yet it accomplishes nothing, now does it?" she asked, her voice soothing and calm, bringing order to the arguments that had been flying back and forth.

She took a few steps to look down at the mortal world, her expression thoughtful.

"Although I do not wish to choose sides, and I am attempting to do exactly that, I do, indeed, have a plan. If you will all hear me through, you will not regret it," she told them, fixing a solid gaze on each one. When no arguments arose, she turned back to study the world below them, her brown hair cascading down her shoulders and to her waist.

"We should not allow them all to be killed, for they have progressed far too quickly and immensely that it would be a complete and utter waste to do so. However, it would be foolish to only let a few live, seeing as those remaining would grow to resent us for allowing their loved ones to die. There will be no second chance, but I do believe it would be a good idea for each and every one of us to, as most of you have already done, pick an Avatar, who will meet with and represent us on Earth. In order for us to choose who should live, and who should die, and I believe we should turn to looking into the lives of those who we find interesting, and see if they are worthy to continue being alive. We should, of course, choose the most intelligent ones. The doctors come first, so as to prevent the new civilization from dying off due to illness and other factors that could kill each and every one of them. For those that we choose to live, though, I have found that, as I said before, humans grow to resent whatever it was that killed their loved ones. I think it would be wise to erase any memories they have of their loved ones that died, and only retain the memories of the ones that are living," she concluded, finally turning back to face the other deities.

"As I said before, my friends; there is no need for us to argue, especially in times of crisis such as these. We must all remember to keep a cool head and to not overreact. Now, please return to your thrones and mull over what I have said, for I do believe it is the answer to our problems.