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The Gods: New Genesis

The Realm of the Gods


a part of The Gods: New Genesis, by almostinsane.

The realm of the gods is eternal, spiritual, physical, and ever-changing at the same time. It is here the gods and deceased mortals dwell.

almostinsane holds sovereignty over The Realm of the Gods, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

635 readers have been here.


This is the realm of the gods, outside of the mortal universe and yet connected to it. This is where the gods dwell most of the time and this is where their followers are rewarded or punished after death.
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The Realm of the Gods

The realm of the gods is eternal, spiritual, physical, and ever-changing at the same time. It is here the gods and deceased mortals dwell.


The Realm of the Gods is a part of The Gods: New Genesis.

5 Characters Here

Ayiro Natoi [1] Goddess of the Sky and Storms
Genno and Isrr'ar [1] The Twin Gods of Mystery, Curiosity, Neutrality, and The Eclipse.
Kallistrate [1] Goddess of War and Battle Strategies {WIP}
Urgael [1] God of Orcs and Ogres
Eddard, The Arcane Avenger [0] God of Arcane Magic, Justice, Liberty and Protection

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Malus stood in the shadows and watched what was happening. It was in his nature to hide, to study where he might plot to further himself. He listened as the other gods discussed what to do with the Earth and smiled for himself as Ugrael left the room in a fit of rage as was usual for him.

As the decision was to be made Malus stepped forward toward the other gods still in his shadows form and said. "I agree with what you say. We should give them all a new start, but we should not interfere directly. As Mask said I believe we should choose an avatar among the mortals to act as our voices to the mortals to guide them without us interfering directly with them."

Malus knew now what he had set in motion. By supporting Mask's proposal he would plant a seed among the other gods that would give him a chance to further his own goals no matter how obscure.

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All throughout her friends, for she had yet to find conflict with a single one of her peers, argument, the woman, clad in soft, whispers of white cloth that formed robes, which fell upon her body intricately, sat upon her throne, decorated in many hieroglyphics that read off plans of mass chaos and destruction, each plan used somehow in one of the many, many wars that man-kind had participated in. She listened, she watched, and she thought.

After allowing them to simmer and fume with and against each other a bit longer, Kallistrate, ever the voice of reason, rose.

"My fellow Gods and Goddesses, I see not why we must argue. Does that not make us just as bad, if not worse, then the mortals? We sit and we spew, we fight and we argue, yet it accomplishes nothing, now does it?" she asked, her voice soothing and calm, bringing order to the arguments that had been flying back and forth.

She took a few steps to look down at the mortal world, her expression thoughtful.

"Although I do not wish to choose sides, and I am attempting to do exactly that, I do, indeed, have a plan. If you will all hear me through, you will not regret it," she told them, fixing a solid gaze on each one. When no arguments arose, she turned back to study the world below them, her brown hair cascading down her shoulders and to her waist.

"We should not allow them all to be killed, for they have progressed far too quickly and immensely that it would be a complete and utter waste to do so. However, it would be foolish to only let a few live, seeing as those remaining would grow to resent us for allowing their loved ones to die. There will be no second chance, but I do believe it would be a good idea for each and every one of us to, as most of you have already done, pick an Avatar, who will meet with and represent us on Earth. In order for us to choose who should live, and who should die, and I believe we should turn to looking into the lives of those who we find interesting, and see if they are worthy to continue being alive. We should, of course, choose the most intelligent ones. The doctors come first, so as to prevent the new civilization from dying off due to illness and other factors that could kill each and every one of them. For those that we choose to live, though, I have found that, as I said before, humans grow to resent whatever it was that killed their loved ones. I think it would be wise to erase any memories they have of their loved ones that died, and only retain the memories of the ones that are living," she concluded, finally turning back to face the other deities.

"As I said before, my friends; there is no need for us to argue, especially in times of crisis such as these. We must all remember to keep a cool head and to not overreact. Now, please return to your thrones and mull over what I have said, for I do believe it is the answer to our problems.

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Character Portrait: The Goddess Asiysia
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The world had once more fallen to ruin. Once under the interference of the Gods and now, under the ambitions of the mortals. Yet, the blame could not still be placed entirely in the hands of these seemingly fragile creatures of Earth. For in the end, there would the endless cycle of time that would begin with the ending and be done with the start. As such is the case, the Goddess whose name had been inscribed in various vague contexts and even had been used as bases for various religious and mythical stories that the mortals had concludes as the history which was merged with the present, remained as a witness to all the proceedings of the her fellow Gods and to the greatest actors in the theater of life, the mortals.

Slumbering in her domain which had been a realm closed off from any visitors of the divine or not, she has yet to stir from her throne. There was only one entrance to her dominion and that was through a wooden door embraced with the tight chains of locks woven by the Goddess' powers. Regardless, she is well aware of the events transpiring far from her. It is due to her holding reign over life which is bestowed to all without discrimination, light that will continue to illuminate as to balance the existence of darkness, and time that will not wait for anyone and shall flow endlessly that she is knowledgeable about the happenings outside her realm. With such delicate matters in her hands, she had opted to be in solitude and would rest in her personal dimension as she sees fit.

This was the reason why her assigned throne at the Hall of Gods was filled with dusts and its stone structure crumbling from the flow of degradation. Unlike the others which represented them so brilliantly, the throne reserved for the Forbidden Maiden did not show anything but a void that shall not be filled anytime soon. In such events, it was only likely that the Goddess did not attend the council once more as she had always done. Although, it was not above her to send her embodiment as a sort of intermediary. Thus, it could be seen fluttering around the dilapidated throne.


Sprinkling a shimmering dust of light with the hue of purple, a black butterfly with pink accents on its hind wings flew around the throne. It served as a silent witness to the on goings of the council. The question whether to give humanity a chance to be restored by their own will or with the aid of the Divinities was the main concern. Yet, the answer seemed inevitable and once more the Gods will place a hand on the world once left alone to strive. At the same time, one of the Gods who is known as Arcturus seek the right to the souls which had always been in a systemic rotation among them. It had been given an irreversible process to ensure the stability of such delicate yet important part of mortal existence. However, the council had always been a conduit of many debates and understanding. Therefore, an argument was not unexpected.

The lone butterfly landed on the Sea God's shoulder. Its wings coming to a stop as most of the Gods had decided to choose a mortal that will represent themselves on Earth. Perhaps, it was also something that the Blind Goddess should do. Although, her stand had always been neutral. It does not mean she would not aid the world to have life once more. This was one of her responsibility to keep life in a constant circulation whatever form it may choose. However, the Goddess did not remain as a silent observer in the whole matter. Her words rang within the hall as if speaking directly into the minds of her fellow Deities.

"Time shall continue and Life will persist. Light in the end will still return. Our roles are predetermined by our nature. Yet, there are matters that will not be changed no matter how brazen or determined we are. My fellow Divinities, let the mortals that we chose bear the burden of our shortcomings and the regrets of this Earth. Let us once more renew their beliefs and our existence be known. This will be a new genesis."

On another separate realm the place most familiar as Earth, a lone solider looked at the wasted battlefields littered with the corpses of comrades and enemies. Some were still alive yet the wounds would lead most of them to their deaths soon enough. The same could be said about the condition of this soldier who walked through the deadly silent fields of war. At the same time, blood trickled to the ground painting it more with crimson tears. The source of this was the gashing bullet wound located at the stomach. There was also the matter of a broken right arm and some dislocated ribs.

"If there really is a god, please... let me die... I don't have anything left..."

Falling to the ground, the soldier did not have enough strength to go on. As for will power, there was no question as the person began crawling on the ground not minding the dirt and the dead bodies around. All that mattered was the instinct of survival and the belief of a goal.

"You have your life."

Somehow, a voice echoed as if deep within the consciousness. This startled the solider believing it to be a mere hallucination due to the condition of the body and mind. Yet, it continued on.

"If you do not want it pledged it all to me, Elysias."

The next thing Elysias recognized was the scent of soothing flowers and a butterfly in a distant before a brilliant light enveloped her completely. It was then she could feel her consciousness fading. At that time, she did not care what was happening for as her eyes closed, she knew that it was time for her to rest for now.

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Styx, Realm of Death and Eternal Night.

The dark swirling clouds of the great void sweep past the black and forbidding world of Styx. Centers deep in a dimension that intersects the realms of mortals, The Heavens and the Infernal Realms. The artificial and ancient planet dwells in a realm totally controlled and created but the divine embodiment of death. One the surface of the dark ethereal planet, a jagged peaks rise from the land, great seas of black boiling water contain beast and leviathan of unimaginable horror. A great cliff juts out and looks down upon one such body of water. Upon that massive cliff a fortress rest. Hewn from the very rock itself, the vast gothic style castle sprawls over acres upon acres of the cliff. Winged beast fly in slow lazy patterns about the multiple towers and spires of the great bastion. The great fortress walls are patrolled by long dead warriors, forever enslaved to the God of Death. And deep with the halls of the fortress beings even more terrifying lurk.

Castle Acropolis, Throne Room:

The vast vaulted cathedral like throne room shakes as the Great god of Death materializes in a shock of shadow and flame. As the shadow flows away from Magnus like water, his golden armor, shimmers and fades until it becomes as black as night. his red cloak also wavers as it becomes living shadow draped about the God's shoulders. The throne room echoes with the sound of Magnus armored boots stomping loudly in the polished stone floor as he marches down the red velvet carpet toward his throne. On either side of the great hall, massive statues stand in poses of pain and agony. As he passes them, the faces of the statues change. Some look with horror and agony, others with pure hatred. Magnus holds his black armored hands in front of his face, his black armored helmet shakes as the God rages," Once again my plans are foiled!!! So much planning and plotting, a eon of schemes lost! " Magnus stops and turns his armored head as he hears,"Then perhaps the passive approach is the wrong approach? "

Magnus sees a large clawed hand grab the base on one of the statues a great hulking figure emerges from behind it. The figure towers over Magnus, it's cruel red eyes sweep the throne room as it's great leathery wings beat once and then fold against it's back. Magnus lowers his hands as he says, "Magog the Eternal, I do not recall summoning you. " Magnus looks as he see two more figures emerge from behind the statues about the throne room. One is a massive wolfish creature with two heads, one head that of wolf the other that of a serpent, and the other figure that of a massive stone humanoid. The upper portion of it's head floats above the lower jaw separated by a flaming inferno. Magnus turns and begins to walk the flight of steps to his throne. As he does he intones," Now what could possibly bring 3 of the most powerful Lords of the Infernal Realms here? Perhaps the impending end of the humans? "

Magog the Eternal steps forward, every step shaking the room as he says, "Belial the Scourge and Raum the Hated, have come for the same thing as myself, great Death Lord. You promised us a feast of souls in exchange for ending the eternal war with Styx. The great convergence of all realms happens here in Styx. The great hordes of the Daemon races must pass through this realm to reach the mortal and heavenly plains..... " Magnus takes his massive throne, the great seat adorned with dragon bones and human skulls. He raises his armored hand in a silencing manner as he says," Why do you think I established my kingdom here, he who controls Styx, controls the fate of all worlds, Da'haks the equal of Gods indeed! "

The mighty stone Daemon Raum the Hated steps forward, his voice like boulders rubbing together as he says," You take much for granted Magnus, our alliance is based on the understanding of those souls. " The two headed wolf Daemon moves forward on two paws before dropping to all fours and bounding up the steps half way. It's voice the sound of a million souls in despair as it says," There is word that your sway over the other Gods is weak, and that they will not bow to your might? " Magnus slams his fist on the arm of the throne sending a massive shockwave through the throne room moving the 3 Daemon Da'haks back several feet. Sparks shower from the throne and bound down the steps. They glow brightly before morphing into vicious flame beings that hiss at the Daemon Da'haks and bound into the shadows. Magnus leans forward as he says," You will remember your place! you may be mighty in your realms, but in Styx!!!! DEATH IS THE MASTER OF ALL THINGS!!!! "

Magnus voice rattles the very plates of the planet. Magnus's body relaxes as he leans back into his throne and says," My deal with you 3 remains intact, but of course none of the other Gods must learn of the pact we have. I cannot defeat the entire Pantheon of Gods. But there may be another way. " Magnus raises his hand and waves it, a flaming frame forms before the Da'haks and center of it becomes an image of the Earth as the planet prepares for the end. Magnus laughs as he says," In their infinite wisdom the Gods have decided to start over. This means the world will be getting a good rinsing so to speak. It will emerge fresh, a clean slate to write upon. It will be as it once was, when the Djinn and Daemons were free to roam at will upon it. I will allow you 3 and your legions to pass through Styx to Earth. There you will be free to start all over. The chaos and trouble you will wreak will be delicious. But beware the Gods are placing Avatars upon the planet. You will not move unopposed. "

Raum the Hated allows a wicked laugh to escape through the flames that are his mouth as he says," Perfect, I can taste the flesh of the weak already. You truly are more then you appear Death God. " In flashes of flame the 3 Daemon Da'haks vanish. A smooth and feminine voice echoes out from behind the throne," If they only knew whom they truly dealt with, isn't that right my love? " From behind the throne, a tall shapely woman in form fitting black armor emerges. Her high heels click loudly on the floor as she moves next to the throne and leaning on the back of the Death God's throne allows her long sheer cape to hang about her, hugging her curves. Her striking red hair cascades down over her shoulders and onto her breast as she continues, "So has the time truly come, will you allow our children free reign on Earth once more? " Magnus rises from his throne and places his arm around her waist as he says, "Ah Tiamot, do I not keep my promises?, the new DeathWings will fill the skies of Earth. And your name will once again move from myth to reality. " She smiles, her teeth rows of sharp pointed fangs, upon closer inspection her eyes are pure black, her pupils red slits, in the manner of reptiles........

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Tschinef then looks at Ulmo angrily. "And what should I do? I don't see what else we need, unless you want twisted creatures running around the world, something for HEROES to challenge?" suggests Tschinef. Two gods then stand from their thrones. Their thrones where close to each other. One was a sunny golden while the other was a dark silver. These where the twin gods Genno and Isrr'ar. "And what about us? we do not know what to do for this world, other then giving the gift of mystery to it" says the two in unison. They then walk up to the view of the world together holding hands and look down at the world.

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A small storm poured down over the stone throne of Ayiro Natoi as she listened and watched the politics of the gods and goddesses She just sighed and shook her head as Magnus stormed out standing at last as the others again began to speak.
"I agree...this world needs another chance...My storms will help to aid the growth of this new world we will create...may life find itself more honorible and peaceful under the our rule and the wisdom of our Avatars..."
Ayiro then turned her gaze to the world below them...

Meanwhile somewhere off the coast of Japan...

"Kit I'm hungry" cried out a small voice
"We will be there soon sis i promise" Kitsumi asured her young sister as their small boat rocked on the waves.

Kitsumi put on her best smile to show a brave face to her sis as all the thoughts raced though her head. The mushroom clouds could even now be seen looming over the nation they once called home. For her sisters sake she had to hold back the tears that wanted to flow free from her eyes....she had to be strong.

"I'm so hungry Kit"
"Shh little sis rest we will be there soon" Kitsumi promised yet again though even she did not know where she went as the shore drifted more and more out of sight and the power of sleep closed her eyes "good night, Little sis...."