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Kairos & Kallandra

Deity of Magic, Storms and Knowledge.

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a character in “The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Fabricator





❝ I grant you my gift so that you may always explore and seek to learn.
I encourage you to wonders beyond imagining so that you may thrive.
This I do so that I too may live on,
And exist in your words and thoughts❞

God Name:
Kairos & Kallandra

The Stormcaller, The Mageweavers, The Hidden, Keeper of the Book, The Elder, The Younger, The Broken God. Maiden of the storm.

Holy Sumbol:
The Sign of Magic - A ancient tome spreak with a clasp placed across the inside over the spine and decorated in runes and with a single purple gemmed eye staring outwards.

Chaotic Neutral

Magic, Storm and Knowledge

Patron of:
Travellers, scholars, Magic users,

Male and Female respectively

Both deities are in essence a personification of magic at their core and this is often represented in their outward appearance. Wreathed in lightning or followed closely by storm clouds. Yet when you stare into their eyes you see the depths of the knowledge kept within.

Opinion of mortals:
Kalla sees them as interesting and creative creatures and often delights in inspiring them to create new magic or attain greater understanding of themselves and others. Kairos on the other hand has very little if any interest or care for them and while he does enjoy seeing their progress or innovation beyond that he rarely acknowledges them.

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During the war between the archaic gods and their younger counterparts life was not easy for the gods of magic as while they simply sought to maintain the flow of energies throughout the world they were swept up in the conflict. At first Kallandra spoke out against both sides, citing a need for peace and cooperation while Kairos ignored events, preferring to focus on his own matters as he had always done. However when his counterpart was attacked and wounded by some of the younger gods it brought him to rage and from that point on the gods of magic were fully dedicated to the destruction of these upstarts, even if Kallandra still tried to stay Kairos’ killing hand at times. In the great war more often than not Kairos was venturing alone against his enemies with little regard for himself or for anything of import save returning with their heads and as such his control of magic had become irrational and out of control.
On one such occasion the god had found himself surrounded by several of the younger gods, outnumbered and beaten he was brought low at last. Lying in the ruined earth, bleeding and dazed he barely heard the taunting by some pathetic wretch who went on at length about how he planned to replace the god of magic and take the mantle for himself. While this had been going on Kallandra was seeking her elder Kairos when she felt his wounds and bindings, and began to pour power into him to free him from captivity. The magical energy around the broken god warped reality and cracked the land below as he shattered his bonds and reached for the usurper to their throne but the others remained free and deadly strikes rained down upon the stormlord. Weaving incantations around his body and ignoring the pleading cries of dear Kallandra he struck out, magic ripping through the other childish deities as he saw them.

The result of their wounds as well as his own combined with his unstable magic was that the dozen of lesser deities who sought to end him perished as he too split apart in a maelstrom of unleashed energies. However while they were cast into oblivion, He endured though the cost was that his mind was shattered and swept throughout the world while his body crumbled with the others. His temple at the heart of the storm Isles, there but not there in the raging storm clouds that ring the highest mountains is where he exists now. He is the swirling clouds that rage across the world in wanton destruction and without control. His body and mind have begun to reform slowly but aspects of his wilder emotions are still free upon the world, acting as personifications of himself till brought under control once more. Due to this most of the other gods view him as deranged and would rather have him dealt with for fear that in his madness he might seek to end the world. But Kallandra argues for him for they balance each other and maintain a peace between them, and her word has kept him safe from reprieve for an age.

Even now when he returns is frequent flashes he rarely stays long in the corporeal realm as a living being, preferring to exist as the storms or the very magic that mortal and immortal alike wield upon the earth. Kallandra however while equally prone to mood swings is often to be found in a mortal form but greatly enjoys the wild release of her counterpart.
If one seeks an audience with Magic itself then it is to be expected to deal with contradictions at every turn.


So begins...

Kairos & Kallandra's Story


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Cali and Luman

“There is a shift in energy manifesting.” Luman said as he stroked his chin, two golden eyes focused on checkered board in front of him. He reached out, moving his the white form of one of his knights several spaces forward. “Yes, I’m very away, my love.” Cali said as she cornered her husband’s ivory king with a dark queen. “It’s a emptiness unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.” She looked up from the board, amusement flickering in her ebony colored eyes. “I believe I won this game.” Luman chuckled, running his fingers through his hair as leaned back in his throne. “I believe so, my dear. Your cleverness knows no bounds.” The Lady of Shadows smirked, rising from her obsidian seat and walking about the chessboard. She sat in her husband’s lap, draping her legs over his throne’s armrest. “Now,” she started. “We must prepare for this coming change, whatever it is. Regardless of whether it’s dark or light, something with this much energy is bound to knock everything out of balance.”

Luman nodded. “I know, that’s what I’m worried about. We’ve all come to such a good place. The nations are healthy, the Treaty goes unthreatened, and for a while, I thought we’d have actual harmony.” “Well, you know what they say.” Cali said. “A God’s work is never finished.” Luman smiled weakly and leaned over, kissing the goddess on her nose. “Why must you always be so insightful?” “It’s a blessing and a curse, to be quite frank.” Ebony smirked as she got up, her leathery wings lifting her several inches off the ground. “We should spread the word among the gods.” Luman nodded, standing up and walking over to the nearest window. A ball of light formed in his hand and he brought it to his lips. “Go give word to our brothers.” And it flew off into the realms of the other gods, where it would give the same message.

“Something is coming. Be prepared.”

Dolus Magnus

The crown was heavy on Dolus’ head. It’s golden halo and sparkling jewels filled the white of his hair with colored light. The tips of his elongated ears rubbed against the crown’s rim, causing their pointed ends to slightly redden with irritation. As the bastard prince looked into the mirror, he couldn’t bring himself to smile. The crown wasn’t meant to be worn by someone who looked like him. The dull silver in his eyes deepened with the slight pang of sadness he felt. He starred in the mirror for several moments, a look of concentration on his face, before his appearance began to subtly ripple and change.

The marks on his skin faded, his hair turned a warm brown, and his ears shortened and rounded out, not leaving a hint of their barbs. The sad metallics of his eyes filled with a sharp amber and for a moment, Dolus flickered with genuine satisfaction. This is what the people wanted. “Dolus? Are you ready?” Orion walked in, a mixture of sadness and anger covering his face when he saw his prince. “You aren’t trying this again.” A smile formed on Dolus’ lips as he turned around. It was mostly sincere, which became progressively more difficult for the prince as he coronation closened. “Oh, hush. This is a good idea. The people will be much more comfortable if I look like this.” Dolus gestured to his face. Orion rolled his eyes and shook his head. “They’ll love you. They’ll love you without your tricks and spells. Just as I do.” Dolus let out a laugh. “Many late nights have proven that you’re a big fan of my ‘tricks.’” A smile cracked on the bodyguard’s face.

A moment of silence passed between them. “Well,” Orion started. “We should be on our way. You have to discuss plans for the Harvest Festival.” He paused before continuing. “And, at the end of the day, it’s your coronation. It’s your decision how the Empire sees you. You’re the Emperor, so I won’t tell you how to live your life.” Dolus shook his head, the color draining from his hair and the marks slowly rising back onto his skin. “I’m not the Emperor yet. Let’s not get too dramatic.” He walked toward his guard and placed a hand on his cheek, the other man’s stubble pricking him slightly. “Thank you, Orion.” “It’s my pleasure, Prince Dolus.” The future emperor smiled. “Let’s not delay then. I feel like this festival will be a grand time, don’t you?” They began walking. “If you have a hand in it, this festival will be like none that anyone has ever seen before.”