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Norack/ Renin Hawk

God to all nomads, God to all gypsys, eldist of the young gods./ Renin is his avatar.

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a character in “The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Booker_Dewit47



God Name: Norack What is the name of your god?
Title: god of the Gypsy’s What are you a god of? Keep in mind you can't be something that is already chosen, so be original here.
Gender: M....
Alignment: neutral, but will most likely turn good as time passes (Good, Evil, neutral, etc. and it is allowed to evolve as time passes).
God Appearance:6`1, light brown hair, storm cloud grey eyes, built and rather buff.
Personality: Norack is a wise god, and is one of the eldest of the young gods, because of this, he has always either gone neutral during the rebellion or fought for the elder gods.
Opinion of mortals: Norack thinks mortals as good creatures that can sometimes meddle in things they shouldn’t have, however, Norack sees the best in mortal, namely humans. How do you see mortals? Your own race? Others?
God’s Domain: The highlands at heart, however, being god of the gypsy`s, his people are nomads, so he travels with them were ever they go. What is your God’s domain like? Words or pictures can be used.

Avatar Name: Renin Hawk What is the name of your immortal leader?
Avatar Appearance:5`7, Brown eyes and light brown hair, slightly buff and toned, slim and lean.
Personality: Renin is a teenager, plain and simple, at the age of 17, the god Norack took him to be his avatar and had the decency to keep him alive so he could live out his mortal life. He’s a bit shy, but has a good head and a heart of gold, but it will take much more to survive in this world.
Magic Abilities: Other than a keen eye and a dead shot aim, no magic. does your avatar have any? (Keep them moderate and humble, no superman here!)

Hero(es): (One name and personality per hero; may be left blank initially as your Avatar builds a civilization;)

Terrain Preference: Anywhere, gypsy`s are nomads, they all answer to the god of there people. Where is it most likely to find your people?

Name of Kingdom/Empire: (may be left blank initially as your Avatar builds a civilization)
Capital: Camp Stone, the largest of the gypsy camps in the land, with roughly over 2300 people living here. Just name one.
Major Cities: Give a few major cities in your lands.
Society: they are a democratic, community system that makes them seem all like one big family. The gypsy people are a kind people, it doesn’t matter the Scarlet Riflemen, some of the deadliest musketeers and highlanders in the world live in the gypsy camp at stone, and they act as they royal guard (what is it like to live amongst your people? Are they friendly? Hostile? (Give at least 1 paragraph worth of description) you can use the titles below for guidance).
[People] Mainly farmers and craftsmen
[Economy] free trade with some things such as magic items regulated

Other: What else do you want to tell us?

I’m going to go OCC here and prevent some god level explosion here. The scarlet riflemen are some of the best sharpshooters because of 3 things. ! There “muskets” have rifled barrels, making them rifles. 2. There not flintlocks either, there percussion cap rifles. Now I know you said basic black powder rifles, but these will be the only people in my faction to have them,(besides my character), and the Scarlets are only 36 men strong, so there only worth 2 rifle platoons.

So begins...

Norack/ Renin Hawk's Story


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The next job the Scarlets took was one of a more personal type from...well.. Rinen himself. This was a solo job for him, something hed been meaning to do for a long time to settle a bet with an old Dane.

He had arrived in the Avuvian port city renown for its ship yards, the actual name had escaped him as he had not been there for a long time. His mission was to, well first meet the child of the great juarl Shatter-shield and send her his condolences about her father, (he was dead, at least to Rinen knowledge), as well as drop off a letter explaining to the young shatter-shield who this strange gypsy was, and that he would, as requested by a bet made by her father, steal something from her in the time she was there. Of course it wouldn't tell her about him and her father fighting in a few battles and them being old friends. It also wouldn't tell her that he was in fact the avatar to the god Norack, or that he was a vary...powerful...pyromancer.

He had set up at a spot just west of the docks were Astrid and the king had met and had fallowed them, at range, as they left towards the shipyards.