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Norack/ Rinen T. Hawk

Et Incaratus est mors!!!!!! God (and avatar) to the gypsys, nomads, and dragons.

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a character in “The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Booker_Dewit47



God Name: Norack
Title: He is the god to any who never settle, to those who never stop moving, and the god to all who wonder. He is the god of the Gypsies.
Gender: M. Norack has never known to form n a female form, so everyone seems to think he can only use the male from when walking our plain, but he has said that he can turn in to a women, he simply does not for reasons the allude even the other gods.

Alignment: neutral, but will most likely turn good as time passes due to his love to his “creations” the gypsies
God Appearance: 6`1, light brown hair, storm cloud grey eyes, built and rather buff. He almost always appears in a set of Dark red robes outlined in black pin striping, those being the colour of the gypsy banner and the reason of the Scarlets being called the Scarlets. In times of war, he will appear in a set of Ancient armour

Personality: Norack is a wise god, and is one of the eldest of the young gods, because of this, he has always either gone neutral during the rebellion or fought for the elder gods purely for the reason that when his realm, the realm the gypsies came from, was attacked by the younger gods. Now, Norack is a calm, calculating person who will favour diplomatic talks over war. When the young gods came and attacked their older brother’s realm, he unleashed his fury upon them in such pure magnitude it was unlike anything they had seen. Alas, after injuring many of them, he was overrun and defeated. It was then when the old gods came to his aid. They took the gypsies and moved them to the realm were the rest of the humans had lived, for his realm was beyond repair. The old gods brought the gypsies to the realm where this great tale is set…Panderum.

Opinion of mortals: Norack thinks mortals as good creatures that can sometimes meddle in things they shouldn’t have, however, Norack sees the best in mortal, namely humans. Norack has a respect for the Elves as well, mainly for their magical abilities.
God’s Domain: The highlands at heart, however, being god of the gypsy`s, his people are nomads, so he travels with them were ever they go. At the current time, the people of Maalkum have accepted the gypsy people in to their land and in turn the Scarlets serve as a mercenary force and a spec opps force to the Maalkum royal family as well as their guard force when they leave their kingdom..
Avatar Name: Renin Theodurs Hawk

Avatar Appearance: 5`11, Brown eyes and light brown hair, slightly buff and toned, slim and lean. He will wear a regular brown coat with, a merchant’s weight shirt, a wide brimmed hat, (think Pip from Hellsing Ultimate), a pair of pants made to be immune to fire spells, (to keep his powder from exploding), and a pair of heavy boots that are made to survive in most conditions.

Personality: Renin is still young, plain and simple, at the age of 17, the god Norack took him to be his avatar and had the decency to keep him alive so he could live out his mortal life. (He is 24 at the time of this role pay) He’s not shy, just curious, but he’s is a bit flirty, (despite having horrible luck with women), he is a bit of a silver tong as well. However, when someone possess a threat to his people, well…if his aim doesn’t kill you first, the enchanted dagger he has will, and in a very painful way. He does have a good head and a heart of gold, but it will take much more to survive in this world.

Magic Abilities: Renin is a noted pyromancer that has a high skill level when one, with the proper experience, evaluates him. He does not now many spells and the ones he does know are eminency power full and can over power foes that would other wise kill him. His powers come at a price, as the more powerful his powers get in combat, the farther he goes into himself offend leaves him vulnerable afterwards.

Known spells: Basic manipulation. The most basic of spells, this one is used simply by waving his hand at the source of the flame and it will bend to his will.

Advanced manipulation. The one requires him to produce a flame himself simply by snapping his fingers, this is also the basis for his other spells.

Globos ignis: Basically a fireball. Once a flame is started, he opens one or both and thrusts his hand at the intended target.

Vincula flamma: Forms two whip like chains of fire. When his flame is started he forms two fists and put his arms to a 45-50 degree angle. NOTE: they rap around his arms and cannot be taken off. This is were he will start to loose himself and begin to darken in personality and the color of his flame.

Fuga Draco Ignis: This allows him to shoot a vary hot and vary destructive jet of fire from his palms. This is the first spell not to start with a flame sparked from his hands. He has to think about the spell and put his arms together at the palm and open them slightly. NOTE: his personality will darken to that of a reclusive killer and he will begin to loose his sense of good and bad.

Draco ingua: this is the most powerful of his spells and the darkest as well (the flame being jet black). This spell is the only spell that he has to speak the name to start. He has take his dagger and cut his hand and recite the spells name, at which point the area around him will heat up and smell like ozone. He then will begin to glow and levitate until he is about 10 feet off the ground, finally his head will snap forward and he will say a few lines in a dead language (draconian) and will then form the body of a beast that resemble a dragon. He looses all respects of his humanity and will attack any he sees.

[b]Hero(s): N/A
(One name and personality per hero; may be left blank initially as your Avatar builds a civilization ;)

Rank/Reason: N/A

Personality: N/A

Terrain Preference: Anywhere, gypsy`s are nomads. At the current time, the people of Maalkum have accepted the gypsy people in to their land and in turn the Scarlets serve as a mercenary force and a spec opps force to the Maalkum royal family as well as their guard force when they leave their kingdom.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Most in the many clans simply call them self’s gypsies, the Scarlets have been known to be called Mors Incarnatus which is where their battle cry , Et Incarnatus Est, Mors!, comes from. (For a bit of fun, look up what the italicized words mean, hint: its Latin)

Capital: Camp Stone, the largest of the gypsy camps in the land, with roughly over 230 people living here.

Major Cities: Give a few major cities in your lands.

Society: they are a democratic, community system that makes them seem all like one big family. The gypsy people are a kind people, it doesn’t matter the Scarlets, some of the deadliest musketeers and highlanders in the world live in the gypsy camp at stone, and they act as they royal guard [People] The people are close nit and are friendly to anyone who well take the time to get to know the gypsies. Many of them tend to be crafts men and traders as well as artisans and seamstresses. Every gypsy, man and women alike, are though how to shoot at an above average level. Also in gypsy society, women are treated equal in every aspect, it is because the gypsies have to be ready to defend themselves from the many attackers and raiders that think the many gypsy trade caravans and family wagons are prime targets ripe to be picked. It is because of this that you are just as likely to see a women slinging a rifle then you are a man.

[Economy]most gypsy camps operate a free trade with the only items to be regulated by the gypsy elders being magical items as well as the special powder and parts for their rifles.

[Politics] Most gypsy camps that have under 45 people tend to be a community system, (not communist), while camps with over 50 people in them have at least a small council of elders. These elders govern them self’s most of the time, however, when the scarlet banner is raised, any gypsy who can carry and fire a rifle, must report to the current avatar to the god Norack. The scarlet banner has only been raised once in the last 5,000 years, during the elven civil war, during which the elven rebels, who were trying to overthrow the mad king, called the gypsies to help them as the gypsies and the elves had a long history of strong friendships.

So begins...

Norack/ Rinen T. Hawk's Story


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Cali and Luman

“There is a shift in energy manifesting.” Luman said as he stroked his chin, two golden eyes focused on checkered board in front of him. He reached out, moving his the white form of one of his knights several spaces forward. “Yes, I’m very away, my love.” Cali said as she cornered her husband’s ivory king with a dark queen. “It’s a emptiness unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.” She looked up from the board, amusement flickering in her ebony colored eyes. “I believe I won this game.” Luman chuckled, running his fingers through his hair as leaned back in his throne. “I believe so, my dear. Your cleverness knows no bounds.” The Lady of Shadows smirked, rising from her obsidian seat and walking about the chessboard. She sat in her husband’s lap, draping her legs over his throne’s armrest. “Now,” she started. “We must prepare for this coming change, whatever it is. Regardless of whether it’s dark or light, something with this much energy is bound to knock everything out of balance.”

Luman nodded. “I know, that’s what I’m worried about. We’ve all come to such a good place. The nations are healthy, the Treaty goes unthreatened, and for a while, I thought we’d have actual harmony.” “Well, you know what they say.” Cali said. “A God’s work is never finished.” Luman smiled weakly and leaned over, kissing the goddess on her nose. “Why must you always be so insightful?” “It’s a blessing and a curse, to be quite frank.” Ebony smirked as she got up, her leathery wings lifting her several inches off the ground. “We should spread the word among the gods.” Luman nodded, standing up and walking over to the nearest window. A ball of light formed in his hand and he brought it to his lips. “Go give word to our brothers.” And it flew off into the realms of the other gods, where it would give the same message.

“Something is coming. Be prepared.”

Dolus Magnus

The crown was heavy on Dolus’ head. It’s golden halo and sparkling jewels filled the white of his hair with colored light. The tips of his elongated ears rubbed against the crown’s rim, causing their pointed ends to slightly redden with irritation. As the bastard prince looked into the mirror, he couldn’t bring himself to smile. The crown wasn’t meant to be worn by someone who looked like him. The dull silver in his eyes deepened with the slight pang of sadness he felt. He starred in the mirror for several moments, a look of concentration on his face, before his appearance began to subtly ripple and change.

The marks on his skin faded, his hair turned a warm brown, and his ears shortened and rounded out, not leaving a hint of their barbs. The sad metallics of his eyes filled with a sharp amber and for a moment, Dolus flickered with genuine satisfaction. This is what the people wanted. “Dolus? Are you ready?” Orion walked in, a mixture of sadness and anger covering his face when he saw his prince. “You aren’t trying this again.” A smile formed on Dolus’ lips as he turned around. It was mostly sincere, which became progressively more difficult for the prince as he coronation closened. “Oh, hush. This is a good idea. The people will be much more comfortable if I look like this.” Dolus gestured to his face. Orion rolled his eyes and shook his head. “They’ll love you. They’ll love you without your tricks and spells. Just as I do.” Dolus let out a laugh. “Many late nights have proven that you’re a big fan of my ‘tricks.’” A smile cracked on the bodyguard’s face.

A moment of silence passed between them. “Well,” Orion started. “We should be on our way. You have to discuss plans for the Harvest Festival.” He paused before continuing. “And, at the end of the day, it’s your coronation. It’s your decision how the Empire sees you. You’re the Emperor, so I won’t tell you how to live your life.” Dolus shook his head, the color draining from his hair and the marks slowly rising back onto his skin. “I’m not the Emperor yet. Let’s not get too dramatic.” He walked toward his guard and placed a hand on his cheek, the other man’s stubble pricking him slightly. “Thank you, Orion.” “It’s my pleasure, Prince Dolus.” The future emperor smiled. “Let’s not delay then. I feel like this festival will be a grand time, don’t you?” They began walking. “If you have a hand in it, this festival will be like none that anyone has ever seen before.”


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Norack stood and so did the dragon at his side. He had to visit an old friend in a land far away. He looked at Luna and the black dragon grew in size until she was roughly 35 feet long and 20 feet tall. He swung on to her neck and grabbed set of horns that grew out of the rear of Luna's head and she lifted off. She gained speed and altitude until she was going past the boarder of his realm and into another realm and slipped in to his destination, Valhalla.

The dragon landed with a loud thud and she lowered her neck for Norack to dismounted. When he did, the black dragon grew smaller and smaller until she was the size of a large wolf and walked beside him as he entered the great hall, the large doors opening rather loudly. The room went silent as the god of nomads and dragons, the eldest of the young gods, walked past them, an aura of power surrounded him, making many of the fallen warriors either bow, or tip there assorted hats in his direction. As he strode up to the goddess of war, he smiled slightly and addressed her "Hello, fare goddess, I do believe our avatars are about to interact, and though my foresight is not as powerful as most, I can see them together for a quest or two." at this moment, a small ice golem had been teasing Luna with a turkey leg and when the poor fool hadn't given her the leg, she let loose a burst of flame and melted the golem, catching the turkey leg in the air as it fell and gobbling it up