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"May the frost hold with you."

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a character in “The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by SaiZebra




The map is 50 hexes in width, 40 hexes in height. Therefore every hex represents approximately 211 miles in distance to equal the approximate size of the nation.


God Name: Shem

Title: Goddess of Winter and Frosts

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

God Appearance:
Shem in Commoner Attire
Shem in Royal Gown
Shem in her God Attire

Opinion of mortals:
Shem is a kind god that appears to be generous and friendly to mortals. However she is often friendly to people hardened by snowstorms and who have experienced the feeling of being close to death. Therefore, she favors her people in Maakulm and keeps close watch on them. She also looks favorably upon the Frostborn people who live on the island north of the main continent.

God’s Domain:
Shem's domain is termed Shegellen ag Jornr in the language of Maakulm. In translation it means: The Spire of Ice. It is said that warriors who surrender their lives to ice and people born in lands dominated by frost are allowed to enter the Spire upon death to rest forever if they so choose. The Spire of Ice Main Chamber


Avatar Name: Serran

Avatar Appearance:
Serran Playing With The Spirits

Serran is whimsical and playful. She is rarely serious as she traverses among districts to assist the Overseers. She knows that she holds a lot of responsibility and does sometimes try to display her intelligence and quick wit but honestly prefers not to put up fronts and likes to be her more cheerful self.

Magic Abilities: Serran is able to speak with the spirits of snow due to her ability to dream-speak with the Goddess Shem. It's a special gift only descendants of Shem may have and Serran loves receiving the compliments on her dark blue hair which is an attribute from her descendant relationship to Shem. Due to the strong affiliation with the psychic, Serran was not able to culture the ability of manipulating ice magic that only the highest officials in the government have.


Hero Name: Mirella

Mirella with Reinforced Lerat Ivory Blade

Rank/Reason: Commander of the Hunter Guild - Her valiant efforts to keep order between the hunters and do away with disputes have earned her this title.

Personality: Mirella is wild and reckless. She hates to be outshone and dislikes arrogant hunters. She may be grumpy and have a tongue sharper than steel, but she does help her hunters train and become greater. She has been called the ice harpy because of her imperviousness to the cold and her ability to deliver fast strikes to her prey as well as her riled up outbursts in the taverns.

Hero Name: Maxellan

Maxellan Analyzing the Snow

Rank/Reason: Oracle | He has pursued technology for the better future of Maakulm. His recent endeavors have allowed him to find new crops to be raised. The people of Maakulm rejoiced at his discovery those new crops.

Personality: Maxellan is quiet and serious. He rarely drinks anything but water and he can often be found in the study at the main capital. He is devoted to his research and decidedly dislikes Mirella.

Hero Name: Cadessa

Cadessa Leading the People

Rank/Reason: Overseer of the North | Due to Cadessa's strict hand and strong supervision, the burly people of the north have had no major disputes in many years.

Personality: Cadessa is a strong woman who commands respect and now leads a faction of officials who give her strong diplomatic support. Her word is never overlooked and many would see her become the Avatar if she could gain the gift like the descendants of Shem could. Cadessa dislikes conflict however is completely willing to punish violators severely. Her attention to detail and strong nature allowed her to quickly become Overseer of the entire northern region which is no easy feat because the settlements are scattered and wilderness has a strong hold there.

Hero Name: Ahesan

Ahesan with Weaponry in Tow

Rank/Reason: Overseer of the Southern Region | Ahesan is the Commander of the Trade Guild as well as Overseer of the southern region. So, not only has she managed two incredibly hard positions and kept them controlled but Ahesan is regarded as the person who was able to cultivate the second largest city in Maakulm, a city of trade and business.

Personality: Ahesan is calm and kind. Many people say she resembles the God personality wise because she is generous but wise enough not to commit mistakes. She trusts people who prove their worth and she works day and night to keep the city prospering. She seems very maternal and down to the earth but Ahesan can be a bit of a daydreamer.

Terrain Preference: Kulmans are often found knee deep in the snow boughs of Maakulm. They rarely do leave their own villages unless to travel to different districts and the capital. They gather in taverns to share stories of the hunt and they often can be found in the Inns in the wilderness of the northern mountains. Maakulm seems to be a barren frost covered land of hardened bear-like people. However, this is not the case. The people of Maakulm have developed the nation into a place of plentiful harvest with the few select crops they can manage to plant and have created a name for themselves as amazing hunters and great forgers. The nation is separated into two large directional districts that are supervised by the Overseers. The northern district is filled with low mountains and rollings hills covered in snow. Moving south is the western region which has flat plains with low hills. To the East, the land is somewhat similar with rolling hills and flat tundra plains. The southern district has deep ravines to be wary of as they have caught many travelers by surprise and flat plains with huge gusts of wind that often blind the people living there. There is only one large city at the heart of the nation and one medium trading city. All other settlements are small villages or isolated houses in the wilderness.

Name of Nation: Maakulm

Physical Area: The kingdom of Maakulm covers an area of 422 thousand square miles. Of this, 51% (219 thousand sq. miles) is settled land, and 48% (202 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness.

Population: The kingdom of Maakulm has a total population of 33 million people. The nation has 791 noble houses. The peace in the capital is kept by 283 guardsmen, and there are 67 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 3365 clergymen and 145 priests scattered throughout the land. Also out of all the people 1 million and 2 hundred people are hunters trained to fight and employed by the Guild or the Governing body.

Settlements: The largest city, Eltunn, has a population of 98 thousand people, the second largest, a trade city, 59 thousand. There are 10 other cities of note in the kingdom, and 108 small towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small inns, isolated dwellings in the wild to help house travelers.

Capital: Eltunn

Major Cities: Nalukkhel the Trade City

Minor Cities and Locations: Laford, Siduon of the Hunter Guild, Ermoore, Radun, The Holy Keep Beneath the Spire of Ampheda, Othrog, Stowich Tower of Tomes, Antwidd, Mundiholm village of Forgers, Guild Town of Cheahill


Food& Water:
• Yagin Meat
• Gnen Meat
• Lerat Meat
• Sille Nectar
• Sille dried candy
• Sille Meat
• Garlic
• Onions
• Radishes 
• Potatoes 
• Rhubarb
• Kale.

Foods are often cooked in the form of:
• Stew
• Mush/Gruel
• Mashed Meat
• Dried and Spiced Meat
• Spiced Veggies
• Pies

Most famous food is the Lerat Stew spiced with vegetables and sille nectar. Water is usually made through boiling snow which is endless.

Trade Sources & Economy:
Primary Resources to Trade:
• Furs
• Weapons
• Armor
• Luxury Items:
○ Horns
○ Carved Idols
○ Specialty Fabrics
○ Ivory
• Iron ore
• Stone Ore
• Emeralds and Sapphires
• Water

Kulmans barter usually but also have a currency. They trade flat disks of sapphire mixed with ivory called Shrill for different items.
1 Shrill = 2 Furs or Small bag of four strips of Gnen Meat
5 Shrill = Slab of Yagin Meat or Four Slabs of Gnen Meat
10 Shrill = Two Sille Candies or One Sword
20 Shrill = One Specialty Dagger or One Piece of Armor
50 Shrill = One Armor Set or Small One Room House
100 Shrill = Medium Sized Home or One Domestic Yagin
120 Shrill = One Domestic Yagin Plus Wagon or One Tamed Dulfen
150 Shrill = One Trained Dulfeo or Three Moffun Pets

Laws and Outlook:

  1. No person shall kill another within the territories in and surrounding the villages; the wilderness is not under the jurisdiction of the overseers and higher government.
  2. Never waste valuable meat, punishable by lashing.
  3. If debt is created due to circumstances beyond the violators will, debt can be paid with labor.
  4. If debt is incurred purposefully, violators are to be sent from town stripped of valuable belongings totaling the amount of debt to be paid.
  5. Travel to and from districts can only be pursued with approval from the district Overseer in the area a person wishes to travel from.
  6. All mail leaving the country and entering to country may be subject to inspection at any time. This insures the safety of the country.
  7. No person may hunt for purpose of gathering meat without proper licensing given by the areas Overseer.
  8. No hunter may hoard meat for their personal use as they are given permits only with the intention of serving the village and the people as well as themselves.
  9. It is a requirement that any owner must pay person(s) in their employment a full wage of five shrills or more per day.
  10. If conflict is found between two or more persons that cannot be solved in a timely and nonviolent manner, then it may be brought to the attention of the Overseer who will handle the matter objectively and quickly.

Social Standing with Other Nations:
General Outlook: Friendly and welcome to trading all sorts of goods. Not particularly open to making allies however and often remains neutral and withdrawn from affairs of war and conflict.

Specific Nations: TBA

Kulmans worship Shem and only Shem. They believe that she is the creator of Maakulm and benefactor of all good that happens in the land. They pray to her most often when blizzards pass through and when the colder months come and below zero temperatures occur. Those that seek out positions as an assistant to the oracle and religious officials often go to The Holy Keep of Ampheda Beneath the Spire. The Keep is a place of religious prayer and communal gatherings in the name of Shem.


They have crossbows, trebuchets, iron armor, and etc. They also have specialty armors made of the horns of Caer which is a armor durable enough to withstand flame, arrow, and normal musket shots. Spears made from Caer horns are strong enough to dent iron armor without breaking. Specialty made Caer + Dulfeo horn weapons go a bit further and can pierce iron armor.

Most Kulmans travel in groups by foot escorted by hunters hired from the Guild. Occasionally the more wealthy Kulmans with travel by wagon cart with a Yagin pulling it along. Hunters travel in groups by foot although hunters trained in working with the beasts often find its easier to ride an Alpha Dulfen or Dulfeo with the pack running behind.

Kulmans communicate by sending letters through Cocee transport which takes about two days at most.

Kulmans have large fields placed near the villages and harvest many different vegetables that are traded throughout the nation for other goods. They have mastered plowing and such but still do it by hand most times. During the coldest months they use Yagin's to pull sticks through the hard soil to cultivate it. When blizzards come through, they cover the crops with quilts made of Lerat fur.

Cultural Literacy:
Kulmans are not all very well-read because they have a warrior-based culture due to the harsh conditions they live in. Only nobles and government officials are required to have knowledge of the languages of the world, how to write and read, and are required to know special theories and concepts.

Weather and Climate:
The weather in Maakulm is typically cold throughout the year. During 2 months of the year the land is in what the people call Planting-Cycle in that the hardest snow is loosened up and it does not blizzard in these months and it is slightly easier to work the fields. The other 8 months are all full of freezing temperatures, snow blizzards, and packed snow.

• Often found wearing clothing akin to cloaks, thick layers, robes, long dresses with fur overcoats, and leather bindings.
• Hair colors vary from white, black, blue, and blonde
• Eye colors vary through full color spectrum
• Skin color varies from ebony, to pale white. Ebony tones are more rare closer to the south.
• No differentiation between districts of the country except for skin tone.
• Special features sometimes include the ability to work ice magic. People who can are often placed in positions of power.

Creatures of Maakulm:

• Yagin are domestic animals
• Bred for meat occasionally
• The thick silky fur is salvaged when the beast is killed

• Caer travel in pairs, younger Caer will travel solo
• Large size makes them hard to kill but they don't attack without provacation
• Prized for their horns. The horns make extremely durable armor
• Rare creatures that keep close to the mountains

Lerat puffing out toxins
• Lerat are bulky and fat and have become staple prey
• They birth large herds
• Herd range from 25-50 Leers
• The meat is super succulent due to the detox the Lerat performs daily
• The horns are valuable for decorations
• The skin of a lerat is thick and can be made into pouches etc.
• The tongue is used in medications as it holds special properties due to the detoxing
• The fur is used in quilts as stuffing

• Named for the short humming sound they make
• Run in herds
• Horns are valuable for weapons
• Fur is thick and tough, many travelers make quilts out of cloth made from their fur.
• Very populated.
• Top predator of the Gnen are the Dulfen and Dulfeo

• Domesticated animal
• Bred as pets
• Extremely sociable
• Will die without attention and care
• Able to eat anything from metal to flowers

• Dulfeo are a similar species to the Dulfen except that they have horns and are not psychic.
• They run in small packs, 2-3
• Alphas typically have more horns and more pronounced teeth
• Pelt colors vary more in Dulfeo
• If domesticated by trainer, they make better steeds and companions than Dulfen despite not having psychic ability.

• Dulfen are psychic.
• Alphas have bald paws that tell them apart from the pack and glowing blue eyes
• Protruding teeth
• Extremely intelligent
• Often cooperative with trained citizens

Flying Beasts:
• Cocee are messengers and are easily domesticated
• The have a small to medium size
• They don't sleep as they retain energy from the sunlight
• Friendly and never aggressive
• Skittish when untrained

• Koet are predators that hunt when the sun is highest because light refracts off the snow blinding prey
• Red eyes
• Medium to large size
• Hunt solo
• Can be trained but rarely are because Koet's have wanderlust.

• They are relatively harmless
• They only pick off crops and forage plants
• They can be eating as the juice inside them is rather sweet.

Appearance of:
Laford in the East in Winter
General Look at the Land
Path to Antwidd in the Northwest
River Dred in the Southwest
Southern Districts Ravine
Citizens Playing Snow Games

So begins...

Shem's Story


Characters Present

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Cali and Luman

“There is a shift in energy manifesting.” Luman said as he stroked his chin, two golden eyes focused on checkered board in front of him. He reached out, moving his the white form of one of his knights several spaces forward. “Yes, I’m very away, my love.” Cali said as she cornered her husband’s ivory king with a dark queen. “It’s a emptiness unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.” She looked up from the board, amusement flickering in her ebony colored eyes. “I believe I won this game.” Luman chuckled, running his fingers through his hair as leaned back in his throne. “I believe so, my dear. Your cleverness knows no bounds.” The Lady of Shadows smirked, rising from her obsidian seat and walking about the chessboard. She sat in her husband’s lap, draping her legs over his throne’s armrest. “Now,” she started. “We must prepare for this coming change, whatever it is. Regardless of whether it’s dark or light, something with this much energy is bound to knock everything out of balance.”

Luman nodded. “I know, that’s what I’m worried about. We’ve all come to such a good place. The nations are healthy, the Treaty goes unthreatened, and for a while, I thought we’d have actual harmony.” “Well, you know what they say.” Cali said. “A God’s work is never finished.” Luman smiled weakly and leaned over, kissing the goddess on her nose. “Why must you always be so insightful?” “It’s a blessing and a curse, to be quite frank.” Ebony smirked as she got up, her leathery wings lifting her several inches off the ground. “We should spread the word among the gods.” Luman nodded, standing up and walking over to the nearest window. A ball of light formed in his hand and he brought it to his lips. “Go give word to our brothers.” And it flew off into the realms of the other gods, where it would give the same message.

“Something is coming. Be prepared.”

Dolus Magnus

The crown was heavy on Dolus’ head. It’s golden halo and sparkling jewels filled the white of his hair with colored light. The tips of his elongated ears rubbed against the crown’s rim, causing their pointed ends to slightly redden with irritation. As the bastard prince looked into the mirror, he couldn’t bring himself to smile. The crown wasn’t meant to be worn by someone who looked like him. The dull silver in his eyes deepened with the slight pang of sadness he felt. He starred in the mirror for several moments, a look of concentration on his face, before his appearance began to subtly ripple and change.

The marks on his skin faded, his hair turned a warm brown, and his ears shortened and rounded out, not leaving a hint of their barbs. The sad metallics of his eyes filled with a sharp amber and for a moment, Dolus flickered with genuine satisfaction. This is what the people wanted. “Dolus? Are you ready?” Orion walked in, a mixture of sadness and anger covering his face when he saw his prince. “You aren’t trying this again.” A smile formed on Dolus’ lips as he turned around. It was mostly sincere, which became progressively more difficult for the prince as he coronation closened. “Oh, hush. This is a good idea. The people will be much more comfortable if I look like this.” Dolus gestured to his face. Orion rolled his eyes and shook his head. “They’ll love you. They’ll love you without your tricks and spells. Just as I do.” Dolus let out a laugh. “Many late nights have proven that you’re a big fan of my ‘tricks.’” A smile cracked on the bodyguard’s face.

A moment of silence passed between them. “Well,” Orion started. “We should be on our way. You have to discuss plans for the Harvest Festival.” He paused before continuing. “And, at the end of the day, it’s your coronation. It’s your decision how the Empire sees you. You’re the Emperor, so I won’t tell you how to live your life.” Dolus shook his head, the color draining from his hair and the marks slowly rising back onto his skin. “I’m not the Emperor yet. Let’s not get too dramatic.” He walked toward his guard and placed a hand on his cheek, the other man’s stubble pricking him slightly. “Thank you, Orion.” “It’s my pleasure, Prince Dolus.” The future emperor smiled. “Let’s not delay then. I feel like this festival will be a grand time, don’t you?” They began walking. “If you have a hand in it, this festival will be like none that anyone has ever seen before.”