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The Immortal Power of Success and Survival

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a character in “The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by InsaenImagination



God Name: Tyler

Title: The Immortal Power of Success and Survival
Gender: Most commonly referred to as, "The Immortal Power," Tyler does not have a gender. The Immortal Power will change genders if it means success or survival.

Alignment: Whichever brings Tyler success or survival.

God Appearance: The whims of success and survival. As success, Tyler favors the fairer sex, and also an elf. A gorgeous red-head, with noble looks and ice-blue eyes. She has the ability to make any man or woman drop with lust. A beautiful voice, a beautiful body: the epitome of success. In this form she'd be able to take the clothing off a person's back, the golden molar that man has in his mouth! Her familiars in this form are the owl, the wolf and the snake. Usually wears leather.

As survival, Tyler favors the stronger, more instinctual sex. Blonde hair, an unshaven face, dark, almost black eyes, and tall, 7'4", for a human. He would survive and fight at all costs, never stopping until he's free. His voice is rough, his face grizzled, his body strong and solid: the epitome of survival. In this form he'd be able kill a bear with his hands, run from a speedy cheetah. His familiars in this form are the lion, the eagle and the shark. Usually wears heavy, iron armor.

Personality: In Tyler's Success form, she is a person to be ignored. But that is impossible when her voice is silk. When in Success, Tyler always has a higher goal. An ambition. In this form, Tyler is never brash, never cocky. A smooth-talker can only be so smooth with a head filled with turmoil, so Tyler is always calm and intelligent.

In Tyler's Survival form, he is more of a danger to those around him. Survival is not a kind or warm man, cold with the wars, and angered with the murders. He doesn't say anything, his primal instincts guiding him. He is the polar opposite of Success, who takes her time with a clear head. Survival jumps in without a second thought, but turns tail when he loses, which rarely happens.

Even though an Archaic God, and one of the eldest, Tyler is not cocky, or a gloater. Tyler knows the power that it wields.

Opinion of mortals: "Mortals? Oh, yes! Leave them to their own devices and they'll survive, and also maybe succeed! Who knows? I don't."

God’s Domain:
Elloware is a land of gambling where other gods and goddesses come to release steam. Wherever you go there is either a stadium for fighting, or a table for card games. It's just a huge flat land filled with people of all races that want to succeed...that is, until you see the forest. The forest is, in fact, the entrance to the land of gambling. Filled with monsters, traps and death, the forest explains why Tyler is the Immortal Power of Survival. You have to survive to be successful. And you have to be successful to survive.


Avatar Name: Oriander Nequin the Great King

Personality: Oriander Nequin, the youngest king of Nequin at 22, is the hardest and coldest of them all. Forged in the mountains and forests of Nequin, Oriander survived for twelve years making him understand the hardships and battles of all mankind. Taught and honed by the Elders of Nequin, Oriander became smart of mind, and smart of soul, shortening the training to just ten years. This made him the most successful of his line; the training usually lasted fifteen years or more. All this training Oriander went through turned him to be emotionless with the exception of anger. He deals with his people with cold and dictated words, either giving them the appropriate reward, or the right amount of time in jail. Even though he is the king of the most dangerous place in the world, everyone who runs to his land follows and listens to him, knowing he is one of the most powerful persons of them all. Even though most people should hate him, people don't. It's because everybody who follows Oriander are born to follow his line, wanted criminals, successful business-people, or just refugees of war-torn countries. They understand his rule.

He follows the Creed of Success and Survival: Win until you have to run...then come back and win some more. This, translated to actual circumstances, means everything to him. In battle he is a slayer, cold efficiency that cuts through the most hardened warriors. In politics he runs hard bargains, almost always getting his way.

Magic/Physical Abilities: Oriander has good control of magic that boosts his physical prowess. With it, the immortal becomes even stronger than he already is. Versed in a dangerous fighting-style, all elbows and knees, Oriander could kill you in a second. Efficient in sword-handling, mortals would lose in seconds, and other Avatar's would be hard-pressed to kill him. Also he would be hard-pressed to defeat other Avatar's. Also able enough with a flintlock pistol.

Hero: Erin Teach

Rank/Reason: The Pirate Queen, won from her father Blackbeard, Edward Teach. The closest confidante, and lover, of Oriander Nequin.

Personality: Erin Teach is a merciless woman, believing in kill first, ask questions later. Even though not a true follower of the Creed of Success and Survival, she is a native Nequin and finds her allegiance to the crown of Isle Nequin. To her crewman she is kind, but will bring down an iron fist when needed.

Hero: Malice Savvory

Rank/Reason: General of the Nequin Forces. He is loyal to the line, bound by blood and magic.

Personality: The brightest war-mind in all of Nequin, even more so than Oriander, makes Malice a cocky, and ruthless man. He follows Success more than Survival, saying that if you can't win, then you can't survive.

Hero: Matilda Wonder

Rank/Reason: The Magister Wondrous, also bound to the line by blood and magic.

Personality: Matilda goes along in life just floating, going with the flow, much like her father. She never goes to anger, leaving that to Oriander. She leads the magic-wielders in Nequin with cool commandment. She can diffuse tension quickly with a few choice words laced with magic. She has never angered anyone, and has never killed. She is a smart and beautiful woman.

Hero: Leeman and Alison Torgue

Rank/Reason: Masters of Steampunk Technology. They don't have a reason to follow Isle Nequin or the Great King because these two truly follow the Creed of Success and Survival, they only do it because they like Oriander Nequin

Personality: Leeman and Alison Torgue are two of the greatest Steampunks Engineers ever, simply known to others as "The Engineers." Leeman, the older brother, is the hands-on half of the whole, being much more deft at the physical work than Alison. He is a nervous man when talking to people who aren't his sister, but is a serious one when at work. Alison is the brains of the project and the one who sees if Leeman is doing it right. She is outgoing, and usually contacts the clients.

Terrain Preference: You will find a follower of Success and Survival anywhere.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Isle Nequin, or the Island of Refuge. Commonly known as the Most Dangerous Country in the World.

Capital: Tasnit-The capital of Nequin, and where the royal family lives, the most populated and dangerous city in all of Nequin, and most likely the world.

Major Cities:
Dervin-Where the military is focused. The death rate is about five a week, making it the safest city in Nequin.
Savien-The port city, where most of the pirate's are located. Has the second highest death rate at about ten deaths per week.

The people of Nequin are a hardened and hostile people. If threatened they will most likely try to kill you. Actual Nequins make about 25% of the people, while foreigners make about 75% of it. Most soft foreigners learn quickly, and become like everybody else: murderous people who follow the Creed of Success and Survival.
Some would think with all the death that Nequin wouldn't have a thriving economy, but most are wrong. The people are smart enough to trade with other countries, and use the currency of Nequin, the Star, to keep up the flow of everything economy. And with the flow of people coming into Nequin, new technologies such as the steam punk's machines, the elven bows and arrows, and the pirate's guns, make Nequin one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world. It's good to have open borders.
Oriander controls most of the politics, only with advice from the Elders of Nequin. He makes the decision whether to give this country Resource A for Resource B. In the two years of rule, Oriander has become a feared politician. When attending the Summit of Gods, a world-wide meeting of the leaders, Oriander usually holds most of the talk, trying to diffuse tensions and the thoughts of war.

Other: The Elders of Nequin holds the former king and queen of Nequin, the former General of Nequin Forces, and the former Magister Wondrous.

So begins...

Tyler's Story


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Cali and Luman

“There is a shift in energy manifesting.” Luman said as he stroked his chin, two golden eyes focused on checkered board in front of him. He reached out, moving his the white form of one of his knights several spaces forward. “Yes, I’m very away, my love.” Cali said as she cornered her husband’s ivory king with a dark queen. “It’s a emptiness unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.” She looked up from the board, amusement flickering in her ebony colored eyes. “I believe I won this game.” Luman chuckled, running his fingers through his hair as leaned back in his throne. “I believe so, my dear. Your cleverness knows no bounds.” The Lady of Shadows smirked, rising from her obsidian seat and walking about the chessboard. She sat in her husband’s lap, draping her legs over his throne’s armrest. “Now,” she started. “We must prepare for this coming change, whatever it is. Regardless of whether it’s dark or light, something with this much energy is bound to knock everything out of balance.”

Luman nodded. “I know, that’s what I’m worried about. We’ve all come to such a good place. The nations are healthy, the Treaty goes unthreatened, and for a while, I thought we’d have actual harmony.” “Well, you know what they say.” Cali said. “A God’s work is never finished.” Luman smiled weakly and leaned over, kissing the goddess on her nose. “Why must you always be so insightful?” “It’s a blessing and a curse, to be quite frank.” Ebony smirked as she got up, her leathery wings lifting her several inches off the ground. “We should spread the word among the gods.” Luman nodded, standing up and walking over to the nearest window. A ball of light formed in his hand and he brought it to his lips. “Go give word to our brothers.” And it flew off into the realms of the other gods, where it would give the same message.

“Something is coming. Be prepared.”

Dolus Magnus

The crown was heavy on Dolus’ head. It’s golden halo and sparkling jewels filled the white of his hair with colored light. The tips of his elongated ears rubbed against the crown’s rim, causing their pointed ends to slightly redden with irritation. As the bastard prince looked into the mirror, he couldn’t bring himself to smile. The crown wasn’t meant to be worn by someone who looked like him. The dull silver in his eyes deepened with the slight pang of sadness he felt. He starred in the mirror for several moments, a look of concentration on his face, before his appearance began to subtly ripple and change.

The marks on his skin faded, his hair turned a warm brown, and his ears shortened and rounded out, not leaving a hint of their barbs. The sad metallics of his eyes filled with a sharp amber and for a moment, Dolus flickered with genuine satisfaction. This is what the people wanted. “Dolus? Are you ready?” Orion walked in, a mixture of sadness and anger covering his face when he saw his prince. “You aren’t trying this again.” A smile formed on Dolus’ lips as he turned around. It was mostly sincere, which became progressively more difficult for the prince as he coronation closened. “Oh, hush. This is a good idea. The people will be much more comfortable if I look like this.” Dolus gestured to his face. Orion rolled his eyes and shook his head. “They’ll love you. They’ll love you without your tricks and spells. Just as I do.” Dolus let out a laugh. “Many late nights have proven that you’re a big fan of my ‘tricks.’” A smile cracked on the bodyguard’s face.

A moment of silence passed between them. “Well,” Orion started. “We should be on our way. You have to discuss plans for the Harvest Festival.” He paused before continuing. “And, at the end of the day, it’s your coronation. It’s your decision how the Empire sees you. You’re the Emperor, so I won’t tell you how to live your life.” Dolus shook his head, the color draining from his hair and the marks slowly rising back onto his skin. “I’m not the Emperor yet. Let’s not get too dramatic.” He walked toward his guard and placed a hand on his cheek, the other man’s stubble pricking him slightly. “Thank you, Orion.” “It’s my pleasure, Prince Dolus.” The future emperor smiled. “Let’s not delay then. I feel like this festival will be a grand time, don’t you?” They began walking. “If you have a hand in it, this festival will be like none that anyone has ever seen before.”


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Something is coming. Be prepared.

Tyler glared at the messenger. "Of course something is coming," she said, "of course something is coming. Something is always coming. It doesn't matter to me. Why should it? We'll find a way. And, also, maybe the mortals. What else can we do? Fail? Bah, failing is for failures who don't know how to win. And one of things I know how to do is win."

Tyler glanced back to the messenger, the ball of light, "I'm going to get you to send me a reply, okay? Well, here it is: You'd think the God and Goddess of Duality and Balance wouldn't send something so obvious. Really, what else could we do except get prepared for anything? And this was why I didn't enter the War. To many obvious plans and messages. Luman, Cali, I know that you miss me, but you could've at least sent a message of something more, like, 'how are you doing?' I'm hurt now. Okay, now I'm rambling. Survival is wanting to take over, and, as always, I am prone to the whims of Success and Survival." Tyler, who's form was changing, looked at the ball of light. "What are you waiting for? Go!"

The ball of light disappeared. Tyler grew a few feet, to a more gruff and dangerous appearance. The only thing he could do now, was go into a dangerous area and survive. This was going to be fun.

Oriander Nequin

Oriander Nequin, otherwise known as the Great King (he would never call himself that, it was the people who coined the title), was walking the beaches of his island. Earlier that morning Matilda Wonder and Malice Savvory had been entered in an argument. Or, rather, an angered man ready to hit a not caring woman. It happened. And when Oriander turned his head to see the conflict he saw Matilda with a red face, and Malice standing over her.

Oriander looked at Malice, "Malice, what have I told you about your anger?"

"T-to hold it in," was the shaky, deep voice of Malice. He was now terrified for his life. "And to release it when needed."

The Great King laughed, before standing from his throne and walking towards the general of his army. "Remove your helmet," was what Oriander said.

Malice did so quickly, only to receive the hardest backhand he had ever felt in his life, stronger than his father's, even. "You will not touch the Magister Wondrous," Oriander snarled, "she is in a higher station than you. You are lucky that I need you, or you would have received a harsher punishment. Go back to Dervin and only contact me if it is a matter of importance. I will contact you otherwise."

Malice frowned before nodding. He then left, not wanting to face anymore of the anger of Oriander Nequin. "Matilda, you a relieved of your duties for today. Go do something," the king said to Matilda as he left.

Many bows, a horse and a few kilometres later, Oriander was on the beach, walking. Walking towards the rowboat that was grounded on the hot sand. Walking towards the captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Walking towards the Queen of Pirates, Erin Teach. Erin Teach with all her one eyed-ness, her pirate-ness, and her harshness. She saw Oriander, and smirked. I was a minute later when Oriander finally reached Erin. "So, Great King, how's the Isle?" was Erin's usual greeting.

Oriander raised an eyebrow, "The Isle is warm, as always." Was the usual reply from Oriander. Before anymore words could be shared, Erin pushed the rowboat out into the sea and jumped on.

"Coming, Great King?" she was teasing him.

"Of course, Madam Teach," and he teased back relentlessly as he jumped towards the rowboat. The rest of that day was a day of party. Party and love...lots of love...


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He is angry. That is the only word that could describe what he is feeling. As he sattles his horse, Obsolete, Malice Savvory could only think of the unfairness of it all...just because Matilda Wonder is in a higher place than he is. She is a woman, a weak woman, while he is one of the strongest of Isle Nequin. He is just putting her into her rightful place beneath him, beneath Oriander Nequin. But the Great King fails to recognize the rightful act. He ignores it with a cool indifference and a calculating eye. He must think that women and men are equal. Malice knows the truth. Women are weak creatures, who use cunning and trickery to survive.

And that is when the thoughts of treachery break into his mind. "Why don't I kill her? Him?" Malice mutters under his breath. He could only think of their flesh on his blade, the life draining from their hearts... Malice laughs, "What am I talking about? Why would I ever do that?"

The magic holding Malice Savvory in line takes affect. While Malice has the ability to over throw most normal magic bindings, the Olde Magicke is much, much stronger. Created by the first Magister Wondrous to keep herself and the general in check. This magic would never run out if there was a Nequin crowned as king. Olde Magicke that changes the mind, makes Malice forget his treacherous thoughts.

So Malice forgets.


She is angry. That is the only word that could describe what she is feeling. As she goes on with her duties, Matilda tries to ignore the thoughts crossing her mind. The thoughts of murder, of killing. She could understand why Oriander Nequin sent Malice Savvory, a pig of a man, to Dervin. It is to distance him from her. To keep her from killing him, because he knows that she could and would. The thing she does not understand, though, is why the Great King keeps Malice Savvory as his general, as his lead strategist. Malice Savvory is a brute of a man, the centre of everything males represent. Oriander Nequin destroys Malice Savvory with a cold rage and a brutal hand. He must think that men and women are equal. But Matilda knows the truth. She knows that man is weak-minded, stupid, much more prone to base instincts than the women that should control them, guide them.

That is when the thought of treachery enters her mind. "Why don't I just kill them?" Matild says airlessly. She could only think of their heads disappearing under the weight of her magic, their bodies rotting from the inside... Matilda shakes her head, "What am I thinking? Why would I ever do that?"

Olde Magicke is strong magic. Much stronger than Matilda Wonder. The times she has tried to undo the magic holding her left her with many scars. The magic that controls Matilda and Malice had only grown stronger each time she fought against it. And fighting the magic that binds her is the only thing she could do to fight against...what is she thinking about again? Matilda has forgotten the thoughts of treachery that plague her when she is in close proximity to Malice Savvory.

So Matilda forgets.


She is in love with the one they call the Great King, a name she knows he despises. It is funny, to her, to see him embarrassed when she calls him that. She is the only one who can cause these reactions. It is because he truly loves her, and she truly loves him. She grins, knowing the power she has over him. The power called love.

Erin Teach is not one for extravagance. Oriander Nequin, also, detests anything that is not needed. That is why she is the Pirate Queen, and he the Great King. She only buys the best weapons, food for days, and repairs for her ship. He keeps a stockpile of everything, ready for anything.

One would be surprised to know that she could show emotion beyond anger. She looks at Oriander Nequin with eyes of lust. She kisses him harshly, conveying her love. She teases him, only to show that she cares. To her, he is perfect. To him, she is perfect. But today she feels a slight disconnection. Like he's there, but not. Her thoughts break as he runs a pleasurable hand across her body.

So Erin forgets herself in a world of pleasure.

Oriander Nequin

The minds of Malice Savvory and Matilda Wonder confuse him. Oh, he understands their wants, their beliefs. Malice, a sexist fool who has no desire to see women in any place of power. Matilda, an extreme feminist who has no desire to se men in a place of power. And he has felt it. He has felt the thoughts before they disappear from their minds. The hatred and utter rage. He has also felt the failures of Matilda Wonder. He receives the same scars, but he hides them just like her. He supposes he could tell her to stop, but it is much more interesting to see her fail against the chains of Olde Magicke.

The Olde Magicke that runs through his veins. Yet, he does not understand how the Olde Magicke makes Matilda and Malice act when near each other. The magic is strongest when they are close together, yet more volatile. This is what confuses him. The Great King realizes that his thought are not yet need to the matters of the past, but to the present. He focuses on Erin. To him, she is perfection even without the eye.

He loses himself in the pleasure.