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"So I'm the god of water, cool!"

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a character in “The Gods Rebirth”, as played by ceh12



Name- Alphios

Age Appearance- 8

Appearance- Standing at 4'2 and 56lbs Alphios is a somewhat average boy. His shaggy brown hair is accompanied by his blue eyes. He will often wear a somewhat formal shirt and pants which he loves.

Role-Water God

God of Water


~ Breathing underwater

~Walking on water

~Drawing moisture from the air and fire it back as a beam

~Can cause a small shower if he concentrates hard enough

~Can use large bubbles to trap people and can even float if big enough

Personality- Alphios used to be the calm cool and confident god of water who kept his younger siblings in check and assisted his older sister as much as he could. Now that he has been reincarnated he is now a naive little boy curious about everything. He will almost always be seen looking at a strange object or talking to anyone who will listen. He has a tendency to throw tantrums and will pout and sometimes cause downpours on anyone who is around him.

Bio- Alphios is the god of water a high position in the court of the gods. He was a man of peace and rarely fought but when he did, he fought till the end. He was always considerate of the other gods and thought that they should all be equal in the sense of power. But after being killed, then reincarnated he is much more naive and is unsure of his past beliefs.
Other- 12 (its the reason I put a number in my name)

So begins...

Alphios's Story


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"I know your name because I'm here to help take care of you. You, Alphios and I all work together, but you're more like him than me. You like flowers a lot, right? And other plants?" Asked Aeya.
Gaia giggled. "Uh huh! I like all sorts of plants!" She exclaimed enthusiastically, but Gaia didn't understand what exactly the three of them "worked" in.
"So me and Gaia are alike, awesome! Aeya is she a god too?" Asked Alphios excitedly.
Wait... Me? A god? Work? She was puzzled. She felt like she should know, and she felt that she did. But she couldn't remember. Again.
Alphios said he couldn't remember his name either and he asked Aeya. If Gaia couldn't remember, Aeya probably knows, right?
"I'm a god?" Gaia muttered to herself, looking at the flowers in her hands, then looking at the older girl as if the question was directed to her.


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Aeya nodded, and pushed her hair back and out of the way. "You're the Goddess of Earth, yeah. Alphi is the Water God, and I'm a minor wind goddess. Right now, you guys are still young, so I'm gonna help raise you so you grow up strong and aware of your powers."


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Gaia nodded.
Being eight, Gaia felt absolutely no need to question the girl, nor ask for more information. She was an earth god? Cool. Gaia directed her gaze at her flowers. So that's why the room she woke up in was like a garden, then? Things were really starting to make sense to her now.
She sat down. She was bored. Wait, Aeya said she had powers, right? Earth stuff? Gaia looked at the floor. There were some pebbles, and they were starting to tremble and shake, a couple wobbling towards the goddess. She wasn't exactly sure what she was doing, it seemed to come to her naturally.
"Fly." She subconsciously whispered to the little stones as they all floated up and circled her. Gaia blinked, how did she do that? She blinked at the sight and giggled. But soon they started to fall back down, making Gaia whine. Her powers were pretty weak. She didn't know what she was comparing to, but she felt like her powers should have been much stronger...