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Elden Edderast

God-King of Faerykind, Patron of Arts, Scribe of Contracts, Defender of Children

0 · 488 views · located in Ashariel

a character in “The Gods: The Beginning”, as played by Vinno1234


Elden Edderast

Title: Lord-Sir Elden Edderast XIV the Fair, Benefactor of the Arts, Monarch of the Fae, and Protector of Children
Gender: Male
Alignment: Shifts between Chaotic and Lawful Neutral, leaning slightly toward Good at most times
Personality: Elden shifts between two sets of outward behavior at random, from Aloof, Capricious, and Boisterous to Focused, Calculating, and Paranoid. Beneath both of these facades, however, Elden simply wants to keep his Subjects, the Fae, happy and safe. His protectiveness of Children stems from an incident with his mother, Anansi, that he may or may not have over-reacted to.
Opinion of mortals: Elden is, at worst, indifferent to most mortals. However, he has a soft spot for Children, deep respect for Artists, and undying hatred for any that would harm the former or destroy the latter's work.
Interference: Elden Edderast meddles in Mortal affairs a bit more than might considered average, mostly concerning Artists and Children. With Artists, he might gift a mortal that has earned his favor with an incredible idea or concept that could most assuredly be made into a masterpiece in said artist's hands. To Children, he sends out Sprites, small, slight things carried upon insectile wings. Should a sprite see a child in an unloving, neglectful, or abusive home, the sprite will whisper to the child an incantation that, when uttered, will whisk the child away to Arcadia, where the child will grow into a Faery as opposed to growing up as a normal member of their respective race.

Domain: Arcadia

Arcadia is a vast, sprawling wilderness of Forests, Plains, Mountains, and Valleys. Pictured above is Elden Edderast's palace, Saolchrann at the center of
the realm. Arcadia is teeming with life in the form of Fae-touched offshoots of mundane animals, though it isn't entirely welcoming to Mortal visitors, as its lakes and rivers are suffused with the mystical energies of The Wyrd to the point of explosive toxicity to most non-Fae life if one were to drink directly from the streams. Within lay the four Houses of The Fae, the organizations that keep Arcadia running smoothly. The Lamplighters keep the Witchlights burning, thus warding away the Unseelie. The Troupe manages all affairs artistic, cataloging the greatest creative works of mortalkind for an unknown but vitally important purpose. The Hexen deal with all manner of contracts and assorted contractual obligations in dealings between Fae beings and Mortals, serving as the closest thing Arcadia has to a bureaucracy. The Wild Hunt is Arcadia's equivalent to a military/protective force, and is involved in any situation in or involved with Arcadia wherein excessive violence is required. There is a fifth group known as The Unseelie that represents some nebulous but deeply unsettling dark side of The Wyrd. They are sealed within the deepest reaches of The Hedge by the Witchlights, strange motes of Wyrd energy that give off light which is wholly toxic to Unseelie Fae.
Subdomain: The Hedge

While Arcadia is a scenic and picturesque vista, almost like something our of a dream, The Hedge is a realm entirely grounded in nightmares. This perpetually-twilit realm serves as some combination of Borderland and Wall, surrounding Arcadia. While this is the easiest-to-find method of entering Arcadia, it is also the most dangerous. The Unseelie Fae claw at the borders of Arcadia and Ashariel as though they are blocked by some invisible force, which thankfully, they actually are. They cannot enter Arcadia proper thanks to the diligent and coordinated efforts of The Lamplighters and [/b]The Wild Hunt[/b], and they are barred access from Ashariel (during the day, at least) because they suffer conflagration when exposed to sunlight, a condition that is said will persist until the obligations of some ancient, long-forgotten contract are met... But, the Unseelie are not the only dangers of The Hedge. Schmerzwalds are an equally omnipresent threat within The Hedge. A Schmerzwald is a patch of forest wherein Black Thorns grow. Black Thorns are the plants that give The Hedge its name, and in places, they can seem almost like a solid, impassible mass, or an enormous, twisting, shifting maze. These Thorns are avoided and feared for their ability to tear viciously, not just into one's body, but into one's very soul. A person may go into The Hedge a shining paragon of order and virtue, only to emerge a bleeding, mad, broken husk of their former selves. The members of The Wild Hunt ride upon soulless, constructed steeds which are immune to the Schmerzwald's soul-rending terror in order to better patrol The Hedge, and will punish the most heinous of child abusers by chaining them to their steeds and dragging them through any patches of Thorns they come across at a pitched speed.

Avatar: Anais

Personality: Anais is the first child that Elden took from an unloving home, and is the only such child that has not been physically altered by The Wyrd. Aside from physical immortality, agelessness, incredible sorcerous prowess, and the knowledge and experience that comes of living for such colossal lengths of time, she physically remains the same child that was whisked away to Arcadia so long ago. Even with the immortality and untold secrets of the ages, Anais remains a wide eyed, kind-hearted child. The same cannot quite be said of her companion, The Stag. While he is by no means cruel, he is a gruff and indomitable creature. Long ago, he was assigned to keep Anais safe from harm, because while she may wield incredible power, she is still but a child in stature and form, with all the vulnerability thereof.
Magic Abilities:
  • Anais: Control over Plant Life, Wyrding Blasts, Teleportation, Invisibility.
  • The Stag: Toughness, Toughness, Toughness, Thundering Shout, Earth-Shaking Stomp.

Name of Kingdom/Empire:
Major Cities:

So begins...

Elden Edderast's Story


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Time had passed. How much time, Ulmo did not truly know. Time didn't really seem to matter to him as he worked to fill the Sea with life to match and even, in his view, surpass the life he had seen on dry land. The Beast-God, Ragon, had been particularly helpful in creating the predators that inhabited his real. It was fitting, in his view, to have fierce beasts to live beneath the Sea. They kept the numbers of the smaller creatures in check and the supply of prey kept their own numbers in check. Balance.

Of course, the world had many secrets that even he did not know of. There was the realm connected to the physical realm. The physical realm was the realm of mortals. What this word meant, he did not yet know, but he envisioned beings unable to change the world by their own will, but still shape great things with their bare hands. That was what he imagined. The mortal realm was stagnant. It stayed the way it was long after the gods were finished, but in the Realm of the Gods, only will mattered. Ulmo could shape anything simply by willing it, but he needed to maintain it with a portion of his attention, always, something he was finding easier and easier to do as time went on.

He had shared his discovery with the others, of course. They each claimed their own portion as the Realm of infinite, but together, they had created their own meeting place, The Hall of the Gods It was a magnificent place and in its center sat their thrones. Ulmo himself had carved a throne of silver and blue and white marbel, covering it with flora from the Sea which could live on dry land. That was not where they were meeting, though. Rather, in celebation of their efforts, the Gods had gathered together to celebrate with a feast. In a great feasting hall, the gods gathered to celebrate their works and Ulmo sat in his place of honor with a proud smile.

"Our labors are almost at an end, my bretheren. Let us feast, drink, and be merry," he announced, surveying the faces of the gods who had gathered together to celebrate.


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Ulmo frowned slightly, noticing Tywin slip away into a room after Sargon and Kaira. He felt for Saragon. To have your creations attempt to wipe out one another was a feeling he could not even begin to comprehend. The Merpeople which he and Niueis created lived in harmony with the Sea. True, they were small in number, but they were long-lived and their cities were something to behold. However, now he decided to check on a creation that each and every god had a hand in.

He left the feasting hall and entered the Throne Room. There, he found a pool of water that allowed the gods to view the Mortal Realm. On land, the gods had created the apex of their creations: Mortal Men. They had each put a part of themselves in these creatures, crafting them in the image of most of the gods save Karkothi and Strach. What Ulmo saw, however, did not please him. The world was in turmoil and there were new gods among them!


"Good, Cain. Very good. You have wrested control of your tribe from your brother. You have proven your strength and power," Nex announced, dressed in black, red, and golden armor. Before him, the human inhabitants of the desert bowed to him with his chosen the only one standing. Cain glared at him from behind his hood.

"I had to kill half my tribe on my own, including my own brother. You forbade my supporters from helping me. You refused to help me yourself! Why?!" he hissed. Nex glared at his chosen and had half a mind to smack him before chuckling. He allowed himself to laugh for a full minute until his chosen interrupted him.

"Answer me!"

"You would do well to remember that a god does not take orders from his follower," Nex told him coldly, causing a little fear to run down Cain's spine. He continued, "I gave you a portion of my own power. I wanted to see if it was a good investment. You did not disappoint. Not at all. I will be the God of Men and you will be their King."


Ulmo reached out with his mind, to every deity, known or unknown. He was furious.

"What is the meaning of this! We agreed to leave mortal men alone!"


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The Age of Avatars and Mortals

In which Avatars are chosen by the Gods to represent them to the mortal races and guide their followers' kingdoms.

Nex and Cain's punishment for their transgression was lenient, given the circumstances. As selfish and arrogant as the god was, Nex had revealed a new innovation which could be used by the gods to guide and protect their mortal followers without worrying about the threat of destruction inherent in the divinities directly interfering with mortals: the Avatar. The Avatar was an unique being: not quite divine, but not quite mortal either. He or she was connected to their patron deity in a way no mortal could hope to comprehend, gifted with divine power, knowledge, and wisdom. The Avatars were the few mortals who could travel to the Realm of the Gods at will. This innovation went far beyond what Nex had originally envisioned. The Avatar was not just a tool for a deity to enforce his or her will upon their followers, he or she was their advocate. Through them, the gods learned more about their own creations.

Thus, Nex and Cain were sentenced to a slumber that lasted until every deity had chosen his or her own Avatar or chose not to select one. Nex's followers, however, did not forget their god or their semi-divine leader. Nex's teachings were remembered and spread throughout the humans who made their home in the Shifting Desert. Thus, when Cain returned and proved his claim of kingship and identity as the Avatar of Nex by conquering the Qarthian Tribes.

The Gods were not untouched by Time, however. Despite mortal perceptions of the agelessness of the gods, the deities knew times of great joy and great. The birth of Nigriv and Valiance were occasions of great joy for the gods, but the death and fading away of their siblings took its toll. Tywin's death in particular was a shock to the gods. He had seemed so strong, but his mental state was unstable. Braun himself had taken charge of Tywin's funeral and like all the acts of the God of Strength and Brotherhood, it was immortalized in song both in the Realm of the Gods and in the Realm of Men.


Atalantae... Truly, in Caspian's opinion, it was the greatest city in the world. It lacked the famous Academy at Icharus, it was nowhere near as opulent as Gela, and the dour grimness of Jukta, but it remained the largest and greatest of the cities of the Avuvians. Only the walls of Jukta rivaled the great concentric fortifications of Atalantae. Though all Avuvian cities were trade hubs, no other city had the sheer quantity and quality of goods pouring into it as Atalantae. Today, only he remembered its humble beginnings.

He was born a fisherman like his father and his father before him all the way back to the time Ulmo first made himself known to the mortal men who were drawn to the Sea. Today, his 16th birthday, was the day he would finally be allowed to take his father's ship out to Sea on his own.

"Son, please be careful," his mother warned him worriedly, "Remember the first thing Lord Ulmo revealed to us: Neither the Sea's nor his moods are fixed. The Sea can turn violent when you least expect it."

"Do not worry, Mother. I will be fine," he told her in a placating tone, the type that young men used when they wanted their parents reminded them of a piece of wisdom that they had heard countless times before. His mother sighed even as his father spoke, placing a big, callused hand on his shoulder.

"Do not sail beyond sight of land, Caspian. You do not know what it is to be on the open Sea."

"I won't. I promise," he told them.

Of course, he did not keep his promise. The wind was behind his back and the Sea air was in his lungs. The Sun was shining without a cloud ins sight. He cast his nets in the shallows, but found nothing. So, he sailed further and further, recasting his nets as he did so until, finally, he was indeed out of sight from land and had nothing to show for it. He grimaced and cursed and did not notice how the sky darkened as the day went on until, finally, it was as though the sky was thrust open as water poured from above and the waves shook and crashed against his vessel. He plunged put all his strength into maintaining course with his rudder, desperately sailing back to whence he came. Lightning flashed and he cursed at Ulmo.

"Damn you, I will not die like this! I'm going home and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" he roared. Almost in answer, a great wave crashed against his boat and he cried out in fear. He tried to drain his vessel with a bucket, but failed. His boat fell apart and he sank into the abyss.

It was beautiful he had noticed, in a grim sort of way. Despite his pride, he prayed to Ulmo to care for his parents and that they would somehow know that he was sorry for disobeying them. In that instant, he water around him seemed to glow in an ethereal blue and silver light. "Am I dead?" he asked himself. His lungs no longer burned from the salt water filling them. Then, he saw him. He was like a man, but more than a man. His hair was an unnatural blue color and his blue and silver robe did not seem wet, though they were both submerged in the Sea. In fact, he did not seem to be swimming at all. He just moved, as though he was simply willing it.

"You are a proud young man," the man said and his words seemed to acho around him, like the song of a whale and it was then Caspian recognized him, his eyes daring to the trident he carried.

"Are you here to lead me to the Land of the Dead, Lord Ulmo. Or are you here to punish me?" he asked, trying to conceal his fear. The god simply smiled.

"Neither. Normally, I do not rescue foolish boys who chose to test the Sea, but I see something special in you. You have a hidden strength beyond most mortals," the god told him. Then, Ulmo approached him and pressed their foreheads together as light shined around them and Caspian almost screamed at the multitude of sensations he felt. He felt far older than his 16 years and far more powerful. He gasped as Ulmo pulled away.

"We are bonded forever," the Sea God told him, "Come. Return to our people. You are my gift to them, my Avatar."

Without knowing how he was able to, Caspian willed the water around him to propel him forward. Caspian smiled and laughed in euphoria, not questioning what this meant, simply reveling in it. He almost didn't here Ulmo's words in his mind.

"Good luck, Caspian."

The Avatar of Ulmo smiled from his place in the highest part of Atalante at the top of the highest tower of the Citadel. He had not known what it meant then, but he did not regret it now, even as he mourned the friends and family he watched grow old and die. He knew better than most that death wasn't the end.


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It wasn't that she thought herself above the others, but Karkorthi had quietly withdrawn into her realm in the eons to follow Nex's fall. When she crafted at all, she released simple, hidden things that more than likely escaped the notice of her siblings entirely. When the peoples of the races of the other Gods started scrambling after the little treasures in her rock, she bid them not hollow carelessly. Those that did not listen, who let their greed outweigh their caution and respect, were met with those hidden terrors.

For the most part, she sat in her cave and lived apart from the passion and the rage that routinely shook Ulmo's court; attending only when directly invited, and even then mostly just reclining on her throne with the occasional wise word of neutrality.

But she wasn't entirely detatched from Ashariel. When craftsmen began to emerge out of the primal tribesmen to hew stone into building and statue, she was delighted at the creativity. When miners carved niche shrines to Her in their lonely tunnels and prayed for their safety with bawdy working songs, she laughed (Now wouldn't THAT sound strike her siblings dead with shock that she was capable of humor!).

Patiently and slowly, her worshipers grew by word of mouth and simple layman need to call to the soil and mountain for succor. Disenchanted members of the other Gods' races gathered in Her mountains and carved for themselves great stone cities of beauty and function. Stone masons flocked to these high-quality quarries and made Her temples things of lasting beauty even while their craft began bringing coin and trade to her high rocky roads.

As always when these things happen, there were those who attempted to corrupt Her ideals. Especially as Humankind evolved and their ever-present greed for the shiny and valuable turned their eyes to the treasures she offered. It caused her no end of simmering resentment when -they- came to her fledgling kingdom.

And so, rather than suffer their slow destruction of what she had watched so carefully grow, Karkorthi stirred from her darkness and reached out.

They were such small things, really. A leftover from her bargain with Ragon. They lived in her ravines and craggy foothills, embraced in snug earthen burrows and sunning themselves as if they were one with the rocks they lounged on. They had repaid her shelter with care for every generation that passed - carving stones with sand and talon until great spires were riddled with holes that sang to her in the wind.

She had mostly left them alone, as she had done everything else. But when the cities began arriving, a surprising thing happened. They had forgone the Beast God's primal bloodlust and bid peacefully to be allowed to worship at Her temples and live in Her cities. Ragon had dismissed them as weak and unfit. Their numbers dwindled in slow, agonizing patterns. It only made them all the more reverent of their second Creator, and with every tribal song and newhatched heart had they begged her to spare them.

Ebis'en had been Touched by the Goddess in his very egg. It'd been slate grey, and hard as a stone - unheard of in the soft-shelled clutch of brothers. When he hatched, he was as dark grey as the granite of the mountains, and grew into adulthood as a strange creature by the measure of all who came to know him.

When he first arrived in the city and approached temple elders quietly claiming to hear Karkorthi's will, he was all but stoned for heresy. That didn't last long. Karkorthi buried the laughing priests in their own stone towers with an angry quake. It took years longer, but it couldn't be denied Ebis'en was Her Avatar. His reptilian people rejoiced that She might be earing their pleas, after all, and the other myriad races praised that She saw them all as fit for her protection and guidance.

Ebis'en settled stoicly into his responsibilities on Ashariel, and in the Realm of Gods, Karkorthi finally stirred and made her presence known in the great Halls of her siblings.


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The pass of Kal'Thundgar, one of eight mountain passes to the north of Numenor, cutting through the towering and impassible Spine of the World. It was the narrower of the eight, and only allowed for small columns to navigate its treacherous paths. Long had each pass been protected by the Frostback clan (center armor) a clan of rugged and hardy lycans who had sworn an oath to protect the mountains of the north from invaders. Such an oath as was being fulfilled this day...

The orcs of the Varish Marshes to the north west of the spine had surged out of their territory. If they were fleeing, or simply seeking to extend their lands was unknown to the lycans. However what was evident, was that they butchered and raided everything in their paths. Scouts had reported other villages outside of Numenor torched and put to the sword, and soon after their filth was crawling over the hills of Kal'Thundgar. The Frostbacks fought valiantly, holding the line and keeping the hordes from pushing to far in, but they proved to many....

Finally after months of fighting had brought renewed hope as the First Legion, had reinforced the Frostbacks and pushed the hordes back out of Numenor. The threat however was not over, as instead of route and flee, the monsters simply gathered their forces and waited to attack....

The clouds began to slowly and sporadically block the heavens above, and with it the all to familiar rains of Numenor. On most given days, the lycans would be joyed at the blessing of their god, but now it was only adding to the tension growing between the two armies that made this field their home this day.

The lycans (right armor), a race of beings considered legend by most men and mer, had gathered under the banner of the First Legion. A renowned and famed veteran army within the Empire, whos' history dated back to the founding of the Empire and the Wraith Wars. The army condensed around the opening of a narrow pass, Kal'Thundgar.

Across the field, a wide and filth infested horde of orcs had crawled from the swamps to challenge them. Their hisses and shrikes were meant to intimidate the stalwart defenders, but instead made them seem only that much more barbaric. The rain pattered against the armor of both lines, and the slow rise of steam from the heated bodies. This was an all to familiar sight to the legionaries of the Empire.

Across the lycan lines men and women (left armor) could be seen shouting orders and giving commands. They were the elite of the Empire, the third tier of military leaders. From young and brash lieutenants to seasoned and grizzled field marshals, each had the task of carrying for the men and women under them, and each was willing to risk their lives for the Empire.

"Skirmish formations" A strong and commanding voice said riding through the lines

Immediately orders were being give and the legions were shifting. Where before the infantry had made a solid line, they now split and flanked their archers.

"I was beginning to think you would not show" Khali, a hero amongst the lycans and famed sorceress, spoke as her brother trotted up beside her.

Dragonmiir removed his helmet, "What and miss another battle" he smirked "Nonsense"

A third figure rode up beside the heros, this ones blonde hair bounced softly over her shoulders "I suspect this to be short, though the lack of mages will simply draw out the inevitable" Katharine said

"Lack of magic" Khali asked raising her brow

Dragonmiir brushed the comment aside "The mages are present sisters"

"Really?" Katharine leaned forward in her saddle "Because I didn't notice a single witcher or battle mage when I rode up"

"They are here" Sargon pointed to the western forest, where a distinct hawk could be seen flying above "When we route these beasts they will head for the forest, thinking they are protected from our arrows. They will be met with far worse"

"A sure way to ensure victory" Selena said walking up "My rangers and duailsts have merged into our lines, if any orc of caliber attempts to rally or inspire this horde" she smiled and cocked her head "Well it will not last long"

Dragonmiir nodded his head, he raised his hand, and gave the signal to march. Across the lycan lines the horns of battle could be heard, and the army surged forward.

"I thought Arewan was to accompany you" Selena said to Dragonmiir

He looked to the forest where the hawk still circled "We will see her soon enough"


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Anansi had long left the bickering of her siblings. She understood both sides of the argument but neither required her opinion so she left them to it.

She had bigger problems at the moment.

"You are to stay here. I told you. You've been with the mortals much to long, I told you explicitly to stay here yet you neglect to listen and What do you do? You play tricks non-stop? Do you think that is enjoyable for anyone but you? Hm?" She said pacing back and forth. "Why can you not be like your cousin, Valiance? Obedient." She said shaking her head. "I makes me wonder who I angered, to be punished with such insolence." She said exasperatedly. It took a lot to make Anansi angry and it seemed her son, to whom thread she'd woven, rather then birthed herself, managed to do just. She did want to be so cross with him but boy did he do it.

"I will have no more of your tricks. You are to stay in Anansai, You will have your own realm within it but you are not to leave for more then a day, Lividum." She said and plucked his thread from her Web and binded it to those in Anansai. "I hate to do this but you've left me no choice." SHe said and now he was unable to leave his realm in Anansai for more then a day

Nigriv and Valiance

Nigriv watched sadly as Baraku departed and she frowned sadly. "I am so confused, Arthur." She said. "He is right, I do not understand hatred, especially his." She said softly, playing with the automaton's silver fingers, smoothing her fingers over it's hard metal. "It just makes me sad now." She said and no sooner then she said that did her brother take a seat by her side. " That was very brave of you, Little Mouse."
"But I was afriad."
"You still spoke up. I am proud of you, Little Mouse." He said with a smile. She knew what her brother was doing, trying to make her feel better.
"I understand he all but called me a fool but excused it by my being a child."
"You are not a fool, There are things that you will not understand but it matters not, Do not let our sour uncle upset you." He said and Nigriv nodded. " I will try."
"That is all I ask." He said and ruffled her hair, upsetting a few curls.

"Now, There is a very pretty woman over there, I wonder if she would be willing to spar with me." Valiance said, his eyes falling on Sylvana from afar.

Nigriv giggled. "I do not know how well that will turn out for you, Brother." She said, " She is Aunt Kaira and Uncle Sargon's daughter. She might hurt you."

"I know."He said and with a wink he made his way over to her.

Nigriv shook her head. " My brother...He takes more after mother then he likes to think." She said with a smile.

Valiance approached the Goddess and took a knee. " Greetings, Cousin. I don't believe we've had the pleasure. " He said and stood up. "I am Valiance." He said but that was all. He didn't want to sound smug by announcing his title. He wanted to just be Valiance...who ever that was.


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Lividum was... well, Livid. What right had Mother to bind him here, to IMPRISON him?! He'd done nothing wrong! He just wanted to play, and explore. The child-god sat upon a boulder in the deepest recesses of Anansai, where Mother's prying, judgmental eyes couldn't seek him out to scold him further. Admittedly, he did frighten the grown-ups that Mother and his relatives, most of whom he'd barely ever visited or talked to, referred to as "Mortals". Evidently, children aren't supposed to be smooth and featureless as polished marble, OR glowing bright cerulean. Not that he could help it, of course. But the problem would've just solved itself if she'd given him time to practice his glamours! He could've made himself look like all the other kids! Oh, right. The other kids... It began to dawn on Lividum that he'd likely never see his friends from that small village again. When Mother pulled him back to Anansai, he'd been playing in the forest with some other children from the small village. They were nice. They were FUN. His cousins were... okay, but they were too RIGID, too CONTROLLED, too COMPLACENT. It's like they'd never even learned how to have FUN. That Valiance was a total goody-two-shoes, all he ever wanted to do was fight "Bad Guys", and he never let anyone stick up for themselves. Nigriv wasn't as obnoxious and strict as Valiance, but she was just too SHY. She hadn't a sense of ADVENTURE. Aunt Ai was... nice enough, but there must've been something odd about her conversation topics if Mother always felt the need to cover Lividum's ears when he was in the room with her. Uncle Braun, though, was plenty fun. Nigriv and Valiance were lucky to have him as a father. He was cheerful, loud, and he always had the best food, and whenever Lividum had visited, his Uncle was more than willing to play along with Lividum's stories, of sailing on the high seas fighting Krakens and beasts from the briny deep, or delving into a cave to slay the Dragon that was harassing the countryside.



Maybe THOSE were why Lividum got in trouble so often, trying to play stories in the Mortal's world. That's what he'd been doing with the children in the forest. They'd happened upon a creek that Lividum had glamoured to make an ocean to sail on and do the thing with the Krakens... Well, if that's the case, Mother had nobody to blame but herself! It was SHE that made him love Stories! When he was still wrapped in silk, Mother would read him all sorts of stories. They were usually very different from the ones that he liked to write and act out, but they were comforting. His only real complaint was that a few of them were a little bit dry, not FUN enough... But, that's why he'd taken to writing his own.


This train of thought gave him an idea. He remembered her saying that he could leave for no more than a day. Well, he was very fast. And he'd spent his time down in the dark practicing his glamours, among other things. "So," he thought "Why shouldn't I just bring my friends here?" Those glamours could do more than just hide HIS appearance. He'd used them on the creek to make the place from the story. Well, he could probably do the same here in Anansai...

And, he was so far down, she'd probably never even notice...


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Valiance bowed "May I?"

"Come" Sylvanas said gesturing with her finger, she strutted past Valiance without a second thought, making her way out of Throne Room. After a few minutes of walking through corridors, she came to the Training Room; a simple barren and empty room in which the gods and goddess would train with one another. This room was unique however, as it would mold and shape itself to the desired setting the trainees wished.

Sylvanas smiled, as the room began to shift and mold, a heavily forested grove birthed into being. She reached over her shoulders, gripping the hilts of her blades. With a graceful and quick pull, they were released from their sheaths, and with a quick twirl of her wrist the spun around to mimic her turn to face Valiance.

"I do hope your ready dear cousin" Sylvanas said lowering the tips of her swords. Her grace mirrored that of her mother, the fluidity in which she moved. The determination in her eyes however would strike unease in any god, for it was the same look that the god of shadows had. A look that let the opponent knew, regardless of their strengths and skills, they would fail.


Cal Azroth

The Council gathered in the War Chamber, a place of power from which much of the Empires decisions had been made after Numenor had been secured. This room held the ruling class of the Empire, the "elite"; military officials, masters, and nobles as well as the ruling clan. The War Chamber was designed in an rectangular shape with rounded ends. This allowed the council members to see and speak to one another evenly, as well as give a complete view of the World Map, the enchanted floor at the center of the chamber. The floor itself had been molded to represent the whole of Ashariel, and enchanted by the Black Tower to change as the mortals of the world moved across its face.

High King Lucius Dragonstone sat at northern end of the War room, where the royal family resided, the stain glass wall behind letting in the warm glow of the morning air. The council members were present, all that could be mustered as many were dispatched to different regions or currently occupied by urgent assignments. Upon the floor walked the upper class of the military officials; High General Marrok Darkfang, High Admiral Darius Ironforge, High Marshall Alyssia Thunderstorm, High Guardian Blake Lightsheild, and High Ranger Elizabeth Silverwind.

"What issues are facing us currently warriors" Lucius said gesturing to the officials

Darkfang was the first to speak, moving to a small gap in the Spine of the World, there two armies clashed; one a solid wall of formidable men and women, the other a rabble of creatures from the depths of darkness "Your sons' troops have halted the orc advance sir" he watched as the rabble fled to the trees, and was met by mage fire "They have routed the army and killed most of the leadership. All that remains is securing the pass"

Lightsheild spoke next, kneeling in the icy snow of the north western spine "Troubling reports from the Howling Tundra my lord" he gestured to the tiny figures stumbling across the tundra, and the thick fog "The Stonehides report creatures of the undead attempting to claw their way up the mountians' cliff, some even attempting to pass the Ice Gate"she pointed to the fog "I have sent a detachment of Warden to this area" He looked to Lucius "Strong magic is at work he, dark and powerful magic"

"If they find anything, and I mean anything. Deal with it appropriately, should they need the Guardians or Stormguard they shall have it" Lucius said standing

Ironforge spoke next stepping lightly across the waters "The Crystal Sea is proving far more treacherous past the Isle of the Huntress. But out marines have proven stalwart, there are far more island chains for our people to expand"

"No challenge from Ulmo?" Lucius asked. They all knew of the unstable peace between Sargon and Ulmo. Sargon had raised Numenor from the seas, there for shrinking the domain of the God of Water. Her towering mountains shielded much of the land, also diminishing Ulmos' power and influence in the land. Sargon had tried to quell his brothers anger by agreeing that his mortals would not interfere with Ulmos', this however could be contained for only so long.

Ironforge shook his head "No challenge sir, but our ships have spotted strange vessels on the horizons. We do not know my lord"

"Find out" Lucius ordered stepping onto the floor and walking across the map "Silverwind"

"Yes my liege" The Ranger said stepping forward "The forests are quiet upon our side of the Danius River. But rangers report an increase in activity from the north of Faderlan"

Lucius rubbed his chin, most of the issues in activity were stirring in the north. Though he was not worried, the great mountains of the north were almost unnavigable by anyone but the lycans. That is assuming they were able to cross the breadth of the Danius river that flowed out to sea. "Have Seekers sent to the north, watch for anything that may come from the Tainted lands" those lands belonged to the beings of Baraku, and were known well for testing the other mortals.

"Yes my lord" Silverwind spoke

Lucius turned to Marshall Thunderstorm "Have your agents incerase their numbers, and strengthen reports"

"Yes my lord" Thunderstorm replied