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God of Death, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

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a character in “The Gods: The Beginning”, as played by libidinosus


God Name: Mortum
Dord Waltz
Alias: Death
Title: God of Death, Knowledge, and Wisdom
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
God Appearance:
Mortum appears as a beautiful human when among mortals. His smile apears subtle and seems to give the impression of great knowledge. He wears a ring on his right hand which signifies who he is.
Personality: Mortum appears to be simply a carefree and happy god to those who are less observant, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Mortum is quite a complex god considering what he rules over, but there shall still be an attempt made to explain him. Mortum is quite careful when speaking to other beings and is very much capable of destroying others with a few words. He isn't 'good' or 'evil', he simply is. Some could call him good while others could call him evil, it simply depends on perspective. Anyway, back to Mortum. Mortum holds no qualms over killing others when it is necessary and could slaughter millions to get to one simple god. He fears no one, for he'd have to fear death to fear anyone. Mortum does however have his flaws. He tends to favor those who show genius over those who don't and has an obvious apathy towards death.

Mortum has a very fair system for the dead as far as he's concerned. A mortal found worthy to be sent to the domain of a god they worship, at death, can choose to go to the domain of a god who gives them permission to do so. If the mortal is rejected by all gods or simply chooses to be judged my Mortum, the mortal will be judged by Mortum on a simple criteria: what did they do in life and why did they do it.
Mortum is the oldest of the gods, being born as the universe was. He is considered to be the most neutral of the gods. Death is considered horrible while knowledge is considered beautiful. He is hated and loved by most beings. He is indifferent to most pleas for resurrection and tends to simply continue studying.

Enemies: Mortum sees no one as his enemy yet, for no one has decided to fight the god of death himself.
Allies: Mortum trusts the Goddess of Life the most, for Life cannot exist without Death and Death cannot exist without Life.

Opinion of mortals: Mortum sees mortals as the reason for his existence. He would be obsolete without them. They are a constant in the universe, something which never ceases to exist.
interference: Mortum occasionally brings back someone who is dead for a hefty price. To bring someone back to life, you'll need to have someone willing to give their life. This 'deal' is considered to be dangerous and requires a lot of preparation. A mispronunciation when casting the spell could cause you to be brought down into the underworld without anything given in return. It usually isn't worth it, but beings still attempt to bring back their loved ones. After all, who said people want to be brought back? Another drawback is that the person will come back in the body that they died in. If all that is left of their body is a skeleton, you'll have a walking skeleton. Another drawback is that the mortal's soul will have to be in the reach of Mortum's power. Mortum also occasionally helps in judging those who have committed crimes of a very serious degree.

God’s Domain: The domain belonging to Mortum appears to be quite a desolate place at first glance. There are tormented souls as far as the eye can see, extinct creatures killing, and horrors too terrible to describe. Most beings that didn't know what they were looking for would turn back and attempt to leave the place at once. Those who do know where to look should be able to come across the Golden City that houses the worthy dead. The Golden city is a domed city cut off from the rest of the realm. There are the spirits of trees, animals, people, and much more in the city. You'll find art, music, and most things you can think of in this heavenly place. The city is infinitely giant once you step inside. There is a large library in the city if you're interested in that sort of thing. You might also find the soul of a friend who died before, or a lost loved one, but be careful. Any dead soul cannot exit the City once they enter, only those who are living are capable of doing so without assistance from Mortum. No god except for Mortum can pull out a mortal soul from the underworld. A god or necromancer would have to take the soul of a mortal before the mortal is judged by Mortum, but they'd have to get past his Grim Reaper first.

Avatar Name: Letum
Alias: Grim Reaper
Title(s)/Rank: Head Reaper
Real Age: 290
Personality: Letum is a quiet and serious avatar. He tends to not speak at all and simply nod to commands given to him. He shares his patron's apathy towards death. He takes his job of reaping souls very seriously and will attempt to catch any soul which escapes from his grasp, something which rarely happens. Letum prefers using scythes as a tool, and as a weapon if the need to fight arises. If he happens to find the soul of a being which is not to go to the underworld, he'll assist that being in getting to their respective god's domain.
Enemies: Letum has very many enemies, mostly necromancers and those who would dare attempt to bind him.
Allies: Letum has little allies other than the reapers under his command.
Magic Abilities: Letum can sense when a being dies and which being has died. He can also become invisible to mortals who are alive and reap the souls of the dead.If someone were to cast a revealing spell on him, he'd be able to animate dead bodies around him for defense.

Hero(es): Nyx
Rank/Reason: General - Advanced strategical prowess and high intelligence mark the reason for Nyx being the general of the military.
Personality: Nyx is a cold, strict, and fearsome warrior known for her ability to use most weapons efficiently. She has trained in the military and gone to school, majoring in psychology and strategics. She has a fierce demeanor and is feared almost as much as Letum is. She tends to work her soldiers hard and train them to be at their peak during battle. She's normally stationed at the center of Demonia during peacetime. Her preferred weapon is a sword and she can use magic when needed.

Hero(es): Ludus - The Crowned Clown
Rank/Reason: The Avatar's personal Assassin - Ludus is known worldwide for his quite sadistic nature and efficiency during killing, but he is not put in a jail, for he is the Avatar's personal assassin. Should you manage to get past Ludus, you'll be met face to face with Letum himself. Then again, Ludus is quite a skilled and nimble assassin, so you'd be lucky to catch him at the least.
Personality: Ludus, The Crowned Clown, is quite a strange 'hero' indeed. Some call him a monster for what he does, but what does he care? He kills not for survival, but simply for the pleasure of hunting. He does however, refrain from killing those not assigned to him unless they prove a danger to his civilization or himself. Should you catch Ludus outside of work, you'll find that he's actually quite pleasant to be around.
Noticeable Traits He wears a mask covering his eyes and a costume which goes along with it. This suit is not simply for aesthetic purposes, it serves a different one. The suit itself is alive, and strangely bonded with Ludus. Ludus and the suit are one being with two minds, it is nearly impossible to remove the suit from Ludus and Ludus from the suit. Should you manage to do so, you shouldn't turn your back on the suit or you'll soon find it back on its host. The suit itself originates from Ludus's right hand. Should the suit not be in use, it shall return to being the white hand of Ludus. As for the special properties of the suit, it's a shape-shifting mass capable of carrying out actions on its own. Ranged warriors would be preferred when fighting Ludus, especially those which shoot flame-based projectiles. Flames are capable of making the suit retreat to being the hand of Ludus and forcing Ludus to fight without it, but be careful, you never know what tricks a Clown has up his sleeves.

Ludus does however, have very little magical energy, a side effect of the suit. The suit eats up magical energy as sustenance, which is the sole reason it is alive.

Terrain Preference: You'll most likely find Death's people in the mountains near the north.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Petre
Capital: Cantus (Large city located under the mountains. Made inside of caverns and full of pathways leading to the other cities. Contains an entrance to the underworld guarded highly. Mining operations are held in the city and factories built for processing minerals. Most of the citizens live here.)
Major Cities:
Demonia (Medium-sized city holding three fourths of the military. Whole city is considered a barracks. Magicians, undead soldiers, and living soldiers are trained here. Considered to be one of the most(if not the most) fortified city in the universe.

Magnus (Medium-sized city holding almost all of the scholarly knowledge. A fourth of the city is dedicated to the Petrian Library. The library itself appears to expand when you walk inside and it seems to hold infinite knowledge. The library is enchanted so that it will lead the people who walk into towards the books regarding the information they're looking for. The books checked out return to the library magically after their due date. The library does not however, contain any compromising knowledge or secrets that are not known. It only contains the information that Mortum seems safe for sharing. Another fourth of the city is dedicated to schooling and offers one of the best educations possible. Every known subject is taught and it is encouraged to experiment for yourself.)

The people of Petre are a knowledgeable and philosophical folk. You'll rarely see two people physically fighting, you'll instead see them arguing over views. Speaking your mind is encouraged in the empire, but you should expect people to come to and attempt to change your view. The people here are surprisingly not that unfriendly, but they do tend to keep to themselves. The languages here are quite archaic and tend to confuse newcomers. People speak of the library quite frequently and you'll most likely see a lot of people reading. The people here do not fear death. They instead welcome it and hold a celebration called the "Day of the Dead" where the dead are honored and their souls are allowed to walk freely in the city. This day is a day when the reapers are on their guard to watch out for necromancers who would steal souls. Anyone caught attempting to steal someone's soul will have their soul ripped out of their body and sent to Mortum himself. As for their opinion on the gods, they have temples made for the gods they worship. Of course, Mortum has the largest, but that's beside the point. The other gods which are worshiped in the Petre empire are Ulmo, Kaira, Caelum, Braun, Sargon, Strach, and Niueis.

Their economy flourishes due to having a great location to mine minerals. The workers in the main city are simply animated corpses, the corpses only doing repetitive actions. The corpses doing this allows for the living citizens to do what they want and need to do.

The Petrian people are a part of a simple government. The people choose members for the council, the judges, and other important jobs. There is however a requirement for any high level occupation in politics. You must have an education, even a basic one will do, but you must have an education. The higher your education, the more chances there are of the people choosing you for the job your opting for. The Avatar has a fixed position in the council as the head member. There are four other members besides the Avatar which are chosen from the public. From those four stem more occupations: assistants, treasurers, ect ect. The military force, surprisingly, is controlled by general Nyx.


If you haven't figured out the way Mortum resurrects beings, i'll explain. He grabs their soul if it is accessible to him and puts it back into their body. Their body will still be in the same condition it was before it had the soul put back in it, but it will still be usable. If someone would wish to repair the body, it would take quite a bit of healing magic. He can stick their souls into objects other than bodies, but usually bodies work better.

Relationships with the other nations:

Dovakiri Civilization - Strach's worshippers:
The Petre people share their love of knowledge and wisdom very much with the Dovakiri people, seeing as magic and knowledge are closely related. The complex rune system is a testament to the knowledge both nations hold. This rune system is in layman's terms, a portal of sorts which links both civilizations' libraries together.

This portal is a reason for their politically positive relationship. Should someone from the Petre civilization wish to visit someone from the Dovakiri, they'd simply need to pass through the gargantuan portal. There are of course, guards near the portal in case someone should wish to destroy it, but the portal is otherwise free to use. Should other portals be planned, they would be made with meticulous care and planning, as to not cause parts of both civilizations to be destroyed.

So begins...

Mortum's Story


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Dark, that was all he could remember at his birth some time ago. The dark was quiet and comforting, but it had lacked something. It had lacked life. There had been nothing for the god of Death to watch over, there had been no reason for him to even exist. Would he have faded away had there been no life to enter the world other than himself? Probably not, but it would have been boring.

Mortum's birth itself wasn't a particularly spectacular thing. No mountains shook, no oceans formed, nothing physically changed. There was however, something that marked the birth of Mortum. It was a feeling, one that would have caused paranoia in mortals had any been around to feel it. This feeling brought the gift of death to the world, the ability to die.

Mortum had, strangely, been born with clothes on his body. He had been born with quite a bit of knowledge, knowledge concerning who he was and why he was there. The god of Death however, had been very young and had little control over his power. The ground wilted where he had walked and would never hold life again, but that was in the past now.

Some time later

Time had passed since the birth of the young god and wisdom was brought with it. The god learned to restrain himself and simply wandered the strange planet he was on, no longer leaving cursed ground in his wake. Mortum had come accross strange creatures in his travels, creatures which seemed to hunt or be hunted. Mortum had watched a fierce animal take down a weak animal, he had watched the life drain out of the weaker animal and its soul leave the restrictions of a body. This was death, Mortum could tell that without even having to think about it. What had happened seem so obvious to him, but his acquiring of this knowledge didn't nor did the acquiring of his other knowledge.

The soul of the weaker animal appeared lost when it left its body, for it did not know what to do. Mortum did not know if all beings were like this at death, but he decided to fix the situation. He walked up to the soul calmly and put his hand on its ethereal body. It took him a second to decide what to do, which ended up being to send the dead soul to where it was meant to go. The soul had gone to its resting place, wherever that may have been.

A few minutes passed and Mortum finally noticed that the hunting animal had finally left. It hadn't seen nor sensed him, for he had decided it to be so.

He decided that he couldn't collect the souls of every dead being and decided to create a new creature, one in his own image. From this need stemmed a creature of death: a reaper. He made two reapers, one male and one female. They had black auras, sentience, knowledge, wisdom, and power. They wore hooded robes and had an invisibility to those who were not dead nor godly. Their presence could however, be discerned with a spell of revealance, but that information is for a later time. The two held scythes, each capable of sending souls to their destined places when in the hands of a reaper or animating the bodies of the dead if need arises.

"Libitina," He pointed towards the female, naming her and giving her an identity. "Letum," He pointed to the male, the one which would later become his Avatar. "You are the creations of I, the God Of Death, Knowledge, and Wisdom." He paused for a second, "My name is Mortum and you are the first reapers." They already knew what reapers were, for they had been born with the knowledge of their reason for being. "Now go, do your duties and send the souls of the dead to their final resting place." Mortum sent them away.

Perhaps he would fine similar to him or perhaps he wouldn't, it mattered not. It only mattered that he continued walking until he met something.


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The Trinity

She wasn't exactly how long she had been in existence or how long she had been laying on the ground with her eyes closed. What was she feeling? What was feeling? The entire left side of her body was pleasantly warm and comfortable, while her right was chilly and near-numb. She slowly opened her eyes, her left instantly being blinded by a stream of light shooting at her. She winced, attempting to block the intense gleam. After several moments, her eye adjusted to the brilliance and she was able to see the world around her.

She slowly sat up and looked around, taking in her new environment. The sky above her was bright and illuminated by a brilliant sun. It's rays pleased her flesh where it touched, as if it was placing warm kisses on her skin. However, her right side was enveloped by a large mysterious shadow, which was cool as it caressed her. She stared up and in that moment she realized that the light and the dark were separate. . . yet at the same time they were the same. The light cut through the dark, yet the dark still swirled and crept, undeterred.

'There must be more.' She thought and she slowly stood up, adjusting to using to the use of her legs. At first she was unstable and wobbly, but it wasn't long before she got the hang of it. She turned to the shadows and squinted her eyes, peering at the outline of a figure in the darkness. She reached in and touched something. It was soft and warm, feeling somewhat familiar to the being. She wrapped her fingers around a slim part of the object and slowly drew it from the shadows and into the welcoming light. It was someone like her.

She stepped into the radiance of the sun, confused and caught off guard by the harsh rays. She hissed, struggling against the being that brought her into this strange and unfamiliar place. "It's alright." The first one said, soothingly, words forming in her mouth. It felt strange, using her throat in order to produce such sounds. She looked down at the dark one, observing her intently. Despite their contrasting colors, they seemed to have similar shapes and bodies. "Who are you?" The dark one asked, looking at the first suspiciously. The first opened her mouth to answer, but closed it again. Who was she? And who was the dark one? What was the dark one? What was she? Suddenly, the answer came to her. "I am a woman." The dark one perked up, processing the first's words. "I am a woman as well?" The first smiled and nodded. "I believe so, Sister." The word jumped off her tongue suddenly, but it felt right. "Sister?" The dark one questioned. She smirked. "I like how that sounds. We are sisters."

The first smiled again before turning towards the light and realizing, "There must be another." She reached up into the light and cupped her hands, allowing golden light to spill into them. She brought it back, the substance sending tingling sensations though out her hands. It was a good feeling, though albeit odd. She poured the light onto the ground where it bubbled and grew and shimmered, quickly taking a form. She was a woman, or at least resembled one. She had the same curves and shapes as the first two, but it was different. She seemed younger. Fresher. Tighter. She blinked slowly, innocent blue eyes staring up at the dark one and the first. Strands of gold framed her face and spilled over her shoulders. "Hello." She greeted, a large smile forming on her face. "Where am I? Who are you? Who am I? Why are we here?" She popped off the floor, taking little time to get used to her legs. She almost fell down again, but she paid it little mind. She grinned as she looked towards the light where she came. "Oh how beautiful!" She exclaimed and turned around and wrapped her arms around the first two and squeezed tight, forcing them into close proximity. "This will be so much fun! Oh what is fun? It sounds very enjoyable!" The dark one grumbled, her cheek pressed against the light one's breast. "May we send her back?"

The first one grinned as she looked at her two new sisters. They were incredibly different and she felt that was good. They would balance each other. Hmmm. . . Balance. Yes. She believed she liked that. "Come, Sisters." She said, escaping the light one's constricting embrace, but grabbing her hand. "Let us go. There must be more to see and more to do." The sisters danced and frolicked through the new world, seeing what it had to offer. It was only a matter of time before they came upon another being similar to themselves.

It was pale and had yellow hair like the light one, but it was different in form and shape. The sisters hid behind a tree and watched it from afar. "What is that?" "Why is it's skin so baggy? The first narrowed her eyes. "I don't believe that's it's skin." Her eyes ran over the thing's body. It lacked the same curves that they had and appeared to be taller. Also, it's torso and legs seemed to be covered by some strange material that clearly none the sisters had. "I like it. It's cute. Perhaps we could rub it's belly." "It might hurt you, don't be a fool." The first looked back at them and then at the creature again. "Let us try to get it's attention. It might be friendly."

The first stepped out from their cover, soon followed by the light one and lastly by a hesitant (and unhappy) dark one. "Greetings." She said with a friendly smile. She wasn't sure if the creature could understand her, but it was still worth a try. "We are women. Who are you?"


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Mortum had stopped wandering a while ago and had simply decided to sit in an empty field, one that was admittedly not empty. It was lacking in diversity from the rest of the world, but it wasn't empty. It had a bit of life in it; mostly grass, trees, and a few bushes with fruit in them. The few bushes were his creations. The fruit on the bushes were small and purple in shape, yet they still held quite a bit of juice in them. The fruit tasted differently to all who ate it. You would never taste the same flavor in this fruit twice.

Enough of the fruit for now. Mortum had noticed beings with souls in his proximity quite a while ago, but he had feigned not being aware of their presence. The knowledge concerning where their souls were at was his, for he was the god of death. If they had made an effort to hide themselves through their power, he would have been oblivious to their presence, yet they hadn't done so.

Mortum pivoted on his heel and faced the three beings approaching him. He had an amused smile on his face, one that seemed to radiate an aura of knowing. "Who am I?" Mortum decided to answer that and more. "My name is Mortum. As for what I am: I am the God of Death, Knowledge, and Wisdom." Mortum had figured out that much about himself throughout the time that he had been alive.

He paused for a bit, then continued speaking, "Now it is my turn to ask you a question." Mortum gave the three a bit of time to prepare themselves for a question, " Who and what are you?" He had a million other questions to ask, but he decided to to wait a bit for those to be answered. He didn't after all, want to overwhelm the young deities in front of him. At least, he was assuming they were deities, for he nor Ragon had created them to his knowledge.


The wind had been blowing quite recklessly and without consequence before the God of The Sky and Wind was born, for there was no being to control it, to pacify it, or to lord over it. The Sky needed someone to control it, and from this need was born the god.

In a sphere of wind was the God of The Sky and Wind, the capricious and dangerous god who rarely touched the ground. He was born hovering in the sky with no visible clothing, a problem which was quickly fixed by the god. The god, named Caelum, had woven a piece of the wind into blue clothing for himself to wear for reasons unknown to him. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Then again, there really was no reason for him to have made himself reason at that moment, for he hadn't stayed very long in his mortal body. He had become a breeze a few minutes after his birth and begun moving downwards, calming the sky as he went through it. Any being watching would have simply seen the sky begin to stop acting dangerously and seem to calm down.

The sky was no longer covered in clouds, it was no longer raining, and there were little to no storms around Caelum. Yet there was still what appeared to be a strong breeze going throughout the land, a breeze that appeared to have a sentience of its own, this breeze Caelum. He was as free from restrictions as the wind, and he was determined to fly with his new freedom. He no goal in mind except to simply fly, to fly, fly, and fly.


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The Trinity

The being turned to face them and it's lips turned upward into an amused smile. It introduced itself as Mortum, the God of Death, Knowledge, and Wisdom. 'A God?' Thought the first. What was that? Regardless, she knew that she liked it's presence. It felt older than them, older than the creatures around them, and even older than the entire world that they were living in. That meant that it had answers. Apparently, Mortum also had questions and posed a very important one.

Who were they? And what were they?
The first pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes, thinking over the query. Suddenly, the information came to her mind and forced it's way out of her mouth. "I am Amara, Goddess of Balance." Her eyes widened as she slowly put her fingertips to her lips. Amara. The word felt strange, but familiar. It belonged to her. It felt right. She looked back to her sisters and judging from their bewildered looks, they had experienced a similar epiphany. "I am Hellia." The youngest goddess giggled, skipping towards the death god and proceeding to dance around him, laughing a laugh that sounded like the jingling of bells and singing of birds. "That is my name and I came from the light!"

The dark one had a sharp smirk sheathed on her lips as she slowly took several steps towards Mortum. "I am Noctre. I was birthed by the darkness." Noctre seemed pleased, a strange sight, with her new name. She purred as stalked towards Hellia and Mortum, eventually joining her sister in the dance encircling him. "We have names now!" Hellia exclaimed, playfully caressing Mortum's shoulder, slowly feeling the fabric covering his skin. She ceased her dancing and pinched the material and tugged it, looking to the god. "What is this? Why do we not have this over our skin?" Noctre chuckled darkly as she rubbed herself against his arm. "Why do you care, Sister? I am curious to see the rest of his body. To view the flesh hidden from my sight." She smirked again, sneaking her hand up the front of his shirt and unhurriedly feeling the muscle underneath.

Amara smiled and shook her head at her siblings. "Mortum?" She called. "Have you been in this world long? Are there any sights you'd care to show us?" She took several steps towards him and her sisters, who resumed dancing around the wise god, singing and loudly laughing with joy. Dark and light, dancing in harmony. Amara's smile grew. Balance was truly their domain.


"Come on! Come on! Look! They're all just lined up for us!" Espiri cackled with glee as he handed large, juicy yellow fruits to the several beings he created shortly after his birth. He decided that they'd be called spirits and they'd be like him. . . A blast of fun!

His body was bare and exposed, except for the turtle shell helmet he had recently crafted. He had a large childish smile on his face, exposing all of his pearly white teeth to his spirit subjects. They took a variety of forms, some appearing as large yellow-colored rabbits and others as silver wisps of wind. They lined up like soldiers, awaiting orders from their creator.

"Alright men!" He shouted, pacing down the line of his children. "The targets are on the sandy place next to the water." He turned on his hill and walked back up. "They are not expecting us, but once we make our move, they will be merciless. Most of you will not survive." Several of the spirits looked nervously at each other. Espiri smiled smugly and threw a fruit into the air, catching it and taking a bite.

"Mira!" He called and a spirit stepped forward. "Yes?" Espiri marched and stared at her intently. She had been his first and he had to say that he was proud of his work. He had crafted her from a dying tree, a dark cloud, and the corpse of a giant bird. "Prepare to attack." She smiled grimly and nodded, flapping her large wings and taking off into the sky.

The Seducer smiled at this and looked to his men. "Get ready for a war of fruit and juice!" They cheered loudly and rushed to take positions, some flying into the air, others hiding on land near the group of divine beings on the beach. Espiri took in a deep breath and when he exhaled, large blue wings sprouted from his shoulder blades and he took off into the air. He watched the gods below him and grinned. "ATTAAAAAACK!"

At his call, his spirits sprang from their positions and pelted their targets with the fruits.


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Mortum's smile grew when Amara introduced herself as the goddess of Balance. He did feel slightly sorry for her, seeing as Balance was a tricky and harsh domain. His question however, had been partially answered before she even spoke her answer. Of course she was a goddess, but what he hadn't known was what she was a goddess of. The confused looks on the other goddesses, at least he assumed they were deities, reassurred his suspicion that they were of divine origin.

Helia, as her name was revealed to be, seemed to be the more benevolent of the three. Mortum would enjoy seeing how the trials life threw at the young goddess would affect her, but he decided to keep this source of amusement a secret for now. Noctre however, seemed to be the most dangerous of the three, not for her birth from darkness, but from the way she seemed to be. Perhaps it was simply paranoia or perhaps it was a founded suspicion, but the God Of Death didn't care. He wasn't here to condescende others.

Mortum's attention was brough back to the situation when Hellia mentioned the strange material he had over his body. He didn't really know why he had it, except for some sort of attachment he had to his clothes. It wasn't humbility that kept his clothes on him, he could care less of who saw him. He was once again, brought back to the situation, this time by Noctre sneaking her hand to his chest. He by no means had the body of a brute. He had the body of a swimmer, yet he had not swam since his birth. He was, if you had to label his body: lean and muscular, but not overly so. You would not see bulging tons of muscle.

"The material I have over me is called clothing, although there is no real reason to wear it other than..." He would have continued, but his name was called by Amara. "Death is forever as is knowledge and wisdom. The universe shall die, as shall all." He was going to go on a long and boring speech, but stopped himself before he ended up wasting the day, "To answer your first question, I've been here for quite a while. But this isn't the first time I've been conscious. I had been conscious even when I wasn't truly alive." He paused for a second, "To answer your second: I could show you life." Mortum chuckled for a few seconds at the irony of this. The god of Death showing life to others seemed funny.

Mortum materialized a pencil, and began drawing a carefully measured creature in the air. The creature seemed two-dimensional at first, but it gained life when Mortum whispered into it. The creature was spherical, had wings, and had a tail. It was a simple creation, one that required little to no effort on Mortum's part. "I could show you something else if you'd like," He paused, "But I'd very much like to see how you create life." This was an honest statement. He was the god of knowledge, it was obvious that he'd like to study quite a bit of things. Although life was one of the things he most enjoyed studying, and seeing the life of another deity would give him more to study. Speaking of creatures, the little winged creature had perched itself on Mortum's shoulder.

"Before you create life however, be aware that mortals tend to have wills of their own and are usually uncontrollable by gods." This was his first bit of advice to the young godesses, yet it most certainly would not be his last. Wisdom was under his domain and wisdom was a gift he would give when it was needed.


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Time had passed. How much time, Ulmo did not truly know. Time didn't really seem to matter to him as he worked to fill the Sea with life to match and even, in his view, surpass the life he had seen on dry land. The Beast-God, Ragon, had been particularly helpful in creating the predators that inhabited his real. It was fitting, in his view, to have fierce beasts to live beneath the Sea. They kept the numbers of the smaller creatures in check and the supply of prey kept their own numbers in check. Balance.

Of course, the world had many secrets that even he did not know of. There was the realm connected to the physical realm. The physical realm was the realm of mortals. What this word meant, he did not yet know, but he envisioned beings unable to change the world by their own will, but still shape great things with their bare hands. That was what he imagined. The mortal realm was stagnant. It stayed the way it was long after the gods were finished, but in the Realm of the Gods, only will mattered. Ulmo could shape anything simply by willing it, but he needed to maintain it with a portion of his attention, always, something he was finding easier and easier to do as time went on.

He had shared his discovery with the others, of course. They each claimed their own portion as the Realm of infinite, but together, they had created their own meeting place, The Hall of the Gods It was a magnificent place and in its center sat their thrones. Ulmo himself had carved a throne of silver and blue and white marbel, covering it with flora from the Sea which could live on dry land. That was not where they were meeting, though. Rather, in celebation of their efforts, the Gods had gathered together to celebrate with a feast. In a great feasting hall, the gods gathered to celebrate their works and Ulmo sat in his place of honor with a proud smile.

"Our labors are almost at an end, my bretheren. Let us feast, drink, and be merry," he announced, surveying the faces of the gods who had gathered together to celebrate.


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Time was a strange concept, one that seemed to be rather confusing. Time was, from he learned, relative. He had used a numerical system and the location of the sun to keep time. Eventually, this time-keeping system evolved and was put to use by Mortum. He had managed to make a schedule of sorts and organize what he would do, instead of simply doing things whenever he wanted to. Mortum was no longer inefficient.

Mortum had spent much of his time studying and gaining knowledge, for ignorance was considered a heretic act to him. He would not fumble around as an idiot god. No, he would meticulously plan things out. An example of his planning would be death. The gift of death had been put in place to keep beings in check, to keep a balance, and to give beings rest. Should a being cause chaos, others could bring justice to it and its terror. Mortals would not have to rely on the deities to solve their problems. Should a being cause trouble to a deity, that deity could destroy that being. Should a being not have the strength to kill another however, they could destroy themselves and be free.

The most interesting discovery however, was that of the realm away from the physical realm. The realm where Mortum's power was at its strongest, the realm where he could ignore the laws of physics. He had used this discovery to his advantage and moved the resting place of souls that came to him to his part of this realm. He had created beings in that realm as well. He had created more Reapers to follow under Letum. The second Reaper to be created, now named Lilith, had defected from Mortum and followed her own path, but that is a story for a later time. His throne in the hall was one made of gold and ruby. It was absolutely symmetrical on both sides if cut down the middle. It wasn't too dense nor not dense enough, it wasn't too heavy nor to lightweight, it was perfect.

Yet he was not sitting on his throne. He was, instead, sitting in the feasting hall of the gods. To be more precise, he was sitting at the end of a table, with wine made from his berries and a strange sort of food. He smiled at what his brother, Ulmo, had said. Mortum, most of all, understood that their labors were not to end so easily. There would always be a job for the gods to do. Otherwise they would be obsolete and simply fade away.

"We may end up being enemies later on, but lets us put aside our differences and simply enjoy ourselves." He said this with a flamboyant tone. He would try to withhold disputing matters of age with Ragon, assuming that the Primordial god was at the feast. Mortum intended to make or strengthen alliances, not destroy them. He may be a god but he is no fool. Not even the god of Death can take on multiple gods in a fight.


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"The Feast"

Here he was in the Hall of the Immortals, having asked to partake in food and drink. Form the time he met Caelum and Cynn, he has been rather estranged from the Gods. For the most time Baraku has been testing his power. Ever since he first discovered it, he has been anxious to learn more from it. So far he knows he controls the storms over the Realm of Man. A mighty power indeed. Not only that, he can use aspects of the storm. Such as the blinding light and ferocious energy of the lightning bolt. The large, booming sound of thunder. The falling water from the clouds, known as rain. Yet there was more to it.

Not only had he power over storms, but something more dangerous as well. He has forced the winds to move so fiercely they've taken away whole trees and structures. Tornadoes. Like his sister, he has been able to part the earth, albeit it was way too destructive. An Earthquake. Apparently he can control some rather disastrous forces. Therefor a God of Disaster. While pleased over his powers, something just felt empty within him. While he has aware of his growing powers, the times have been left to him, rather lonely.

He has hardly spoken with any of the other Gods. Though some seemed upset over his destruction. He never meant to hurt anyone, he didn't even know the extent of what he could do. Some how he felt a bit excluded from the others. Any other times he's spoken with them, it's been short, simple conversations. So far he has given any of the Gods, real reasons to hate or fear him. Though some may be wary. He's just been finding his way into the world. So far he has been coming closer to that goal. So far he has found a beautiful realm to call his home. Reminiscent of his first days, the place was green and filled with waterfalls. It was as close to a paradise as he could surmise. Yet in this peaceful realm he has made grand structures. Places of meditation and training. He so did enjoy training.

Yet the Storm God has yet to create a race. He felt a bit behind his brothers and sisters. Feeling he may have been too idle. Even thinking of the subject, Baraku gains the strange feeling that something more is behind his thoughts. Neither he nor any of the other gods have seen the demon within him. Yet The Storm God feels a gnawing presence in the back of his mind. Something trying desperately to direct him in some way. Baraku has yet to tap into this. So far he sat at the table, minding his own business. There was food, and he ate, though not with the same voraciousness as Braun. Instead he ate more delicately, yet not without vigor of his own. He quickly chewed and softly swallowed. He decided to remain, viewing the other Gods. Seeing more of the kind of people they are. Something Baraku has some interest.


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Ulmo frowned slightly, noticing Tywin slip away into a room after Sargon and Kaira. He felt for Saragon. To have your creations attempt to wipe out one another was a feeling he could not even begin to comprehend. The Merpeople which he and Niueis created lived in harmony with the Sea. True, they were small in number, but they were long-lived and their cities were something to behold. However, now he decided to check on a creation that each and every god had a hand in.

He left the feasting hall and entered the Throne Room. There, he found a pool of water that allowed the gods to view the Mortal Realm. On land, the gods had created the apex of their creations: Mortal Men. They had each put a part of themselves in these creatures, crafting them in the image of most of the gods save Karkothi and Strach. What Ulmo saw, however, did not please him. The world was in turmoil and there were new gods among them!


"Good, Cain. Very good. You have wrested control of your tribe from your brother. You have proven your strength and power," Nex announced, dressed in black, red, and golden armor. Before him, the human inhabitants of the desert bowed to him with his chosen the only one standing. Cain glared at him from behind his hood.

"I had to kill half my tribe on my own, including my own brother. You forbade my supporters from helping me. You refused to help me yourself! Why?!" he hissed. Nex glared at his chosen and had half a mind to smack him before chuckling. He allowed himself to laugh for a full minute until his chosen interrupted him.

"Answer me!"

"You would do well to remember that a god does not take orders from his follower," Nex told him coldly, causing a little fear to run down Cain's spine. He continued, "I gave you a portion of my own power. I wanted to see if it was a good investment. You did not disappoint. Not at all. I will be the God of Men and you will be their King."


Ulmo reached out with his mind, to every deity, known or unknown. He was furious.

"What is the meaning of this! We agreed to leave mortal men alone!"


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Braun said softly, testing the name and measuring it's worth. Valiance would be courage and might, pride and selflessness but above all it would be a hope for a greater man even than Braun. Braun could not help but smile and reach out a hand to his infant son. The baby stretched out his tiny hand and gripped the finger of his father. Braun let loose a hearty laugh as proud tears welled up in his happy eyes.

"Boy's got a grip!"

He said as he reached out and lifted his son who cooed and giggled excitedly. Braun cradled the boy in his massive arms, swelling with the muscles with enough might to tear this world asunder or bring it together. Here in the moment Braun held a title greater than any. Greater than the God of Strength, Greater than the God of Conquest or even than Brotherhood for now he was a father with all the responsibilities and joy that brought with it. Something changed in Braun in that moment, holding his son. He could see the boy's potential for greatness, the promise he held in his future. Braun would do everything he could to help his son find that future. A future so bright it would shine out all others like the sun.

The baby let loose a tiny and admittedly adorable growl as he bit down on Braun's knuckle.

"This one's a fighter Ai."

He said with a deep, rolling chuckled as he allowed his boy to chew on his finger. It was then the whimper from his daughter caught Bran's attention. She looked up at her father in wanting. Braun smiled warmly and knelt beside mother and child. Valiance squirmed in his arms fighting for freedom as if the infant could run off already which only made his parents smile yet Nigriv was silent, and only barely moved yet her wide curious eyes watched all. She was the gentle one, the quiet one, the precious one.

"Greet thy sister son."

Braun said as he rocked Valiance gently whose daring gaze finally looked down at his smaller sister. Valiance reached out his tiny, chunky little hands and swung at his sisters, pawing at her begging for a fight. Nigriv whimpered and nuzzled deeper into her mother's breast while Braun pulled Valiance back gently. The God of Strength took a knee allowing Valiance and Nigriv to look at each other while in their parents arms.

"You cannot strike thy sister son. She is yours to protect and shield from any and all harm. You are her brother, she will need your strength and you must give it to her readily. Her enemies are your enemies, her pains are your pains. A man must protect his family."

Braun's words were oddly wise yet coming from a place of such warmth and belief it was fitting. It was in moments like this that the intelligence of the Strength God was on full display. He may not have been the great thinker of the likes of Mortum or Sargon yet his was a wisdom to value for he saw the truth in things. He knew what was to be cherished and what was to be defended.

Valiance gurgled out a bubble of spit that popped before he reached out a hand again to his sister. This time Braun slowly brought him closer and his infant son gently patted the head of his sister, lovingly. Braun looked up to Ai with a smile of pride.


Tywin turned and stared at Anwen in obvious shock. She agreed with him, no one ever agreed with him. Was she different? different from the others? This one showed a wisdom and intelligence light years beyond the rest of his kin for she was not wrapped up in her own self grandiose that she could not see the logical solution that sat right before her.

"Hear the wisdom of the youngest of us..."

Tywin said respectfully to Anwen but for all to hear. He turned slowly and locked his gaze with Kaira and Sargon.

"She sees what must be done for she sees into the truth of his desires through his dreams."

Tywin took a daring step towards the lovers, his rage boiling just below the surface as the wickedness of Kaira's suggestion sparked his fury.

"I wonder though... What justice is there in having the wolf pursue him over me? Me? He who is The Law, He who is Order, who is Justice itself."

Twyin clenched his fist as the anger at being treated in such a way burned him from within.

"By what right?..."

Tywin growled viciously his hatred for Kaira was seething as he neared her.

"By what right do you put the wolf above me in my own realm? You do not replace Braun for Ulmo when the tides must come in. You do not replace Nuri for Mortum when there are souls to reap. Nay but you think to replace me? Who are you to judge me and pass sentence?"

Images flashed in Tywin mind of him drawing his sword and letting her blood coat the walls yet he suppressed his urge and merely came to a stop but a pace away, dangerously glaring at her.

"Loyalty is your realm and you are loyal aren't you? The obedient she wolf...."

His gaze flicked to Sargon and almost laughed at the canine fool before his eyes went back to Kaira.

"Yet Loyalty is not Justice. Stand beside your bed mate if you will but do not think to know more of justice than I."

Tywin's jaw clenched. He hated her, he hated them all to a point. The hypocrisy of them. There were times he wished he was more like Braun, the blissful idiot. He wished he could love them, he wished he could understand them. A part of him considered seeking Braun out when this was done, a small part.

"This council is a joke."

Tywin spat in hatred before storming out of the hall wishing for the damnation of all he left behind.


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The Age of Avatars and Mortals

In which Avatars are chosen by the Gods to represent them to the mortal races and guide their followers' kingdoms.

Nex and Cain's punishment for their transgression was lenient, given the circumstances. As selfish and arrogant as the god was, Nex had revealed a new innovation which could be used by the gods to guide and protect their mortal followers without worrying about the threat of destruction inherent in the divinities directly interfering with mortals: the Avatar. The Avatar was an unique being: not quite divine, but not quite mortal either. He or she was connected to their patron deity in a way no mortal could hope to comprehend, gifted with divine power, knowledge, and wisdom. The Avatars were the few mortals who could travel to the Realm of the Gods at will. This innovation went far beyond what Nex had originally envisioned. The Avatar was not just a tool for a deity to enforce his or her will upon their followers, he or she was their advocate. Through them, the gods learned more about their own creations.

Thus, Nex and Cain were sentenced to a slumber that lasted until every deity had chosen his or her own Avatar or chose not to select one. Nex's followers, however, did not forget their god or their semi-divine leader. Nex's teachings were remembered and spread throughout the humans who made their home in the Shifting Desert. Thus, when Cain returned and proved his claim of kingship and identity as the Avatar of Nex by conquering the Qarthian Tribes.

The Gods were not untouched by Time, however. Despite mortal perceptions of the agelessness of the gods, the deities knew times of great joy and great. The birth of Nigriv and Valiance were occasions of great joy for the gods, but the death and fading away of their siblings took its toll. Tywin's death in particular was a shock to the gods. He had seemed so strong, but his mental state was unstable. Braun himself had taken charge of Tywin's funeral and like all the acts of the God of Strength and Brotherhood, it was immortalized in song both in the Realm of the Gods and in the Realm of Men.


Atalantae... Truly, in Caspian's opinion, it was the greatest city in the world. It lacked the famous Academy at Icharus, it was nowhere near as opulent as Gela, and the dour grimness of Jukta, but it remained the largest and greatest of the cities of the Avuvians. Only the walls of Jukta rivaled the great concentric fortifications of Atalantae. Though all Avuvian cities were trade hubs, no other city had the sheer quantity and quality of goods pouring into it as Atalantae. Today, only he remembered its humble beginnings.

He was born a fisherman like his father and his father before him all the way back to the time Ulmo first made himself known to the mortal men who were drawn to the Sea. Today, his 16th birthday, was the day he would finally be allowed to take his father's ship out to Sea on his own.

"Son, please be careful," his mother warned him worriedly, "Remember the first thing Lord Ulmo revealed to us: Neither the Sea's nor his moods are fixed. The Sea can turn violent when you least expect it."

"Do not worry, Mother. I will be fine," he told her in a placating tone, the type that young men used when they wanted their parents reminded them of a piece of wisdom that they had heard countless times before. His mother sighed even as his father spoke, placing a big, callused hand on his shoulder.

"Do not sail beyond sight of land, Caspian. You do not know what it is to be on the open Sea."

"I won't. I promise," he told them.

Of course, he did not keep his promise. The wind was behind his back and the Sea air was in his lungs. The Sun was shining without a cloud ins sight. He cast his nets in the shallows, but found nothing. So, he sailed further and further, recasting his nets as he did so until, finally, he was indeed out of sight from land and had nothing to show for it. He grimaced and cursed and did not notice how the sky darkened as the day went on until, finally, it was as though the sky was thrust open as water poured from above and the waves shook and crashed against his vessel. He plunged put all his strength into maintaining course with his rudder, desperately sailing back to whence he came. Lightning flashed and he cursed at Ulmo.

"Damn you, I will not die like this! I'm going home and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" he roared. Almost in answer, a great wave crashed against his boat and he cried out in fear. He tried to drain his vessel with a bucket, but failed. His boat fell apart and he sank into the abyss.

It was beautiful he had noticed, in a grim sort of way. Despite his pride, he prayed to Ulmo to care for his parents and that they would somehow know that he was sorry for disobeying them. In that instant, he water around him seemed to glow in an ethereal blue and silver light. "Am I dead?" he asked himself. His lungs no longer burned from the salt water filling them. Then, he saw him. He was like a man, but more than a man. His hair was an unnatural blue color and his blue and silver robe did not seem wet, though they were both submerged in the Sea. In fact, he did not seem to be swimming at all. He just moved, as though he was simply willing it.

"You are a proud young man," the man said and his words seemed to acho around him, like the song of a whale and it was then Caspian recognized him, his eyes daring to the trident he carried.

"Are you here to lead me to the Land of the Dead, Lord Ulmo. Or are you here to punish me?" he asked, trying to conceal his fear. The god simply smiled.

"Neither. Normally, I do not rescue foolish boys who chose to test the Sea, but I see something special in you. You have a hidden strength beyond most mortals," the god told him. Then, Ulmo approached him and pressed their foreheads together as light shined around them and Caspian almost screamed at the multitude of sensations he felt. He felt far older than his 16 years and far more powerful. He gasped as Ulmo pulled away.

"We are bonded forever," the Sea God told him, "Come. Return to our people. You are my gift to them, my Avatar."

Without knowing how he was able to, Caspian willed the water around him to propel him forward. Caspian smiled and laughed in euphoria, not questioning what this meant, simply reveling in it. He almost didn't here Ulmo's words in his mind.

"Good luck, Caspian."

The Avatar of Ulmo smiled from his place in the highest part of Atalante at the top of the highest tower of the Citadel. He had not known what it meant then, but he did not regret it now, even as he mourned the friends and family he watched grow old and die. He knew better than most that death wasn't the end.


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The pass of Kal'Thundgar, one of eight mountain passes to the north of Numenor, cutting through the towering and impassible Spine of the World. It was the narrower of the eight, and only allowed for small columns to navigate its treacherous paths. Long had each pass been protected by the Frostback clan (center armor) a clan of rugged and hardy lycans who had sworn an oath to protect the mountains of the north from invaders. Such an oath as was being fulfilled this day...

The orcs of the Varish Marshes to the north west of the spine had surged out of their territory. If they were fleeing, or simply seeking to extend their lands was unknown to the lycans. However what was evident, was that they butchered and raided everything in their paths. Scouts had reported other villages outside of Numenor torched and put to the sword, and soon after their filth was crawling over the hills of Kal'Thundgar. The Frostbacks fought valiantly, holding the line and keeping the hordes from pushing to far in, but they proved to many....

Finally after months of fighting had brought renewed hope as the First Legion, had reinforced the Frostbacks and pushed the hordes back out of Numenor. The threat however was not over, as instead of route and flee, the monsters simply gathered their forces and waited to attack....

The clouds began to slowly and sporadically block the heavens above, and with it the all to familiar rains of Numenor. On most given days, the lycans would be joyed at the blessing of their god, but now it was only adding to the tension growing between the two armies that made this field their home this day.

The lycans (right armor), a race of beings considered legend by most men and mer, had gathered under the banner of the First Legion. A renowned and famed veteran army within the Empire, whos' history dated back to the founding of the Empire and the Wraith Wars. The army condensed around the opening of a narrow pass, Kal'Thundgar.

Across the field, a wide and filth infested horde of orcs had crawled from the swamps to challenge them. Their hisses and shrikes were meant to intimidate the stalwart defenders, but instead made them seem only that much more barbaric. The rain pattered against the armor of both lines, and the slow rise of steam from the heated bodies. This was an all to familiar sight to the legionaries of the Empire.

Across the lycan lines men and women (left armor) could be seen shouting orders and giving commands. They were the elite of the Empire, the third tier of military leaders. From young and brash lieutenants to seasoned and grizzled field marshals, each had the task of carrying for the men and women under them, and each was willing to risk their lives for the Empire.

"Skirmish formations" A strong and commanding voice said riding through the lines

Immediately orders were being give and the legions were shifting. Where before the infantry had made a solid line, they now split and flanked their archers.

"I was beginning to think you would not show" Khali, a hero amongst the lycans and famed sorceress, spoke as her brother trotted up beside her.

Dragonmiir removed his helmet, "What and miss another battle" he smirked "Nonsense"

A third figure rode up beside the heros, this ones blonde hair bounced softly over her shoulders "I suspect this to be short, though the lack of mages will simply draw out the inevitable" Katharine said

"Lack of magic" Khali asked raising her brow

Dragonmiir brushed the comment aside "The mages are present sisters"

"Really?" Katharine leaned forward in her saddle "Because I didn't notice a single witcher or battle mage when I rode up"

"They are here" Sargon pointed to the western forest, where a distinct hawk could be seen flying above "When we route these beasts they will head for the forest, thinking they are protected from our arrows. They will be met with far worse"

"A sure way to ensure victory" Selena said walking up "My rangers and duailsts have merged into our lines, if any orc of caliber attempts to rally or inspire this horde" she smiled and cocked her head "Well it will not last long"

Dragonmiir nodded his head, he raised his hand, and gave the signal to march. Across the lycan lines the horns of battle could be heard, and the army surged forward.

"I thought Arewan was to accompany you" Selena said to Dragonmiir

He looked to the forest where the hawk still circled "We will see her soon enough"


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Valiance bowed "May I?"

"Come" Sylvanas said gesturing with her finger, she strutted past Valiance without a second thought, making her way out of Throne Room. After a few minutes of walking through corridors, she came to the Training Room; a simple barren and empty room in which the gods and goddess would train with one another. This room was unique however, as it would mold and shape itself to the desired setting the trainees wished.

Sylvanas smiled, as the room began to shift and mold, a heavily forested grove birthed into being. She reached over her shoulders, gripping the hilts of her blades. With a graceful and quick pull, they were released from their sheaths, and with a quick twirl of her wrist the spun around to mimic her turn to face Valiance.

"I do hope your ready dear cousin" Sylvanas said lowering the tips of her swords. Her grace mirrored that of her mother, the fluidity in which she moved. The determination in her eyes however would strike unease in any god, for it was the same look that the god of shadows had. A look that let the opponent knew, regardless of their strengths and skills, they would fail.


Cal Azroth

The Council gathered in the War Chamber, a place of power from which much of the Empires decisions had been made after Numenor had been secured. This room held the ruling class of the Empire, the "elite"; military officials, masters, and nobles as well as the ruling clan. The War Chamber was designed in an rectangular shape with rounded ends. This allowed the council members to see and speak to one another evenly, as well as give a complete view of the World Map, the enchanted floor at the center of the chamber. The floor itself had been molded to represent the whole of Ashariel, and enchanted by the Black Tower to change as the mortals of the world moved across its face.

High King Lucius Dragonstone sat at northern end of the War room, where the royal family resided, the stain glass wall behind letting in the warm glow of the morning air. The council members were present, all that could be mustered as many were dispatched to different regions or currently occupied by urgent assignments. Upon the floor walked the upper class of the military officials; High General Marrok Darkfang, High Admiral Darius Ironforge, High Marshall Alyssia Thunderstorm, High Guardian Blake Lightsheild, and High Ranger Elizabeth Silverwind.

"What issues are facing us currently warriors" Lucius said gesturing to the officials

Darkfang was the first to speak, moving to a small gap in the Spine of the World, there two armies clashed; one a solid wall of formidable men and women, the other a rabble of creatures from the depths of darkness "Your sons' troops have halted the orc advance sir" he watched as the rabble fled to the trees, and was met by mage fire "They have routed the army and killed most of the leadership. All that remains is securing the pass"

Lightsheild spoke next, kneeling in the icy snow of the north western spine "Troubling reports from the Howling Tundra my lord" he gestured to the tiny figures stumbling across the tundra, and the thick fog "The Stonehides report creatures of the undead attempting to claw their way up the mountians' cliff, some even attempting to pass the Ice Gate"she pointed to the fog "I have sent a detachment of Warden to this area" He looked to Lucius "Strong magic is at work he, dark and powerful magic"

"If they find anything, and I mean anything. Deal with it appropriately, should they need the Guardians or Stormguard they shall have it" Lucius said standing

Ironforge spoke next stepping lightly across the waters "The Crystal Sea is proving far more treacherous past the Isle of the Huntress. But out marines have proven stalwart, there are far more island chains for our people to expand"

"No challenge from Ulmo?" Lucius asked. They all knew of the unstable peace between Sargon and Ulmo. Sargon had raised Numenor from the seas, there for shrinking the domain of the God of Water. Her towering mountains shielded much of the land, also diminishing Ulmos' power and influence in the land. Sargon had tried to quell his brothers anger by agreeing that his mortals would not interfere with Ulmos', this however could be contained for only so long.

Ironforge shook his head "No challenge sir, but our ships have spotted strange vessels on the horizons. We do not know my lord"

"Find out" Lucius ordered stepping onto the floor and walking across the map "Silverwind"

"Yes my liege" The Ranger said stepping forward "The forests are quiet upon our side of the Danius River. But rangers report an increase in activity from the north of Faderlan"

Lucius rubbed his chin, most of the issues in activity were stirring in the north. Though he was not worried, the great mountains of the north were almost unnavigable by anyone but the lycans. That is assuming they were able to cross the breadth of the Danius river that flowed out to sea. "Have Seekers sent to the north, watch for anything that may come from the Tainted lands" those lands belonged to the beings of Baraku, and were known well for testing the other mortals.

"Yes my lord" Silverwind spoke

Lucius turned to Marshall Thunderstorm "Have your agents incerase their numbers, and strengthen reports"

"Yes my lord" Thunderstorm replied