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The Gods: The Beginning



a part of The Gods: The Beginning, by almostinsane.


almostinsane holds sovereignty over Ashariel, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

2,576 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

this is built upon previous roleplays gmed by saxious and myself along with others.


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Ashariel is a part of The Gods: The Beginning.

31 Characters Here

Sargon [112] God of Shadow, Strategy, and Were-beasts
Kaira [102] Goddess of Loyalty
Braun [96] God of Strength, Brotherhood, Conquest and Manhood.
Ulmo [72] God of the Sea
Ai [58] Goddess of Love, Lust and Sexuality.
Niueis [53] Goddess of Life
Anansi, The Spider Goddess. [52] Goddess of Birth, Fate and Storytelling
Baraku [44] God of Storms, Discord, and Disasters
Tywin *WIP* [44] Deceased
Karkorthi [42] Goddess of the Earth and its Fortunes.

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Baraku locked eyes with Braun. For the first time in his life, he felt agreement. For once they saw eye to eye. Braun set aside his natural inclination to protect Brotherhood and accept the way things are. He understands that Baraku cannot stop causing conflict any sooner than Braun can stop loving his family. He felt happy for the first time in a long time, knowing that Braun at least accepts him, despite the negatives and problems that will arise from it. Still this moment of happiness and acceptance must past. Baraku cannot allow such disadvantages take hold. Otherwise his challenges will be simple and pathetic.

No every challenge must be difficult in it's own way. Not only that but he must plan accordingly his challenges. Baraku understands that every God is not physical, but many are mental. He knows if he is to challenge the Gods themselves, every plan, every plot, must be multifaceted. Most specifically each challenge needs to test every Gods individual natures. For Braun, he needs not only challenge his strength, sometimes he must challenge his need for kinship. His very Brotherliness must be tested. Sargon, while should be challenged physically, must also be challenged mentally. His penchant for stratagems should be heavily contested. To see if Baraku can out strategize the God of Strategy. It will be difficult for sure, but being the God of Discord he is given the skills to test others. Even if it is against their best skill.

There are many others that are both physical and mental, that stand against. All fighters must be considered and tested appropriately. He will need to devise numerous plots, against Braun, Sargon, Ragon, Ulmo, Arthas, Caelum, Valiance, and Nex. Though the Goddesses should be considered and planned for as well. While Baraku would prefer to leave them some may fight him. As for other Gods, well some he feels are not a direct threat, and may very likely never be. But he isn't a fool, contingencies must be made. But for the most part the Top Eight must be considered first and foremost. The Warrior Gods. "Well then lets get started." Baraku spoke to himself. He then retired to his quarters and began to plot.


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Valiance bowed "May I?"

"Come" Sylvanas said gesturing with her finger, she strutted past Valiance without a second thought, making her way out of Throne Room. After a few minutes of walking through corridors, she came to the Training Room; a simple barren and empty room in which the gods and goddess would train with one another. This room was unique however, as it would mold and shape itself to the desired setting the trainees wished.

Sylvanas smiled, as the room began to shift and mold, a heavily forested grove birthed into being. She reached over her shoulders, gripping the hilts of her blades. With a graceful and quick pull, they were released from their sheaths, and with a quick twirl of her wrist the spun around to mimic her turn to face Valiance.

"I do hope your ready dear cousin" Sylvanas said lowering the tips of her swords. Her grace mirrored that of her mother, the fluidity in which she moved. The determination in her eyes however would strike unease in any god, for it was the same look that the god of shadows had. A look that let the opponent knew, regardless of their strengths and skills, they would fail.


Cal Azroth

The Council gathered in the War Chamber, a place of power from which much of the Empires decisions had been made after Numenor had been secured. This room held the ruling class of the Empire, the "elite"; military officials, masters, and nobles as well as the ruling clan. The War Chamber was designed in an rectangular shape with rounded ends. This allowed the council members to see and speak to one another evenly, as well as give a complete view of the World Map, the enchanted floor at the center of the chamber. The floor itself had been molded to represent the whole of Ashariel, and enchanted by the Black Tower to change as the mortals of the world moved across its face.

High King Lucius Dragonstone sat at northern end of the War room, where the royal family resided, the stain glass wall behind letting in the warm glow of the morning air. The council members were present, all that could be mustered as many were dispatched to different regions or currently occupied by urgent assignments. Upon the floor walked the upper class of the military officials; High General Marrok Darkfang, High Admiral Darius Ironforge, High Marshall Alyssia Thunderstorm, High Guardian Blake Lightsheild, and High Ranger Elizabeth Silverwind.

"What issues are facing us currently warriors" Lucius said gesturing to the officials

Darkfang was the first to speak, moving to a small gap in the Spine of the World, there two armies clashed; one a solid wall of formidable men and women, the other a rabble of creatures from the depths of darkness "Your sons' troops have halted the orc advance sir" he watched as the rabble fled to the trees, and was met by mage fire "They have routed the army and killed most of the leadership. All that remains is securing the pass"

Lightsheild spoke next, kneeling in the icy snow of the north western spine "Troubling reports from the Howling Tundra my lord" he gestured to the tiny figures stumbling across the tundra, and the thick fog "The Stonehides report creatures of the undead attempting to claw their way up the mountians' cliff, some even attempting to pass the Ice Gate"she pointed to the fog "I have sent a detachment of Warden to this area" He looked to Lucius "Strong magic is at work he, dark and powerful magic"

"If they find anything, and I mean anything. Deal with it appropriately, should they need the Guardians or Stormguard they shall have it" Lucius said standing

Ironforge spoke next stepping lightly across the waters "The Crystal Sea is proving far more treacherous past the Isle of the Huntress. But out marines have proven stalwart, there are far more island chains for our people to expand"

"No challenge from Ulmo?" Lucius asked. They all knew of the unstable peace between Sargon and Ulmo. Sargon had raised Numenor from the seas, there for shrinking the domain of the God of Water. Her towering mountains shielded much of the land, also diminishing Ulmos' power and influence in the land. Sargon had tried to quell his brothers anger by agreeing that his mortals would not interfere with Ulmos', this however could be contained for only so long.

Ironforge shook his head "No challenge sir, but our ships have spotted strange vessels on the horizons. We do not know my lord"

"Find out" Lucius ordered stepping onto the floor and walking across the map "Silverwind"

"Yes my liege" The Ranger said stepping forward "The forests are quiet upon our side of the Danius River. But rangers report an increase in activity from the north of Faderlan"

Lucius rubbed his chin, most of the issues in activity were stirring in the north. Though he was not worried, the great mountains of the north were almost unnavigable by anyone but the lycans. That is assuming they were able to cross the breadth of the Danius river that flowed out to sea. "Have Seekers sent to the north, watch for anything that may come from the Tainted lands" those lands belonged to the beings of Baraku, and were known well for testing the other mortals.

"Yes my lord" Silverwind spoke

Lucius turned to Marshall Thunderstorm "Have your agents incerase their numbers, and strengthen reports"

"Yes my lord" Thunderstorm replied


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"Dancing with Desire"

Hellia grinned at the smaller goddess' answer. "Excellent!" The unicorn took several graceful steps toward them and the light one gently rested her hand in between it's wide eyes. "Let us be on our way." Hellia lifted the other goddess with one arm and placed her onto the majestic beast's strong back, before she got on herself. Golden reins appeared on the horse-like being and Hellia grabbed them gently and carefully. She pet the unicorn behind the ear and it neighed loudly, making a noise similar in sound to child's laugh.

Hellia turned to Nigriv and smiled. "Hold on tight!" And with that, the beast took off. Time on the unicorn's back seemed to fly by as it's ivory hooves barely touched the ground. The world around them seemed to blur into flash of colors and lights. Hellia laughed loudly at the sensation of the wind's touch brushing against her skin. The sound of music could be heard in the distance, it's song even louder than the roar of the air passing their ears. "We are almost there, Nigriv!" She shouted.

Soon, their noble steed came to a stop at the edge of a large forest, glowing lights and blazing flames illuminating the darkness of it. The unicorn slowly went forward into the forest, taking careful steps. "She is careful around these parts of the world." Hellia whispered to Nigriv, careful not to let the unicorn hear. "She has had. . . issues with the beings that live hear and is very slow to trust them." She turned her head to the unicorn's ear. "You may leave us hear, my sweet one. We will find our way home." She winked at the beast, jumping off it's back and kissing it on it's cheek.

Hellia looked at Nigriv. "Come, Nigriv. It's time for us to have some fun." She led the little goddess toward the light of a large bonfire at the forest's heart, toward the sound of dancing, laughing, and glorious music. They soon came upon the source of the sound, a large party of spirits. "BLESSED BE MY EYES!" A voice shouted, freezing the festivity. All the spirits stopped and stared at the two goddesses. A young male appeared in front of them, a pan pipe in his hand and wide white smile on his face. He seemed to be at some strange age in between being a child and an adult. He was also very much naked. "A goddess of balance and innocence have come to grace our presence!" He shouted to his company. They cheered in response.

He looked at them with wild black eyes and ran his fingers through blue-green hair. Hellia blushed avoiding looking at any specific body parts. "Espiri, would you mind putting on something to wear?" He grinned widely. "I could, but I don't really desire to." He looked at Nigriv mischievously and bent his knees, coming down to her height. "What do you desire, little goddess? Do desire to dance? To hear another song? Or do you wish for. . ." His voice trailed off as he stared into her eyes. "Ah. You desire to be taken seriously. You desire to grow up." He giggled and Hellia swallowed nervously. She lifted her axe. "Leave her be, Espiri. We've simply come to enjoy the night." The Spirit King rolled his eyes, turning around and walking toward the fire. "You would deprive her of her wish being granted?" He brought his pipes to his lips. "Oh well." And he began to play.


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"It has been awhile my dear" Sargon took her hand "I have let my mortals take my time. I worry, with this world becoming as it is. My children's presence is soon to be known as the other mortal seek to expand their holds."

Kaira looked to Sargon. He always seemed to worry about something. He always stood strong, proud even but in his eyes he seemed to carry the weight of the world. Kaira looked directly into Sargon's eyes, "As is the way of the world my love. All children grow and explore the world. We can only hope for peace, although given the temprement of some of our siblings that may not be likely," Kaira smiled nervously. The prospect of war worried her. Would the people of Rinamel be ready? No, she didn't need to worry. Liv was a highly skilled warrior and her gift, which was unusual to say the least, only aided her. The people, "If your people should come under threat, you have my word my people will aid you in any way they can. It may not amount to much, but they will be there if you should need them."