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Susanoo Mitsurugi

You ever taste pure fresh water? Yeah, me neither.

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a character in “The Gods Who Walk Among Us”, as played by Sonata




God of the Sea and Storms
Don’t challenge me because I won’t be saying sorry if you can’t back it up.


Eve 6 || Inside Out
Afroman || Because I Got High
Def Leppard || Pour Some Sugar on Me
The Yoshida Brothers || Ibuki



[ Knight Sea | The Ronin | Number 0-1-6-4-9 | ]

[ 32 ]

[ Male ]

[ Genetically Modified Human ]

[ Master Swordsman | Determined to marry Kushinadahime]

Face Claim
[ Heishiro Mitsurugi | Soul Calibur ]


It is the sea that runs through my veins.

Hair Color
[ Black ]

Eye Color
[ Silver ]

Skin Tone
[ Tan ]

[ 6'1" ]

[ 210 lbs ]


What? Talk to her? Are you stupid?

Potential Interest
Kushinadahime: A lovely young woman whose porcelain skin, pink full lips, and swollen breasts could snag the eyes of any man. She lives a sheltered life in Orb 07 guarded like a delicate flower by her wealthy parents. Towering walls surround her to keep prying eyes out, giving her privacy when she's in the garden or bathing in the pond. The god stumbled across her when he was meditating one day. His journey had taken him to Orb 07 and to the waters of Hime's pond. The woman's beauty left him instantly love stricken—a sickness that still resides in him to this day. As a gift, he keeps the waters of the pond fresh for her and he has even placed colorful koi in it. He would love to be with her, but he lacks the courage to approach her.


    Water Manipulation || Susanoo can control all aspects of water from ice to vapor. He can summon tsunamis, great floods, and blizzards, and he can fill the clouds with water until they burst with showers or snow. He can increase water's density that it can become as hard as diamond or as airy as a bubble. He can control the pressure of water up to crushing forces. He can walk on water without having to worry about sinking. Dangerously, he can draw water from an individual's body causing them to suffer dramatic dehydration or cause it to harden or freeze, causing the individual(s) excruciating pain. He does this through the art of Thai Chi.
    Hydro Transformation || The knight is capable of changing his molecular structure to that of water, ice, or vapor. This form is beneficial for when he needs to regenerate limbs or heal wounds. As long as there's water or he has the strength to make it rain, he can restore his body. His ice form can become hard like diamond, making his body difficult to penetrate, his liquid form makes him difficult to land a strike, and his vapor form allows for stealthy takedowns. Susanoo is a pretty heavy drinker and that doesn't just go for sake. He can ingest an infinite amount of water, which feeds his cells and allows him to grow to colossal heights or he can evaporate down to miniature sizes.
    Water Warp || Using his hydro transformation skill, Susanoo can become water and warp to any location where there's water. It can be a body of water, pool, or even a cup. Wherever there's water, he can warp to it. [LOCKED] - This ability can be used lethally to allow Susanoo to manifest within an individual's body, but the water warp skill requires a water source to use.

    Water Survival || Susanoo can survive the crushing pressures of the ocean's depths as well as survive submerged in water for extensive periods, which has strengthened his muscles, making his physical capabilities more advanced than an average human. It is believed that like a fish, he can absorb oxygen molecules from the water, which allows him to breathe underwater no problem. With his hydro transformation skill, he can be as buoyant as an air bubble or as heavy as steel, allowing him to move about the water with no resistance or restriction. This ability also allows him to adapt to fluctuating temperatures, which has proven valuable throughout the changing seasons. This ability feeds into his water manipulation skill and hydro transformation skill granting him those abilities to control ice, vapor as well as become either without suffering consequence.
    Hydration || Hydration is a mild healing ability that allows the warrior to hydrate an individual's cells keeping the person hydrated and allowing the cells to offer a swift recovery. This ability is also passive for himself. It has kept his cells healthy and his body strong and purged of harmful poisons, venoms, and toxins.
    Underwater Communication ||Susanoo can communicate with any creature that uses water as a biome from salt water to fresh water creatures. Some creatures will do his bidding, while certain creatures that are too cocky will ignore him. There isn't a sea creature out there that Susanoo feels he can't tame.


You can never have too much to drink.

    On occasion, Susanoo has this twisted belief of self-grandeur. He likes to think of himself as someone pretty amazing, and his self-confidence can be rather marveling. You can almost find yourself believing everything he says about himself. However, as proven every now and then with a little thing called "rejection," we learn that he's just a man. His personality is perhaps his most deceptive quality. Upon witnessing the god's mannerisms, it is easy to forget that Susanoo is actually a frighteningly, powerful warrior.


    Drinking || Nobody really knows if there's a limit to the amount Susanoo can drink. He loves all forms of alcohol as well as water. Yes, even water like the $7 bottled water claiming to have come from the cap of an iceberg. He carries a hyodan that is always full of some sort of alcoholic beverage, and he's not afraid to share. Well, it depends on how much he has left. You can never run out of water, but you can always run out of booze.
    Smoker || He will every now and then smoke some serious shit. If you see the knight seeming calm and spiritual, he's probably high as a kite and on some serious doobie.
    Pervert || He knows how to appreciate a woman's beauty and assets—at least that's what he calls it. Sometimes he gets uncontrollable impulses to slap a female's ass or grab a boob that has gotten too close for "please" and "thank you." In his spare time, he likes to "go for a swim." It doesn't always mean the way it sounds. Sometimes he has to go take care of some "manly business," especially when his unofficial wife is bathing in the pond again. She loves bathing in the pond, but she hasn't quite figured out why the water fills her full of great pleasure yet. What? She's going to be his wife soon any way—so he believes. He'll get around to talking to her one day. Don't worry about it.

    Kushinadahime || He worships her. The poor girl unfortunately has no idea that she has such a lover.
    Booze & Pot || He can never get enough of it, but unfortunately, it doesn't last forever as he'd like.
    Women || He loves women. They can be cross with him all they want. He'll still love them. It's a problem, I know.

    His Enemies || His enemies are anyone who dare try to lay a hand on his super-secret-crush-woman-lover, Kushinadahime, and yeah, I guess Morrigan's group too. It's a shame because despite being evil, he thinks Morrigan is hot. She, unfortunately, banned him from her group for being a pig. She hadn't even seen his true potential.
    Running out of Stock || It almost feels like the end of the world when he runs out of booze and plant. He becomes extra cranky, and it won't settle until he restocks.
    Desert Conditions || The heat sucks, and it can make him evaporate.

    Master Swordsman & Martial Artist || Susanoo wields a katana crafted from water under extreme pressure. The blade's name is "Totsuga-no-Tsurugi." It can be as heavy or as light as he desires and as long or as short as he desires, it's made of water. He can duplicate the weapon so that he's wielding more than one or reduce it to a mere stiletto. It can cut through the hardest substances such as diamond, and it can't be displaced by shattering or by disarmament. He can summon it right back to his hands. Susanoo's sword skill is a deadly art, and if challenged to a duel, he's honorable in that if he's challenged to a sword fight then he will only use his sword. His technique is like water: fluid and calm yet powerful. His strikes are swift and accurate, and when they make contact, the strength behind his swing will shatter a person's defense. It is better for opponents not to guard his strikes but to evade them if they can. He will open his opponent's defense with parries and vicious counters until he lands a deciding strike.
    Enhanced Physique || His genetic engineering has given him the ability to gradually condition his body over time, such as survive great pressures and waterfall forces. He is very strong, which grants him the ability to use his sword to cut through most sturdy objects and barriers, as well as survive high impact strikes. His body can take a lot of punishment.
    Advanced Mental Control || Mitsurugi is always meditating, trying to become one with the sea in order to better understand his abilities. Meditation has allowed him to learn how to keep calm in situations that cause anger, dread, or grief. If he finds his mind slipping, he is capable of noticing the problem and correcting it. He'll calm himself down and bring his mental state back into unity.

    Kushinadahime || A love as well as a weakness, which is why he tries not to tell anyone who he feels could bring her harm. Her name alone could be used against him. Threatening to tell her all about him is uncool! If anything ever happened to that woman, Susanoo would probably snap.
    Drought || A drought due to extreme heat can dehydrate the god, causing him to evaporate. Just like how any normal human would keep water on them to survive a trek through the desert, Mitsurugi does too in the form of large prayer beads that he wears about his body.
    Hunger & Fatigue || He's still human. Therefore, he still needs to eat and sleep. However, he must consume a lot of calories to fuel the energy he spends during water manipulation. He eats more than an average person as well as drinks. Sometimes, instead of food, he prefers a big, heavy beer. That'll hold him.


You don't ever come to the Great Susanoo empty handed. You didn't even bring a beer. Do you at least have some grass on you? No? Shit, what am I talking to you for...

Bold | Arrogant | Lewd | Laid-Back

Susanoo can be quite full of himself, but he never means it seriously. He honestly couldn't give a shit. He doesn't get riled up about much, but if you want a favor, you'd have to give one to get one. He'll never turn down a fight whether from a man or a woman, it doesn't matter. Women beware, however, his techniques are known to change only when fighting them. For a pig, he's an excellent swordsman and adept in his "godly" skills. Currently, he has no true goals in life except to smoke, drink, and to one day marry his true love, Kushinadahime. Don't ever get him started on that girl for it will take him a minute to shut up about her. The swordsman is very passionate about her but he doesn't have the balls to approach her. There is something about the harmless creature that freaks him out. He tends to get so nervous that he nearly faints. It's a social problem that he'll have to work on and conquer one day. In the meantime, he'll just keep secretly watching her get naked and...yeah.

The knight is quite the realiable character if befriended. He'll have his friend's back whether it be to fight or pick up girls. He has this belief that he's such the chick magnet and a guru when it comes to getting booty. He is successful majority of the time, but the ones that don't like his bold attempts often send the ronin on his way with a red cheek. He just can't help himself sometimes around sexy women.


Morrigan? You mean my Ex?

The knight can’t recall how he came into this world or if he had a life before it. He remembers simply waking up and standing over him was a beautiful woman. She smiled down at him as though she were happy with what she was seeing and ran her fingers down the contours of his muscular figure. He had been silent even as she spoke to him, and when the belle leaned down to see if he had suffered any damage to his vocal chords, his hands…something happened and he didn’t know what, but when his hands took hold of the tits trapped behind the layers of suit and fabric; when he felt her plump tits give between his fingers and listened to her startled and betraying gasp of pleasure, he had felt amazing. It had washed throughout his body like a wave of warm water from his head down to his toes, and right after, a terrible pain pulsed throughout the side of his cheek. It had spurred him to release her. The woman had turned out to be his creator and mother, Morrigan. Mother? Psh, she was his ex-girlfriend now!

She had summoned her other creations to kill him—kill him for humiliating her. He honestly thought that for a second she had enjoyed it. The bitch was in denial. Lost and confused as to why he was suddenly running for his life, the warrior found his escape by pure luck. The drop from a leaky drain pipe was all it took to suddenly warp him across the planet to wind up floating in the middle of some ocean. It was there, the ronin’s own journey began.

Susanoo, his name had echoed through his conscience and he remembered his Ex muttering it right before she sicked her attack dogs on him. He explored the ocean, learning that the earth was round and that the water had been connected in one great mass. He discovered rivers, waterfall, streams, and lakes. He studied the way the water flowed, incorporating it into his martial arts and swordsmanship. Since his escape, there were many knights that searched the earth to find him and kill him. There were also many knights who died that day. However, never did the knights find the god in the same place more than once. His duels for survival polished his sword skill. It had also made him rather paranoid. Almost any man that approached him was considered a threat for Morrigan and the knights were the only beings he knew existed until he encountered his first human.

It had been outside Orb 7. It was a father risking the wasteland to travel to another Orb where the hospital could cure his son’s sickness. The wasteland had weakened the man and taken all of his supplies. He had underestimated the distance between the cities and had given the remainder of his supplies to his weak son. The man collapsed from dehydration, and it was minutes after the harsh sun became blotted out by clouds as dark as chimney smoke. From the clouds came rain, and materializing from the rods of water that peppered the earth was a man; a god. The man continues the story:

“He knelt next to me and lifted me so that my back was against his thigh. When he laid his hands on me, I felt cool and relaxed. It felt like water was running through my veins, and I soon became better. I told him of my son and he healed my boy. He had to have been a god. He carried us back to Orb 7 on a tide, and I invited him to stay with us in the city. He stayed for only a night and was gone in the morning. He told me his name: Susanoo!”

Well, the story hadn’t quite gone that way but that guy made him sound amazing and that was all that mattered. He had stayed in Orb 7 longer than the man knew about. He just didn’t live with him. He had eaten his fill, gathered some supplies, and had meditated in the bowl of the grand fountain in the city center. The fountain was his portal out of the city and so he had decided to train his mind before he left. There had been so many distractions trying to pry their way into his conscious, such as the cops gathering at the sight of the man illegally sitting in the waters of the fountain. They didn’t break his concentration.

A beautiful woman had entered his mind then. From the pond she was nearing, he saw her wrapped in red silk robes. Her black hair hung like a curtain from her crown and her face glowed with youth. When she dropped her robes to expose her milky flesh, the warrior’s mind was blown. Even more, when she stepped into the pond, it was as though she had been dipping into the pool of his libido. The cops had managed to break his concentration when they laid a hand on his arm, attempting to restrain him so that they could cuff him. Susanoo vanished, and manifested on a rock beneath a great waterfall in Orb 15.

The land within the orb was plush and green, and it was where he made his temporary home. His meditation now took him to Orb 7 and to the beautiful woman he had left behind.


Wisdom? I'll give you some wisdom. If it doesn't look right, don't do it. You can only determine that if you're sober and not stoned. If you're both drunk and stoned, then wear a condom. Protect your shit!

So begins...

Susanoo Mitsurugi's Story


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#, as written by Sonata

Orb 15

The boy stirred and with a soft groan, he opened his brown eyes to see dancing in their corners a fire. There was a strange, weedy smell on the air and the ground beneath him felt of cotton. Turning his head, he saw on the other side of the fire, the back of a man. He was lying on his side with his head resting in the palm of his hand and a thin, reedy pipe extending from over his shoulder. Who was he? How did he get here?

The boy’s face scrunched up as he attempted to sit up. His body felt so weak and his stomach stretched thin. He managed to sit upwards and panted softly. Cautiously, he glanced at the man again to see that he hadn’t reacted to his shuffling.

“Um…sir?” the boy called.

He got no response.

Staring awkwardly at the back of the man’s head, the boy blinked when he recalled having fallen asleep or had that been what fainting felt like?

“Oh! Thank you for saving me.”

No answer.

“Um…” the boy stood and glanced around at the trees that surrounded them. “I um…I’m going to leave now. I, uh, I have to find my sister…good bye.”

The boy took two steps away from the camp and turned to regard the man once more, but with concern glinting in his eyes. Was he…alive? Glancing down at a stone at his feet, the boy crouched and picked it up. He then raised it and held it with hesitation, just long enough for him to swallow the nervous lump that had formed in his throat. Once he got his composure, he threw the rock, and it struck the man in the back of the head with a pop that had sounded harder than intended.

The man’s head bowed as it left the perch of his hand, and he rolled over to face the boy with a look that turned his soul to ice. The scowl on his face had been lethal. His beady eyes had been so sharp that the boy could feel them draining the blood from his body likes needles. With teeth gritted on the end of his pipe, one word had left the man, and it had been enough to send the boy sprinting in terror:

Korosu…(Japanese: Kill)


The boy screamed as he sprinted through the woods.

“Wait! I didn’t mean it. You woke me up! What kind of person wakes someone with a rock?” the warrior shouted after the kid. He chased the boy through the woods until the kid ran out of steam, which hadn’t taken long.

Bent over with his hands on his knees, the boy panted as though his life road on every lungful of oxygen taken. His face was already moist with sweat, and when he felt the warrior stop behind him, he grabbed the nearest stick he saw and began swinging it at him like a sword.

The warrior backed away with his hands raised and a smirk on his face. “Woah, careful, you might poke someone’s eye out with that thing.”

Panting, the boy held the stick to the warrior as though it had been lethal and demanded, “Who are you and what do you want?”

“First of all, I saved your little ass. I happened to find you unconscious and dehydrated in the middle of the forest. Secondly, you can address your savior as Susanoo.”

The boy narrowed his eyes at the warrior, scrutinizing his face for honesty.

Does he really think I’m lying?” Susanoo wondered.

The boy lowered the stick and sniffed once before he began crying. Susanoo lowered his hands and glanced around as though searching for a more qualified adult to handle this situation. Fuck, he was never good with kids.

“They took my sister. I tried to go after them, but I don’t know where they went. I lost her and she made me promise to find her once I got help,” the boy explained.

“Is she hot?”


“Nothing. Hey kid, you want some rice?”

“I’m starving!”

Back at the camp

The boy, having learned over dinner that his name was Caleb, had eaten his fill and was plump and sleeping. Susanoo irritably stared at the empty pot.

The pig didn’t leave me one grain, he thought.

Standing, he walked over to his rations bag and his brows leapt on his forehead when he discovered that his rice bag was empty.

He ate everything!

Glaring over his shoulder at the kid, he thought optimistically, At least I have some salted salmon…

He grabbed that bag and watched it deflate with an empty cough.

The fuck? He ate that too? I didn’t even serve him that!

The warrior’s face flushed red as he threw down the bag and stood to fire eyebeams of hate and destruction at the boy. Raising his fingers to his forehead, he took a deep breath into his nostrils and exhaled slowly, calming his nerves.

“At least I have my booze,” he muttered.

The warrior walked back over to his spot by the fire to resume the position he was in at the beginning of this tale. He sucked some spirits from his drinking gourd and started to prepare another pipe.


Caleb had been crouched by the warrior’s head, poking the line of drool that was seeping from his mouth with a stick. He smelt of alcohol and that weedy smell he had smelled last night. Was he ever going to wake up?

A scream resonated through the woods and the boy stood like an alert hare.

“Chrysta!” he recognized.

Dropping to his knees, he rested his hands on the warrior’s chest and roughly shook him.

“Wake up, wake up, I hear my sister!” Caleb cried.

A hand snagged his wrist and the boy went rigid. His brown eyes caught the death glare of Susanoo.

Shinee…(Japanese: Die)


There they were, starting all over again. The boy was running for his life and he was much faster than yesterday. Probably because he had gotten some food in his stomach.

“Really kid, you know assault isn’t the only way to wake someone up. You’re gonna get your ass kicked doing that!”

“I tried waking you up every other way!”

The two stopped when they came before three individuals. Two of the individuals had been armed with weapons, while the third rested on her knees in the clutches of the female knight. She yanked against the hold her captor had on her wrists.

“Let me go!” she screamed.

“Crysta, I’m here!” Caleb shouted.

“Cae!” she cried in relief to see that he was safe and well.

“Hey, you never said you had a little brother,” Knight 1 said with a smirk. “Good, we’ll bring Mother two then.”

“What about him?” Knight 2 asked, pointing to the warrior standing behind the boy.

Susanoo had been examining the situation. Chrysta had been a babe. Shoulder-length brown hair, fair milky skin, and those breasts…possibly a full C cup. Knight 2, however, almost seemed perfect. Her breasts were a D and her body was toned down to her swollen backside. Oh yes…this was going to be a good day.

“I brought help Chrysta. His name is Susanoo and he’s going to save you.”

The knights’ eyes grew in surprise.

“Susanoo? Where have I heard that name?” Knight 1 wondered aloud.

“He is Knight Sea. Mother wants him dead.”

“Knight Sea? That wash out? Ha! I heard Mother threw him out of the nest the moment he was born.”

“Yeah, well, your mother’s a bitch,” Susanoo said frankly.

“What did you say?” Knight 1 hissed.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to curse in front of little kids?” Knight 2 retorted.

Susanoo slowly arched a brow at Knight 2 and her poor retort. It had only taken but a moment for her to realize how stupid her taunt had been.

“Just kill him!” Knight 2 growled.

“With pleasure. He’s probably just a defect any way.”

Knight 1 lifted his hands to the sky as stone rose from the earth to swallow his body in a protective shell. The stone continued to build on him until he rose nine-feet into a massive golem. He raised and lowered his arms and legs as fragments of rock broke free to grant him mobility; and then like an ape, he pounded his fists against his boulder of a chest and roared at the god.

Knight 2 released one of Chrysta’s wrists and raised her hand as green vines began to coil around the girl and lift her into the air. The vines coiled about the girl’s thighs, hips, and breasts and when it reached the highest branch on a tree, it began to constrict, squeezing her until she began to scream and squirm. She began coughing as she felt herself losing breath. Her chest swiftly inflating and deflating and breasts quivering to her struggling. It wasn’t long before the girl went still and her head flopped forward.

“Chrysta!” Caleb screamed before he looked at Susanoo in fright to see the warrior with his back turned to the whole situation. He was discreetly holding a handkerchief against his nose and the boy angrily exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

Wiping his nose, Susanoo secretly tucked the bloody handkerchief away as he turned back to the situation at hand, “Sorry. I had something in my eye.”

He glanced to the golem and then to Knight 2 who was now brandishing a whip of ivy.

Damn. I left my gear at the camp, and there doesn’t seem to be a water source around, he perceived.

Without wasting any more time, the golem charged, swinging its bulky arms as it stomped toward Susanoo and the boy.

“Get out of the way kid,” Susanoo warned.

Caleb ran off to the side to hide behind a tree and watched as the golem grew closer to Susanoo. What was he doing? Did he want to get crushed?

“Run!” Caleb yelled.

The golem halted abruptly as its feet slid across the dirt. He swung his arm around like a hammer and just before his arm struck, Susanoo side-stepped the attack and sprinted for the gap between the golem’s leg. The golem’s fist came down with a thunderous thoom that sent dirt, root, and dust pluming and firing into the air. The warrior sprinted faster than he had when he was chasing Caleb, and his change in target had startled Knight 2.

Quickly with her whip, she snapped the vine in his direction. Susanoo rocked his shoulder back to dodge it, feeling the breeze caress his skin. Knight 2 hissed as she snapped her whip back and it formed into a thorn the length of a sword. Stabbing his heels into the dirt, Susanoo gave himself enough hesitation to feel her sword give a hairline scrape across his stomach. The momentum continued to roll the dirt under his feet as Knight 2 attempted to leap back to give herself some distance. Her green eyes widened when she saw Susanoo right on top of her and was about to bring her weapon across the side of his neck when she felt it…

Susanoo’s hand landed upon her left boob, squeezing it within his fingers and allowing it to spring and bob free of his grip. Knight 2’s mouth fell open in shock as humiliation blossomed like roses upon her cheeks. She had not been expecting that. The pig had caught her completely off guard and she had been too distracted to see that he had slipped behind her.

“Knight 2!” the golem bellowed as he tried to warn her.

Knight 2 swiftly turned her head over her shoulder to catch a sharp elbow against the side of her neck. The blow had snapped her head and thrown her across the ground in an unconscious heap. She bounced and rolled across the earth until her body slid to a stop before the golem’s feet.

Susanoo balled his hand into a fist as he savored the warmth of the malleable flesh that still lingered in it. Grasping the vines that held Chrysta with his free hand, he yanked her free as the vines loosened to drop the girl into his arms. Setting her down, he didn’t have to tell Caleb to watch her. The boy had already fled his hiding spot behind the tree and raced over to her.

The warrior stood and faced the golem with a deciphering stare. This one was going to be tricky. He knew that no matter what sort of attack he’d try to use on him, the man inside the rocky shell would still be safe. He had to get to his gear. Whirling around, Susanoo grabbed the boy under his left arm and hefted the girl over his shoulder.

“We need to return to camp,” Susanoo told him before he broke into a run.

“My sister isn’t breathing!” Caleb informed.

Susanoon frowned and hopped into the air to have the girl rise and drop against his shoulder. The light blow that was given to her diaphragm caused a rush of air to escape her lips, and the girl was soon heard coughing.

“Chrysta!” Caleb happily exclaimed.

“C-Caleb,” she rasped. She then blinked when she realized that they were moving and did her best to push her hands against Susanoo’s chest amidst all the jostling so that she could see his face. She had done exactly what he had been anticipating. Her beautiful mammaries smashed against the side of his face like a pillow full of tapioca, and somewhere inside him, he knew the luckiest man in the world was crying tears of joy.

“I’m-I’m sorry!” Chrysta panicked in her embarrassment.

“I got more important things to worry about than your boobs being in my face right now,” Susanoo replied. Really though, he didn’t have anything more important or as pleasant as that.

Chrysta gazed back at the pursuing golem as it bulldozed shrubs and pushed aside trees.

“It’s gaining on us! What are we going to do?” she cried.

“Almost there,” Susanoo told them.

The camp was just ahead and when they reached it, Susanoo set the family down and held his hand out to the large prayer beads that had been circling his bag. The necklace levitated off the ground and floated over to him. The beads circled around him as Susanoo held his hands, right over left, about a nonexistent sphere. He closed his eyes as he slipped into concentration and before the golem could flatten them, one of the beads released a jet of water that went straight into the golem’s mouth.

The golem staggered to a stop before another bead fired another beam of water into its mouth. Its stony foundations began to crack as Knight 1 began to lose focus. A third and fourth bead fired two more streams and the golem crumbled as the bloated knight dropped to his knees. Coughing up sparks of water, the knight held his hand out and pleaded, “Please, no more!”

His cries were ignored as more jets followed and his belly swelled like a balloon. The knight continued to expand until his belt snapped free and his armor split at the sides. He collapsed upon his back when his system had drowned, the water inside him audibly churning within his swaying stomach until it launched like a geyser into the sky. Knight 1 deflated back to normal size and the water that rained about him was absorbed by the earth.

Susanoo opened his eyes and sighed in disappointment. First all of his food was gone, and now he used all of his water to defeat the enemy.

Caleb stared at the unconscious knight from the arms of his sister, feeling spooked by how Susanoo had shown him no mercy.

“Is he…?” he questioned fearfully.

“Dead? No. I didn’t kill them,” Susanoo informed. “If I hadn’t incapacitated them, then they would still be trying to get you.”

“What are they? They knew who you were. And…wait, what are you?” Chrysta asked.

Susanoo turned to Chrysta with a smile and charm in his eyes that he liked to call his panty-soaker 3000.

“I’m a god,” he answered.

Caleb narrowed his eyes in disbelief. Did he really just say that? The tightened grip he felt from his sister made the boy cast his eyes up at her and his mouth hung open in shock.

“You can’t be ser-“

Chrysta clapped her hand over her brother’s mouth. “Wow. A god…I…I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s quite all right,” Susanoo said with a grin.

She was just eating it up. Caleb struggled in her hold and screamed against her hand: He’s not a god! You’re so stupid!

Facing the downed knight, Susanoo said with a lazy sigh, “I’m going to go take care of him and his girlfriend, and then I’ll be back to take you two home.”

“You never said what they are and how they know you,” said the nosy girl.

“They’re evil. That’s all you need to know; and when you’re a god as popular as I am, evil tends to follow you.”

“Hurry back. I’m afraid something might attack us while you’re gone.”

“You’ll be fine,” Susanoo reassured her as he stooped down and shouldered Knight 1. “I’ll return soon.”

When Susanoo left, Caleb was more than eager to tell his sister how foolish she was for believing his lies. He had no explanation for how he and “the evil” were able to manipulate nature, but somehow he knew that he wasn’t one. No god that he’d ever read about liked to drink and smoke stinky grass all night. He also had been a pervert. He noticed how he had looked at his sister and the evil lady.

Knight Sea took the two knights outside the orb into The Waste, and it was there that he sent them back to Mother as he liked to call it. He executed them both for they had discovered his location, and he buried them beneath the dirt. After he fulfilled his promise to the two humans, he was going to be on the road again, changing his location to a new orb.