God of Criminality and Corruption

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a character in “The Gods”, as played by Saxious


God Name: Mask
Avatar Name: Jack, ‘The Chairman’
Title: Criminality and Corruption
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Terrain Preference: Urban Cities
Opinion of Humans:
“Humans are such wonderfully dynamic creatures…filled with chaos and order. Purity and corruption.”
“ As long as there are humans, there is the Shadow Council.”
~Jack, Chairman of the Heckclown Union.

Civilization Name: Due to their tribal nature they often refer to themselves by their gang name, though the common slang that is used to refer to them is ‘Maskmen’

Their lands are often referred to as the “Free Cities of Mask”, and the word ‘free’ is often associated to the sense of lawlessness that a lot of the lands experience.
Slave traders, pirates, smugglers and many, many other forms of otherwise illegal merchants finds an easy start within the Heckclown

Political System: The 13 Councilors of the Gangs. In other words, there are 13 representatives of the 12 biggest and most powerful gangs within the Heckclown Union, and the 13th is the leader is the Avatar, most often referred to as ‘The Chairman’.

The people are now known for their discipline nor their ability to fight well during wars; they are knows and feared for their deep illegal connections into other civilizations, their guerrilla warfare and overall ability to improvise anything into a weapon. Their cocktail bombs is their army’s trade mark as they are the most common projectile weapon that is used during their battles.

God Appearance: Mask
Mask lives up to his name and thus covers his real face up. He often wears black clothes, either out of cloth or leather and during war he wears leather armor with metal stubs in them.

Avatar Appearance: Jack
Like his God, Jack mainly wears leather armor with metal stubs, however his large cape often conceals what he wears. He hides many weapons in his clothes. He is mainly armed with a scimitar, three to four daggers and then three flint pistols.

God: He is cruel, mean and careless. He isn’t afraid of declaring war just to prove some form of point to another God. He is known to leave his Avatar and people to do much more freedom than other Gods (mainly due to his belief that Humans are evil in nature, even to their own kind).

Avatar: He believes that actions speaks louder than words, and therefore he is known to be reckless and a dangerous opponent. He is cunning and is never to be taken lightly as he constly finds ways to bring his opponents down to their knees. So far there are only two people he truly trusts; Bill ‘Butcher’ (leader of the Bronxer Boys) and Jim Mobley (Foreman of Smugglers).

Other: Their lands are called for “Heckclown Union” and there is (quite literally) no laws there.
There is a Code for how criminals are to respect each other and that only the strongest man survives (It is an alien code for anyone who isn’t raised in the Union).

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