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The Golden Fox

The Golden Fox


A long time ago in Japan, a goldsmith created a golden fox that had great magical power. Now it has fallen into the wrong hands and many demons and soldiers pillage various villages. It is up to you to restore peace.

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A long time ago in Japan, a goldsmith created a golden fox that had great magical power. Now it has fallen into the wrong hands and many demons and soldiers pillage various villages. Why do they pillage the villages? Because their master is nearly unstoppable and lets them pillage as much as they want. The golden fox lets wishes come true. All wishes except one: Invincibility. It is up to you to restore peace. The evil villain has his headquarters in the former capital of Kyoto. But you are not the only one to rebel against him. Many civilized demon clans as well as old human clans are up against him too. Many want to take the golden fox for themselves, others want to destroy it. Will you take it or destroy it?

Character sheet:

Race (Human or Demon)
Clan (optional)
Appearance (some demons have a wild appearance and a more human appearance)
Magical power (max. two)
Alignment (good, evil, neutral)

Toggle Rules

No godmodding
At least 100 words per post

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#, as written by Aniihya
It was slightly overcast in the village of Hatsumo. As young man came running to a woman with blueish black hair and red eyes. "Oyoko-san please help my wife! She has fallen ill and the priest cannot cure her." The man said. Yoko then followed him to his wife. She looked at the woman and said: "She is very ill. But I can cure her quickly." Yoko then pulled out a couple herbs and mashed the up in a bowl. She then bit her finger and let a couple drops of her blood drip into the herbs. Yoko then mixed the herbs again and gave them to the woman. Soon after the woman seemed to be doing better. "Its a miracle. Thank you Oyoko-san!" The young man said.

Suddenly the elder came running to them, wounded. "The village is going to be attacked. Bring yourselves to safety." The elder said. Yoko suddenly noticed something. She made a quick movement and reached behind the elder. The next moment she had an arrow in her hand. She had caught it. "Humans are weak for attacking weaker beings for fun." Yoko said coldly and pulled her sword. "But best is to fight those weaklings to protect the innocent." Yoko said. She walked towards the approaching troops.

"Heh. Only one person is going to protect this village. It would have been fun to fight at least a couple demons." The leader said. Then Yoko smirked and said: "Want to fight a demon eh? Then I will reveal my true self." Yokos horns suddenly became visible and grew longer. Her teeth began to look sharp. "Send me your best man." A man stepped forward and charged towards Yoko. Yoko stuck her sword in the ground and slapped the enemy with her bare hand making the mans head tear apart. Then the pillagers all attacked. Yoko pulled her sword out of the ground and rushed through the group making all of them fall to pieces. "You are all weak." Yoko said and put her sword away. She then went to the groups leader who began to cry in fear and claws grew out of her fingers. She then grabbed the man by his face and crushed the front part of his skull then tearing it out. Yoko then licked the blood off of her fingers and went back to the village. "Thank you for your hospitality. But I have to leave now." Yoko then left towards the next village.


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Hazuki followed closely behind her brother listening carefully for his footfalls in front of her and his distinct scent that she had learned over the years. The smell of turned up dust and pipe weed; "Big brother, are we coming up to a village?", she asked. She could feel the terrain of the path under her geta begin to change, instead of a rocky path it was beginning to smooth out. Her brother always tried to keep to less used paths which made it difficult for her sometimes, having to hold onto his hand. But right now things were moving smoothly, and they hadn't come across anyone from the Lords house that they had left behind. She was sure that eventually they would though; then something caught her attention looking into the thick bamboo forest they were walking next to Hazuki caught the glimpse of a little girl. She sighed cause she knew if she could see the girl then it was the spirit of a young child long ago passed. Her eyes were of only use to the spirit world, "Brother can we stop for a moment?", she asked.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Akeno was not meaning to rush his little sister but he wanted to get to the village before sundown, he didn't want to spend another night sleeping on the ground.

"Big brother, are we coming up to a village?"

He heard the sweet gentle voice from behind him, "Yes, Hazuki we should be there before nightfall but we must hurry please", he said with kindness and understanding. The poor girl did rather well following behind him despite being blind, but sometimes he felt like picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder just to speed things up. But he didn't want to degrade her in that way it was not her fault that she was blind, whatever their parents had done to anger the gods he didn't know but, she didn't deserve they're wrath if they had.

"Brother can we stop for a moment?"

Keno sighed, "She must be tiring out", he thought to himself. "Only for a moment Hazuki, we don't have much more time before sundown", he said. He watched as she went into the bamboo forest; assuming that she needed to relieve herself he sat down on the edge of the bamboo and awaited her return.

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Japan by Aniihya


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Lovely Demons. Some Humans. I like everyone~!

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Character Portrait: Yoko Fuuragaku


Character Portrait: Yoko Fuuragaku
Yoko Fuuragaku

Yoko is a wandering demon who is ancient.


Character Portrait: Yoko Fuuragaku
Yoko Fuuragaku

Yoko is a wandering demon who is ancient.

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Character Portrait: Yoko Fuuragaku
Yoko Fuuragaku

Yoko is a wandering demon who is ancient.

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