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Jeremy Cyrway

"Shiit. I don't give a damn if you don't like my art, or if you just don't like art in general. But don't go around being ignorant, thinking that's there's only one way to create art."

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a character in “The Graffiti Wars: The Beginnings”, as played by reveries


Rank: Leader

Name: Jeremy Cyrway
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Being tall at around 6 feet, well built, Jeremy could be considered intimidating. A Caucasian white male, with dirty blond hair that is usually messy and eyes that are a green brown hazel, he is pale, from usually staying inside during the day. Jeremy is young looking for his age, scars and bruises could be found on his body from street brawling often.

Personality: With a 'fuck-the-world, I-don't-give-a-damn' fearless attitude, Jeremy has some street reputation in the underground world, but is a nobody on the streets of New York - where it's daylight. Jeremy has trust issues and a short temper, often aggravated at "the stupidities" of everyday strangers of the world, he does what he wants, not caring about what others had to say about it. With temperamental issues, he isn't afraid to bring his fists into an argument, quick to his feet should anyone try to start something with him. He has a swagger that makes people fear his authority, and show who exactly is boss. A natural leader, he gains his respect and reputation.

Despite his independence, he still needs a sort of reliance upon others, especially to those who gained his trust. He always needs a shoulder to lean on as much as he would lend one. He doesn't take to betrayal well, back stabbing of any of the sort thoroughly will have him hunt you down and he will 'talk out' with his fists. An opportunist and wise beyond his years when it comes to the gang, Jeremy earned his Leader-like status in the gang through respect.

Skills/Specialties: Jeremy specializes in drawing onlookers in with the dark and negative emotion found in his work, despite what most authorities would see (what is illegal graffiti with little meaning and discriminating 'art'), it tells more behind what he draws. It's very abstract, and colorful, usually shades of a single color to portray an emotion specifically, and usually would show what he sees in society and the like everyday through his eyes. But it's done without much thought, usually on a whim, which would explain why most would find it crude.

History: Jeremy had originally lived in Philadelphia. But he had moved up to New York with his parent since their home had gotten evicted. In public high school, he met Jeong-Yun "Yuna" Choi, who he had an on-and-off relationship, even today. It was he who introduced Yuna to the passion for the arts, but they didn't really pay much attention to the others' style or drawings, just that they both enjoyed it.

He graduated community college, with not a care for education, rather more focused on how to get along, as his dad walked out on him and his mother at an early age. With his mother in gambling debts, Jeremy had to keep 4 jobs steady at the age of 23. When she died in a car accident, he was left alone in the world, no money or home, since he couldn't keep up with the rent and debts that his mother left him. Yuna did help him out, and he is indebted to her, leaving him as permanent figure in Yuna's life that she could go back to. Now living in an apartment complex, Jeremy works as a part-time tattoo artist and part time odd job taker during the day, as to during the night, he is often found spraying the walls with angry words/colors in an intricate manner, to cope with his anger or feelings, leaving behind a graffiti with a deeper meaning to it than what most would think.

Jeremy is considered the leader of the Hounds, as he brought together the group with his love for graffiti art, with many who agreed with him. However, he is unaware of what exactly is going on in the War, seeing as the member network is vast and scattered among the city of New York and other stations in other cities. He has little care for the rivalry between the two gangs, despite what goes around that the Depictioners should hate the Hound's guts and vice-versa, he does however wonders just what happened that caused a Depictioner's death.

Romantic Interests: He has feelings for Yuna. Despite her unawareness, he knows that she'd always come back, as they are close friends, and their complicated relationship. But he would not allow anyone else to take her away. Jeremy is open to relationships along the side, though.

Quirks: Jeremy is stronger than what meets the eye with his experience in brawling on the streets or otherwise, making him an opponent not to underestimate should you encounter him. Jeremy is also a chain smoker, finding it relaxing so that he could sleep properly each night.

Opinion: "Hell, I can understand if you don't like my shit. And I can understand that you probably just don't like art. But what stupidity did this society brought you to think that there is only one way to create art?"
He's not up for fighting over his art, but rather, if you have something against him personally. Or if you just piss him off.

Weapon(s): None/Fists.

So begins...

Jeremy Cyrway's Story