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Trinity Vargas

"My colors may be bright and "girly" in this damn dark, vicious world, but that means I must be gaining one's attention."

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a character in “The Graffiti Wars: The Beginnings”, as played by Jaybt9


Depictioner/Hound/ Neutral

Name: Trinity “C.C.” Vargas
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Standing at a considerable height of 5'7”, Trinity's figure is quite slim for her age. While she is Afro-Latin, her Earth-Yellow skin makes her the lightest of the Four Vargas Siblings. One thing Vargas siblings have that stands out are their brown smoky eyes, which Trinity also contains. While her charcoal hair flows down to her chest area, Trinity likes to keep it full, so it can blow in the wind. Her sense of clothing is much more relaxed, or considered “acceptable” in today's society.

Personality: Don't let Trinity's serene beauty fool you. She does have an edge for ambition and rebellion, or at least she likes guys with a sense for that. Trinity's settling fashion sense breaks through the labeling system that society gives towards artists. She may like nice clothes, but clothes don't make her an artist; her talent does. Either way, she does have to wear something “spray paint” safe. As further stated, Trinity has a small flirtatious bone in her body. According to her, she has interest in guys that have all, or either of, the “3 Cs”: chivalry, charisma, and ,the usual, confidence. Not sure why she has such fascination in them, but she figured that living near the streets gave some sort of factor to it. Trinity can be honest and witty towards people when she wants to be. Living in Brooklyn has given her some street antics, and also some street smarts.

Skills/Specialties: When it comes to art, Trinity has a keen eye for animation, and caricatures. She likes to add her own girly or exaggerated whirl to something that would seem so normal. It's more than just traditional graffiti that her work is contrived off. There is also bubble letters, bright luscious colors, “cartooned” animals, and curvacious figures. Her biggest inspiration is Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood, which is shown in the females that she draws, or paints.

example of her work

Quirks: After every meal, Trinity has her favorite snack during the day; Chewing Gum. Her parents comment at how strong her teeth may be to keep chewing gum and not injure them, but her response is usually “Better that than chewing the butt off of a cigarette”. Her favorite bubble gum flavor is Cotton Candy, which is the meaning of her nickname “C.C.”. Besides her artistic ability and sense of fashion, Trinity also knows how to whistle, learning from her mother. People reference that Trinity sounds like something from a Western movie. There is one dislike that she has, and that is houseflies. Just seeing one that pass her by, makes her want to either swat at it, or kill it, especially when it is in her dorm room.

History: During the blooming season of Spring, An Afro Cuban construction worker and a Puerto-Rican nurse gave birth to their 3rd child of 4 in the rural area of Brooklyn in New York City. Living in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, family income in the Vargas household wasn't as sufficient as it seemed. She spent most of her childhood years watching Looney Tones and Tex Avery cartoons, as well as arguing with her older brothers, Jose and Tomas, and the youngest sibling, Tristan. The moment Trinity saw her favorite character, “Red Hot Riding Hood”, on television, it was time for her brothers to hush so she could watch it. Just watching the character on television inspired Trinity to fuse this into the creative world of her own.
Her experience with graffiti came from her eldest brother, Jose, who originally had the shoes that she wears (figuratively). At the age of 10, a walk in the neighborhood with her brother had her witness him spraying graffiti, and also exploring other designs around her. This fascinated her so much, that she wanted to follow his creative skill, but put it in her own way. That same year, however, her brother was taken to the police office for defacing public property. Everyone was aware of the incident, except Trinity and the youngest, so Trinity's desire for street art was still active.
From middle school to now, she based her exhibits on the city-wide street art displaying on the outside of buildings. While teachers weren't pleased, because it was primarily “graffiti”, peers actually complimented them because it was something that they could relate to.
Graduating from her local public school, Boys and Girls High School, she dreamed on wanting to expand her art.

Romantic Interests: There is no one in particular that she is romantically involved with, but she willing to mingle.
Opinion: “Since when did expressing one's self resort to such gritty violence? The second I spill a drop of paint on the concrete, I get shot at. This is the N.Y.C., where art is active and alive in full form, but instead the artists end up dead. What kind of shit is that?”
Weapon(s): She carries no weapons, as she does not believe in physical violence.
Other: Trinity studies in the Global Liberal Studies (GLS) program, and minors in Art Studio, at New York University.

So begins...

Trinity Vargas's Story

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Character Portrait: Trinity Vargas
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#, as written by Jaybt9
Trinity "C.C." Vargas

A set of horns played aloud into a girl's ears, causing her to open her eyes and catch sight of a large artwork filled with iridescent letters and illustrations.

The Latina girl, named Trinity, planned on pulling an “all-nighter” as some would say, but sometime between 2:00AM and sunrise, she dozed off on the couch in the painting studio. Being an artist takes plenty of dedication, patience, and energy, as it seemed. Trinity took a quick yawn, stretching her arms and back to loosen any knots, or hear any pops and cracks. Her hair was in a disarrayed ponytail after shifting positions on the couch so much. She still wore the clothes she had on the night before: a black long-sleeved shirt, and light gray sweatpants covered in various colors of paint. The windows were still open so the fumes from her spray cans could escape the room.

The Latin rhythmic sounds of Joe Bataan playing in the background set the scene for the studio. “Gypsy Woman” was a song that Trinity truly admired, as well as admiring the musician because of how much his life compared to hers; living in a neighborhood of hardship and struggle with nothing but gangs surrounding every corner. The use of the arts was his way to escape from the neck of the woods into a better lifestyle, which Trinity plans on achieving for her family.

Trinity stood up from the couch, admiring her cool-colored canvas. “Serenidad” she called it. Wanting to display this sense of “serenity” a large butterfly blending into the splatters of rich violet and blue hues. This was something that she had never done before, but the meaning of the artwork she had on her mind ever since she was born.

While it was unfinished, Trinity was relieved enough to work on it since her Spring semester had ended, and she was finally on Summer Break. School was interesting to say the least, and it somewhat distracted with her art, so this was like her therapy, but for today, she was needed some breakfast, and knew exactly where to go.

She opened up her backpack revealing a change of clothes. A more “settling attire”: a deep blue trapeze tanktop, white summer shorts, and blue Nike tennis shoes to display some sort of color coordination.

After letting her hair down, and putting on some lip gloss, she closed the windows, turned off her radio, as well as the lights in the studio, and made her exit from the building into the New York cityscape. Walking a few corners from the building lead to the entrance of a subway station. Practically living in New York has benefited her into knowing the locations and destinations around the city by subway.

With Trinity's headphones relaxed around her ears, Joe Bataan still played in her head as she strolled down the stairway to the underground station. The pedestrians were at full storm this morning, so slithering around the crowd wasn't as effective as it usually was, but she still managed to make it closer to the front before the train could arrive. All she had to do was wait.

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Character Portrait: Trinity Vargas
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#, as written by Jaybt9
Trinity "C.C." Vargas

The sound of wheels rowing on the tracks made notice to Trinity's ears, gradually raising higher in volume. The anticipation that the pedestrians around her were having, waiting for the subway train to appear from the tunnel. Trinity could feel the expression of impatience from them. Many were already beginning to clinch their belongings and sneak their way to the front, nearest to the subway board. Even some tried to push, but they were failing to make any impact from it as they were pushed right back.

While the sound of the wheels erupted to a higher volume, Trinity could hear the brakes sounding off like nails on a chalkboard. That was one thing that she disliked about the subway. Hearing that sound used to haunt her as a child, because it was so screechy and earsplitting. Eventually, she learned to overcome that fear, because she knew that she would have to take the subway dozens of times. Three or four times a day, to say the least.

The louder the brakes were, the more the pedestrians began to thrust. Clearly their impatience was beginning to develop into an extreme since of arrogance, and once the subway appeared from the tunnel, beginning to make a stop, Trinity felt that all hell was about to break loose in that subway station. The metal doors expanding away from each other.

Trinity tried to make her way in, but she kept getting pushed by nearly every man and woman. Thankfully she was able to make it in before they could close on her. She went for a seat closest to the door, next to an older man and two businessmen. As she sat down, she unzipped her backpack after placing it on the ground, and dug through the rubble for one thing only: her favorite snack of the day, bubble gum. Cotton Candy bubble gum, to be specific. Just chewing bubble gum set her in a restful mood, especially with this busy crowd surrounding her like smoke.

With her legs crossed, she proceeded to wait for the doors to close.