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Jeong-Yun "Yuna" Choi

"I'll carry a weapon, sure, just to show that I have some self defense. And if they mess with my stuff, sure, I'll beat the crap out of them. But if it's meaningless and there's nothing to gain? Forget it."

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a character in “The Graffiti Wars”, as played by reveries



Name: Jeong-Yun Choi
Nickname: "Yuna"
Age: 23
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Gender: Female

A short, slender and petite woman, Yuna is an Asian-American with pale skin and brown hair that would be dyed often crazy colors every now and then. Eyes black as obsidian, and hair that is cutting edge, with many layers that could be considered an 'emo' tomboy like style. Her dress style is street fashion, and is usually dark, with white and gray, but it usually has a regular splash of color that stands out. Leather, boots, tights and fedora hats are her usual 'signature' item(s) that go along everything she owns.

Example of what she'd wear:

Personality: With a tough front, Yuna is not afraid to say something where she feels its needed, being sharp-tongued and a no-nonsense chic, she's serious and critical in her speech with carefully picked and harsh words towards everyone else. Yuna is book smart, but has a good bit of street knowledge that has saved her life every now and then. Independent and solitude, she prefers to be a loner. She finds no regret in anything she ever does, because she rights most of her wrongs.

Should you speak to her, she'd most likely ignore you, because she simply doesn't deem you significant to speak to, and this arrogance is what makes her feel self-secure. With her own problems, Yuna has issues with her self esteem and often would be very self conscious over everything she does, being a perfectionist, which causes her decision to avoid companionship. Pushing everything away with a strong brick wall, preferring not to get into others' business that does not concern her, Yuna merely wants to be free of restraints and gets easily riled up upon seeing caged animals, as it reflects on her own past.

Skills/Specialties: Yuna specializes in optical illusions, and as well as human body parts (such as mouths, eyes, noses, hands - but not an entire human, just parts of it). She uses a crazy splash of color, that makes it really eye-catching and showy. Usually, it's some sort of "freedom" message, such as a dove escaping from a cage. Personal murals of freedom and free spirits are portrayed often.

History: Having parents as doctors with high expectations, she was home-schooled most of her life due to a weak immune system. However, she eventually built it up, and was fine to be able to go to public high school. There, she fell in love with the arts. Originally quiet and meek from being hidden from the world and at the command of her perfectionist parents, the sudden influence to being exposed to the "outside world" made her become more out-spoken and slowly became a rebellious teenager. At the age of 17, Yuna did drugs and crack for a while, but stopped after a close friend died from overdose. But to the present day, she'd have a smoke at it every now and then under stressful conditions.

She did went into college, studying for the medical area, which pleased her parents, her book-smarts having being able to allow her to do so. However, she dropped out after 2 years, from harassment, and the heavy regret from giving up on her love for art. This had disappointed her parents, who lost all hope for her then, and she made sure to never see them again as soon as she became 21. Despite this, her parents are always sending her money, every 2-6 months. Yuna doesn't really care anymore- she'd give the money to a random person off the street, and makes her own money on her own with odd jobs, or put her artistic skill to use to get pay. But, she'd send them a letter every 6-8 months, just so they'd know that she's alive.

Yuna had on-and-off relationships with females and males alike, with only a specific she keeps going back to, her first, a Jeremy Cyrway. Now that she was out of college, she roams the pavement, able to now freely express her feelings and thoughts. She crashes at Jeremy's place every now and then, and is making a reputation for herself among the talk of the Underground and the streets. She doesn't approve of the brawl that's going down between the two gangs, as she herself isn't a dedicated member to the Depictioners, as she was recruited (she sees it as being tricked into joining) by the 'Leader'. However, she doesn't walk away from any fight that insults her artwork, and this just may entice her into being a part of the War.

Romantic Interests: Yuna is not really ready, and is unstable as she would keep coming back to "Jerm" in a pretty steady(if you could call it that) on-and-off relationship with Jeremy.

Quirks: * Yuna has a weak body with low stamina, becoming easily tired should she try any difficult physical work.(Lifting heavy things and running for a long, extended period of time.) But, quick on her feet, she has scary fast reflexes. She is not all that strong, weaker than the average strength of an adult woman and is pretty much useless in a hand-to-hand fight. However, her childhood days of being home-schooled to go to medical school comes in use, as she has memorized the human body's pressure points and nervous system - which could more or less paralyze someone as a self defense - depending which pressure points affects specific people. Yuna can be easily talked into vulnerable state should you be able to exploit her weaknesses, her own mind, and her strongest weapon. She is nervous around clowns, is afraid of heights.

Opinion: "I'll carry a weapon, sure, just to show that I have some self defense. And if they mess with my stuff, sure, I'll beat the crap out of them. But if it's meaningless and there's nothing to gain? Forget it."

Weapon(s): Pepper Spray, and a small handgun that could be easily hidden.

My favorite food: Vietnamese Banh Mi. :D

So begins...

Jeong-Yun "Yuna" Choi's Story