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Oblio Rainer

I'd rather have people ridiculing my work, than have blood splattered on it. Actually....that would be pretty cool.

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a character in “The Graffiti Wars”, as played by Thadine


Depictioner/Hound/ Neutral

Name: Oblio Rainer
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: Oblio has very dark brown hair, often mistaken for black in low lighting, but while in the sunlight has a tint of red to it, almost like auburn or burgundy. It's cut in very short layers, looking rather rugged and messy, with pieces that fall in front of his eyes. It goes to about the back of his neck, roughly, and frames his face in the front. His eyes are actually a light blue, with a mix of deep gray in it. His facial expression rarely changes, and instead most of his emotions are reflected in his eyes, while he remains looking calm most of the time. His skin is actually, rather tanned from being outside for the majority of his day, every day, and he has small patches of sun-burned shoulders and arms. He has various cuts and scars all over his hands, just from his common injuries he gets. He's pretty accident prone. They make him look tougher than he actually is. He is just passing average height, with people shorter than him, but others taller as well.


Personality: Oblio is often seen as an overall very calm person, sometimes a bit distant from other people, and even a bit cold. He tends to not talk to people a lot, Instead, he keeps quiet, just having conversations by himself in his head to keep himself busy. He is a bit of a slacker, and often quite lazy, but that's only because he doesn't ever hold a stable job, and moves from place to place. He is very welcome to changes, and most often goes with the flow without...trying to stand out. Though he doesn't try, he often does with his more macabre works of art. He is slightly sadistic, finding people in slight pain almost funny or amusing, and enjoying grotesque pictures and works of writing.

Though often quiet and un-social, he actually is quite gentle too, and grows attached to certain people, objects, or things very easily, and will defend them no matter what. He's very determined and handles well when in stressful situations, never over-reacting. He's very patient, and has a temper that only goes off when really irritated by someone. He works to help people more than hurt them, and is generally a good person all in all. He just...does some bad things here and there. He is a bit teasing and sarcastic at times, and one of his most hated things is stupid people, or over-confident people, so expect him to be rude to people like that.

Skills/Specialties: Very morbid with his art, sticking to dark colors, very rarely using using brighter colors. He will often draw things with blood, or gruesome detail and colors. He could make any subject look creepy, but sometimes, will just do random designs and patterns. People often comment on his art, or just...look at him weirdly, due to the many mutilations he can do to simple pictures. Sometimes when he's...under the spell of alcohol, he can paint some pretty amazing stuff. He really isn't that great at painting animals, and his work often turns up looking very messy and free-drawn rather than carefully planned out. It usually carries grim or morbid messages, such as how we're destroying the world, or how Mutual Assured Destruction is eminent. A lot of the time though, it's just there to show creepy, macabre things.

Other than that, he seems to have a way with words with a lot of people, and is very good at debating, often causing some people to switch over to his side of the argument. He can describe things very well.

Here would be some of his art.


Quirks: Oblio is almost deathly afraid of most animals with fur, such as cats or dogs, but actually enjoys the company of reptiles and anything with scales or slimy skin. He has a slight addiction to drinking, and though he's not the legal drinking age yet, he manages to find beer or whiskey in his parent's house, which he'll often stop by to get money or just a drink. He very rarely drinks too much, and often sticks to one or two drinks, but over-does it sometimes. He i quite the one that loves adrenaline in any form. He is afraid of water and drowning, yet fire enthralls him, interests him. Oblio has odd habits or interests, such as talking to animals, or things that aren't actually alive. He has the weirdest conversations with people. The topic can go from his favorite color, to mind-boggling things such as dividing by zero, or black holes in space. He reads morbid poetry and stories.

History: He had been born as an only child, and his father was part of a big business, while his Mother also worked a small job. They had quite a bit of money for a long time, and he was pretty much a spoiled brat as a child. In school. He never did that well, as the subjects bored him, and the only classes he was good at were Art and Language Arts, History as well. He always did horrible in Math and Science, and soon found out that affected his mark in High School, and whether he would get through or not. After barely picking up the slack, and hardly graduating, he got away from education as soon as he could, avoiding college in general, and living off of his parent's money. They were always willing to "lend" him large amounts, which he used to get an apartment, get art supplies, do whatever he wanted. He repays them by visiting them often, though it's mostly just to get a drink or some more money.

He never really was successful. He has held many jobs, but never stayed with one for a decent amount of time. It was just a few months ago that he completely gave up on funding himself, and decided that maybe he would get money just from...luck. Or saying hello to his family every now and then. His life it pretty easy though, he lacks ambition and goals, and...hates himself because of that. He wants to change himself, but has never found a way to do so.

Romantic Interests: Doubts he would ever find anyone, due to his odd art, and drinking habits.

Opinion: "Verbal arguments and fights, I'm okay with. But taking it to physical violence? Not unless people really piss me off will I ever shove them around. I'd rather have people ridiculing my work, than have blood splattered on it. Actually....that would be pretty cool looking."

Weapon(s): Anything that is closest to him. So that could range to a tree branch, to a can of spray paint, to...a pillow. He doesn't like carrying real weapons, as he doesn't want to get in too much trouble with the law, or get an even worse reputation than he already has.

Other: Used to be part of the Depictioners, for a very short time, but it wasn't too long that he was in it did they start making comments about how his art was more like the Hound's style. He watched that group for awhile, but found that they very rarely used hidden meanings and deep symbolism in their artwork. He was a mix of both, so rather than joining either group, he went around as a loner, ignoring the fight, putting his artwork on whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted.

Oh, and favorite food? Lamb.

So begins...

Oblio Rainer's Story