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The Grandparents' Choice

The Grandparents' Choice


What happens when a popular idol confesses to a normal student? What may seem like a bold decision based purely on love will be revealed as an idols' feeble attempt to avoid the "persuasion" to marry!

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: idea was created with the concept of confessing to an idol, but switched around



The words ran throughout the whole house, silence filling the air after the brevity of what had been spoken had been made clear. Even the girl who had spoken them could not believe they had come out of her mouth, could not believe what she was doing! Yet, She could not believe what was being asked of her! How could they expect something like this from me? From the looks on her grandparents face she knew she had spoken out of line though. They were simply trying to persuade her to consider the idea... She took in a deep breath, trying to clear her mind and thoughts. Yet, the only thing that would come to mind was: what do I do?!!

The day started like any other day. She woke up early in the morning and went to practice her latest album dance, had vocal lessons, attended a few promotional meetings, then was on her way back home. It was the average, every day life for her that she had worked so hard to have and that se had become accustomed to. She had wanted to become a pop star every since she was little and had been working hard for that dream to become. And, in that 1-in-a-million chance that it would happen? It happened. Yuma became a full fledged pop star when she turned 16. It had been two, long and hard working, years since then.

After her driver took her home she went upstairs and studied for an hour because she had yet to study for a big test the next day, and then was called down for dinner... This was when the problems arose...

She was thinking idly about schoolwork as she ate, hardly thinking about the others across the table from her. The table was huge, a dining table that was at least twenty feet in length, yet they barely used 5 feet of it. They were all sitting at one end, her grandmother, her grandfather, her father, and her. She was an only child, sadly on her part, and thought that in such a huge house they were in desperate need of more children. Yes, they lived in a mansion. It was one of the bigger one in Japan besides a few, select billionaires. None the less with Yuma's occupation and her grandfathers finances, they never had problems with money.

Everyone was silent, unusually silent. Though Yuma took no notice to it at first, the reasoning became evidently clear when her grandfather looked up from his plate, for the first time this evening, and spoke to Yuma.

Her grandfather was a very old man, He was a tall old man who prided himself in his health and proved it by keeping up a steady diet and exercise. It showed through the lack of wrinkles around his eyes and neck. Though through long business hours it became quite evident that he had seen better days. Thinning on the top, it had become grey to the point where it was no longer clear what color it had been originally. His original skin color was now spotted and blotchy through too age and the sun. His eyes, a brilliant shade of blue however, showed the youth that was left inside of him.

"Yuma? Dear Yuma, I have a proposition to make to you," His voice was cautious and sweet, which alarmed Yuma more then anything...

She looked up from her peas and put down her fork, everyone was looking at her. She very cautiously tried to figure out what was going on, but knew it was wise to just play along. She smiled, "Yes, grandfather? What is it?"

Her grandfather took her hand into his and caressed it lovingly, "Dear Yuma, you just turned 18? You look so beautiful, you are now a young women and I have very much noticed that. It concerns me though, you being such a popular idol and all is great but you've only had yourself to take care of you. I really want to ensure that you have a safe future..."

Yuma was getting worried. Her head cocked to the side as she stared at her grandfather, trying to make sense of what he was saying...

Staring at her straight in her eyes, Her grandfather, in all seriousness, finally spoke what was on his mind. He took in a long, deep, exasperated breath, then told her what he wanted.

"Yuma, I want you to get married."

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Nervousness, that was what Yuma felt in the pit of her stomach as she stared at herself in the mirror, stared at her long pink hair being tussled, stared at her face being added color to it. She didn't understand, she had been so excited to this announcement up until now because of how much fun it would be to act like she had a boyfriend! Yet now she could only think about what would happen if she messed up or something. Was this stage-fright? She had experienced it when she was younger, but now she thought she had been use to it.

The stylists all crowded around her, compliments coming from all ends. They were very nice people towards her but typically these people were just in it to get a tip. Yuma didn't mind giving it to them though, they were nice to her and did a good job. Everything from hair drying, straightening, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick was being put on her face at the same time. From the nervous and normal look on her face it was obvious, based on her usual peppiness, that Yuma didn't like this process too much. Though she hardly showed it, she did show her nervousness by watching what the stylists did very carefully. “Easier on the eye makeup, last time I think it was a little too much,” She said with a smile. She wanted to look good for this announcement because she had made sure that her parents would be watching. Of course, nobody knew of her plan except for herself, so her parents were in for a shock. The makeup artist smiled and nodded her head as she did then continued to work on them. She sounded completely professional when working with these people, they had been working with her for so long that they had come to understand that when she made comments such as these ones that she did not mean anything wrong out of them she just knew what was best for herself. None the less, Yuma was nervous on the inside. None of them knew what she was about to do. She felt scared because this was such a huge risk, but at the same time it was the only way she could think of this working!


“W... What?! What do you mean marriage?! No Grandfather! I refuse! I-... I understand, but I refuse! I will not marry someone I don’t know!” She was so stupid to phrase it in that way. For immediately her grandparents had persuaded her to get to know him, meaning to at least date him. Of course, Yuma immediately accepted this offer. She knew it was the best one she was gonna get, mostly because she could tell from the way that her grandparents were talking that they were completely serious. They really wanted her to get married. It made her worried if something was wrong with one of their hearts or something, but none the less she had complied to do it.

She found out later on that although she had known about it, both parents of her and the boy that they wanted her to marry were in agreement with each other... Meaning that Yuma wasn’t getting out of this very easily. She didn’t mind trying to date someone she didn’t know to get out of it. She just had to do that, right? For all she knew it would turn out to be a true love!

She had heard of the person it was too though did not know him formally. she knew he was a hardworking student who was very straightforward about things; a guy known as Shin Asuka. He was in her class but she didn't associate much with the boys in her grade. It wasn't on purpose, she just didn't have time to typically.

The young pop idol found him kind of interesting, especially considering from the looks of it they were opposites. It would make for an easier chance for her to get to him through this intricate plot. She couldn't help but giggle, she had never dabbled in the confounds of cupids restrictions, it was kind of exciting!

And now, here she was, just moments away from her plan going into action. She was actually thinking of backing out of it, after all of that planning! In a moment of apprehension she almost decided not to mention anything, but remembered this would be her last chance for a little while. So, as they were handing her a dress, helping her towards the stage, and sitting her down next to several famous people for an interview, the young pink haired girl found herself set on her crazy plan.

“Yuma? Are you ready? You seem excited! It’s only been a few months since you were last here, haha you cute child,” Said the host of the show who came up to sit next to her. It was an interview they were doing for her next album, one that would be seen by many people, enough people that anything Yuma said would be remembered. She smiled and nodded her head, “Yes! I'm just glad that every time I come here both of us are doing better!” She said with a giggle.

The host smiled back, nodding her head. And then, it begun: The lights casts down on the few people on stage, the pop star adjusted her seating position, the crowd became quiet, and the host got ready for the oncoming audience... “In 3, 2, 1... and were live!”

“And were back Ladies and Gentleman! and BOY do we have a treat for you! Today were welcoming back one of our cutest most sensational pop stars that Japan has seen in this modern era to announce the release of her new album, Yuma ku!” Said one of the hosts.

Yuma took in a deep breath and smiled towards the camera. She was so use to this part by now that she knew just how to act in front of it.

“Oh my, Yuma! It’s so nice to see you again! It seems like only yesterday your previous album was out and we were sitting here!” Said the main host of the interview. Though, honestly it was hard to tell. They all looked so similar.

Yuma smiled, nodding her head in agreement. “Yes it is! It’s nice to see that during this time both of us have prospered. I have heard you have one an award for one of our interviews,” She said with a smile. The lady was surprised, mostly because there was no script so she was not required to say this. She smiled happily, “Oh thank you! It was a small award but it’s nice to be appreciate by someone like you!” Of course, Yuma did her research before she went and talked to her but she still was happy for her. It was kind of like keeping social ties connected. It was better for her company if she mentioned something about the interviewer.

“So, now let’s get on to more pressing, important matters! We've heard you just now, after much waited time, released your new album into the public today. Care to tell us a little about it?"

Yuma nodded her head, "Of course! It's probably one of our most heartfelt albums yet! The Album is named "The feelings of love," and describes many different sides and faces of this feelings through the songs on the album! I wrote five of the seven songs on the album and my father helped me finished the last two. Although it took a bit longer then my other albums to make, it was very much a treat to make! You could say, I very much understand the feelings being portrayed in the album.

Of course, the title of the album was completely "coincidental."

The interviewers paused as people began to whisper amongst the crowds. "Yuma? You mean to say you understand the feelings? Does that mean you are in love with someone?"

Yuma, acting as if this revelation had surprised her, like she hadn't figured they would figure this out, blushed horribly. "O- Oh! Ah... h- how did you know?" She said as she looked away from the camera, smiling in embarrassment. The crowd roared with gasps, with words, even the interviewers shared a few surprised looks.

The interviewer, having never seen this side of Yuma, got excited. “Oh my goodness that is so exciting! SO, who's the lucky star?! Is it someone in Japan? Or a star overseas?" She giggled and shook her head, "A- Actually, He's not a star. He isn't overseas either..." She drew out her answer, not letting them now what he was till they asked, to draw in dramatic effect.

The interviewer gasped, desperately hoping they were going to get this confession on camera. One of the interviewers' smiled and eagerly asked, "Then, what is He?"

The room got incredibly quiet as the camera man pointed the camera at Yuma.

Yuma looked off into the distance, into the crowd and pass the cameras. She giggled again, thinking of how to make this sound best. "He's a wonderful, cool, calm, collected, cute guy who goes to my school! To put it simply, he is my classmate!"

The interviewer smiled, “That’s so sweet! How much do you like him? Who is he?" They asked a lot of questions very quickly.

“Yeah Yuma who is it?!” The crowd was in a fury now, people were either very happy or very sad. She couldn’t tell if she had made a great decision or a horrible mistake.

Yuma paused for a moment and looked down, like she was embarrassed, but in reality was so nervous that she felt like her heart was gonna burst. She knew Asuka Shin would probably kill her for this, but her parents had to think that something was going on!

She smiled happily and the camera zoomed in on her, the room going quiet again. "Oh goodness, I like him so much! I've never felt this way about anyone so I just don't know how to act! (In a way, she wasn't lying) But... I.. I think..."

The camera zoomed in on her again. "Yes, I am sure of it! I'm In love with him!"

"Who is it? Who is it Yuma?!" It came from all around the room

Yuma, filled with "adrenaline" from the audience shot up and looked straight at the camera. "I'm deeply infatuated- N.. No I LOVE! Yes! Yes I love Shin Asuka!"

Yuma sighed heavily as she slumped in her seat, her face was so red... Going through with it was harder then she thought it would be. Honestly she was a little scared about this idea but she couldn't back out of it now! She needed to at least try and make this word. She wondered if Shin had seen it. Even it he didn’t, he would know all about it by tomorrow... She dreaded the confrontation, but she needed to prove to him that she really did love him. In a way she was kind of excited to see him... She needed him to agree to trying to date her. If they could prove that then at least Yuma would be let off the hook. Yuma smiled at that thought though couldn't help but feel that what she had done would somehow come back and make her regret it. She giggled, that couldn't happen though!

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#, as written by xKyrie

"I'm deeply infatuated- N.. No I LOVE! Yes! Yes I love Shin Asuka!" Kana Asuka's blue eyes widened as she stared at the blushing face of her pink-haired idol. Out of all the trending topics online, one name that greatly takes the junior high student's attention is that of the pink-haired singer's name.

Every time she would see her idol streaming live in the national broadcast, Kana would always make sure to keep the lights of the room turned off and the door tightly shut. She especially made it that way so that she can wholly focus on the pretty face flashing at the screen.

One should never disturb the petite brunette when she's watching Yuma Ku, the well-known pop idol of Japan, else they face dire consequences. With her eyes still glued on the television screen and the words of her idol echoing in her ears, the gears of realization suddenly started turning inside her brunette head.


She let out a very loud surprised shriek, impulsively jumping off her relaxed position on the medium-sized couch situated in the middle of their darkened living room. "Nii-chan?!" Kana uttered, wonder and shock clearly painted in her face.

Without a single care that she had inadvertently disturbed the stillness she adamantly requested from the other members of the household before the start of the show; she shouted in disbelief once again, "REALLLYY?!!"

Shin's younger sister dashed through the room and recklessly tried to open the door- with her face set in those standard comically flabbergasted expression. She left the television open-which was currently showing a shampoo commercial- and the lights still turned off, dashing through the stairways like a hurricane freed to havoc.

When she got upstairs, she immediately zeroed on her beloved brother's room and rapped on the jade-colored door. She repeatedly called out for his name, frantically urging him to open up. "Shin-nii! Why didn't you inform me?!" Was her recurring phrase, her eyes still wide as saucers and face set in that same unbidden awe.

Some minutes later, (which had seemed like an eternity to the girl) the door was forcibly widely opened. The tall figure of her brother soon followed after, "Kana?"

The blond-haired expression's was one that is full of confusion. His tone wary and blue eyes darting on his sister's figure, Shin Asuka stepped on the side to let his frantic sister enter the bedroom. "What are you yapping around, Kana? Haven't you specifically told us to be quiet at all cost?" He scratched the back of his neck disconcerted at obvious signs of his younger sister's usual weird antics.

The shorter girl wasn't able to form a response as she stayed muted entering inside, the incredulity still fresh in her features. "Y-you", she started saying, stuttering while doing so, pointing an accusing forefinger towards the other.

Shin discreetly shrugged, quite used with the girl's changing moods and left her to form a coherent statement. He went to the black mono-block chair and sat on it, turning back to his opened textbook on the table. Arranging the still playing head phone on his neck, he looked back at her and raised an eyebrow in silent inquiry.

"Weren't you gonna watch that interview with Yama or something?" He stated waiting for the outburst that would expectantly soon follow after. He wasn't disappointed. As if awakening from a dazed spell, Kana Asuka gave a hard shake of her head and stared at her brother. "Nii-chan! Why didn't you tell me that you're dating Yuma Ku?!" She asked in a bratty voice, placing both of her hands on her waist trying on an intimidating position.

The only response she got from the other person occupying the room was a blank stare.

"Yuma Ku, 'nii! Yuma! That pretty famous cute idol that I was talking about for ages! Jeez! Why didn't you tell me you were involved with her?" She repeated emphasizing her words with her hands and an occasional stomping of her right foot. She inched closer to Shin, replicating his earlier action by arching an eyebrow, daring him to reply and deny her words.

"I don't know what you're talking about Kana, and I'm definitely not dating someone right now," he replied simply.

Silence permeated the area and junior high student tried all she can to win the stare down between her and her brother. When her sibling's face did not change, still set in that serious uncaring look, she let out a sigh. "Well, you are telling the truth. I'm sure of that 'nii, but Yuma was just interviewed on Japan TV live moments ago and she told the public that she was in love with someone..." she trailed her words off dramatically, hoping that her brother would take her lead like the usual.

Knowing how her sister's mind works, Shin sighed inwardly and asked the question she had been obviously waiting for. "Who was it?" He deadpanned, gazing at a point past his sister's head just to show he's interested. He had been thoroughly absorbed in his work before she came in demanding answers to an issue he had no single clue of. He knew full well that if he wanted to get things done before midnight, he needed to succumb to his sister's wishes and let her steam it all out. He needed wait until she grow tired of disturbing him and leave him alone to his activities.

"...Shin Asuka 'nii! Shin Asuka! Guess who had that name?" She stopped for a while, placing a finger on her temple to adopt a wondering expression before adding, "Well, you! You, my dear oh-so-updated brother!" She exclaimed shrilly stressing on his name.

This time, Shin visibly sighed and rolled his eyes in exasperation. "I'm not the only person with the name Shin Asuka in whole Japan, Kana." Was his succinct reply and he was about to add more, wanting to say that he didn't know someone by the name of Yama Ku but another voice popped up in the conversation.

"Didn't you told me that the international star, Yuma Ku is studying in your School, Shin?" It was the siblings' mother, Suzuki Asuka. Both of their heads instinctively turned to the newcomer on the door. She was currently wearing a rather frilly yellow apron over her orange dress and is wiping her hands on a wet cloth, stains of red and brown can be spotted on her pale motherly face.

"Didn't you told me you had a celebrity for a classmate?" She continued softly. Smiling at both of them when she was finally done with the cloth and keeping it inside the pockets of her apron.

"It was me, Mom!" Kana piped up, edging closer to her mother before telling, "See, I told you! It's you after all, Shin!"

Said Shin just shook his head dismissively and faced Suzuki, "Kana, its definitely not me. Mom, that person wasn't called Yama Kyu, I remember Mr. Taka calling her Ashiyama or something of the like. Besides I never had a conversation with the girl, Ashiyama had been mostly absent during classes anyway." He then turned to his sister afterwards, "I told you, it's not me, Ok? Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to finish my homework." He ended and gestured to the open books all over his room.

"Very well, dear," Mrs. Asuka finally asserted ushering her still skeptical daughter out the door. "Dinner will be ready at fifteen minutes, Shin".

-====- The next day -====-

Shin had been minding his own business as he walked around the courtyard on the way through his favorite tree, far from the students' views. He had rather been early this morning. Since after completing his assignments last night, he had immediately went to sleep.

Not really caring to socialize, he walked straight ahead with both of the earphones tucked in his ears, a loud music blasting out of it. If he would have listened closely, the blond-haired boy would have known that he is the trending topic all over the high school. With the varying degrees of blatant and discreet gazes thrown at his back, the student body was currently whispering gossips around him.

"He's Shin Asuka right?"

"Isn't he part of the chemistry club?"

"I thought he was part of the drama club?"

"Are you an idiot? He's from the basketball team! Look at that build!" Another shrieked, hitting a book on his companion's head.

"He is the Asuka Shin! I know him! He's from class 1! He helped me throw out the trash one time before. Such a cutie..."

"But didn't he had fifteen girlfriends that he broke up with on a single day last year?"

"I thought it was twenty? Most of them from different all-girls school in Akihabara?"

Not hearing any of this, Shin just continued on his way, totally unknowing of the brewing gossips behind his back. Though a lot of people wanted to approach and talk to him. Itching to confirm the rumors all over, very few had the actual guts to do so.

He had the reputation of being either the total nice guy or the apathetic asocial person at the whole school. Most of the student body go to him for some advice and comfort but ever since last year, where he had bluntly stated he wouldn't be their dear Aunt Sally any longer, others did not dare disturb him again.

It is undeniable that Shin is famous with his above average looks and uncommon personality. But his seriousness and absolute detachment to any societal issues, urges and turns hopeful fangirls to just admire and look at him from a place... so far far away.

Last night, when almost half of the Japanese student population turned to watch the interview of phenomenal Yuma Ku, many had been literally shocked to stone when they heard their pink-haired idol's announcement.

I'm deeply infatuated- N.. No I LOVE! Yes! Yes I love Shin Asuka!" She had said and most of them had to check out their ears if they had been mistaken with what they have heard. After all it was undoubtedly unlikely for the young star to be infatuated with a guy like him.

"Shin!" A loud voice rang through out the courtyard. "Shin, you bastard, stop walking!" The tone had been forceful, belonging to a red-haired boy, one of the very few people that would daringly disturb the boy away from his timely nap, as he ran towards the blond-haired's retreating back.

"Shin!" He repeated and he sped up, dashing to the said boy and tapping him on the back as he neared him. Shin looked at his friend and took off the earphone, setting his player into mute. "What are you shouting for like a madman, Kyo?" He moved to put his player on his bag and stared expectantly at the boy.

"I-is it true?" Kyo breathlessly asked, the strains of running round the campus to look all over for him can be clearly detected in his voice. "Is it true that Yuma Ku confessed to you on live TV?"


"Shin, don't lie! You've been every body's talk ever since last night! Now tell me, is it true? Our dear idol who was rumored to be studying here for as long as we have- confessed her interest to the unworthy you?" He repeated, shaking Shin as if doing so would provide him the answers.

"This again?" Shin sighed, putting a hand over his friend to cease the incessant shaking, "It's not me, Kyo, how many times do I have to say that? I don't even know who is this Yama Ku." He shoved off the hand on his shoulder and resumed walking to his initial destination.

"YUMA KU! Look Shin!" Kyo wasn't done as he thrust the most recent newspaper in front of Shin's uncaring face. "Look at that! Isn't that how's your name is written in Hiragana? Now you can't deny it!"

Shin stared at the newspaper, calmly opening it and reading the caption under a largely printed hiragana of "Shin Asuka" on the first page. He stared at it, directly looking at Kyo before shoving the said newspaper on his friend's face without warning. "Are you an idiot? I maybe the only Shin Asuka here in school but I'm not the only one with that name in Japan."

"B-b-but!" the red-haired student objected, "wasn't there a rumor that the one and only Yuma Ku is studying here?! Then that must mean that you're the only Shin Asuka who's closest to her!" Shin let out another sigh,

"You know Kyo, even if we had a bet over it right now, I'm quite sure I'd win, three-fold without sweat. That Shin Asuka isn't me."

-====- "-__-" -====-

"What...the hell?"

Shin got off his bike and stared at the quite atrocious sight in front of him.

The school gates was flooded with media and banners of different sizes and shapes with: "Yuma Ku, forget about that Stupid Shin, MARRY ME instead!", "YUMA KU, SINGLE FOREVER!!!!111" and "ANTI-SHIN ASUKA!" were littered all over the place.

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"Okay Yuma, you can have a break now..." Her instructor said: the tall, fit man wiped the sweat from his eyes. "Wooh, great work today! I don't think we've had a workout that hard and rigorous in a while! What made you want to start training early? We still have a while so don't worry you dedicated little pop-star, you!" He said as he patted her head. Yuma giggled and got some water as he spoke. "You could say it was... A great persuasion..." She said as she shook her head, remembering what this "persuasion" had been.


"I can not BELIEVE you did that... WITHOUT TELLING ME FIRST!" Her manager yelled as they made their way through the bellowing traffic. It was right after the show and much like all shows she got an escort home by her own personal driver. This driver, however, had unfortunately been her manager tonight. Yuma hid in the back, not wanting to deal with the Women's wrath right now. "Mrs. Asaki! I'm sorry! I had to! Besides, isn't this a good thing? Won't I get more popularity this way?" She said, hopeful like a little puppy. Mrs. Ataki gave her a death glare back at her. She was a paranoid women in her mid-thirties, one that had always worked close to the Yamamotto's. It was obvious she was an absolute workaholic by the prudent way she dressed and her unusually worn down face. Yuma's career was her life, that much Yuma had come to understand over the years. "Yes, you are right. But at least let me do DAMAGE CONTROL! What if this turns out completely wrong? What if this guy is really a bad guy? You will be criticized! Honestly Yuma you gotta think about these things! What would your parents..."

Yuma started looking out the window, realizing she was in for a long lecture and decided to zone out for the time being. After all, she knew that by tomorrow she would be able talk to Asuka Shin! She was so curious what his reaction was gonna be, she couldn't help but be excited for it! This excitement, although as misplaced as it was because she hardly knew him, was innocent in some ways as well. After all Yuma had never ever done anything with a boy before. Of course when she was young she had hugged a boy once, because her family made her, but other then that she had never even been able to hang out with boys! This new environment was simply so new to her that she couldn't help but be excited for it! Though, none of her friends or family would know this. As far as the public was concerned she had been very "popular with the boys" in her middle school years. At least, that was what her manager had made up in a magazine article. She sighed at the thought, her manager would do anything to ensure that Yuma's image was safe.

"AND ANOTHER THING! Don't even THINK you are going to school tomorrow! OH NO, everyone expects you to show up and see that BOY, it will cause way too much unwanted attention. Oh no, you are going to beg your dance instructor for a rigorous workout and the public will not here anymore out of you young lady!"

At this point, Yuma finally perked up and listened. Her eyes widened, "Ehhhh?!"


She had to admit, her manager had been a lot more harsh then she had been with her in a long time. Though honestly she didn't mind it too much, it made her happy. After all, after her mother had died Mrs. Atakis' nagging became welcomed, it was something that helped get her through that hard time. She had almost became a second mother to her. She remembered when Mrs. Ataki first started training her. She had been so strict that she had cried one time. Mrs. Ataki wasn't expecting this reaction from her, she was use to pop-stars that were so smug and full of themselves, so when she found her family friends daughter she had assumed she would be the same way. After that she had apologized by bringing meals over to her fathers house with her family. They had done that ever since, a strong bond had been formed between them because of this.

So!~ Although this was a minor setback, it just makes it that much more dramatic! SURELY he has thought about me at least once! I will go in tomorrow and show my soon-to-be-boyfriend just exactly what I am made of!, she thought to herself with a new encouragement (Now that the day from hell of dance training was over)

Both her and her trainer looked at each other and he rolled his eyes, laughing from what he knew was the persuasion. "Ah, was that for that big announcement thing? I heard about it... Everywhere..." He said with another laugh. "You have some guts girl! I haven't seen anyone confess like that in a long time!" He said. He came closer to her, wrapping a towel around her neck, "Now the question is, if your prepared for the aftermath," He said friendlily before leaving.

Yuma blinked when he spoke, "The... Aftermath?" She giggled, "What? That's not important, it won't be that bad," and, with that thought in mind, the young pop-star left the dance studio and headed home to get ready for that next day at school.

********* (The next day) **********


"Ungghhh... Onii-chan, turn off your alarm!" She yelled out into her room. Only, oddly enough, she didn't have an older brother O.o...

Slowly she opened her eyes, realizing she was no longer dreaming, and moaned in protest as she slowly bribed her body to get up and out of bed. She had managed to get herself up an hour earlier then usual, meaning she was going to look as good as possible today! She smiled, incredibly happily at the thought as she went to get ready for school. She wanted Shin (yes, she was already thinking of him in first name terms) to be impressed with her looks!

She did her typical routine, letting herself indulge in a nice long shower to wake her up, then letting her hair dry as she put on her uniform. But after that she decided to put on a little extra makeup then usual, she decided on eyeliner. She giggled at the thought, typically she didn't wear it but today she wanted to look special. She hadn't seen her blue eyes like this in a while, it was interesting how much her image changed when she added something like that.

After that she went downstairs and grabbed something incredibly important, the two lunch boxes that had been folded neatly in a cloth and packed away in one of her school bags. The second one was hopefully for Shin Asuka, something she had made the night before. In a way she was being a little ridiculous, already suspecting that they would eat together, but Yuma was not one to take no for an answer, or back down when faced with a challenge! So, in a way, she was simply being optimistic!

And now, here she was: in a cheerful state, EARLY for school, and looking as cute as ever! (her own opinion.) Her driver still insisted on driving her though, but she had managed to convince him to let her off in the front of the school for the first time. Typically Yuma went through the side to avoid the crowds, but how could she see him if she didn't? She wanted to see what would happen if she went through the front.

Yet, she was not expecting what she saw when the car pulled up. She looked around, realizing that all of these signs were referring to what she had said on television. "Oh my... " She thought, then she saw it, Shin was here! She immediately knew that if the media noticed him before they noticed her then he would be in trouble. Guilt passed through her, she had to help him! She quickly got out of the car, ignoring the protest from her driver. Immediately the media turned towards her, some photographers, some crazed fans. She was surprised, though quickly put on her best smile and waved to them.

"Yuma! Yuma don't date some random guy! I would make you happy!"

"Yuma, what do you have to say about this? Is what you said true?" So many voices were speaking at once, yet they were all quieted when she spoke...

"Goodness, it is a school day, isn't? We wouldn't want to interrupt the people studying, or at least I wouldn't," She said with a giggle. "Such news should be kept for appropriate times and places, please contact my manager about things such as this." She said to them.

"But, if you must make such a huge fuss, would I lie about my feelings? Persuasion and questions will not work, I can not change my feelings for something like love, right?" She said with a wink. She giggled and started walking again, making sure that it was at the right speed that wouldn't cause too much uproar when she grabbed Shins' hand (without asking) and walked through the school gates. The media was roaring, having spotted this, went crazy. Yet that was all behind them as they entered the perimeters of the school.

Yuma, having realized what she had done in her "idol" mode, lett go of his hand when they were out of sight, blushing horribly. That was the first time she had held hands with a guy! She looked up, realizing that she should be speaking... She started to giggle and then smiled, "Hello Shin, How are you?" She asked casually.

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#, as written by xKyrie

Still holding his bike, Shin stared dumbfounded at the scene before him. Seeing people of different forms and sizes, he wondered how this moment came to be. He immediately directed his gaze on top of the gate to look for the name of the school. He didn't know whether he should feel relieved or worried when he saw the familiar signs of his high school's name plastered on it.

Fighting the urge to rub his neck in bewilderment, the blond-haired man instead settled on analyzing the scenes prior, trying to find an explanation for this eerie sight. Having born in a middle-classed family, with an average way of living, Shin grew up to be someone that can be easily classed as "normal". He goes to school like every other diligent student, comes home on time, does his nightly activities and prepares himself for the rhythmic ritual all throughout for the next day, until the next and the next after. Having established that he is common in every sense of the word, Shin looked at the banners once again, confused. It doesn't make sense to see his name appear in those differently colored messagesthreats. As far as he knew, he did nothing that would incite such response from them.

He don't even know who is this Yumi Ka they are insistingly pairing him up with.

Inwardly shaking his head at the absurdness of his thoughts, Shin decided to calm himself down and think things through as rationally as he could. It was the way he approaches problems, especially if he totally lost control about the matter. The past two days ever since that live confession-or so he heard- had boomed out of the national broadcast from the very mouth of the popular idol, Yami Ku, herself, Shin had been more than mildly bothered with the never ending questions about his so-called secret affair with the pop star.

He tried answering those as clearly and bluntly as he could (that he was not that Shin) but it seemed as if it didn't have any effect to the gossipers. Now though, this takes the icing to that cake. With the way these people popped up like mushroom in front of his school, it is expected that others will assume that one and only Shin Asuka who Yaba Ka confessed her feelings to, undeniably studies in this school.

'What if there was a different Shin Asuka here?' A sudden thought formed in his mind. Being a logical person that he is, this was the reason that was the most plausible to him. Sighing in relief, he then tried to dispel the rising suspicions off his head. After all, like what he had told his sister, he is not the only person on Earth who had the name Shin Asuka.

For all he knew, there might be another guy studying here who bears the same name. He then surveyed the perimeter of the area outside the gate. After having done so, decided that worrying and panicking would do him nothing good. It would be better for him to get inside and attend his classes like what he usually does.

He was suddenly shoved off his reverie and literally off the ground when a hand wrapped itself in his own hands and started dragging him to nowhere. When he regained his composure back, he looked in front of him and was greeted by an abundance of pink-colored hair. He was about to grab his hand from her hold but the girl walked with purpose paying no heed to other things except leaving determinedly.

He then just quietly let himself be dragged along. His mind is full of the confusion from the scene that greeted him some minutes ago. He was still pondering on who can be the other Shin when the girl stopped abruptly and let go of his arms.

"Hello Shin, How are you?" He heard her say. Shin had the urge to raise an eyebrow with the way she spoke his name with familiarity but stopped himself just in time. Though she had rather been random with her actions, dragging him unexpectedly and popping out of nowhere like a cockroach, still it doesn't give him a reason to be nasty to her. No matter how many say how rude and apathetic the blond-haired man is, it wasn't the whole truth.

He was about to reply back, itching to ask who she is, and why she's acting friendly with him when he was horribly reminded of one thing. His face morphing into a horrified expression, he turned to the girl in slight panic. He had been so absorbed with his thoughts that he forgot about his bike, which he obviously left lying on the ground outside. He settled his gaze on her for a moment before running away without further ado; his mind totally focused on retrieving his bike.

He had almost been at the gate when he saw the barrage of people baricaded in front. It seemed as if when he was dragged along by the girl, the crowd assumed that it was him, the Shin Asuka they were looking for. Letting out a weary sigh, Shin discreetly moved and made his way towards his position from before. Hoping that his bike will still be on the same place, he edged his way towards it.

Unfortunately though, he wasn't able to do his plan as the number of the crowd doubled up until the time that he can't see a shadow of his bike on the ground. Running a hand through his hair and feeling a little irritated with the scene, he was about to march into the throng of rabid 'fan-girlsand boys' unmindful of the consequences of his actions when he saw a familiar figure being squashed by the noisy throng.

"Kyo!" He stated in a loud voice that was immediately drowned by noise from the crowd. Thankfully though, either his friend was clearly on his best behavior and focus today or he had just spoken the words louder than he think he did, the red-haired boy turned into him and eyed him curiously.

Shin gestured for him to come and when his friend approached him, he stated pointing towards his earlier position, "Kyo can you get my bike? I left it outside the gate."

Kyo groaned, just when he thought his suffering from that rowdy people was over, here was his best mate asking him to come back again and retrieve the stupid bike. "Why can't you get it yourself?" He answered but he was already walking towards it. "Thanks, Kyo!" Shin replied, thumping him at the back before he left.

After lots of struggles and bumping with the other oerson's legs, Kyo was able to successfully retrieve Shin's bike. When he neared his friend, he shoved the handle in his hands, "There, next time don't leave your things lying around, bastard."

Shin let his comment and insult slide for now and instead let out a grateful smile, "Thanks Kyo, I owe you one."

"What were you doing there anyway? And I thought I saw one.. but is it your name that is printed on the banners outside?"

"No, I don't think so. You're just mistaken Kyo. Come on, let's go to first period."

Shin replied bluntly, and went to the direction of the parking for the bikes. He was thankful that his red-haired friend was able to retrieve his bike. He easily figured that if it was him who went and grabbed the bike off the ground, it might have took him more an hour to get out of that flood of people.

Sighing in exasperation when he was reminded of the banners, he wondered why is this happening to him. Even that girl... Shin paused walking, as if suddenly recalling something important. The girl! He thought, remembering the pink-haired girl who had been calling him with familiarity... He had been so focused with his bike that he forgot her. He rubbed his neck sheepishly curious to where she currently is, hoping that the girl wasn't that deeply offended with his unfriendly actions.

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His face morphing into a horrified expression, he turned to the girl in slight panic. He had been so absorbed with his thoughts that he forgot about his bike, which he obviously left lying on the ground outside. He settled his gaze on her for a moment before running away without further ado; his mind totally focused on retrieving his bike.

Yuma stared at the place where the boy had previously stood, completely dumb-founded with a surprised expression as she tried to make sense of what just happened. "O... Oh god, D... Does he hate me already?!" She said out loud, her expression gravely concerned. And yet, even as she said it she knew it was not true. She smiled and shook her head as she thought of the reasoning that she knew this was true, of why she knew that it was not possible for her to believe such a thing.

*** Flashback ***

"Yuma! Little Yuma, you silly girl! why are you crying?" A young women appeared out from the confounds of the park area, holding a bag and a small stroller on one side. She was a relatively young, cheery woman with beautiful, medium length pink hair. She walked up towards the young girl, barely half her size and gently leaned down, patting the young girls head. The young girl looked up, huge blue eyes filled with tears staring deeply into the mothers as she tried to explain through whimpers and cries of what had happened.

From what the mother had gotten out of it, the young girl had been playing with a boy her age and when she was playing with him they had always had a great time. The boy had promised to play with her the next day, and had shown up to do so, but when he spotted some of his other friends he ran off to play with them instead. "I... H.. H-He Doesn't like me mommy! He dudn't wan 'ta be my fwiend!" The young girl cried, just barely able to walk as she clung tightly onto her mother as she cooed her to silence with a soft, beautiful voice.

The figure smiled down at the younger one, gently patting her head and wiping away the young girls tears, her affections responding so well through her affections. "Silly girl, that doesn't mean he hates you! If a boy runs away for no reason, you know what you do? Don't think a word of it, boys don't think as deeply as girls do, and no boy has any reason to run from you. Remember my words Young, pretty Yuma."

Yuma wiped her eyes and sniffed as she nodded her head, trying to look brave in front of her brave mother. "Now come on, why don't we get some ice cream?" The younger girl, suddenly filled with great happiness nodded her head happily, laughing as she took her mothers' hand and walked away with her...


Yuma smiled softly, her mind so deep and into the thought that she had hardly noticed that others were now coming into the school. She noticed though, when the first bell suddenly rang. She had about 3 minutes to get across the school. She gasped and quite suddenly realized that the boy who had run away was not coming back and quickly decided to try and make it to her classroom. She got several stares from students who were coming in late, a few whispers as well. After all this was her first time really coming in to school. She didn't mind it though, she had talked to Shin and he hadn't gotten mad at her! That was a start at least!

She giggled at the thought, and in her affectionate state she found herself on the verge of making it on time. Looked like all the dance lessons had paid off for exercise, because she made quite the entrance, opening the door with a sudden slam and entering right as the bell rang. Wooh! right on time! Haha! she thought as she smiled and headed into the room, sitting down in her seat. Though, she had completely forgotten that they're was four bells, not two, so she had another 15 minutes before she even had to be in her classroom. When she remembered she sighed and put her head on her desk, catching her breath for a moment.

She was surprised to find no dust on it, the people at this school actually kept it very neat. After all it was one of the best ranked schools in Japan, getting in either required a perfect GPA, a perfect talent, perfect looks, wealth, or connections. Yuma was a special case in that sense, they had invited her to go to the school. It was pretty exciting and at the time she had just started her rise to the top of the charts, so she humbly accepted the offer. Of course she was their mostly to invite other kids to go to the school, for the rumor that they might see her in one of their classes that spread around, but she usually got her schoolwork done and just handed in to the office by the end of the year, hence why her teachers didn't very much like her method too much. This was the fourth time she had ever really gone to school for a whole day.

'Well! It's been a while since I've seen you Mrs. P," said the girl next to her. Mrs. P, referring to Mrs. Pop-star. Yuma looked over and waved her hand, nodding her head in agreement. "Im on a quest!" She said. The girl next to her, a relatively normal girl with long brown hair looked surprised, then laughed. "Oh let me guess, here to see your boyfriend? Shin?" She asked. Yuma giggled, she had expected this much from people, for them to already assume such a thing. "I'm here to win his he-" "Shhh, remember he's in this homeroom as well! What if he comes in and hears you talking about him? He could break up with you! Oh, haha I guess that wouldn't happen considering your a pop-star and all, but still!"

Yumas' eyes widened, she had completely forgotten that he was in the same homeroom as her! She blushed and giggled at the thought, This will be so simple! I'll have him by the end of that day at this rate! Yes, this girl was oblivious to any sort of notient that this had been the same person who had ran away from her! The same person that, not just an hour ago, she had just spoken to for the first time!

The pink-haired girl ignored the thoughts' of him running once again and began to formulate her plan, knowing that if he was in the same homeroom that obviously he didn't sit next to her because she had never seen him. At least, he didn't sit next to her yet. "Hey, Saki-chan, where does Shins sit?" She asked curiously. Saki looked at her, surprised, but none the less pointed over towards the back of the class, the last seat in the far corner. She smirked and stood up, "I've got an idea!" She said.

She walked over slowly, a few stares arose from a few students. After all it wasn't everyday that a pink-haired girl showed up to school (literally, she missed a lot of days.) She walked over to a guy who looked a bit rough, who was sitting on top of his desk, talking to a few of his friends. They were laughing and barely took notice of her till one of them pointed her out. She walked closer to them and smirked at him softly, "Hello Yukito, It's been a while!" She said gently, her voice unusually charmed and carefully placed to sound cheerful and energetic. The boy, surprised out of his mind, showed an expression completely different from his rough personality. He blushed horribly and rubbed the back of his head, "Ah! y.. Yuma?! I uh.. Y- Yeah it's been a while. D... Do you need anything?!" He asked. The girl looked down, as if she was nervous to ask, but then looked up and nodded her head softly. "W- Well.. You see, I was kinda hoping that maybe.. You would let me sit next to Shi-"

"TAKE IT! GO RIGHT AHEAD!" The boy sprang to action, along with all of his other friends as they agreed with him, a couple saying "He doesn't even need a seat!" and another saying "Take my seat too if you need!" before they finally went back to their own seats. Yuma giggled, thanking the group for their kindness and helpfulness and quickly sat down, wanting to make it look like she had been sitting their the whole time. Yes, cause it wasn't noticeable at all that a pink-haired girl had switched assigned seats with the regular group of boys that a particular boy had seen all year. She made it look like she was working as she waited for Shin, wanting to surprise him...

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#, as written by xKyrie

Shin was more than tempted to leave Kyo as he talked and talked, non-stop. The red-haired boy was still wondering whoever that Shin Asuka that Yama Ku had confessed to. He was having different theories on who it could possibly be. “…I think it’s me, Shin!” He started speaking again. It never failed to make the blond-haired boy wonder on how Kyo never seem to run out of words to say.

Staring exasperatedly at his friend in the corner of his eyes, he decided to tune him out. It was the fifth time today that Kyo had started saying and theorizing on various reasons about being the same Shin, the pop-star had publicly confessed her love into.

“Remember when I the time when I use your name to irritate you?” He spoke, again and Shin can’t help but overhear him, “Maybe, I met with Yuma Ku on that day and I didn’t know it?” Kyo's voice then dropped into a whisper, his head darting back and forth as if looking out for his surroundings before turning back to him again, “What if she got taken by my manliness that she suddenly fell in love with me? What if I met her and didn’t know it?”

All that Shin can do, as his friend got more and more ridiculous as the moments pass by, was to count the rooms until they get to their first period class.

If there is one thing that can easily describe Kyo, it would be… being weird. Kyo Matsuda is one of the persons Shin had the unfortunate luck of knowing and befriending. Being realistic himself, Shin always gets baffled by this man. With every antics that he do, aside from being loud—quite louder than his sister in fact, and talkative to the point of being repetitive, this red-haired man also easily falls into that idealistic daydreams and bout of idiocies.

Once or twice, in his company or even among their other classmates, Kyo never fails hallucinating in the illusion that everyone else is talking about him and his coolness. From being an over exaggerated guy to being very, very childish and temperamental, it is a great unexplainable miracle to the blond hair man on how he can still stand next to this red-haired buffoon.

Shaking his head, as his friend continued to talk his ear off, he let out a sigh of relief as he stared at their classroom ahead.

It’s a good thing the teacher had his own seating arrangement. He didn’t know if he can take another theory on how KYO IS Shin Asuka and have to control himself from shutting his best friend’s mouth.

“We’re here!” the red-haired boy uttered needlessly and he skipped ahead, promptly leaving the blond-haired boy on the corridor.

Shin placed his hands on his pockets and walked after him; they had passed by the parking area for the bikes when they crossed the courtyard a while ago. As what is usual, he had parked his bike next to his sister’s on an available space at the back and locked it in.

Still walking slowly, he then entered the room, staring at no one in particular. The chatter immediately stopped once they saw him; and though it might look like he didn’t notice it, he actually did. He just decided not to care for it and instead went over to his chair, eyes fixated towards his seat.

Compared to the experience he had during his first year at this school, where everyone else was so hyper and active, seemingly having the endless unfounded curiosity towards him as the new guy. The students, mostly the girls, never stopped asking him unintelligent inquiries, parroting the usual autographs and slam books with their clichéd questions which proved the same giggly girls most likely love reading in their spare time.

They are always asking him different things here and there and are also going to him for some advices for life-related dramas that even he, doesn’t had an inkling of. Thankfully though, staying here far too long had made the tides turn to his favor. Finally.

All the established fan clubs for his name were instantly demolished the moment that he was able to put an end to all ludicrousness. Where there were lots of squealing and screaming during the year one, it was only after his second year’s scene-where his patience snapped and the student body finally got what he had wanted the moment he first stepped foot at the school and gave it to him ever since then.

Peace and absolute normality.

From being the ‘crowned high school Prince’, he was “down-leveled” into becoming the anti-social Asuka Shin-- most people would try not to mess up with. Do not get him wrong, he truly thoroughly enjoyed this perfectly normal and quiet life. The others made out their very best way to not disturb him, especially his naps, as much as they could.

It was certain though. Shin’s perfectly average life however had been greatly destroyed by the arrival of that recently shocking and unnaturally implausible confession.

His anonymity disappeared in a blink the moment that blasted interview went out.

Based from his past memories, Asuka Shin + Romantic confessions don’t bode well.

No offense to all female out there, but for as long as he can, he’d rather avoid involving himself to the other gender. Having his mother and sister for the female representatives are more than enough for him.

Not only are some of them sickeningly sweet, clingy, annoying and nagging, or those that are very cold and frigid, independent and loud—not to mention there are those who are like mushroom, girls who like popping out of nowhere. Just like the pink-haired one, which he just noticed when he looked around-- grinning widely and sitting next to his chair.

There is no doubt in his mind that girlfriends or those things synonymous with the word are high maintenance, something that he doesn’t envision himself having or tolerating, possibly in the nearest future.

He nodded inwardly at his thoughts, his brain cells still comprehending the queerness of the female species, when his mind cleared with a realization. His eyes zoomed towards the room; pass the windows and the row of faces, setting directly to an unfamiliar girl in the back.

‘Pink hair?’

Last he checked, his seatmate had been a man…? Or was he? Still perplexed and now a little wary for the incoming bell, he went to his chair and approached the new girl.

“Miss, I think you’re mistaken by sitting in that chair,"--- if you are a new student, you should wait outside until the teacher introduces you to class, whatever words he was about to speak was cut off when his red-haired friend pushed him to the side and grabbed the hand of the girl.

“Yuma Ku?!!” Kyo’s voice was a decibel louder than normal, which meant it was really loud and clear. His face is full of wonder and shock. He craned his neck around the class as if looking for something with his hand still holding hers.

“Are you here for me, my love?”


Somewhere near the campus’ library, a blue-haired girl cackled merrily as she recalled their last encounter.

She certainly didn’t expect this certain development. Who would have thought Yuma Ku will make the first move? She certainly didn’t.

‘She’s really an amazing idol!’

Still grinning maniacally and texting as fast as she could on her pink cellular phone, she waited for the other person to pick up the line. “Phase one done… Alpha successfully reporting here!” She said when the line connected, with her tone upbeat and self-satisfaction clearly detected.

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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

The clock seemed to go slower and slower as the anxious girl waited. She looked towards it, her blue eyes staring into it, thinking about how much time had passed. Their were 60 minutes in one hour, 60 seconds in one minute, 1000 milliseconds in one second, and 1000 microseconds in 1 millisecond. Yet each microsecond felt like a millisecond, a 100 milliseconds. Each millisecond felt like a second, 60 seconds. So each minute felt like an eternity! This was something that was entirely knew to this peppy pop star! Feeling so anxious was certainly something that didn't happen too often!

She kicked her feet absentmindedly, showing what her face would not, showing how impatient she was at the moment. However her face was calm, placid, like nothing could phase her. Even in the darkest of situations this girl could keep that same face on in front of others. However this had become more of a burden then an advantage; it hindered her more then it helped. For the girl felt it was wrong to show such TRUE emotions now because of it. In the face of every tabloid in japan, how could she not think it was wrong? If she made one wrong move in public then she would be branded as just that.

“Wrong. Wrong. Wrong, Yuma! Try harder. Do you know how important your appearance is to the crowd? Show an imperfection such as that and you will fail as a pop-star! You can not slouch!” Her instructor yelled at her. In the mist of her first public event she had been slouching in her chair and was seen as rather bored. Thankfully at that time she was not popular so no one had taken any pictures of her, but from her instructors standards this was just luck. They were working on a huge rise for Yuma’s stardom, it only took a matter of months before everyone knew the beautiful pink-haired idol. Of course what her manager had done was ensure her fame and thanks to such actions he didn’t usually have to worry for even a moment about making a mistake, it was practically engraved in her brain; it was second nature.

“Is that her?! It can’t be! Can it? I thought those were just rumors, she’s actually here!” A bruenette girl said as she turned towards the girl next to her. Both of them looked as if they were wearing far too much make up and their skirts looked far too short. They both looked towards Yuma. “I don’t know... “ The blonde said, her voice sounded very harsh. Both girls were pretty skinny, both were tall and had long hair. They were whispering rather loudly so Yuma didn’t have anyway to ignore what they were saying. She decided to just not acknowledge it. She knew how wrong it was to eavesdrop. “But if she is then were gonna have to watch her.” She also knew that these two females were not ones she wanted to mess with.

Nala Hanamora and Mitzuki Hanamora. Yes she knew their names and that they were non-identical twins. They were former members of what she knew to be that “Shin Asuka” fan club. They had been the ones to start it. It was a fan club that was created for the love of everything that was Shin. She knew very well that these students were very popular , like Shin amongst the girls (whether he avoided them or not.) It actually was quite interesting to Yuma that he avoided talking to the female characters but was sure that she could bypass that. Bypassing these teens was the hard part though. She knew they were known to get rid of competition.

“But what if they really are dating! Mitzuki, what are we going to do?” the bruenette whined to her friend. As far as Yuma was concerned Nala just followed what Mitzuki said. “Shh! Your speaking too loudly you idiot! What if she heard us?” Yuma blinked, could they not realize that the whole entire class could hear them? She shook her head, not paying attention to such things anymore.

She knew that if she did get close to him that she would make some enemies. Surely enough she had already made such enemies.
However, the (obviously) determined girl would not back down from such threats. This was a situation in which she had to do this, she had to do this to ensure that she could continue living a somewhat 'normal' life!

Her family had always lived by the customs of the 'rich', meaning that: Yuma didn’t have to do anything but become an heir and marry. As far as her grandparents were concerned her being an idol was nothing of importance! They wanted her to settle down and focus on inheriting the family business along with her new husband.


"You knew that this was going to happen one day, silly Yuma! Were just saying it should happen now while you have the chance to get out. If you wait another few years then it will be too noticeable and you won't be able to get out of the presses view! We are just looking out for you!" Her grandfather said to her, trying to comfort his rampaging child.

Yuma shook her head, "Either way it is nearly impossible! Listen, I... I will try dating him! In fact, I'll go out on a date with him tonight! But what if we end up hating each other or what if we wanna go slow? Let us decide!"

Her grandfather looked up at her, "You.... Your willing to try dating him? How.. How can I believe your serious?"


And that was when Yuma decided to confess her love in front of millions of people. Like she had thought her grandparents had believed it, had believed that they had "kicked it off" on their first date. Heck she hadn't even met this guy yet and they already thought she went on a date with him! It was the only thing that she could think of so the marriage wouldn't be arranged. She knew how quick her grandparents were to do things.

Yuma sighed heavily, she had to prove to them that they actually tried dating, she had to show them that she was serious about this so as to not be forced to marrying him anyways! She was going to actually try, she wanted to try dating someone... For that reason she begged them not to let him know either. It was a complicated situation but it wasn’t something she was going to avoid. She was going to get through this and continue her life as a pop-star! NOT a wife!

For if she did end up failing in this small adventure of hers, her grandparents said she would have to give up being what she loved most. Yuma Ku would fade away from the publics eye within seconds and become just a memory to her beloved fans...

At such a thought the pink haired girl shook her head, finally breaking her calm and placid look on her face. She got pale from such a thought, the thought was horrible! She had grown to love her life as a pop-star and would do anything to protect it from others!

She got nervous, remembering how much was at stake if she failed at this. Her grandparents were convinced for now because of her confession but it wouldn’t be long until the asked to see Shin. They were pacified from their thoughts of marriage if she dated but even then she didn’t know how long that was going to last. The girl looked at the clock, suddenly wanting to leave, getting cold feet when she knew that this would be her last chance to turn around.

This would be her last chance to get away from all of this. But where could she go? It wasn’t possible! She had to do this... right?!

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

The clock was going faster now, it seemed to be speeding up. What was going on? Was she loosing her chance to run? In other words, was her time up to back out of this?!

Yuma’s eyes widened as the clock slowed down, the ticking going by to what it was. Microseconds became microseconds. Milliseconds became milliseconds. Seconds become seconds. Sadly, minutes became minutes. Yuma didn’t move for a moment, not until Shin spoke...


OKAY! Wooh, no backing out now Yuma! You have to do this now! Just do what you rehearsed! Your a cute girl! Surely you can win over this boys heart! She thought with an encouraging giggle.

She knew immediately what he was going to say, to the point where her response was so flawlessly practiced that their wasn't anything he could say in response! Oh, Im not mistaken. I wanted to sit next to you." was what she planned. The straightforward technique never failed her before and this way Shin would know that what she said was true! She blushed softly and shook her head, smirking. Her blue eyes looked into his, challenging him to say something. “Oh, Im not mistak-”

’Yuma Ku?!!” A red haired boy grabbed both of Yuma’s hands and quite suddenly cut her off. “Are you here for me, my love?!”

The shock showed on Yuma’s face. Her crystal blue eyes were huge and filled with confusion. She cocked her head to the side to show that, to show that she had no idea what he was talking about! Looking carefully at him, she came to the conclusion that she didn’t have any choice in what she had to say next. Even pop stars didn’t know everything!

The idol blushed softly, humbly looking at him with apologetic eyes, “I ... I am sorry but... What do you mean?” Yuma said softly. She knew his name and that he was Shin’s friend but she honestly didn’t know what else to say!

She cleared her throat softly and smiled, “You are Kyo, correct? It’s nice to formally meet you!” She said with the most polite look she could muster. She took the hand that he was holding and shook it, assuming he was introducing himself. And just like that the weird introduction was out of her mind! Because something more important was replacing it.

Turning towards the one who had spoken to her earlier, Yuma did her best to look the cutest possible as she waved towards him.

She looked in Shin's eyes, blushing softly as she held out her hand towards him as well. “I don’t think that you’ve formally met me either...” She said it a lot shyer this time, her voice soft and fragile. “I am Yuma Ku, It’s nice to see you again, Shin... And you were not mistaken. But that is my seat from now on."

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#, as written by xKyrie

“I can’t really see the point why you wanted to go for all these troubles”, a red-haired girl dryly asked her companion. They were currently sitting under the tree, thankfully covered by its shade from the sweltering sun as they took a break from their art class. Her brown-hued orbs locked into the beaming face of her closest friend. She honestly could not figure why someone would dare subject themselves to go through this stupid motion of orchestrating something like this… matchmaking thingy. These matchmaking procedures really sounded nothing but idiotic for quite the realistic girl. For her, there are thousand more other ways that could have been the ideal solution for her blue-haired friend’s dilemma.

Try as she might though, said friend wouldn’t budge. Shaking her head in both exasperation and amusement, and fully aware of the answer, she futilely tried to ask again: “Are you sure this will go according to your plans?”

The blue-haired girl just continued staring at midair. Her eyes flickering towards her for a moment before nodding almost unnoticed. She looked absolutely confident of what was about to happen. “I just want everything to go smoothly N. I know that the higher ups have dropped the bomb that was expected to raise the probability of them ending up together but I wanted to be sure just in case. Yuma Ku’s recent actions were a welcomed surprise… seeing that she unknowingly helped me and the whole team to make a bridge for the match. Now though, the only thing left is for us to create ways in order to see this in succession. “

Grinning from ear to ear, the blue-haired girl sent her an ecstatic smile before gazing at one of the trees in front of them. She appeared so lost in her thoughts, becoming quiet for a little while before facing her. “I… Just want him to be happy. I know you can see that N. I want Yuma to be happier too… and though I was one of those who are skeptical about this pairing from the start… I now changed my mind. I finally saw the possibility and I can’t help thinking why, not?”

Undoubtedly recalling the time when she discovered the agreement, “N”, let her to be occupied with her thoughts. The blue-haired girl wryly smiled, “I think this was the best move that the old man have ever made and I will do my best to make sure everything will be executed, if not perfect, then passable enough to meet the goal.”

Placing a hand over her shoulder, the “lead matchmaker” of the team slightly patted her before saying, “Don’t worry your pretty head about it N. I know him, and I know a lot more about Yuma than the usual public does… I think their reactions will not fail us.”


Shin Asuka didn’t know how he should react. Staring at the scene in front where his so-called best guy had suddenly popped up like a mushroom, taking away the one he’s currently conversing with, he was silenced.

“I ... I am sorry but... What do you mean?” Nursing his slightly damaged ears, from when Kyo had shouted, he heard the girl reply and felt sorry for her. It was so like Kyo to shift the focus of attention towards his self with his usual crazy antics. Observing how their new pink-haired classmate would react towards his friend, he then kept quiet. Kyo… no matter how arrogant he acted and no matter how much of a narcissist he was, would still be always a nice person underneath. He can be overbearing with the way he handled himself and the way he show this to others, but for a serious guy like Shin, he was tolerable enough. He was one of those truer persons who wore their hearts on their sleeves.

“What do you mean what I mean?!” Kyo exclaimed, with nothing but the pure surprise in his tone. “I am officially welcoming you to our humble school! Are you here for me, ma Cherie?”

By now, he can see everyone else looking at them… even the other students from the next room have found it interesting to watch them. Shin felt like he was one of those animals being watched on the zoo. He looked anywhere around except the two of them; moving away little by little so as not to take much attention. Skipping class for today never looked so tempting. Besides feeling somewhat sleepier than usual, Shin wanted to take a day off from the stares and whispers thrown in his way. He didn't notice it before, but now that he stood watching as his friend and the newcomer talk, he can definitely hear comments everyone seemed to have towards him.

"So it's really Shin."

"How is that possible? Isn't he anti-social?"

“Why can’t it be meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!”

"Lucky bastard! Is he planning to add Yuma in his list of collections! I won't let him do it!"

"It's understandable, Shin is so cool!"

...And many other remarks that he would rather not mention as the rest of the students seemed to wait faithfully for the girl's reaction. Really, there are still some of the students who could not help but open their mouths and share their unwanted thoughts.

“You are Kyo, correct? It’s nice to formally meet you!” The girl then replied soon after and despite his personality, he found himself interested for his red-haired friend’s response. It would surely be something extremely exaggerated, and Shin braced himself for the absurdity that was soon to follow.

“I am my fair lady! Are you here for me? Was what I heard—“ Kyo stopped speaking in mid-sentence. Gaping as his very idol seemingly forgot him in an instant and turned to address Shin. “I don’t think that you’ve formally met me either... I am Yuma Ku, It’s nice to see you again, Shin... And you were not mistaken. But that is my seat from now on."

The said blond-haired boy on the other hand, couldn’t help but be skeptical as he listened to ‘Yuma Ku’s introduction. Feeling the awkwardness creeping over the room as silence enveloped the area; everyone else was momentarily loss for words. The change in her tone was visible and even the tints of red in her cheeks was obviously seen.

Minutes later, unable to hold back the outburst, Kyo rushed in between them. Spreading his arms wide to the sides as he tried to clear things.

“What?!” He loudly exclaimed in disbelief. “How come you know Shin?!” He then pointed accusingly towards his friend before adding, “He’s too quiet! And as far as I know you’ve never met before! I know it since I’m always with him!!” He faced his friend and grabbed both of his shoulders before roughly shaking him, “Shin!! Why didn’t you tell me anything? Aren’t we supposed to be friends?! Why are you keeping secrets from me? Why?!” Kyo's tone was near hysterical.

All throughout the exchange, Shin had been quiet. There had been no further reaction in his part, aside from the initial surprise and skepticism when Yuma had addressed him. “Please come with me, Yuma Ku-san.” He finally stated taking off Kyo's hands. There was neither fury nor happiness in his tone. He cast the girl glance before gesturing to the courtyard outside. He walked to the door, waiting until the pink-haired idol followed him.

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Yuma was not surprised by the reactions in the room. Part of being and idol also meant you had to be an excellent actress. Of course Yuma wasn't completely acting, the blush was real. She was nervous and scared, afraid that he might have not seen it but also embaressed that she had said such a thing and was openly talking to him with such an audaciously confident aura. It was hard to believe that she was able to do this as it is, and yet she was now openly showing her affection. She quickly recovered from this state though. After all: how could she keep this up if she wasn't able to handle meeting him? Her manager would he ashamed of her if she knew that she had given up so easily. (Even more so if she knew that this was all an elaborate plan.)

It looked as though his friend emnediatly understood that their was something going on, but it appeared as though Shin was completely dumbfounded. He wasn't moving, speaking, he didn't even look as though he was speaking for the first few moments. its working!!! He must be thinking about what I had said! Maybe he has fallen with me instantly! Oh my goodness, what if he thinks I look pretty?! Yes, this pop-star was thinking exactly that, in that ignorant,m outrageously confident manner. Then again, how could she not. She WAS a pop-star after all. If anything she was just being true to the colors that were given to her.

“What?! How come you know Shin?!... He’s too quiet! And as far as I know you’ve never met before! I know it since I’m always with him!! Shin!! Why didn’t you tell me anything? Aren’t we supposed to be friends?! Why are you keeping secrets from me? Why?!” Kyo's tone was near hysterical.


Yuma realized that quite suddenly this situation had turned in a very different tone towards her. She looked towards Shin who was still quietly keeping to himself, hiding his emotions from her and his friend. She wasn't expecting his friend to be so surprised, was it that odd to like someone such as Shin? Or rather, was it that odd for someone such as Shin to like her? It was a confusing thing, but then again they were best friends so she wasn't planning on taking anything for granted.

Quite suddenly the room became incredibly silent. All looked towards the emotionless boy, as if expecting more of a reaction, as if expecting him to either freak out or to act completely calm and confirm everyones suspicions about something going on between the infamous pop-star and school hotty! People seemed to be leaning in, some were even not breathing, wanting to hear what the cold-hearted, smart, and dedicated boy would do in this situation, trying to see if the hype in the news was true!!!


“Please come with me, Yuma Ku-san.” He finally stated taking off Kyo's hands. There was neither fury nor happiness in his tone. He cast the girl glance before gesturing to the courtyard outside. He walked to the door, waiting until the pink-haired idol followed him.


Yuma was so confused, she didn't know what to think of how he addressed her. She couldn't tell anything, not a single thing. It scared her, she was worried that he may end up yelling at her or something. Maybe he was dating someone? Quite suddenly she developed cold feet, incredibly cold feet. She thought about running out of the door, perhaps leaving school? She shook her head and took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She couldn't leave now! She had to do this, this was the only way... she put on a smile and nodded her head, forcing herself to step out of the room.

Immediately the room became filled with voices as Yuma left the room. It was almost instantly.

"Oh my god?! What do you think is going on?!"

"Maybe he's going to confess to her as well?!"

"What?! Already?! No!"

"I don't know, was he happy? I couldn't tell..."


Yuma walked slowly, she could hear both of their footsteps. Slowly and cautiously she walked. It was too quiet, it was almost like time was slowing down. She cleared her throat and caught up to him, smiling at him as they made their way towards the courtyard.

The courtyard was quite beautiful. considering this school was so exclusive about the people they let in they ensure that those people get what they deserve. It was a large garden filled with fountains, flowers all around. Though it was in the complete eye of the school to ensure that students would not skip classes, it still was quite a beautiful place that was somewhat secluded.

Turning towards Shin, Yuma began to speak. It was too quite, "You know, we could be late for homeroom... Won't people worry? Are you sure you don't wanna talk some other time, Asuka Shin-kun..." She said softly, since he had addressed her that way she had only done it by accident. She didn't meant to use such formalities and she cursed herself silently for ever addressing him that way. The only way she would be able to get close to him is if she acted close and confident!

Though she said that she was interested in meeting him. "I am sorry about this morning, I realize that must've been a huge inconvenience for you," She said with a giggle. She batted her eyes and tried not to blush (Though actually wasn't trying at all.)

"So Shin," She forced herself out of the formalities, "What is it you want to talk about?"

She began to walk around slowly, touching the flowers as she looked for a pretty flower (mostly because she didn't think she could be so confident around him alone). "Perhaps about this morning?" She touched a petal, smiling to herself.

"Perhaps about where I am sitting? Or me being here..."

She slowly turned around, "Or perhaps, my intentions?" She said, her face becoming incredibly red. She looked right in his eyes as she spoke, smiling softly.

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#, as written by xKyrie
Shin quietly walked with the pink-haired girl next to him. He was still thinking about Kyo’s reaction. The boy was really stunned and though he knew how comedic his red-haired friend seemed like, it was evident that Kyo was greatly hurt. Hurt about what, the blond wasn't certain. Kyo's expressions and voice may tell other people differently but his eyes had been so full of upset. Not that Shin was into manly relationship or anything near that but his friend’s reaction had troubled him. It wasn’t normal for Kyo to look at him with those eyes. Shin could not help but feel guilty of a thing that even he was not certain of.

Kyo’s reaction, among the rest of the people, had finally alerted him with the seriousness of the situation.

This was not a dream and whatever happening around him was very much real. No matter how hard he tried to act that this would not affect him in any other way or form, things had been directly thrown back into his face. This confession from a well-known idol and the appearance of the pink-haired girl walking with him had made him understand that things are bound to change… and it’s not a change that he was happy for to be quite honest.

Shin would rather not go through big changes. In fact, he had always thrived in the security and comfort of the pace he had currently set. He got decent grades, live a normal life, and had the usual quirky yet stable friends. He was thankful for things like these. He never wanted anything else in his life since he always had such a placid pace. His daily situation could easily be termed boring but he didn’t care… that was until now. This was simply chaotic. Feeling the stares and whispers around him, Shin finally decided to disregard his surroundings and focus on the task at hand. He needed answers and the only one who has those was his current companion.

Snapping back into focus, he was mildly taken aback when he noticed that they were already in the courtyard. The courtyard was one of his favorite spots at this school. Aside from being the student’s usual hang-out place during dismissal, Shin could often be found lounging here every time he was available. There was a great difference between the morning and the afternoon courtyard setting after all. During 6AM until 8AM, this place would be devoid of other students aside from the normal nature-lovers who would seek the confines of the thick tall trees and the quietness that would be found here. However, it was during the middle of the classes where the courtyard would be filled with noise and people. Different groups of friends would often stay under the shades of the tree either laughing, doing tasks, or sharing food as they get enveloped with the fresh air coming from the trees. He was part of the first group of people by the way. He would lie next to a tree and just stare around until he would fall asleep. He would usually just sit somewhere hidden from the other’s view and stay there until the start of the classes. It wasn’t that he lacked sleep, but the serenity of the place had always lulled him into slumber.

“You know, we could be late for homeroom... Won't people worry? Are you sure you don't wanna talk some other time, Asuka Shin-kun..." He suddenly heard the pink-haired girl speak out. Turning his head towards her direction, the blond-haired boy listened intently when she asked him if they can talk some other time. He almost snorted, feeling a little sarcastic with the thought that suddenly crossed his mind. He was quite certain that whether they were in the room or not, the class would surely not progress like it had used to be. Students were bound to be talking about them, and their teachers might try to join in the 'fun'. To be frank it would really bother him a lot. He was a private man. Reserved even, and while he was not a loner, he would rather prefer having time for himself than being stuck as a public’s toy... like what he was currently imagining would happen to him right now.

“Just call me Shin,” he stated in a monotonous tone.

Shin was not angry with Yuma but the recent situations between them had made him a bit skeptical of the girl’s actions. He didn’t know her. Aside from her appearances online and on the television he doesn't have a solid opinion about her. The way she had supposedly confessed publicly was quite… mind boggling. Why would a well-known idol like she was, take an interest on him? There was really something wrong with this equation. He wasn’t the most athletic and if you would ask him, he would probably say he was better at Physic stuff rather than the gym classes. He was not popular too. At least he liked to think that he was, after all, he does not get a truckload of gifts from students of varying sizes and gender like Kyo does during Valentines and his birthday. Shin was also quiet, not a public speaker or entertainer like his red-haired best friend or like Yuma apparently. And so, all of these factors added with the simple truth that he does not have an inkling of who Yuma was personally, had greatly confused him why she was talking to him right now. What would Yuma Ku want to do with someone like him?

“I am sorry about this morning, I realize that must've been a huge inconvenience for you." The pink-haired idol continued speaking and this time with a giggle. "So Shin," she added before asking him. "What is it you want to talk about?" Shin watched as she walked around not yet ready to answer. She took care on touching the flowers, and he stared in silence as she smiled to herself. She then continued stating the reasons on why he had called her, and Shin became more and more amused with her when she got redder and redder as she spoke.

He almost missed what she said and he was about to ask her to repeat it when her mind suddenly registered her words. “…my intentions.” What? Have he heard it wrong? “What do you mean intentions?” He couldn’t help parroting and asking out loud. Did this mean that what Kana have stated was true? Was Yuma Ku actually interested with him? But they don’t know each other. He was quite positive that he never met this girl in his small stay here on earth. In fact, as far as fans go, Shin was not that fond of her music, or her commercial, or her shows. Yes, no doubt Yuma was a great artist. She could be entertaining and fun, but Shin wasn’t fond of the showbiz drama. He would rather sleep it all out or take a long walk to the park instead of spending time just to talk about the nonsensical things.

He cleared his throat, and looked at Yuma. “Can you please explain what is happening around us? I don’t want to offend you but what are you trying to achieve?” ‘Ok I think that was overdoing it a bit, Shin.’ Somewhere in the part of his conscience the idea popped up but he had been so troubled by everything that he couldn’t stop himself. Before he was even sure of what he wanted to ask her, the question was immediately out of his mouth. He would then just hope that Yuma Ku was stronger than she looked else Shin might find himself with a crying lady once again.

One of his greatest peeves was and would always be making girls or even children cry. While he was blunt and direct to the point, he never usually meant harm when would try to communicate with others. For him, he only would want to be real and confident of his own beliefs, instead of being plastic or a people pleaser. No matter who he was faced with, Shin would make sure to treat people what he sees they deserved and nothing less. He was a fair boy, a boy with standards and beliefs that would easily separate him from boys of today’s generation at a glance.

Shin tried to give her a small smile in order to soften the blow of his question. Focusing directly towards Yuma, he waited with all the patience in the world for her reply. He knew this was very assuming of him to ask for her motives but he figured he would prefer knowing what is currently happening now instead of later. He was really as lost as they go, as confused like the other fans and he would do his best to get answers for these confusions.

“Are what the others telling, the truth? Am I the one you confessed to on the national news? And why are you here right now? Why are you wearing our uniform?” Shin added not a moment later. He was quite bent on wanting to know what Yuma was thinking that he dished out questions after questions. “How do you know me? Are you that Yuma Ku, who, if I remember correctly was an idol?” When he finally noticed how, desperate he sounded, Shin stopped speaking. He took a deep breath and exhaled it. Smiling sheepishly, he was half tempted to hide behind a tree and maybe disappear for forever. ’Damn! Why did he suddenly become noisy?’ He mentally shook his head and patiently waited for the pink-haired girl to answer.

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Yuma was actually quite amused to hear how confidently this boy spoke. She realized quite suddenly that the blush that she had placed on her face was not leaving, that she was actually blushing. She liked how straight forward he was, his questions hadn't bothered her at all. In fact, her heart beat was even picking up. She watched as his eyes became more desperate, asking question after question about her and her motives. It was kind of wrong, the way he put it, intentions and motives were two different things in her mind after all. Motives implied she didn't mean what she did, but intentions applied that she did mean it.

She decided that the best way to answer was slowly and calmly, to answer all of his question in chronological order. She knew very well that these questions had been coming and knew just how to answer them.

Turning back to the flowers, she played with one of them nervously. It showed on her hands, how she fumbled with the petals as if she were about to say something that revealed that she was a nine-tailed fox or something out of the dramas she watched. "You know, this is the first time I've ever come to school for a full day... I really love how beautiful it is, I did from the moment I laid eyes on it. It makes me regret I can't come here everyday like a normal student..."

She leaned down, sniffing the vibrant sunflower in her hands. "The first time I saw you, you were out in this courtyard. Actually, you had helped me out of it," She giggled softly, "You didn't recognize me, not at that time..." What she said was true, it was the first time she had met him. She just hadn't thought about it until now. "You were gazing into a beautiful flower, one that had not yet bloomed like the rest, yet you seemed to admire it greatly. That's when I found you, I was really lost, this place is quite the maze if you've never been here before. Twisting my ankle hadn't helped much either. You were kind enough to help me and show me out. You didn't ask for anything in return, you were so kind to me then. That's when I decided I wanted to take my school lessons from this school."

She turned towards another flower, "Of course, I do go to this school. I always have gone to this school, but I travel so much that actually going to school is difficult. I wanted to come though, it was my own choosing. I've always had a uniform and I am welcomed as a student so I thought that spending a normal day at school would be fun, right? Especially after-" She blushed horribly as she began to fumble with the petals again. Believe it or not she was quite the actress.

"My manager didn't sound too happy about my intentions at first either," She said with another giggle, changing the subject. "She assumed, much like yourself from what I assume, that these were motives that were somehow based off of a publicity stunt or something evil like that. She was very upset with me, I would be too. She tries so hard, she is a great manager. She is the reason that I... Became a singer. I don't know if I can call myself an Idol, for I am not a role model yet, but I am that Yuma Ku."


"Move your head!!! I can't see!!! What are they saying?"

"How would I know, this window doesn't open!"

"Wah! Shin looks so serious, Yuma's blushing? Maybe she is confessing!!!"

It appeared the whole class, and the teacher, were crowded around a small circular window in the common area out of the sight of the two below the courtyard. They weren't smart enough to move down a floor, to the big window, where everyone would have seen. There reasoning, "WE COULD MISS THE DRAMA!!!"


She scratched her head, "Goodness, I am trying to think of all your questions," She giggled softly as she turned towards him. "The next time I met you, after my first day of school, was much later on. I hadn't though too much about you or the type of person you were until then. I happened to see you pick up a small bird that was on the ground and took him home. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen anyone do, who would have believed you could be that type of person?... Excuse me, I do not mean this in a rude way, but most people probably assume you aren't considering how blunt you are, but that's just another form of your kindness, isn't it?" She turned towards him, "You don't lie, I have heard of many things you have said, some harsh and some kind, but all were true, right?" She wasn't a stalker but she had done research on him.

Fumbling slightly, she knew the next part was going to be a bit harder to say. She bit her lip, she could stop here and just run away, but she wanted to say what she had to say. "Your a kind and sweet person, I ... I want to get to know you better, Shin. Whether the good or bad parts, that's what I am here for." she took a step forward, "My heart races when I think about it! It's like it won't calm down, it's so new to me, it's something I want to explore. It makes me feel like a normal high school girl," She giggled as she looked down, then back up at him.

She became nervous again as she fumbled with her feet, "I... I don't think I should say anymore about it, right? I mean after all, some things are things that are not suppose to be said, but... Instead... shown..." Yuma then did something that she thought she would never have enough confidence to do, it was something that she had always thought was so audacious that no idol should be caught doing it, at least not unexpectedly by the other! Yet, she was doing it now. Carefully, the young pink-haired idol leaned up towards the blonde haired boy, pecking him softly on the cheek.



"On the lips???"

"I dunno, I couldn't see."


"I thought Shin kissed Yuma?"


And thus, the rumors began.


Yuma took a step away and reached for Shin's hand, looking up at him confidently. "You barely know me, right? Then you have no reason to shoot me down, at least not this first time. You don't have to do it again, you never have to talk to me again if you don't like it at all." She blushed, "But... Today, go out on a date with me! I want to get to know you, even if it is just this one time. Even just as a friend! I have that right, right? I am asking for no more then that."

She didn't wait for his response, mostly because she was afraid he would say no. "I promise, you won't regret it. It will be fun!" She giggled softly, "So, after school, I will be waiting..." And with that, the last bell rang. Yuma smiled at Shin, she was blushing like a tomato so she turned away quickly, and walked back in to the school. She was holding her mouth when she did, which several students gladly noticed, and thinking dreamily about her audacious actions.

I KISSED A BOY!!! Yes, believe it or not even Yuma was shocked over such a revelation. For the reason? We do not know yet, but perhaps... that was Yuma's first kiss?

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#, as written by xKyrie
All throughout the first period, Shin's mind was floating. Well, floating would not be the perfect way to describe how things were going but since his brain seemingly decided to hibernate for this moment he had no choice but to settle with that description. Staring at the window past to the cluster of trees adorning the courtyard outside of their room, the blond-haired boy mentally sighed. Again.

He really was not dreaming the recent events right? He was thinking that maybe everything was just one hell-of-a-kind phenomena that was a result of his tortured mind. This might also just have been a nightmare (or a dream if he was a little bit honest to himself) that the two parts of his overworked brain had come up with. Who knew what have been going in his mind lately? After all, these past few days had been nothing short of weird and strange. His rational mind couldn't think of reasons how, when or why these latest events were transpiring.

He sighed in exasperation and pulled himself out of his thoughts. He faced the white board and stared at the seemingly hieroglyphs-like representation of numbers and letters all mixed up to make one complicated formula. If he continued this pace, the chemistry teacher might unsurprisingly call his name again. His attention had been called for several times already. All of which had resulted in making the whole class laugh at his expense and he was sure not happy with having to become the class clown for the last three hours today. Grabbing his pen, he started opening his notebook and jotted several important notes from the board. He tried to control himself from looking at his seat mate. He could feel the telltale reddening of his face every time that he would meet her eyes or even when he would unintentionally look in her direction in general. Her. Yuma Ku. His pink-haired seat mate... To be exact, his newly-reinstated seat mate, just now. It seemed that the rumors did spread faster than a wildfire do because almost all of their teachers had decided to have a change of things and rearranged the whole seating arrangement to fit their mood. Look at what that made him. He got Yuma Ku as his seat mate, for almost every subject that he had with her-which meant all of his classes today. Surprise. Surprise.

Staring at the girl in the corner of his eyes, he immediately diverted his head when she turned to him. He lightly blushed and tried all his best to appear deeply concentrated on the lesson in front. Which proved to be a little problematic. He could still feel her lips hovering above his cheeks, her soft breathing fanning over his face and his slight movements when he had been so taken aback from her actions. Who would have thought she would be bold enough to do that? He could even remember that small satisfied smile gracing over her features once she was finished in proving her point

Damn, he really didn't dream all of that didn't he?

He had never prided himself for having a vivid imagination and he surely was not idealistic enough to come up with such scenarios. After all, such scene was really impossible! The boys steal kisses from girls, not the other way around! Never mind that it was not intimately romantic or anything near of that sorts but he was sure that most females in his classes were not that daring. Either he was hallucinating or in great denial for that particular moment and his mind had begrudgingly settled for the second option.

He shook his head and chased the thoughts of disbelief away. Whether Yuma Ku did kiss him or not, he could not do anything about it. The truth still stands where in the pink-haired idol had officially invited him out. Just when the thought that a live confession from a famous person was impossible, a date from the very same person herself had sounded truly out of this world. He did not think things like this could happen. Wasn't the famous girl or a boy depending on your gender (Yuma in this equation) falling in love or in his case getting interested for an ordinary boy/girl (Obviously him), only a clichéd dramatic twist added in every cheesy romance story? Why was it happening to him now? Even with his logical thinking, he was not able to predict this. Rather when he did experience such clichéd-ness, it had truly shocked him to the core. It had not been a week or so and these things were already actually piled up over his plate.

Why was Yuma interested in him?

He could not shake off the lingering doubts in his mind. She did not seem like a mean person, but there was no way that someone who was deeply rooted in realism like Shin was, could think of a valid explanation why Yuma Ku had done what she did. That was just utterly improbable. Noticing how repetitive he was, he took a breath and exhaled. He recalled how Yuma Ku had answered his questions with ease. When he heard her answers, he could not help but become even more confused and thrown off his equilibrium. It was as if he could not comprehend her statements as intellectual as he could.

Was she that barely there classmate that they had for almost a year now? He thought that person had dropped early in the school term. He had also heard about a rumor that a well-known star was studying in the academy months ago but he had deduced that it was just that, a rumor. Just imagine his disbelief when he learned that it was true in the end. If she was that student then, he wondered how she was able to manage her schedule. Kana had once commented in passing how Yuma had such a hectic schedule. She had said that the idol had too many projects on her hands that she needed to be tutored by private instructors in order to catch up with the lessons. How was she able to attend the school activities then? Why did he only meet her now? And if she was busy, what then had made her attend classes again? What about her career? Did this mean that he should ready himself on seeing most of the student populace and school staff lose their cool and going more than a little crazy with their fan girling towards her? He could not even imagine for a time of normality now that she decided to come here.

Just look at her first day! Considering that this was only her first day being back at the school, he was more than ever, wary of how everyone would act when they were in their idol Yuma Ku radar. He even noticed their Math teacher staring at Yuma every now and then during their class prior this one. These happenings, he could only guess, was the full effect and proof of Yuma’s fame as an artist.

What about Yuma Ku’s offer for a date? Was what she stated beforehand had something to do with her presence here at the academy? Was she really interested in him? But if even thinking about the idea in his head sounded preposterous enough, what more if it was real? It was not possible and it was either one big prank or something near of that sort. After all, she was and still a famous person right? There were surely more interesting men out there. No matter how much she said he intrigued her, her attention was bound to be captured by the others. Shin lowered his head and had the sudden urge to place his palm over his face. He was not jealous and he would wholeheartedly be very grateful if what he imagined would happen. He was not ready for a drama like this. He then decided to focus on writing down the teacher’s lesson.

“The hydrochloric formula for acid is...”, he should take things slowly. Stressing himself about the issue would not do him any good. Besides, he was prejudging the girl long before she can even prove herself and that was not a commendable thing. So it was unfair of him to trouble himself about this issue for nothing. But then… she really did not know him right? He frowned, stopping his pen midair as he thought about one of her answers earlier.

How could she say she liked him just from seeing him do that simple act of kindness? What he did for that bird was nothing new. He was not that much of that kind person she made him to be. He would not stand on the sidelines watching to others to get hurt that was certain, but he was not that hero-type of guy.

Gah! All of this thinking was doing nothing but heap up to his confusion. He then decided to let take things as they go. There was no reason for him to assume things negatively. Yuma was right. He should give her a chance to prove herself. Yes, she was a stranger that was certain. But not knowing her, didn’t give him the excuse to judge her character prematurely. While he hated changes, like what he had repeatedly stated even from the start, now that he was faced with this situation, he doesn’t have any other means but to try adopt to these changes the best that he could.

Besides, in the deep recesses of his mind where a certain annoying little voice nagged, he couldn't help but think as honest as he could be. Damn, what Yuma did was intriguing. That kiss was amusing. It was unexpected. She was forward and that in itself was very fascinating.


It was finally lunch time and Shin felt as if he was floating in the air. He was still considering the different scenarios in his head as he tried to come up with a proper and realistic explanation for what was happening to him. Not even Kyo and his usual crazy antics could take him out of this bubble.

What if Yuma really wanted to date him? What should he do? His first instinct was to flat-out refuse. He was not into dating stuff. If he would be asked when he would date, he would probably answer not, "until he was thirty years old". He could not see why other people wanted to rush things: especially when it comes to relationship. Even someone like he was who can be considered naïve in these matters could simply see that committing yourself to someone would never be an easy feat. It was a commitment rival for a career, that he was positive. It was never an effortless path and it would always take two parties involved to make it work. He considered all the scenarios in his head, almost coming up with more than a hundred plans. This was how he worked, he would do all his best to end up with a decision that would be best suited for a particular problem. He would normally forget all about his surroundings except the persons included.

In fact, he was so absorbed with his thoughts that Kyo’s face in front had him greatly taken aback. “Kyo?” He asked once he was sure that he would not topple into the ground where his hand grabbed hold on to the nearest chair. “What do you want?” He asked again, a little cautiously. Another uncommon thing that happened today was his best friend’s silence. The blond–haired boy had been used to the red-haired boys’ noisy antics that not being pestered by his presence had surprised him. He was hoping that Kyo would not take things at heart. He was not planning to make Yuma fall in love with him and he hoped that the red-haired self-proclaimed superstar of the school would not take things seriously. After all there was no resistance on his part even so early in this 'game'.

“Shin!” Kyo instantly shouted. His voice louder than its usual decibel and he moved a little further away from his best friend. Said Shin looked at him guardedly and raised an eyebrow in inquiry. “I’ve been thinking about this since first period and I have finally come up with a plan. When you have lied to me about your relationship with my one and only Princess Yuma Ku, you have left me no choice! It’s either you fight or you… you fight!” He raised his forefinger, stuttering a little as he struggled with words and pointed accusingly to Shin.

Inhaling deeply, he slightly paused before he shouted, “I challenge you to a fight!” Not easing to take a breather, he then continued. “This will be a do or die situation and as my best friend I have decided to let easy on you. Fight me, man to man and with will, full of courage today! The one who wins will be given permission to date Yuma-hime! The loser will have to stay away from her for the rest of the semester! The challenge will be just easy. We should make Yuma happy for her stay here and we should take her out for dates. Whoever Yuma, ma Cherie likes in the end will win!”

Kyo looked around the room and searched for the current location of his dear idol. Once he found her, where she was surrounded by a number of her fans, he had bombarded her with questions. “Yuma Ku-sama! Do you agree with this deal? I just cannot accept the fact that you have chosen Shin so easily! I am giving you prospects Yuma-chan! “

Around them a small crowd had started to form. Each one of the students stared at them with mixed expressions. Others were skeptical mostly belonging to Yuma Ku’s fan clubs looking at the scene with wary eyes. Some were neutral deciding instead to just watch and observe. While the rest were amused; their faces full excitement as they inwardly wagered to whom would win this incoming match. In the middle of all this, Shin stood quiet as he normally was. He should have expected this from Kyo. Really. His red-haired buddy would never fail him in moments like this one.

“Kyo”, he started. He hoped that by being placated would somehow stop his friend into going down that path of no return. Shin would never allow himself be betted on by the rest of the students. Even the thoughts of teachers joining in the fun were enough to bring shivers down his spine. “I am not interested in that stupid match, OK?” The blond-haired realist had finally put his foot down. “I am not fighting you for this. You can date Yuma-san or anyone and I would not care one bit.”

Shin only stared directly at Kyo. His tone was not patronizing as he had planned it to be. But with the way things got ridiculous, he supposed it was understandable. A moment of stillness later on, he then moved to get out of the classroom,. It was lunch time and they were wasting precious minutes by talking nonsense in here. After his words no one dared to move or speak one word. All were greatly wondering what would happen to this drama unfolding.

Shin was almost near the door when Kyo had spoken once again. “So…”, he said with his voice full of teasing lilt and his eyes twinkled with merriment. “Does this mean that you’re a coward now, Shin? Can’t get a girl to like you? Even if it was someone who had supposedly confessed to you?” Said Shin stopped walking but he made no other move. Kyo had seemingly found motivation from his response because he immediately took some steps forward and placed a hand on the blond-haired boy's shoulder.

“Don’t you see how challenging this is? It's a dare. One that can end up with you as the loser by default by being a coward.”

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It was nearly impossible, how did normal students do it? Yuma had been sitting down for nearly three hours, and after discovering that all these lessons were ones she had learned a month ago she finally gave up on trying to learn them. It was quite annoying and made her want to leave, but instead she stared forward, watching which way the chalk moved in whatever-teacher-was-up-there's hand. It was a new feeling to be so still! Not to mention trying not to look at Shin, it was nearly impossible! To hide her blush, however, was still not possible. Every time she thought about what she did her lips would tingle. His skin had been so soft! It made her want to kiss his cheek again. She giggled at the thought of being able to, silently, of course!

It wasn't long before it was finally lunch time, what meant it was almost time for their date! She was incredibly excited, she planned to go somewhere where not many people would go, it was a small shopping mall on the outskirts of town that only sold hamy-down items that were suppose to help charities. It was a fun place because it was all outside, their were people performing on the streets, and an unknown dating spot! And if they did get caught she could always say that she was their on charity work! Nothing could go wrong the way she saw it!


Yuma, having been sitting and talking to a few girls from a supposed fan club (not entirely by her choice), happened to hear Kyo's proclamation, like the rest of the lunch room. She was shocked, the same Kyo whom she had only met a few minutes ago was fighting for her love? What love?! She blushed, she had said on national T.V. that she loved him, of course right now it was just a like but Kyo probably thought differently. She bit her lip, she never saw this one coming. For now she stayed quiet, trying to hide her head as she drank some of her tea nervously. She hadn't brought a lunch so she had ended up just buying a drink. Who would have thought a high school wouldn't cater? She never heard of it, for she never had to pay for her own food before in public!

"Wow, he's fighting for you! Does that mean something happened between you two???" One of the fan girls asked.

Yuma blushed horribly, looking up as she tried not to choke on her tea, "H-Happened?" She had never been asked such an audacious question before. Of course this made her look even more guilty. "Of course not, I just met Kyo-Kun toda-"

“Yuma Ku-sama! Do you agree with this deal? I just cannot accept the fact that you have chosen Shin so easily! I am giving you prospects Yuma-chan! “

Yuma, at this point, was shocked and very mad to be pointed out. All eyes were on her, she could not be the start of a fight. She could see the news now, "Poor boy beat up for Idols love proclamation!" He meant it this seriously? WAS HE ACTUALLY GOING TO FIGHT HIM?

"Did you see the way Yuma reacted? Maybe her and Kyo-Kun had history?"

"Kyo-kun and Yuma dated?"

"Yuma likes Kyo-Kun?"


Honestly, Yuma was hating how quickly rumors spread.

Yuma stood up and looked towards the both of them, not saying a word, not having time to! For if anything, as soon as Kyo finished Shin had an explanation and an escape route for himself. She was hoping that he would take it! It seemed like he would...

She looked up, seeing that Shin was backing away from the fight and couldn't help but be very happy that he was smart enough to do so. If anything she would not be allowed to come back here if a fight happened. She had to stop this! It would be bad if this happened because of her, as well. The idea of two boys fighting over her wasn't appealing, either, it was just a nuisance. After all just the idea of a boy liking her made her happy, two boys liking her made her sad. It made her feel like one of those mean girls in a drama.

"Oh look, Shin's gonna back out!"

Shin was almost near the door when Kyo had spoken once again. “So…” he said with his voice full of teasing lilt, his eyes twinkled with merriment. “Does this mean that you’re a coward now, Shin? Can’t get a girl to like you? Even if it was someone who had supposedly confessed to you?” He stopped walking but he made no other move. Kyo had seemingly found motivation from his response because he immediately took some steps forward.

“Don’t you see how challenging this is? It's only a dare. One that can end up with you as the loser by default by being a coward.”

The crowd went silent, as if expecting something from Shin. Immediately Yuma knew she had to say something, or else a fight really would happen!

"Stop that!"

It was something Yuma hadn't meant to say, she had said what was inside her mind, which never happened. The whole room turned towards her and immediately she understood that she had said it out loud and there was no going back now. She couldn't believe all her training had failed her, though!

At this point Yuma knew something was going to happen, so she knew that she had to step in. "Kyo-Kun." She looked towards him, her intentions unclear through her unemotional face. She took a step towards him, "It is me who confessed to Shin, not the other way around." She looked down, "It's my feelings, whether he wins or lose wouldn't matter, I will still be the same way emotionally..."

Once again, that same voice inside of her mind took over. "Y- You guys are best friends, aren't you? Don't fight over something so stupid!" She was quite the audacious girl today!

She knew that this sounded mean, meaning that she wouldn't be with him if Kyo-Kun won, so she knew that she still had more to say. "If you want to prove your love to other girls, Kyo-Kun, then do it through means of your heart, not your fist."

She took a step back, "And I did not choose Shin so easily! How would you know how I chose him or if I even chose him at all!" She assumed the answer might have had something to do with the fact that their was a rumor going around that her and Shin were passionately kissing in the courtyard, or her confessing on screen, but the first rumor was false! Either way assuming was wrong. As if she would be able to do something so embarrassing! She turned towards Shin then back towards Kyo, she was blushing horribly. She knew that she couldn't say the next part out loud, so she leaned in and whispered it in Kyo's ear. After all how could she confess, really confess, before Shin or her had even gone out on a date? She had already broken one rule, kissing him, she couldn't break another! "I like him, but how could I know if it's love till I get to know him better? Give me that chance, I very much want to at least try," She knew that this move wouldn't help the crowd at all, but she didn't want Shin to hear that she liked him!

"W- What did she say?!"

"I couldn't hear! Maybe she really did have something going on with Kyo?!"

Yuma ignored the crowd, "Do you understand?" she said the last part quite firmly, hoping that she looked tough, like she had been scolding him or something.


"This isn't okay, not at all... she's only been here for less then a few hours and Shin has already kissed her passionately and fought for her?!" A young girl with a short skirt walked around the girls bathroom nervously as she bit her lip. "Shin is mine! H-How could she do this to me?!"

"D-Don't worry Mitzuki, your so pretty! surely enough Shin will notice and-"

"Shutup Nala! I can't wait that long! I won't wait another kiss!" Mitzuki turned towards her friend, a determined look in her eyes. She smirked as she cracked her knuckles, "We need to take care of this ourselves. We got rid of the other girls, right? Come on, Nala, it's your turn. Code Red."

Nala's eyes became wide and big, quite suddenly looking hostile, which was quite different from the girls gentle nature. It seemed as if the phrase word had sent her into a state that could only be considered as a trance. She was in a deep trance and just nodded her head, "Understood..."


Nala cried as she sat amongst the group, "I-I had always loved him! but when I confessed he-he asked why and I told him because he was cute and he called me ugly!" She started crying more, in which the group consoled her happily. "He can be so harsh! I am so sorry, I am so glad you have turned to us though, Nala! You must learn that he hates that, he hates being called cute! Also, no one girl can be with Shin, that is the decision of the fan club!" Mitsuki, the former leader of a huge fan club smiled at the girl. "You all remember, right? Code red, that's the term we will use when a girl get's too close! It is not allowed, or else we will loose our precious Shin for good!" Their were gasps all around, every girl seemed to understand the importance of this.


"Code... Red..." Nala repeated as she walked down the halls. She smirked, "I will save you, My Shin."

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Of course, I'll reject her. -I don't know her.

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why marriage?! I've never even been on a DATE!


Character Portrait: Shin Asuka
Shin Asuka

Of course, I'll reject her. -I don't know her.

Character Portrait: Yuma Ku
Yuma Ku

why marriage?! I've never even been on a DATE!

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Character Portrait: Yuma Ku
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why marriage?! I've never even been on a DATE!

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Of course, I'll reject her. -I don't know her.

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