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William St. Claude

An endearing and tormented ghost of a man who was once hopelessly in love.

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a character in “The Graveyard Shift”, as played by St.Valentine



Name: William St. Claude

Nickname: Will

Age: Over a century, but appears to be 21

Personality: Though William can be cold, quiet and is usually extremely reserved, he is a charming spirit that wanders throughout the city, mostly within range of Isabella. He is a hopeless romantic even to this day, though it is masked and sometimes even overshadowed by his heavy despair. He is in a constant state of grieving over the loss of his beloved, except when he is around Isabella, where he then becomes a little more lighthearted, very jealous, and protective. He longs to communicate with this mortal beauty, and does so by way of her dreams with courtesy and utmost respect. He is an old fashioned gentleman, which is perhaps why he is so endearing. His speech is very articulate and carries an aristocratic tone, but he is not one to brag about it. In fact, being a spirit has given him a humble nature, and further deepened his polite mannerisms. However, being an invisible, heartbroken man has also worsened the pain that he feels, and he sometimes erupts in fury.

Bio: A century ago, William St. Claude was the son of two wealthy parents studying to become the overseer of his father's monetary empire. He was engaged to be married to a beautiful Italian woman by the name of Maria, whom he loved more than his own life. His parents were always very generous and charitable, often giving to the needy and even establishing an orphanage in the country. They were a successful family, so much so that it sparked a wave of brutal envy throughout their city. Were it a monarchy, the St. Claude family would be royalty; and many people did not approve of this. One night in October during the annual Halloween festivities, the St. Claude's were murdered in a malignant and merciless manner as they were enjoying a premarital dinner celebrating William and Maria. William did not die immediately, however; he was enough alive to witness his beloved being stabbed to death, and things being stolen from his house. He finally passed with a mixture of feelings trapped in his heart: rage, a thirst for vengeance, an unsettling amount of guilt and horrible helplessness. When William woke up, he was standing among a heavy crowd of people at a funeral- his.


So begins...

William St. Claude's Story


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Finally arriving at the Rosewood General Hospital, Lyra stood for a while observing her surroundings. To a normal human the hospital housed the sick and wounded, but it was also the place where many perished. Continuing down the corridors being sure not to phase though people as she knew it would discomfort them and seeing their souls was something she was never accustomed to, the spirit girl easily weaved around the staff and nurses as she lead her group to the much deserted and darker section of the hospital. The West wing. It had been closed down, cut off from the rest of the hospital because it was still undergoing renovations. The site was a hot bed for ghostly hauntings and there was a reason for it. As she hesitated at entering, she glanced at her aunt with a look of certainty in her eyes and a solemn expression in her face that nearly drowned out her sprightly, cheerful personality.

Katherine returned her regard with a nod and a small smile as if to gesture her to continue. She glanced at William and told him that this was the place where many restless spirits wandered, and then she thanked Lyra for her help.

"Do you wish to return to your body?"

Lyra held her aunt's gaze, before switching her attention to William, "If I'm no longer needed, well I guess. This is pretty much it, there is a wall over there were many of the spirits leave a message to their loved ones or others they're trying to communicate with..." Lyra pointed to this giant wall where the imprints of many spirits had previously left those written messages. She even approached the wall and stopped before it to stare at it. All the messages written there glowed beautifully in many different colors, spectrals of light that illuminated the dark of the room. She eyed a spot that wasn't yet touched and she reached out to simply wave her hand across the space, her thoughts seemingly pouring out of her hand, flowing into the wall I miss you Katherine. its colored message glowed brilliantly golden, as a sunset. She then slowly dropped her hand to turn to face them, a sad smile on her lips as she eyed her aunt's spirit. "I wish you were alive right now, I need you...But I guess there isn't much I con do about that. I can never have you back with me." She expressed, revealing her emotions for the first time.

Katherine felt her tears falling down her cheeks as she reached out to embrace her niece's spirit, not surprised to feel her warmth in their contact.

A few moments later, Lyra broke away from her aunt to look up at William, her eyes sparkled a bit at capturing his image, he too glowed brightly, "William if Maria has't passed on to the after life, I'm very certain that she may have came across this place. If she has, perhaps she'd left a message up here on the wall for you. And if she hasn't, well you could always leave her a message for her to see if she hasn't came here yet. If this doesn't work, and she has moved on then... Maybe that is truly the place where you'll meet her again I promise you that." Lyra smiled hopeful, it erased the sadness from her eyes. She stepped away to let him inspect the wall crossing her fingers in hope that he may find her message.

Katherine ushered him to take a look, for it wouldn't take long for one spirit to find it's missing partner by already recognizing its spiritual force. She watched him carefully, wondering if this trip would help him get that much closer to locating Maria. She reached for her niece's hand and gripped it tightly in hers as though willing for that message to be there.