Johny Smith

I want to get off this island so bad

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a character in “The Graveyard”, as played by TeenTitans


Name:Johny Smith
Age: 19
Gender: Male


Created by: TeenTitans

So begins...

Johny Smith's Story


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Introduction and Thanks from and by TeenTitans

Your a survivor of a study, but all your friends died and you must with the other survivors to find a way off the island and get back home. But can you survive long enough to get home. Will you find love and new life? Or will you fail before you do? The area you in has a graveyard that you must past and it millions of miles long can you survive it?


Johny woke up and didn't know what was going on. He looked around and found others and asked them what had happened. But it seems that all of them forgot.