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The Great Demon War

The Great Demon War


200 years ago, a demon lord tried to destroy the four great kingdoms and a hero was sent to defeat him. Now 200 years later, history is about to repeat itself.

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This story began 200 years ago...
A demon lord know as Nul'grath led an army of daemons to destroy the four great kingdoms in a land known as Sylvia. The four kingdoms United to try and defeat the demon threat but in the beginning, their armies were no match for the demon armies. One by one, slaughter after slaughter, the demon armies crushed the human armies like toys. It was until five years into the war when a unknown kingdom in Sylvia lent them help before succumbing to the demon legions. They had sent one person, a single individual armed with a sword and the clothes on their back. This "Hero" seemed to be nothing special, that was until the first fight alongside the hero when an entire legion of demons were wiped out by the hero alone. Soon hope sparked and humanity once again took the fight to the demons.

It was a long year for humanity once they took the fight to the demons, but every passing day the demon threat grew weaker and weaker while humanity came closer and closer to Nul'grath himself. Soon on the final week of the war, the assault began on the demons stronghold and the demon lord was now face to face with the hero that managed to destroy everything he had acomplished, he didint want to be defeated by a single lowly human and for three days and three nights the demon used everything to beat the hero, but in the end he was beaten and the hero was presumed to be killed. With the war over, the four kingdoms soon began to rebuild and a age of peace came soon after. As time passed, the kingdoms grew and the war was slowly fading from memory and soon nobody seemed to remember the Great War exept the books which documented the war and the statues dedicated to the men and women who sacrificed their lives to stop the demon threat.

Today a strange kingdom was discovered in the north by a wandering explorer. It is surrounded by a harsh blizzard and the city itself is frozen. But rumors soon spread speaking about this mysterious city, and most rumors say it is the kingdom that sent the hero who saved humanity. This rumor soon spread to the current kings and queens of the kingdom and they wanted to find out if the rumors were true, and if they were they could obtain items of unimaginable power like the hero used.

Each kingdom sent their best fighters to explore the frozen city, but they also wanted to have everything to themselfs. Now greed and power was growing stronger and the once strong bond holding the kingdoms together was falling apart, and war was on the horizon. But that was not the only worse part, evil was now rising and the demon lord has returned after 200 years of healing and he wants revenge.


You are part of the group composed by the four kingdoms to investigate the frozen city. Little do you know you are about to re-awaken the hero that saved humanity, and that you are going to have to fight the demons and possibly the other kingdoms. What are you going to do?

The kingdoms:
Borealum- The kingdom to the east. They train elite melee soldiers. They are strong and durable. This kingdom is all about honor and glory, they do not stop training and are prepared for battle wherever and whenever it comes.

Roylia- The kingdom to the south. They train elite archers and assassins. They are quick and quiet. This kingdom is all about keeping an eye on everyone to make sure they are doing nothing shady.

Mortardan- The kindom to the west. They train experienced mages. They are intelligent and posses magic. This kingdom is all about preserving history and learning new and more powerful magic.

Nuralia- The kingdom in the center. They train men in a jack-of-all-trades meaning they can use magic and wield any type of weapon. This kingdom is about keeping peace between everyone and are peacekeepers.

Character sheet





Kingdom Origion:


Magic(if any):






Toggle Rules

I will be playing the role of the hero.
We will start by you all meeting eachother.
If you somehow die, you are allowed be either become your next of kin or even part of the demon army.
No killing eachother off without permission.
Dedication, I don't care wether you can write one sentence or an essay. I want people who join to stay, if not I will find you and eat your face.
As always, have fun!

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Re: The Great Demon War

Hello, I'm interested in this rp! I will be the neutral kingdom. I will post a character once I find out this rp is active. Thanks

Re: The Great Demon War

I will not let this RP die! Even if I have to do this all alone!
I will also be posting more lore soon, anyways feel free to add any lore ideas or add more background to this story.

I ran out of lore ideas...bummer

Re: The Great Demon War

I look forward to your character! And welcome aboard!

Re: The Great Demon War

Oh, okay then, thank you! And I just assumed that you only accepted one fighter for every kingdom. :0 I'll be sending in my character in a hour or two.

Re: The Great Demon War

No need for a FC, anime and drawings are accepted here, but if ya want a FC go ahead. And no need for reservations. Just make a character and I'll accept him/her when I get to it. Besides, who in their right mind wants to send one fighter to possibly gather items of unimaginable power, while the other kingdoms send three or more.

Re: The Great Demon War

Hello! Can I reserve the character spot for Roylia? I'm in the process of writing a character but I don't want someone to scoop in and take the spot away while I'm busy. And a small question, do you need a FaceClaim or a character appearance reference?

Re: The Great Demon War

The four great kingdoms...

Borealum- The kingdom renowned for their courage, honor, disciplined, and fearless melee soldiers. The kingdom was founded by a former general gone rouge in an attempt to create a new life in a far off land. Unknown to him people followed him but not ordinary people, soldiers followed him to this far away land and helped him build a kingdom next to a mountain.

Borealum in its early days was always fighting on a daily basis with the other kingdoms. They were considered intruders in this land and they needed to go away but the general was not about to back off to possibly die in a woods and forgotten. For years they fought, until Nuralia the kingdom who was first on this land decided enough was enough and forced the other kingdoms to sign a peace treaty.

Following the years after the peace treaty, every kingdom learned a thing or two in tactics and battle plans form Borealum. They also even sent trainers to Nuralia since they were the only other kingdom that properly used melee weapons.

Nuralia- The kingdom who was the first to settle on the land. They were once a large group of outcasts looking for a place to call home and that's when they discovered Cylvia. The land was naturally beautiful and unpopulated by humans. They took refuge in the center of the land, high up in the mountains and began building there, they then made a vow to welcome anyone who came here but they would also make sure no one in this land would fight.

Their leader, who was just a humble farmer led everyone to create a stunning and beutifull castle in the mountains but then the others began to arrive. The first was Roylia, and after they had set up camp sent an envoy to welcome them to Cylvia. They got along without any major trouble, soon came Mortardan who were welcomed with open arms and no trouble arrised with them in the beginning and finally Borealum who were the most troublesome to deal with but eventually became good in terms of trading.

Today they are having difficulty maintaining peace between the other kingdoms, especially Borealum due to the discovery of the mysterious kingdom. They don't want to resort to violence and force them to leave since they been together for multiple generations.

Roylia- The kingdom renowned for their unnatural accuracy with a bow, uncanny silence, and amazing agility. They were a group of exiles forced to find a new home after they were tried and convicted for trying to steal food to feed the others. At first when they settled in they were greeted by a envoy from Nuralia. Their first instinct was to shoot him on sight since their trust with others was fairly lacking but stopped when he gave them food and water. They soon build a kingdom in the high up in the forest.

Their leader was originally a rebel leader prepared to rise against their oppressors, but they were soon found out trying to get food for the starving people. He was very untrusting but they soon trusted Nuralia to a extent. Soon the others arrived and they were almost quick to shoot them as well but they remembered the laws Nuralia set and they didint want to risk leaving or fighting.

Today they are keeping a watch on the other kingdoms. They are worried that one of them will declare war and they will be forced into a fight.

Mortardan- The kingdom renowned for their history and magical knowlage. They were a group of scholars sent to pick a location to study away from those that would steal their knowlage. At first when they met the envoy from Nuralia they seemed grateful since they offered to help them build and soon they had a school built inside a cave.

Their leader was a old archmage, he wanted to preserve as much knowlage as he could before his ultimate death. He didint much care for the other kingdoms besides Nuralia since they were not magic users.

Today with the discovery of more magic such as the study in dark arts or trying to recreate the magic used in the Great War. They are now on dangerious terms with Nuralia since they won't stop their dabbling in the dark arts and Borealum sees them as the one who will open a portal to the demon realm and are ready to fight while Roylia are keeping a sharp eye on them and are prepared to eliminate anyone who would risk a large summoning.

The mysterious kingdom- not much is known about the kingdom. No records on who they are, how they arrived, why they arrived, virtually nothing is know about this kingdom exept for a few scattered journals in the woods which were hidden very carefully from missing scouts. From what they could piece together from the journals is that the kingdom was large but with a small number of people living inside. Although their equipment seemed very unique and much more resilient than the armor Borealum creates, their magic was much stronger than the leader of Mortardan even though he had learnt every single spell not from the occult, their reflexes seemed so fast that even a scout from Roylia couldent keep up with. But whatever happened to the scouts is a mystery itself, were they killed? Were they captured? Or did something for sinister happen?

The city itself is very beautiful despite it being frozen and covered with snow, and even then it seems to be beautiful. The city is also medium sized and is much smaller than the other kingdoms.

It is unknown wether they had a leader or not or if the hero they sent was the leader. Whatever the case after they had sent their hero during the war they seemed to just dissapear not knowing if they were killed by the demons or used some sort of mysterious spell to get to saftey but with all they had seen of the hero the kingdom could beat the entire demon legion and the combined efforts of all the kingdoms.

Re: The Great Demon War

Magic in the world...
There are the classical types of magic in this world, fire, Ice, water, earth, lightning, etc. but there are some rare and hard to master magic that mages back in the war used. Some mages could control time and space in a small area, some could animate non living materials, some could even predict the future although it was highly dangerious, unpredictable, and can only see up to three days in the future. The dangers of using such advanced magic without proper means or experience could cause death of the user or people nearby, and trying to see in the future was difficult for seasoned mages to accomplish and even then, a few lost their head(literally) trying to do so.

There are also some magic that is banned like the practice of the dark arts, which are mostly practiced by traitors, demon worshipers, or that person who wants to bring back a loved one. Most magic involving the use of sacrificing life to get life is strictly banned and will result in immediate execution since it can attract demons.

Magical creatures...
With magic a common thing in this world, there are also plenty of mythical creatures roaming the landscape like gryphons, harpies, ghosts, mermaids and merman. Some of them behave like wild animals, and some behave in a more social manner like humans. There are no laws banning human and creature pairings but most people will look at you in a strange way.

Re: The Great Demon War

For those who are looking in the OOC...hi

Anyways if you have some lore ideas you want to post, go ahead. Also I will reveal my character once you all enter the city, will it be a man? Or a woman? Or possibly a crazy ice golem? Who knows!

The demon legion-
The demon legion consisted of humanoid demons, demon abominations, and traitors. The humanoid and traitors, can be distinguished by their dark black and red colors. They also wear skulls, bones, and demonic marks across their armor. Humanoid demons are physically stronger than most humans while traitors are not given any enhancements until proven worthy.

Demon abominations come in all shapes and sizes. One such abomination was simply named Disease Ridden. They are giant, bloated, disease ridden balls of flesh that spread plague wherever they go. The very land rotted beneath its feet and the smell was so bad that you could smell it miles away, but getting to close to one caused your own flesh to rot and God forbid if some of its blood gets on a cut. If that does happen you will immidently begin vomiting, bleeding from every part of your body, and your flesh will swell up and become puss filled and disease filled, then after your slow and agonizing death your corpse will rise again and you are now a mini version of a disease ridden.

There are hundreds of different abominations we could talk about, but you get the gist of what a abomination is.

Now onto the traitors...
During the war some people, either people who wanted more power, thought they could live by joining the demons, or were just evil to begin with. There was a surprising amount of traitors which was 47% of civilians from three kingdoms, which Borealum had no traitors thanks to their training, discipline and honor. Traitors were not given anything from the start, but sure enough some traitors were eventually given a taste of demonic power and were feared alongside with demons.

Now some traitors lasted a long time in the war, that being said the longer a human stays with the demon forces the more their skin decays and the more mentally unstable they become. The skin decay cannot kill them and all it does is make them deformed and demons think of that as a sign for strength. Some human traitors have escaped at the end of the war which were very strong, and high ranking who were commanding both demons and abomination.

Demon Lord Nul'grath...vile bastard...
Nul'grath was a giant demon, he wore a set of demonic armor that was alive. The chest had a mouth capable of breathing fire and brimstone along with the shoulders and legs. His weapon was a large scythe capable of tearing a soul right from the body and was powerful enough to cut through a squad of men from Borealum, his swing was so fast that soldiers from Roylia couldent dodge it, and his magic was so strong that mages from Mortardan lost their very mind trying to stop it.

Nul'grath himself was about 16 feet tall. His reason for attacking the kingdoms was just to reap souls and have a little fun, he also wanted to test out some new demons which were eager to kill like the Disease Ridden. He even had a little fun experimenting on captured soldiers into creating some sort of demonic abomination using a bit of magic and alchemy.

The Great Demon War

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