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Elizabeth Mills

I can't do this anymore

0 · 259 views · located in Apple Meadows Orphanage

a character in “The Great Escape”, as played by tayah12


Name: Elizabeth Mills
Age: 17
Appearance: Image
She has faint red tinge to her hair, large green eyes. Her slender eyebrows frame her oval shaped face. She isn't exactly the skinniest or all women, nor is she the fattest, but she does admit that she could do with losing a few pounds however due to the nature of the lessons at the orphanage, this is discouraged.
Personality: Elizabeth is a typical young girl, a bit conscious about the way she looks and how she acts around others but she also has a lot of other traits that plague her. She is under a constant state of fear, and feels like she is unable to trust anyone. She has crippling shyness at first when she meets people; and some people may find this that she is of a 'stuck up' disposition, which is unlikely of her true self however it seems that way. Once she has got used to a person she is around, she can happily be herself but is still slightly wary of what she says around others.

Sometimes it seems that Elizabeth has more wrong with her than good, her nature has been tarnished by the cruel and hard words of the 'carers' at the Orphanage and their words have damaged her in ways of how she thinks of herself and how she views herself against the opposite gender. To her, women are there to follow orders dictated by males, but something inside her has spoken and she has decided that she should go against the words of the upper powers and do what she wants.

Despite the many downfalls of Elizabeth (she only likes to be referred to as Elizabeth, nothing else) she has a good caring nature and will be there to listen to someone when they need it.

History: At the age of 5, Elizabeth was inducted into the Orphanage due to the death of her Father. Elizabeth can't remember much of her childhood, but she knew it was not a pleasant one even before she came to the Orphanage. Whenever someone asks about her past she usually just says that she had the usual childhood before her parents died in a car crash. All that she does know is that her mother was addicted to drugs and died two weeks after her birth. And then her Father was not much different but he made the effort to change, however was killed by a gang of men that he was once involved with and had abandoned to take care of Elizabeth.

So begins...

Elizabeth Mills's Story