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Hipo J'novi

White Protection

0 · 235 views · located in Siaren

a character in “The Great Expansion War”, as played by Dak'nahlan J'novi


Name: Hipo J'novi

Neither, though mainly takes from of a male figure.
Gelatinous Mass
6' 2" (on average)
Acts fourteen, looks fourteen, but is actually (up to 2864) 1428 years of age...
Lawful Neutral
Asexual/Cannot perform sex. (If anything he's straight as an arrow.)
City owner, traveler
Hair color:
Dark brown
Eye color:
Light Brown
Meeting people, Leafs, Morphing into other people, Hugs n' Kisses~
Mean people, Fighting, Any form of water (Yeah, it kinda kills him), Hurting animals
Shapeshifting, Self-weapon use, Superhuman Healing (except for water) voice manipulation, emotion mirroring (will start acting like the other character slowly but surely.)
Mental State:
Normal 100% Sanity, Fighting form: Questionalble Sanity

I am Hipo, Hipo J'novi. I come from the planet earth though my origins are unknown. I take place in the years of 1400-??? A.D. I am a gelatinous mass that usually takes the form of the 14 year old, average Italian human boy. I can see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Though I do not feel any pain. I enjoy to travel, smell any fresh breeze and the company of others
I have no family though I do know how to take care of myself. I am shy and often hide when presented with a sudden face. I wear a pine green, cargo jacket with a plain top underneath, jeans, and converse high tops in my usual form (even when they weren't available/made). I can also form into anything that I see, as well as their color, from the inanimate to a mammal. I can move at speeds up to 150 mph and multiple bodies with different or similar forms.

I think like a mirror, and I've gotten so far in speech by copying what others have said. I have a very elaborate mind and can remember anything that has been said (Heard, tasted, felt, hurt, etc.). Finding a new personality or a new person, I would greet myself with a timid soul. But, slowly, if you stay with me for too long, I would become an exact form of yourself...and like it. If I do not stay around a personality for a while, I would begin to talk less and less until I would not speak at all. What the effect of water does to me is that my genetic material would wear away at this substance and would be able to heal itself. The only antidote that I have is in the town of Marrowell.

So begins...

Hipo J'novi's Story