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"You don't understand and you never will. Fate killed me before I ever lived."

Name: Gatger Yamus
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Race: Sudean

Physical Description: 5'7", has dark eyes and hair. Skin is rough and dark. He is short and very muscular.

Clothing: Baggy pants and a loose-fitting top.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 200-225 lbs.
Skin Colour: Dark
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Occupation: Outlaw
History Bio: Gatger was born in one of the dust-bowl towns of Sudea, where he grew up in the pleasant environment of thievery and murder. His family was among the most successful and largest in the area nearby, and as a rite of passage when he turned 16, he was asked to prove his worth by murdering the heir to a rival family. Instead, he murdered his own father and the head of the rival clan, inciting a war in which he was able to successfully maneuver both sides. Once weakened, he attacked both families with an army of his own. His plan failed, however, and he was forced to flee. After eluding the authorities, and vengeful relatives, he made his way to the Gangamai Desert, where he was found by the Hunter's Guild. They allowed him to join for his skills with chi and his knowledge of tactics, even if no one trusts him to do anything but what is best for himself.
Home Town: Ani
Home Country: Sudea

Personality: Violent, loud, and angry most of the time. Hates pretty much everyone, but mostly the heroic type because of their ability to sacrifice. He tends to blame others for things that go wrong.
Fears and Desires: His main goal in life seems to be a stubborn striving to prove to everyone that he doesn't need anyone. His biggest fear is in not being respected by others, or seeming weak.

Equipment and Weapons: Carries several long knives, and a large round shield on his back.
Styles and Abilities: Gatger utilizes his speed and quick hands to attack, using the knives. He is very physically oriented with his battle. If wounded, he will use the shield on his back in various ways.
Chi and Augmentations: Gatger spent much time studying the use of wind chi, and has mastered the ability to rip up the top layer of sand, using it as a scourge to blind or hurt his opponents. He also has made large use of augmenting his physical speed, although he has not studied so aptly on his strength.

So begins...

Gatger Yamus's Story


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"We're outnumbered," Sunaarashi pointed out. "And possibly outclassed. I won't be much use if any of them are moderately adept at chi. But if competition's what they're after, we might be able to impress them into cutting a deal, even if we lose. So let's just try our best."

Sitting on one of the rocks, Gatger's eyes bored into each one of the Great Guild members.

"Which one, Hanya?" he asked. "Which one is the strongest?"

His hands clenched and a ferocious grin threw a splash of white in a face dark from the sun's harsh treatment. His loose fitting clothing did nothing to hide the powerful build that Gatger claimed, nor did it hide most, if any, of the knives he carried on his person. His dark eyes blazed with an internal fire.

In contrast, the person next to him seemed anything but passionate about the coming battle. Her entire body was covered in cloth, except for her eyes, which peered out of the hooded darkness with a dull glow. Her cool voice came from the cloth mask, in sharp contrast to Gatger's rugged tones.

"It's hard to say, Gatger," Hanya said. "Probably the winged folk."

"Yes, they're always strong, aren't they?" Gatger laughed. "What about the Sudean? He's big."

"I sense no chi abilities however," Hanya said after a moment, considering it. "So unless he is impossibly excelled at hiding his powers, he does not have any."

"Pity," Gatger muttered. "And the others?"

"What do you think?" Hanya said, turning away, her voice level. "None of them are as strong as you. In comparison, they might as well be pieces of garbage."

Gatger frowned, but said nothing as Hanya walked away. He watched the group steadily, wondering if Hanya's analysis would prove correct.


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The group took a rest in front of the temple for an hour. Around the time they awoke and were fully rested, Risa had arrived, leading Terra out of the forest. A member of the hunters guild, the half jackal beast-man/half human Jakkar got to his feet and stretched. "Alright, I'll get to settin' up the challenge and once my cousin, Tawa, wakes up he can explain the rules to you lot..." he sniffed before heading inside the temple.

"Ah, Terra!" Suiken greeted, slowly getting up form his sleep. "Glad to see you're safe and sound. These people with us are the Hunter's Guild. They're threatening us with the spirit of competition," he informed her, dryly.

"Oh, hey! The neurotic one's back!" Shiisan grinned. "Now we've finally got enough people to take on these jerks. Dont'cha just love bein' in a guild A GREAT guild like this one?" Shiisan asked his new found "guild-mates". e then turned to face the forest. "Anyway, I'll be back in a minute!" he informed them, walking off.

The Hunter's Guild member, Tawa, a large man with the build of a wrestler looked upon the guild and began to explain how this competition was going to go down. "Okay, here's the quick version," he spoke slowly, slightly scratching his bushy mustache. "We're going to have a series of of four challenges. You won't get too much time to prepare as we'll explain the challenges as we get to 'em. The prize is a map hidden deep within a temple, that not only leads to a trove of treasure, but a guaranteed safe entrance Gangamai. Whoever wins, gets the map, whoever loses gets nothing AND has to stay behind in this forest for a year."

"Oh, now that you've explained it, it sounds completely preposterous," Suiken grumbled at the ridiculous terms of this challenge. "So, what happens if we refuse to stay in this forest for a year? Your leader handed us talismans for safe passage already."

"Oh...we have ways of making you stay..." Tawa began to laugh. "We have ways..."

Before Suiken could respond to that unhelpful non-answer, he instinctively turned around to face the forest. Hovering before them above the trees, looming over them, was an ancient massive bird-like creature, sporting a vast wrinkled face, and piercing yellow eyes and a long jagged beak. It had a kind of aura about it that felt completely alien, but it didn't look upon the either groups of the guild with any particular malevolence. It seemed more intrigued than anything.

"Hmm," Suiken murmured, his brow furrowed. "Crane demon..."

"So you have escaped my maze, have you, little mortals?" the Crane demon chuckled in a soft spoken tone, with an underlying tinge of menace. "My what resolve you must have...Most simply give up and die. But you..." it said, pointing a wrinkled talon towards the Great Guild. "You have a sense of purpose about you...At least some of you do."

The crane demon swiveled it's head around towards the temple. "And now you make your way towards the temple. It is mine as well. I have made good use out of the death traps and corpses the humans and goblins who built it had left behind...It has claimed the life of many a trespasser, before foolish enough to scour for my treasure...." the beast cackled. "But perhaps. Just perhaps....I will let you all escape with your lives. Your...mortal games amuse me, you see. If you are entertaining enough, maybe I will go easy on you maybe I will let you...let..." The crane demon paused in it's speech as it made an obnoxious face and violently turned his head in the direction of two sounds. The sound of someone whispering a cheery tune and something else that reminded one of a spring of water.

Both sounds belonged to Shiisan, who was contently whistling as he, er....relieved himself on a nearby tree, lifting his leg up, not unlike a dog. Nearly tripping over himself as pulled his pants back up, Shiisan stopped in his tracks. One would think he saw the crane demon silently glaring at him, but it did not appear to be the case as he muttered something about pollen, and loudly sneezed into his hands.

Returning to the guild, he raised a hand in greeting, "Y'know when you have nothin' to drink except the odd bout of rainwater for a while, ya kiiiiinda tend to go overboard with the drinking water. Anyway, when I was planning on leading you guys here, I was hoping you wouldn't find out about the treasure. Kinda wanted that for myself. But, hey. These guys wanted to challenge my new buddies, so I just had to help...wait, what's everybody looking at?"

The Crane demon suddenly glared at the Great Guild with intense hatred. "Wow. It's, uh,...not an easy task to change the mind of one such as I, but there's pretty much no way I'm not going to try and kill you now. Peace..." the bird creature then departed in a puff of smoke.

".......Weird," Shiisan muttered after a bit, pointing at the direction of where the Crane demon had stood. He turned towards the nearest guild member next to him for confirmation. "It's not just me, right? That was weird? What was that all about anyway?"

Jakkar, who had wandered out of the temple by now, shrugged, but somewhat shaken. "Well, at least we have confirmation that damn near everything is goin' to try and kill us in there. Anyway, everything looks ready to go in there, so let's get a move on."

Both guilds then began to make their way inside the temple...there was a long stretch of nothing before they would reach the spot where the challenge began. So while it was safe so far, the fact that nothing had happened yet did little quell the odd feeling of ominousness, the temple gave off.


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"More than that..these people are insane..." Suiken added, approaching Lo-Muna and Terra. "But the bird demon will be after us either way, so we might as well compete to the best of our ability. After all, if we just decided to quit now, I'm not sure they'd take it so well..." Suiken frowned. He then looked at the newcomer. "What brings you to us, child? You seem to understand that danger lies on our path, but knowing that, why would you want to help us? If I may ask?" he queried, raising an eyebrow.

Shiisan nodded at Rumelis and Ann. Seeing as Rumelis spoke first, eh addressed him first, "Nice! A fellow explorer of the wilderness." He then looked to both Ann and Rumelis. "See, as a bandit of this forest and desert, I've gotta take it upon myself to know how to live on the land," he explained, nonchalantly picking his left nostril with his pinkie. "I'm pretty good at hunting honestly. Not so much at traps and gizmos. That's what other members of my old crew specialized in. But maaaaaan, do they all hate me now, so..." Shiisan shrugged, placing his hands behind his head as they walked.

"We were kind of crappy bandits to be honest, I mean yeah when someone stopped by our turf, we'd demand they hand over anything, but our leader had no sense of strategy. Only real reason I stuck around was 'cause of his daughter, I guess," he sighed, nostalgically. "and to tell you the truth being a bandit bored me after a while, bein' stuck in the same forest with the occasional visit to Gangamai. Heroic guild life sounds waaaay more fun."

He then glanced at Ann and asked. "So...you think potentially anybody could be your friend? And yet....you wouldn't have a second thought about killing anybody at the same time? Weird double edged sword thing you've got goin' on...or whatever ya call it," Shiisan paused to glance at the newcomer, a young girl it seemed. He then sniffed the air and shrugged and returned to speaking to Ann and Rumelis. "So, tell me this you two...I know that bunny-baby isn't the original leader of the guild? What happened? Was the old leader, the, uh...Duwen Fortunate dude, or whatever, the one who pushed you all down the river?"

"Alright as soon as you're done chattin' it up, you can decide which two member of yer guild'll participate in the first challenge!" Jakkar called, removing a brick from what appeared to be a dead end in the wall. The wall, through some mechanism, slowly pulled itself back, revealing a an cobwebbed filled mining tunnel. Looking alongside the walls, the guilds could see fragments of jade spread out across the dirt. Most of it had been mined up and cleared out years ago.

Two wooden, decaying mining carts stood abandoned in front of the tunnels. They hadn't seen use in who knew how long? But they were the object of the first challenge. "Here we go," Tawa began. "There are two trails of tracks carved into the dirt for these two mining carts. They're big enough to fit two people, so two members of each guild will get in the cart and race to the finish. Simple enough ,since it's the first challenge."

"The rest of us'll be takin' the tunnel off to the right," Jakkar pointed out. "It has a safe walking path. Well..."safe". The bird demon'll DID say he'd try 'n' kill us so...stay on yer toes, I guess."


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Jakkar's face flushed for a bit as Lo-Muna embraced him. Only for a bit though, as he realized that the rabbit woman was playing his weakness against him. The show of affection contrasting with his karmic reversal chi. A fountain of blood shot out of Jakkar's mouth as he passed out onto the floor. The Great Guild had won. With one minute to spare! The dome of air dissipated.

"See?" Suiken grinned at Terra, happy to be able to breathe clearly again. Or breathe as clearly as the musty temple air would allow anyway. "We have it handled. We're going to survive this, Terra. Just a bit more and we can be done with these maniacs..." his voice fell into a whisper. "And hopefully, our comrades will be able to complete their task safely and get us out without a hitch."

Tawa somberly got to his feet and lifted Jakkar, Dalen, and Sha, lifting them over his shoulders. He looked bitterly at the guild. "Alright, Great Guild. Next challenge..." he frowned as he began to descend a flight of stairs. It was a long walk down to the next lower levels of the temple. The Crane Demon hadn't made any other moves yet, perhaps waiting for the next challenge to taper with them.

"The next challenge is an obstacle course..." Tawa began to explain curtly after a long period of silence. It was clear he wasn't too keen on losing two challenges in a row. "One on one." Tawa glared over at the guild, glancing at Yamato. "You haven't gone yet. You'll be his opponent." Tawa nodded to the silent member of the Hunter's Guild. One who presence had had barely been noticeable in all the commotion of the challenges. "Gatger Yamus is one of our best. Never lost a challenge yet, have ya Gatger?" Tawa then turned his head quickly, and glanced at the guild.

"Wait..." he paused. "Weren't there more of you?"

Suiken gave an aside glance to Lo-Muna. Their current leader had a bit of a silver tongue about her. Perhaps she could talk her way out this query.


"The rest..." the old man laughed, as he began to tell his life story. "Warriors of the past, felled here long ago. Some of them are my associates. Miners. We first explored this temple a year ago, searching for jade and other treasures. We were mostly successful. But then a few months ago, something odd happened. We spotted a treasure box. It looked so...unassuming, it was no wonder we never noticed it before. But that day something was different. It called to us..." he said pointing towards the treasure box, from which the black fog was emitting from.

"It was locked tight for such a small treasure box, but we managed to pry it open...and freed the horrid creature sealed inside," the old miner bemoaned. "The Crane Demon...it's evil reached out through the temple and permeated into the forest. It trapped us here, keeping us alive to feed on our guilt, making sure we knew we were the ones who released it's evil back into the world. We'd brought enough food to survive in the forest for a weeks. Rationing it off, allowed us to survive for months. Unfortunately...my companions lost their will to continue. They let the guilt take over."

"I'm the only one left surviving here...the guilt still eats at me...as I eat this stale bread and dirties water," the old man sighed. "But the desire to one day see this monster put back in it's place will keep me living for as long as I need too. One day..."

"Well. That sorta settles it then, don't it?" Shiisan asked, cracking his neck slightly. He turned to Ann and Rumelis. "Sister Silence, Brother Bear..." he began, pointing at the treasure box. "Attack whatever in that box." Shiisan turned around, harnessing his chi. "While, I provide ample distraction...."

[b]"I believe you all have worn your welcome..."
the voice of the Crane Demon spoke, in a hurried tone, somewhat . "You. Your friends upstairs, your enemies with their petty contest, all of you...will soon peri-AAAHGH!"[/b] the Crane Demon howled. Shiisan, using his chi to restore things to their natural state had blasted one of the odd, oily, flesh-like walls, briefly restoring it to it's original state, before it slowly regenerated back into it's corrupted form.

"Don't like that, feather-face?" Shiisan asked. "Got more where that came from!" Shiisan then turned to glance at Ann and Rumelis again, nodding at the treasure box. A wave of human sized, crane-beasts emerged from the floors, brandishing blades made of sinewy feathers and charged at Ann and Rumelis to block the path towards the treasure box. Shiisan had begun to dodge giant, boulder sized talons that had begun emerging from the wall, blasting whatever he could with his nature chi.


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Gatger smiled. "How about we place a bet on it? Winner take all. If you win this course, we'll not only throw in the map, but we'll give you enough supplies to last the journey out, and a honored escort! However, if you lose, you're back to square one. What do you say? I'll even pay you some money on the side!"


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#, as written by Rann
The sudean smiled. "How about we place a bet on it? Winner take all. If you win this course, we'll not only throw in the map, but we'll give you enough supplies to last the journey out, and a honored escort! However, if you lose, you're back to square one. What do you say? I'll even pay you some money on the side!"

Rune sighed, looking at Lo-Muna, hoping that this wouldn't be idiotic.

"It's already winner's take all, in our favor." She said to the rabbit. "We win one more, we win best three out of four, anyways. Don't risk taking the bet. I wouldn't trust any escort, anyways. This is just them trying to have a chance to win - pathetic, really."

She turned to Yamato.

"Good luck, though you probably don't need it."


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With Ann's blade driven into the Crane Demon's box...a hoarse cry rang throughout the entire temple. Sunaarashi smashing through the wall, Rumelis and Ann's attacks on the Crane demons minions, Shiisan's chi blasts, and of course the blade now piercing through the cursed box had all but severed the Crane Demon's ties to the temple and the world of mortals.

"This...won't be the end of me...I...return..." the Crane demon coughed as all of the vile shadow coating the walls of the room, as well as the hellish aura within the temple, as well as the dark cursed placed upon the forest, began to reel back and recede towards the box. A sense of tranquility had filled the air that the Great guild hadn't felt since they'd landed on Gangamai's accursed desert.

"Wow, totally didn't know that would happen," Shiisan remarked, sounding thoroughly unsurprised.

"Re--remarkable..." the old miner grinned. "You all did it! You..." the miner paused as something in the treasure box began to spark and shimmer with a loud hum. "I think...we should leave this room..."

"Yeah, good point..." Shiisan agreed as he and the other guild members hurried out of the Crane Demon's former domain and went back into the room with the pedestal where they'd found the treasure map key in. It seemed that whatever was emerging from the box was the Crane Demon's parting gift. But it had lost too much power...Electricity surged throughout the treasure box, smashing the walls surrounding the room and toppling them.


Suiken and the rest of the guild turned in surprise as one of the walls collapsed in front of them. The Hunter's Guild turned, equally surprised, as they saw the 'missing' Great Guild members standing across the other side of the massive hole in the temple wall. Their looks of surprise soon contorted into rage upon seeing the Guild was standing in the very room, they'd surmised the treasure map to be in.

"You...what were you...cheaters," Tawa frowned his face growing with rage. "All of you! Cheaters! You've forfeit the contest! Hand over the map!" Tawa demanded. "You get to rot in this cursed temple..."

"Yeah, it's not cursed," Shiisan pointed out.

"Wha-, come again?" Tawa frowned.

"The curse is gone and so...there aren't really any stakes left in this contest..." Shiisan shrugged. Tawa looked completely lost as he looked over to the other Hunter's guild members, who simply offered equally infuriated yet stumped looks.

"So...now I take it that we all can just leave and be done with this contest?" Suiken asked Tawa.

"I, uh...." Tawa stuttered, looking over to Tsukumo as she began to heal their unconscious teammates. "I'll have to ask the boss first...Can you all just, uh, wait here a sec?"

The entire guild gave Tawa a blank stare, before simply leaving through the new hole blown into the wall. The old miner approached them excitedly, asking. "Do you all know what you've done? The entire province must've been suffering for a long time due to this Crane Demon and you all just...well you done a very good thing to say the least! After spending months in that room with that wretched thing, I feel as if I am twenty years younger!"

"This has to be told to someone! Perhaps, I will go to Jiefong and relay the news..." the old man continued, scratchiness his chin. "Er, what do I call you people?"

"We're the Great Guild," Shiisan explained. "The Great Guild Fortune. We're a pretty big deal, right?" he asked Lo-Muna, elbowing her a bit on the shoulder.

"The Great Guild Fortune..." the miner repeated, before turning around, beginning to take his leave. "I will remember that!" he shouted as he began to run off, in another direction than the guild. Back to a now curse-free Ganga Desert and towards Jiefong. "And thank-you!"Shiisan nodded and looked back at the guild, pulling forth a burlap bag in one hand and the key/map to unlocking the treasure room in the other.

Needless to say, the Guild realized that it was finally time to take a bit of a reward for themselves after the past couple of days. The key had unlocked the treasure room without a hitch and they soon took as much as they could take with them.

There was only one thing left to do, which was make for the exit into Gangamai. The last room that needed to be unlocked was unlocked. It led to a simple tunnel that simply led them in a straight line. They traveled in haste despite their tired demeanor, until they were closer and closer towards a dim light.

And then finally....they made it. The underground City of Gangamai. They were soon greeted by a confused rabble of dirtied faces, giving them looks of shock and surprise. There was an odd silence for a couple of minutes, before Suiken spoke. "Aha...excuse us, we've traveled for a long time without a decent rest and we-,"

"Stow it, oni," a Gangamai guardsmen spat, still looking in amazement at the group. "Did you all...just come from that temple?"

"Why yes," Suiken answered. "We've come from Jiefong, across the river and trekked through the Ganga Desert to..."

"You went through the cursed desert?!" the guard laughed obnoxiously at them. "You washed up by the lake right? You ARE aware that there's a a mountain near that area...?"

"...Yes?" Suiken nodded, vaguely recalling the geography of the area. "What of it?"

"The curse doesn't go that far!" the guard snorted. "There's a passage in those mountains that'd taken you right near here safely!" he guffawed.

Suiken gave a low sigh and turned towards the guild, whispering, "Remember, let's...keep a low profile here. Perhaps news of our...activities in Jiefong haven't spread this far yet, but we should nevertheless, be careful. Now...I suggest we search for an inn."

"Woah, what'd you guys pull off in Jiefong?" Shiisan asked, waiting for an answer as he turned his head back towards the tunnel, where unbeknownst to the rest guild, a pair of eerie, but not particularly threatening eyes peered at them from the darkness. The eyes of the qilin. Shiisan gave it a nod, before it bowed respectfully and departed as quickly as it had arrived. Shiisan's attention soon turned back towards Gangamai as the guild continued to search for an inn.


A filthy gecko beastman of a guard tapped violently on Orion's cell with it's warhammer. Glaring at Orion with razing hatred and iron willpower, the reptilian beastman snorted, "You ready for the full might of the judicial system, scum-lord?" he asked Orion.