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The Ravishing Beauty of the South

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"Even rabbits can eat meat."

ImageName: Lo-Muna "Muna" Vanhi
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Race: Beast-man

Physical Description: Lo-Muna's features are appealing to the eye and she takes great care in keeping in shape. She may not be muscular but there is still a lot of strength in her wiry arms. She is tanned from her travels and has striking yellow eyes. She is mostly hairless save for her ears and tail which she keeps tucked away as she is somewhat self conscious of it. Her white fur is matched by her white, thick hair that falls down to her lower back. There is femininity in her looks but there is no delicacy. Other than her ears and tail, the only other sign of her Beast-man heritage are her claws she often keeps filed into sharp points.

Clothing: She often wears revealing shirts but has modest pants. A belt secures her waist and emphasizes her curves.She is often seen wearing a backpack or sack where she keeps her items. She wears very little jewelry on a day to day basis except for a necklace and matching bracelet given to her as a gift many years ago. Despite their age and what she's been through, the necklace and bracelet are both in good condition with very little wear and tear.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs
Skin Colour: Tan
Hair Colour:White
Eye Colour: Yellow-Green

Occupation:Traveling merchant and part time-thief.
History/Bio: Lo-Muna grew up in a small tribe of beast-men who were often peaceful with neighboring tribes in the Askia forest region. However, while most of her kind were content to stay put, Muna grew very restless. She had heard tales of the enslavement of her kind and was often discouraged from going by her fellow members. However, a hare Beast-man happened to come across her tribe. The two talked as Lo-Muna was very friendly to travelers and the two immediately had a connection. He invited her to go traveling with him and Lo-Muna agreed to the disappointment of her parents and friends. They knew how dangerous it was but the hare beast-man insisted he would take care of her.

He did for a while. Lo-Muna learned how to thieve from him and the two took much and gave very little. However, as the two were after a big prize, Lo-Muna messed up. Her hare Beast-man companion took the brunt of the punishment and he started lashing out at her. The two started getting into arguments and Lo-Muna ran off.

On her journey, she was barely making it. She had not been without a companion for some time when she came across a human woman from a guild. This human woman was violent but soft towards Lo-Muna, despite her pretending not to care about the Beast-woman. However, Lo-Muna was simply using the human woman and just as she started having doubts about her methods, the human woman did a big show of affection, singing a ballad in front of an audience. Mortified, Lo-Muna tried distancing herself from the human woman, coldly rejecting her in the most round about way possible. The human woman left, broken, and Muna was left out in the cold again.

She deliberated going back to her hare companion but by the time she returned to where he had set up shop, Muna was told he was dead. Refusing to go back to her tribe, Lo-Muna set on her travels again, determined to not let her heart soften and to keep her coin purse full.

Home Town: Thrianta
Home Country: Askia

Personality: Lo-Muna can be very sweet and polite upon initially meeting her. She's also very much a flirt and is very charming in conversation. She can also be very petty or malicious if crossed. As long as others are on good terms with her, Lo-Muna is willing to help a hand and remain on good terms with them. She is also one who isn't hesitant when it comes to helping others however and is very independent, even contrary if she believes what she is doing is right. But this good part of her nature can be dampened when it seems someone or something is threatening Lo-Muna's goals.

Fears and Desires: Despite Lo-Muna's confidence, there is a lot of fear that stems from her previous relationships when it comes to opening up to others. She is very hesitant to open up, to the point where if she feels someone getting close her reaction is to lash out or distance herself in the harshest way possible. Her greed stems from being constantly left without a way to make ends meet and she fears being alone again despite her best intentions to remain alone.

She desires nothing more than to travel and worry about little to nothing. However, she knows things come at a price and despite her traveling nature, she longs for some stability whether that be in someone else or some place. Her pride makes this very difficult however as her only stable home so far is one she refuses to go back to. There is also a small, growing desire to help the impoverished and enslaved beast-man that Lo-Muna often keeps buried.

Equipment and Weapons: Lo-Muna's main weapons are chakrams she often keeps hidden away in her bag or on her belt when she senses danger. Equipment consists of medical supplies, sewing materials, and loaded dice or coins. Often, she will also carry various trinkets or wares to sell when in need of gold or when there are events where she can make easy coin.

Styles and Abilities: Lo-Muna's very evasive when it comes to combat. She is super fast and prefers to be support rather than on the front lines. However, if forced into a fight, Lo-Muna has a very aggressive style of fighting, often engaging in gorilla tactics. She'll consistently weave in and out, looking for openings or weakness to guarantee her victory. With her enduring stamina and flexibility, Lo-Muna avoids blows with ease and can wait until an opponent is tired out to deliver the final blow.

Chi and Augmentations: Lo-Muna's augmentations are pertaining to speed and strength. She can augment her legs to move faster and her strength to deliver more powerful blows. She can also jump higher.

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Children flocked to her, careful to grab the pinwheels in one hand as they dumped their parent's money into the other. It wasn't that she was selling them for a high price. She had just made sure to sell them for a high enough price to where she was still cheaper than the stalls around them. Not like it upset the vendors as they had their own flock of customers to contend with. Lo-Muna Vanhi had a small line but it dwindled as she began to run out of wares. She had known they were going to be popular but she had only so much coin to produce her items. Coin she had made twice, nearly three times over tonight in a very short span of time.

As she apologized to those who had come too late, she could see other children lighting up the tips of the petals, eyes widening as the wheel began to spin. Bright colors shooed off the darkness and spun a circle before them, the children clutching the stick of the pinwheel with a tight grip as though they were afraid their amusement would fly away. In the middle of the circle were vague designs that worked only with a child's imagination. Lo-muna herself could not make out the fantastical things they saw, but then again she had already begun walking away.

She loved it all, the sounds, the people, the bright lights that could be seen from miles away. The movement was her favorite part of festivals. The jostle and bustle of the crowd who were just as impatient as she was to be on the move, only pausing once something had caught their eye. Lo-muna herself was attracted by the variety of wares the vendors offered and nearly stopped at every stall on her way to inquire about the items. Many of them seemed impatient and she didn't stay long with them, knowing they had customers and had no time to deal with someone who offered no coin. A few indulged her inquiries but she didn't stay long with them either. Their interest turned to her and Lo-muna had no intention of getting in trouble tonight.

Merging back into the crowd, Lo-muna patted her bag and kept it close to her body. She could see where the darkness began, eventually leading to the gates, but had no intention of leaving the warmth behind. The business part of her night was over and now she would run the length of the festival again, recalling what stalls she had planned to return to.

People passed her and crowded her but Lo-muna didn't mind. The flow of the crowd was soothing and it wasn't like most people were paying her any mind in the festivities. In fact, she observed others as she walked with them and couldn't help but smile or laugh at how others interacted. Sometimes she would come across those who looked longingly at the food stalls in clothes obvious of their low station. Maybe a coin would slip from her bag as she passed by them but she didn't linger to see where it had gone. A beast-man like her only had so much liberty on a night like this.