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Season of Giving 2020

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An Unstoppable Force of Nature sent from the desert to destroy his enemies

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a character in “The Great Guild Fortune”, as played by DarKnight36


"They took everything from me. I returned the favor."

Name: Sunaarashi
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Race: Human

Physical Description: Sunaarashi stands about 6'5", with grey-green eyes hidden behind a glowering brow, and dark skin from the desert sun. He shaves his head regularly to honor the oath he took years ago. He is very muscular, and due to both this and his height, Sunaarashi stands out easily in a crowd.
Clothing: Sunaarashi wears a conglomeration of armor stripped from his fallen foes. Although he has heavier pieces of armor he carries with him, he usually keeps to lighter wear, preferring mobility to defense. Underneath he wears a light tunic and cloth pants he sewed himself.
Height: 6'5"
Weight: ~300 lbs.
Skin Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Bald
Eye Colour: Grey-green

Occupation: None
History/Bio: Sunaarashi was born in the deserts of Sune, learning over the years to be a prosperous hunter-gatherer. His tribe kept to themselves, only trading with the nearby townships when needed. Over the years, Sunaarashi gained a family of his own, becoming chief of his tribe. However, this life was taken from him. Slavers from Sune looking to sell men and women to the Ashurans after the invasion and subsequent truce attacked his clan: hopelessly outnumbered, Sunaarashi was grievously wounded and left for dead as the rest of his tribe was either murdered or captured to be sold as slaves. Recovering from near-death, Sunaarashi hunted down those who had taken his family and tribespeople, carving a bloody path through slavers and Ashurans alike. Despite this hatred-fueled rampage, Sunaarashi never found a single member of his tribe alive. Sunaarashi has traveled to Poyo chasing after another rumor, but doubts plague the man's mind. Will he ever find his missing family?
Home Town: A desert tribal town lost to the sands
Home Country: Empire of Sune

Personality: Sunaarashi was a stern but good-natured man before the slavers attack on his tribe. Afterwards, he has been nearly consumed by rage and hate for what happened to his family. Bitterness and anger fill much of his days, but behind it, there is still traces of the good man he used to be.
Fears and Desires: Sunaarashi hates slavers and slavery, and he is somewhat of a horror story among those who practice its trade (although mainly contained to Sune, rumors of his deeds have spread to other kingdoms). If Sunaarashi learns of black market trade in an area, he will hunt down and murder those responsible without mercy. However, Sunaarashi fears that these deeds, even though in the name of vengeance and justice for his tribe and others who have been hurt by the slavery trade, have instead damned him. He fears he has sullied his tribe's legacy and that he is the last of his tribe alive.

Equipment and Weapons: Sunaarashi carries a large bag that contains bits of armor that he has obtained from his murdered enemies. He has a large sword that was a weapon of his tribe, a spear and several javelins, and a shortbow with a quiver of arrows.
Styles and Abilities: Sunaarashi's fighting style is like that of a monster of the dark. He attacks quickly and ferociously, without mercy.
Chi and Augmentations: Sunaarashi's chi is that of shadows and blood - twisted by his rage and hatred from its initial beginnings as camouflage for hunting, Sunaarashi wields darkness as a shield and a weapon.

So begins...

Sunaarashi's Story


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Poyo: A small port town that spread haphazardly from the banks of the Gan River, the city looked a bit like a trapdoor spider from the hills that rose above it. The docks were the long legs, and the bulging abdomen, full of light and life at this time of year, housed the guts and lifeblood. Not that anyone besides Sunaarashi would probably make that comparison, but the desert warrior was a unique presence to the land, a presence that was not altogether wanted.

It was subtle, to be sure, just an odd look here or there, or the way people shuffled out of his way as if he smelled badly (which he most certainly didn't after that scrubbing he'd given himself earlier). Sunaarashi didn't blame the townspeople for their hesitation - he stood a foot above the majority of them, and his dark skin, bald head, and perpetual scowl certainly did him no favors.

Sunaarashi wasn't the only one getting the cold shoulder, though. The Emperor's birthday celebration had brought in travelers and rural citizens from all across the area, swelling the population of Poyo to double, or perhaps even triple, what it would normally be. If there was one thing the Yune Empire was proud of, it was their Emperor, and strangers from all across the land were participating in the parties.

This influx of new people was both closely watched and taken advantage of by the Poyo natives. The Nightflower Guild's representatives had a large tent set up in the village square, selling fireworks by the dozen to anyone with enough coin. The smell of smoke from the small firecrackers permeated the air, and the stacks of larger rockets forecasted an evening to remember once night fell. Vendors selling street food, balloons, candy, or handing out prizes to rigged carnival games, were on nearly every corner, luring the coin out of pockets and into locked boxes.

Inside the inns, the noise from the streets only seemed amplified. Waiters and waitresses bustled around to the filled tables, the smell of food, alcohol, and tobacco mixing and bursting out the open windows to draw in more customers. Outside the town, tents had been erected to host the many visitors, and both women and men wandered these tents, offering services of a more sensual kind.

In short, no one in this city expected to sleep tonight, and the noise and carousing would only get more rambunctious as the night grew later.

Sunaarashi wasn't here for the entertainment, however. In truth, it was just a coincidence that he happened to be here, on this most ostenatious of nights. The dark, tall man took a deep breath, and cinched the large bundle strapped to his back a little tighter. The threads knotted at the end of his sword's hilt, the blade itself strapped to his waist, swayed as he walked carefully through the crowds.

Right now, Sunaarashi simply wished he could find a quiet inn somewhere in the back of town to lie down, and get a good night's rest for once, but even the smallest inn would be doing everything they could to rake in the influx of cash this night provided. No one could afford to let this opportunity slip by.

And so it was that instead of sleeping, Sunaarashi wandered the streets. Although not a stranger to the city life, he held no love for it, being from Sune himself, fond of the wide open spaces and the isolation of the desert. Here, it was a different kind of isolation, one of culture. He didn't enjoy this latter kind near as much.

His eyes scanned the crowds listlessly. He wasn't in the mood for this. Having arrived earlier this day, he'd found that the town was already filled to capacity with traveling family and friends. As the sun had set, even more had appeared, until the city was nearly bursting with screaming, crying, shouting insanity.

Quite suddenly, Sunaarashi found himself nearing one of the gates of the village. Sunaarashi hesitated, wondering if he perhaps could find a tent to lie down in, one preferably free of bugs and other occupants, and while he paused, a rider caught his eye. Dressed in golden armor that glinted in the light from the fires and lanterns hung throuhgout the city, Sunaarashi could tell the young man was of mixed descent even from this distance.

"Must be a noble," Sunaarashi muttered, wondering to himself what a noble would want with Poyo. After a moment, the desert endemic shrugged and smiled. Whatever the young wellborn was doing in Poyo, it would be fun to watch him get sucked dry of all his coin. Perhaps he would remain in the city just a bit longer...