Yamato Hibiki

A Ronin seeking his own path

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a character in “The Great Guild Fortune”, as played by Wing06Twilight


"You will not stand in my way"

ImageName: Yamato Hibki
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Race: Tengu-Human half-breed

Physical Description: Yamato's face is all angles, giving him a deeply chiseled look. He has yellow tattooing under his eyes that add a contrast to his reddened skin tone. He is very lean with defined muscles. He keeps his wings maintained, and takes pride in their ash gray coloring..

Clothing:Black linen pants, with a loose fitting gray shirt that matches his wing color. He also owns a full set of Samurai armor crafted from obsidian

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 195lbs
Skin Colour: Red
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Yellow

Occupation: Ronin

History/Bio: Yamato is the bastard son of a Tengu warlord and a Byeonsu witch. Being a half-breed and the illegitimate son of the Warlord he was always treated as an outsider. While his mother was allowed to live among the Tengu, it was easy to see the tensions her presence caused. Yamato was never allowed to play with his half-siblings, and was locked away from them. When he was four, his mother committed suicide. After her death, his father ignored him and his father’s wife saw to it that his life was a living hell. He was forced to depend on the kindness of the others in his clan that would sneak him food and reading materials so he could learn.
As he got older, Yamato’s father began to allow him to train along side his brothers as they learned Kenjutsu. Eager to learn and desperate for his father’s attention he was stunned to learn that he was to be used as the “dummy”. He endured the pain day after day, hoping it would eventually lead to something more. He was partially right as he was suddenly allowed to sleep in the main house, and allowed a tutor. He learned all he could while he could.

His father’s wife fell and suddenly she found herself relying on the young man she’d shunned his entire life. The two weren’t close, but the woman grew to have some respect for Yamato. She persuaded her husband to let Yamato train with their sons, and eventually apologized for the way she’d treated his mother. She passed away a few days later.

Yamato was sent away from the main house, left to his own devices. His father and siblings had no use for him, and his sword skills were beginning to make his eldest brother look inferior. He was found by a small school of Tengu that accepted him with open arms despite being a half-breed.

Yamato’s tragic past defines him, the ashes of those he killed coat his once black wings, leaving them heavy and grey. He wanders the world, with no Clan or blood family. With their passing, he was the only heir his father had, but the lower members of his clan refused to allow him to take command, and fought amongst themselves, eventually being slaughtered by Yamato himself. He burned down the compound he’d grown up in and never looked back.

Home Town: Carthia, a small village on the coast known for its fishing markets and lush palm forests located atop the white cliffs.
Home Country: Tengala

Personality: A vengeful man who seeks power and commands the respect of those he deems beneath him though any means necessary
Fears and Desires: The only thing he fears are the demons from his past, the ghosts that haunt his dreams, demanding he pay for his sins. He desires power and fame, to be feared by those he leaves in his wake.

Equipment and Weapons: Obsidian armor, three katanas of various sizes, each one he keeps razor sharp and by his side at all times.
Styles and Abilities: Kenjutsu
Chi and Augmentations: Telekichises

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Yamato Hibiki's Story