Yuwen Fortune

The Fearless Young Guild Leader of Fortune

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a character in “The Great Guild Fortune”, as played by Nulix


"You’re gonna be rich beyond your wildest dreams."

ImageName: Yuwen Fortune
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Race: Human

Physical Description: A peculiar looking man, Yuwen is the product of Sunish and Yunish ancestry. He has a curved nose and brow over bright green eyes. His teeth are large and somewhat bucked. He has outward ears and curly, messy, dark-brown hair. He is in good shape, and is quite agile from years of combat training.
Clothing: Yuwen is currently wearing a blue travelling cloak. His wardrobe generally consist of expensive clothing of the Yune nobility with rich blues, reds and greens, now worn and tarnished from years of adventuring. He has a large, brown leather carrying case on his back.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Skin Colour: Tanned
Hair Colour: Dark-Brown
Eye Colour: Green

Occupation: Adventurer
History/Bio: Born in the Imperial City of Yuna-Yae Yuwen grew up as a lesser noble to a family with old money from their trading ancestry. Yuwen never knew his mother, though he suspected she was a street worker, and instead grew up in his upper ring estate with his father and elder brother. His brother was always the better of the two in his fathers eyes, or at least that's what Yuwen perceived. His brother was the better fighter, the better student, and all together the more presentable son. But Yuwen didn't need to be any of those things. He just needed to be special, and he was. Quickly becoming popular in school for his exotic looks Yuwen gained confidence and far exceeding his brother in renown. If there was a party, if there was a fight, if you needed a badass of any kind Yuwen Fortune, as he had begun dubbing himself, would be there. By the time he was eighteen and graduating from his noble school he had no interest in the future his father wanted for him (To become a soldier, like his brother had become) or the rest of the nobility was interested in. Yuwen just wanted to have fun, and being an aristocrat wasn't fun. Fighting in a war wasn't fun. But having an adventure was. After a heated argument with his father Yuwen left Yuna-Yae with his entire bank emptied in his coin purse and readied for a lifetime of adventure. And life hasn't exactly been the adventure Yuwen had hoped it was. Money ran out fast and Yuwen realized things were a lot less fun without it. Now, toughened and with five years of worldly experience under his belt, Yuwen has a new endeavour. A new concept he wants to try out: forming a Guild to complete a quest he couldn't alone...
Home Town: Yuna-Yae
Home Country: The Yune Empire

Personality: Yuwen is an outgoing charmer: supremely confident and, though he wouldn't admit it, very manipulative.
Fears and Desires: He fears being imprisoned more than anything, and thusly desires freedom more than anything too.

Equipment and Weapons: Yuwen has dual special crafted ebony Katanas as well as a small machete. He also has a beloved horse named Master Wang Chang.
Styles and Abilities: Yuwen's fighting style uses his own skill with dual blades and the environment around him against his opponents. He constantly attacks, never letting his enemy relax, until at last they make a mistake.
Chi and Augmentations: Yuwen was trained in fighting academy to focus his Chi through his blades , making his speed of attack and handling of the blades superb.

So begins...

Yuwen Fortune's Story


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#, as written by Nulix
“What makes a great guild? Fortune? No. Power? No. Glory? Not necessarily. It’s the friends you gain, the adventures you have together, and the memories you make along the way. The real treasure… is family. I grew up in the imperial city: Yuna-Yae! The capital of the world. Growing up the entire universe seemed to rotate around our walls. Never knew my mother, but it didn’t hurt my chances much, for my father was a nobleman. You know the type, very honour bound and such. He even met the Emperor once- true story! I had an older brother too. He was the perfect son: rigid, soldierly. I wasn’t like him. I was a trouble-maker, not a solider at all though I sure as hell could fight like one. When I was nineteen my father used that against me, saying I should stop messing around and join the army like my brother had done. How the peasants couldn’t win the war themselves which they can, by the way. We debated my future day in and day out, and I remember looking over that gorgeous city and thinking- is this it? Is this really family? Eventually the old man kicked me out, saying to return when I was ready to fight for my country. Now there are not many occasions Yuwen Fortune makes a vow, but that day I vowed that when I returned to Yuna-Yae it would be on my terms. I’d come back so rich and renowned the Emperor himself would acknowledge me. I’d come back and drown the bastard in my glory.”

“Isn’t this about a guild?” An accented voice interrupted. Yuwen glared at the short Sunen man at the end of the packed table who sat clutching a flask of arak. “It’s about family, he just said,” Another voice belonging to a lanky man with a mouth half full of swine corrected.

“Horat, Bari- this is about the tale,” Yuwen said, combing his hair back with his hand. “The full tale.”

“Yeah, well the full tale better finish by one. My shift starts soon,” Guardsman Hao, one of the dozen patrons listening in to Yuwen’s story, said as he leaned back in his chair.

Yuwen frowned. “Well, unfortunately epics like this don’t take twenty minutes to tell,” He replied. “This isn’t some fable a drunk could vomit up, this is inspired by true events. Art imitating fight!”

“…I don’t think that’s right,” Horat chimed in.

“Just shut up and let me finish my story,” Yuwen said as he leaned forward on the table. “I emptied my bank into a burlap sack and rode north; a wet spring chilling me to the bone. The elements were against me. Oh what a night it was, my friends. Nothing but me and my horse, headed for a village. But in the cold I formed a plan. A long-term plan. I’d start a guild, a great one, and we’d-“ He paused again, his gaze sweeping across the faces lined before him, most uninterested in his dramatics. “…Are you guys listening?”

“No!” Long Chong exclaimed as he stood. “No, for the love of god. No one’s listening!”

“Hey!” Yuwen protested, his voice going high. He looked to have tears in his eyes. “Aren’t you guys meant to be my friends?!”

“No! We came to the bar to have drinks, like everyone else!” Chong said, raising his hands to the rest of the tavern to their left where there were tables upon tables of other, happier people drinking with their friends. Golden candlelight flickered off rounded limestone walls. A girl in the corner sang and played the tambur as laughter echoed throughout the establishment. Even Old Man Chagan behind the bar seemed to be having a good time as he patted his large stomach. “Everyone is having fun but us,” Chong continued. “I didn’t come here for another one of your fantastical lies, Yuwen.”

“What, you’re leaving me?” Yuwen whined.

“…Yeah!” Chong said, pushing his chair in and heading toward the music. The rest of the table turned to Yuwen in guilty unison. “Sorry Yuwen, he has a point,” Nel said as he stood. “Drink up. You have the afternoon shift tomorrow,” Hao added playfully as he and the rest rose. One by one they left the table. Horat, the last to walk away, paused and turned.

Yuwen looked to the man. “You don’t want to hear about the guild, do you?”

Horat’s response was a tired smile. “Let’s get out of here,” He said. “We’re village guards. We shouldn’t spend so much time drunk.”

Pushing aside the worn cloth hangings of the doorway the two strode out into a sandy courtyard. Beyond the stone fence a dark desert stretched out until it became one with the black night sky. “The Lonely Tavern earns its name,” Horat commented as he began to wrap bindings around his boots for the long, sand-filled journey home. “Makes you wonder why they didn’t just build it closer to town. I heard Chagan stole money to build it. Used to be a silver lender to the Prince or a treasury guard or-” Horat glanced up to notice Yuwen sitting on the rocky fence, gazing up at the stars.

Carefully, Horat approached his friend, who seemed fixated on the sky above. “Are you... trying to pray?”

Yuwen shook his head left to right.

“Did you ever go back?”

“Sorry?” Yuwen muttered, facing his companion.

“You ever go back to Yuna-Yae?” Horat asked. “To your father?”

“I never saw him again, no...”

Horat furrowed his brow. “What happened?”

A small smile grew on Yuwen’s face, almost disbelieving that Horat both believed and wanted to hear his tale. “It’s not a short story,” He warned.

Horat responded with a shrug and leaned against the fence next to Yuwen’s hanging legs. “I have time.”


The first of June in the year four-four-four. The land of Yutan in the Yune Empire. The sun set behind the mountains on the horizon, the foreseeable distance covered in bamboo trees and green fields. Fireflies bobbed up and down in the summer's afternoon before flying apart as a black horse ripped across the road. At the reigns a man in golden armour rode, determination on his face. His brown hair fluttered violently in the winds and his green eyes focused forward. With one last bridge he crossed the isle scatted Gan River and cornered in the dirt for the sight ahead. Red and green houses lit with lanterns consumed the immediate horizon, ships big and small crowded its docks. Laughter, cheering and crackling could be heard as from the village centre a large firework shot up into the sky and exploded in reds. Yuwen laughed at the sight, relief coming over him. "Happy Emperor day," He whispered to himself as he began to ride his horse into the celebrating village of Poyo. This village housed his future guild, he knew it. And on this day, the Emperor’s birthday, everyone was out celebrating...


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Poyo: A small port town that spread haphazardly from the banks of the Gan River, the city looked a bit like a trapdoor spider from the hills that rose above it. The docks were the long legs, and the bulging abdomen, full of light and life at this time of year, housed the guts and lifeblood. Not that anyone besides Sunaarashi would probably make that comparison, but the desert warrior was a unique presence to the land, a presence that was not altogether wanted.

It was subtle, to be sure, just an odd look here or there, or the way people shuffled out of his way as if he smelled badly (which he most certainly didn't after that scrubbing he'd given himself earlier). Sunaarashi didn't blame the townspeople for their hesitation - he stood a foot above the majority of them, and his dark skin, bald head, and perpetual scowl certainly did him no favors.

Sunaarashi wasn't the only one getting the cold shoulder, though. The Emperor's birthday celebration had brought in travelers and rural citizens from all across the area, swelling the population of Poyo to double, or perhaps even triple, what it would normally be. If there was one thing the Yune Empire was proud of, it was their Emperor, and strangers from all across the land were participating in the parties.

This influx of new people was both closely watched and taken advantage of by the Poyo natives. The Nightflower Guild's representatives had a large tent set up in the village square, selling fireworks by the dozen to anyone with enough coin. The smell of smoke from the small firecrackers permeated the air, and the stacks of larger rockets forecasted an evening to remember once night fell. Vendors selling street food, balloons, candy, or handing out prizes to rigged carnival games, were on nearly every corner, luring the coin out of pockets and into locked boxes.

Inside the inns, the noise from the streets only seemed amplified. Waiters and waitresses bustled around to the filled tables, the smell of food, alcohol, and tobacco mixing and bursting out the open windows to draw in more customers. Outside the town, tents had been erected to host the many visitors, and both women and men wandered these tents, offering services of a more sensual kind.

In short, no one in this city expected to sleep tonight, and the noise and carousing would only get more rambunctious as the night grew later.

Sunaarashi wasn't here for the entertainment, however. In truth, it was just a coincidence that he happened to be here, on this most ostenatious of nights. The dark, tall man took a deep breath, and cinched the large bundle strapped to his back a little tighter. The threads knotted at the end of his sword's hilt, the blade itself strapped to his waist, swayed as he walked carefully through the crowds.

Right now, Sunaarashi simply wished he could find a quiet inn somewhere in the back of town to lie down, and get a good night's rest for once, but even the smallest inn would be doing everything they could to rake in the influx of cash this night provided. No one could afford to let this opportunity slip by.

And so it was that instead of sleeping, Sunaarashi wandered the streets. Although not a stranger to the city life, he held no love for it, being from Sune himself, fond of the wide open spaces and the isolation of the desert. Here, it was a different kind of isolation, one of culture. He didn't enjoy this latter kind near as much.

His eyes scanned the crowds listlessly. He wasn't in the mood for this. Having arrived earlier this day, he'd found that the town was already filled to capacity with traveling family and friends. As the sun had set, even more had appeared, until the city was nearly bursting with screaming, crying, shouting insanity.

Quite suddenly, Sunaarashi found himself nearing one of the gates of the village. Sunaarashi hesitated, wondering if he perhaps could find a tent to lie down in, one preferably free of bugs and other occupants, and while he paused, a rider caught his eye. Dressed in golden armor that glinted in the light from the fires and lanterns hung throuhgout the city, Sunaarashi could tell the young man was of mixed descent even from this distance.

"Must be a noble," Sunaarashi muttered, wondering to himself what a noble would want with Poyo. After a moment, the desert endemic shrugged and smiled. Whatever the young wellborn was doing in Poyo, it would be fun to watch him get sucked dry of all his coin. Perhaps he would remain in the city just a bit longer...